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and our staff to providing Employment Litigation
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Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five years in prison or a fine up to
$50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or both imprisonment and fine

$2,500 $500 COURTESY OF



$10 per ball $20 for 3 balls $50 for 7 balls $100 for 20 balls

Winner Need Not be Present to Win Entries must be received by

MONDAY, September 16, 2019
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ATTN: Juliet Brandolino - PO Box 41903 - Los Angeles CA 90041
(323) 259-5215
On the cover: Pacoima Wash Rescue - By Mike Meadows

Photo Inset: LA Marathon - Dodger Stadium - Photo by John Hicks

2 • May 2019
VOL. XCV MAY 2019 NO. 09

LAFD Leadership Academy
See What’s so Great About It! • .....................................................06

Hook and Ladder Enduro 2019

Riding Hard for a Good Cause • ....................................................08

President’s Message • ............................................................................05
Battalion News • ....................................................................................13
The Retired Guys • …………..……..…..….…..…..….…..…..…..…..…….34
Jack Fry Celebrates Retirement • ..........................................................35
Department in Action • ...........................................................................36
Firefighter of the Year Awards 2018
Engineer Steve Canchola is honored • ....................................................37
Fire and Police—A Paradoxical Relationship? • ………………………….39
2019 Los Angeles Marathon
Running in memory of a loved one • ..........................................................40
Station Fridge • ......................................................................................42
Brush Clearance
It Is Time To Get To Work • ....................................................................43
LAFD Golf • ............................................................................................44
The House Wives of the LAFD
Working Out for a Strong Family • .........................................................45
Retirement Dinners • ............................................................................46
Fire Hogs Annual Ride to Historical Julian • ...........................................47
Mailbox • ...............................................................................................48
Memorials • ...........................................................................................51
LAFD History
The Fredericksburg Incident - 1944 • .....................................................53
Minutes of the Board of Trustees • .....................................................56
Classifieds • ...........................................................................................58
Fire Station 15 • ....................................................................................61

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May 2019 • 3
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Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association
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Nicholas Prange, Margaret Stewart, Brian Humphrey

Art Sorrentino, Matt Mickey, Frank Borden, Jim Stiglich, Steve Ruda

David Blaire, Brandon Buckley, 564 Fire, Greg Doyle, Harry Garvin, Steve Gentry,
Yvonne Griffin, Justin Johnson, Rick McClure, Mike Meadows, Jacob Salzman,
Peter Sanders, Erik Scott, Jeff Zimmerman, Adam VanGerpen


Robert Steinbacher................................................President
Jeff Cawdrey .................................................Vice-President
Steve Ruda & Isaac Burks .............Community Affairs Liaisons
Chris Stine Gene Bednarchik Rich Moody
Craig White Henry Gasbarri Rick Godinez
Danny Wu Jim Duffy Steve Berkery
David Peters Joe Vigil Steven Domanski
Doak Smith John Jacobsen Tim Freeman Jr.
Frank Aguirre Kenny Breskin Tim Larson
Gayle Sonoda Mike Sailhamer Tyler Tomich

To contact a chaplain, please call Senior Chaplain Rick Godinez at
(213) 797-2404 or the MFC Floor Captain at (213) 576-8920
Greg W. Gibson...................Chaplain Hershy Z. Ten.......................Chaplain
Danny Leon..........................Chaplain Roger Fowble.....................Chaplain
George A. Negrete...............Chaplain Mark R. Woolf.....................Chaplain
Aquil F. Basheer..................Chaplain Jesus Pasos.........................Chaplain
Tim Werle............................Chaplain

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HealthSCOPE Benefits
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4 • May 2019
s we enter month five of 2019, I want to start on a positive note PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - STOP USING the LAFRA
by wishing all a Happy Mother’s Day; especially my Mom, who Medical Plan for your IOD injuries and illnesses. Last year, retir-
has been amazing, and my two awesome sisters.
ees used 2.8 million dollars ($2,800,000) in plan assets to treat
The end of April brought another great event to the mem- their IOD related ailments. Unless you have spoken with this of-
bers of the Relief Association—the Lane Kemper Softball Clas- fice or coordinated with our Work Comp specialist Wayne Sher-
sic. Big shout out to Keith Bandy for another successful tourna- man, don’t do it. We work hard all year long to keep the Medical
ment that was played on April 30th. I also want to acknowledge Plan’s cost low for all of our members. These misappropriations
his dedicated volunteers who worked so hard, not just on the day of funds only hurt you – and all of us - in the long run. If you
of the event, but for many months beforehand. are in doubt on how to handle a particular claim, please call us
Camaraderie, golf, beer, wine tour, and of course—pizza beforehand so we can help. If you are being represented by an
night, just to name a few of the highlights of the up and coming attorney, please make sure the attorney contacts our office so we
Firefighter’s Reunion at the Pechanga Resort & Casino in beauti- may put the appropriate language in your settlement to reimburse
ful Temecula. We are looking forward to another well attended LAFRA. If you are Pro Per (doing it yourself), you must notify us
event, but space is limited for the May 13-17 festivities, so make so we can send the request to the City to reimburse this plan.
your reservations now. (When this edition of the Grapevine went Any questions on Work Comp issues? There are attorneys
to print, all of the RV spaces had been reserved) There are still that have supported this Association for many years by advertis-
plenty of rooms at the hotel. Call Pechanga Resort reservations at ing in the Grapevine. Contact them!! They know much more than
(888) 732-4264. Problems or questions – contact Steve Domanski that person next to you at the firehouse kitchen table.
at I am happy to announce that we have added two new
This year at the Reunion, in addition to representatives community affairs liaisons to better serve you – Steve Ruda and
from Pensions, Express Scripts, HealthScope, Credit Union, Isaac Burks. Along with Jim Dolan, these gentlemen are your
Retired Police & Fire, and more, we have added an expert on contacts at LAFRA for any retiree related issues. Here’s how you
wills and trust. So, come for your one-on-one consultation with can reach them:
a knowledgeable professional instead of relying on the kitchen
table attorney. Isaac Burks – (323) 259-5298 or
Speaking of wills and trusts, do you have one? Why not? Steve Ruda (323) 259-5224 or
Your Relief Association is proud to offer a one-time reimburse- Jim Dolan (323) 259-5205 or
ment of up to $600 for our members or surviving spouses to help
you get your estate plan completed. To qualify, send a copy of the SAVE THE DATES
receipt or statement showing you paid for these services along
with your member name, address and phone number to Member • Pechanga Reunion - May 13-17th
Services Specialist, Maria Rodriguez, via email: mrodriguez@ - Tim Larson or Steve Domanski; by fax (323) 259-5297. We also offer a supplemental • Hope for Firefighters - June 6th - Juliet Brandolino
service to members in good standing. You can submit a request • 21st Fallen Heroes Memorial Run - June 8th – Jack Wise
for a one-year financial advancement of up to $1,200 for the ex-
clusive use of trust preparation. Be safe and kind to each other!
Hope for Firefighters is coming up quickly. Juliet Bran-
dolino still has spots available for fire station teams that would
like to join the fun. The event is filled with friendly but spirited
competition. So think of a menu and a theme, then join thousands Robert D. “Steintalker” Steinbacher
of people in DTLA for a must-not-miss day of fun, food, and fun-
draiser for the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund. 323.259.5200

May 2019 • 5
Can you start at the beginning? How have you been able to attract
What’s the why and how of the Leader- such a diverse group of students from
ship Academy? across the country?
After the Rampart scandal, the It’s all by word of mouth. The
LAPD knew they needed to make some course has really helped to forge relation-
changes. So the cops teamed up with West ships between our department and others.
Point to bring a leadership program to Los The City has bent over backwards to ac-
Angeles. LAPD tweaked the program and commodate us. It’s enabled us to create a
made it exclusively for law enforcement. program that is on a level with the Nation-
That’s unlike our program which is for al Fire Academy.
leaders from all walks of life. And it’s changed attitudes. There
When we had our own Rampart – may have been a time when we had a tar-
the dog food caper – LAFD started doing nished reputation and only we were saying
H.R. training. I was assigned to IST, and LAFD was the best. Now I think everyone
along with Paul Nelson, we facilitated the is looking at the LAFD through the lens of
training sessions with a civilian instructor. the Leadership Academy and many agree
But it wasn’t an effective program. that we really are the best.
Andy Fox decided we should bring
the LAPD program to the LAFD. So we

took their curriculum and reoriented the
his course is tough - it includes case studies to the fire service.
extensive reading, student journals,
written exams and a 20-page term So the program is not just for
paper. Can you handle it? The program LAFD officers?
is presented over 136 hours, meeting one The first few classes were all LAFD
week per month over a four-month period. company officers. But we quickly started
Can you make the time? The Los Ange- to expand. Firefighters from other agen-
les Fire Department Leadership Acad- cies . . . we’ve probably had every officer
emy provides a skill set that builds upon on Beverly Hills Fire through the pro-
the foundation necessary for successful gram. And then civilian agencies . . . I
leadership. Can you afford to pass up this think all the executive staff from the Dept
opportunity? of Neighborhood Empowerment have
To learn more about the program, taken the course. And now it’s spreading
I caught up with Chuck Ruddell on one of across the country, and even international .
his last shifts at Fire Station 89. Even after . . we have a firefighter from Canada in the
all these years, Chuck is still excited about program right now.
the program. We talked for hours - what
follows are the highlights from our con-

