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A Directory of
The General Conference, World Divisions,
Union and Local Conferences and Missions,
Educational Institutions, Food Companies,
Health-Care Institutions, Media Center,
Publishing Houses, Periodicals, and
Denominational Workers

Printed in the U.S.A. by the


For the Office of Archives and Statistics

Preface and Statistics 4
Fundamental Beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists 5
Constitution and Bylaws 9
Change of Address 15
General Conference and Departments 17
Africa-Indian Ocean 39
Eastern Africa 61
Euro-Africa 79
Far Eastern 103
Inter-American 143
North American 177
Health-Care Corporations 243
South American 247
South Pacific 277
Southern Asia 297
Trans-European 309
Middle East Union 325
South African Union 327
Southern Union (Africa) 330
The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the USSR 335
China 337
Educational Institutions 339
Food Companies 445
Health-Care Institutions 451
Dispensaries 490
Retirement Homes and Orphanages 497
Media Centers 499
Publishing Houses 503
Periodicals 517
Necrology 532
Calendars 1989-1990 535
Calendars of Special Days and Offerings 1989-1990 536
List of Countries With Their Organizational Locations 540
Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers of C.C. 542
E-Mail Directory 543
Telex Directory 544
Postal Abbreviations 546
Index of Institutional Workers 547
Directory of Workers 629
Advertisers 1002
General Index 1003

Preface to the 1989 Edition
Scope of the Yearbook riots broke out in the vicinity. The first non-Protestant
A world directory of the Seventh-day Adventist Christian country entered was Russia, where an Adven-
Church is given in the following pages. It includes the tist minister went in 1886. On October 20, 1890, the
General Conference and its international divisions, schooner Pitcairn was launched at San Francisco and
union and local conferences and missions, and related was soon engaged in carrying missionaries to the Pacific
institutions. Institutions that are managed but not fully islands. Seventh-day Adventist workers first entered non-
owned and operated by church entities are not included. Christian countries in 1894—Gold Coast (Ghana), West
The information has been furnished by the organizations Africa, and Matabeleland, South Africa. The same year
themselves; but in cases where current reports have not saw missionaries entering South America, and in 1896
been received, the most recent previous records have the Church had its representatives in Japan.
been retained or adjusted. The publication and distribution of literature were
In the conference and mission sections, workers are major factors in the growth of the Advent Movement.
listed in the following sequence: ordained ministers The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald (now the Ad-
holding ministerial credentials, credentialed commis- ventist Review), general church paper, was launched in
sioned ministers, credentialed missionaries, licensed Paris, Maine, in 1850; the Youth's Instructor in Roches-
ministers, licensed commissioned ministers, and creden- ter, New York, in 1852; and the Signs of the Times in
tialed literature evangelists. The Directory of Workers Oakland, California, in 1874. The first denominational
gives the names and addresses of all credentialed work- publishing house at Battle Creek, Michigan, began op-
ers, licensed ministers, and licensed commissioned min- erating in 1855 and was duly incorporated in 1861
isters. Institutional workers are listed separately in the under the name of Seventh-day Adventist Publishing
Index of Institutional Workers. Association.
The data that appears below has been summarized The Health Reform Institute, later known as the Battle
largely from the 1987 Annual Statistical Report, while Creek Sanitarium, opened its doors in 1866, and mis-
the figures for the number of churches and for church sionary society work was organized on a statewide basis
membership throughout the Yearbook are drawn from in 1870. The first of the Church's worldwide network of
official reports rendered for June 30, 1988. schools was established in 1872, and 1877 saw -the
Denominational History formation of state-wide Sabbath school associations. In
Although the name "Seventh-day Adventist" was 1903, the denominational headquarters was moved
chosen in 1860, the denomination was not officially from Battle Creek, Michigan, to Washington, D.C.,
organized until May 21, 1863, when the movement where it continues to form the nerve-center of an
included some 125 churches and 3,500 members. Work ever-expanding work. Each year sees further develop-
was largely confined to North America until 1874 when ment in the work of the Church.
the Church's first missionary, J. N. Andrews, was sent to That the Church's growth and God's blessings may be
Switzerland. Africa was penetrated briefly in 1879 when accurately and inspiringly reflected in this Yearbook is
Dr. H. P. Ribton, an early convert in Italy, moved to the desire of the Archives and Statistics Committee and
Egypt and opened a school, but the project ended when staff.

World Statistics for 1987

(except as noted)


(as of June 30, 1988) Hospitals and sanitariums 147
Baptized church members 5,561,312 Dispensaries, clinics, and launches 284
Organized churches 28,489 Retirement homes and orphanages 95
Ordained ministers, active 11,036 Physicians, dentists, residents, and
Total active workers 109,995 interns 1,736
Baptisms and professions of faith 482,031 Nurses 1 3,364
(July 1, 1987 to June 30, 1988) Outpatient visits 6,826,909
Assets of health-care institutions $2,725,331,102
MISSION WORK (1986 figure)
Countries in which church is working (1987) .... 186
(Countries and areas in the world-215) PUBLISHING WORK
Number of divisions 10
Number of unions 92 Publishing houses 56
Number of conferences, missions Languages in which church is working (1987) ... 696
and fields 388 Languages, publishing in (1987) 177
Missionaries sent 547 Literature evangelists 7,347


Lay Persons Involved 1,910,644 Sabbath school members 6,275,349
Hours of Christian Help 15,872,521 Sabbath schools 57,852
Cash and value of food given $40,602,897


Schools operated by church 5,322 Tithe—world $546,681,475
Total enrollment 793,481 North America $351,333,293
Primary schools 4,583 Sabbath School—world $35,647,467
Secondary schools 655 North America $20,306,112
Colleges and Universities 84 Ingathering —world $13,845,951
All contributions—world $845,843,171
FOOD COMPANIES 28 North America $581,684,718


Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as their John 10:30; 14:9; Rom. 6:23; 2 Cor. 5:17-19; John
only creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be 5:22; Luke 1:35; Phil. 2:5-11; Heb. 2:9-18; 1 Cor.
the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. These beliefs, as 15:3, 4; Heb. 8:1, 2; John 14:1-3.)
set forth here, constitute the church's understanding
and expression of the teaching of Scripture. Revision
of these statements may be expected at a General 5. The Holy Spirit
Conference session when the church is led by the God the eternal Spirit was active with the Father
Holy Spirit to a fuller understanding of Bible truth or and the Son in Creation, incarnation, and redemp-
finds better language in which to express the teach- tion. He inspired the writers of Scripture. He filled
ings of God's Holy Word. Christ's life with power. He draws and convicts hu-
man beings; and those who respond He renews and
transforms into the image of God. Sent by the Father
1. The Holy Scriptures and the Son to be always with His children, He ex-
The Holy Scriptures, Old and New Testaments, are tends spiritual gifts to the church, empowers it to
the written Word of God, given by divine inspiration bear witness to Christ, and in harmony with the Scrip-
through holy men of God who spoke and wrote as tures leads it into all truth. (Gen. 1:1, 2; Luke 1:35;
they were moved by the Holy Spirit. In this Word, 4:18; Acts 10:38; 2 Peter 1:21; 2 Cor. 3:18; Eph. 4:11,
God has committed to man the knowledge necessary 12; Acts 1:8; John 14:16-18, 26; 15:26, 27; 16:7-13.)
for salvation. The Holy Scriptures are the infallible
revelation of His will. They are the standard of charac-
ter, the test of experience, the authoritative revealer 6. Creation
of doctrines, and tne trustworthy record of God's acts God is Creator of all things, and has revealed in
in history. (2 Peter 1:20, 21; 2 Tim. 3:16, 17; Ps. Scripture the authentic account of His creative activ-
119:105; Prov. 30:5, 6; Isa. 8:20; John 17:17; 1 Thess. ity. In six days the Lord made "the heaven and the
2:13; Heb. 4:12.) earth" and all living things upon the earth, and rested
on the seventh day of that first week. Thus He estab-
lished the Sabbath as a perpetual memorial of His
2. The Trinity completed creative work. The first man and woman
There is one God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, a were made in the image of God as the crowning work
unity of three co-eternal Persons. God is immortal, of Creation, given dominion over the world, and
all-powerful, all-knowing, above all, and ever pres- charged with responsibility to care for it. When the
ent. He is infinite and beyond human comprehen- world was finished it was "very good," declaring the
sion, yet known through His self-revelation. He is for- glory of God. (Gen. 1; 2; Ex. 20:8-11; Ps. 19:1-6; 33:6,
ever worthy of worship, adoration, and service by the 9; 104; Heb. 11:3.)
whole creation. (Deut. 6:4; Matt. 28:19; 2 Cor. 13:14;
Eph. 4:4-6; 1 Peter 1:2; 1 Tim. 1:17; Rev. 14:7.)
7. The Nature of Man
Man and woman were made in the image of God
3. The Father with individuality, the power and freedom to think
God the Eternal Father is the Creator, Source, Sus- and to do. Though created free beings, each is an
tainer, and Sovereign of all creation. He is just and indivisible unity of body, mind, and spirit, depen-
holy, merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and dent upon God for life and breath and all else. When
abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness. The our first parents disobeyed GOd, they denied their
qualities and powers exhibited in the Son and the dependence upon Him and fell from their high posi-
Holy Spirit are also revelations of the Father. (Gen. tion under God. The image of God in them was mar-
1:1; Rev. 4:11; 1 Cor. 15:28; John 3:16; 1 John 4:8; 1 red and they became subject to death. Their descen-
Tim. 1:17; Ex. 34:6, 7; John 14:9.) dants share this fallen nature and its consequences.
They are born with weaknesses and tendencies to
evil. But God in Christ reconciled the world to Him-
4. The Son self and by His Spirit restores in penitent mortals the
God the eternal Son became incarnate in Jesus image of their Maker. Created for the glory of God,
Christ. Through Him all things were created, the they are called to love Him and one another, and to
character of God is revealed, the salvation of human- care for their environment. (Gen. 1:26-28; 2:7; Ps.
ity is accomplished, and the world is judged. Forever 8:4-8; Acts 17:24-28; Gen. 3; Ps. 51:5; Rom. 5:12-17;
truly God, He became also truly man, Jesus the 2 Cor. 5:19, 20; Ps. 51:10; 1 John 4:7, 8, 11, 20; Gen.
Christ. He was conceived of the Holy Spirit and born 2:15.)
of the virgin Mary. He lived and experienced tempta-
tion as a human being, but perfectly exemplified the 8. The Great Controversy
righteousness and love of God. By His miracles He All humanity is now involved in a great controversy
manifested God's power and was attested as God's between Christ and Satan regarding the character of
promised Messiah. He suffered and died voluntarily God, His law, and His sovereignty over the universe.
on the cross for our sins and in our place, was raised This conflict originated in heaven when a created
from the dead, and ascended to minister in the heav- being, endowed with freedom of choice, in self-
enly sanctuary in our behalf. He will come again in exaltation became Satan, God's adversary, and led
glory for the final deliverance of His people and the into rebellion a portion of the angels. He introduced
restoration of all things. (lohn 1:1-3, 14; Col. 1:15-19; the spirit of rebellion into this world when he led


Adam and Eve into sin. This human sin resulted in the bride for whom Chist died that He might sanctify and
distortion of the image of God in humanity, the disor- cleanse her. At His return in triumph, He will present
dering of the created world, and its eventual devasta- her to Himself a glorious church, the faithful of all the
tion at the time of the worldwide flood. Observed by ages, the purchase of His blood, not having spot or
the whole creation, this world became the arena of wrinkle, but holy and without blemish. (Gen. 12:3;
the universal conflict, out of which the God of love Acts 7:38; Eph. 4:11-15; 3:8-11; Matt. 28:19, 20;
will ultimately be vindicated. To assist His people in 16:13-20; 18:18; Eph. 2:19-22; 1:22, 23; 5:23-27; Col.
this controversy, Christ sends the Holy Spirit and the 1:17, 18.)
loyal angels to guide, protect, and sustain them in the
way of salvation. (Rev. 12:4-9; Isa. 14:12-14; Eze.
28:12-18; Gen. 3; Rom. 1:19-32; 5:12-21; 8:19-22; 12. The Remnant and Its Mission
Gen. 6-8; 2 Peter 3:6; 1 Cor. 4:9; Heb. 1:14.) The universal church is composed of all who truly
believe in Christ, but in the last days, a time of wide-
spread apostasy, a remnant has been called out to
9. The Life, Death, keep the commandments of God and the faith of Je-
and Resurrection of Christ sus. This remnant announces the arrival of the judg-
In Christ's life of perfect obedience to God's will, ment hour, proclaims salvation through Christ, and
His suffering, death, and resurrection, God provided heralds the approach of His second advent. This
the only means of atonement for human sin, so that proclamation is symbolized by the three angels of
those who by faith accept this atonement may have Revelation 14; it coincides with the work of judgment
eternal life, and the whole creation may better under- in heaven and results in a work of repentance and re-
stand the infinite and holy love of the Creator. This form on earth. Every believer is called to have a per-
perfect atonement vindicates the righteousness of sonal part in this worldwide witness. (Rev. 12:17;
God's law and the graciousness of His character; for 14:6-12; 18:1-4; 2 Cor. 5:10; Jude 3, 14; 1 Peter
it both condemns our sin and provides for our for- 1:16-19; 2 Peter 3:10-14; Rev. 21:1-14.)
giveness. The death of Christ is substitutionary and
expiatory, reconciling and transforming. The resur- 13. Unity in the Body of Christ
rection of Christ proclaims God's triumph over the
forces of evil, and for those who accept the atone- The church is one body with many members, called
ment assures their final victory over sin and death. It from every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. In
declares the Lordship of Jesus Christ, before whom Christ we area new creation; distinctions of race, cul-
every knee in heaven and on earth will bow. (John ture, learning, and nationality, and differences be-
3:16; Isa. 53; 1 Peter 2:21, 22; 1 Cor. 15:3, 4, 20-22; 2 tween high and low, rich and poor, male and female,
Cor. 5:14, 15, 19-21; Rom. 1:4; 3:25; 4:25; 8:3, 4; 1 must not be divisive among us. We are all equal in
John 2:2; 4:10; Col. 2:15; Phil. 2:6-11.) Christ, who by one Spirit has bonded us into one fel-
lowship with Him and with one another; we are to
serve and be served without partiality or reservation.
10. The Experience of Salvation Through the revelation of Jesus Christ in the Scrip-
tures we share the same faith and hope, and reach
In infinite love and mercy God made Christ, who out in one witness to all. This unity has its source in
knew no sin, to be sin for us, so that in Him we might the oneness of the triune God, who has adopted us as
be made the righteousness of God. Led by the Holy His children. (Rom. 12:4, 5; 1 Cor. 12:12-14; Matt.
Spirit we sense our need, acknowledge our sinful- 28:19, 20; Ps. 133:1; 2 Cor. 5:16, 17; Acts 17:26, 27;
ness, repent of our transgressions, and exercise faith Gal. 3:27, 29; Col. 3:10-15; Eph. 4:14-16; 4:1-6; John
in Jesus as Lord and Christ, as Substitute and Exam- 17:20-23.)
ple. This faith which receives salvation comes
through the divine power of the Word and is the gift
of God's grace. Through Christ we are justified, 14. Baptism
adopted as God's sons and daughters, and delivered By baptism we confess our faith in the death and
from the lordship of sin. Through the Spirit we are resurrection of Jesus Christ, and testify of our death
born again and sanctified; the Spirit renews our to sin and of our purpose to walk in newness of life.
minds, writes God's law of love in our hearts, and we Thus we acknowledge Christ as Lord and Saviour, be-
are given the power to live a holy life. Abiding in Him come His people, and are received as members by
we become partakers of the divine nature and have His church. Baptism is a symbol of our union with
the assurance of salvation now and in the judgment. Christ, the forgiveness of our sins, and our reception
(2 Cor. 5:17-21; John 3:16; Gal. 1:4; 4:4-7; Titus of the Holy Spirit. It is by immersion in water and is
3:3-7; John 16:8; Gal. 3:13,14; 1 Peter 2:21, 22; Rom. contingent on an affirmation of faith in Jesus and evi-
10:17; Luke 17:5; Mark 9:23, 24; Eph. 2:5-10; Rom. dence of repentance of sin. It follows instruction in
3:21-26; Col. 1:13, 14; Rom. 8:14-17; Gal. 3:26; John the Holy Scriptures and acceptance of their teach-
3:3-8; 1 Peter 1:23; Rom. 12:2; Heb. 8:7-12; Eze. ings. (Rom. 6:1-6; Col. 2:12,13; Acts 16:30-33; 22:16;
36:25-27; 2 Peter 1:3, 4; Rom. 8:1-4; 5:6-10.) 2:38; Matt. 28:19, 20.)

11. The Church 15. The Lord's Supper

The church is the community of believers who con- The Lord's Supper is a participation in the emblems
fess Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. In continuity of the body and blood of Jesus as an expression of
with the people of God in Old Testament times, we faith in Him, our Lord and Saviour. In this experience
are called out from the world; and we join together of communion Christ is present to meet and
for worship, for fellowship, for instruction in the strengthen His people. As we partake, we joyfully
Word, for the celebration of the Lord's Supper, for proclaim the Lord's death until He comes again. Prep-
service to all mankind, and for the world-wide procla- aration for the Supper includes self-examination, re-
mation of the gospel. The church derives its authority pentance, and confession. The Master ordained the
from Christ, who is the incarnate Word, and from the service of foot washing to signify renewed cleansing,
Scriptures, which are the written Word. The church is to express a willingness to serve one another in
God's family; adopted by Him as children, its mem- Christlike humility, and to unite our hearts in love.
bers live on the basis of the new covenant. The The communion service is open to all believing Chris-
church is the body of Christ, a community of faith of tians. (1 Cor. 10:16,17; 11:23-30; Matt. 26:17-30; Rev.
which Christ Himself is the Head. The church is the 3:20; John 6:48-63; 13:1-17.),

16. Spiritual Gifts and Ministries and His people. Joyful observance of this holy time
God bestows upon all members of His church in from evening to evening, sunset to sunset, is a cele-
every age spiritual gifts which each member is to em- bration of God's creative and redemptive acts. (Gen.
ploy in loving ministry for the common good of the 2:1-3; Ex. 20:8-11; Luke 4:16; Isa. 56:5, 6; 58:13, 14;
church and of humanity. Given by the agency of the Matt. 12:1-12; Ex. 31:13-17; Eze. 20:12, 20; Deut.
Holy Spirit, who apportions to each member as He 5:12-15; Heb. 4:1-11; Lev. 23:32; Mark 1:32.)
wills, the gifts provide all abilities and ministries
needed by the church to fulfill its divinely ordained
functions. According to the Scriptures, these gifts in- 20. Stewardship
clude such ministries as faith, healing, prophecy, We are God's stewards, entrusted by Him with time
proclamation, teaching, administration, reconcilia- and opportunities, abilities and possessions, and the
tion, compassion, and self-sacrificing service and blessings of the earth and its resources. We are re-
charity for the help and encouragement of people. sponsible to Him for their proper use. We acknowl-
Some members are called of God and endowed by edge God's ownership by faithful service to Him and
the Spirit for functions recognized by the church in our fellow men, and by returning, tithes and giving of-
pastoral, evangelistic, apostolic, and teaching minis- ferings for the proclamation of His gospel and the
tries particularly needed to equip the members for support and growth of His church. Stewardship is a
service, to build up the church to spiritual maturity, privilege given to us by God for nurture in love and
and to foster unity of the faith and knowledge of God. the victory over selfishness and covetousness. The
When members employ these spiritualgifts as faith- steward rejoices in the blessings that come to others
ful stewards of God's varied grace, the church is pro- as a result of his faithfulness. (Gen. 1:26-28; 2:15; 1
tected from the destructive influence of false doc- Chron. 29:14; Hag. 1:3-11; Mal. 3:8-12; 1 Cor. 9:9-14;
trine, grows with a growth that is from God, and is Matt. 23:23; 2 Cor. 8:1-15; Rom. 15:26, 27.)
built up in faith and love. (Rom. 12:4-8; 1 Cor.
12:9-11, 27, 28; Eph. 4:8, 11-16; Acts 6:1-7; 1 Tim.
2:1-3; 1 Peter 4:10, 11.) 21. Christian Behaviour
We are called to be a godly people who think, feel,
17. The Gift of Prophecy and act in harmony with the principles of heaven. For
the Spirit to recreate in us the character of our Lord
One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is prophecy. This we involve ourselves only in those things which will
gift is an identifying mark of the remnant church and produce Christlike purity, health, and joy in our lives.
was manifested in the ministry of Ellen G. White. As This means that our ammusement and entertainment
the Lord's messenger, her writings are a continuing should meet the highest standards of Christian taste
and authoritative source of truth which provide for and beauty. While recognizing cultural differences,
the church comfort, guidance, instruction, and cor- our dress is to be simple, modest, and neat, befitting
rection. They also make clear that the Bible is the those whose true beauty does not consist of outward
standard by which all teaching and experience must adornment but in the imperishable ornament of a
be tested. (Joel 2:28, 29; Acts 2:14-21; Heb. 1:1-3; gentle and quiet spirit. It also means that because our
Rev. 12:17; 19:10.) bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit, we are to
care for them intelligently. Along with adequate exer-
cise and rest, we are to adopt the most healthful diet
18. The Law of God possible and abstain from the unclean foods identi-
The great principles of God's law are embodied in fied in the Scriptures. Since alcoholic beverages, to-
the Ten Commandments and exemplified in the life bacco, and the irresponsible use of drugs and narcot-
of Christ. They express God's love, will, and pur- ics are harmful to our bodies, we are to abstain from
poses concerning human conduct and relationships them as well. Instead, we are to engage in whatever
and are binding upon all people in every age. These brings our thoughts and bodies into the discipline of
precepts are the basis of God's covenant with His Christ, who desires our wholesomeness, joy, and
people and the standard in God's judgment. Through goodness. (Rom. 12:1, 2; 1 John 2:6; Eph. 5:1-21;
the agency of the Holy Spirit they point out sin and Phil. 4:8; 2 Cor. 10:5; 6:14-7:1; 1 Peter 3:1-4; 1 Cor.
awaken a sense of need for a Saviour. Salvation is all 6:19, 20; 10:31; Lev. 11:1-47; 3 John 2.)
of grace and not of works, but its fruitage is obedi-
ence to the Commandments. This obedience devel-
ops Christian character and results in a sense of well- 22. Marriage and the Family
being. It is an evidence of our love for the Lord and Marriage was divinely established in Eden and af-
our concern for our fellow men. The obedience of firmed by Jesus to be a lifelong union between a man
faith demonstrates the power of Christ to transform and a woman in loving companionship. For the Chris-
lives, and therefore strengthens Christian witness. tian a marriage commitment is to God as well as to the
(Ex. 20:1-17; Ps. 40:7, 8; Matt. 22:36-40; Deut. spouse, and should be entered into only between
28:1-14; Matt. 5:17-20; Heb. 8:8-10; John 16:7-10; partners who share a common faith. Mutual love,
Eph. 2:8-10; 1 John 5:3; Rom. 8:3, 4; Ps. 19:7-14.) honor, respect, and responsibility are the fabric of
this relationship, which is to reflect the love, sanctity,
closeness, and" permanence of the relationship be-
19. The Sabbath tween Christ and His church. Regarding divorce, Je-
The beneficent Creator, after the six days of Crea- sus taught that the person who divorces a spouse, ex-
tion, rested. on the seventh day and instituted the cept for fornication, and marries another, commits
Sabbath for all people as a memorial of Creation. The adultery. Although some family relationships may fall
fourth commandment of God's unchangeable law re- short of the ideal, marriage partners who fully com-
quires the observance of this seventh-day Sabbath as mit themselves to each other in Christ may achieve
the day of rest, worship, and ministry in harmony loving unity through the guidance of the Spirit and
with the teaching and practice of Jesus, the Lord of the nurture of the church. God blesses the family and
the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a day of delightful com- intends that its members shall assist each other to-
munion with God and one another. It is a symbol of ward complete maturity. Parents are to bring up their
our redemption in Christ, a sign of our sanctification, children to love and obey the Lord. By their example
a token of our allegiance, and a foretaste of our eter- and their words they are to teach them that Christ is a
nal future in God's kingdom. The Sabbath is God's loving disciplinarian, ever tender and caring, who
perpetual sign of His eternal covenant between Him wants them to become members of His body, the

family of God. Increasing family closeness is one of condition of the world, indicates that Christ's coming
the earmarks of the final gospel message. (Gen. is imminent. The time of that event has not been
2:18-25; Matt. 19:3-9; John 2:1-11; 2 Cor. 6:14; Eph. revealed, and we are therefore exhorted to be ready
5:21-33; Matt. 5:31, 32; Mark 10:11, 12; Luke 16:18; at all times. (Titus 2:13; Heb. 9:28; John 14:1-3; Acts
1 Cor. 7:10, 11; Ex. 20:12; Eph. 6:1-4; Deut. 6:5-9; 1:9-11; Matt. 24:14; Rev. 1:7; Matt. 24:43, 44; 1
Prov. 22:6; Mal. 4:5, 6.) Thess. 4:13-18; 1 Cor. 15:51-54; 2 Thess. 1:7-10; 2:8;
Rev. 14:14-20; 19:11-21; Matt. 24; Mark 13; Luke 21; 2
Tim. 3:1-5; 1 Thess. 5:1-6.)
23. Christ's Ministry
in the Heavenly Sanctuary
There is a sanctuary in heaven, the true tabernacle 25. Death and Resurrection
which the Lord set up and not man. In it Christ minis- The wages of sin is death. But God, who alone is im-
ters on our behalf, making available to believers the mortal, will grant eternal life to His redeemed. Until
benefits of His atoning sacrifice offered once for all that day death is an unconscious state for all people.
on the cross. He was inaugurated as our great High When Christ, who is our life, appears, the resurrected
Priest and began His intercessory ministry at the time righteous and the living righteous will be glorified
of His ascension. In 1844, at the end of the prophetic and caught up to meet their Lord. The second resur-
period of 2300 days, He entered the second and last rection, the resurrection of the unrighteous, will take
phase of His atoning ministry. It is a work of investiga- place a thousand years later. (Rom. 6:23; 1 Tim. 6:15,
tive judgment which is part of the ultimate disposi- 16; Eccl. 9:5, 6; Ps. 146:3, 4; John 11:11-14; Col. 3:4; 1
tion of all sin, typified by the cleansing of the ancient Cor. 15:51-54; 1 Thess. 4:13-17; John 5:28, 29; Rev.
Hebrew sanctuary on the Day of Atonement. In that 20:1-10.)
typical service the sanctuary was cleansed with the
blood of animal sacrifices, but the heavenly things
are purified with the perfect sacrifice of the blood of 26. The Millennium and the End of Sin
Jesus. The investigative judgment reveals to heavenly
intelligences who among the dead are asleep in The millennium is the thousand-year reign of
Christ and therefore, in Him, are deemed worthy to Christ with His saints in heaven between the first and
have part in the first resurrection. It also makes man- second resurrections. During this time the wicked
ifest who, among the living are abiding in Christ, dead will be judged; the earth will be utterly deso-
keeping the commandments of God and the faith of late, without living human inhabitants, but occupied
Jesus, and in Him, therefore, are ready for translation by Satan and his angels. At its close Christ with His
into His everlasting kingdom. This judgment vindi- saints and the Holy City will descend from heaven to
cates the justice of God in saving those who believe in earth. The unrighteous dead will then be resur-
Jesus. It declares that those who have remained loyal rected, and with Satan and his angels will surround
to God shall receive the kingdom. The completion of the city; but fire from God will consume them and
this ministry of Christ will mark the close of human cleanse the earth. The universe will thus be freed of
probation before the Second Advent. (Heb. 8:1-5; sin and sinners forever. (Rev. 20; 1 Cor. 6:2, 3; Jer.
4:14-16; 9:11-28; 10:19-22; 1:3; 2:16, 17; Dan. 7:9- 4:23-26; Rev. 21:1-5; Mal. 4:1; Eze. 28:18, 19.)
27; 8:13, 14; 9:24-27; Num. 14:34; Eze. 4:6; Lev. 16;
Rev. 14:6, 7; 20:12; 14:12; 22:12.)
27. The New Earth
On the new earth, in which righteousness dwells,
24. The Second Coming of Christ God will provide an eternal home for the redeemed
The second coming of Christ is the blessed hope of and a perfect environment for everlasting life, love,
the church, the grand climax of the gospel. The joy, and learning in His presence. For here God Him-
Saviour's coming will be literal, personal, visible and self will dwell with His people, and suffering and
worldwide. When He returns, the righteous dead will death will have passed away. The great controversy
be resurrected, and together with the righteous liv- will be ended, and sin will be no more. All things, ani-
ing will be glorified and taken to heaven, but the mate and inanimate, will declare that God is love; and
unrighteous will die. The almost complete fulfillment He shall reign forever. Amen. (2 Peter 3:13; Isa. 35;
of most lines of prophecy, together with the present 65:17-25; Matt. 5:5; Rev. 21:1-7; 22:1-5; 11:15.)
of the
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
(As revised at the Fifty-fourth Session held in New c. Delegates representing union missions, and loc-
Orleans, Louisiana, June 27 to July 6, 1985.) al conferences/local missions/unions of churches
without division affiliation, shall be appointed by the
CONSTITUTION General Conference Committee in consultation with
the organization concerned.
Article I—Name
Sec. 5. Regular delegates shall be appointed and
This organization shall be known as General Con- accredited on the following basis:
ference of Seventh-day Adventists.
a. Delegates from union conferences/missions.
Article II—Object Each union conference/mission shall be entitled to
one delegate in addition to its president, without
The object of this Conference is to teach all nations regard to number, an additional delegate for each
the everlasting gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus local conference and each regularly organized mis-
Christ and the commandments of God. sion in its territory without regard to number, and an
Article III—Membership additional delegate for each 5,000 or major fraction
thereof, of the membership of the union conference
Sec. 1. The membership of this Conference shall or mission.
consist of:
b. Delegates from attached local fields. Each local
a. Such union conferences and union missions, conference/local mission/union of churches directly
either in organized division sections or without di- attached to a division or to the General Conference,
visional affiliation, as have been or shall be properly as has been or shall be properly organized and
organized and accepted by vote of the General Con- accepted by vote of the General Conference in ses-
ference in session. sion, shall be entitled to one delegate, without re-
b. Such local conferences and properly organized gard to number, and an additional delegate for each
local missions not included in any division, union 5,000 or major fraction thereof, of the membership of
conference/mission, or such local conferences/mis- the local conference or mission.
sions/unions of churches directly attached to divi- c. Calculations for delegate allotments shall be
sions, as have been or shall be properly organized based upon the membership as of December 31 of
and accepted by vote of the General Conference in the second year preceding the session.
Sec. 6. Credentials to sessions shall be issued by
Sec. 2. The voters of this Conference shall be desig- the General Conference to those appointed as pro-
nated as follows: vided for in harmony with the provisions of this arti-
a. Delegates at large. cle.
b. Regular delegates.
Article IV—Officers and Their Duties
Sec. 3. Delegates at large shall be:
Sec. 1. The officers of this Conference shall be a
a. All members of the General Conference Execu- president, vice-presidents, a secretary, an under-
tive Committee. secretary, associate secretaries, a treasurer, an
b. Such representatives of missions of the General undertreasurer, and associate treasurers, who shall
Conference and of general institutions and depart- be elected by the Conference.
ments of work, and such general laborers, field sec- Sec. 2. President: The president shall preside at the
retaries and lay persons as shall receive delegate's sessions of the Conference, act as chairman of the
credentials from the Executive Committee of the Executive Committee and labor in the general in-
Genetal Conference, such credentials to be ratified terests of the Conference, as the Executive Commit-
by the General Conference in session. The number tee may advise, and perform such other duties as
of these delegates thus seated shall not exceed 25 per usually pertain to such office.
cent of the total number of delegates otherwise pro-
vided for. Sec. 3. Vice-Presidents: Each vice-president shall at
the time of his election be assigned to serve as a
c. Four delegates from each division, without re- general administrative assistant to the president or to
gard to membership, and one additional delegate for preside over a division field.
each 200,000, or major fraction thereof, of the divi-
sion membership, such delegates to be appointed by Sec. 4. Secretary, undersecretary and associate
the Division Committee and their credentials to be secretaries: It shall be the duty of the secretary,
ratified by the General Conference in session. Cal- undersecretary, and the associate secretaries to keep
culations for these delegate allotments shall be based the minutes of the proceedings of the General Con-
upon the membership as of December 31 of the ference Sessions and of the General Conference
second year preceding the session. Committee meetings, to maintain correspondence
with the fields and to perform such other duties as
Sec. 4. Regular delegates shall be appointed in the usually pertain to such office.
following manner:
Sec. 5. Treasurer, undertreasurer and associate
a. Delegates representing union conferences shall treasurers: It shall be the duty of the treasurer to
be appointed by the respective unions. receive all funds of the General Conference, and
b. Delegates representing union missions, and loc- disburse them in harmony with the actions of the
al conferences/local missions/unions of churches Executive Committee of the General Conference,
attached to the division but not to any union, shall be and to render such financial statements at regular
appointed by the Division Committee in consultation intervals as may be desired by the General Confer-
with the organization concerned. ence or by the Executive Committee. The under-


