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After taking the problem into consideration, it is concluded that although Apple is
famous for a pretigious company, it still have some perspectives needed improving to create
motivation for employees. The final part of our analysis is putting forward some
recommendations to meet the employees’ needs in terms of three aspects: safety-security, social
belongingness and esteem.
Firstly, according to the findings, we found that the working environment Apple is not
comfortable because it is not fulfilled with mordern and convenient facilities. As a result, it is
recommendable that Apple should provide staffs with more relaxing environment. It goes
without saying that a satisfyng working condition will motivate employees to be hard-working
creative. Instead of a quiet and boring environment, everyone just does their job like a robot,
Apple should provide gyms rooms, swimming pools, bowling rooms or a park for outdoor
activites helping employees relieve stress after being under pressure of completing tasks.
Furthermore, a rest room with numerous kinds of food, drink and massage chairs is also a
method to promote employees productivity. Equipped with modern and convenient facilities,
Apple’s workers will feel unwind and motivated.
Secondly, when it comes to the social relationships at work, Apple is known to be lack
of this. The company has the reputation of prefering its staffs concentrating on working
independently to building the rapport with other employees. This action will result in the
dissatisfaction regarding to social-belongingness. In order to enhance the relationships in the
workplace, Apple should many activities and events to gather all employees. For instance, the
company can establish a periodical meeting at weekend to help staffs interact with others.
Various field trips along with teamwork games should be held to connect workers at different
departmens and build trust among them. Moreover, Apple also can throw the birhday party for
its personnel. The birthday people will have the chance to share their tastes, goals or plans in
the following year. The aim of this activity is to help employees have better knowledge of their
colleagues and therefore, gradually build a strong social relationships. Since Apple is divided
to many departments, staffs find it difficult to know others. Therefore, the company ought to
encourage employees to collaborate with other divisions, expand exchanges among
departments with a view to making them get to know their colleagues better. Another
recommendation can be raised to foster a relationships at Apple is holiding open
communication where workers are allowed to freely express their ideas. Not only does it get
the benefit of learning working experiences but it also increases the rapport among colleagues.
The last aspect Apple ought to improve is meeting the esteem needs of employees. It
staffs are seen as having severe working hours without any extra payment. As a consequence,
they have the feeling of unmotivated because their efforts are not being recognized. To deal
with this problem, Apple should provide them with incentives payment. For the salesperson
reaching revenue goals or the engineer coming up with an innovation, the additional salary or
other incentives should be implemented to encourage them. In addition to boosting employees’s
motivation by financial payment, the company can give them the holiday bonuses. Taking a
long holiday for high-performing workers can generate the motivation and stimulate their
creativity. There is no doubt that every employee desires to win promotion. Therfore, publishing
the career path is also a good way to motivate them to work better. With all the
recommendations, Apple’s staffs are believed to get the feel of wining wide recognition for
their efforts. As a results, it will lead to the enhancement of motivation.