6 • May 2019
What are you teaching that is so But we never talk about ops. It’s In contrast, we have a former nucle-
compelling? always people issues. Like how to handle ar sub commander that does a segment for
If as a leader, you see a drop in sat- the disgruntled guy who is poisoning your each class that is pretty amazing. He was
isfaction, motivation or performance in crew. Or what to do about the 40-year-old in charge of a sub that crashed into an un-
any of your people, you’d better be on top going through mid-life crisis. The young- dersea mountain and killed one of his sail-
of it. But there is no one-size fits all solu- ster who is the odd man out in a station of ors. It’s very emotional for him each time
tion. This course gives you a model to use old guys. he does the presentation, but he realizes
to come up with an action plan that can be In the beginning, we were fighting his shortcomings and takes responsibility
used in a variety of situations. a culture that did not embrace leadership for his actions.
It’s a behavioral science course. We training. But attitudes have changed ev- We have another instructor who
study the links between leadership and the erywhere and I think we are ahead of the is the commander of the Marine Recruit
satisfaction, motivation, and performance game on this. Center in San Diego. He explains how
of those being led. We provide the prin- even the Corps has had to adapt to deal
ciples that will enable you to learn to de- What are some of the things that with recruits’ motivation, satisfaction and
velop your own leadership style. You get a make this program different? performance. He insists that the change is
good mix of scientific theory and practical Our classroom setting enables ev- not creating “soft” Marines, but that they
application. eryone to speak freely and to interact free- are just using a different approach with
ly. No one wears uniforms. In this class- a generation of new recruits who always
room there is no rank. Most importantly, want to know “why.”
everyone needs to check their ego at the
door . . . and their bias. How about a few last words to sum
up your tenure at the Leadership Acad-
I’ve heard a lot of talk about your emy and maybe your 38 years with the
cadre of instructors. How have you been LAFD.
able to entice this top-tier ensemble? You know, it’s the people that have
We have had our share of winners made things special for me. I mean, I like
and losers in our search for competent football but I wouldn’t want to watch the
instructors for the course. Now though, I Superbowl alone.
think the program speaks for itself – in its
ability to attract motivated students as well
as extremely qualified instructors. • WHERE: The Frank Hotchkin Memorial
Early on, we invited in an NFL Training Center
player who had been with the Patriots – • COST: At the present time there is no cost to
winners for sure. His first presentation attend the LAFD Leadership Academy
was okay, but the next time he came in he • REGISTRATION: LAFD applicants must mail
brought a partner who was trying to sell an application along with a recommendation
everyone life insurance. It was like a bait-
from your immediate supervisor. Outside Agen-
cy application must mail a completed applica-
Another was one of the LAPD com-
manders who was involved in the Rampart tion along with a letter of recommendation
scandal. He gave a very compelling pre- from your chief or supervisor.
sentation, but it ended on a sour note. He • QUESTIONS: Craig Poulson, Captain I, In-
made himself out to be a victim – never Service Training Section at (213) 893-9838 or
taking responsibility for his short-comings
as a leader.
May 2019 • 7
he weather was a fick-
le beast all week long
prior to the event. The
forecast called for diminish-
ing winds and warmer days
as the week wore on. What
we got was hurricane force
winds, freezing nighttime
temps, and drizzling rain. It
was going to be a cold event!
Then at the last moment, the
wind abated, the sun came out
and the temperature reached
“short sleeves.” The 10th An-
nual Hook and Ladder Enduro
turned out to be the best ever!
The most people (more than
1000), the most entries (624),
the most raffle tickets sold
(12,000), the best silent auc-
tion ($10,300), T-shirts and
hats (ALL GONE), and best
of all, the Widows, Orphans
and Disabled Firefighters
Fund got more (About $60K)
than ever before. Thanks to all
of you!
This was a milestone for us to put to-
gether ten years of events. It could not have
been done without all the volunteers that help
us every year. As a thank you to some of the
folks that have been with us from the begin-
ning, Tim Foor made some special plaques to
present to them. The following families and
8 • May 2019
May 2019 • 9
individuals were this year’s recipients: the
Radens, the Reitmayers, the Grossmans, Ty
Baker, Doak Smith, John Tohill, Bob Moth-
eral, the Nowells, the Stones, and the Princes.
Another milestone has been reached
with the passing of the “Dirt Dogs” at Teter’s
Trailer. John and Karen Nowell, along with
Greg and Suzi Stone, are throwing in the mus-
tard and handing over the buns to Steve Berk-
ery. Steve’s longwinded acceptance speech had
to be cut short when he started to talk about
salads, vegan options and healthy choices. Ed
Teter is rolling in his grave! Should be interest-
ing next year.
The newly erected cross over-looking
the camp has become the gathering spot in the
last few years. It has become a place to watch
the sunset, have a cocktail, visit and reflect.
This year we reflected on the loss of our good
friend, Richard Tucker. Our condolences to the
Tucker family. Randy Dyer did his version of
the missing man formation, when he flew his
motorized paraglider over the cross, and al-
most fell out of his seat! I was always told not
to let the truth get in the way of a good story.
And not to be outdone, another first at the
cross. Jake Raden, in his version of the “miss-
ing man,” made his marriage proposal to his
girlfriend Lia Winter. Congratulations to you
Speaking of the retirement, Craig
White and I (Bruce Galien) have joined the
Hook and Ladder DROP program. Which
stands for “Desert Race = Other People.” We
are announcing our five-year exit plan. We
want this great event to continue but we need
to start taking a lesser role. So if anyone is in-
terested in taking on this great new tradition,
get in touch with us and we will ease you in.
There will be some changes in the for-
mat next year to try to streamline the event. We
are open to suggestions on improving the pro-
cess. Just remember, if you have an idea, you
may be the next “Incident Commander.”
Thanks again to all that have made this
event a success from the beginning.

10 • May 2019

CLASS ONE “A” We would like to thank the fol-

1. #27x - Eric Schneider lowing sponsors for helping to make
2. #47x - Caden Smith our event a success.
3. #21x - Chris Sebourn
• L A Fireman’s Relief Association
CLASS ONE “B” • FireFighters First Credit Union
• Jason Knight – Fire Axe Inc.
1. #267 - Joe Steelman
• Kawasaki
2. #259 - Zac Chambers • Rivalry Clothing – Matt Lundgren
3. #255 - Tony Garcia • Dave Cassella – Troy Lee Designs
• Greg and Pam Pascolla
CLASS ONE “C” • Robert Dunivin
1. #400 - Josh Coffey • Lucas Oil
2. #472 - Brian Felix • Pelican Products/ Robert Vowels
3. #497 - Austin Barry • EVS
• Raden Family
1. #582 - Rylee Hopkins • Air Medic
2. #564 - Tony Handy • Tony Ferro
• Tim Wuerfel
3. #516 - Kathleen Elledge
• Industrial Metals
• Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna
1. #617 - Karrie Rogers
• Steve “Scuba” Westfall
2. #640 - Korbin White • Ralphs Market
3. #621 - Addison Leite • Banzai Brothers Racing, Inc.
• Brian LaBrie
1. # 720 - HANDY family • Lori and Greg Hillman
2. #745 - WILLCOX family • Radio Mobile
3. #720 - NICHOLS family • Municipal Emergency Services
• Rocky Mountain ATV/MC
VINTAGE AWARD • Worx Industrial Solutions
#26x Ralph Whitney – Age 82 on a • Leatt
1967 Triumph Rickman. • The Racers Edge
• John and Karen Nowell
Ed. Note: He did it on the big (28 mile)
• Greg and Suzi Stone
course and thanked all the slower rid- • Sim Sanitation
ers for getting out of his way! • FMF
• Mechanics Wear
Wyatt Elledge – Age 4 – On a two wheel • Roy’s Cycle Service
motorcycle • Stance socks

May 2019 • 11
12 • May 2019
ing on but we won’t know unless you submit. Things at Metro 4’s . . . well, what can I
Anyhow, let’s go around the Battalion to see say? PC from Metro, brand new gym makeover
what’s happening. and lots of jailhouse calls. Keep on doing what
The crew at 2’s is working hard around you’re doing.
Biennial Inspection is Around the Corner! the clock, keeping the place sharp along with Fire Station 9: Welcome A/O Vil-
Hello all you FireWomen and FireMen, the new recruits they got on board. They are lata and newly promoted Captain Garcia.
or just any of you plain ole readers out there. keeping their handball skills sharp as well. Ru- This place has a lot going on, from members
Thanks for stopping by for this great read. But mor has it that 2’s is the best handball house promoting into the house to others who will
first, don’t forget to submit your stories, con- in the Battalion. Don’t think so? They invite probably follow. It’s always busy at the “Wine-
cerns, funnies, and lessons learned to Batt- anyone and everyone to challenge their best O-Nine-O” but they still manage to keep players. smiles on their faces and get the job done, Big
My most sincere apologies for only The folks at the Bureau House would Thumbs UP!
writing one article a few months back and dis- like to take a quick moment to welcome A/C Unfortunately, I haven’t heard much
appearing, but I got lost in life a bit, but know Kepner and FF Roman back to 3’s. There from 14’s,17’s or 25’s. But I hope I will soon.
I’m back on track. is some movement on the “The Hook” with To everyone out there, keep up the hard work
By the time you read this, Biennial legendary Swampers Robby Stover and Jesse and be that firefighter that you would want to
Inspection will have already passed. I’d like Franco moving on. And a big farewell to En- show up at your doorstep in the time of need.
to give a shout out to everyone who has been gineer Hutchinson, who never saw the Pump. Also remember that you didn’t give up being
taking pride in their firehouses, because that’s 3’s also has a few new things going on – shiny fit when you took that oath, so if you see your
exactly what is. It is your house - take pride and new rigs and a big fire pit. Those guys and girls brother or sister needing a push, help them out.
ownership and keep up the hard work. there manage to keep the balance of Technical Stay safe out there and remember to
The question is though, “Who is going USAR training and maintenance, certifying all submit your writings to Batt1kitchentable
to take away Best House and Rig of Battalion the new members, all along with the regular
1?” I think there are a lot of good projects go- day of any other firehouse. My hat is off to you! Carlos Danger, Over and Out!

The crew at FS 10-B honored Mike Coffey on his promotion to CII

with a plaque commemorating his 14 years of service to FS 10.

May 2019 • 13
Paid Advertisement

Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association Medical Plan may cover this examination.
14 • May 2019 Contact your plan provider to verify.
Engineer Hutchinson giving his last day speech
at 3’s before heading to the show at 27-B

FF Carbajal getting his Tiller Certification finalized by B/C Avery.

From what we hear, the young man’s road to tiller wasn’t easy. Flawless Truck 3 on display for our Veterans on Olvera Street

May 2019 • 15
THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 2019 / B SHIFT 11:30 AM TO 2:30 PM

Benefiting your

Delicious food, fun & prizes

& FRIENDS The official charity of the
Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association

For more information visit

CONTACT: Juliet Brandolino (323) 259-5215

16 • May 2019
Nicholas Durepo promoted to Engineer from FS 5

03/26/19. Engine & Rescue

62 handles an auto vs a semi.

Deputy Chief Armando Hogan with Dustin Clark and the crew at 63’s on his promotion to Captain II

May 2019 • 17
& Safety Fair
SAT, June 1, 2019
9AM to 3PM



5800 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Woodland Hills CA 91367

LAFD/LAPD Displays
& Demonstrations

Proceeds benefit

18 • May 2019

Erik Williams promoted to Captain I from FS 67




Fire Station 63 show the kids how it’s done dur-

The crew at FS 80 gather in front of their new Rosie Tos mural ing a school visitation. Photo by Danny Gonzalez

May 2019 • 19
Pizza with a Delicious Purpose
Pizza with a Delicious Purpose
Pizza with
with aa Delicious
Delicious Purpose
Join us for a Fundraiser to Support the Widows,
Join us for a Fundraiser to Support the Widows,
Orphans, aFundraiser
Fundraiser totoSupport
Firemen’s thethe
Fund Widows,
Orphans, & Disabled Firemen’s Fund Fundraiser!
Orphans,& &DisabledDisabledFiremen’s
29th & 30th May 29th & 30th
29th& &30th

of 20 20
of dine
% %
of dine
of dine
in &intake-out
sales & take-out

Bring this flyer or tell your server that you are dining in support of Widows,
Bring this
&flyer orortell
flyer ortell
Disabled your
youryour server
server thatthat
server you
youyou are
areare dining
dining 20%
in ininof
supportsupport of ofWidows,
yourof check
support Widows,Widows,
will be
Orphans Purchases
&& Disabled
Disabled include
Fund takeout,
Fundraiser catering,
20% 20%
20% ofand
of your all check
your beverage.
check check bewill
willwill be be
donated! Purchases
Purchases include
include dine-in,
takeout, catering,
catering, all all
and beverage.
Participating Locations
Participating Locations
Beverly Hills – Newport Beach – Palm Desert – Laguna – Santa Barbara – Brentwood – Marina Del Rey – Biltmore – Santa Ana
Beverly –– Studio
Hills Hills
Newport City
– Newport – Redondo
Beach Beach
– Palm Beach
– Palm
Desert ––Scottsdale
Laguna – –Santa
– Laguna Mission
– Santa Viejo
Barbara ––Brentwood
Barbara Tarzana – Pasadena
– Brentwood
– Marina
– Marina– Manhattan
Del Rey
Del –Rey –Beach
Biltmore ––Santa
Biltmore Desert
– Santa
Ana –
Burbank Studio
– Newport
– Encino
– Studio
City –City