treasurer and associate treasurers shall assist the Conference Executive Committee, as the develop-
treasurer in his work. ment of the work may require.
Sec. 2. At each regular session of this Conference,
Article V—Election the delegates shall elect such trustees and corporate
Sec. 1. The following shall be elected at each regu- bodies connected with this organization as may be
lar session of the General Conference: provided in the statutory laws governing each.
a. A president, vice-presidents, a secretary, an Sec. 3. The Conference shall employ such commit-
undersecretary, associate secretaries, division secre- tees, secretaries, treasurers, auditors, agents, minis-
taries, a treasurer, an undertreasurer, associate ters, missionaries and other persons, and make such
treasurers, division treasurers, general field secretar- distribution of its laborers as may be necessary effec-
ies, division field secretaries, an auditor, associate tively to execute its work.
auditors, division auditors, a secretary and associate Sec. 4. The Conference shall grant credentials or
secretaries of the ministerial association, a director licenses to ministers and missionaries except in divi-
and associate directors of each duly organized sion fields, in union and local conferences, and in
General Conference department; namely, Com- organized union missions.
munication, Education, Health and Temperance, Lay
Activities, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Pub- Sec. 5. The General Conference Corporation is an
lishing, Sabbath School, Stewardship and Develop- organization formed as an instrumentality of the
ment, Youth; a director of Archives and Statistics, a General Conference for the purpose of assisting the
director of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, a direc- General Conference in carrying out its purposes.
tor of Adventist Personnel Service, a director and •
associate director of the Office of Human Relations, a Article IX—Sessions
director and associate director of Trust Services, a Sec. 1. This Conference shall hold quinquennial
director of World Foods Service; division Ministerial sessions at such time and place as the Executive Com-
Association secretaries, division departmental direc- mittee shall designate and announce by a notice pub-
tors, division directors of Trust Services and division lished in the Adventist Review in three consecutive
directors of World Foods Service. issues at least four months before the date for the
b. Other persons, not to exceed 60 in number, to opening of the session. In case special world condi-
serve as members of the Executive Committee, one- tions seem to make it imperative to postpone the
third of which shall be laymen. calling of the Session, the Executive Committee, in
regular or special council, shall have authority to
Article VI—Executive Committee make such postponement, not to exceed two years,
giving notice to all constituent organizations.
Sec. 1. The Executive Committee shall consist of:
Sec. 2. The Executive Committee may call special
a. Those elected as provided by Article V except the sessions of the General Conference at such time and
General Conference auditor and associate auditors place as it deems proper, by a like notice as of regular
and division auditors. sessions, and the transactions of such special ses-
b. Presidents of union conferences, presidents of sions shall have the same force as those of the regular
union missions, past presidents of the General Con- sessions.
ference holding credentials from this Conference, Sec. 3. The election of officers, and the voting on
the president ofAndrews University, the director and all matters of business shall be by viva-voce vote, or
associate directors of the Biblical Research Institute, as designated by the chairman, unless otherwise de-
the president of Christian Record Braille Foundation, manded by a majority of the delegates present.
the president of the General Conference Risk Man-
agement Service, the director of the Geoscience Re- Article X—Bylaws
search Institute, the president of Harris Pine Mills, The voters of this Conference may enact bylaws
the director of Home and Family Service, the Presi- and amend or repeal them at any session thereof, and
dent of the Home Study International, the president such bylaws may embrace any provision not inconsis-
of Loma Linda University, the president of Oakwood tent with the Constitution.
College, the president of the Pacific Press Publishing
Association, the director of Philanthropic Service for • Article XI—Amendments
Institutions, the president of the Seventh-day Adven-
tist Radio, Television and Film Center, the president This Constitution or its Bylaws may be amended by
of the Review and Herald Publishing Association, the a two-thirds vote of the voters present and voting at
executive director of Adventist Development and Re- any session, provided that, if it is proposed to amend
lief Agency International, the executive secretary of the Constitution at a special session, notice of such
the Adventist-Laymen's Services and Industries, the purpose shall be given in the call for such special
director of General Conference Personnel Adminis- session.
tration, the editor and associate editors of the Adven-
tist Review, the secretary and associate secretaries of BYLAWS
the Ellen G. White Estate, the speaker of the Breath of
Life, the speaker of Faith for Today, the speaker of It Article I—Division Sections
Is Written, the speaker of the Voice of Prophecy and Sec. 1. The General Conference shall conduct its
the speaker of the "La Voz de la Esperanza' (Spanish) worldwide work in division sections, each section to
radio program. operate within a specified territory in harmony with
the policy of the General Conference..
Article VII—Term of Office Sec. 2. Union conference and union mission field
All officers of the General Conference and those organizations, together with all other organizations
members of the Executive Committee provided for and institutions within the territory, shall be re-
by Article VI, Sec. 1 a, shall hold office from the time sponsible to the respective division committees, or
of election until the next ensuing regular session, or in the case of fields without divisional affiliation, to
until their successors are elected and appear to enter the General Conference Committee.
upon their duties. Sec. 3. The division sections shall be known as:
Africa-Indian Ocean Division, China Division, East-
Article VIII—Incorporations and Agents ern Africa Division, Euro-Africa Division, Far Eastern
Sec. 1. Such incorporations may be authorized by Division, Inter-American Division, North American
the General Conference in session, or by the General Division, South American Division, South Pacific Di-

vision, Southern Asia Division, Trans-European Divi- son for election to the Nominating Committee.
sion, The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Union e. The Nominating Committee shall elect its own
of Soviet Socialist Republics. The boundaries of these chairman and secretary under the temporary chair-
division sections shall be subject to adjustment only manship of the President of the General Conference.
at a session (sessions) of the General Conference, or
at an annual council (annual councils) of the General f. The Nominating Committee shall limit its
Conference Committee. nominations to those positions for which budgetary
provision has been made.
Sec. 4. If a territorial adjustment is made at an
annual council, it shall be made only provided each g. In order to expedite the work of the Nominating
of the division(s) affected is(are) represented at the Committee, the representatives from each division,
council by at least one of its executive officers. An including North America, shall be allowed a reason-
exception to the requirement of division representa- able amount of time to meet and consider the per-
tion shall be made in a condition of emergency. In sonnel needs of their respective divisions and to
such a case, the General Conference Committee make recommendations to the full Nominating Com-
shall make whatever adjustments are necessary for mittee. Decisions of these groups shall not be bind-
the conduct of the work in the territory affected. ing on the Nominating Committee as a whole, but
shall be submitted as recommendations which will
be considered. The North American Division group
Article II—Standing Committees shall recommend personnel for the following offices
Sec. 1. At each regular session of this Conference, in the General Conference:
such standing committees as may be found neces- Two associate secretaries
sary, including the following, shall be elected to con- Two elected members of the General Conference
sider such items of business as may be referred to Treasury staff
them and to bring in their reports and recommenda- One associate director for the Department of Com-
tions to the session: munication
a. Constitution and Bylaws Committee One associate director for the Department of
Education who shall serve as executive secretary of
b. Nominating Committee the NAD Board of Higher Education and who shall
c. Plans Committee have been recommended by that board
Sec. 2. a. The membership of the Nominating Com- One associate director of the Department of
mittee shall consist of the following: Education who shall serve as executive secretary of
1) Each division and each attached union shall be the NAD K-12 Board of Education and who shall have
been recommended by that board
entitled to membership on the Nominating Commit-
tee based upon its proportion of the world mem- One associate director of the Department of
bership as of December 31 of the second year pre- Health and Temperance
ceding the session. The total under this provision is One associate director of the Department of
not to exceed 200 provided, however, that no divi- Health and Temperance in the field of nursing
sion have less than eight members on the Nominat- One associate director of the Department of Lay
ing Committee. Activities
One associate secretary of the Ministerial Associa-
2) One member for each attached union and one tion
member for each of the following General Confer- One director of the NAD Office of Human Rela-
ence institutions: Andrews University, Christian Re- tions
cord Braille Foundation, Harris Pine Mills, Home One associate director of the NAD Office of Hu-
Study International, Loma Linda Foods, Loma Linda man Relations
University, Oakwood College, Pacific Press Pub- One associate director of the Department of Public
lishing Association, Review and Herald Publishing Affairs and Religious Liberty
Association, and Seventh-day Adventist Radio, Tele- One associate director of the Publishing Depart-
vision and Film Center. ment
b. The members of the Nominating Committee One associate director of the Sabbath School De-
shall be chosen as follows: partment
1) Each division delegation shall act as a unit in One associate director of the Stewardship and De-
selecting the members to which it is entitled on the velopment Department
basis of church membership. Delegates at large will One associate director of the Youth Department
join the delegations from the divisions in which they General field secretaries assigned to North Amer-
are or were last employed, or now reside. ica
2) The election of division representatives on the
Nominating Committee shall be by the method of Article III—Vice-Presidents
voting considered by the division to be most conve-
nient and efficient, taking into consideration the size Sec. 1. General vice-presidents shall be elected to
assist the President with the general administrative
of the delegation and other circumstances.
work of the General Conference. One additional
c. Each division delegation in selecting its repre- vice-president shall be elected for each division of
sentatives on the Nominating Committee shall take the General Conference.
into account the following points:
Sec. 2. The general vice-presidents shall in the abs-
1)The division's representation on the Nominating ence of the President serve as chairmen of the Execu-
Committee should, as far as possible, represent the tive Committee and shall assist the President in his
various geographical areas, organizational segments administrative work.
and types of activity of the division.
Sec. 3. The Vice-President for North America shall
2) Those chosen as members of the Nominating work under the direction of the General Conference
Committee must be duly accredited delegates in Committee.
attendance at the General Conference Sefsion.
Sec. 4. The vice-presidents elected for the divisions
3) Members of the General Conference Committee outside of North America shall act as chairmen of the
whose term of service is expiring at the Session and division committees operating in their respective
therefore stand for reelection shall not be members fields and shall have charge of the work in those
of the Nominating Committee. fields under the direction of the division committees
d. No delegate shall nominate more than one per- and shall be designated within their respective divi-

sion territories as presidents of the divisions over direction of their respective division executive com-
which they preside. mittees, and shall occupy an advisory relation to the
Article IV—Undersecretary and Sec. 2. The term "associate director/secretary"
Associate Secretaries shall be used to designate such individuals as may be
An undersecretary and associate secretaries shall elected to associate with the director/secretary of any
be elected to share with the Secretary the responsibi- General Conference department, association or ser-
lities of his office. They shall perform such duties vice in carrying the responsibilities of his office. Such
connected with the Secretariat as may be assigned to person shall have the requisite experience, back-
them by the Secretary. ground and expertise to facilitate the work of the
department in carrying out the functions assigned to
Article V—Division Secretaries it not only at headquarters but also throughout the
Sec.1. A secretary shall be elected for each division world field. Certain specialized associate activities
outside of North America to be designated "division may be largely accomplished without extensive field
secretary." activity.
Sec. 2. Division secretaries shall work under the Sec. 3. The term "assistant director/secretary" shall
direction of their respective division committees. It be used to designate such persons as are appointed
shall be their duty to keep the minutes of the division by the General Conference Committee to assist the
committee meetings, to collect information and director/secretary and his associates in any depart-
make such reports as may be required, and to do ment, association or service in carrying the work of
such other work as usually pertains to such office. the General Conference office, usually in one or
more special procedures or functions. These special
Sec. 3. Division committees may appoint such
assignments shall be carried on largely in the office
associate and assistant secretaries as may be required
and serve to expedite the work of the departmental
to carry on the work.
staff. Field appointments for departmental assistants
Article VI—Undertreasurer and shall be of a very limited nature and shall normally be
Associate Treasurers confined to the North American Division.
An undertreasurer and associate treasurers shall Article X—Departmental
be elected to share with the Treasurer the work of his Advisory Committees
office. They shall perform such duties connected
with the Treasury as may be assigned to them by the The Executive Committee shall appoint a repre-
Treasurer or by the Executive Committee. They may sentative advisory committee for each department,
be authorized by the Executive Committee to sign association, or service of the General Conference.
checks under the instruction of the Treasurer. Such committee shall in each case be composed of
the director/secretary, associates and assistants of
Article VII—Division Treasurers the department, association or service; the directors/
secretaries of departmental, association, or service
Sec.1. A treasurer shall be elected for each division work in the divisions; and such other persons as the
outside of North America, to be designated "division Executive Committee may deem necessary.
Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of the division treasurers Article XI—Division Departments—
to receive and disburse the funds of the General Directors/Secretaries,
Conference made available for their territory, under Associates and Assistants
the direction of their respective division committees, Sec.1. Division departmental, association and ser-
and to perform such other duties as usually pertain to vice directors/secretaries shall be elected by the
such office. General Conference for the respective division fields
Sec. 3. A division committee may appoint an and shall labor under the direction of their respective
undertreasurer and such assistant treasurers and division committees.
assistant auditors as may be required to carry on the Sec. 2. Division committees shall appoint such
work. associate and assistant directors/secretaries, as may
be needed to serve in special capacities, to labor
Article VIII—General and Division under the direction of their respective directors/sec-
Field Secretaries retaries.
Sec. 1. The term "general field secretary" shall be
used to designate general field workers elected in Article XII—Director of
addition to the officers to serve in carrying the field Archives and Statistics
responsibilities of the General Conference. At each regular session the General Conference
Sec. 2. The general field secretaries shall work shall elect a director of Archives and Statistics whose
under the direction of the General Conference Com- duties shall be to administer the General Conference
mittee and the President, and be assigned either to Archives and to compile and report the statistics of
, field service or to special projects or responsibilities the world work, and who shall serve under the direc-
as may be determined by the General Conference tion of the Executive Committee.
Sec. 3. Division field secretaries may be elected as Article XIII—Executive Committee
shall be deemed necessary to labor in the divisions Sec. 1. a. During the intervals between sessions of
under the direction of their respective division com- the General Conference, the Executive Committee is
mittees. delegated the authority to act on behalf of the Gener-
al Conference in session including the authority to
Article IX—Departments—Directors/ elect or remove, for cause, officers, directors and
Secretaries, Associates and Assistants associate directors of departments/services and com-
Sec. 1. The departmental, association, and service mittee members and to fill for the current term any
directors/secretaries and associates elected by the vacancies that may occur in its offices, boards, com-
General Conference shall work under the direction mittees or agents by death, resignation, or other-
of the Executive Committee of the General Confer- wise.
ence, or in the case of departmental, association, or b. The Executive Committee shall also have power
service directors/secretaries in divisions under the to grant or to withdraw credentials or licenses and to

approve such committees and employ such person- Sec. 4. Five members of a division committee, in-
nel as may be necessary to execute its work effective- cluding the chairman, shall constitute a quorum for
ly. the transaction of business. When the chairman is
c. The Executive Committee shall have power to unable to be present, the secretary may convene
effect the retirement, before the expiration of the such a meeting at headquarters and shall serve as
term for which they have been elected, of persons chairman unless otherwise determined by the Presi-
elected under Article V, Sec. 1 a, of the Constitution dent. Minority meetings of fewer than five members
who may develop a health condition that prevents of the Division Committee may be held for the trans-
them from properly discharging their duties. action of necessary routine business, but actions
d. The removal from office by the Executive Com- taken at such meetings shall not be final until the
mittee of any person elected under Article V, Sec. 1 a, minutes of such meetings have been approved in a
of the Constitution or its withdrawal of credentials or meeting with a quorum present.
licenses shall be by a two-thirds vote of the members
present and voting at any regular meeting. Article XV—Corporation Boards
Sec. 2. a. A meeting of the Executive Committee, At each regular session of the General Conference
known as the Annual Council, shall be held annually the requisite boards of trustees, according to their
for the purpose of considering budgets from the respective Constitutions and Bylaws, shall be elected
fields and making appropriations, and for the trans- for each legal corporation serving as trustee and
action of other business and the adoption of such holding properties and receiving gifts and legacies
policies as may be necessary in the operation of the for the General Conference unincorporated. The
worldwide work. trustees of the General Conference Corporation
shall also constitute the Board of Trustees of the
b. A meeting of the Executive Committee, known General Conference Association.
as the Spring Meeting, shall be held annually for the
purpose of receiving the audited financial reports of Article XVI—Auditors and Audits
the General Conference and for transacting regular
Executive Committee business as provided in the Sec. 1. The Executive Committee shall have the
General Conference Working Policy relating to accounts of the General Conference and of its legal
Spring Meetings. corporations audited at least once each calendar
year, and the auditor or one of the associate auditors
Sec. 3. A majority of the full membership of the shall report upon the same to the Executive Commit-
Executive Committee, including the President or a tee annually. The auditor or an associate auditor, as
general vice-president, is empowered to transact de- may be arranged, shall report also to the General
nominational business of any nature at any time and Conference at its regular sessions. The General Con-
place. ference auditor and theassociate auditors shall also
Sec. 4. Any fifteen members of the Executive Com- be made available for auditing the accounts of union
mittee, including an officer of the General Confer- conferences and general institutions as well as divi-
ence, shall, after due notice to available members, sion accounts. The auditors shall be under the gener-
constitute a quorum of the Executive Committee and al direction of the Executive Committee.
shall be empowered to transact such executive busi- Sec. 2. The division auditor or auditors shall audit
ness as is in harmony with the general plans outlined the books of such organizations or institutions within
by the Committee at the designated place of meeting their territories as the division committees shall
of the Executive Committee as hereinafter provided. direct.
Sec. 5. All meetings of the Executive Committee,
except majority meetings, shall be held at the Gener- Article XVII—Wages and Expenses
al Conference headquarters, or at such other place as Sec. 1. The Executive Committee shall appoint
may be definitely arranged by a majority meeting of annually eight persons not in its employ who, with
the Executive Committee, or by the quorum of at the officers of the General Conference and not less
least fifteen members meeting in regular session at than seven presidents of union conferences, shall
general headquarters. constitute a committee to audit the expense accounts
Sec. 6. Meetings of the Executive Committee may of employees and to fix their wages for the succeed-
be called at any time by the ranking officer of the ing year.
Conference who may be present at headquarters, Sec. 2. The Executive Committee shall have power
and such officer, or any member of the committee to make such adjustments from time to time in the
appointed by him, shall act as chairman of the meet- wage of clerks, stenographers and other routine
workers as may be necessary.
Article XIV—Division Committees
Sec.1. In each division outside of North America, a Article XVIII—Funds
division committee shall be constituted as hereinaf- Sec. 1. The funds of the General Conference shall
ter provided for the transaction of business pertain- be as follows:
ing to the division. a. A tithe of the tithe receipts of the union confer-
Sec. 2. The members of a division committee shall ences and union missions and of the local confer-
be the President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and ences and missions not included in union confer-
the field secretaries of the division; the presidents of ences and union missions.
union conferences; the presidents of union mis- b. Regular mission offerings.
sions; the division departmental, association, and
service directors/secretaries; and any other mem- c. Special donations and proceeds from the matur-
bers of the General Conference Committee present. ities of deferred gifts.
Other members may also be appointed by the Divi- d. Such percentage of the tithe of local confer-
sion Committee. ences and missions as may be determined by a com-
Sec. 3. The actions taken by division committees mittee composed of the conference and mission
pertaining to the administration of affairs in division presidents and the Division Executive Committee,
fields shall be considered final, provided they are in or, in the case of North America, the conference and
harmony with the plans and policy of the General mission presidents and the General Conference Ex-
Conference as set ftirth in the Constitution and ecutive Committee.
Bylaws, and with its Executive Committee actions at e. Surplus tithes which may be appropriated by
regular Annual Councils. local and union conferences for the mission field.

f. Appropriations from our publishing houses, regular funds belonging to the General Conference,
sanitariums and other institutions that are under the as indicated under Article XVIII, may be used for the
control of the General Conference which, because of advancement of the work in the fields in which they
the character of their work, have more than local were raised.
influence and responsibility as may be arranged by Sec. 5. General Conference funds in all the world
joint counsel of the Executive Committee of the shall be made available to meet the annual appropria-
General Conference with the board of management tions of the General Conference.
of each institution.
g. Such percentage of the funds of union and local Article XX—Finance
conferences and missions, institutions and Adventist Sec.1. To tide over a possible financial depression
Book Centers in North America as may be arranged and to provide a working fund for regular operations
by the General Conference Committee in counsel the General Conference shall maintain an amount of
with conference presidents, the same to be known as working capital as defined and specified in the Work-
the Retirement Plan for the support of aged and in- ing Policy.
firm workers and for the dependent widows and
orphans of workers. Sec. 2. The Executive Committee, acting through
its legal agency, the General Conference Corpora-
Sec. 2. Divisions outside North America shall adopt tion, shall- have power to make such annuity con-
a retirement plan which shall be in harmony with the tracts as may seem desirable; but all moneys
principles set forth in the General Conference Retire- obtained in this way shall be invested in securities
ment Plan. and not be made available for appropriations until
the annuity contracts have matured.
Article XIX—Appropriations Sec. 3. The tithes and mission offerings received by
Sec. 1. The Executive Committee shall make its the General Conference shall be held as a trust for
appropriations for home and foreign work at the appropriation to the work of the Seventh-day Adven-
Annual Councils, said appropriations to be based on tist denomination. It shall not be within the preroga-
budgets from the fields requiring financial help. tive, therefore, of the General Conference Commit-
tee, the Treasury, nor of any agent or agency of the
Sec. 2. Appropriations shall be made subject to the denomination, to loan these funds to private indi-
receipt of the full amount of funds estimated in the viduals, to endorse notes, sign bonds or other secur-
General Conference budget. In case of a shortage, ities or in any other way to divert the funds of the
the distribution shall be on a pro rata basis to all the General Conference from their intended purpose.
interests represented in the budget. Advances specifically authorized under regular poli-
Sec. 3. Appropriations for major permanent invest- cy, and made in order to enable workers to become
ments shall be held in trust for the purpose for which located and equipped for service, are not a violation
the appropriation was designated. In case the project of this provision.
is abandoned, the funds shall revert to the General Sec. 4. The basis for computing goals and per capi-
Conference. Other funds appropriated to division ta funds shall be the average of the membership of
fields shall be administered by the Division Commit- the four consecutive quarters ending on September
tee. 30 of the preceding year as published in the General
Sec. 4. All funds raised in division fields, except the Conference official statistical reports.
Change of Address

In the spring of 1989 the General Conference

headquarters is scheduled to move into its new office
building. The address will be as follows:

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, Maryland 20904-64o°

The exact date of the change will be publicized

through the Adventist Review and through division and
union conference papers.

Directory of the
Seventh-day Adventist Denomination

Organized May 21, 1863

Territory: The land area of the World; comprising Telex Numbers: ITT 440186 SDAY UI or ITT 440632
the Africa-Indian Ocean, Eastern Africa, Euro- SDAY UI (within U.S.A. add 71 before either num-
Africa, Far Eastern, Inter-American, North Amer- ber).
ican, South American, South Pacific, Southern
Asia, and Trans-European Divisions, the South Afri- Mailing Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
can Union Conference, the Middle East and South- Washington, DC 20012, U.S.A.
ern Union Missions, China, and the Seventh-day
Adventist Church in the Union of Soviet Socialist Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
Republics. Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
Cable Address: "Adventist," Washington. Where 6000.
the above cable address cannot be used, please
address as follows: General Conference, Washing- Express and Freight Address: General Conference,
ton, D.C., or Adventist Headquarters, Washing- 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.
ton, D.C. 20012. Consign freight via motor freight lines.

President, Neal C. Wilson. Dale, Leo S. Ranzolin, Don A. Roth, Meade C.
General Vice-Presidents, Robert J. Kloosterhuis, Van Putten, Charles D. Watson, Samuel C. S.
Kenneth J. Mittleider, Enoch Oliveira, Calvin B. Young; Assistant Secretaries, Mrs. Rowena
Rock. Olson, Eunice Rozema.
Vice-Presidents: Treasurer, Donald F. Gilbert.
Africa-Indian Ocean Division, J. J. Nortey. Undertreasurer, William L. Murrill.
Eastern Africa Division, Bekele Heye. Associate Treasurers, Karl H. Bahr, George H.
Euro-Africa Division, Edwin Ludescher. Crumley, Frank L. Jones, Robert E. Osborn,
Far Eastern Division, Ottis C. Edwards. Donald E. Robinson.
Inter-American Division, George W. Brown. Special Assistant to the Treasurer, Charles 0.
North American Division, Charles E. Bradford. Frederick.
South American Division, Joao Wolff. Controller, Karl H. Bahr.
South Pacific Division, Walter R. L. Scragg. General Field Secretaries, Rosa T. Banks, Matthew
Southern Asia Division, Gerald J. Christo. A. Bediako, Charles D. Brooks, Joseph Espinosa,
Trans-European Division, Jan Paulsen. George W. Reid, Ralph S. Watts Jr.
Administrative Assistant to the President, Winston Director of Adventist Personnel Service, George R.
T. Clark. Ramsey; Assistant Director, Willard Munger.
Special Assistants to the President, Winton H. Director of Archives and Statistics, F. Donald Yost;
Beaven, Harold F. Otis Jr., Donald G. Reynolds. Assistant Directors, Bert B. Haloviak, Mrs. Evelyn
Secretary, G. Ralph Thompson. D. Osborn.
Undersecretary, Fred G. Thomas. Director of Personnel Administration, James H.
Associate Secretaries, Maurice T. Battle, Robert L. Harris; Assistant Director, Mrs. Anita Milam.


