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MAXILLARY CENTRAL INCISOR Mandibular central incisor

Front:Long axis
Front:Long axis
parallel to the
inclines slightly
vertical axis
towards the vertical
Side:Slopes labially axis
at 14 degree
Side:Slopes labially
Plane:Incisal edge is
plane:Incisal edge is
in contact with
0.5-1 mm above the
occlusal plane
occlusal plane

Maxillary lateral incisor Mandibular lateral incisor

Front:Long axis slopes
Front:Long axis inclines
towards midline at
towards the vertical axis
incisal edge
Side:Slopes labially less
Side:Slopes labiallty ast
than central incisor
about 20 degree
Occlusal plane:Incisal
Occlusal plane:Incisal
edge is 0.5-1 mm above
edge is 1 mm short of
occlusal plne
occlusal plane

Maxillary caninine mandibular caninine

Front:Long axis parallel to Front:Long axis inclines
the vertical axis towards midline

Side: :Long axis parallel to Side:Slopes lingually

the vertical axis
Occlusal plane:Cusp tip is
Occlusal plane:Cuspid tip is 0.5-1 mm above occlusal
in contact with occlusal plane