– –Brea –
Fashion Show –
– Mission
– Viejo Barbara
– Mission Viejo
– Brentwood
– –Tarzana
– Tarzana Glendale –
– Rainbow
– Pasadena
– Pasadena
Marina Del
– Harbor
– Manhattan
Rey –
– Chandler
– Desert

Irvine Santa
– –
Tustin ––Ventura
VenturaStudio –City
–– Encino
Santa ––Cerritos
Encino Redondo Beach
–– Cerritos
– Brea– Brea–Marketplace
–– Fashion
– Fashion –– Mission
ShowShow Viejo – –Tarzana
– Anaheim
– Bakersfield
– Glendale– Simi
Glendale –Valley
– Rainbow –Harbor
Rainbow – Manhattan
Street –Marketplace
Chandler Beach –Spectrum
– Huntington
– Chandler Irvine Desert
– Irvine BeachRidge
Spectrum– –
– Valencia Cucamonga
– Santa ––Santa
Encino– Town
AnitaAnita Square
– –Longbeach
Cerritos –
– Longbeach Northridge
–– Brea –
– Fashion
Marketplace Westwood
– Marketplace Show
– Temecula – Lakewood
– Bakersfield
– Temecula
– Anaheim – Riverside
– Anaheim Glendale
– Simi Summerlin
–– Street
ValleyValley – Street– Topanga
Marketplace – Hollywood
MarketplaceChandler – Torrance
HuntingtonIrvine ––
– Spectrum
– Valencia
Rancho Tempe
– Santa
Cucamonga – Alton
Cucamonga –Anita–Square
Town –Square
Town – Thousand
– NorthridgeOaks
– Northridge – Culver
– Marketplace
– Westwood–City
– Westwood Rossmoor
– Lakewood ––Riverside
– Lakewood Chino
– Anaheim Hills
– Simi
– Riverside – The Park
Summerlin –Street
–– TopangaLuis Obispo
– Topanga
– Hollywood– Century City –Beach
– Hollywood
– Torrance
– Torrance – –
Rancho Cucamonga
– Alton – Town
– Alton
Square –Square
Square – Northridge
– Thousand
OaksOaks ––Culver
– CulverWestwood – Lakewood
City Rossmoor
City Rossmoor
– Chino – Riverside
– Chino
Hills Hills Summerlin
– The– Park
The Park San– Luis
– San– Luis Topanga
Obispo – Hollywood
– Century
– Century – Torrance –
City City
Tempe – Alton Square – Thousand Oaks – Culver City Rossmoor – Chino Hills – The Park – San Luis Obispo – Century City

20 • May 2019
Mark Zizi promoted to Engineer from FS 82.

Makar Pashabezyan promoted to Engineer from FS 27

me –
–ch –
nce –

Cathleen Gilbert promoted to Captain I from FS 19

May 2019 • 21
22 • May 2019
There is always one in the group—good times at Air-Ops.

A Full-Alarm Assignment was dispatched at Van Nuys

Airport for a Cessna Citation that over ran the runway.

The crew from FS 83 meet and greet with Hollywood—

Stevie Wonders and Brian Posehn. Photo by Scott Benton
The crew from Engine 100 attacked a well-involved
apartment fire in a four-story building in Encino

May 2019 • 23
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24 • May 2019
3/6/19, A rollover at 12831 San Fernando Road.
Photo by Kyle Andrusenki

It took Eng 77 & 60 two hours to shut down a hydrant

on La Tuna Canyon Rd. Photo by David DeMulle’

May 2019 • 25
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26 • May 2019
3/16/19. FF’s made quick work of a non-injury vehicle
fire on the NB 5 fwy. Photo by Michael Meadows

3/15/19. Companies handle a one roomer LAFD worked quickly to rescue two women On 3/18/19, two victims were rescued from
in Mission Hills. Photo by Rick McClure trapped in an auto. Photo by Mike Meadows the Pacoima Wash. Photo by Brandon Buckley

03/20/19. A car slammed into a struc-

ture in Arleta. Photo by Rick McClure

May 2019 • 27
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28 • May 2019
On 3/17/19, a rubbish fire with a
structure exposure. Photo by 564fire

LF 78 removes a patient from a E-60 works hard on a sheared hydrant

rooftop in the Hollywood Hills on Oxnard St. Photo by Mike Meadows

May 2019 • 29
May 29-30
Long Beach Sportfishing
$175 per person
Includes trip, shirt, banquet
Contact: Andrew Ruiz (213) 485-6235
or (714) 401-8167
• BANK/CU: Firefighters First Credit Union ACCOUNT #: 615608
• PROCESS: Transfer funds using account # 615608. Then enter the first 3 letters of the account
name which will be FIR. Include your name, Department & Shirt Size under the COMMENTS.

• Make Check To – Firefighters Quest For Burn Survivors
• Send Check To – 3156 Muir Trail Dr. Fullerton, CA, 92833
• Include your Name/Names, Shirt Size, Department your representing


30 • May 2019
On 3/26/19. A teenager became stranded more than 50 feet
above ground while rock climbing. Photo by Mike Meadows

3/30/19. Family and friends gather to say goodbye to Capt Vil-

lavicencio on his last day on the job. Photo by Suey Tiengerd

3/20/19. Companies responded to a reported explosion

in 7800 blk of Alabama Ave. Photo by Jacob Salzman

May 2019 • 31
On 3/14/19, the LAFD proudly promoted 45 members
to various positions. Photo by Alex Gillman

LAFD CERT Unit and volunteers gather in Sylmar to put

their skills and abilities to the test. Photo by Cody Weireter

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32 • May 2019
Members are honored after saving a life of a con-
struction worker inside an ER. Photo by Alex Gillman

Roger Matsuo and Vicki Karoff donated money

from “The Hood” on Ash Court in Santa Clarita.

A/C Jaime Moore is recognized for his quick actions

which saved a choking woman. Photo by Alex Gillman

May 2019 • 33
Dear Grapevine: This Battalion News column from the 1970’s was
submitted by Art Sorrentino. It’s from the collection of
I am writing this in response to the “President’s the late, great Tony Di Domenico
Message” in the March 2019 edition of the Grapevine
where he asked for subject matter to be shared with new Ready for another Food Giant Myers Story?
firefighters. One time he and Gorilla Hays are working a SOD
In 1963, I was on my first shift at Fire Station 7-B at 29th day at olde 3’s. The young kids at 3’s are staring at them
and Main Street. I was fresh off probation and believed in awe. “Are you guys really Food Giant Myers and
I knew everything about anything any firefighter needs Gorilla Hays?” So Fooji and Gorilla tell them, “Yeah,
to know. The old timer in the station was a pump engi- that’s us, you got any leftovers?” And they proceed to eat
neer named Morrie Dunn. He sat me down at the kitchen everything that is not tied down, plus some donuts that
table and explained how the cow ate the cabbage. The they brought over with them.
conversation went something like this: Now olde 3’s had a rather odd thing happening
with the alarm system. Fooji and Gorilla find out that
Morrie: “I guess you went through that fire acad- if one threw a person against the wall that housed the
emy out in the valley, didn’t you?” alarm panel, the wires in said panel would touch and a
Me: “Yes, I did.” long ring would come in for the station.
Morrie: “I guess you think you’re pretty hot stuff Needless to say, they found this more than some-
after learning whatever it is they teach out there?” what irresistible and also fun to do for the next 18 or so
Me: “Yes, I do.” hours. But they wouldn’t do it all time. Just when the
Morrie: “Well, let me tell you something, kid. Captains were in the shower or talking on the business
When I came on the job, they didn’t have a fire academy. phone, or eating, or writing in the journal - at which time
Yet, we still put out the fires. You want to know why?” they would drop everything and head for the rigs.
Me: “Sure, Morrie, tell me why.” This craziness went on for most of the shift, and
Morrie: “Because putting out fires is easy. You the two goofies were warned not to go within 10 feet of
just put water on it. You run out of water, you just put said alarm panel - ever.
dirt on it. Another thing, kid, I guess you think just cause Needless to say, lunch and dinner were total di-
you’re a firefighter you have a really important job, don’t sasters - olde 3’s had their first food fight in maybe six
you?” months.
Me: “Yes, I do.” The poor old Truck Captain did not laugh, when
Morrie: “Well, before they had firefighters here, half way thru the meal, Fooji starts reaching for his plate
they had fires and none of them are still burning. The and says, “Yo Cap, you gonna eat that?” But all the other
fire is carried by the wind. The wind either blows toward guys were cracking up, which as you know, what Fooji
the Mojave Desert or toward the Pacific Ocean. Those and the Gorilla live for.
are two of the biggest fire breaks in the world. So, you’re When they are leaving the next morning, said
not so important after all.” Truck Captain walks over to their car and tells them,
Me: “Thanks for straightening me out on that, “Don’t you animals ever even think about working a
Morrie.” SOD day here again. Do I make myself clear?”
Morrie: “One last piece of advice that I got from Gorilla says, “Yes Sir, we most certainly do. Sir, is
an old timer when I came on the job. Fight fires, save there anything we can do to make up for it?” And Food
lives, and have fun, but whatever you do, don’t tease the Giant is laugh-spitting his milk all over the dashboard.
horses.” Being a nice Mormon lad, he does not do coffee.
On the way back to 2’s they are doing imitations
Richard H. Mills of the irate Captains to each other and are all over the
Fallbrook, CA street from laughing. And the legend grew............….

34 • May 2019
n February 9, 2019, at the Torrance/Re-
dondo Beach Marriott, more than 200
people attended a luncheon celebrat-
ing the 39-year career of Captain II Jack Fry.
A/C Robert Nelson emceed the event. Keith
Saffo provided an Honor Guard team to pres-
ent the colors, and Fry’s daughter, Stephanie
Ferazzi, sang the National Anthem. Capt II Tim
Werle served as chaplain and delivered the in-
vocation. Retired Chief Deputy Mario Rueda
presented Fry with his Service pin, and Capt
II Rick Godinez presented the Relief Associa-
tion retirement badge. Additional presentations
were made by Retired B/C Dave Frelinger
from CSFA, Capt II Randy Yslas presented
Jack with a beautiful axe plaque from UFLAC,
B/C Scott Anderson presented Jack’s Personal
Record Book. Deputy Chief Ronnie Villanueva
presented a resolution from the City Council
signed by every city council member. Patrick
Gutierrez (Atlanta, GA FF/PM, USMC Ret.)
presented a custom shadow box with helmet
shield and patch. Phil Perez, LA County Public
Health presented an award from the Joint Re-
gional Intelligence Center (JRIC). Fry’s wife
Mary presented a surprise retirement gift, a
print of Donald Duck as a firefighter by famous
Disney artist Dave Willardson.
Many happy memories were shared in-
cluding the story of one of Fry’s first haz-mat
responses during which, Jack put his haz-mat
jumpsuit on over his turn outs, and did so in the
cab of a 96 Seagrave enroute to the incident.
Harry Garvin captured the entire event with
beautiful photographic memories. Thank you
to everyone who attended and made this great
celebration possible.

May 2019 • 35
Photos by Mike Meadows

On March 17th, 2019, LAFD was called out to a smell of gas in the air and responded to find a 9000-gallon gasoline tanker leaking fuel on the ground and down into the storm drain.
The vapors found an unknown ignition source and burst into flames, forcing crews back away from the tanker. The storm drains caught fire as well and became pressurized, displacing
manhole covers. One house caught fire on the roof and in the attic from the fireball coming from the tanker.