Executive Committee
Field Secretary, Ntwali Ruhaya.
Administration: Departmental Directors:
President, Neal C. Wilson. Church Ministries, Carlyle Bayne.
General Vice-Presidents, Robert J. Kloosterhuis, Communication, Jack Mahon.
Kenneth J. Mittleider, Enoch Oliveira, Calvin B. Education, P. Bahimba.
Rock. Health and Temperance, Gaspar F. Colon.
Secretary, G. Ralph Thompson. Ministerial, Walton S. Whaley.
Undersecretary, Fred G. Thomas. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, J. B. A. Kio.
Associate Secretaries, Maurice T. Battle, Robert L. Publishing, Dale L. Thomas.
Dale, Leo S. Ranzolin, Don A. Roth, Meade C.
Van Putten, Charles D. Watson, Samuel C. S. Services Director:
Young. Trust Services, J. J. Nortey.
Treasurer, Donald F. Gilbert. Union Presidents:
Undertreasurer, William L. Murrill. Central African, Roland L. Joachim.
Associate Treasurers, Karl H. Bahr, George H. Indian Ocean, Siegfried G. Mayr.
Crumley, Frank L. Jones, Robert E. Osborn, Nigerian, C. 0. Adeogun.
Donald E. Robinson. Rwanda, R. G. Peck.
Past President of the General Conference, Robert Sahel, Daniel Cordas.
H. Pierson. West African, P. K. Asareh.
General Field Secretaries, Rosa T. Banks, Matthew Zaire, Nyembo Mwema.
A. Bediako, Charles D. Brooks, Joseph Espinosa,
George W. Reid, Ralph S. Watts Jr. Eastern Africa
Director of Adventist Personnel Service, George R. Administration:
Ramsey. President, Bekele Heye.
Director of Archives and Statistics, F. Donald Yost. Secretary, Ralph P. Bailey.
Departmental Directors and Associates: Treasurer, Ronald A. Lindsey.
Church Ministries, George E. Knowles; Associates, Field Secretaries, D. W. B. Chalale, H. Dumba,
Malcolm J. Allen, Maurice T. Bascom, Gilbert J. Clifford G. Patterson.
Bertochini, Charles L. Brooks, Donald E. Crane, Departmental Directors:
Mrs. Karen Flowers, Ronald M. Flowers, Robert Church Ministries, Solomon Wolde-Endreas.
B. Grady, Noelene Johnsson, Israel Leito, J. Lynn Communication, Z. F. Ayonga.
Martell, Samuel F. Monnier, Monte C. Sahlin, Education, T. H. Nkungula.
Paul G. Smith, Michael H. Stevenson, Ted F. Health and Temperance, Saleem Farag.
Wick. Ministerial, Baraka Muganda.
Communication, Shirley Burton; Associates, Tulio Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Z. F. Ayonga.
R. Haylock, Owen A. Troy. Publishing, L. Masuku.
Education, George H. Akers; Associates, Victor S. Services Directors:
Griffiths, Marion L. Hartlein, Gordon Madgwick, International Health Food Association, Ronald A.
Gilbert L. Plubell, Humberto M. Rasi, Agripino C. Lindsey.
Segovia. Trust Services, Ronald A. Lindsey.
Health and Temperance, G. Gordon Hadley;
Associates, Elvin E. Adams, Eldon E. Carman, Union Presidents:
Thomas R. Neslund, Raymond L. Pelton, Stoy E. East African, J. N. Kyale.
Proctor, Elizabeth Sterndale, Mrs. Iris Hayden Ethiopian, Bekele Biri.
Stober, Gary B. Swanson, Albert S. Whiting, De- South-East Africa, F. A. Botomani.
Witt S. Williams. Tanzania, Robert W. Taylor.
Ministerial Association, Floyd Bresee; Associates, Uganda, Jack B. Bohannon.
Carlos E. Aeschlimann, J. David Newman, Wil- Zambesi, R. R. Ndhlovu.
liam C. Scales Jr., Arturo E. Schmidt, J. Robert Zambia, L. D. Raelly.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Bert B. Beach;
Associates, Gordon 0. Engen, Roland R. Heg- Administration:
stad, Neville 0. Matthews, Gary M. Ross, Mitch- President, Edwin Ludescher.
ell A. Tyner. Secretary, Georges Steveny.
Publishing, Ronald E. Appenzeller; Associates, Treasurer, Erich Amelung.
Rudi H. Henning, Richard L. McKee, Robert S. Field Secretaries, Dumitru Popa, Lothar Reiche,
Smith. Oldrich Sladek.
Services Directors and Associates: Departmental Directors:
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Clarence E. Church Ministries, Ulrich Frikart.
Bracebridge. Communication, John Graz.
International Health Food Association, Eric C. Fehl- Education, Pietro Copiz.
berg. Health and Temperance, Herbert Stoeger.
Office of Human Relations, Rosa T. Banks. Ministerial, Johannes Mager.
Trust Services, G. Tom Carter; Associates, David E. Publishing, Waldemar Quedzuweit.
Johnston, Alan W. White. Religious Liberty, Gianfranco Rossi.
Services Director:
International Health Food Association, Erich Ame-
Union Presidents:
Africa-Indian Ocean
Angola, Balanca de Freitas.
Administration: Czechoslovakian, Oldrich Sladek.
President, J. J. Nortey. Franco-Belgian, Maurice Zehnacker.
Secretary, Ted N. C. Wilson. German Democratic Republic, Lothar Reiche.

Mozambique, Bernardino Mabote. Communication, Owen A. Troy.

Romanian, Dumitru Popa. Education (K-12), Gilbert L. Plubell.
South German, Harald Knott. Education (Board of Higher Education), Gordon
Swiss, Johann Niedermaier. Madgwick.
West German, Erwin Kilian. Health and Temperance, Stoy E. Proctor.
Ministerial, William C. Scales Jr.
Far Eastern Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Gordon 0.
Administration: Engen.
President, Ottis C. Edwards. Publishing, Robert S. Smith.
Secretary, Tong C. Kim. Services Directors:
Treasurer, Ian E. Grice. North American Multilingual Ministries, Joseph
Field Secretary, Larry R. Colburn. Espinosa.
Departmental Directors: Office of Human Relations, Rosa T. Banks.
Church Ministries, Charles J. Griffin. Union Presidents:
Communication, G. Ray James. Atlantic, Philip S. Follett.
Education, Shozo Tabuchi. Canadian, SDA Church in, J. W. Wilson.
Health, Kathleen Kuntaraf. Columbia, Ron M. Wisbey.
Ministerial, Violeto F. Bocala. Lake, Robert H. Carter.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, G. Ray James. Mid-America, Joel 0. Tompkins.
Publishing, Russell C. Thomas. North Pacific, Bruce Johnston.
Services Director: Pacific, Thomas J. Mostert Jr.
International Health Food Association, Masao Uru- Southern, Alfred C. McClure.
ma. Southwestern, Cyril Miller.
Trust Services, Bernardo U. Donato.
South American
Union Presidents:
Bangladesh, Robert G. Manners. Administration:
Burma, Thein Shwe. President, Joao Wolff.
Central Philippine, Hector V. Gayares. Secretary, Mario Veloso.
East Indonesia, Alex Rantung. Treasurer, Ruy H. Nagel.
Japan, Yukio Yokomizo. Field Secretaries, Enrique Becerra, Floriano X. dos
Korean, Lyu Hyung Hwan. Santos.
North Philippine, Efinito M. Macalintal. Departmental Directors:
South China Island, Eugene Hsu. Church Ministries, Henrique Berg.
South Philippine, Paterno M. Diaz. Communication, Assad Bechara.
Southeast Asia, George C. Johnson. Education, Nevil Gorski.
West Indonesia, Bahasa Soemarna. Health and Temperance, Edwin I. Mayer.
Ministerial, Jose Amasias Justiniano.
Inter-American Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Floriano X. dos
Administration: Santos.
President, George W. Brown. Publishing, Nelci N. Viegas.
Secretary, Jose H. Figueroa Jr. Services Director:
Treasurer, Ramon H. Maury. International Health Food Association, Paulo
Field Secretary, C. Dionisio Christian. Stabenow.
Departmental Directors: Union Presidents:
Church Ministries, Sergio Moctezuma. Austral, Ruben Pereyra.
Communication, Leslie V. McMillan. Central Brazil, Darci M. Borba.
Education, L. Herbert Fletcher. Chile, Eliel Almonte.
Health and Temperance, Naomi Modeste. East Brazil, Jose Orlando Correia.
Ministerial, Salim Japas. Inca, Harold() Moran.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Lamartine J. North Brazil, Wandyr Mendes de Oliveira.
Honore. South Brazil, Rodolpho Gorski.
Publishing, Ricardo A. Rodriguez.
Services Directors: South Pacific
International Health Food Association, Sidney J. Administration:
Cole. President, Walter R. L. Scragg.
Trust Services, Leslie V. McMillan. Secretary, A. H. Tolhurst.
Union Presidents: Treasurer, W. T. Andrews.
Antillian, Cami B. Cruz. Field Secretary, A. J. Ferch.
Caribbean, Eric John Murray. Departmental Directors:
Central American, Aristides Gonzalez. Church Ministries, A. E. Birch.
Colombia-Venezuela, Luis Florez. Communication, R. L. Coombe.
Cuba, Juan Guerrero Lopez. Education, G. F. Clifford.
Franco-Haitian, Napoleon Grunder. Health and Temperance, H. J. Stanton.
North Mexican, Donato Ramirez Herrera. Health Food, E. W. Grosser.
South Mexican, Agustin Galicia. Ministerial, A. D. C. Currie.
West Indies, Silburn M. Reid. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, R. L. Coombe.
Publishing, J. T. Knopper.
North American Services Director:
Administration: Trust Services, J. L. Lansdown.
President, Charles E. Bradford. Union Presidents:
Secretary, Robert L. Dale. Central Pacific, C. M. Winch.
Treasurer, George H. Crumley. Papua New Guinea, A. A. Godfrey.
Field Secretaries, Rosa T. Banks, Joseph Espinosa. Trans-Australian, D. B. Hills.
Departmental Directors: Trans-Tasman, H. G. Harker.
Church Ministries, J. Lynn Martell. Western Pacific, J. R. Lee.


Division Advisory Council: Adventist Development and Relief Agency Interna-
Chairman, Gerald J. Christo. tional: Ralph S. Watts Jr., President/Executive
Secretary, Robin D. Riches. Director.
Treasurer, Johnson Koilpillai.
Adventist-Laymen's Services and Industries: W. C.
Departmental Advisors: Arnold, Executive Secretary.
Church Ministries, Lowell C. Cooper.
Adventist Review: William G. Johnsson, Editor; Roy
Communication, D. S. Poddar.
Adams, Myron K. Widmer, Associate Editors.
Education, John M. Fowler.
Health and Temperance, Ronald N. Baird. Adventist World Radio-Asia: Allen R. Steele, Direc-
Ministerial, Ronald N. Baird. tor.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, M. E. Cherian. Andrews University: W. Richard Lesher, President.
Publishing, Thomas K. Joseph.
Ayer, Hoy y Manana: Jorge Grieve, Director.
Union Presidents:
Central India, K. J. Moses. Biblical Research Institute: George W. Reid,
Director; Frank B. Holbrook, Herbert Kiesler, Wil-
Northeast India, Jon I. Khonghat.
Northern, Saudagar Chand. liam H. Shea, Associate Directors.
South India, John Willmott. Breath of Life: Charles D. Brooks, Speaker.
Christian Record Services, Incorporated: Vernon L.
Trans-European Bretsch, President.
Administration: Faith for Today: Daniel G. Matthews, Director.
President, Jan Paulsen.
Secretary, Karel C. van Oossanen. Gencon Risk Management Services: Stanton H. Par-
Treasurer, John Muderspach. ker, Executive Director.
field Secretaries, James M. Huzzey, Heikki J. Luuk- General Conference Personnel Administration:
ko. James H. Harris, Director.
Departmental Directors: Geoscience Research Institute: Ariel A. Roth, Direc-
Church Ministries, Donald Lowe. tor.
Communication, Rajmund Dabrowski. Home Study International: George P. Babcock,
Education and Temperance, Orville Woolford. President.
Ministerial, M. A. Finley.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Rajmund Dab- It Is Written: George E. Vandeman, Speaker.
rowski. La Voz de la Esperanza: Milton Peverini, Speaker.
Publishing, Kaj Pedersen.
Loma Linda Foods, Inc: Alejo Pizarro, President.
Services Director:
International Health Food Association, John Loma Linda University: Norman J. Woods, Presi-
Muderspach. dent.

Union Presidents: Oakwood College: Benjamin Reaves, President.

British, W. John Arthur. Pacific Press Publishing Association: Eugene M.
Finland, E. Olavi Rouhe. Stiles, President.
Hungarian, Jeno Szigeti.
Netherlands, G. W. Mandemaker. Philanthropic Service for Institutions: Milton J. Mur-
Pakistan, Derek C. Beardsell. ray, Director.
Polish, Wladyslaw Polok.
Swedish, Bertil Utterback. Review and Herald Publishing Association: John F.
West Nordic, Rolf H. Kvinge. Wilkens, President.
Yugoslavian, Jovan Lorencin. Seventh-day Adventist Radio, Television and Film
Center: B. E. Jacobs, President.
Voice of Prophecy: H. M. S. Richards Jr., Speaker.
White Estate, Ellen G.: Robert W. Olson, Secretary;
Unions Attached to General Conference Paul A. Gordon, Undersecretary; Roger W. Coon,
Middle East Union Mission: George E. Rice, Juan Carlos Viera, Associate Secre-
Svein B. Johansen, President. taries.

South African Union Conference:

James T. Bradfield, President.
Southern Union Mission:
N. F. Aina, Warren S. Banfield, Gordon Birchell,
V. S. Wakaba, President.
Lowell L. Bock, J. William Bothe, Robert R. Bretsch,
R. Ernesto Castillo, Walter Chin, Donald R. Christ-
man, Winston T. Clark, Paul Clerc, Wallace 0.
(Because of conditions, no reports have been re- Coe, Harold Collum, Ethel Connor, Robert Coy, H.
ceived from China pertaining to administration and Carl Currie, Melvin Djkowich, Kenneth H. Emmer-
organization.) son, Ignacio Faz, Charles 0. Frederick, Erwin R.
Gane, James A. Greene, Kenneth Hammond, Mer-
The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the vyn G. Hardinge, Lloyd N. Henry, Charles B.
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Hirsch, S. J. Jackson, Warren L. Johns, Harold
Kono, Lee Larson, Harold L. Lee, Alf Lohne, E.
Elected Representatives: Long, Merle L. Mills, U. Mohanlingum, Raymond
Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic, M. P. Morris, Llewellyn Mullings, Clement A. Murray,
Kulakov. Mutuku J. Mutinga, Soo Jong Oh, Gary B. Patter-
Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, N. A. Zhuka- son, Arthur J. Patzer, Louis A. Ramirez, Howard F.
luk. Rampton, Ernest H. J. Steed, Charles R. Taylor,

David B. Thomas, Joan Tonge, Rui Viera, Donald Edward C. Wines, Philip Winsted, Kenneth H.
W. Welch, Francis W. Wernick, Roy F. Williams, Wood, Robert L. Woodfork, Terry Zull.

The Departments of the General Conference named below were organized on the dates
mentioned, although some were actually doing work as departments prior to such organization.


Organized 1985 University Station, Berrien Springs, Michigan
Home and Family Service 1975 49104. Telephone: (616) 471-3400.
Lay Activities 1913; Sabbath School 1902 General Manager, Michael Wiist.
Stewardship 1967; Youth 1907 WDNX FM:
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W., Rural Life Foundation, Harbert Hills Academy,
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722- Rt. 2, Box 212, Savannah, Tennessee 38372. Tele-
6140. phone: (901) 925-9236.
General Manager, Albert Nielsen.
Director, George E. Knowles.
7600 Flower Avenue, Takoma Park, Maryland
Associate Directors, Malcolm J. Allen, Maurice T.
20912. Telephone: (301) 891-4200.
Bascom, Gilbert J. Bertochini, Charles L. Brooks,
General Manager, Don Wheeler.
Donald E. Crane, Mrs. Karen Flowers, Ronald M.
Flowers, Robert B. Grady, Noelene Johnsson WOCG FM:
(NAD), Israel Leito, J. Lynn Martell (NAD), Oakwood College, Huntsville, Alabama 35896.
Samuel F. Monnier, Monte C. Sahlin (NAD), Paul Telephone: (205) 830-4330.
G. Smith, Michael H. Stevenson, Ted F. Wick General Manager, Hallerin H. Hill.
Assistant Directors, Mrs. Lyndelle Chiomenti, Southern College, P.O. Box 870, Collegedale,
James Joiner, Norman Middag (NAD), Laurell Tennessee 37315. Telephone: (615) 238-2464.
Peterson. General Manager, Douglas Walter.
Senior Editor, Erwin R. Gane.
Editors, Graham Bingham, Janet Kangas. Adventist World Radio
Board of Directors (1985-1990):
COMMUNICATION Neal C. Wilson, Chairman; Tulio R. Haylock, Sec-
Established 1972 retary; Donald E. Robinson, Treasurer; Bert B.
Public Relations 1912; Radio-Television 1950 Beach, Olov Blomquist, Charles E. Bradford, Floyd
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W., Bresee, George W. Brown, Shirley Burton, Gerald
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722- J. Christo, Ottis C. Edwards, Donald F. Gilbert,
6100. Bekele Heye, B. E. Jacobs, Robert J. Kloosterhuis,
Edwin Ludescher, J. J. Nortey, Jan Paulsen, Calvin
Administration: B. Rock, Don A. Roth, Walter R. L. Scragg, G. Ralph
Director, Shirley Burton. Thompson, Don A. Wheeler, Joao Wolff.
Associate Directors, Tulio R. Haylock, Owen A.
Troy (NAD). Affiliated Entities:
Assistant Director, David Brillhart. AWR-Africa, Cidex 03 C 84, Abidjan, Riviera 1, Cote
d'Ivoire, West Africa.
Adventist Radio Network Manager, Daniel Grisier.
Board of Directors: Shirley Burton, Chairman; Steve AWR-Asia, P.O. Box 7500, Agat, Guam 96928.
Vistaunet, Secretary. Telex Number: 721-6548 (Ans. KSDA GM).
Manager, Allen R. Steele.
AWR-Europe, Casella Postale 383, 47100 Forli, Italy.
President, Steve Vistaunet.
Manager, Gregory Hodgson.
Treasurer, Kevin Krueger.
AWR-Latin America, P.O. Box 1177, 4050 Alajuela,
Managing Director, Paula Webber.
Costa Rica.
General Counsel, Don Martin.
Manager, Dave Gregory.
Affiliated Stations:
Broadcast Center, Angwin, California 94508.
Telephone: (707) 965-7141. Organized 1902
General Manager, Steve Vistaunet. Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
KGTS FM: Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
Walla Walla College, College Place, Washington 6400; North America: K-12, (202) 722-6420; Board of
99324. Telephone: (509) 527-2991. Higher Education, (202) 722-6423.
General Manager, Kevin Krueger (acting). Administration:
KKR FM: Director, George H. Akers.
Southwestern Adventist College, Keene, Texas Associate Directors, Victor S. Griffiths, Marion L.
76059. Telephone: (817) 641-8811. Hartlein (NAD), Gordon Madgwick (NAD), Gil-
General Manager, Robert R. Mendenhall. bert L. Plubell (NAD), Humberto M. Rasi, Agripi-
KSGN FM: no C. Segovia.
11498 Pierce Street, Riverside, California 92505. S.D.A. International Board of Education:
Telephone: (714) 687-5746. Calvin B. Rock, Chairman; Enoch Oliveira, Vice-
General Manager, Lee McIntyre. Chairman; George H. Akers, Secretary; Agripino
VOAR AM: C. Segovia, Assistant Secretary; William L. Murrill,
106 Freshwater Road, St. John's, Newfound- Treasurer; Associate Directors of the General Con-
land, Canada. Telephone: (709) 579-2104. ference Department of Education; Division Presi-
General Manager, Lawrence Burns. dents or their designates; Division Directors of

Education; Associate Director of the General Con- ecutive secretaries of the societies that have been
ference Department of Health and Temperance accepted into the membership of the International
(Nursing). Health and Temperance Association.
Other Members: Maurice T. Battle, Floyd Bresee,
Gerhard F. Hasel, W. Richard Lesher, George W.
Honorary President, Neal C. Wilson.
Reid, Steven W. Thompson, Mario Veloso, Nor-
President, Wallace 0. Coe.
man J. Woods.
Vice-President, G. Gordon Hadley.
Ex Officio Members: General Conference Presi-
Executive Secretary, Thomas R. Neslund.
dent, Secretary, Treasurer.
Associate Secretary, DeWitt S. Williams.
Board of Regents: Treasurer, Edward E. Baber.
George H. Akers, Chairman; Victor S. Griffiths,
Secretary; Associate Directors of the General Con- Executive Council:
ference Department of Education; Division Direc- Neal C. Wilson, Honorary President; Wallace 0.
tors of Education; and the following elected mem- Coe, Chairman; G. Gordon Hadley, Vice-
Chairman; Thomas R. Neslund, Executive Secretar-
bers: Maurice T. Battle, Arthur 0. Coetzee, Wil-
liam L. Murrill, Calvin B. Rock, Angel Rodriguez. y; Edward E. Baber, Treasurer; Elvin E. Adams,
Ex Officio Members: General Conference Presi- Frank L. Jones, Raymond L. Pelton, Stoy E. Proctor,
dent, Secretary, Treasurer. Francis A. Soper, Ernest H. J. Steed, Michael H.
Stevenson, Mrs. Iris Hayden Stober, Gary B. Swan-
son, Fred G. Thomas, DeWitt S. Williams.
Reorganized 1980 Narcotics Education, Inc.
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W., Board of Trustees:
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722- Chairman, Charles E. Bradford; Vice-Chairmen,
6700. Wallace 0. Coe, Robert L. Dale.
Administration: President, G. Gordon Hadley.
Director, G. Gordon Hadley. Vice-President for International Affairs, Thomas R.
Associate Directors, Elvin E. Adams, Eldon E. Car- Neslund.
man, Thomas R. Neslund, Raymond L. Pelton, Vice-President for North America, Stoy E. Proctor.
Stoy E. Proctor (NAD), Elizabeth Sterndale Treasurer, George H. Crumley.
(NAD), Mrs. Iris Hayden Stober, Gary B. Swan- Executive Director and Secretary, DeWitt S. Wil-
son, Albert S. Whiting, DeWitt S. Williams. liams.
Assistant Directors, Galen Bosley, Mrs. Barbara Marketing Director, Leilani Proctor.
Wetherell. Other Members: Elvin E. Adams, George P. Bab-
Consultants, Richard Hart, Patricia Mutch, Clar- cock, Richard E. Barron, Winton H. Beaven, Victor
ence Omans. H. Cooper, Bruce Johnston, J. Lynn Martell, Patri-
cia Mutch, Gary B. Patterson, Robert S. Smith,
Adventist Health Network Francis A. Soper, Ernest H. J. Steed, Frederick R.
Stephan, Gary B. Swanson, Charles D. Watson,
Board of Directors: Albert S. Whiting.
Charles E. Bradford, Chairman; Wallace 0. Coe,
G. Gordon Hadley, Vice-Chairmen; Stoy E. Proc-
tor, Executive Director; Maurice T. Bascom, MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION
George H. Crumley, Frederick R. Stephan, Eli- Organized 1922
zabeth Sterndale, Owen A. Troy, Albert S. Whiting,
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
Robert L. Woodfork.
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
American Health and Temperance Society 6500.
Organized 1826; reorganized 1982 Administration:
Headquarters: 6830 Laurel Street, N.W., Washing- Secretary, Floyd Bresee.
ton, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-6736. Associate Secretaries, Carlos E. Aeschlimann, J.
David Newman, William C. Scales Jr. (NAD),
Board of Governors: Arturo E. Schmidt, J. Robert Spangler.
The members of the North American Division Ex- Assistant Secretaries, Rex D. Edwards, David C.
ecutive Committee. Jaynes, Kenneth R. Wade.
President, Charles E. Bradford.
Vice-Presidents, Wallace 0. Coe, G. Gordon Had-
Executive Director, Stoy E. Proctor. Organized 1902
Secretary-Treasurer, Elizabeth Sterndale. Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
Executive Committee: Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
Charles E. Bradford, Chairman; Wallace 0. Coe, 6681.
G. Gordon Hadley, Vice-Chairmen; Stoy E. Proc- New York—United Nations Office: 777 United Na-
tor, Executive Director; Elizabeth Sterndale, tions Plaza, New York, New York 10017. Tele-
Secretary-Treasurer; George H. Crumley, Robert phone: (212) 687-6488.
L. Dale, Gary B. Patterson, Frederick R. Stephan,
Owen A. Troy, Albert S. Whiting, Ted F. Wick, Administration:
Robert L. Woodfork. Director, Bert B. Beach.
Associate Directors, Gordon 0. Engen (NAD), Ro-
International Health and Temperance Association land R. Hegstad, Neville 0. Matthews, Gary M.
Organized 1946; reorganized 1982 Ross, Mitchell A. Tyner.
Headquarters: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722- International Religious Liberty
6700. Association
Incorporated 1946
Board of Governors:
The members of the Executive Committee of the Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
General Conference, and the presidents and ex- Washington, D.C. 20012.

Board of Directors: J. Steed, G. Ralph Thompson, Neal C. Wilson.

President, Carl Mau.
Vice-Presidents, Warren L. Johns, Denton Lotz, PUBLISHING
Robert Maddox, Robert W. Nixon. Organized 1902 •
Secretary-General, Bert B.. Beach.
Associate Secretaries, Neville 0. Matthews, Gary Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
M. Ross. Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
Treasurer, Donald E. Robinson. 6480.
Legal Counsel, Mitchell A. Tyner. Administration:
Other Members: Carl Brusewitz, D. D. Devnich, Director, Ronald E. Appenzeller.
Roland R. Hegstad, Victor Keanie, Zachariasz Lyko, Associate Directors, Rudi H. Henning, Richard L.
Gianfranco Rossi, Floriano X. dos Santos, Ernest H. McKee, Robert S. Smith (NAD).

Services, Corporations and Other

(Includes National Service Organization) RELIEF AGENCY INTERNATIONAL
Established 1985 (ADRA)
(Includes SAWS and OFASA)
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722- Incorporated 1956; reorganized 1983
6469. Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
Director, ACM and NSO, Clarence E. Bracebridge.
Board of Directors:
Servicemen's Centers Kenneth J. Mittleider, Chairman; Donald F. Gil-
bert, First Vice-Chairman; Calvin B. Rock, Second
S.D.A. Servicemen's Center (Germany): Johann Vice-Chairman; Ralph S. Watts Jr., Secretary; R. I.
Klotz Strasse 13, 6 Frankfurt/Main (Niederrad), Gainer, Mario Ochoa, Assistant Secretaries;
Federal Republic of Germany. Telephone: (Frank- George H. Akers, Erich Amelung, W. T. Andrews,
furt 0611) 67-38-87. W. C. Arnold, Ralph P. Bailey, Maurice T. Battle,
Director: Glenn I. Bowen. Bert B. Beach, Charles E. Bradford, George W.
S.D.A. Servicemen's Center (Japan): 846 Kamikawai- Brown, Gerald J. Christo, May Chung, Robert Coy,
cho, Asahi-ku, Yokohama 241, Japan. Telephone: Robert L. Dale, Ottis C. Edwards, Jose H. Figueroa
045-921-1121. Jr., Ian E. Grice, Cyril Hardy, Bekele Heye, John
Director, Harold Flynt. Howard, B. E. Jacobs, William G. Johnsson, Tong
C. Kim, George E. Knowles, Johnson Koilpillai,
S.D.A. Servicemen's Center (Korea): Chung Ryang, Ronald A. Lindsey, Edwin Ludescher, Ramon H.
P.O. Box 110 (all international mail), 66 Hoe-gi- Maury, John Muderspach, Milton J. Murray, Wil-
dong, Dongdaemun-ku, Seoul 131, Korea. Tele- liam L. Murrill, Ruy Nagel, J. J. Nortey, P. N.
phones: 964-6124 and 966-0073. Onwere, Jan Paulsen, Raymond L. Pelton, Robin D.
Director: Charles L. White. Riches, Walter R. L. Scragg, Georges Steveny, Fred
S.D.A. Servicemen's Center (Okinawa): 1035 Ada- G. Thomas, G. Ralph Thompson, A. H. Tolhurst,
niya, Kitanakagusuku-son, Okinawa 901-23, Japan. Karel C. van Oossanen, Mario Veloso, Donald W.
Director, Mark Duarte. Welch, Albert S. Whiting, John F. Wilkens, Neal C.
Wilson, Ted N. C. Wilson, Joao Wolff, Norman J.
ACM Chapters Woods.
Campus: Administration:
Spokesperson, James Herman (SC). President/Executive Director, Ralph S. Watts Jr.
Executive Vice-President, Mario H. Ochoa.
Health Care (SDAHCA): Vice-President for Finance, R. I. Gainer.
President, Martin W. Feldbush.
Programs Division:
President Elect, Glenn A. Sackett.
Executive Vice-President, Mario H. Ochoa.
Secretary-Treasurer, Harvey Kibble. Director of Commodity-Supported Project De-
Public Relations, Harry Krueger.
velopment, William H. Jenson.
Military (NSO): Director of Community Development, Ken D.
President, CDR Harold H. Eslinger, CHC, USN. Flemmer.
Secretary, CH (MAJ) Gary R. Councell, USA. Director of Evaluation, Gordon Buhler.
Treasurer, CH (MAJ) James W. Coleman, USAF. Director of Human Resources Development,
Public Relations, CH (CPT) Donald E. Troyer, USA. Douglas F. Havens.
Director of Institutional Development, Haroldo J.
U.S. Veterans Administration Chaplains:
Alva R. Appel, Norman Goodwin, Robert L. Mole, Seidl.
Director of Planning, David Taylor; Assistant, Shar-
John K. Umeda.
on Tobing.
Civilian Chaplains: Senior Hearth Consultant, P. William Dysinger.
USA: Harry Garlick, Lester Rilea.
Public Relations Division:
Overseas: Glenn I. Bowen, Mark Duarte, Harold
Director of Public Relations and Corporate De-
Flynt, Charles L. White.
velopment, Ray Tetz.
Correctional Institution Chaplain: Assistant Director of Fund Raising, Derris Krause.
Walter L. Horton. News and Information Coordinator, Evert
Volunteer Chaplaincies: McDowell.
Civil Air Patrol, Health Care, Police, Prison. Production Manager, Alberto Venezuela.