36 • May 2019
n February 13, 2019, the tradition of
honoring one of LAFD’s finest con-
tinued as the Los Angeles Firefighters
Association bestowed upon Engineer Steven
Canchola the title of Firefighter of the Year
2018. With the ballroom of the downtown
Double Tree Hotel filled to capacity, the vet-
eran engineer accepted the distinguished award
as family and friends, past award honorees, and
department members, looked on in pride at his
accomplishment. As usual, the two-hour event
was a grand occasion to witness in person.
Family, Friends, and colleagues came together
to honor a humble father, mentor, and excep-
tional engineer who distinguished himself as a
member of outstanding character and loyalty to
the Department, the fire service, and the com-
munity. Many dignitaries also attended the
event, including the Fire Chief who did an ex-
cellent job summing up Steve’s career accom-
plishments, community service, and the signifi-
cant impact he has had on so many members of
the Department.
A dedication to excellence is a trade-
mark of every great firefighter. Steve not only
exemplified such designate but exceeded it in
so many ways. From Steve’s first apparatus as-
signed to him as engineer, to his last, each and
every rig showed his personal touch of pride.
One never had to hunt Steve down at the sta-
tion. All one had to do was make their way out
to the apparatus floor to locate Steve, hard at
work—day or night, dialing in his engine, mak-
ing it a showcase in whatever battalion he was
Steve is well known Department wide
for his training, maintenance, and leadership in
the Engineer rank. He has mentored hundreds
of members of all ranks and has influenced
over 33 members to promote from firefighter to
the rank of Engineer. He has been an instruc-
tor as well at CORE Engineering classes. Fire-
fighters and Captain’s alike benefitted from his
leadership and commitment. If Steve wasn’t
polishing, cleaning, or driving an engine, he
was thinking about how to make one better. In 2019, Steve retired from the LAFD, to his mentors and coworkers that he had the
Steve developed a close relationship with the working over 38 years on the Department. pleasure of working with throughout the years,
downtown shops and was instrumental in the During that time, he spent most of his career in but most importantly to his wife and kids who
design aspect of the 2016 Pierce Triple appara- busy assignments in places such as Fire Station supported his dedication to the job and allowed
tus, giving valuable input to make sure it met 94 in the Crenshaw District and Fire Station him to do what he loved. Though Steve has re-
the LAFD standards of excellence. Steve has 66 in South Los Angeles. Engineer Canchola cently retired and will be missed by his peers,
also forged a meaningful relationship with his served his final years in the San Fernando Val- we are sure he will keep plenty busy and we
local communities, hosting an annual pancake ley, finishing up his tour of duty as at Fire Sta- wish him a long, healthy, and happy retirement.
breakfast for retired members and taking an tion 87 in Granada Hills. Congratulations to the 2018 Los Angeles Fire-
active role as a member of his church, St. Pas- As the proceedings came to an end, fighters Association Firefighter of the Year—
chal Baylon Church of Thousand Oaks. Steve’s humble speech provided recognition Engineer Steve Canchola.
May 2019 • 37
Lake McClure, located 27 miles east of Merced, has been the “Hot Spot” for many years.

The Boat & Ski Club reunites for two annual trips each summer. An entire area is
reserved exclusively for family and friends of the LAFD. Each week includes a “Meet For Information & Reservations
& Greet” Potluck, Horseshoe and Volleyball Tournaments, Ice Cream Social, Raffles, please contact Tony Arnado - (310)
Bingo, Tie Dye, Karaoke, and a whole lot more. 625-8099.

Whether you are a Water Skier, Wake Boarded, Skurfer, Air Chairer, Tuber or just a The resort now offers cabins for
Sun Bather, there is FUN for Everyone!
rent - welcoming families who do

not own their own recreational ve-
A BIG thank you to all of our Supporters and Sponsors: Sports LTD, Knott’s
hicles. Go to http://www.lakemc
Berry Farm, Interstate Batteries - Sun Valley, Tilley’s Marine - Ventura, Eric Ericcson’s
- Ventura, Aloha Steakhouse & Charnell Smith - Ventura, Billy’s Boardshop - Castaic,

Ocean Potion and Wendy Cant! barrett-cove/park-model-cabins/

for more information.
Please support those who support our Club!

38 • May 2019
By Detective Chris Hicks
L.A. County Sherriff’s Department

t is a seemingly absurd statement that po-
lice and fire do not interact well at inci-
dents. However, certain events lend some
merit to the claim. As a 31-year veteran of the
LA County Sherriff ’s Department, I feel one of
the main reasons for this perception is a lack of
understanding of our individual roles. I com-
monly find that the fire personnel want a sus-
pect uncuffed to better treat the patient, and I,
on the other hand, want four points of restraints
placed on the suspect/patient to control them. I
want the lane cleared on the highway; the fire
department wants their rig placed across all
lanes to ensure a safer working area.
In addition, I want this to be known,
not all cops want to be a firefighter—me for change prior to your arrival. It may have been difficult thing to master. No one likes to cite
example. I have no cooking skills and my aged necessary for us to block that hydrant, but it a fellow first responder. With that said, we
induced snoring would make me the candidate wasn’t intentional. In reality we should train cannot fix a ticket, especially after it’s been
for the rooftop sleeping quarters. I will admit more together. Simple knowledge of how you written. My best advice when first contacted
I’m guilty of wanting to replace my patrol car’s are taught to roll up to a scene versus our train- because of a vehicle violation is to turn off
front seat with a nice plush recliner like I see at ing would help get us both back on the road your motor, and keep your hands on the steer-
fire stations. a little faster. Call your local sheriff or police ing wheel. Allow the officer time to explain
We joke about things like this, but the station. We will come to you and together we his purpose for pulling you over. Discounting
true purpose for this article is to enlighten my can develop a plan that works for both of us. the reason or arguing in the field is not produc-
fellow first responder that we police officers 3. It’s not our fault. No one likes a tive. There are no key words or legal means for
only want to be helpful and, although we may drunk. Please understand we don’t like rousing entitlement but, at the proper time, before the
share a different perspective on certain mat- you out of your nice warm beds at 2 a.m. to officer has returned to his vehicle to run your
ters, in the end we both want a positive out- come out and take an intoxicated person to the driver’s license information, informing him or
come for all concerned. Here are a few ideas hospital because we are too lazy. Yes, we are a her of your position is not improper. This is
from the law enforcement side of the table. little jealous that you are able to sleep in a bed a mutual acknowledgment of our professions
1. Know this—suspects get handcuffed. on duty, but regardless, just understand when and it may lead to an explanation that warrants
We ask that you meet us halfway. Let us know we take an intoxicated person into custody, it’s a different action. As with any courtesy that is
if you need the handcuffs removed for treat- a minimum of 2-3 hours of paperwork. The extended in life, deserving of such is usually a
ment of a patient, but keep in mind that it’s bottom line is we will usually end up being at matter of mutual respect.
more important to us that you don’t get hurt the same place you transport to and for a lot From a law enforcement officer’s per-
than the suspect escaping. We get it. You need longer than you. Sometimes our hands our tied spective, I wanted to give you a little insight
to do your job, but try and see our side of the with certain individuals, especial if they are al- into our way of thinking. Like the courtesy
argument—for both our safety. We ask that you tered. I want you to know we really appreciate extended to me by including this article in
first listen to any warnings we provide, and you transporting them to the hospital—the ER your magazine, I hope we can extend a similar
keep in mind that we’ve most likely dealt with nurses, they may think otherwise. courtesy by listening to your needs in the field
the bad side of the patient prior to your arrival. 4. Fighting fires. The recent So-Cal that will help form a better relationship. Thank
Our main goal is to avoid any further conflict wildfires caused a lot of interaction between you for the use of the restroom (diapers are
or injuries. Communication and lack of ego on the two of us. Can I please request that instead not cheap) and for the offer of a home cooked
both sides is the key. of just blowing past us on scene, give us a task meal when we stop by—I’m sick of super-sized
2. Arrival issues stemming from the that can help you; we don’t mind. We under- No. 2’s. We are brothers and sisters in a world
five patrol cars blocking your entrance. First of stand that crowd control, evacuations, and traf- where we need to watch out for our family
all, we don’t intentionally do this. We some- fic-related issues are our forte at these types of members. Let’s start by understanding one an-
times get focused on where we need to be on calls, but if we can help in other ways, we will. other. It’s a two-way street, one with enough
foot upon arrival instead of where we should 5. Off duty traffic stops. Ironically room for a fire engine and a patrol car.
have positioned our vehicle. Also, scenes may enough, this is the most misunderstood and

May 2019 • 39
n the weekend of Saturday, March
23 and Sunday, March 24, volunteers
and runners alike gathered in support
of the Widows, Orphans & Disable Firefight-
ers Fund. More than 80 people participated in
the Big 5K event on Saturday, while another 30
runners took part in the Skechers LA Marathon
and Charity Challenge on Sunday, braving the
grueling 13.1 and 26.2-mile courses.
Though the mornings were chilly, the
spirits of all involved quickly warmed with the
memories of the fallen members they repre-
sented during the races. This year was a great
success due in large part to the works of our
very own Marlene Casillas, Diane Vigil, along
with Bill Bringas, Jennifer Corona, and the
selfless army of volunteers that joined them.
The event also couldn’t have been possible
without the support of our fabulous sponsor—
Claudia Field of Bemer, a division of Global
Health Partners. Thank you to all who partici-
pated and we look forward to making next year
an even bigger accomplishment in support of
those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the
citizens of Los Angeles.

40 • May 2019
May 2019 • 41
42 • May 2019
he federal government has just released up with the times. This means better home Brush Clearance Standards in the Very High
a long-awaited report with a disturbing placements, fire resistance construction, and of Fire Hazard Severity Zones (VHFHSZ). We
message, “The effects of climate change, course, smart landscaping design and mainte- recommend you review it from time to time,
including deadly wildfires, increasingly debili- nance practices. along with following your local fire depart-
tating hurricanes, and heat waves, are already Below is easy to remember acronym ment clearance regulations to keep yourself,
battering the United States, and the danger of with a list of brush clearance recommenda- your family, and your home safe for years to
more such catastrophes is worsening.” Global tions that mirror some of the current LAFD come.
warming, climate change, whatever the cause,
it is quickly becoming brush season 365 days
a year in California. This is not surprising to
most people who live in California. Recent
fire storms are just another reminder that our
mindset of how we combat the challenges of CUT: all native brush, weeds, grass, trees and hazardous vegetation within 200 feet of any
preserving life and property in the City of Los structures/buildings, whether those structures are on the owner’s property or adjoining prop-
Angeles must change.
May 1, 2019 marks the official begin- erties, and within 10 feet of any combustible fence or roadway/driveway used for vehicular
ning of the Brush Clearance Program in the travel. Grass shall be cut to three inches in height. Native brush shall be reduced in quantity to
Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones (VH- three inches in height. Owners of property located in the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone
FHSZ) in the City of Los Angeles. However,
this does not mean that you are not responsible (VHFHSZ) shall maintain their property in accordance with the Fire Code (L.A.M.C. 57.322).
for maintaining your property all year long. Compliance shall be Year-round.
There is nothing more effective in regards to
protecting your house during a brush fire than
doing and maintaining proper brush clearance LIMIT: the number of trees and large bushes near structures, spacing individual native shrubs
on your property before disaster strikes. The a minimum of 18 feet apart, provided such shrubs are trimmed up from the ground to 1/3 of
standards set forth by the Los Angeles City
Fire Department have been in place for years.
their height. For trees taller than 18 feet, trim lower branches so no foliage is within six feet of
Though, there are always exceptions to the the ground, and remove all dead material. For trees and shrubs less than 18 feet, remove lower
rule, when proper brush clearance is complet- branches to 1/3 of their height, and remove all dead material. Trees shall be trimmed up so the
ed to the letter of the law, the chances of your
house sustaining major damage during a brush foliage is no closer than 10 feet from the outlet of a chimney.
fire incident is greatly reduced.
One problem faced by firefighters is EXTEND: your defensible space around structures by reducing excessive ornamental vegeta-
getting 100 percent compliance from all resi-
dence. It only takes one house not adhering tion located near structures/buildings, roadways, and combustible fences. Also consider remov-
to the rules to start the domino effect of home ing trees and plants such as cypress, pine, fir, juniper, palms, and pampas grass. Consider replac-
loss during a fire storm. We must become more
ing them with fire resistant plants such as hedging roses and bush honeysuckles, and trees like
proactive than reactive when it comes to com-
bating wild fires. This will also mean aggres- maple, poplar, and cherry. Break up planting will reduce the likelihood of fire traveling from
sively addressing the elephant in the room that brush area to nearby structures.
our department has battled over for years to
include in the standards—ornamental vegeta-
tion. Trees such as Palm and Italian cypress are ADDRESS: other hazards such as trees and foliage that are too close to a roof surface. Such
major offenders and can greatly contribute to area shall be maintained free of substantial accumulation of leaves, needles, twigs and any
the spread of fire. The bougainvillea is another
problem plant. Beautiful yes, but just as in na- other combustible matter. Maintain five feet of vertical clearance between roof surfaces and
ture, some of the most beautiful are the most portions of overhanging trees. Clean and maintain rain gutters of all material.
dangerous of all. These vining plants, usually
situated against an exterior wall of a home are
a harbor for dead material. Remember, just be- REMOVE: all cut vegetation and debris and remove from the property in a legal manner. Cut
cause it is green, doesn’t mean it won’t burn. vegetation may be machine processed (i.e., chipped) and spread back onto the property at a
Though, the City’s track record of home loss
depth not to exceed three inches within 30 feet of structures and six inches beyond 30 feet of
during a brush fire is not perfect, when com-
pared to others cities in the nation, it does show structures. In addition, spread material shall not be placed within 10 feet of any usable roadside
that brush clearance works. However, changing (in accordance with Fire Prevention Bureau Procedure No. 25)
conditions means we must also change to keep
May 2019 • 43
***Honorary Ralph Terraza LAFD
1. Gary Gatena (A/O) 114-C
2. Dustin Powell (A/O) 48-C
3. Erik Williams (Firefighter) 67-A
4. Todd Tsujimura (A/O) 69-A
5. Matt Nunez (Captain I) 76 -C
6. Alan Almaguer (Firefighter) 3-C
7. Cameron Holland (Firefighter) 14-A
8. Graham Everett (Deputy Chief) FCO
9. Mark Zizi (Firefighter) 14-A
10. Rick Garcia (A/O) 98-B
11. Chris Vilaubi (Firefighter) 15-B
12. Jeff Halloran (Firefighter) 89-C
13. Paul Shori (Firefighter) 99-A
14. Bernardo Verntura (Captain Ii) 5-C
15. Falo Tiumalu (Firefighter) 36-C
16. Ryan Chance (Captain I) QA
17. Tyler Varnum (Engineer) 27-A
18. Todd Shiraiwa (Engineer) 90-C
19. Trey Glennon (Engineer) 82-B
20. Zach Duda (Firefighter) 82-A

he Los Angeles Fire Department’s new RULES
“Top 20 Golf Ladder” is now up and 1. All matches will be straight up stroke play
running with “ACTIVE DUTY” mem- – tie breaker will be a card off (scga cardoff
bers. In order to continue to create camaraderie ruling)
and competition, this ladder has been made for 2. Can only challenge a maximum of “2 rungs”
the members to challenge each other. The lad- ahead
der can be found at the top station’s location 3. Challenger provides 3 courses in between
- currently Fire Station 14. living locations (1 month to play once chal-
In order to challenge the top station, lenge goes out or challenger automatically
you will need to challenge them with your two wins)
best players in a twosome scramble format. 4. Member holding higher rung picks course
The current Top 20 is based on the lowest of out of 3 locations provided by challenger (has
the last six month’s handicap. Any member of to be resonable distance between both players)
the department can challenge number 20, 19, 5. Challenger pays for greens fee (if challenger
and 18 at any time. The ladder will also adjust wins then they get reimbursed)
after the LAFD Golf Club Championship in 6. Number 18, 19, 20 can be challenged by any
May. active duty member wanting to get on the lad-
To sign up for the LAFD Golf Club, der
go to New members are al- 7. Only 1 challenge per round
ways welcome!! Any questions, please contact
LAFD Golf Club Tournament Chair, Engineer Any questions on ruling or updated lad-
Mark Zizi @ FS14 or LAFD Golf Club South der matches contact mark zizi or ryan chance.
Director, Captain Ryan Chance @QAU. Let’s get competitve and have fun!!
Challenges have already been made
with some movement on the ladder this last
month. Rules stated below…Have fun and let
the challenges begin.

44 • May 2019
By Vanessa Rupright. Wife of FF/PM Landon Rupright

esides SLEEP…working out with my husband is seriously my 3. Healthy Competition—Challenge your partner. When work-
favorite part of the day. There are days that I’m not in the mood ing out, see which one of you can do more squats. It not only keeps your
to work out, but he helps bring out the beast in me. I read a great workout interesting but your relationship interesting too. Let’s face it, he
article on how working out with your significant other can benefit your usually wins, but I’m up for the challenge.
relationship. I can relate, so I wanted to share a part of it. 4. Build accountability—People who are held accountable for
their workout routine are more likely to be successful. And who better
1. Guaranteed quality time—when life, job, and kids get in the to hold you accountable than the person who knows you best. Okay,
way, it can be hard to carve some alone time for you and your partner. honestly, sometimes I regret telling him my goals. He knows me so well
While day and night dates are always your go to, it’s not always pos- and will be sure I step out of my comfort zone.
sible. We (he normally does) plan a date night at least once a month so 5. Deepens your emotional bond—No explanation necessary.
you can enjoy a warm meal and have uninterrupted conversation. We
also see our workouts together as alone time. We can bond while doing Going to the gym and working out is
something productive for ourselves. hard enough at times, but working as a team,
2. Better Sex life—As Elle Woods said in Legally Blonde, “Ex- we not only help each other achieve a better
ercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make people happy! Happy workout, but we also Keep the Flame Alive!
people just don’t kill their husbands.” It may sound silly, but she has a
point. Ha, ha, ha, love that quote. I’ll just keep it simple, we have a great Housewives of the LAFD.
sex life.
May 2019 • 45

SATURDAY, MAY 4, 2019 SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2019

California African American Museum City Club Los Angeles

600 State Dr, Los Angeles, CA 555 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA

Social Hour - 5:30 PM Dinner - 6:30 PM Social Hour - 5:30 PM Dinner - 6:30 PM

Buffet Dinner: $50 pp includes tax, tip & gift $65 per person

Call Mirna Cooper - (323) 868-5866 Call Levisa Wade - (213) 709-6817
Checks payable to Mirna Cooper, 1926 Wellington Rd, Mail checks to: Levisa Wade
Los Angeles CA 90016. Payments due by Apr 27. 9612 S 4th Ave, Inglewood CA 90305
Venmo: Mirna Cooper RSVP by April 30, 2019


FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2019 WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, 2019
The Odyssey Restaurant
Fire Station 10
15600 Odyssey Dr, Granada Hills, CA
1335 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA
Social Hour - 5:30 PM Dinner - 6:30 PM
Brunch - 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
$50 per person
No cost
Call Pam Pascolla - (661) 255-6935
or (661) 433-8889
Call Fire Station 10 - (213) 485-6210
Spouses are cordially invited

GAIL MANNING, Capt. I/Paramedic, MFC-B MIKE RADEN, Engineer, FS 69-A

Knollwood Country Club
Rockin R (Raden Home)
12040 Balboa Blvd, Granada Hills CA
BBQ Dinner - 5:00 PM
Social Hour - 11:00 AM Buffet Lunch - 12:00 PM
Call Fire Station 69 - (310) 575-8569
$45 per person includes tax & tip
All are welcome!
Donations accepted. All money will go to the
Call Natalie Goshi-Forney at MFC - (213) 576-8900
Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighters Fund
Please RSVP by May 27

MARCUS A. LIDDY, Fire Inspector I,

STEVE PEREZ, FS 87 Harbor Industrial Unit

SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 2019 SATURDAY, JULY 20, 2019

Fire Station 87 Brouwerij West Brewery - Warehouse 9

10124 Balboa Blvd, Granada Hills CA 110 E. 22nd Street, San Pedro, CA

7: 30 AM - 11:00 AM Luncheon - 12:00 Noon

Retirement Breakfast - No cost BBQ Tri Tip, Chicken or Vegan - $40 per person

All are invited Call Harbor Industrial Unit (310) 732-4580

RSVP by July 12, 2019

46 • May 2019
n Saturday, March 23, 20 riders, made ness to have fun! Come on out to see what this DON’T MISS Our 21st Annual Fallen
up of members from the LAFD and is all about. Events are posted on our website Heroes Memorial on June 8, 2019 starting at
SGVFD Chapters of the Fire Hogs as the Fire Museum at 0900 and ending at the
well as numberous friends left Corky’s restau- Apply for an account to get E-mailed Sagebrush Cantina from 1230-1700 hrs for
rant and traveled the scenic ride over the Ortega notifications of upcoming rides. Members Lunch, Raffle prizes, live music, and FUN
Mountains. Along the way we picked up more wishing to join the Fire Hogs contact any of FUN FUN !!!
riders as we passed Lake Elsinore. Then onto the Board member from our website. Remember, it’s not about the desti-
highway 15 to our fuel/pit stop in Temecula. Join us on facebook @Fire Hogs M/C, Like our nation, it’s about the journey that brings us
Back on highway 79 towards the old mountain Facebook page @ L.A.F.D. Fire Hogs. together!
mining town of Julian. It was an impressive
view of two rows of Harleys stretched out over
a quarter mile while crossing the Puma Val-
ley with all the flowers in full bloom. At 1300
hrs we rolled into town to eat and drink with
friends at the Julian Grille where we meet up
with more Firefighters and friends. A total of 20
plus eventually joined the Fire Hogs in this an-
nual pilgrimage to this historical destination.....
Around 3 PM we started splitting up to head
back down the mountain. One group went to
a Temecula Old Town watering hole for more
camaraderie and I heard another group rode
on to Hell’s Kitchen and Swallows for another
stop before heading home. A few other couples
spent the night laughing and telling stories at a
local motel in Julian.
Thanks to Tuzz, and Mark Rojas for
putting this fine event on again as well as our
San Gabriel Chapter of Fire Hogs and friend
who came out. Good weather, a safe ride, and
a good time was had by all. Look for a repeat
next year so bring your friends and all riders
are welcome...
As a note in our fire history: Traveling
along Highway 79 on the way to Julian, there
is a 15 mile stretch that is named the Steven
Rucker Memorial Highway in honor of the
Novato Fire Protection District Engineer that
was overcome by flames and tragically perish
in the 2003 Cedar Fire. It is always our honor
to travel this route in memory of him and his
crew that fateful day in 2003.
are many more rides coming up! On June 8,
2019 our 21st Annual Fallen Heroes Memorial
will take place at the Fire Museum and end
at the Sagebrush Cantina, come join us in the
festivities at the Sagebrush. Here is the link:
ets-58689855939. You don’t have to be a Fire
Hog to participate. All you need is a willing-