Finance and Resource Management Division: Associate Editors, Roy Adams, Myron K. Widmer.
Vice-President for Finance, R. I. Gainer. Assistant Editors, Eugene F. Durand, Carlos G.
Controller, Elwin David. Medley, Kit B. Watts.
Director of Material Resources, W. Lee Grady; Editorial Board:
Assistant, Rudolfo Monsalve. Neal C. Wilson, Chairman; Robert J. Kloosterhuis,
Material Resources Center (East): 6620 Amberton Vice-Chairman; William G. Johnsson, Secretary;
Drive, Route 1, Elkridge, Maryland 21227. Tele- Ronald E. Appenzeller, Warren S. Banfield, Charles
phone: (301) 621-2202. E. Bradford, Wallace 0. Coe, Donald F. Gilbert,
Material Resources Center (West): 310 Harvest Thomas E. Kapusta, James Londis, Mrs. Edna Maye
Drive, Watsonville, California 95077. Telephone: Loveless, Mrs. Nancy Marter, Kenneth J. Mittleid-
(408) 724-7090. er, Mrs. Judith Nembhard, Robert W. Nixon,
Plant Manager, Kenneth Larsen. Enoch Oliveira, Robert W. Olson, Harold F. Otis
Jr., George W. Reid, Calvin B. Rock, G. Ralph
Thompson, Myron K. Widmer, Ron M. Wisbey,
Advisory Council:
(See listing in North American Health-Care Corpora- William G. Johnsson, Chairman; Members of the
tions at the end of the North American Division.) Editorial Board, Presidents of the World Divisions,
NAD Union Presidents, Richard Wayne Coffen,
ADVENTIST HISTORIC PROPERTIES, INC. Eugene F. Durand, Jocelyn R. Fay, James L. Fly,
William A. Iles, W. Richard Lesher, Gordon Madg-
Established 1987
wick, Henry C. Martin, R. D. Marx, Carlos G. Med-
Office Address: 165 North Washington Avenue, Bat- ley, Kermit L. Netteburg, Humberto M. Rasi,
tle Creek, Michigan 49016. Telephone: (616) 964- Meade C. Van Putten, Kit B. Watts, Kenneth H.
4083. Wood, Norman J. Woods, F. Donald Yost, Tom
Board of Trustees: Zapara.
Robert L. Dale, Chairman; Lawrence E. Crandall,
President/CEO; Paul A. Gordon, First Vice-
President; James R. Nix, Second Vice-President;
Garth H. Stoltz, Third Vice-President; C. Mervyn
Maxwell, Secretary; Herbert W. Pritchard, Established 1920; reorganized 1982
Treasurer; LaRue L. Cook, Assistant Treasurer. Cable Address: "ESDA," Washington, D.C.
Telegraphic Address: "WUX, ESDA," Washington,
AND INDUSTRIES (ASI) Office Mailing Address: 6930 Carroll Avenue, Tako-
A Seventh-day Adventist Laymen's Association ma Park, Maryland 20912. Telephones: (202) 722-
Organized 1947; reorganized 1951 6300 and 722-6280.
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W., Delivery Address: 7112 Willow Avenue, Takoma
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722- Park, Maryland 20912.
6391. Washington Headquarters:
Administration: Director, John M. Stephenson.
President, Henry C. Martin. Assistant Director, Wayne M. Calbi.
Executive Secretary and Treasurer, W. C. Arnold. Assistant to Director (CDS), William A. Longard.
General Vice-President, Ray Hamblin.
Vice-Presidents, Ed Martin, Russ Potter, Warren
Executive Committee: Reorganized 1977
Henry C. Martin, Chairman; W. C. Arnold, Execu- Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
tive Secretary and Treasurer; Ralph Ahnberg, Wil- Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
liam Bower, Charles E. Bradford, James Brock, 6435.
Robert H. Carter, George H. Crumley, Jim Cun- Administration:
nington, Robert L. Dale, Wayne Dull, Malcolm Director, David D. Dennis.
Gordon, Ray Hamblin, Steve Hamilton, Ed Martin, Associate Directors, 0. Richard Caldwell, H.
George Mitchell, Russ Potter, Duane Tucker, War- Robert Gadd, Eric A. Korff, Wayne Vail.
ren Wilson, Don Yohe, Tom Zapara. Assistant Director, E. Irene Coon.
General Conference Advisory Members: Staff Auditor, E. Todd Mekelburg.
Frank L. Jones, I. Lynn Martel, Elizabeth Sterndale. Assistant Staff Auditor, Gary Witz.
ASI Missions, Inc. Board:
Tom Zapara, Chairman; W. C. Arnold, Secretary; Field Offices
Charles E. Bradford, May Chung, George H. Crum-
East Coast Area: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
ley, Robert L. Dale, Dottie Davidson, Wayne Dull,
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
Harold Lance, Ron Lightbourne, Edwin Martin,
Henry Martin, Ellsworth McKee, Denzil McNeilus,
Area Director, Daniel E. Herzel.
Mary Paulson, Ray Roberts, Lewis Walton, Hugo
Atlantic District: P.O. Box 1042, South Lancaster,
Wegmuller, Philip Winsted.
Massachusetts 01561. Telephone: (617) 368-8333.
District Director, ; Staff Auditor, Peter
ADVENTIST REVIEW Lee; Assistant Staff Auditors, Mark Hyder,
Established 1850 Douglas D. Reeves.
Canadian District: 1148 King Street East, Oshawa,
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
Ontario, Canada L1H 1H8.
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
Staff Auditor, Tamara L. Sittlinger; Assistant
Staff Auditors, Mavis Northam, Bernard Sit-
Facsimile Number: (202) 722-6354. tlinger.
Editorial Staff: Columbia District: P.O. Box 732, Columbia, Mary-
Editor, William G. Johnsson. land 21045. Telephone: (301) 596-0800.

District Director, Robert F. Cooke; Staff Au- H. Crumley, Robert L. Dale, William G. Johnsson,
ditors, Radhames A. Lizardo, Betty McGraw, Herbert Kiesler, Robert J. Kloosterhuis, Kenneth ).
Ellen C. Nixon, J. Brian Paradis, David Mittleider, Enoch Oliveira, Robert W. Olson,
Wheeler; Assistant Staff Auditor, Julie Donald E. Robinson, Calvin B. Rock, William H.
Schultz. Shea, G. Ralph Thompson.
Lake District: P.O. Box 96, Berrien Springs, Michi- Biblical Research Institute Committee:
gan 49103. Telephone: (616) 473-4541. George W. Reid, Chairman; Frank B. Holbrook,
District Director, F. Norman Pottle; Staff Au- Secretary; Neils-Erik Andreasen, Samuele Bac-
ditor, Robyn M. Kajiura; Assistant Staff Au- chiocchi, D. D. Baldwin, Bert B. Beach, Ivan T.
ditors, Phyllis Fisher, Walter P. Marquez, Blazen, Charles E. Bradford, Floyd Bresee, Raoul F.
Sharyl Rowe. Dederen, Jon Dybdahl, Elly H. Economou, A. J.
Central Area: P.O. Box 1177, Burleson, Texas 76028. Ferch, John M. Fowler, Erwin R. Gane, Donald F.
Telephone: (817) 295-0476. Gilbert, Madelynn J. Haldeman, Gerhard F. Hasel,
Area Director, Philip (Bo) R. Just. William G. Johnsson, Herbert Kiesler, Miroslav Kis,
Mid-America District: P.O. Box 6464, Lincoln, Neb- Robert J. Kloosterhuis, Sakae Kubo, W. Richard
raska 68506. Telephone: (402) 486-2550. Lesher, Bertram Melbourne, Kenneth J. Mittleider,
District Director, James Caskey; Assistant Staff Beatrice Neall, Enoch Oliveira, Robert W. Olson,
Auditors, Nancy F. Forrester, Richard Lang. Jan Paulsen (or designee), Jack Provonsha, George
Southern District: P.O. Box 432, Decatur, Georgia E. Rice, Calvin B. Rock, Ariel A. Roth, William H.
30031. Telephone: (404) 299-1832. Shea, Rob Sheppard, J. Robert Spangler, Ronald
District Director, Michael W. Harwell; Staff Au- Springett, G. Ralph Thompson, Warren Trenchard,
ditors, Jeffrey J. Chilson, Stephen A. Wilson; Mario Veloso, Kenneth L. Vine, Mervyn Warren,
Assistant Staff Auditors, Dennis Bryan, Ralph S. Watts Jr., Neal C. Wilson, Richard Winn,
Eugene Korff. Kenneth H. Wood, James H. Zachary, Jean Zur-
Southwest District: P.O. Box 1177, Burleson, Texas cher.
76028. Telephone: (817) 295-0476. Biblical Research Institute Science Council:
District Director, Gregory A. Wicklund; Assis- Ariel A. Roth, Chairman; Herbert Kiesler, Secretar-
tant Staff Auditors, Jay Burghart, Roy Cortez, y; William M. Allen, Knut A. Andersson, Lowell L.
Kevin Costello. Bock, Leonard R. Brand, Robert H. Brown, H. Paul
West Coast Area: P.O. Box 607, Loma Linda, Califor- Buchheim, Ronald Carter, Arthur V. Chadwick,
nia 92354. Telephone: (714) 796-8415. Harold G. Coffin, Lanny H. Fisk, Dwain L. Ford, L.
Area Director, Thomas P. Miller. James Gibson, Jerry Gladson, Gerhard F. Hasel,
Loma Linda District: (use mailing address of West Frank B. Holbrook, Ivan G. Holmes, W. William
Coast). Hughes III, William Mundy, Gilbert Muth, Stephen
District Director, Raymond A. Wagner; Staff Au- A. Nyirady, Enoch Oliveira, Robert W. Olson,
ditor, Paul H. Douglas; Assistant Staff Au- Anthony Paul, George W. Reid, William H. Shea,
ditors, Waldemar Faimann III, Verlon Strauss, David Show, John F. Stout, Richard D. Tkachuck,
Bruce Toews. Kenneth L. Vine, Clyde L. Webster, Francis W.
North Pacific District: P.O. Box 16677, Portland, Wernick, Dennis W. Woodland.
Oregon 97216. Telephone:. (503) 255-7300.
District Director, Richard L. Salsbery; Staff Au-
ditors, Arlind Hackett, James E. Trude, Mark
E. Worley; Assistant Staff Auditor, Randall (See listing under Publishing Houses)
Pacific District: P.O. Box 5005, Westlake Village, EASTERN ASIA COMMITTEE
California 91359. Telephone: (805) 497-9457. Organized 1976
District Director, John Bohner; Staff Auditors,
Main Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
Alberta Brown, Gilbert Gurusamy, L. Cecil
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
Hazzard; Assistant Staff Auditors, Carla Bass,
Douglas Loop.
Eastern Asia Committee:
South Africa Area: P.O. Box 22, Somerset West 7130,
Calvin B. Rock, Chairman; Samuel C. S. Young,
Cape, South Africa.
Secretary; Donald F. Gilbert, Treasurer; George H.
Area Director, Coenraad J. Haupt; Assistant
Akers, Bert B. Beach, Winston T. Clark, C. Joan
Staff Auditor, Robert C. McLeod.
Coggin, H. Carl Currie, Ottis C. Edwards, David
Central District: P.O. Box 749, Heidelberg 2400,
Fang, Mrs. Sylvia Giang, Mrs. Irene Gilbert, Ian E.
Transvaal, South Africa.
G rice, G. Gordon Hadley, Tulio R. Haylock, David
District Director, Terrence de Villiers.
B. Hinshaw, Tong C. Kim, William L. Murrill,
North Eastern District: P.O. Box 46061, Orange
Robert W. Nixon, Donald E. Robinson, Don A.
Grove 2119, Transvaal, South Africa.
Roth, Michael H. Stevenson, G. Ralph Thompson,
District Director, John P. Wilmot; Assistant Staff
Ralph S. Watts Jr., John F. Wilkens, Neal C. Wilson.
Auditor, Jasper Nzimkulu Skosana.
Hong Kong Office Address: Eastern Asia Administra-
tive Committee, 1A, Level 2, Greenview Court,
Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong. Telephones: 0-
Organized 1956; reorganized 1975 4944233 and 0-4944234.
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W., Telex Number: 71666 HKTEL HX; before message:
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722- ZCV104120320.
Eastern Asia Administrative Committee:
Administration: H. Carl Currie, Chairman; Chiloe L. H. Fan, Secre-
Director, George W. Reid. tary; Eugene Hsu, John Hsuen, Rudolf E. Klimes,
Associate Directors, Frank B. Holbrook, Herbert Byron L. Schueneman, Robert C. K. Wong, Wong
Kiesler, William H. Shea. Yat Chung, Frank Yeung, Thomas Yu.
Biblical Research Institute Administrative Commit- ex Officio Members: Donald F. Gilbert, Calvin B.
tee: Rock, Samuel C. S. Young.
Neal C. Wilson, Chairman; George W. Reid, Vice- Administration:
Chairman; Frank B. Holbrook, Secretary; Charles Executive Director, H. Carl Currie.
E. Bradford, Floyd Bresee, Wallace 0. Coe, George Secretary and Accountant, Chiloe L. H. Fan.

Treasurer, Donald F. Gilbert. Employee Benefit Services:

Radio Program Director, Robert C. K. Wong; Assis- Associate Director, Kenneth N. Torske.
tant Radio Program Directors, Paul Luo, Wong Self-Insurance Services:
Yew Seng. Statistician, Kevin M. Davidson.
Radio Production Director, Billy J. Y. Liu. Claim Services:
Language School Coordinator, John Ash III. Associate Claims Specialist, Serita Jones.


Incorporated 1904 Associate Executive Director, Richard E. Green.
Constituency: General Conference delegates. Administrative Assistants, Arvid L. Jacobson, K.
Victoria Singh.
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W., Accounting Services:
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722- Director of Accounting, Janet A. Pharo.
6000. Senior Accountant, Jonah Kumalae.
Board of Trustees: Data Processing Services:
Neal C. Wilson, Chairman; Donald E. Robinson, Director of Data Processing, K. Victoria Singh;
Secretary; Charles E. Bradford, Walter E. Carson, Assistant, Todd E. Danforth.
G. Tom Carter, George H. Crumley, Robert L. Dale,
Donald F. Gilbert, Warren L. Johns, Frank L. Jones, NAD Operations
William L. Murrill, Enoch Oliveira, Robert E. Administration:
Osborn, Fred G. Thomas, G. Ralph Thompson. Associate Executive Dirctor, Melvin A. Skad-
Administration: sheim.
President, Neal C. Wilson. Administrative Assistant, Leon N. Spears.
First Vice-President, Enoch Oliveira. Field Services:
Second Vice-President, Donald F. Gilbert. Director, Robert L. Sweezey.
Third Vice-President, Charles E. Bradford. Loss Control Services:
Secretary, Donald E. Robinson. Director, Elery W. Albertson.
Assistant Secretaries, G. Tom Carter, Frank L. Underwriting Services:
Jones. Director, Patricia A. Adams.
Treasurer, Donald F. Gilbert. Assistant Director, J. Thomas Kutta.
Assistant Treasurers, William L. Murrill, Robert E. Associate Underwriting Specialist, Janice R.
Osborn. Banks.
Takoma Park Branch Office: 6930 Carroll Avenue,
GENERAL CONFERENCE Takoma Park, Maryland 20912. Telephone: (202)
RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES 722-6800; Claims (800) 638-0589. Telex: 89-8419
Organized 1936 (Ans. IICTPMD TAPK); Telecopier: (301) 270-2643.
Home Office Manager, John P. Trimarchi.
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W., Appraisal Services:
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722- Associate Director, Donald E. Robinson.
6800; Claims: (800) 638-0589. Telex: 89-8419 (Ans. Appraiser, Kevin J. Lipscomb.
IICTPMD TAPK); Telecopier: (301) 270-2643. Field Services:
Administration: Risk Management Specialist, Joyce E. Brown.
Executive Director, Stanton H. Parker. Loss Control Services:
Board of Management: Loss Control Specialist, Charles E. Davis.
Donald F. Gilbert, Chairman; Charles E. Brad- Underwriting Services:
ford, Vice-Chairman; George H. Crumley, Associate Director, Phyllis N. Morgan.
Robert A. Earp, Harry R. House Jr., Frank L. Underwriting Specialist, Edel P. Longard.
Jones, Gordon Madgwick, Erwin Mallernee, Atlanta Field Office: 3978 Memorial Drive, Decatur,
William L. Murrill, Stanton H. Parker, Georgia 30032. Telephone: (404) 299-1832. Telex:
Raymond L. Pelton, Donald J. Russell, V. 54-2821 (Ans. SDA SU DECR); Telecopier: (404) 299-
Wayne Taylor. 9726.
Executive Committee: Administration:
Donald F. Gilbert, Chairman; Stanton H. Parker, Manager, Robert L. Sweezey.
Vice-Chairman; Richard E. Green, Rodman Loss Control Specialist, William E. Craig.
Grismore, Donald G. Jones, Melvin A. Skad- Associate Risk Management Specialist, Rhonda
sheim, John P. Trimarchi. L. Harper.
Claims Services:
Director of Claims, Jerrold E. Fritz; Associate, C. Berrien Springs Field Office: 8903 S. U.S. 31/33, Box
Leroy Rickard. C, Berrien Springs, Michigan 49103. Telephone:
Claims Representatives, Stephen G. Stymiest, (616) 473-2008. Telex: 67-6437 (Ans. LUCONFSDA
Larry Holland; Associate, Mary Cross. BRNP); Telecopier: (616) 473-4541.
Communication Services: Administration:
Director, Mark D. Driskill. Manager, J. Stephen Wilham.
Graphic Arts Designer, Irving P. Heller.
Ft. Worth Field Office: 777 S. Burleson Boulevard,
Legal Services: Burleson, Texas 76028. Telephone: (817) 295-0476;
Legal Counsel, Mark K. Brooks, J. Victor Elliott.
Telecopier: (817) 447-2443.
Director of Compliance, Patricia A. Jenkins.
Personnel Services: Administration:
Director, Ruth E. Parish. Manager, Clyde E. Evans.
Oshawa Field Office: 1148 King Street, East, Osha-
Employee Benefit and Self-Insurance Operations wa, Ontario, Canada MI 1H8. Telephone: (416)
Administration: 428-0837; Telecopier: (416) 723-1903.
Assistant Executive Director, Donald G. Jones. Administration:
Assistant Director, Lori T. Yingling. Manager, James ). Jacobs.

South Lancaster Field Office: 400 Main Street, South Treasurer, K. Victoria Singh; Assistant, Richard
Lancaster, Massachusetts 01561-1189. Telephone: A. Schmid.
(508) 368-8333; Telecopier: (508) 368-7948. Executive Committee:
Administration: Stanton H. Parker, Chairman; Melvin A. Skad-
Manager, M. Keith Ruybalid. sheim.
Riverside Branch Office: 11291 Pierce Street, River- The International Insurance Company
side, California 92515. Telephone: (714) 354-7110. of Takoma Park, Maryland
Telecopier: (714) 785-5110. Employee Benefits:
Incorporated 1936
(800) 255-9090 (California only).
Administration: Board of Directors:
Manager, Richard A. Schmid. Donald F. Gilbert, Chairman; Charles E. Brad-
Accounting Services: ford, Vice-Chairman; George H. Crumley,
Accountant, Maureen Perry. Robert A. Earp, Harry R. House Jr., Frank L.
Appraisal Services: Jones, Gordon Madgwick, Erwin Mallernee,
Appraiser, Jack W. Wetmore. William L. Murrill, Stanton H. Parker,
Claims Services: Raymond L. Pelton, Donald J. Russell, V.
Claims Representatives, Deanna M. Gaskill, De- Wayne Taylor.
nnis T. !mai. Officers:
Employee Benefit Services: President, Stanton H. Parker.
Associate Director, Janet I. Horn. Vice-Presidents, Richard E. Green, Melvin A.
Field Services: Skadsheim.
Associate Director, William J. Durham. Assistant Vice-President, Rodman Grismore.
Risk Management Specialist, Arthur F. Blind; Secretary, John P. Trimarchi; Assistant, William
Associate, Len A. Hagen. J. Durham.
Loss Control Services: Treasurer, Richard E. Green; Assistant, Richard
Director, Fiery W. Albertson. A. Schmid.
Loss Control Specialist, John J. Dougan. Executive Committee:
Personnel Services: Donald F. Gilbert, Chairman; Stanton H. Parker,
Associate Personnel Specialist, Joni G. West. Vice-Chairman; Richard E. Green, Rodman
Underwriting Services: Grismore, Donald G. Jones, Melvin A. Skad-
Associate Director, Beverly M. Lammers. sheim.
Portland Field Office: 10225 East Burnside Street, Gencon Agency, Inc.
Portland, Oregon 97216. Telephone: (503) 255-
Incorporated 1969
Administration: A wholly-owned proprietary corporation of the
Manager, Gordon C. Woerner. General Conference Corporation of Seventh-day
Adventists. Any income derived from the business
International Operations activities of Gencon Agency, Inc. is taxable and not
International Operations Office: 6930 Carroll Ave- intended to be exempt under the General Confer-
nue, Takoma Park, Maryland 20912. Telephone: ence group filing with the United States Internal
(202) 722-6916; Claims (202) 722-6901. Telex: 89- Revenue Service.
8419 (Ans. IICTPMD TAPK); Telecopier: (301) 270- Board of Directors:
3643. Donald F. Gilbert, Chairman; Stanton H. Parker,
Administration: Vice-Chairman; Richard E. Green, Harry R.
Assistant Executive Director, Rodman Grismor- House Jr., Richard A. Schmid, Melvin A. Skad-
e; Assistant, Guy L. Flynt. sheim.
Claim Services: Officers:
Associate Claim Specialist, Esther ). Harter. President, Stanton H. Parker.
Field Services: Vice-Presidents, Richard E. Green, Melvin A.
Assistant Risk Management Specialist, Hector Skadsheim.
Mastrapa. Assistant Vice-President, Donald G. Jones.
Secretary, John P. Trimarchi; Assistants, William
London Branch Office: 119 St. Peters Street, St. J. Durham, J. Thomas Kutta.
Albans, Herts. AL1 3EY, England. Telephone: 1-44- Treasurer, Richard E. Green; Assistant, Richard
727-65773. Telex: 851-27975 (Ans. GENCON G); A. Schmid.
Telecopier: 011-44-727-66312. Executive Committee:
Administration: Donald F. Gilbert, Chairman; Stanton H. Parker,
Manager, Tony Leigh; Assistant, Llew Meredith. Vice-Chairman; Richard E. Green, Rodman
Singapore Field Office: 800 Thomson Road, Singa- Grismore, Donald G. Jones, Melvin A. Skad-
pore 1129, Republic of Singapore. Telephone: 253- sheim.
2806. Telex: 786-21997 (Ans. FEDEX-RS21997); Tele-
copier: 011-65-253-4009. Gencon Self-Insurance Services
Administration: Organized 1985
Manager, Joseph S. Laughlin Jr. Board of Directors:
Donald F. Gilbert, Chairman; Stanton H. Parker,
Gencon Insurance Service, Inc.
Vice-Chairman; Richard E. Green, Harry R.
Incorporated 1958 House Jr., Donald G. Jones, Melvin A. Skad-
Board of Directors: sheim.
Stanton H. Parker, Chairman; Melvin A. Skad- Officers:
sheim, Vice-Chairman; Patricia A. Jenkins, President, Stanton H. Parker.
Phyllis N. Morgan, Richard A. Schmid, K. Vic- Vice-Presidents, Richard E. Green, Melvin A.
toria Singh. Skadsheim.
Officers: Assistant Vice-President, Donald G. Jones.
President, Stanton H. Parker. Secretary, John P. Trimarchi; Assistant, William
Vice-President, Melvin A. Skadsheim. J. Durham.
Secretary, Patricia A. Jenkins; Assistant, William Treasurer, Richard E. Green; Assistant, Richard
J. Durham. A. Schmid.

Executive Committee: Administration:

Donald F. Gilbert, Chairman; Stanton H. Parker, Director, Eric C. Fehlberg.
Vice-Chairman; Richard E. Green, Rodman
Grismore, Donald G. Jones, Melvin A. Skad- NORTH AMERICAN CONFERENCE
Gencon Insurance Company of Vermont
Incorporated 1913
Incorporated 1987
Constituency: General Conference delegates from
Board of Directors:
the United States and Canada.
Donald F. Gilbert, Chairman; Richard E. Green,
Harry R. House Jr., Stanton H. Parker, Melvin Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
A. Skadsheim, Roger D. Teese. Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
Officers: 6000.
President, Stanton H. Parker. Board of Trustees:
Vice-President and Secretary, Melvin A. Skad- Neal C. Wilson, Chairman; Donald E. Robinson,
sheim. Secretary; Charles E. Bradford, George H. Crum-
Vice-President and Treasurer, Richard E. Green. ley, Donald F. Gilbert, Fred G. Thomas, G. Ralph
Secretary, John P. Trimarchi; Assistant, Roger Thompson.
D. Teese. Administration:
Executive Committee: President, Neal C. Wilson.
Donald F. Gilbert, Chairman; Stanton H. Parker, Secretary, Donald E. Robinson.
Vice-Chairman; Richard E. Green, Rodman Treasurer, Donald F. Gilbert.
Grismore, Melvin A. Skadsheim.


Organized 1958 Established 1936; reorganized 1975

Office Address: Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, Headquarters Office: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
California 92350. Telephone: (714) 824-4548. Suite 629, North Building, Washington, D.C. 20012.
Telephone: (202) 722-6320.
Board of Management:
Lowell L. Bock, Chairman; Calvin B. Rock, Vice- West Coast Office: 1100 Rancho Conejo Boulevard,
Chairman; Ariel A. Roth, Secretary• George H. Ak- Newbury Park, California 91320. Telephone: (805)
ers, H. J. Bergman, Charles E. Bradford, Leonard R. 373-7728.
Brand, Dwain L. Ford, Donald F. Gilbert, W. Administration:
Richard Lesher, Alfred C. McClure, Bill Mundy, Chief Counsel, Warren L. Johns.
William L. Murrill, George W. Reid, N. Clifford Chief Trial Counsel, Walter E. Carson.
Sorensen, J. Robert Spangler, Barry L. Taylor, G. Associate Counsel, Robert W. Nixon.
Ralph Thompson, Neal C. Wilson, Norman J. Associate Counsel, Thomas E. Wetmore.
Woods. Of Counsel, Glenn E. Culpepper (East Coast).
Personnel: Of Counsel, Vernon L. Alger (Great Lakes).
Ariel A. Roth, Director; Robert H. Brown, Kather- Of Counsel, Douglas F. Welebir (West Coast).
ine Ching, Benjamin L. Clausen, Harold G. Coffin,
L. James Gibson, Clyde L. Webster. OFFICE OF HUMAN RELATIONS
Organized 1978
HARRIS FOUNDATION Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
Established 1963 Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 16677, Portland, OR
97216. Administration:
Director, Rosa T. Banks.
Office Address: 10225 East Burnside Street, Port-
land, Oregon 97216. Advisory Committee:
Board of Trustees: Rosa T. Banks, Chairman; Robert L. Dale, Vice-
Charles E. Bradford, Donald F. Gilbert, Warren L. Chairman; , Secretary; Alan Anderson Jr.,
Johns, William L. Murrill, C. J. Nagele, Robert E. George T. Atiga, Delbert W. Baker, Harold W. Bap-
Osborn, Fred G. Thomas, G. Ralph Thompson, tiste, Roy Branson, Earl A. Canson, J. Wayne Coul-
Neal C. Wilson. ter, Joseph Espinosa, Mrs. Karen Flowers, Ronald
D. Graybill, Serena Gui, Patricia A. Habada, Martha
Administration: Havens, Claire Hosten, Hedwig Jemison, Thesba
President, Donald F. Gilbert. Johnston, Alvin M. Kibble, Dennis Y. Lee, Ralph
Secretary-Treasurer, William L. Murrill. Peay, Juan R. Prestol, Clayton R. Pritchett, Gary M.
Assistant Secretary, Fred G. Thomas. Ross, E. Wayne Shepperd, Reger C. Smith,
Frederick R. Stephan, George Timpson, Arnold
INFORMATION SYSTEMS SERVICES Trujillo, Stuart W. Tyner, Meade C. Van Putten,
Established 1981 Robert G. Wilson, Ron M. Wisbey, F. Donald Yost.
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722- OFFICE SERVICES
6128. Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
Administration: Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
Director, George R. Ramsey. 6286.
Associate Directors, David Byrkit, Lowell Witz. Administration:
Assistant Director, Buddy Ward. Director, John M. Stephenson.


Established 1967 Established 1973
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W., Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722- Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
6674. 6131.

Administration: U.S.-bound shipments should have "GCTRIPS/

Director, Milton J. Murray. West, 1739 Sabre Street, Hayward, California
Assistant Director for Education, LuAnn Wolfe. 94545, Telephone (415) 782-5600" as first
Assistant Director for Health, David Colwell. notify party on bills of lading.
All mail, bills of lading, and shipping notices
PLANT SERVICES should be sent to 1739 Sabre Street, Hayward,
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W., California 94545.
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722- Other Agents: Unless otherwise designated, the
6531. treasurers of divisions outside of North America,
Administration: and of union conferences within North America,
Director, Melvin Seard. are transportation agents for their respective terri-
tories. Within each division the union treasurers
SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST RADIO usually serve as assistant transportation agents. For
TELEVISION AND FILM CENTER details see the division listings in this Yearbook.
(See listing under Media Centers in the Institutional Organized 1968
Section.) Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
TRANSPORTATION AND Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
Established 1923 Director, G. Tom Carter.
Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W., Associate Directors, David E. Johnston, Alan W.
Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722- White.
Administration: WHITE ESTATE, ELLEN G.
Associate General Conference Treasurer and INCORPORATED
Director of Transportation Service, Established 1915
Assistant Director and Office Manager, W. Dean (An organization formed in harmony with the trust
Rogers. Residence Telephone: (301) 384-3298. created in the will of the late Ellen G. White, to act as
General Conference Transportation and Internation- her agent in the custody of her writings and in the
al Personnel Service (G.C. TRIPS/EAST): 6620 rnom
s.rion of their continued publication in all
Amberton Drive, Elkridge, Maryland 21227-6274. lands.)
Telephones: (301) 796-8484 and (800) 638-3882. Office Address: 6840 Eastern Avenue, N.W.,
Manager, Marvin J. Robinson. Residence Tele- Washington, D.C. 20012. Telephone: (202) 722-
phone: (301) 684-3343. 6540.
Assistant Manager, P. T. Reyes. Residence Tele- Board of Trustees:
phone: (301) 431-0763. Kenneth H. Wood, Chairman; Robert W. Olson,
Cable Address: "Adventist Baltimoremary- Secretary; Ronald E. Appenzeller, Charles E. Brad-
land." ford, D. Arthur Delafield, W. Duncan Eva, Paul A.
Telex Numbers: 908252 W.U. Domestic and In- Gordon, William G. Johnsson, Enoch Oliveira,
ternational; 4422031 (Ans. SDATRNS) ITT In- George W. Reid, J. Robert Spangler, Francis W.
ternational; Easylink 62511180 (Ans. Wernick, Arthur L. White, Neal C. Wilson, Jean
SDATRNS). Zurcher.
Consign all freight shipments clearly marked as Administration:
follows: (Name of owner or consignee), do President, Kenneth H. Wood.
General Conference Transportation Service, Vice-President, Francis W. Wernick.
6620 Amberton Drive, Baltimore, Maryland Secretary, Robert W. Olson.
21227-6274. For: (Name of owner or consig- Treasurer, Donald F. Gilbert.
nee, and final destination overseas). Undersecretary, Paul A. Gordon; Associate Secre-
All mail, bills of lading, and shipping notices taries, Roger W. Coon, George E. Rice, Juan Car-
should be sent to 6620 Amberton Drive, los Viera.
Elkridge, Maryland 21227-6274. Director, Andrews University Branch, William A.
Transportation and International Personnel Service Fagal.
(G.C. TRIPS/WEST): 1739 Sabre Street, Hayward, Director, Loma Linda Branch, James R. Nix.
California 94545. Telephones: (415) 782-5600 or Director, EGW-SDA Research Center, Europe, Pier-
(800) 777-3696. re Winandy.
Manager, Donald F. Lonnstrom. Residence Director, EGW-SDA Research Center, Far East,
Telephone: (415) 581-2058. Ruel Almocera.
Assistant Manager, Jack Krall. Residence Tele- Director, EGW-SDA Research Center, Inter-
phone: (415) 889-9358. America, Francisco Flores Chable.
Cable Address: "Adventist," San Francisco. Director, EGW-SDA Research Center, South Africa,
E-Mail Number: A11111TRIPSW. I. J. van Zyl.
Facsimile Number: 415-782-9392. Director, EGW-SDA Research Center, South Amer-
Telex Number: 34-490 (Ans. "Adventist" SF0); ica, Victor Casali; Director, EGW-SDA Research
153277420 (Ans. "A11111TRIPSW"). Center, Brazil, Alberto Ronald Timm.
Consign all freight shipments clearly marked as Director, EGW-SDA Research Center, South Paci-
follows: (Name of owner or consignee), do fic, Eleanor Scale.
GC TRIPS/West, 1739 Sabre Street, Hayward, Director, EGW-SDA Research Center, Southern
California 94545. Asia, Lloyd A. Willis.