May 2019 • 47
thanks to the fire crew in the photo
you sent who were saluting the flag
and standing in such nice uniforms
that day. Please let them know we ap-
preciate this nice gesture of respect for
someone they did not know—what a
touching tribute to my father. Again,
our sincere gratitude for this thought-
ful memorial to a great firemen and fa-

Rod Ohlwiler
Son of ret. Captain Doyle R. Ohlwiler

In Memory of William E. Thost

In Memory of Francis R. Mother-
Sr.—Firefighter II
al—Battalion Chief
The Greatest Fireman I have
I worked at old 57’s around this
ever been around period. Not only
fine gentleman for a while. Glad to see
did he know his job as a Fireman,
he lived a long adventurous life. An-
he would do the daily, weekly, and
other manly man from the old Fire De-
monthly chores and then cook 2 meals.
partment. RIP Chief…
I teach Fire Science in College
and I use Willie Thost as the Gold
Terry Tuzzolino
Standard for what a young Firefighter
would hope to be.
RIP Willie, as Bob Munoa said,
Dear Diane and Valerie,
In Memory of William E. Thost you will be remembered as the best.
Sr.—Firefighter II Thank you for my lovely 89th
Birthday wishes and card. That was a
Willie was the best Fireman the Dear Mr. Dolan & Fire Crew of
pleasant surprise. The Relief Associa-
LAFD has ever had. I worked with Engine 26,
tion and the Family Support Group has
him at 10’s for 7 years until he re- been a blessing to our firefighter fam-
tired. I learned a lot about how to be On behalf of our family, my
ily as long as I can remember. What
a fireman, a cook, a lock picker, and mother and siblings, we wanted to ex-
would we do without you nice people?
he taught me about life. I was 19 and press our deepest gratitude for the very
When my husband, Marshall passed
he was like having a dad at work. All thoughtful memorial of the American
away, I remember he told me to call
the way up to his last shift he was the Flag displayed in such a nice display
Andy Kuljis and he would know ex-
hardest worker you have ever seen. He case that was flown over Station 26.
actly what to do, and he certainly did!
was always doing something and I was This was a gift that was certainly ap-
Thank you, Andy, Diane, and Valerie.
just trying to keep up with him. Lane preciated as a thoughtful memory of
You are all greatly respected and ap-
Kemper, myself, and a group from 10’s my father. I remember the days when
preciated. What a comfort to know
moved him up to Redmond, Oregon. he would take my brother and I to Sta-
you are always there when we need
After he retired, I had the privilege of tion 26, and we would slide down the
visiting with him. Both him and Bruce fire poles in those days, and play hand-
“Snake” Larson were my idols, my ball on the old handball court that was
With Love,
mentors. I miss them along with Lane, there. I understand the station has been
Maryann Prindle
Pete, Barney, Don Bair and all the oth- remodeled or rebuilt, but we still have
ers that have passed. fond memories of all the great firemen
Love you Willie… RIP my that were serving there when we came
In Memory of Francis R. Mother-
friend. and they were all so nice and friend-
al—Battalion Chief
ly—a great brotherhood!
Vince Manzo Please share our sincerely
I worked at FS 70 with Chief
48 • May 2019
Motheral. What stands out in my mind
is the hours I would sit and listen to the
amazing mountain climbing adven-
tures he had been on. What a gentle-
man! What Is The...
Prayers to the Family
John Grimm Extinguisher Fund?
LAFRA, The brain child of Ted Bailie, retired from the
To all the wonderful people of LAFD and LAFRA, your station’s Extinguisher Fund
the WODFF. With the death of my hus- is a simple way to collect donations for the Widows,
band, you have made this time for me
so much easier. Thank you, especially Orphans and Disabled Firemen’s Fund. Ted saw the
for the flag and the caring words. accumulation of change that the cook dumped into the
Sincerely, mess fund box each shift and had a better idea. If this
Joan Hurley change was instead collected for the WODFF he figured
it could really add up. With an average of 50 cents per
In Memory of Bruce Segelke--
day per station, in a year there would be...well, you
can do the math!
When I was transferred to the
Arson Section in 1970, Bruce and
So take your turn in the cooking rotation and
George Ayunion were my trainers. remember to drop all your change into your station’s
They were probable two of the last
“Old School” investigators in the Sec- extinguisher. There should be one in every firehouse.
tion. I was always impressed with And any loose change in your pockets, any that you
Bruce’s professionalism and his ap-
pearance. Bruce taught me how to find in the TV chairs, or hoarded in the “ashtray” of
determine the point of origin at a fire your vehicle can be thrown in for good measure.
scene and how to integrate both wit-
nesses and suspects. The many things The Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund
that I learned from Bruce continued to is the heart of the Relief Association. This fund pro-
be of value throughout the rest of my
LAFD career. vides assistance to our firefighters and families who
are faced with personal difficulties and tragedies.
Dear Diane and Valerie Donations are the sole means of support for this Fund.
My thanks to you for the birth-
Firefighters risk their lives to protect the
day card and lovely note. They are tru- community on a daily basis. Thus, they and their
ly appreciated. Sorry for the delay in
thanking you. How nice it is to know
families can be comforted in knowing that the “Fire
that your are there for us. What a great Department Family,” supported by the Widows, Or-
group! Again, thank you so very much.
phans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund, is there for them in
Hugs to you all, times of need.
Katharyn Culley

May 2019 • 49
Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund - April 2019
Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro
GUSS INVESTMENT GROUP Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro Ran Lopez
for Hook and Ladder Enduro
CAROL M. HARTMAN in memory Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro
of Bill Plumlee
SCOTT D. MITCHELL for Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro
Hook and Ladder Enduro
CRAIG L. WHITE for Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro
Hook and Ladder Enduro
ROBERT J. MUNOA for Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro
Hook and Ladder Enduro BENJAMIN C. KELLER for
ROBERT C. VOWELS for Hook and Ladder Enduro DAVID W. STANLEY for
ROHRBACK TRUST in memory of Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro
William Thost TONY & JENNY LEITE for
RANDALL J. OPPERMAN JR. for Hook and Ladder Enduro JOSEPH FOLEY for
ROBERTSON REAL ESTATE for Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro
Hook and Ladder Enduro JUSTIN A. HORWEDEL for
BRIAN K. HISHINUMA for Hook and Ladder Enduro for Hook and Ladder Enduro
Hook and Ladder Enduro GFI CONSTRUCTION INC for
WILLIAM BRICKEY for Hook and Ladder Enduro DAVID A. ROWLEY III for
DONALD B. GRANT in memory of Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro
Donald W. Wallace LEON M. SANCHEZ for
MARTIN A. SVORINICH for Hook and Ladder Enduro LON F. ROBERTS from the
MICHAEL V. RADEN for Hook and Ladder Enduro Antelope Valley Firemen’s Club
Hook and Ladder Enduro GEORGE & RUTH FRY
JEN R. WILCOX for Hook and Ladder Enduro JOHN W. POTTER in memory of Hook and Ladder Enduro
Hook and Ladder Enduro Wilma Mulholland
TANA M. COFFEY for Hook and Ladder Enduro EDWARD M. BURZINSKI II
Hook and Ladder Enduro GARY T. SHELFORD from the
STEVEN G. RESNICK for DENNIS L. COVILLE in memory Simi Valley Breakfast Klatch
LIGHTING BROTHERS Hook and Ladder Enduro of Willie Thost
Hook and Ladder Enduro SHELDON R. MCKOWAN for RICHARD L. WATTERS in Hook and Ladder Enduro
Hook and Ladder Enduro memory of William E. Thost
honor of Chaplain GREGORY M. PETERS for JUAN M. ALBARRAN for Sam
George Negrete Hook and Ladder Enduro Shield’s Mom’s 100th Birthday JASON C. TREVILLYAN for
Hook and Ladder Enduro
Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro KELLY KROPF for
Hook and Ladder Enduro
Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro KEVIN L. DUNLAP for
Hook and Ladder Enduro
Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro PAMELA J. ABBOTT for
Hook and Ladder Enduro
Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro ROBERT G. PRYOR for
Hook and Ladder Enduro
Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro WILLIS M. MARTIN in memory of
Donald W. Wallace
Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro ALAN P. BARRIOS for
Hook and Ladder Enduro
Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro DIANE RIDLEY

Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro Hook and Ladder Enduro memory of Mike Brumbaugh

50 • May 2019
Robert H. Robles, Fireman. Appointed April 19, 1948.
Retired on a service pension April 1, 1972 from FS 16-B.
Passed away March 13, 2019.

Rafael A. Lopez, Captain I. Appointed July 2, 1956.

Retired on a service pension July 6, 1997 from FS 1-A.
Passed away March 17, 2019.

William B. Wofford, Firefighter III. Appointed February 1, 1965.

Retired on a service pension January 14, 1990 from FS 47-C.
Passed away March 17, 2019.

James J. Francesconi, Firefighter II. Appointed December 18, 1951.

Retired on a service pension June 28, 1980 from Fire Safety Education Unit.
Passed away March 19, 2019.

Leonard L. Edwards, Firefighter II. Appointed January 28, 1957.

Retired on a service pension April 17, 1982 from FS 79-A.
Passed away March 27, 2019.

James R. Chastain, Captain. Appointed November 24, 1962.

Retired on a service pension June 29, 1980 from Harbor Industrial Unit.
Passed away March 30, 2019.

Ramey R. Stroud, Captain. Appointed August 23, 1969.

Retired on a disability pension June 29, 1980 from FS 30-C.
Passed away March 30, 2019.

Richard E. Handlan, Firefighter II. Appointed June 27, 1959.

Retired on a service pension April 3, 1983 from FS 37-A.
Passed away March 31, 2019.

Robert L. Neal, Firefighter III. Appointed May 12, 1962.

Retired on a disability pension July 2, 1999 from FS 69-C.
Passed away April 3, 2019.

Jamie W. Remy, Captain. Appointed July 25, 1970.

Retired on a disability pension January 16, 1992 from FS 48-C.
Passed away April 4, 2019.

Harold N. Burkhart, Captain II. Appointed November 1, 1956.

Retired on a service pension December 2, 1986 from FS 5-A.
Passed away April 10, 2019.

Mary J. Reischl, surviving spouse of Raymond W. Reischl, passed away February 28, 2019.
Mildred G. Courter, surviving spouse of Everett B. Courter, passed away March 12, 2019.
Patricia Miller, surviving spouse of George W. Miller, passed away March 19, 2019.
Marjorie G. Cass, surviving spouse of John E. Cass, passed away March 23, 2019.
Genevieve H. Carroll, spouse of Marion O. Carroll, passed away March 25, 2019.
Margaret J. Eggers, surviving spouse of Leon E. Eggers, passed away March 30, 2019.
Marilyn B. Miller, spouse of Alvin E. Miller, passed away March 30, 2019.
Margaret E. Smith, surviving spouse of William L. Smith, passed away March 31, 2019.