Persons Holding Credentials From

The General Conference
General Conference Arnold, Raymond R. Baker Jr., Maurice T. Bascom,
Ordained Ministers: Maurice T. Battle, Bert B. Beach, Matthew A. Bedi-
Roy Adams, Carlos E. Aeschlimann, George H. Ak- ako, Gilbert J. Bertochini, Graham Bingham, Barry
ers, Malcolm J. Allen, Ronald E. Appenzeller, W. C. Black, Edwin E. Bowen, Clarence E. Bracebridge.

Charles E. Bradford, Floyd Bresee, Ricky D. Brock, Charles D. Martin, G. M. Mathews, 0. 0. Matti-
Charles D. Brooks, Charles L. Brooks, William B. son, J. Wayne McFarland, A. C. McKee, Samuel D.
Broome III, George W. Brown, Russell Burrill, G. Meyers, Merle L. Mills, V. M. Montalban, C. E.
Tom Carter, Wing Kin Cheng, Gerald J. Christo, Moseley Jr., F. A. Mote, R. G. Mote, C. J. Nagele, G.
Winston T. Clark, James C. Clifford, James W. Col- R. Nash, M. S. Nigri, R. L. Odom, Kenneth Oster,
eman, Roger W. Coon, Gary R. Councell, Donald W. L. Pascoe, Arthur J. Patzer, E. W. Pedersen,
E. Crane, George H. Crumley, H. Carl Currie, Perry F. Pedersen, Elbio Pereyra, Robert H. Pier-
Robert L. Dale, Robert R. Davidson, David D. De- son, C. L. Powers, W. B. Quigley, Louis A. Ramirez,
nnis, Guy W. Drab, Eugene F. Durand, Ottis C. Howard F. Rampton, Rudolf M. Reinhard, Robert L.
Edwards, Rex D. Edwards, James A. Ellison, Gordon Reynolds, V. W. Schoen, B. E. Seton, H. D. Single-
0. Engen, Harold E. Eslinger, Joseph Espinosa, ton, Francis A. Soper, W. M. Starks, Ernest H. J.
Thomas G. Evans, William Fagal, Ronald M. Flow- Steed, Lloyd C. Strickland, E. W. Tarr, Charles R.
ers, Dale S. Forrester, R. I. Gainer, Erwin R. Gane, Taylor, I. M. Vacquer, Leo R. Van Dolson, R. S.
Luis F. Garcia, Donald F. Gilbert, David W. Girar- Watts Sr., F. C. Webster, C. C. Weis, Francis W.
din, Norman Goodwin, Paul A. Gordon, Robert B. Wernick, A. L. White, Kingdon W. Whitney, Bruce
Grady, W. Lee Grady, Victor S. Griffiths, Arlind E. M. Wickwire, Roger A. Wilcox, C. A. Williams, Roy
Hackett, Tiffany J. Hardy, James H. Harris, Tull() R. F. Williams, Charles M. Willis, Richard W. Wilmot,
Haylock, Roland R. Hegstad, Rudi H. Henning, Kenneth H. Wood, Robert L. Woodfork, A. G. Zyt-
Randon N. Hesgard, Bekele Heye, Frank E. High- koskee.
tower, Frank B. Holbrook, Edwin J. Homey, Walter Credentialed Commissioned Ministers:
L. Horton, David C. James, William H. Jenson, Wil- Elvin Adams, Karl H. Bahr, John Bohner, David Bril-
liam G. Johnsson, David E. Johnston, James L. Join- lhart, Shirley Burton, 0. Richard Caldwell, Lyndel-
er, Frank L. Jones, Gerald H. Jones, R. Jonathan le Chiomenti, Robert F. Cooke, P. William Dysin-
Kegley, Herman Kibble, Herbert Kiesler, Robert J. ger, Eric C. Fehlburg, Mrs. Karen M. Flowers, H.
Kloosterhuis, George E. Knowles, Eric A. Korff, Robert Gadd, Richard E. Green, G. Gordon Hadley,
Alvin L. Kurtz, Israel Leito, Garry W. Losey, Edwin Marion L. Hartlein, Michael W. Harwell, Daniel E.
Ludescher, Hou Kang Paul Luo, J. Lynn Martell, Herzel, Warren L. Johns, Philip R. Just, Emilio
Neville 0. Matthews, Temple G. Matthews III, Knechtle, Rosalie Lee, Gordon Madgwick, Thomas
Jonathan A. McGraw, Richard L. McKee, Jose E. P. Miller, Milton J. Murray, Robert W. Nixon, Mario
McLaughlin, Norman Middag, Kenneth J. Mittleid- Ochoa, Stanton Parker, Laurel! M. Peterson, Gary
er, Robert L. Mole, Samuel F. Monnier, William L. M. Ross, William Shea, Charles T. Smith Jr., Allen
Murrill, Manoug Nazi rian, Thomas R. Neslund, J. R. Steele, Elizabeth Sterndale, Iris Hayden Stober,
David Newman, Jacob J. Nortey, Enoch Oliveira, Gary Swanson, Wayne Vail, Barbara Wetherell,
Robert W. Olson, Ruben A. Ortiz, Robert E. Albert Whiting.
Osborn, Harold F. Otis Jr., Gary B. Patterson, Jan Honorary: Helen Craig, Betty Holbrook, Alice
Paulsen, Raymond L. Pelton, Donald R. Pierson, Lowe, Wyman Wager.
Gilbert L. Plubell, Stoy E. Proctor, Leo S. Ranzolin, Credentialed Missionaries:
Humberto M. Rasi, George W. Reid, Donald G. JoAnn I. Abe ta, Esther Adels, Elery W. Albertson,
Reynolds, George E. Rice, Lowell D. Rideout, Mrs. Grace Alexander, Janice L. Althoff, Josephine
Robert D. Roberts, Donald E. Robinson, Calvin B. Anderson, Frederick Antor, Mrs. Clarice Antor,
Rock, Don A. Roth, Larry A. Roth, Monte C. Sahlin, Harold Baasch, Edward Baber, Loleta Thomas
William C. Scales, David M. Scheider, Arturo E. Bailey, Mrs. Lois Baker, Emilio Balay Sr., Mrs. Lois
Schmidt, Walter R. L. Scragg, Agripino C. Segovia, Bellis, Mrs. Bette M. Bertochini, Clelia Bertolo,
Haroldo J. Seidl, Arthur M. Slagle, Larry S. Smed- Mrs. Marie Blevins, Arthur F. Blinci, Elias Bocche-
ley, Paul G. Smith, Robert S. Smith, Thomas R. ciamp, Suwarnalata Borge, Mrs. Hazel Bowen,
Smith, J. Robert Spangler, Richard 0. Stenbakken, Mrs. Ethel Bradford, Ellen Bresee, Mrs. Anna Bretz,
John M. Stephenson, Michael H. Stevenson, Ben Marjorie Brewer, Mrs. Beverly Teixeira Broadbent,
0. Sumicad, David C. Taylor, Raymond D. Tetz, Gerard Brooks, Mrs. Betty Brooks, Alberta J.
Fred G. Thomas, G. Ralph Thompson, Steven M. Brown, H. Sheldon Brown, Mrs. Joyce Brown,
Torgerson, Owen A. Troy, Donald E. Troyer, Timothy A. Bucklew, Mrs. Sylvia Budd, Gordon
Mitchell A. Tyner, John K. Umeda, Joel L. Under- Buhler, Cynthia Burrill, Carole Butler, Mrs. F.
wood, Meade C. Van Putten, Juan C. Viera, Ken- Juanita Byrd, Mrs. Jeanette Calbi, Wayne Calbi,
neth R. Wade, Ronald K. Walker, Charles D. Wat- Robert Calhoun, Mrs. Marjorie Camp, Jerry Caraig,
son, Ralph S. Watts Jr., Alan White, Ted F. Wick, Eldon E. Carman, Nedelia Carpenter, Patricia Carr,
Myron K. Widmer, John F. Wilkens, DeWitt S. Wil- Walter Carson, Karnal S. Charles, Mrs. Sarojini
liams, Meretle H. Wilson, Neal C. Wilson, Joao Chedalawada, Chia Chi Chen, Mrs. Christine
Wolff, Chao Kien Wong, E. David Yates, Chi Kin Chen, Katherine Ching, Mrs. Muriel Christiansen,
Yip, F. Donald Yost, Samuel C. S. Young. Mrs. Gerda Christie, Mrs. Clara Chung, Genevieve
Honorary: W. Melvin Adams, James J. Aitken, L. Clark, Wayne D. Clark, Mrs. Phyllis Clendaniel,
Alva Appel, Bender L. Archbold, H. Marvyn Bald- Mrs. Nancy Coble, Harold G. Coffin, Mrs. Norma
win, Warren S. Banfield, Walter R. Beach, Reinhold Collins, Mrs. Susan Comeau, Mrs. Sally Cooley,
R. Bietz, Lowell L. Bock, J. William Bothe, Robert H. Mrs. Irene Coon, William E. Craig, Mrs. Jennifer
Brown, Walton J. Brown, Lance L. Butler, Raymond Crane, Lila Crickmer, Mrs. Dolores Crouch, Mrs.
B. Caldwell, Maynard V. Campbell, James E. Ruth Crumley, Mrs. Barbara Dale, Edwin Daniel,
Chase, Donald R. Christman, Wallace 0. Coe, Vic- Elwin David, Verda L. Davies, Charles Davis, Mrs.
tor H. Cooper, A. 0. Dart, N. R. Dower, E. W. Linda deLeon, Mrs. Charlotte Dennis, Mrs. Sylvia
Dunbar, N. W. Dunn, J. E. Edwards, P. H. Eldridge, Dennis, Mary L. DeVries, John J. Dougan, Mrs.
Kenneth H. Emmerson, A. A. Esteb, W. Duncan Ruth G. Dunbebin, William J. Durham, Gloria J.
Eva, W. W. Fordham, Clyde 0. Franz, A. Edwin Eaker, Elisa Elias, Mrs. Lillian Elliott, Victor Elliott,
Gibb, C. E. Guenther, Willis J. Hackett, Richard Mrs. Blossom Engen, Rosemary L. Entz, Mrs. Kazu-
Hammill, John H. Hancock, Fred E. J. Harder, Mer- ko Ervin, Clyde Evans, Ernestine Finley, Mrs. Doris
vyn G. Hardinge, C. D. Henri, W. A. Higgins, Fiol, Yvonne Fletcher, Mrs. June Franklin, Vernon
Charles B. Hirsch, Delmer W. Holbrook, W. A. Franklin, C. 0. Frederick, Mrs. Eldine Frederick,
Howe, Eric W. Howse, D. W. Hunter, M. H. Jensen, Carl F. Friday, Lynn Friday, Jerrold E. Fritz, Lourdes
H. D. Johnson, Werber Johnson, Martin E. Kem- Funes, Mrs. Ruth Gainer, Mrs. Deanna Gaskill,
merer, John E. Keplinger, B. J. Kohler, J. C. Kozel, Richard Geraci, L. James Gibson, Mrs. Irene Gil-
Canis H. Lauda, C. M. Laue, M. E. Lind, Kenneth H. bert, Mrs. Shari Gonyea, Rodman Grismore, Gil-
Livesay, M. E. Loewen, Alf Lohne, H. W. Lowe, bert Gurusamy, Bert B. Haloviak, Mrs. Mary Halo-

viak, Coenraad J. Haupt, Douglas Havens, Mrs. Licensed Ministers:

Raquel Haylock, Irving Heller, Mrs. Nancy Heller, Honorary: C. E. Randolph.
Mrs. Edith Henning, Jean Hermann, Marta Hilliard, Licensed Commissioned Ministers:
William Hold, Martha Horn, Patricia Horst, Mark Galen C. Bosley.
Hubbard, Christina M. Hudgins, Joseph W. Hutch-
inson, Mark S. Ryder, Mrs. Adele Ice, Diana Irizar- Adventist Health System/Loma Linda
ry, Mrs. Charlotte lshkanian, Arvid Jacobson, Patri- Credentialed Missionaries:
cia Jenkins, Jerry Jennings, Irma Johnson, Noelene Melvin A. Andersen, Kenneth C. Counts, Lloyd H.
Johnsson, Mrs. Ragena Johnston, Donald G. Jones, Fisher, Roland F. John, Dennis E. Park, Lee H.
Michael Katrib, Mrs. Mary Lee Keeler, Dallas Kin- Reynolds.
dopp, Mrs. LaVerne Korff, Jack Krall, Mrs. Elsie
Kuehnert, Jonah Kumalae, J: Thomas Kutta, Mrs. Andrews University
Beverly Lammers, Mrs. Alberta Lane, Mrs. Irene Ordained Ministers:
Larkin, Joseph S. Laughlin, Mrs. Dian Lawrence, Wesley E. Amundson, Samuele Bacchiocchi, John
Lona Lea, Edwin Lee, Mrs. Lenora Leedham, Lud- T. Baldwin, Antonio Bueno, Fernando L. Canale,
mila M. Leito, Chong Seo Lim, Mrs. Joyce Linford, Stephen W. Case, E. Stanley Chace, P. Gerard
Kevin Lipscomb, Radhames Lizardo, Mrs. Edel Lon- Damsteegt, Richard M. Davidson, Raoul F. Dede-
gard, William Longard, Donald F. Lonnstrom, ren, Ernest P. Delaporte, Walter B. T. Douglas,
Martha Lunt, Gay Mack, Mrs. Sylvia Mack, Mrs. Jacques B. Doukhan, Roger Dudley, Atilio R.
Agnes Madden, Mrs. Gloria Mansfield, Walter Dupertuis, E. Wayne Easley, John W. Fowler, A.
Marquez, Mrs. Ana Martinez, Vera Michel de Joseph Greig, Herald A. Habenicht, Gerhard F.
Matos, Mrs. Ellen Mattison, Mrs. Mary Louise Hasel, Newton W. Hoilette, C. Raymond Holmes,
McDowell, Samuel McGinnis, Norma Jean McKel- Warren H. Johns, Robert M. Johnston, Douglas R.
lip, Dwight Medlock, Mrs. Diane Medlock, Mrs. Kilcher, Miroslav Kis, Robert C. Kistler, Hans K.
Clara Meesarapu, Mrs. Barbara Middag, Mrs. Anita LaRondelle, W. Richard Lesher, Rudolf Maier,
Milam, Mrs. Claudia Miller, Bert Milliken, Mrs. Keith E. Mattingly, P. David Merling, Norman K.
Nancy Milliken, Mrs. Barbara Mittleider, Rowena Miles, Warren E. Minder, Roy C. Naden, James R.
Moore, Mrs. Evelyn Morgan, Mrs. Phyllis N. Mor- Nash, Alan Norman, Eduardo A. Ocampo, Gott-
gan, Shirley Moyer, P. Willard Munger, Donald fried Oosterwal, Jonathan K. Paulien, Allan R.
Myers, Donald M. Myers, Mrs. Faye Needham, Payne, Mark B. Regazzi, William E. Richardson,
Ellen Nixon, Julia W. Norcott, W. Francis Norcott, Glenn E. Russell, Philip G. Samaan, Benjamin D.
Mrs. Lygia Oliveira, David J. Olson, Mrs. Rowena Schoun, M. Wesley Shultz, Russell L. Staples, Ken-
Olson, William H. Onuska, Mrs. Patricia Orange, neth A. Strand, Edward A. Streeter, Abraham Te-
Mrs. Evelyn D. Osborn, Mrs. Jean Ott, John E. rian, Kenneth E. Thomas, Steven P. Vitrano, S.
Pack, Pamela Pangborn, Mrs. Peggy Paris, Ruth E. Douglas Waterhouse, Craig Willis, John B. Young-
Parish, Rachel B. Patterson, Catherine L. Payne, berg.
Florence Pelham, Mrs. Virginia Pelton, Mrs. Ruby
Phalen, Mrs. Elizabeth Pierson, Mrs. Kathleen Pin- Credentialed Commissioned Ministers:
Edward E. Wines.
nick, Robert Pinnick, Timothy Poirier, Sheila Pot-
ter, Norman Pottle, Mrs. Leilani Proctor, Sylvia Credentialed Missionaries:
Quattlebaum, Chris Quimby, Esther Ramharack- Alan D. Anderson, Robert L. Baker, Thomas L. Bak-
singh, Felicita Ramos, Julieta Rasi, W. F. Ratzell Jr., er, Thelma P. Baltazar, Merle Bascom, Luanne J.
Bobby Ravenell, Douglas Reeves, Mrs. Jeanette Bauer, Richard B. Bayley, Stanley M. Bell, Kurt M.
Reichenbach, Primitivo T. Reyes, Leroy Rickard, Bender, Richard L. Bender, Starr S. Bender, John
Mrs. Gloria Rickard, Mrs. Dixie Roberts, Marvin J. M. Berecz, Bonnie J. Beres, Regina P. Bernet,
Robinson, Mrs. Arlene Robinson, Mrs. Elaine Daniel R. Bidwell, William Boomsliter, David A.
Robinson, Donald E. Robinson Sr., Linda K. Ro- Borton, Jack Boyson, Dorothy Bradford, William P.
gers, W. Dean Rogers, Ariel A. Roth, Mrs. Doris Bradford, Paul S. Brantley, Coral A. Brenneise, Har-
Roth, Eunice J. Rozema, Beverly J. Rumble, Mrs. vey R. Brenneise, Arthur N. Brown, George M.
Corinne Russ, Mrs. Elsie Russell, M. Keith Ruyba- Bush, Keith G. Calkins, Sandra L. Camp, Lewis R.
lid, Mrs. Ella M. Rydzewski, Richard Salsbery, Har- Carrington, Mildred C. Case, R. William Cash,
per Scheib, Mrs. Catherine Scheib, Jan Schleifer, Arthur C. Chaffee, Selma Chaij, Faye M. Chamber-
Richard A. Schmid, Mrs. Edna M. Schoepflin, Linda lain, Melody Chambers, Gladys S. Chavez, Bennett
Schomburg, J. Mark Schultz, Melvin L. Seard, D. Chilson, Bill Chobotar, Lydia I. Chong, Bruce A.
Christine Seek, Mrs. Elvira Segovia, Joyce Shep- Closser, Neville H. Clouten, Norene M. Clouten,
perd, Carolyn J. Sibley, Mrs. Eleanor Sincavage, Arthur 0. Coetzee, Cynthia P. Coetzee, Gregory J.
Mrs. Victoria Singh, Mrs. Marjorie Sleeman, Mrs. Constantine, Renee L. Copeland, Lenore June
Jean Sloane, Louise Smith, Mrs. Jeanne Smith, Copsey, Charlotte M. Coy, Gerald W. Coy, Win-
Robert M. Sowards, Mrs. Dorothy Spaulding, Leon ston Craig, Carol A. Crider, Karen J. Crooker, Patri-
N. Spears Jr., Dorothy Starr, Andrea Steele, Mrs. cia B. Cruise, Robert J. Cruise, Mary Jane Cunning-
Annette D. Stephens, Mrs. Barbara Straw, Mrs. Ben ton, James E. Curry, Wilma S. Darby, John E. David,
0. Sumicad, Mrs. Suiette Swanson, Mrs. Loraine Richard D. Davidian, William W. Davidson,
Sweetland, Ann Taylor, Mrs. Audre Taylor, Mrs. D. Charles G. Davis, Delmer I. Davis, Margaret L.
Jean Thomas, Stella Thomas, Dorothea Tone, Davis, Thomas P. Davis, Lois A. Dawson, Louise
Esther B. Trigger, John Trimarchi, Lowell I. Tripp, Dederen, Nila Jean Degner, Carol B. Dennis, Paul
Clarence Twombly, Alberto Valenzuela, Yvonne H. Denton, Annette J. Dewind, Judith A. Dowell,
Vanderhorst, Mrs. Daniella Volf, R. A. Wagner, Mrs. Marilyn J. Dry, Elly H. Economou, Reginold
Mrs. Thyra Wahine, Mrs. Camille Walton, Mrs. Eighme, Peter D. Erhard,Mary Fadeley, Robert C.
Jeannie Ward, William F. Ward, Mrs. Angeline Fadeley, David A. Faehner, Frances Faehner,
Waring, Kit B. Watts, Mrs. Dolly Weber, Clyde L. Dwain L. Ford, Lois Forrester, Kenneth L. Franz,
Webster, Meridith Webster, Fay Welter, Jonita Barbara K. Friesen, James R. Frymire, Rowena
West, Eleanor C. Wetherell, Jack Wetmore, Mrs. Futcher, Wilfred G. A. Futcher, Keith R. Gaden,
Mary White, Verna White, Mrs. Naomi Wilmot, Gordon A. Gadway, Marjorie E. Gadway, Richard
Judy Winkle, Mrs. Pauline Winland, Mrs. Dolores R. Gardner, Ruthellen Gardner, Leonard K. Gashu-
Wisbey, Lowell Witz, Mrs. Martha J. Witz, Mark E. gi, G. Larry Gatewood, R. A. George, Elwin Ger-
Worley, Carol Wright, Janice Young. rans, Jean Graham, Norma E. Greenidge, F. Estella
Honorary: Milton J. McCulloch, Alice Smith, Greig, Albin H. Grohar, Bethel Habenicht, Donna
Ella May Stoneburner. J. Habenicht, Zerita J. Hagerman, Charles J. Hall,

Mary E. Hall, James D. Hanson, Samuel T. Harris, pley, Elmer Hauck, Thompson Kay, Tommie Lowe
Hilde Hasel, Theodore R. Hatcher, James L. Hay- Jr., V. Dan Miller, Clifford Paden, Frank Peterson,
ward, Doris Helm, Gerald G. Herdman, Janice L. John Reitor, Chris Risk.
Higgins, Dorothy J. Hill, Kendall E. Hill, Jeannette Credentialed Missionaries:
Hodge, John K. Hopkins, Elwin D. Howell, W. Wil- Walter Armstrong, Tim Arner, Katie Baker, Melvin
liam Hughes III, Eldon Hummel, Shahin liter, C. Baker, Verla Beltz, Roy Berg, James Boddie,
Robert S. Ingram, Thelma G. Jackson, Cheryl Jet- Richard Bramham, Opal Bretsch, Marilyn Brown,
ter, Loretta B. Johns, Glenn E. Johnson, Herman J. Maria A. Butler, Ted Butler, Jesse Caffey, Vernice
Johnson, Ronald L. Johnson, Wilma P. Johnson, Caffey, Wendell Carpenter, Robert A. Chilson,
Thesba N. Johnston, Douglas A. Jones, Harold T. Orlando Coates, Sylvester Collins, Larry Edge-
Jones, Meredith J. Jones, Candace A. Jorgensen, combe, Arvind Engles, Berkeley Freeman, Billy G.
Robert U. Kalua, Richard L. Kaping, Clifton A. Kel- Freeny, Doris Giesen, LaVerne Gifford, Colleen
ler, Dorothy Keller, Floyd Kerbs, F. Sybil Kierstead, Gilbert, Donald Grant, Prudence Grayman, Allen
Robert E. Kingman, Jacqueline L. Kinsman, George Green, Mitchell Gulka, Evelyn Hagelgantz, Wilfred
R. Knight, Ronald A. Knott, Frederick A. Kosinski Hagen, Alex Henriques, Fred G. Herrera, Gerald
Jr., Margaret E. Kroncke, David F. Kuebler, Wolf- Hixson, Scott Holder, Homer B. Holiman, Lloyd L.
gang F. P. Kunze, Oystein S. LaBianca, Bernard M. Horst, James Hotta!, Joyce Jesse, Richard Kaiser,
Lall, Gary G. Land, Harold H. Lang, Arthur LaVal- Minnie Kelly, Doug Kittleson, Immer Kittleson,
lee, A. Melville Lawson, Raymond M. Leadbetter, Richard E. Klinedinst, Fred Knopper, Edwin G.
Frieda Lee, Raymond J. Lenz, Eileen F. Lesher, Lang, Earl Litke, G. Howard Loewen, Paul Lostaglia,
Anna M. Liske, Harry Lloyd, Murray H. Lofthouse, Phil Marino, Pennie Marshall, Oliod Moura, Mary
Rebecca J. Lofthouse, Clarence Lowe, Robert R. Ann Murray, Alicejean Nelson, Floyd O'Dell, Ed
Ludeman, John V. Lungu, Jean E. Maki, Gary A. Olsen, Dan H. Paepke, Joan M. Petty, Mary Pukey,
Marsh, Betty S. Martin, James R. Massena, Orlando Robert L. Purvis, Teddy Ramirez, Enid Rayburn,
A. Mastrapa, Margarita C. Mattingly, Patricia A. Donovan Reeve, Larry Rhodes, Jimmy B. Riddle,
Mauro, Donald L. May, Rebecca L. May, Ilea A. Mirko Sever, Robert Sheldon, Virginia Simonds,
McDaniel, James D. McKee, Marion J. Merchant, Ernest Smith, Mary Stacey, John W. Streeter, Betty
Ruth E. Merkel, Stephanie C. Merling, Gerald E. J. Stuart, Frederick Thomas, Marlin Topham,
Metzger, Marilyn A. Metzger, Joanne L. Minder, Adolph Wagner, Lyle W. Walker, William A. Wal-
Allan Mitchell, M. Louise Moon, Robert D. Moon ler, Forest Walter, Kenneth Wand, Larry E. Ward,
Jr., Richard I. Morris, Evelyn L. Muffo, Donald W. Leslie R. Wright, Engel Yoder.
Murray, Susan E. Murray, G. William Mutch, Patri-
cia B. Mutch, Virginia Nachreiner, Rosalyn D. Home Study International
Nash, David A. Nelson, Ronald Neumann, Douglas Ordained Ministers:
R. Newberry, James R. Newkirk, Monica M. Nor- George P. Babcock.
man, Wallace Oetman, Gregory K. Offenback,
Credentialed Commissioned Ministers:
Merlene A. Ogden, Jessie A. Oliver, Harry E.
Aline M. Campbell, Patricia A. Habada, Alayne D.
Olson, Richard T. Orrison, John R. Pangman,
Rachel Y. Pangman, Sandra L. Peterson, Lorrine Y.
Phillips, Vallerie Phillips, Robert G. Pierson, Mar- Credentialed Missionaries:
guerite A. Pike, Theresa C. Popp, Richard K. Dorothy M. Bascom, Gloria Boccheciamp, Bonnie
Powell, Derrick L. Proctor, Kenneth E. Rasmussen, J. Burns, Janette L. Carter, Shirley W. Chilson, John
Paul J. Ray Jr., Barbara J. Reinholtz, Laun L. W. Gank, Marthanne L. Glenn, Samuel I. Laubach,
Reinholtz, Joelle F. Reynolds, LaVern A. Rice, San- Eva M. Michel, Bonnie D. Perkins, E. Marion
dra K. Richardson, Jeanette L. Robinson, Martha J. Runge, Lois Y. Scales, Robert M. Sowards.
Robinson, Robert J. Robinson, Bruce A. Ronk, Loma Linda Community Hospital
Rhonda G. Root, Richard A. Rorabeck, S. Clark
Rowland, Malcolm B. Russell, Sharon B. Russell, Ordained Ministers:
Slimen Saliba, Daniel Satonica, R. Lynn Sauls, Haysmer E. Cox.
Richard W. Schwarz, Carolyn M. C. Scorpio, Ralph Credentialed Commissioned Ministers:
M. Scorpio, Joan Shultz, Donald E. Smith, Reger C. Ronald K. Benfield, Everett J. Gooch, Norman H.
Smith, R. Dean Snow, Marley H. Soper, Richard Meyer.
Sowler, David A. Steen, Richard B. Stitzer, J. Bjor- Credentialed Missionaries:
nar Storfjell, John F. Stout, Minerva E. Straman, Mrs. Joye P. Thorn.
Brian Strayer, Verna Streeter, David W. Swaine,
Lynda S. Swanson, Pamela A. Swanson, Raymond Loma Linda Foods
0. Swensen, Phylis A. Tacket, Morris L. Taylor, Credentialed Commissioned Ministers:
Rilla D. Taylor, Jerome D. Thayer, Ruby E. Thomp- Alejo Pizarro.
son, Asa C. Thoresen, Constance Tiffany, Wol-
Credentialed Missionaries:
f hard Touchard, Lawrence E. Turner, Rebecca
Dorlene A. Anderson, Duane E. Baldwin, Anthony
Twomley, Esther V. Tyler, Dale S. Tyrrell, Mary C.
Berardi, Virginia Bryne, Joseph J. Childs, Robert
Vallieres, Mrs. Charlene L. Vitrano, Elaine Waller,
Chilson, Gary Curtis, Willis Dufur, John Early, Fer-
Joseph W. Warren, Janice Y. Watson, Cleon E.
dinand Figueroa, Ernest W. Heidi, James S. Herr,
White, W. Michael Wiist, David T. Wilber, Robert
Stanley B. Hess, Richard P. Howard, Colin F. Jenks,
A. Wilkins, Rhoda J. Wills, Diane M. Wilson, Albert
John C. Ketelsen, M. Elizabeth McCalla, Rose Nes-
W. Withrow, James Wolfer, Peter A. Wong, Dennis
tares, Ruben H. Nestares, Iris B. Ram, Ronald A.
W. Woodland, W. Bruce Wrenn, Steve Yancey,
Richardson, Delores Rivas, Esther Rivera, Alphonse
Millie Youngberg, Randall W. Younker.
Sadek, Adam H. Schlereth, Judith Schmid, James
Licensed Ministers: M. Seekford, Walter H. Spaulding, L. Joan Speyer,
Robert L. Crounse, Johann E. Erbes. Robert L. Sterner, Ida Mae Stoner, Bud Todor-
Christian Record Services, Incorporated ovich, Lee W. Venis, Karen Wills, Robert G. Wil-
son, Jay R. Wright.
Ordained Ministers:
Lewis Bame, Vernon L. Bretsch, John M. Curnow, Loma Linda University
Arturo Grayman, K. Kowarsch, George Mills, Ordained Ministers:
Alberto Santiago, Odea Sigh, Marshall Wright. Neils-Erik Andreasen, Dalton D. Baldwin, Ivan
Credentialed Commissioned Ministers: Blazen, A. D. Brandon, Roy E. Brooks, George
Eldon L. Blaney, Willis R. Christian, William F. Co- Carambot, Walter Comm, James M. Davis, John W.

Elick, V. Bailey Gillespie, Anees Haddad, Clifford L. Kitchener Donovan, Patty Douglass, Donaldo
Jaqua, John R. Jones, Frank A. Knittel, Arno Kutz- Drachenberg, David H. Dudley, Felix A. Dugadu-
ner, Henry H. Lamberton, David R. Larson, Jerry ga, Edward D. Duke, Ellen M. Duke, Ana Dumit-
Lastine, R. Dale McCune, Wallace D. Minder, resce, James R. Dunn, Robert Dunn, Iris A. Dup-
David D. Osborne, T. Richard Rice, Charles Teel per, Jeanette R. Earnhardt, Robert B. Easterday, C.
Jr., Kenneth L. Vine, James W. Walters, Lloyd H. Douglas Eddleman, Intithar S. Elias, Philip A. En-
Wilson, Gerald R. Winslow, Ignatius Yacoub, gelhart, Paul C. Engen, Kay D. Erickson, Lorna Joy
Edwin Zackrison. Erickson, Martie P. Erne, Betty R. Estrada, Adeeba
Credentialed Missionaries: M. Evans, Don V. Farley, Jolene L. Farwell, Floyd K.
Salwa Fikry Abdelmaseh, Levi G. Abejar, Gilberto Ferguson, Joanne Fisher, Carolyn M. Fisk, Lin
Vasco Abella, Nana Abella, Mrs. Shirley M. Adams, Flores, Manuel R. Flores, Odineia Fontoura,
Mildred T. Akamine, William M. Allen, David Lee Robert M. Ford Jr., Mrs. Patricia J. Foster, Willis M.
Anderson, John D. Anderson, Patricia E. Anderson, Fox, Leonard Franks, Gary E. Fraser, Ian M. Fraser,
Mieko Andress, Vern R. Andress, Daniel V. Marjorie J. Fraser, Ann Freese, Debra K. Friesen,
Andrews, John M. Anholm, Stanton Appleton, Robert W. Frost, Barbara A. Frye, Darice S. Funai,
Raydolfo M. Aprecio, Larry B. Arany, Kenneth A. Vigil H. Gadea, Waldena J. Gaede, Ronald A. Gal-
Arendt, Rafael L. Arteaga, Kenneth E. Ashcroft, Wil- away, Michael E. Galbraith, Ernestina Garbutt-
liam S. Atherton, Jairo D. Ayala, Susan K. Ayala, Ilse Parrales, Dennis W. Gardner, Arthur D. Garner,
Azevedo, Martin Badger, Curtis J. Baird, Leif K. Marilyn Betty Garner, S. Eugene Gascay, Audrey P.
Bakland, Thor Bakland, Marion Z. Baldwin, Verna Gaspard, Susan D. Gathings, Lenore Gault, Dianne
Barclay-Reid, Avis M. Barnaby, Betty Jane Bartlett, C. Gebhard, Nancy Geriguis, Raymond Gilbert,
Thomas M. Bates, Lloyd Baum, George Bazemore, Earl M. Gillespie, Gwendolyn M. Gillespie, Jeanet-
James W. Beach, Mrs. Lucy Beck, Rhonda K. Beck- te E. Golles-Damazo, Betty J. Gonzales, Ramon
er, W. Lawrence Beeson, Donald L. Beglau, Gonzalez, Roberto Gonzalez, Paul L. Goodwin,
Richard E. Beltz, Mrs. Aida Benitez, Yonan K. Ben- Sylvia M. Goss, Cheryl Lynn Grames, Ben E. Grant,
jamin, Mrs. Anahid Benzatyan, Susan Trese Berg, Esther M. Graves, Jennie M. Graves, Shirley A.
Stanley C. Berger, Karen E. Bernotas, Hilmer W. Graves, James A. Greene, Joyce A. Greene, Mrs.
Besel, Darrell- Beyer, Marvel la Beyer, Norma Opal Hagelgantz, Mrs. Madelyn Haldeman,
Bichard, William Bichard, Ervin H. Bigham, Richard Raymond G. Hall Jr., Warren J. Halversen, Darlene
L. Bisher, Terrie L. Bisher, Elaine Blankenship, Glen V. Hamerslough, Walter S. Hamerslough, Merly E.
G. Blix, Richard Bobst, Merle Bock, Berniece Bog- Hamilton, Helen J. Hamren, Mrs. Enid Hands,
danovich, Michael Bogdanovich, Elizabeth Anne Jonathan N. Hardt, Reba A. Hargrove, Wayne D.
Bossert, Walter L. Bowen, Brenda L. Boyd, Gary Harlow, Ronald D. Harrison, Mary T. Hartwell,
Bradley, Marillyn J. Bradley, Eva Braister, Leonard Carol A. Haskell, Harvey E. Heidinger, William
Brand, Kenneth J. Breyer, Mrs. Betty C. Brooks, Heisler, Kathy L. Helmendach, Herbert W. Henk-
Danny A. Brown Dennis M. Brown, Emma Brown, en, Armando Hernandez, Kelly J. Herr-Roadruck,
Sandra Browning, Karen Bru, Marie Teresa Bruck- Enoch C. Herrmann, Marilyn Herrmann, Ronald A.
er, Robert A. Bryne, Nancy L. Bucayan, Elsie M. Hershey II, Lee M. Hesse, Beverly B. Hessel, David
Buchanan, Mrs. Jeanene Buchanan, Ronald H. A. Hessinger, Charles W. Hewitt, Timothy D. Hick-
Buchanan, H. Paul Buchheim, Valerian V. man, Clifton D. Hill, Margarete L. Hilts, Rhonda S.
Buducea, Leonard R. Bullas, Audrey L. Burgess, Hobson, H. Spencer Hodge, Lance T. Hodges,
Ruth E. Burke, Margaret Anne Burns, Karl L. Burt, Geraldine V. Holman, Gladys D. Holmes, Ivan G.
Randall R. Butler, Mrs. Marlene Buxton, Bernard C. Holmes, William Hooker, Mrs. Norma J. Hopp,
Byrd, Mrs. Consuelo Cachola, John W. Cadek, Florence H. Horinouchi, Mirko Horonic, Mrs. Au-
Melvin Campbell, Candace J. Candler, Donald C. drey Howard, Vernon W. Howe, Frederick G.
Candy, Edward Allen Carley, Linda L. Carr, Karen S. Hoyt, Dale E. Huff, Michael Huitt, Joanne E. Hus-
Carrigg, Emil Catinean, Minerva Catinean, De- ton, Ron Huston, Sharlene M. Hutchinson, Carl J.
borah R. Catino, Manuel Chaidez, Albert D. Cham- Imthurn, Wallace N. Ingram, Corneliu lorga,
berlain, Ian P. Chand, Pansy Chand, Sylvia T. Eugen I rimia, Bernadine L. Irwin, Lance D. Ives,
Chang, Ezra R. Chavez, Hulda A. Chavez, Christ- Jerome B. Jablonski, Nancy A. Jackson, Brian J.
opher Chebeleu, Moses Chelliah, Vena B. Chiara- Jacques, Richard A. James, Robert A. James, Kath-
tanasen, Faye M. Chilson, Robert A. Chilson, Linda leen D. Janzen, William T. Jarvis, Ann M. Jass, Stan
Geud-Lang Chin, Mrs. Gwen A. Christensen, E. Jeffery, Elisabeth E. Jelke, Victor B. Jelkovic, Eli-
Edwin L. Christiansen, Inelda Christianson, Wil- zabeth Jensen, Beverly I. Johnson, LeRoy Francis
liam R. Chunestudy, Abigail Chuquimia, Anita A. Johnson, Nickie E. Johnson, Warren E. Johnson,
Churches, Roger Churches, Don Cicchetti, Petru George E. Johnston, Patricia K. Johnston, Paul-
Cimpoeru, Kim R. Clark, Wilton Clarke, Velma A. trisha L. Johnston, Betsy Lee Jones, Ellis R. Jones,
Clem, Patricia Anne Cloninger, Mrs. Sandra Co- Patricia S. Jones, Lowell V. Jordan, Eileen M. Jud-
ates, Wendell M. Coen, Alan R. Collins, Mrs. kins, Karen Ann Kaatz, Edwin A. Karlow, Marilyn C.
Dorothy Comm, Adan Concepcion, Vaneta M. Karlow, Suzy Kaspereen, Donald J. Keeler, William
Condon, Elbert J. Cook, Louis H. Cook, Marvin H. Keeler Jr., William J. Keith, Charlotte M. Keller,
Cook, Christina Cooper, Estelle Rose Cooper, Linda B. Kelln, Wayne Kelln, Ralph N. Kennedy,
Myrna Costa, Frances Lorraine Crawford, James M. James D. Kettering, Mary Khalaf, Keiko I. Khoo,
Crawford, Charles R. Cress, Penny E. Crispin, Stan Helen Emori King, Robert Kinzer, Mrs. Beverly W.
G. Crispin, Richard Lawson Croft, Samuel Croft, Kisinger, David G. Kissinger, Mrs. Linda J. Klebba,
Carol E. Croner, Velemir Cukic, Zlatica Cukic, Fred Mike G. Klein, Rosanne J. Klein, Judson Klooster,
J. Cunningham, George Curcin, Ruzica R. Curcin, Robert H. Knabenbauer, Vernon H. Koenig, Carl
C. Sue Curtis, Mrs. Frances C. Cyphers, Ronald J. H. Koester, Mary A. Kolb, B. Floyd Koorenny,
Dailey, Lois Dalrymple, Jerry E. Daly, Lydia Daly, Edwin H. Krick, Ronald J. Kriley, Margaret E. Krus-
Rick Danforth, Earnest E. Daniel, Ellen K. Daniels, sow, Roy Kryger, Mrs. Hildegard Kuerzinger,
Nancy L. Davidson, Charles E. Davis, Claudia Wilhelm Kuerzinger, Daniel M. Kunihira, Mrs.
Davis, Nellie Davis, Sylvia June Davis, Lawrence D. Agnes Kutzner, Jan W. Kuzma, Iris Landa, Earl W.
Day, Ion Deaconescu, William M. Dean, Phillip A. Lathrop, Hong Lau, Virgil M. S. Lau, Tan A. Le, Larry
Desroches, Sally A. Dewind, Emmalein M. Dhar- L. Leas, Jerry W. Lee, Wendy J. Lee, Mrs. Barbara
maraj, Mrs. Daisy Diaz, Irma Diaz de Macias, David Leer, Hilbert Lentz, John Leonora, George M. Les-
Dickerson, Marilyn Dietel, Heinz E. Dittmar, sard, Evans Lewis, Jim F. Little, Lyle L. Litzenberger,
George M. Dobrota Jr., George M. Dobrota Sr., Mrs. Hannah Liu, G. Irving Logan, Mrs. Betty Lonn-
Harold Owen Doering, Mary Dawn Dohm, George strom, Eliezer A. Lotilla, Frank Loucks, H. Maynard

Lowry, Jean B. Lowry, Rolinda Luevano, Verna C. Kappel Spain, Elwyn J. Spaulding, Sandy Spencer,
Luyster, Norman C. Maberly, Diane Macaulay, Vir- Anne F. Spradlin, Floyd L. Steck, Rodolfo A. Steger,
ginia Madruga, George Maeda, Mrs. June Magi, Nenad Stegnjaic, Dorothy L. Steinhoefel, Gerhard
Maria L. Maldonado, Mary Marcarian, Philip Mar- A. Steudel, Mrs. Jo Ann S. Stevens, Dorothy Ste-
coe, Sam Marcoe, Joyce M. Marsh, Ann Marshall, wart, Chris D. Stottlemyer, Elaine Strachan, James
Delia E. Martinez, Hugo Martinez, Susan A. L. Strachan, Allen Strother, Peter G. Strutz, Joan
Mathews, Kenneth E. Matthews, Robert G. Matth- Stumbaugh, Bonnie C. Swanson, Faye Swayze,
ews, Carol A. Mattson, Morris Lee Mattson, Lynita Loida J. Tamares, Daniel Tan, Daniel Earle Tan,
Mayer, Elwood S. McCluskey, Kenneth W. McCor- Mrs. Maggie Low Tan, G. Roger Tatum, Barry L.
mick, Roger L. McFarland, Mrs. Charlotte S. Taylor, Robert W. Teel, Marilyn C. Teele, Eliezer
McGirr, Paul J. McMillan, Debbie L. Medford, Tejeda, Hildelisa Tejeda, Ivelise Tejeda, Dorothy
Arthur Norman Medina, Mary G. Melki, Clair Teo, Wilfried K. Tepper, Nelson E. Thomas, Dana
Meske, Mrs. Bonnie L. Meyer, Albert J. Miller, G. Thompson, Helen L. Thompson, Lane C. Thom-
Catharine C. Miller, Eva J. Miller, Mrs. Frances P. sen, Cathleen Throssell, Donald W. Thurber,
Miller, Donna E. Minder, Kathleen A. Mitchell, Andrea L. Tidwell, Jean-Marc Tieche, Bernard E.
Norman L. Mitchell, Daniel A. Mitchell Jr., Clyde J. Tilton, Richard Dale Tkachuck, Stan Trupina, Mel-
Mitts, Barbara A. Moen, Everett L. Mohr, Karen vin R. Turner, John W. Uhrig Sr., Gwendolyn M.
Copelan Mojeske, Martein Moningka, Kathleen L. Utt, Paz Esther Valenzuela, Lois Van Cleve, Glen
Moore, Nelson Morales, Raul C. Morales, Wesley Van Fossen, Donald Van Ornam, Meade C.
Jahangeer Morovati, David L. Morris, Steven G. Van Putten, Hendricus Vanden Hoven, Mrs. Ester
Morrow, Ellen I. Morse, Thad L. Mosely, Calvin Vanden Hoven, Mrs. Christine E. Vanderbilt,
Moses, Mrs. Dorothy M. Moses, Jose Muinos, Donald L. Vaughn, Clare M. Velasco, Duane R.
Todd M. Murdoch, Margaret L. Murphy, Dorothea Wacker, Cheryl R. Wagner, David D. Walker,
F. Myers, Jacqueline Myers, John C. Myers, Wil- James J. Walker, William E. Walker, Arthur M.
fred A. Nation, Pedro B. Nava, M. R. Neal, Cristian Walls, Norma Lee Walters, Roland D. Walters, Mar-
Nedelea, Richard Neil, Ben E. Nelson, Janice E. jorie D. Warner, Patricia M. Watts, Donna L. Webb,
Nelson, Marjorie G. Nelson, Gary Neuharth, Boy Robert Lee Webb, Ruth C. Weber, Janet L.
Nhek, David C. Nieman, James R. Nix, Robert E. Weighall, Gerald D. Weis, Helen I. Weismeyer,
Northrop, Lizette 0. Norton, Madge Oh, Eleazer Richard W. Weismeyer, Cherry L. Wendtland, Flor-
D. Oliverio, Rodney R. Opp, Mrs. Audrey B. Otto, ence L. Wetmore, Mrs. Margery Wheaton, Andrew
F. Wayne Owens, Charles Pakpahan, J. S. Paul Pan- C. Wheeler, Sharon L. Wheeler, Lucile N. White,
dian, Richard L. Parker, Gaines R. Partridge, G. Joy Robert D. White, Verona E. Whitsett, Ernest F.
Pastor, Florica Pastrama, Ion Pastrama, John W. Whitter, Elmer A. Widmer, Ronald B. Wilcox, Mrs.
Patrickson, Susan Davis Patt, Ann E. Pearson, Lelir- Mary G. Willey, Mrs. Gudrun D. Williams, Michael
oth W. Pedro, Felipe G. Perez, Mario R. Perez, A. Williamson, Leland Y. Wilson, Barbara M. Wit-
Priscilla Sia Perez, Donald D. Pester, Donald L. mer, Norman J. Woods, Mrs. Clarice J. Woodward,
Peters, Marvin A. Peters, Mrs. Judith Peters, Ivan Roger C. Wright, Nelia C. Wurangian, Mary H.
D. Petersen, Lucile Petersen, Douglas H. Peterson, Yacoub, Judie A. Yakush, J. Patrick Yhip, Lucille
Yvonne C. Peterson, John Eric Peterson Jr., Yhip, Won K. Yoon, James L. Zackrison, Jolene Ann
Edmund George Petti, Edward B. Pflaumer, Harold Zackrison, Grenith J. Zimmerman, F. Sylvia Zit-
R. Phillips, Mrs. Betty Phillips, Roger L. Plata, Nor- trich, Anthony J. Zuccarelli, Mercedes I. Zuluaga.
man D. Powell, Janelle L. Pyke, Steve Radoycich, Licensed Ministers:
Paul Radu, Donald D. Rafuse, Elizabeth I. Ramirez, Paul J. Landa.
Rene M. Ramos, Wilfred E. Rathbun, Bernice Rat-
ter, James W. Redfield Jr., Camille A. Reeder, Ulma Loma Linda University Medical Center
Register, Sandra Karen Reiber, Carol Jean Reid, Ordained Ministers:
Lorna F. Reid-Payne, Gunter Reiss, Fred M. Reth, M. Jerry Davis, Samuel Geli, William C. Hinton Sr.,
John D. Rhodes III, Linda C. Rhynus, Gordon M. John M. Reeves, Randall L. Roberts.
Rick, Jayne Marie Rinker, William B. Rippon, Blan- Credentialed Commissioned Ministers:
cal. Rivera, Eldaa Rivera, Jerry L. Rivinius, Evelyn D. Ronald J. Anderson, D. Leigh Aveling, Christopher
Roach, Beverly J. Roadruck, Douglass B. Roberts, F. Boskind, Mrs. Peggy J. Crabtree, William W.
Mrs. Marilyn L. Roberts, Walter H. Roberts, Josias Easterbrook, Mrs. Norma H. Johnston, Bronwen J.
L. Robinson Jr., Joseph R. Rocha, Melville W. Rod- Watts, Thomas J. Zirkle.
rigues, Faustino Rodriguez, Levi H. Rodriguez, Ellis
L. Rogers, John A. Rosario, Delmer G. Ross, Jane S. Credentialed Missionaries:
Ross, Gerald C. Roth, Ivan E. Rouse, Carl 0. Rusk, Ida D. Berghold, Melvin Bergvall, Mrs. Connie M.
Susan M. Russell, Donna J. Ryan, Junichi Ryu, Boskind, Dennis D. Ceithamer, Bert C. Connell, H.
George S. Saad, Eunice A. Sackett, Nancy M. Sage, Maxine Darling, Lamarr C. Edwards, Gerald A. Ellis,
Mrs. Maria Sajid, Amalia Salinas, Dora E. Salinas, Mrs. Lynn M. Fiedler, Mrs. Rheta Heintz-Swanson,
Donna J. Samson, Albert Sanchez, Mervet Farag Richard A. Henry, Gordon E. Hewes, Brenda S.
Sanchez, Vernon L. Scheffel, Mrs. Myrna L. Holden, Mrs. Billie Hubbs, Faith C. Hughes, Mrs.
Schlenker, Willis Schlenker, Jack Edward Schlink- Konni L. Kelly, Nellie R. Killion, Mrs. Charlotte G.
ert, Adeny Schmidt, Robert K. Schneider, Harold E. Kinzer, Mrs. DuAnn F. Kinzer, Paul W. Kittle, James
Schnepper, Raymond Schoepflin, Robert L. D. Krussow, Mrs. Alice L. Little, Mrs. E. Jimmie
Schultz, Alan N. Schulz, Vera Schwarz, Dolores J. Loder, Robert J. Loder, Calvin L. Minesinger; Mrs.
Scott, Julie D. Scott, James N. Scott Jr., Ronald J. Nancy C. Minesinger, Donovan C. Nelson, Mrs.
Secor, Derek P. Seeley, William S. Seibly, Jonelle Pearl F. Nickel, Judy E. O'Conner, Ronald S. Oh,
Self, George A. Selivanoff, John L. Semadeni, Ibra- Mrs. Helen Radoycich, Joe Rapp, Mrs. Teresa Reg-
him Majid Seraj, Gerald W. Shavlik, Dyon G. Shel- ister, Harry D. Royal, David M. Russell, Mrs.
den, H. Raymond Shelden II, Elbert W. Shepperd Maylene E. Russell, Richard A. Schaefer, Wallace A.
III, Alva L. Sherman, Agnes Shull, Terry D. Shultz, Schmidt, Harvey C. Shaw, Lawrence K. Stevens,
Rodney J. Shumway, Engeline A. Siagian, Ronald P. Rita M. Stiffler, Mrs. Lois G. Thornton, W. Alvin
Siagian, Kenneth Sievers, James C. Simmons, Mrs. Thunquest, Mrs. Deanna D. Walters, Robert C.
Kitty Simmons, Cheryl J. Simpson, Karen Ann Warner, William C. Warner, M. Jerry White, Robert
Simpson, Clevridge R. Sinclair, Juanita Singh, Vic- L. Wical, Eileen G. Zorn.
tor H. Sitompul, Charles W. Slattery, Albert E. Oakwood College
Smith, Beatrice E. Smith, James J. Smith, William Ordained Ministers:
Dale Smith, Charles D. Soliz, Carol Sorrells, Viki
Clarence Barnes, Sherman Cox, Trevor Fraser,

John Lavender, JamesMelancon, Robert Patterson, Hamilton, John A. Hancock, Peggy J. Hanway,
Tyronne Phillips, Benjamin Reaves, Agniel Sam- Duane A. Harris, Patsy A. Hartje, Lawrence V. Haw-
son, Lance Shand, Mervyn Warren, Gary Wimbish. kins, Mrs. V. Jean Hawkins, Mrs. Eleanor J. Hetke,
Credentialed Missionaries: Mrs. Midge A. Hey, Mrs. Maurine M. Holland, Chi
Theresa Allen, Ellen Anderson, Oman Bailey, Shir- Huynh, Mrs. Le Chuc Huynh, Truoc Huynh, Stan-
ley B. Bailey, Halsey Banks, Rosa T. Banks, Nigel ley Jensen, Sandra M. Johnson, Barbara A. Jones,
Barham, Sylvia Barnes, Bernard Benn, Ursula Lynwen M. Jones, Manuel S. Krun, Howard C. Lar-
Benn, John Blake, Danny Blanchard, Frances Bliss, kin, Timothy E. Larson, Ross Lauterbach, Galen
Carole Booth, Carol Brooks; Naomi Bullard, James Lawson, Mrs. Dorothy Lawson, Donald D. Lay,
N. Burgess, Preston C. Calhoun, Frankie M. Can- Mike C. Leahey, Mrs. Bernita M. Leahey, Billy J.
trell, Kermit L. Carter, Luetilla Carter, Pearl Carter, Legg, James F. Lewis, Mrs. Sharon A. Lewis, Mrs.
Boontang Cartwright, Mary Conner, Emerson Vesta W. Mansell, Patrick A. McCoy, Kerry M.
Cooper, Gino D'Andrade, Joseph Dailey, Oliver Mead, James M. Miller, Ilva Monsalvo, Carlos A.
Davis, Ruth Davis, Isadore DeSouza, Minneola Morales, Mrs. Loida Morales, Henry Nelson, Loc
Dixon, Harry Dobbins, Kathleen Dobbins, Caryl! L. Phuoc Nguyen, Darvis W. Opp, Margery L. Pad-
Dormer, Leonard R. Douglas, Robert W. Drake, dock, Mrs. Rosa E. Parachou, Hector M. Perla, Mrs.
Garland Dulan, Jeanette Dulan, William T. Evans, Eva E. Perla, Mrs. Belia Peterson, Robert D. Peter-
Emma Forde, Winton Forde, Edith Fraser, Ashton son, Mrs. Lilia E. Peverini, Mrs. Wendy L. Pierce,
Gibbons, Esther Gill, Lela Gooding, Lillian Green, Marvyn Purcell, Clyde H. Queen, Paul B. Ricchiuti,
Rosa Hadley, Justin Hamer, Larry Hasse, Robert Mrs. Donna F. Richards, Wilbur G. Richards, Vivian
Hines, Kyna Hinson, Alberta Holmon, Brenda F. Richardson, Warren L. Riter, Jack H. Robinson,
Hurt, Morris Iheanacho, Shirley C. Iheanacho, Mrs. Susan L. Robinson, Richard A. Robinson, Hil-
Lawrence Jacobs Jr., Edward Jones, Rita R. Jones, degard Roller, Shirley M. Sayers, Alan A. Schneid-
Ernest Keller, Ada Kirby, Matthew Kirby, Lucille er, Mrs. Althea E. Schneider, Steven W. Shelley,
Lacy, Kenneth LaiHing, Elf red Lee, Johnnie Lee, Larry M. Snyder, Mrs. Darlene A. Snyder, Aileen A.
Jannith Lewis, Lily Lindsay, Seth Lubega, Roy Mal- Sox, Bill P. Stanley, Mrs. Phyllis J. Stevens, Merwin
colm, Maurice Marshall, Carl L. Massey, Belvia D. Stewart, Mrs. Helen L. Stiles, Mrs. Margie H.
Matthews, Savonia M. McClellan, Juanita McClen- Tank, Bonnie Test, Richard G. Thorp, Terry D.
don, Doris McCrary, Willie McCrary, Miriam Threewit, Ralph L. Vargas, Sylvia F. Ward, Brenda L.
McMillan, Artie Melancon, Silvanus Merchant, Weseman, James R. Weseman, Bonnie G. Widick-
Charles S. Miller, Patti R. Miller, Gregory Mims, er, James E. Wilmot, JoAn Witzel, Gary L. Wold,
Hattie Mims, Richard Norman, Sandra Oakman, Carl S. Zumwalt.
Joseph U. Okike, Ella F. Olive, Eurydice Osterman,
Samuel M. Paschal Jr., James E. Patterson, Anthony Review and Herald Publishing Association
Paul, Sonia Paul, Juliaette Phillips, Sandra Price, Ordained Ministers:
Geraldine B. Pullins, Leroy Ramey, Jean Reaves, Gilbert E. Anderson, Delbert W. Baker, Richard W.
Theodore A. Rivers, James Roddy, Lynn Ross, Di- Coffen, Orval L. Driskell, Harold F. Otis Jr., Sandy
ane Rugless, Loty M. J. Samson, Emmanuel Saun- C. Robinson, William E. Skidmore Jr., Clarence L.
ders, Moges Selassie, Laura L. Shand, Howard M. Thomas III, K. Dick Thomas, John F. Wilkens,
Shaw, Dorothy Smith, Annele Smith-Wimbush, Robert A. Wilson, Raymond H. Woolsey.
Louella Summerville, Ruth Swan, Harry Swinton, Credentialed Commissioned Ministers:
Freddie Taylor, Claude Thomas, Lewis Thompson, Glenn E. Beagles, Reginald J. Frood, Robert J. Kin-
Mary E. Toombs, Evelyn Tucker, Charles Turner, ney.
Lovey Verdun, Barbara Warren, Carole D.
Washington, Faith Watkins, Linda Webb, Rose Credentialed Missionaries:
Yates, Alma Foggo York. Leroy P. Adams, Lynnette M. Adams, Rodney W.
Adams, Florentino L. Aguilar, Judith A. Alexander,
Licensed Ministers:
Keith E. Alexander, Phyllis J. Alfaro, Douglas J.
Clifford S. Pitt.
Armantrout, Sandra L. Atwood, Woodrow W.
Pacific Press Publishing Association Atwood Jr., Silvia R. Bailey, Presentation M. Balay,
Ordained Ministers: Jerrald R. Banfe, Carol J. Barry, Gregory E. Barry,
Jose Luis Campos, Felix Castro, Gary D. Grimes, Jean Carolyn Bartness, Donna E. Beagles, J. Christ-
Elsworth A. Hetke, Kenneth J. Holland, B. Russell opher Blake, Judith A. Blodgett, Maria A. Blom-
Holt, W. Kenneth McFarland, Marvin L. Moore, quist, Philip J. Bofink, Lydia Bojanek, Shirley M.
Tulio N. Peverini, Miguel A. Valdivia. Bolivar, George L. Bowen, Kathleen A. Bowen, Paul
V. Boyd, Irma L. Brooks, John C. Brown, Clara B.
Credentialed Commissioned Ministers: Burtnett, Lawrence R. Burtnett, Gert W. Busch,
Robert H. Gorton, Paul A. Hey, Larry R. Johnson, Karen F. Calhoun, Silvia V. Caputo, C. Ray Carlton,
David J. Lawson, Lincoln E. Steed, Eugene M. Victoria F. Carlton, Vernon L. Cartwright, Edward
Stiles, F. Martin Ytreberg. G. Cassell, Judie A. Cassell, James A. Cavil, Peter E.
Credentialed Missionaries: Cerovski, Sammie D. Cerovski, Leander B. Cherry,
Roy W. Allen, James W. Ashlock, Leopold A. Avila, Norman G. Chesnut, Rose Chesnut, Peter J.
James Babb, Peggy Bacon, Mrs. Margaret L. Bald- Chiomenti, Dennis E. Church, Ginger C. Church,
win, Jerry L. Bartlett, Robert J. Battee, Eldon Bauer, William W. Clendaniel, William J. Cleveland,
Wilfred A. Benwell, Jaime Bermudez, Mrs. Mary A. Rande L. Colburn, Norman C. Coon, Anthony R.
Bolduc, Timothy P. Booth, Merle R. Breitigam, Crouch, Doreen G. Damazo, Donald E. Dawson,
Mrs. E. Adlay Campos, Herbert Carter, Bernardo Clyde M. Day, Brigitte DeLong, Douglas L. De-
Ceniceros, Roberto R. Chavez, James E. Coleman, Long, Helcio Deslandes, Nora S. Devore, Marilyn
Allen Colleran, Mrs. Evie L. Congleton, Robert K. Dimick, Ralph Eggebrecht, Martin L. Emslie,
Congleton, Alfred L. Cruz, Mike R. Dawson, Terry Robert L. Essex, Dennis J. Ferree, Alan H. Forquer,
D. Day, George P. Deree, Mrs. Violet M. Deree, Ila Patricia J. Fritz, Rose A. Frood, Michael L. Gamblin,
Marie DeYong, Mrs. Betty M. Elmer, Walter D. Ronald E. Gardner, William D. Geraci, Hope R.
Elmer, William Elmer, Evaine P. Fehrer, Mrs. Bar- Gipe, Stanford W. Hannum, Stephen J. Hanson,
bara M. Fehrer, Janice C. Fenton, John D. Ferrell, James H. Hanson Jr., Marcia J. Harris, Robert T.
Enrique 0. Fuentealba, Mrs. Karin C. Gorton, Tho- Harris, L. Rhea Harvey, Susan P. Harvey, Crystal G.
mas L. Graham, Gary L. Guernsey, Mrs. Linda L. Hendrickson, Leonard W. Hendrickson, Ernestina
Guernsey, Edward S. Guthro, Joe L. Gutierrez, Luis Hernandez, Alton R. Highsmith, Gail R. Hunt, Mar-
V. Gutierrez, Mrs. Genoveva Gutierrez, Martin A. cia J. Hunt, I. Harold Ihrig, Anita L. Jacobs, Frank L.