May 2019 • 51

Saturday, May 11th

8:30 am to 12:00 pm

At the LAFD Museum & Memorial

“Old Fire Station 27”
In Memory of Captain Barney Nipp

1355 North Cahuenga Blvd.

Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 464-2727

$5 Adults & $3 Children

Come join us for good food, great fun,
and some LAFD history plus
LAFD Fire & Rescue Demonstrations at FS 27

52 • May 2019
Submitted by Frank Borden • Director of Operations, LAFDHS

LAFD HISTORY – The “Fredericksburg” Incident 1944

Frank’s note: If you have been reading my rived and several officers began checking for and tower monitor were readied for action. As
Grapevine articles you know that I have been the source of the fumes. They discovered that they neared the burning LSM’s, one sweep of
featuring our LAFD Fireboat 2 “The Ralph J. hold number two of the Fredricksburg was the great 4 1/2-inch stream of water was all that
Scott often.” This historic boat has been un- leaking into hold number one (containing bal- was needed to completely snuff out the fire.
der restoration by our LAFDHS volunteers last water) and was being pumped into the bay. The smaller batteries went to work knocking
since it came out of the water 15 years ago and At that time of day, the tidal current in the bay down fire floating on the surface of the bay.
should be fully restored by the end of this year. carried almost directly from Berth 151 to Berth Within a minute, Boat 2 had completed
In 2020 we want to move it from a “shipyard” 223. It’s unclear what action was requested, but one pass of the dock and making a quick turn,
to a museum that is open to the public. This the polluted ballast water continued to fill the made a second pass and in similar fashion, ex-
story about the explosion and fire of the tanker bay. tinguished the fires on the dock involving the
“Fredericksburg” in 1944 is one of many of Shortly before 1400, a collection of autos and trucks, while the arriving land com-
the heroic efforts by the crew and the Boat. All Navy and civilian ship workers were working panies were still stretching their lines. Coast
of us need to appreciate what the Boat and its on several Navy ships at Berth 223. A welder, Guard fire boats which had been patrolling the
crews have done for nearly 78 years serving C.E. Truitt, struck an arc on the bow of one area closed in and aided in the task of finishing
the Port of Los Angeles. of the under-construction ships, LSM 211 off the areas of the water that still were afire.
(Note: An LSM is a Landing Ship Medium). Boat 3, with Senior Boat Operator J.V.
THE INCIDENT As he struck the arc, a flash fire occurred that Roquemore, responded along with the rest of
During 1944, the City of Los Ange- completely enveloped the under-construction the assignment. As he neared the burning area
les was a nervous place. Although more than LSM’s and a large area of the surrounding bay he noticed that a considerable number of men
two years had passed since the sneak attack on and docks. On the docks were about 25 vehi- were in the water around the burning vessels
Pearl Harbor, the coast of California and the cles, all of which caught fire. and clinging to the nearby wharves. As Roque-
LA Harbor specifically were considered to be At Berth 227, quarters of Boat No. 2, more was alone, due to the depletion of man-
potential targets for the Japanese Navy. The a short way down the bay, the man on floor power in the fire department, he realized that it
LAFD worked closely with the US Navy and watch saw the flash of fire and called to Cap- would be impossible to make any effort to fight
the Coast Guard to prepare for any type of in- tain Jack Allen. Captain Allen turned in a still the fire and handle the boat at the same time.
cident that might befall the harbor. Still, even alarm and ordered immediate response of the His first duty appeared to be in the direction of
with all of the preparation, the “Fredricksburg” big fire boat. Also responding were Fire Boats saving all possible life.
incident served as a reminder that anything can 2 and 3, Engine Companies 36 and 40, Rescue Leaving the firefighting to Boat 2, he
happen - at any time. 36, Salvage 36 and Battalion Chief Dikeman. took up a position as near as possible to the
Fuel and related components was a As Boat 2 churned up the channel to- struggling men in the water, throwing all the
highly in-demand resource during the war. wards the fire, a 4 1/2-in. tip was put on the life preservers that he had aboard to them and
Tankers of all sizes move in and out of both ship’s main battery, “Big Bertha,” and the bow pulling men out of the water as fast as he could
Long Beach and Los Angeles harbors. During
the evening of October 20, 1944, the S.S. Fred-
ricksburg, a tanker operating for the War Ship-
ping Administration, was tied up to Berth 151
in the LA Harbor. The ship had arrived with her
holds filled with water ballast.
Shortly after midnight, dock crews
began loading toluene into hold number two,
while at the same time pumping water ballast
out of hold number one. Toluene is a highly in-
flammable, very volatile petroleum substance
that has many military uses such as a compo-
nent part for high-test fuels, among other uses.
By 0800 hrs. on the 21st, several peo-
You can partially see fireboat 2 moving into the fire with turrets on ahead, Someone
ple, among them a cafe owner, detected the
had written on the photo “fireboat 2” probably because it was hard to see. There
odor of what they thought was gasoline in the
is a tug boat in the left foreground and a US Navy sailor in the right foreground.
area around Berth 223. The Coast Guard ar-

May 2019 • 53
that formed the dock. At first cellar nozzles
This photo of Fireboat 2 and crew was taken in 1945. It would were tried, but it was found that the barrels
look like the boat working at the Fredericksburg fire for refer- were too short to provide any effective reach.
ence. It was painted grey in the 1940’s during the War and Changing to Bresnan distributors, the desired
even remained grey into the 1950’s. results were achieved as they could be lowered
to any point necessary. In some cases it was
necessary to lower men and lines into the open-
ings to get at stubborn pockets of fire in remote
places of the dock construction.
Subsequent arson investigations devel-
oped two theories as to the cause of the fuel
and vapors being in the bay around the LSM’s.
First it is known that toluene was escaping
into the bay from the Fredericksburg, and that
the tidal drift would carry it across the chan-
nel to Berth 223. If such was the case then the
question arises, why was there no flash back to
Berth 151? It is believed that incoming and out-
going sea traffic would break up the continuity
of any such flow on the surface of the water
and this coupled with the ebbing of the tide,
would confine the polluted area to around the
ships at the pier and under the pier itself. The
fumes from the material and from fuel carried
in some instances in open containers aboard the
ships covered the site with a blanket of highly
inflammable vapors that took just one spark to
start an inferno of death and destruction.
A second theory is that fuel leakage
from another ship that had been tied up to the
same docks a short time before, had polluted
the area along with some possible pollution
from the tanker at Berth 151, and the fumes
from these being ignited, caused the fire. The
whole story will be unfolded when the Naval
Board of Inquire reveals its findings some time
in the future.
This is Boat 3 that Mate Roquemore operated saving many lives during the fire. In conclusion a word of “well done” to
the men and officers of the boat and land com-
reach them. A civilian, Pat Lee, clambered have been much higher had it not been for the panies of the harbor for a fine heads-up job.
aboard when Boat 3 drifted close to some courageous and efficient work of Mate Roque- Article from the Los Angeles Firemen’s Grape-
tugs, and helped “Rocky” with his life saving more, who has spent his 20 years on the fire vine by Bill Goss (LAFD Deputy Chief)
endeavors. These two men also got help from department in the bay area.
the nurse at the Industrial Hospital of the boat Once the fire aboard the LSM’s was LAFD CHIEF ENGINEER ELEY -
yard and brought her aboard to administer to knocked down, the Navy removed them, but A FOLLOW UP STORY FROM 1912
the victims. By now “Rocky” had his boat full a tough and dangerous fire continued to burn
of injured and suffering naval and civilian men. amid the creosoted under piling of the wharf.
At first they didn’t seem too badly injured, but The dock had a fire stop underneath to the
soon some showed the effects of severe shock north, but to the south there were no stops and
and many of them were seriously and danger- in this direction the fire continued to spread.
ously burned. At approximately 1445 hrs. A/C Harold
It was decided to take them to the Coast Johnson arrived to take charge of operations.
Guard base at the old California Yacht Club Calling for a second alarm assignment which
across the channel. Arriving there at 2:15 p.m. brought Engines 38 and 49, Truck 48 and
Boat 3 delivered the seventeen cases she had moved Engine Co.31 into 38’s quarters, opera-
aboard. In the interval many of the injured had tions on the dock fire commenced.
become unconscious and had to be removed From the water side the fire boats closed
via stretchers. in and rail standee streams were directed into
Boat 3 returned to the scene of the fire the burning piles. Skiffs from the Coast Guard Chief Engineer Eley with LA Mayor George
and pulled in several more victims found in the boats and Boat 2 with 1 1/2-in. lines were sent Alexander in 1912 at the Pacific Coast Fire
water and after taking them to a place of safety, under the dock although the acrid smoke and Chief’s Convention in Los Angeles.
made several trips bringing medical officers, fumes made the going plenty rough. Starting at
civilian doctors to and from the scene of the a point just south of the blaze, axes and jumbo Just before my story appeared in the
fire. A total of sixteen men died and thirty-five bars were used to cut holes through the three April Grapevine about Chief Engineer Eley,
were hospitalized. Undoubtedly this toll would inches of asphalt and heavy 4x6 inch timbers retired LAFD Captain Duane Warth contacted
54 • May 2019
This is the 1912 Pacific
Coast Fire Chief’s Conven-
tion Los Angeles medal
that we now have.

Chief Eley with the ladies in the photo all wearing the conference medal
the LAFDHS recently acquired thanks to retired Captain Duane Warth.

me about a medal for sale that he thought the

LAFD Historical Society would be interested
in purchasing on EBay. He also had two pho-
tographs taken in 1912 of the chief and LA
Mayor George Alexander wearing the medals
and Chief Eley sitting with some of the ladies
at the conference, all with the medals. Thanks
to Duane we now have the photos and medal on

LAFD HISTORICAL SOCIETY Don Cate with the finished roof ladder.

The work continues to completely re-

store Old Fireboat 2. We are working on the
deck, then re-painting the pilot house and fi-
nally the painting of the hull.
Retired B/C Don Cate at the Harbor
Museum put the finishing touches on a unique
LAFD roof ladder that was carried on Engine
15 in the 1920’s. We were lucky to find a photo
of this ladder on old Engine 15 after Don no- A photo of Engine 15 taken in 1925 with
ticed the “E 15” painted on it. We did some re- the same roof ladder on the side of the rig.
search and found a photo of it mounted on the
side of Engine 15 in the 1925. This is the kind
of thing that makes our volunteer work excit- May 2019

Retired A/O Glenn Wilkinson (Yes, from Truck 27)

patching holes in the deck of the “Ralph J. Scott.”
He is one of the regulars who volunteers on Friday.