Jacobs, James Bryson Johnson, Jeannette R. John- M. S. Richards Jr., Reginald 0. Robinson, Angel L.
son, Dorothy R. Jones, Eric A. Jones, Thomas E. Rodriquez, Ruben Sanchez, Martin Weber,
Kapusta, Diane Kenaston, James R. Kinney, Mar- Leonard Westphal, Richard N. Wilcox, Royce C.
guerite V. Kinney, William V. Kirstein Jr., Vera J. Williams, James W. Wood Jr..
Kotanko, Andrea C. Kristensen, David K. Latta, Credentialed Commissioned Ministers:
Ellen G. Latta, Gary C. Lee, Robin A. Lee, Sandra L. Dale J. Bidwell, Del Delker, David L. Jones, Eldyn
Lee, Clarence E. Leister, Jeanne N. Leister, Eugene Karr, A. E. Krogstad, Lance Liebelt, David B. Smith,
Lincoln, Kenneth L. Maas, Paul A. Mackey, Stanley Marilyn J. Thomsen.
M. Martin, Linda G. McDonald, Delma Miller, Con-
nie S. Moore, Michael E. Morsette, William E. Credentialed Missionaries:
Morsette, Frieda Niewiadomsky, Hans D. Elizabeth Albritton, Jean Anderson, Estelita Atiga,
Niewiadomsky Jr., Hans Niewiadomsky Sr., Mark Jane Barker, Nehemias Barnedo, Victoria Barrera,
D. O'Connor, Clifford K. Okuno Jr., Rose M. Otis, Nancy Bartling, Mary K. Becker, Reda Bidwell,
Theresa Pabst, Kim W. Peckham, J. Kenneth Pen- Kevin Blankenship, Darlene Burch, Larry Burk, Ri-
nington, Suzanne L. Perdew, Harry C. Perkins Jr., quelme G. Casa'', Alicia Clouzet, German Clouzet,
Mary Jane Pettit, Bruce A. Pierce, Doris E. Pierce, David Coe, Marlene Coe, Gwendolyn Collins, Max
Robert W. Pohle, Adam P. Prasad, J. Raymond Pros- Curameng, Rosalyn D'Amico, Marjorie Dickinson,
ser, Thomas F. Prosser, Ephraim M. Rada, Julianita Ilene Diede, Sharon Edwards, Gary Eldridge,
I. Rada, Jerre! W. Randolph, Glenn S. Rea Jr., Raymond Frank, Leona Freed, Kenneth Freeman,
Marilee E. Reding, Eleanor 0. Reyes, Everett F. Raymond Freeman, Gladys Gambetta, Barbara
Robinson Jr., Mary E. Rumford, Clarence W. Sayler Gepford, Claire Gepford, Waldo Gepford, Joyce E.
Jr., Douglas A. Sayles, Virginia L. Sayles, Debra K. Gillespie, Nila E. Grieve, Fay Gurusamy, Rose Hall,
Schneider, John Schneider, Kenneth P. Schneider, Richard Hamlin, Marlene Hardy, Jane Hayward,
Albert J. Sheffield Jr., Martha F. Shewell, Gordon L. Phyllis Henderson, Margaret Hesseltine, Kathryn
Shockey, Joanne Shockey, Henry S. Showalter, Iris S. Hollister, Walter Hopwood, Hazel Hurdle, Ethel
C. Shull, Richard E. Singer, Hepsiba S. Singh, Johnson, Helen Johnson, Carol M. Kaye, Denny
Mewa R. Singh, William J. Sloan, Asta M. Smith, Kaye, Waldemar Kissinger, Ernest Laabs, Connie
Jerry L. Smith, Eugene I. Snedden, Evelyn I. Sned- LaJoie, Margaret Lapostol, Margaret Lee, Mary
den, Byron D. Steele, Hans Steinmuss, Juanita Stin- Lewis, Karen Lynn Liers, Hannah Limongan,
chfield, Glenn E. Stone, Leona P. Stone, Dennis J. Rosalee Low, David Marroquin, Mirta Mascheroni,
Strack, Barry L. Strang, Earl F. Strang, David E. Rebeca Mazlumian, Colin K. Mead, Marilyn J.
Swan, Glen R. Swan, Carol A. Thomas, Mark B. Mead, Donna Miller, Douglas Miller, Opal Mitch-
Thomas, Joelene F. Thurlow, Malcolm S. Thurlow ell, Glenda Monette, Pauline Mostert, Bach
Jr., Samuel J. Tipton, Dale E. Tooley, Paul E. Tooley, Nguyen, Lam Nguyen, Margaret A. Nichols, Lor-
Richard A. Tooley, John Tubbs, Doris M. Turner, raine Ortmann, Steve Pai, Daniel Pangan, Carol
James E. Turner, Stuart W. Tyner, Betty F. Ullrich, Patton, Edwin Pester, Eunice Peverini, Shirley Pier-
Debra L. Van Hyning, Elisabeth G. Varesko, Sabina cey, Marilyn Plummer, Roland Plummer, James B.
V. Villarroel, Lynette Walker, Donald R. Walko- Politano, Edwin Pullen, Mildred Pullen, Arlys Qual-
wiak, Leonard E. Wallace, Kenneth W. Wasenmil- ley, W. Barbara Qualley, Jerry Reed, Kent Reed,
ler, Daniel R. Wegh, Shirley A. Welch, Barbara A. Roland Rhynus, Jacqueline Richards, Delia San-
Wells, Gerald W. Wheeler, Penny E. Wheeler, Cyril chez, Lina Sanchez, Jose Santos, Mary Lou Santos,
G. Whitesides, L. Jean Whitesides, John S. Wilkin- Glen Sawyer, Randy Schornstein, Michael
son, Paul R. Wilkinson, Donald R. Williams, Lori E. Seymour, Susan Seymour, Alberta Shaner, Carl
Williams, Challis R. Woolsey. Fred Siess, Marilynn Siess, Janice Sparks, Sandra
Spencer, Dona J. Stewart, William Stone, Belle
Seventh-day Adventist Radio-TV and Film Center Styadi, Joseph Styadi, Lisa Styadi, Toni Styadi, Fen-
Ordained Ministers: nie Supit, George E. Swanson, Herbert Swenson,
E. Walter Arties, W. Y. Chen, George N. Chudleigh Mariel Swenson, Anita Thaute, Eunice Thompson,
Jr., Timothy Crosby, R. E. Edwards, Pedro Geli Jr., Ada Torres, Charles Trumble, Cresente Valido,
Jorge Grieve, Gordon Henderson, Oscar Hernan- Lydia Valido, Mayra Vasquez, Elizabeth Vazquez,
dez, B. E. Jacobs, Warren Judd, Daniel G. Matth- Kenneth Voorhees, Linda Walter, Larry Whitfield,
ews, Milton Peverini, Kenneth E. H. Richards, H. Frances Williams, Alberto Zavala.

General Conference
Educational Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Lin-
da, California 92354.
Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan
49104. Media Centers
Home Study International, 6940 Carroll Avenue,
Takoma Park, Maryland 20912. Adventist Broadcasting Service, Inc. (AWR-Asia),
Loma Linda University, Loma Linda Campus, Loma 6840 Eastern Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C.
Linda, California 92350; La Sierra Campus, River- 20012.
side, California 92515. Seventh-day Adventist Radio, Television and Film
Oakwood College, Huntsville, Alabama 35896. Center, 1100 Rancho Conejo Boulevard, New-
bury Park, California 91320.
Food Companies Publishing
Loma Linda Foods, Inc., 11503 Pierce St., Riverside,
Christian Record Services, Incorporated, 4444
California 92505. South 52nd Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68506.
Pacific Press Publishing Association, 1350 North
Health-Care Kings Road, Nampa, Idaho 83651.
Loma Linda Community Hospital Corporation, Review and Herald Publishing Association, 55 West
25333 Barton Road, Loma Linda, California 92354. Oak Ridge Drive, Hagerstown, Maryland 21740.

Guinea Seychelles Islands CI



Unions Population Churches Members
Central African 24,201,000 524 40,341
Indian Ocean 13,024,116 165 25,280
Nigerian 97,805,360 429 77,835
Rwanda 6,724,273 666 182,266
Sahel 39,726,759 38 4,786
West African 23,290,000 417 134,083
Zaire 38,526,616 831 190.435
Burundi Mission 5.120.000_81 21.547
Totals June 30, 1988 248,418.114 3,151 676,573
Organized 1980

Territory: Benin, British Indian Ocean Territory, Publishing, Dale L. Thomas.

Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroun, Cape Verde, Spirit of Prophecy, J. B. A. Kio.
Central African Republic, Chad, Comoro Islands,
Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon,
ADRA/AID, Facsimile Number: +(225) 44-3511.
Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kerguelen Islands,
Director, D. R. Syme.
Liberia, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius,
Adventist World Radio, AWR/AID, Boite Postale
Niger, Nigeria, Reunion, Rwanda, Senegal,
1751, Abidjan 08, Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa.
Seychelles, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Togo, and
Telephones: 44-00-97 and 44-06-15.
Zaire; comprising the Central African, Indian
Manager, D. Grisier.
Ocean, Nigerian, Rwanda, Sahel, West African,
Africa Literature Ministry Coordinating Board:
and Zaire Union Missions, and Burundi Mission.
Editorial Consultant, Reinder Bruinsma.
Population: 248,418,114; churches, 3,151; mem- Communication/Media Services, Jack Mahon.
bers, 676,573. Computer Services, Robert E. Baker.
Cable Address: "ADVENTDIV ABIDJAN." Division Auditing Service,
Telex Number: 27125 (Ans. AIDSDA CI 27125). Indian Ocean District: District Director, D.
Barelli; Staff Auditor, Louis Julien Li Yung
Office Address: Cidex 03 C 84, Riviera 1, Abidjan, Tong.
Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa. Telephones: 44-00-97, East District: District Director, Caezer Hecha-
44-06-15, and 44-64-85. nova; Staff Auditor, Elizafani Ntakirutimana;
Administration: Audit Intern, Solva Paul Mwema.
President, J. J. Nortey. Central District: District Director, Michael Bello
Secretary, Ted N. C. Wilson. (acting); Staff Auditors, U. K. Emea, Okezi S.
Treasurer, P. N. Onwere; Associates, Keith Hein- Wogu; Audit Intern, Samuel Amanze.
rich, A. D. Tagalog. West District: District Director, Victoria Aryee;
Field Secretary, Ntwali Ruhaya. Staff Auditors, Hesron Byilingiro, Emmanuel
Executive Committee: J. J. Nortey, Chairman; Ted Manu; Audit Intern, Philippe Agbovor.
N. C. Wilson, Secretary; C. 0. Adeogun, A, A. Trust Services, I. J. Nortey.
Alalade, Antonjara, P. K. Asareh, P. Bahimba, Car-
Ordained Ministers:
lyle Bayne, Gaspar F. Colon, Daniel Cordas, Mare-
Daniello Barelli, Carlyle Bayne, R. Bruinsma, Gas-
nus V. S. De Paula, S. Gbenedio, J. A. Gibson,
Roland L. Joachim, J. B. A. Kio, Jack Mahon, Sieg- par F. Colon, Marenus V. S. De Paula, D. Grisier, J.
B. A. Kio, Jack Mahon, J. J. Nortey, Elizafani Ntakir-
fried G. Mayr, Nyembo Mwema, P. N. Onwere, R.
utimana, N. Ruhaya, David R. Syme, D. L. Thomas,
G. Peck, A. Rugelinyange, Ntwali Ruhaya, Silas
Walton S. Whaley, Ted N. C. Wilson.
Senkomo, D. R. Syme, A. D. Tagalog, Dale L. Tho-
mas, E. H. Wallace, Walton S. Whaley. Credentialed Missionaries:
Departments: John Adu, Mrs. M. Attey, Mrs. Jane Baker, Robert
Church Ministries, Carlyle Bayne; Associate, Mare- Baker, Mrs. Carlyle Bayne, R. Bolante, Mrs. Joan
nus V. S. De Paula. De Paula, Ninfa Gonzaga, C. Hechanova, Keith
Communication, Jack Mahon. Heinrich, Mrs. Phaik-See Kassi, Martha La Pierre,
Education, P. Bahimba. Louis Julien Li Yung Tong, Mrs. Margaret Mahon,
Health and Temperance, Gaspar F. Colon. Dinah Maquilan, Flora Meisser, P. N. Onwere, A.
Ministerial, Walton S. Whaley; Associate, Gaspar D. Tagalog.
F. Colon. Licensed Ministers:
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, J. B. A. Kio. Phenias Bahimba.


Organized 1949

Territory: Cameroun, Central African Republic, Administration:

Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon; President, Roland L. Joachim.
comprising the Central African Republic, Central- Secretary, Roland L. Joachim.
South Cameroun, East Cameroun, Equatorial Treasurer, George Egwakhe; Assistants, Anthony
Guinea, Gabon, North Cameroun, and West Davis, Ebenezer Owusu.
Cameroun Missions, and the Chad and People's Executive Committee: Roland L. Joachim,
Republic of Congo Mission Stations. Chairman; Mrs. Marguerite Akoumba, Norbert
Balebita, Jean Bikanda, Emmanuel Boma, Anthony
Population: 24,201,000; churches, 524; members, Davis, George Egwakhe, Joseph Marie Essimbang,
40,341. Jodel Etienne, Mrs. Louise Fomuso, Arthur Gar-
butt, Francisco Gavin, Paul Gheorghe, Alberto
Telex Number: CAUMSDA 8550 KN. Guaita, Clement R. Mahele, Andre Makong, Jean
Mandack, Justin Mavoulet, Jean Ema'a Medou,
Mailing Address: Union des Eglises Adventistes de Jean-Pierre Mezale, Jean-Claude Mongo,
l'Afrique Centrale, Boite Postale 401, Yaounde, Re- Alphonse Ngbwa, Hans Obenaus, Ebenezer Owu-
public of Cameroun. Telephones: 22-43-01 and 22- su, Biroubei Parsanga, Mrs. Priscille Michele San-
43-12. go, Jean Trebeau.


Departments: Administration:
Church Ministries, Emmanuel Boma; Associate, President, Jean Ema'a Medou.
Joseph Marie Essimbang. Secretary, Jean Ema'a Medou.
Communication, Jean Bikanda. Treasurer, Anthony Davis.
Education, Jean-Pierre Mezale. Executive Committee: Jean Ema'a Medou,
Health, Jean Blaise Mahailet. Chairman; Ndjana Bela, Paul Bengono, Anthony
Ministerial, Andre Makong. Davis, Dieudonne Endamane, Joseph Kombang,
Publishing, Alcega Jeanniton. Francois Ze Meke, Lazare Mezing, Anastasie Ndah,
Religious Liberty, Roland L. Joachim. Francois Ndong, Aaron Obate, Jeanne Ribouem.
Services: Departments:
Adventist Book Center, Philippe Myede. Church Ministries, Joseph Kombang.
Ordained Ministers: Education, Lazare Mezing.
Emmanuel Boma, Joseph Marie Essimbang, Alcega Ministerial, Jean Ema'a Medou.
Jeanniton, Roland Joachim, Andre Makong. Publishing, Francois Ze Meke.
Honorary: Barnabas Andoulko, Luc Angoula, Ordained Ministers:
Pierre Assamba, Simon Baba, Thomas Bendele, Jean Afana, Samson Assoumou, Silas Beti Olinga,
Samuel Bitore, Daniel Engozo, Josue Medjo, Dieudonne Endamane, Etienne Entoume, Marc
Mathieu Ndongo. Eyek, Joseph Kombang, Francois Ndong, Daniel
Credentialed Missionaries: Nguele, Jean Obam, Aaron Obate, Simon Ondua,
Mrs. Berthe Bekono, Mrs. Christine Bitty, Arthur A. Salla, Rene Si Beti, Joseph Woa, Calvin Ze.
Garbutt, Paul Gheorghe, Petra Glanz, Mrs. Credentialed Missionaries:
Madeleine Isso'oh, Solange Joachim, Ebenezer Lazare Mezing, Bela Ndjana, Daniel Ndoumou,
Kendeg, Patrice Ngangoumou, Marthe Oyono, Jean-Marc Tondje, Jean Yakan, Daniel Zo'o Zo'o.
Juliette Yeretzian, Simon Zambo. Licensed Ministers:
Licensed Ministers: Moise Bekono, J. Dongo, Simon Iroung, Mrs.
Joseph Marie Essimbang, Clemenceau Eya Medjo, Anastasie Ndah, Gaston Samba, Meke Francois Ze.
Philippe Milandou, Philemon Nkando, Samuel Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Oyono. Pierre Abondo, Martin Eva Akono, Jean Kedi,
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Ruben Mbendza, Florent Ngoba, Jeanne Ribouem.
Andre Abondo, Guillaume Bahanack, Martin Eva
Akono, Jean Kedi, Ruben Mbendza, Florent CHAD MISSION STATION
Ngooba, Emmanuel Pegnyemb, Jeanne Ribouem, Established 1967; organized 1973
M. Chantal Sopgui. Reorganized 1987
Honorary: Benjamin Medjo, Richard Ntouba. Territory: Chad.
Population: 5,000,000; churches, 13; members, 412.
CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC MISSION Mailing Address: Eglise Adventiste, Boite Postale
Established 1960; organized 1970 880, N'djamena, Chad Republic.
Territory: Central African Republic.
Director, Biroubel Parsanga.
Population: 2,780,000; churches, 40; members, Executive Committee: Roland L. Joachim,
1,714. Chairman; Justin Karsidi Boulama, Biroubel Par-
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 274, Bangui, Central sanga, Martin Sanloubui, Jacques Wankel.
African Republic. Ordained Ministers:
Administration: Kassidi Boulama, Biroubel Parsanga.
President, Hans Obenaus. Licensed Ministers:
Executive Committee: Hans Obenaus, Chairman; Hale Barka, Raphael De Gaule, Celestin Kemkoi,
Pierre Azougbama, Nanke Etienne, D. Gofita, Jus- Daniel Koisala, Issa Maloum, Tambekreo San-
tin Mavoulet, Tagoe Victor. loubui, Jacques Wankel, Paul Wankissam.
Church Ministries, Patrice Bagaza. EAST CAMEROUN MISSION
Communication and VOP, Clement Colongondat. Established 1932
Ordained Ministers: Organized 1949; reorganized 1966, 1970
Patrice Bagaza, Clement Colongondat, Joachim Territory: Boumba-Ngoko, Haut-Nyong, Haute-
Gbiatimbi, Michel Gopa, Hans Obenaus. Sanaga, Kadei, and Lom-Djerem Circumscriptions
Licensed Ministers: of Cameroun.
Pierre Azougbama, Elie Boromia, Jean-Marie Dali- Population: 921,000; churches, 190; members,
kouba, Alphonse Dongba, Philippe Mbaouba, 18,520.
Etienne Narke, Zacharie Ndangalamo, Pierre
Ngambesso, Victor Tagoe, Pierre Tekata, David Mailing Address: Mission Adventiste, Boite Postale
Wambeti, Valere Yamboe, Michel Zathos, Antoine 14, Bertoua, Republic of Cameroun. Telephone:
Zengba. 24-11-64.
President, Alphonse Ngbwa.
Organized 1971 Executive Committee: Alphonse Ngbwa,
Chairman; Marthe Agba, Raymond Asso'o, David
Territory: Dja and Lobo, Haut Nyong (parts), Lekie, Avom, Jean-Mary Ayangma, Simon Baba, Maurice
Mbam, Mefou, Mfoundi, Ntem, Nyong-Kelle, Mbori, Flobert Mengoue, Gabriel Ndjangwa.
Nyong-Mfoumou, and Nyong-Soo Circumscrip-
tions of Cameroun. Departments:
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Raymond
Population: 5,000,000; churches, 106; members, Asso'o.
7,084. Ministerial and Religious Liberty, Alphonse
Mailing Address: Mission Adventiste, Boite Postale Ngbwa; Assistant, Gabriel Ndjangwa.
4122, Yaounde-Nlongkak, Republic of Cameroun. Stewardship and Development, Raymond Asso'o.

Ordained Ministers: pe Paida, Elie Sanda, Marie Tagao, Jeremie Tele-

Benoit Ackok, Auguste Apack, Raymond Asso'o, mke.
Simon Biyo'o, David Bogo, Simon Danko, Jean Departments:
Ewolo, Samuel Mbiama, Valere Mekinda, Luc Men- Church Ministries, Amos Menguewe.
golo, Jules Messambou, Denis Ndongo, Salomon Ministerial and Religious Liberty, Jean-Claude
Ndongo, Alphonse Ngbwa, Valere Sandji, Bernard Mongo.
Savom, Pierre Yadou, Richard Zemengue.
Ordained Ministers:
Licensed Ministers: Daniel Aboulangtang, Barnabas Andoulko, Abra-
Louis Angoula, Jean Bekongo, Daniel Bekono, ham Baba, Josue Baldna, Michel Denote, Pierre
Blaise Bolo, Daniel Dabouna, Michel Damoussa, Djala, Jean Dosso, Moise Foudapa, Paul Kabame,
Martin Gomo, Clement Mbendje, Jean-Baptiste Paul Klavac, J. Madi, J. Telemke, Thomas Togloko.
Mbina, Pierre Nakobio, Dieudonne Nang, Oscar
Licensed Ministers:
Ndende, M. Ndjockndouma, Andre Ndouma,
Luc Djebakounda, Philippe Djegbwe, Gonako
David Ngayam, Antoine Ngongo, Michel Ntongo,
Dounia, Njoya Hacheked, P. Iwe, Samuel Kekere,
Richard Okala.
Paul Makoftom, D. Mosso, Paul Oumarou,
Timothee Oumate, Elie Sanda, Philippe Sarka,
Territory: Equatorial Guinea. TION
Population: 300,000; churches, 4; members, 136. Established 1972

Mailing Address: Apartado Correos 423, Malabo, Territory: Congo.

Equatorial Guinea. Population: 2,000,000; churches, 1; members, 146.
Administration: Mailing Address: Communaute Adventiste, Boite
President, Francisco Gavin. Postale 2379, Brazzaville, People's Republic of
Executive Committee: Francisco Gavin, Chairman; Congo.
Ricardo Bullmen, Rufino Carmarero, Gervasio Administration:
Codin, Parciano Samba. President,
Ordained Ministers: Executive Committee: Roland L. Joachim,
Francisco Gavin. Chairman; Philippe Milandou.
Licensed Ministers:
GABON MISSION Philippe Milandou.
Organized 1947; reorganized 1976 Established 1962; reorganized 1972
Territory: Gabon. Territory: Littoral, Northwest, Southwest, and West
Population: 1,200,000; churches, 2; members, 111. Counties and Ocean District of Cameroun.
Mailing Address: Mission Adventiste, Boite Postale Population: 4,000,000; churches, 46; members,
4074, Libreville, Gabon Republic. Telephone: 73- 2,513.
10-44. Mailing Address: Mission Adventiste, Boite Postale
Administration: 447, Douala, Republic of Cameroun. Telephone:
President, Jean Trebeau. 42-89-86.
Executive Committee: Jean Trebeau, Chairman; Administration:
Guillaume Bahanack. President, Clement R. Mahele.
Ordained Ministers: Treasurer, Jean Moukoko.
Jean Trebeau. Executive Committee: Clement R. Mahele,
Chairman; Martin Batamak, Jean Chentu, Jean-
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Guillaume Bahanack. Pierre Ekanga, Jodel Etienne, Jacques Mbongue,
Joseph Meya, Jean Moukoko, Joseph Nkou, Isaac
Nolla, Helen Nouga, Pascal Yanken.
Established 1931; organized 1933 Church Ministries, Jean Chentu; Associate, Martin
Reorganized 1967, 1970 Batamak.
Territory: Adamaoua, North Cameroun, and ex- Education, Joseph Nkou.
treme North provinces of Cameroun. Ministerial and Religious Liberty, Clement R.
Population: 3,000,000; churches, 122; members, Publishing, Pascal Yanken.
Ordained Ministers:
Mailing Address: Mission Adventiste, Boite Postale M. Batamak, Jean Chentu, Jean-Justin Mbock, Jac-
45, Maroua, Republic of Cameroun. Telephone: ques Mbongue, Godefroy Mubele, Gabriel
29-12-06. Ndjangwa.
Administration: Licensed Ministers:
President, Jean-Claude Mongo. John Agbor, Laurent Bessekou, T. Djie Djie, Jean-
Executive Committee: Jean-Claude Mongo, Paul Ekanga, Jean Itibi, Jacques Matick, Simon
Chairman; Josue Baldna, Amos Menguewe, Philip- Nsemba.


Organized 1938; reorganized 1960

Territory: British Indian Ocean Territory, Comoro the Mauritius Conference, and the Central Mala-
Islands, Kerguelen Islands, Madagascar, Mauritius, gasy, North Malagasy, Reunion, Seychelles, and
Reunion, Rodrigues, and Seychelles; comprising South Malagasy Missions.