May 2019 • 55
March 6, 2019

CALL TO ORDER LAFRA. He stated the amount owed by the the meeting went well and indicated that they
member and asked for the Board to approve received information on fund performance.
President Bob Steinbacher called the Meeting the member’s reinstatement.
of the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Garth Flint reported on the 4th Quarter
Firemen’s Relief Association to order at 10:06 Juan Albarran motioned to reinstate the investments for the LAFRA portfolio.
a.m. member into LAFRA. Joe Vigil seconded.
There was no discussion or objections. EXECUTIVE SESSION
Motion carried to reinstate the member into The Board entered into Executive Session at
Bob Steinbacher, President The Board adjourned from Executive session
Jeff Cawdrey, Vice President Bob Steinbacher informed the Board of a at 11:51 a.m.
Trustee Frank Aguirre LAFD member’s request for reinstatement into
Trustee Gene Bednarchik LAFRA. He indicated that this person retired Member updates and a legal matter was
Trustee Steve Berkery with UFLAC medical and felt that he did not discussed during Executive Session. No
Trustee Kenneth Breskin need to be a member of the Relief Association. actions were taken.
Trustee Tim Freeman Bob Steinbacher stated that the member has
Trustee Henry Gasbarri provided a check for his past Relief dues. VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT
Trustee Rick Godinez
Trustee John Jacobsen Juan Albarran motioned to approve the 1) Jeff Cawdrey informed that he continues
Trustee Richard Moody member’s request for reinstatement into to work on the LAFRA owned cemetery plot
Trustee Mike Sailhamer LAFRA. Richard Moody seconded. There inventory project at various memorial parks.
Trustee Chris Stine was no discussion or objections.
Trustee Gayle Sonoda 2) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the upcoming
Trustee Joe Vigil Motion carried to approve the member’s conferences and asked that Trustees let him
Trustee Craig White request for reinstatement into LAFRA. know before the conference deadline if they
Trustee Danny Wu want to attend.
Trustee Juan Albarran - Pension 2) Bob Steinbacher provided a Pension update
Trustee Tim Larson – Pension concerning the requested information in the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT
Todd Layfer - Executive Director Pension MOU.
Liberty Unciano – Controller-Treasurer 1) Todd Layfer reported that the member
3) Bob Steinbacher referred to the upcoming profile sheets have been mailed and have been
MEMBERS ABSENT: Pechanga Reunion and indicated that they will generating phone calls to member services.
Trustee Jim Duffy authorize one 24-hour shift of RF code for
Trustee Tyler Tomich those helping at the event. 2) Todd Layfer informed that U.S. Bank has
Trustee David Peters once again committed to be our major sponsor
Trustee Doak Smith – Pension 4) Bob Steinbacher informed the Board that for Hope for Firefighters. He indicated that we
the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon will be have six open spots for food and drink booths.
GUESTS: held on April 6th.
Bob Macaulay, Attorney 3) Todd Layfer referred to the Marketing
Dave Wagner, Grapevine Editor 5) Bob Steinbacher referred to the Firefighter Associate position recruitment and indicated
of the Year Luncheon and indicated that the that we have produced the profile and job
INVOCATION & Flag Salute Relief Association has purchased one table requirements. He indicated that they are
of ten seats. He asked for those interested in actively seeking qualified candidates.
Rick Godinez led the invocation. Tim Freeman attending.
led the flag salute. 4) Todd Layfer presented the 2019 proposed
6) Bob Steinbacher informed that they are budget for the Board’s review and approval.
RATIFICATION OF MINUTES conducting interviews for the Community
Affairs position. Gayle Sonoda motioned to approve the 2019
Bob Steinbacher entertained a motion to ratify proposed budget as presented. Jeff Cawdrey
and approve the Board Meeting Minutes of 7) Bob Steinbacher provided an update on the seconded. There was no discussion or
February 6, 2019. Tim Larson moved. Craig HealthScope Benefits recruitment process for objections.
White seconded. There was no discussion or their new candidate at the LAFRA office.
objections. Motion carried to approve the 2019 proposed
Motion carried to approve the Board Meeting
Minutes of February 6, 2019. Garth Flint addressed the Board and referred ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE
to their offsite Investment Committee REPORT
PRESIDENT’S REPORT meeting at Beacon Pointe. He indicated that
presenters were Chief Investment Officers Frank Aguirre presented the following
1) Bob Steinbacher informed the Board of from a couple of hedge fund firms and other motions.
a member’s request for reinstatement into portfolio managers. John Jacobsen stated that
56 • May 2019
The committee recommends and I so move to $30,000 April 13, 2019.
pay the usual and customary bills in the amount
of $701,641.64. There was no discussion or There was no discussion or objections. MARKETING & DEVELOPMENT
objections. REPORT
Motion carried to pay the above Relief
Motion carried to pay the usual and benefits. Rick Godinez provided an update on the L.A.
customary bills in the amount of $701,641.64. Marathon planning and indicated that they
Steve Berkery read the names of members who have raised $30,800 so far. He reported that
The committee recommends and I so move recently passed and asked for a moment of Marlene is working with California Pizza
to offer the Sharecare Wellness benefit to the silence from the Board. Kitchen on a possible state-wide fundraiser.
Kaiser members effective July 1, 2019. There He mentioned that Marlene is also working on
was no discussion or objections. MEMORIALS Save the Date notifications for sponsors.
Roy L. McQuown
Motion carried to offer the Sharecare Stanley W. Dean SETTING OF DATES
Wellness benefit to the Kaiser members Michael Hurley
effective July 1, 2019. James R. Laughlin 1) Hook & Ladder – March 16th
William E. Thost Sr. 2) L.A. Marathon – March 23rd
MEDICAL COMMITTEE REPORT Doyle R. Ohlwiler 3) St. Baldrick’s – March 30th
4) LAFRA Pechanga Reunion – May 13 - 17
Frank Aguirre presented the following motion. ASSISTANCE COMMITTEE 5) LAPD/LAFD Car Show – June 1st
6) Hope for Firefighters – June 6th
The committee recommends and I so move Steve Berkery presented the following motions. 7) Trustee Board Offsite – September 22nd
to approve all the medical bills totaling 8) LAFD Invitational Golf Tournament –
$807,365.66. There was no discussion or The committee recommends and I so move to September 23rd
objections. accept the donations in the amount of $9,081
to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s RETIREMENT DINNERS
Motion carried to approve all the medical Fund. There was no discussion or objections.
bills totaling $807,365.66. 1) Ross Torstenbo – Wednesday, March 6th C
Motion carried to accept the donations in the @ Brookside Golf Club (Godinez)
The committee recommends and I so move to amount of $9,081 to the Widows, Orphans & 2) Chuck Ruddell – Friday, March 8th B @ The
offer part-time LAFRA employees’ medical Disabled Firemen’s Fund. Odyssey Restaurant (Aguirre)
coverage under the LAFRA medical plan. 3) Robert Tafoya – Friday, March 15th C @
There was no discussion or objections. The committee recommends and I so move to Fire Station 25
approve the financial assistance applications for 4) Stephen Ruda – Saturday, March 16th A @
Motion carried to offer part-time LAFRA surviving spouses, active and retired members. Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels
employees’ medical coverage under the There was no discussion or objections. 5) Mike Raden – Saturday, March 23td A @
LAFRA medical plan. Fire Station 69 (Berkery)
Motion carried to approve the financial 6) Chris Villavecencio – Saturday, March 30th
The committee recommends and I so assistance applications for surviving spouses, B @ FS 18 Breakfast (Steinbacher)
move to increase the commercial Rx out of active and retired members. 7) Rosa Tufts – Thursday, April 4th B @ Frank
pocket maximum from $5,350 to $5,900 for Hotchkins Memorial Training (Sonoda)
individuals and from $10,700 to $11,800 for ADVANCEMENT COMMITTEE 8) Bertram Jobz – Saturday, April 13th B @
families effective July 1, 2019. There was no REPORT Private Dinner at Residence (Aguirre)
discussion or objections. 9) Thomas Kennington – Saturday, April 27th
The committee recommends and I so move C @ Sagebrush Cantina (Steinbacher)
Motion carried to increase the commercial to advance funds for both active and retired 10) John E. Lefeber – Sunday, April 28th A @
Rx out of pocket maximum from $5,350 to members. There was no discussion or Fire Station 112
$5,900 for individuals and from $10,700 to objections. 11) Dane Jackson – Friday, May 3rd B @
$11,800 for families effective July 1, 2019. Sagebrush Cantina (Berkery)
Motion carried to advance funds for both 12) Kwame Cooper – Saturday, May 4th C @
RELIEF COMMITTEE REPORT active and retired members. California African American Museum
13) Darnell Wade – Saturday, May 11th A @
Steve Berkery presented the following motion. GRAPEVINE COMMITTEE REPORT City Club Los Angeles (Sonoda)

The committee recommends and I so move to Dave Wagner reported on attending the LAFD ADJOURNMENT
pay: Leadership Academy and indicated that they
will produce an article for the Grapevine Bob Steinbacher entertained a motion to
The Sick & Injury benefits in the amount of magazine. adjourn. Steve Berkey so moved. Chris Stine
$27,933 seconded. There was no discussion and no
The Estate Planning benefit in the amount of SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE REPORT objections.
The Life & Accident Death Withdrawal in the Rick Godinez reported that the filing and Motion carried to adjourn. The Board of
amount of $3,398 application process will run from March 1st Trustees meeting adjourned at 12:53 p.m.
The Life & Accident Death Benefit in the through March 29th. He indicated that they
amount of $12,000 have begun to receive some applicants. He Bob Steinbacher, President
The Relief Death Benefits in the amount of indicated that the Exam date is Saturday,

May 2019 • 57
management. (800) 573-4829. HAVASU/BOATERS. 3bdrm(2king,1full) 2bath, turn-
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58 • May 2019
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May 2019 • 59
What Is The...Extinguisher Fund?
The brain child of Ted Bailie, retired from the LAFD and LAFRA, your station’s
Extinguisher Fund is a simple way to collect donations for the Widows, Orphans
and Disabled Firemen’s Fund. Ted saw the accumulation of change that the cook
dumped into the mess fund box each shift and had a better idea. If this change was
instead collected for the WODFF he figured it could really add up. With an average
of 50 cents per day per station, in a year there would be . . . well, you can do the
So take your turn in the cooking rotation and remember to drop all your change
into your station’s extinguisher. There should be one in every firehouse. And any
loose change in your pockets, any that you find in the TV chairs, or hoarded in the
“ashtray” of your vehicle can be thrown in for good measure.
The Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund is the heart of the Relief
Association. This fund provides assistance to our firefighters and families who are
faced with personal difficulties and tragedies. Donations are the sole means of sup-
port for this Fund.
Firefighters risk their lives to protect the community on a daily basis. Thus,
they and their families can be comforted in knowing that the “Fire Department Fam-
ily,” supported by the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund, is there for
them in times of need.

Deal direct with authorized Factory Dealers

Offering members of the Los Angeles Fire Department
Courteous, Ethical, and Special Consideration in the purchase of your new car.


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Volvo / Ford / Jaguar / Lotus / Aston Mission Hills CA Hollywood CA
Martin / Spyker / Galpin Auto Sports Ask for Steve Denson—Fleet Mgr Ask for Dave Erickson­­­­­­­­­
For special pricing contact 323-466-3251 l Fax: 323-462-0187
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818-797-3800 l

60 • May 2019
Fire Station 15
Hose Company No. 4. McClintock and Jefferson.
Circa 1904. Hose Company No. 4 opened Febru-
ary 22, 1900. In 1904 Hose 4 closed and Engine
Company 15 went into service. Hose 4 went
back into service in 1906 on Loma Dr. Land Cost
$2,490. Construction Cost $8,662.

Hose Company No. 4—Circa 1921. “A” and “B” Platoons. Circa 1921
Bottom row L-R: Fireman Edward Freeman, Fireman Henry Taylor, Fireman Joe Wil-
son, Fireman Harry Brown, Fireman Guy Bailey, Fireman Eugene Edwards, Fireman
Clint McDaniel, Fireman Anthony Kyle, Top row L-R: Fireman Lawrence Washington,
Lieutenant Edward Walker, Fireman Jackson Taylor, Lieutenant William Hall

The Rec-Room June 1915

Rescue Company 15—Circa 1930. Standing—L. to R. James C. Taitt, Frank Lohwasser, Claude Fordice
3202 McClintock Avenue. 1921 to 1950. Seated—George Land, Edward Eames, Lieut. Carlson, Engineer Nichael

Fire Station 15 Present day crew—Circa 2018

May 2019 • 61
Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association
7470 N Figueroa Street
Los Angeles CA 90041-1725

The professionals at Firefighter Insurance
Services (FIS) understand the unique
lifestyles of firefighters and their families.
FIS can evaluate your current policies to help
make sure you have the appropriate coverage.


FIS works with dependable insurance
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Service Employees Insurance Group, Travelers
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