Population: 13,024,116; churches, 165; members, jaonah, Joseph Rakoto, Marcel Rakoto, Rakotoari-
25,280. lala, Edmond Rakotoarisoa, Norbert Rakotoarisoa,
Raymond Rakotoarisoa, Rakotoarison II, Rakoto-
Cable Address: "Adventiste," Antananarivo, Mada- mavo Rakotonoely, Desire Ramaharisoa, Emile
gascar. Randriamalala, Jean Andre Razafiarison, Jean Bap-
Telex Number: 22259 ZODIAC MG ADVENTISTE. tiste Razafindrabe, Gilbert Razafinjatovo, Emile
MailinAddress: Boite Postale 700, Antananarivo Razakamahefa.
101, Madagascar. Telephone: 404-65. Credentialed Missionaries:
Administration: Mariette Raharimalala, Sahondra Raharimalala,
President, Siegfried G. Mayr. Aimee Rahelimanana, Zaria Eline Ramahaleo,
Secretary, Fred Rasoanindrainy. Suzanne Rasoaseheno, Mariette Ravaoarimanana,
Treasurer, Mbanona. Rasoamialinarivo Ravaomalala, Ravelomasina,
Executive Committee: Siegfried G. Mayr, Jacob Razafimandimby, Marie Jeannette Razanar-
Chairman; Fred Rasoanindrainy, Secretary; Anton- isoa.
jara, Mikael Beesoo, Breejan Burrun, Michel Licensed Ministers:
Chaigne, Claude Couty, Daniel Gueho, Ratsiohar- Alphonse Emiliarison, Rabearisaona, Gervais Ran-
ana Mahatana, Rostra Andrianasolo Marnoel, Mba- drianasolo, Jacques Raoeliarison, Ratsarasaotra,
nona, Charles Montille, J. Fred Payet, Rabenadim- Henri Raveloarison, Samuel Ravonjiarivelo, Martin
by, Jonah Randrianasolo, Emilienne Rasamoely, Razafindrakoto, Narison Gilbert Razafinjatovo,
Gilbert Razafinjatovo, Bien Aime Bary Simon. James Lala Samoely.
Departments: Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Church Ministries, Fredson Andrianarisoa, Claude Jaonarivony, Abel
Education, Emilienne Rasamoely. Rajaonarison, Jean Rakotoarimanana, Jean de Dieu
Health and Temperance, Rakotoarison, Antoinette Ramalalasoa, Sylvia
Ministerial and Religious Liberty, Jonah Randriana- Ratompoarisoa, Ramarovavy Razanamandroso.
Spirit of Prophecy, Jonah Randrianasolo. MAURITIUS CONFERENCE
Entered 1914; organized 1958
Ordained Ministers:
Reorganized 1984
Claude Couty, Siegfried Mayr, Mbanona, Ramor-
asata, Jonah Randrianasolo, Fred Rasoanindrainy. Territory: Mauritius, including Rodrigues.
Honorary: Rostra Andrianasolo Marnoel, Will Population: 1,150,000; churches, 20; members,
Neveu, Jerome Rabarijoel, Jerome Rabe, Rajoeli- 2,556.
son, Minason Rakotonirainy, Adolph Rakotoson,
Valison Ralaivao, Randrianavoson, Robert Rasami- Cable Address: "Adventist," Rose Hill, Mauritius,
manana, Salomon Razafiendrika, Razafimahafaly, Indian Ocean.
Narainsamy Seenyen. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 18, Rose Hill, Mauritius,
Indian Ocean.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Alice Burkarth, Leon Burkarth, Ginette Chaigne, Office Address: 10 Salisbury Street, Rose Hill,
Michel Chaigne, Ellen Mayr, Angeline Rahariva- Mauritius, Indian Ocean. Telephone: 54 7467.
hoaka, Jean Baptiste Rakotoniaina, Christine Rama- Administration:
siarisoa, Solofo Ramorasata, Romaine Raobivelo, President, Daniel Gueho.
Victoire Rasoanavalona, Julienne Rasoarimalala, Secretary-Treasurer, Daniel Bhookun.
Aimee Voavah Raterarivelo, Georges Ravonjizafy, Executive Committee: Daniel Gueho, Chairman;
Francine Razafindrabe, Razafindrasoa, Perle Raza- Daniel Bhookun, Secretary; Judex Adeline, Bree-
najaona. jan Burrun, Francis Fidelia, Lewis Frivet, Seth Mart-
ingale, Ginette Montille, Mahen Neeliah, Jonathan
Organized 1949; reorganized 1960, 1972 Departments:
Territory: Provinces of Tamatave and Tananarive in Church Ministries, Lewis Frivet; Assistant, Mahen
Madagascar. Neeliah.
Population: 4,877,743; churches, 79; members, Communication, Breejan Burrun.
10,784. Education, Harold Dick.
Health and Temperance, Kelvyn Ng Wong Hing.
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 670, Antananarivo, Ministerial and Spirit of Prophecy, Daniel Gueho.
Madagascar. Telephone: 404-65. Publishing, Francis Fidelia.
Administration: Religious Liberty, Daniel Bhookun.
President, Gilbert Razafinjatovo. Legal Association: "The Seventh-day Adventist Dio-
Secretary-Treasurer, Melchisedeck Randriamian- cese of Mauritius."
Executive Committee: Gilbert Razafinjatovo, Ordained Ministers:
Chairman; Melchisedek Randriamiandriray, Secre- Daniel Bhookun, Lewis Frivet, Daniel Gueho,
tary; E. Andriantseheno, Alphonse Emiliarison, J. Jonathan Rose.
Rabe, Mrs. R. Raheliarivony, Elioenay Rajaonah, Credentialed Missionaries:
Rakotoarilala, A. Rakotondranaivo, J. Rama- Mrs. Danielle Pascal, David Sangaraille.
haisahy, T. Ramandimbiarison, J. Ranala, Ratsar- Licensed Ministers:
asaotra. Patrice Allet, Lindsay Chineegadoo, Norman Latch-
Departments: man, Mahen Vasoodeo Neeliah, Serge Tigresse.
Church Ministries, Elioenay Rajaonah; Associate, Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Ratsarasaotra. Francis Fidelia.
Ministerial, Gilbert Razafinjatovo.
Publishing, T. Ramandimbiarison.
Spirit of Prophecy, Ratsarasaotra. NORTH MALAGASY MISSION
Organized 1949; reorganized 1958, 1966, 1972
Ordained Ministers:
Theophile Andriamifidy, Lyla Herimanitra, Lemisy, Territory: Provinces of Antsiranana and Mahajanga
Vincent de Paul Leta, Rabarijoely, Elioenay Ra- in Madagascar.

Population: 2,157,884; churches, 27; members, Ministerial, Charles Montille.

6,345. Publishing and Religious Liberty, Vivian L'Invulner-
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 247, Mahajanga,
Madagascar. Telephone: 225-32. Ordained Ministers:
Daniel Brabant, Fernand Hernicot, Vivian L'In-
Administration: vulnerable, Charles Montille.
President, Antonjara.
Secretary-Treasurer, Licensed Ministers:
Executive Committee: Antonjara, Chairman; Jean,Maurice Pitche, Mahen Ramful, Anirood Ram-
Robert Djaosenga, Marogisy, Salomon Emile Maza- persad.
va, Barison Randriamarolahy, Joseph Rason, Ernes-
tine Raveloarisoa, Benoit Tody, Zaratombo. SEYCHELLES MISSION
Established 1936; organized 1947
Church Ministries, ; Assistant, Salomon Territory: Seychelles.
Emile Mazava. Population: 65,711; churches, 4; members, 232.
Communication, Education, and Temperance,
Salomon Emile Mazava. Cable Address: "Adventiste," Mahe, Seychelles Is-
Ministerial and Religious Liberty, Antonjara. lands, Indian Ocean.
Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy, Barison Ran-
driamarolahy. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 28, Victoria-Mahe,
Seychelles Islands, Indian Ocean. Telephone:
Ordained Ministers: 23093.
Paul Jacques Andriambelo, Antonjara, Vincent Be- Administration:
tombo, Binahiny, Robert Djaosenga, Frederic, President, Mikael Beesoo.
Simon Gilbert, Alphonse Mahasoa, Salomon Emile Executive Committee: Mikael Beesoo, Chairman;
Mazava, Bernard Rabesalama, Rakotovao, Jerome David Chetty, William Jackson, Nianhvan Nursoo,
Raliva, Florent Ramahavonjy, Ernest Randrianarive- Sylvianne Stravens.
lo, Zano, Zaratombo.
Ordained Ministers:
Credentialed Missionaries: Mikael Beesoo.
Florine Ambinintsoa, Radisony, Marie Louise Rali-
vao, Georgette Ramarosoa, Rasoamampionona, Licensed Ministers:
Claudine Raveloarisoa, Louise Razafindrakalo, Josue Bru, Nianhvan Nursoo.
Zefania Razafindrasata, Celestine Razanamiarint-
soa, Dine Soalahy, Rosette Soanaviana, Tsimizaka. SOUTH MALAGASY MISSION
Organized 1949; reorganized 1960, 1972
Licensed Ministers:
Andre Andriamampionona, Malaza Damasy, Jania Territory: Provinces of Fianarantsoa and Tulear.
Herimamy, Jasmin Herinirina, Manantsoa Ran- Population: 4,201,158; churches, 21; members,
driamiarana, Ernestine Ravaloarisoa, Tsaradinitra, 4,235.
Gabriel Velonaody, Petera Zamany.
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 1126, Fianarantsoa,
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Madagascar. Telephone: 513-27.
Jacques Lalao Andriamisaintsoa, Francois Bemiza-
ka, Lezina, Norbert Rabetsarazafy, Cherry R. Raza-
fiarisoa, Bacoline Razanamalala, Yvonne Razanar- President, Bien Aime Bary Simon.
imino, Roger Velonjara, Marie Celine Zely. Secretary-Treasurer, Efraima Randrianasolo.
Executive Committee: Bien Aime Bary Simon,
Chairman; Raphael Ravatomanana Andrianjaka-
zafy, Brunel Rabarijoely, Felicite Raharindrazana-
REUNION MISSION ka, Roussel Rakotobe, Rakotonaivo, Armand Rako-
Entered 1936; organized 1947 tondrabenjanahary, Efraima Randrianasolo, Daniel
Territory: Reunion Island (French Overseas Depart- Razakaria.
Population: 571,620; churches, 14; members, 1,128. Church Ministries and Communication, Daniel
Telex Number: 916150 RE 212769. Education, Bien Aime Bary Simon.
Ministerial and Religious Liberty, Bien Aime Bary
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 227, 97466 Saint De- Simon.
nis Cedex, Reunion, Indian Ocean. Telephones: Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy, Brunel Rabar-
21-27-69 and 21-74-04. ijoely.
Administration: Ordained Ministers:
President, Charles Montille. Bien Aime Bary Simon, Jean D. Rajaokarivola, Mar-
Secretary-Treasurer, Jacques Zoogones. tin Rakotoarivelo, Edouard Rakotonaivo, Joseph
Executive Committee: Charles Montille, Seth Rakotondrabetsizaraina, Rakotondramanga,
Chairman; Jacques Zoogones, Secretary; Daniel Jean-Pierre Rakotoson, Samuel Rakotovao, Felix
Brabant, Eulalie Daunes, -Fernand Hernicot, Vivian Ramanantsialonina, Andre Randrianasolo, Joseph
L'Invulnerable, Christian Marbois, Maurice Randrimanantena, Andre Ratsimandresy, Gilbert
Robert. Ratsimbazafy, Zacharie Razafimahafaly.
Departments: Credentialed Missionaries:
Church Ministries, Fernand Hernicot; Associate, Jean de Dieu Rafanomezantsoa, Myriame
Anirood Rampersad. Rasoamampianina, Jean Calixte Ratombontsoa,
Communication, Sidney Auriant. Marie Ratsimba, Christian Ratsimbanirina, Christ-
Health and Temperance, Daniel Brabant. ine Raveloarisoa, Marthe Razanamaro.

Licensed Ministers: Frederic Randriambeloson, Jean Emmanuel Ran-

Tadjiri Djanffar, Brunel Rabarijoely, Louis Norbert drianiriana, Daniel Razakaria.
Rakotonanahary, Andriamiarisoa Ralaitsirofy, Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Raoult Ramanandraibe, Tsimaitoarivo Ramanoari- Sebastien Badomisy, Ametiste Rahajanirainy, Rat-
jaona, Parfait Randriamampionona, Lucien simbazafy, Martin Razafindrabe.


Organized 1972

Territory: Nigeria; comprising the East Nigerian Mailing Address: P.O. Box 323, Benin City, Nigeria,
Conference, the Bendel, East Central, North Nige- West Africa.
rian, Rivers, and West Nigerian Missions, and the Administration:
South East Mission Station. President, S. 0. Gbenedio.
Population: 97,805,350; churches, 429; members, Secretary-Treasurer, M. J. Obrimah.
77,835. Executive Committee: S. 0. Gbenedio, Chairman;
Cable Address: "Adventist," Ikeja, Nigeria, West M. J. Obrimah, Secretary; S. 0. Egerue, M. W.
Africa. Gbede, N. Idiodi, S. Madojemu, A. A. Ojemen, P.
Telex Number: 26709 (Ans. 26709 NUMSDA).
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 207, Ikeja, Lagos State, Communication and Stewardship, M. J. Obrimah.
Nigeria, West Africa. Telephone: 964884. Education, A. A. Ojemen.
Administration: Lay Activities and VOP, S. 0. Gbenedio.
President, C. 0. Adeogun. Publishing and Temperance, S. 0. Egerue.
Secretary, L. T. Daniel. Sabbath School, M. J. Obrimah.
Treasurer, M. Olukaikpe. Youth, 0. E. Okonkwo.
Executive Committee: C. 0. Adeogun, Chairman; Ordained Ministers:
L. T. Daniel, Secretary; Johnson O. Achilihu, J. A. S. 0. Gbenedio, P. Olise, L. 0. Osekete.
Adeniji, A. A. Alalade, D. 0. Babalola, S. N.
Chioma, S. Daniyan, J. I. Erondu, S. 0. Gbenedio, Credentialed Missionaries:
E. D. Magaji, J. 40. Molomo, J. Nengel, Mrs. E. M. M. Adjuya, S. A. Edoro, S. 0. Egerue, Mrs. J. 0.
Nwaji, I. Nwaobia, G. C. Nwaogwugwu, J. E. Obot, Nwaji, M. J. Obrimah.
S. J. Okochi, Mrs. E. M. Ola, M. Olukaikpe, E. Licensed Ministers:
Owotor. S. Chigbundu, J. Ekashili, 0. Okonkwo, G.
Departments: Omijeh, R. Oriaki.
Church Ministries, J. A. Adeniji; Associates, I. Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Nwaobia, G. C. Nwaogwugwu. S. Edoro, A. Nwachukwu.
Communication and Education, G. C. Nwaogwug-
Health and Temperance, S. Daniyan.
Organized 1986
Ministerial, L. T. Daniel.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, L. T. Daniel. Territory: Assigned local government areas of Imo
Publishing, J. I. Erondu. and Anambra States.
Services: Population: 6,500,000; churches, 46; members,
Adventist Book Center, John Egwuonwa; Regional 6,920.
Manager, C. M. Agonaja.
Cable Address: "Adventists," Enugu, Nigeria, West
Ordained Ministers: Africa.
J. A. Adeniji, C. 0. Adeogun, D. T. Agboola, A. A.
Alalade, J. D. Awoniyi, L. T. Daniel, J. I. Erondu, I. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 9406, Enugu, Nigeria,
Nwaobia. West Africa. Telephone: (042) 256-206.
Honorary: J. E. Agbanyim, D. B. Alabi, I. 0. Ana- Administration:
ba, N. A. Anaba, Jumbo Arungwa, M. Chioma, I. K. President, S. N. Chioma.
Dariya, A. J. Dickay, G. A. Dickay, N. Eruba, S. A. Secretary-Treasurer, J. Ihuoma.
Iheme, S. A. Ihemeje, Joshua Njoku, T. 0. Nwank- Executive Committee: S. N. Chioma, Chairman; J.
pa, A. A. Nzotta, S. 0. Ogbonna, J. 0. Olomojobi, Ihuoma, Secretary; S. Chionye, J. Imo, M. Mmagu,
T. K. Olufemi, A. Oluikpe, D. K. Omoleye, E. E. S. Nnaji, D. Onu, C. Umezurike.
Onumaegbu, P. E. Onwere, D. C. Orukwowu, F.
W. Uzoaru, R. Wigwe. Departments:
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, M. Mmagu.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy, C. Umezurike.
F. Akarahu, A. Akwarandu, G. Makanjuola, N. P.
Mosqueda, G. I. Nwaogwugwu, L. Nwaokocha, A. Stewardship and Youth, J. Imo.
E. Nwazue, M. J. Obrimah, E. Olaore, E. B. Olaore, Ordained Ministers:
M. Oluikpe, J. A. Onuoha, S. B. Popoola. T. U. Adighibe, H. J. Awuloha, S. N. Chioma, S. A.
Chionye, J. 0. Chuku, J. 0. Imoh, M. U. Mmagu,
BENDEL MISSION H. I. C. Oriaku, J. Umunakwe.
Organized 1977 Credentialed Missionaries:
Territory: Bendel State. J. Ihuoma, I. Jonah, C. Umezurike.
Population: 4,300,000; churches, 11; members, Licensed Ministers:
2,442. N. Agbayim, P. 0. Amanze, 0. C. Anyaogu, S. C.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Benin City, Nigeria, Azode, C. Ike, P. U. G. Ine, G. Nzeadibe, 0. N.
West Africa. Ogudu, I. A. Olugu.

Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Mailing Address: Seventh-day Adventist Church,

D. Abazie, E. C. Obediah, I. E. Ukaenyi. P.O. Box 88, Bukuru, Plateau State, Nigeria, West
Established 1923; organized 1930 President, E. D. Magaji.
Reorganized 1971, 1977, 1986 Secretary, Y. M. Musa.
Executive Committee: E. D. Magaji, Chairman; Y.
Territory: Benue State and portions of Anambra and M. Musa, Secretary; Mrs. J. W. Adu, D. Agyo, D. D.
Imo States. Ibrahim, Z. Kucheti, S. I. Nasamu, Mrs. S. Nengel,
Population: 13,600,000; churches, 177; members, G. N. Nwaehighibe, E. F. Olatunji, G. H. Tatamare.
29,710. Departments:
Cable Address: "Adventists," Aba, Nigeria, West Education and Youth, D. Agyo.
Africa. Health and Temperance, M. A. Jibrin.
Mailing Address: Private Mail Bag 7115, Aba, Niger- Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Y. M. Musa.
ia, West Africa. Telephone: (082) 222-064. Ministerial, E. D. Magaji.
Publishing and VOP, G. N. Nwaehighibe.
Stewardship, J. T. Kakwi.
President, Johnson 0. Achilihu.
Secretary, Isaac A. Ekpendu. Ordained Ministers:
Treasurer, John A. N. Onuoha. S. K. Ajah, S. A. Akin e, E. M. Bature, D. F. Chir-
Executive Committee: Johnson 0. Achilihu, oma, S. Dankali, D. D. Ibrahim, E. D. Magaji, I.
Chairman; Isaac A. Ekpendu, Secretary; B. I. Mallum, Y. Musa, S. Nasamu, T. T. Nasamu, A.
Agbaraevo, I. W. Alala, R. 0. Arungwa, Mrs. N. W. Sule, G. H. Tatamare.
Dinneya, I. 0. Enogwe, D. U. Nwadike, D. 0. Credentialed Missionaries:
Nwankpa, S. 0. Nwarungwa, C. 0. Nwokocha, A. D. Chigbu, G. Nwaehighibe, M. Wasani, O. Wogu.
C. Ohuonu, C. N. Okeke, F. 0. Oluikpe, John A. Licensed Ministers:
N. Onuoha. A. Agomah, D. A. Agyo, I. Akurki, M. Akwai, E.
Departments: Alabura, A. Ango, S. Aridi, James Arome, S. Chibi,
Communication, Temperance, and VOP, D. U. Barnabas Gaye, F. Gugu, Timothy Ibrahim, Z. A.
Nwadike. lsau, E. Y. Jesse, E. A. Kimba, I. Kwarbai, Y. Mare,
Education and Youth, Ayuba Mavalla, T. Samuel, B. Siman, J. T. Umaru, Y.
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, F. 0. Oluikpe. Yunwa.
Ministerial, Johnson 0. Achilihu.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Johnson 0. RIVERS MISSION
Achilihu. Established 1923; organized 1971
Publishing A. C. Ohuonu.
Stewardship, Isaac A. Ekpendu. Territory: Rivers State.
Legal Name: Nigerian Association of Seventh-day Population: 3,105,350; churches, 53; members,
Adventists, Limited. 9,663.
Ordained Ministers: Cable Address: "Adventist," Port Harcourt, Nigeria,
M. W. Agomuo, E. 0. Ajae bu, 1. 0. Akwarandu, I. West Africa.
Alala, G. Azubuine, P. U. Chigbu, N. Dinneya, I. A. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 111, Port Harcourt,
Ekpendu, P. 0. Emelosu, B. M. Njoku, B. C. Nigeria, West Africa. Telephone (084) 331249.
Nwachukwu, D. Nwadike, S. 0. Nwagwu, A. Administration:
Nwambu, G. A. Nwanguma, D. Nwankpa, G. C. President, S. J. Okochi.
Nwaogwugwu, S. Nwarungwa, P. I. Nwobilo, M. A.
Secretary-Treasurer, I. N. Uhumabe.
Nwokeji, J. 0. Nwosu, M. 0. Nwosu, S. E. Nwosu,
Executive Committee: S. J. Okochi, Chairman; I.
E. 0. Ogwuma, 0. N. Okata, E. W. Okoro, F. 0.
N. Uhumabe, Secretary; S. A. Alali, S. A. T.
Oluikpe, C. Onuiri, E. A. Onumadu, I. Onuoha, L.
Amukele, Mrs. R. Dike, D. C. Ikoro, P. E. Ile, Mrs.
Onuoha, I. 0. Onyerionwu, L. W. Otti, F. 0. Uba-
E. Ngozi, N. Nwafor, R. W. Nwuzor, N. B. Nyode,
ni, J. E. Ufomba, A. A. Wosu.
C. C. Okpa, S. 0. Osaroekie.
Credentialed Missionaries:
B. N. Chukwu, I. C. Ehilegbu, Mrs. C. C. Nwachuk-
Communication, Education, and Youth, D. C.
wu, D. N. Nwankwo, Miss V. E. Okoro, J. A. N.
Onuoha, E. C. Onwere, R. E. Ubani, A. U. Uchan-
Health and Temperance, D. C. Ikoro.
ma, B. Wogwugwu.
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, R. W. Nwuzor.
Licensed Ministers: Ministerial, S. J. Okochi.
J. D. Abraham, E. C. Ajuzie, H. 0. Anukam, A. N. Publishing and VOP, S. 0. Osaroekie.
Anushiem, 0. C. Iheanacho, U. C. lheanacho, D. Stewardship, I. N. Uhumabe.
C. Kanu, I. B. Mewu, G. C. Michael, P. Monu, A. C.
Njoku, G. C. Nwaogu, M. 0. Ogbonna, D. Oriaku,
Home and Family Service, R. W. Nwuzor.
D. Ugoala, 0. Uruakpa. Trust Services, I. N. Uhumabe.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Ordained Ministers:
E.A. Ekeoma, S. I. Enwereuzor, I. 0. Nnah.
S. A. Chuku, A. A. Ekwelogu, R. E. Eti, M. Etukudo,
J. E. Igwe, D. C. Ikoro, W.iimejuice, M. B. Nyode,
NORTH NIGERIAN MISSION J. E. Obot, A. 0. Ochia, R. 0. Onwuamaegbu, S.
Established 1932; organized 1954 0. Osaroekie, G. N. Vinei, M. T. Vinom.
Territory: Abuja (Federal Capital Territory), Bauchi, Credentialed Missionaries:
E. G. Agbegbe, E. A. Akpan, F. Chukwu, J. Dedua,
Borno, Gongola, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Niger,
E. C. Ofor, S. W. Onungwe, Mrs. P. E. Onwueg-
Plateau, and Sokoto States.
buchulam, P. E. Onwuegbuchulam, I. N. Uhu-
Population: 40,000,000; churches, 47; members, mabe, Miss R. Uzogbe, R. W. Uzogbe.
Licensed Ministers:
Cable Address: "Adventist," Bukuru, Nigeria, West S. A. Alali, M. N. Deduwa, U. Ekpeye, V. I. Enene,
Africa. V. Esukpa, G. Kakiri, S. B. Kara, P. M. Nrioh, S. O.

Nweke, R. W. Nwuzor, D. M. Nyekwere, J. N. Administration:

Okoro, T. A. Uka, S. 0. Ukwuoma, V. 0. Uzogbe, President, D. 0. Babalola.
E. A. Wosu. Secretary, J. A. Dada.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Treasurer, H. G. Oladini.
P. J. Gborde. Executive Committee: D. 0. Babalola, Chairman;
J. A. Dada, Secretary; C. Adepoju, 1. 0. Adewusi, J.
A. Alade, A. A. Alalade, I. C. Egbuta, J. 0. Eregare,
SOUTH EAST MISSION STATION Mrs. G. 0. Fajana, H. G. Oladini, J. 0. Olarogun, J.
Established 1980 M. A. Oyinloye.
Territory: Cross River and Akwa Ibom States. Departments:
Population: 5,800,000; churches, 11; members, Education and Youth, L. Oladini.
1,169. Health and Ministerial, D. 0. Babalola.
Lay Activities, Sabbath School, and VOP, J. 0.
Mailing Address: The Seventh-day Adventist Owolabi.
Church, P.O. Box 201, Calabar, Cross River State, Public Relations and Religious Liberty, D. 0. Baba-
Nigeria. lola.
Administration: Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy,
Director, J. E. Obot. Stewardship, J. A. Dada.
Ordained Ministers: Temperance, J. M. A. Oyinloye.
J. A. Enang, U. 0. Etukudor, E. U. Mkpa, M. J. U. Ordained Ministers:
Nkwah, E. 0. Udoh, S. T. Umoren. S. 0. Adebawo, E. A. Adebayo, S. A. Adesina, I. 0.
Credentialed Missionaries: Adewusi, E. A. Akintunde, J. A. Alade, A. A. Ala-
J. J. Udoffa. lade, J. F. Alamu, S. A. Ayinla, D. 0. Babalola, A. A.
Licensed Ministers: Bambi, J. A. Dada, J. 0. Eregare, F. 0. Fadare, J. F.
E. E. Edet, N. J. Enang, N. J. Iwoketok. Familusi, J. A. Fatumbi, S. O. Ogungbesan, C. A.
Ojulari, A. F. Oloyede, J. A. Omolewa, E. 0.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Oshundele, J. D. Owolabi, A. 0. Oyinloye.
D. A. Nwaokike.
Credentialed Missionaries:
WEST NIGERIAN MISSION C. M. Agbonaja, A. U. Essien, T. 0. Oluyide, M. A.
Established 1914; organized 1930
Licensed Ministers:
Territory: Kwara, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, and Oyo J.A. Adeyanju, C. A. Ajani, M. Ajao, R. Akingbade,
States. S. B. Dada, A. A. Elusode, T. Isola, J. Lawal, S. 0.
Population: 24,500,000; churches, 84; members, Ogunniran, E. A. Okunlola, L. 0. Oladini, 0. Ola-
18,665. soli, J. 0. Olatunji, E. A. Onifade, J. 0. Owolabi, H.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Ibadan, Nigeria, West 0. Oyeleke, E. Oyinloye, J. M. A. Oyinloye, J. A.
Africa. Popoola.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 19, Ibadan, Nigeria, West Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Africa. Telephone: 410136. K. Biuwovwi, Mrs. C. Biuwovwi, J. Owa.


Organized 1960; reorganized 1984

Territory: Rwanda; comprising the East Rwanda, Departments:

North Rwanda, and South Rwanda Fields. Church Ministries, Amon lyamuremye; Associate,
Seth Sebihe.
Population: 6,724,273; churches, 666; members,
182,266. Communication and Education, M. Mugemana.
Health and Temperance,
Cable Address: "Adventiste," Kigali, Rwanda, Afri- Ministerial, J. Stafford.
ca. Publishing, H. Scoggins.
Telex Number: 22596 RUM RW. Religious Liberty, T. Rwamiheto.
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 367, Kigali, Rwanda, Services:
Africa. Adventist Book Center/Home Health Education
Office Address: Avenue de la Paix, Kigali, Rwanda, Service, Samuel Shyirakera.
Africa. Telephones: 73238 and 73239. ADRA/Rwanda, B.P. 2, Kigali, Rwanda, Africa. Tele-
phones: 72570 and 72571.
Administration: Director, L. Gustaysson.
President, R. G. Peck. ASSAR (Association des Services de Sante Adven-
Secretary, T. Rwamiheto. tistes au Rwanda), B.P. 2, Kigali, Rwanda, Africa.
Treasurer, S. Mbangukira; Assistant, R. Bedell. Telephone: 72571.
Legal Representatives, S. Mbangukira, R. G. Peck, Director, L. Gustaysson.
T. Rwamiheto. Trust Services, S. Mbangukira.
Executive Committee: R. G. Peck, Chairman; T.
Rwamiheto, Secretary; Stefano Baraburiye, R. Be- Ordained Ministers:
dell, L. Gustaysson, Amon lyamuremye, S. Mban- S. Barabuliye, T. Havugimana, A. lyamuremye, S.
gukira, M. Mugemana, J. Muhumuza, H. Munson, Karemera, S. Mbangukira, Aminadab Munyan-
Nathanael Musaza, A. Nzahumunyurwa, C. dekwe, N. Musaza, A. Nzahumunyurwa, R. G.
Richardson, Amon Rugelinyange, H. Scoggins, Peck, Amon Rugelinyange, Aaron Rwakigarama, T.
Seth Sebihe, K. Semugeshi, Samuel Shyirakera, J. Rwamiheto, Howard Scoggins, Seth Sebihe, J. Staf-
Stafford, E. Wallace. ford, P. Ushizimpumu.

Honorary: Hesron Bambarisha, Gidion Ban- Licensed Ministers:

dora, Yasoni Barato, Abraham Barawigilira, Dioni- U. Habingabwa, Samuel Ishimwe, Israel Kanyabu-
siyo Bikumbuye, Zakaria Bitali, Daniel Bizimana, kamba, E. Kayonga, I. Ntakirutimana, Kenneth
Eleazar Bwiruka, Laban Gahunde, Dominique Gak- Semugeshi.
waya, Yakobo Gaparayi, Yosia Gapfizi, A. Gatanazi,
Eliel Gatorano, Nicodeme Gihamangabo, Natha- EAST RWANDA FIELD
nael Girukubonye, E. Gishabagwe, Salathiel
lyamuremye, Samson Kadegede, Daniel Kagegera, Organized 1965; reorganized 1984
Ezra Kagwegwe, 0. Kanyamuheno, B. Kanyatambi, Territory: Byumba, Kibungo, and Kigali Prefectures.
Nahason Karanga, Ephraim Kayijuka, A. Kayishe- Population: 2,228,673; churches, 101; members,
ma, Azaria Kayisinga, Hesron Kibibi, Nehemia 31,298.
Kinyogote, Isaka Kirindiro, Aminadab Masilikande,
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 247, Kigali, Rwanda,
Metusela Masuhuko, Malakia Matabaro, Yakobo
Africa. Telephone: Kigali 75506.
Mayabo, Filipo Mbaraga, Filemon Mbarate, Samuel
Mfashigihe, J. Mico, Job Minsiriyo, E. Mpayamu- Administration:
guru, Azaria Mpunyu, Nathanael Mudasora, Sam- President, Amon Rugelinyange.
son Mugarura, Mathias Mugemancuro, Yasoni Secretary-Treasurer, E. Ngayabatinya.
Mugemanyi, Uzziel Mugenzi, Amos Muhaya, Eliab Executive Committee: Amon Rugelinyange,
Munyagi he, Ezechiel Munyakaragwe, Eliakim Chairman; E. Ngayabatinya, Secretary; Simeon
Munyamahame, Samuel Munyangango, Andre Ayigihugu, J. Barame, Hesron Byilingiro, Y. Kabat-
Murama, M. Musaba, Onesphore Mvunabandi, si, S. Kagoyera, B. Kayigamba, E. Mpalibatenda, A.
Daniel Ndagije, Asnapol Ndekezi, Jeremia Nga- Mugenzi, F. Mushumba, J. Nayigiziki, A. Ngirira-
bonzima, Gabriel Ngayaberura, Eliakimu Ngwije, bandi, E. Nsengiyumva, J. Ntabyera, E. Ntawur-
Efasto Nkengabo, Joeli Nkbmayombi, Marc N kun- uhunga, E. Nyirahabimana, A. Nzabarushya, F. Re-
dabakuze, David Ntabajyana, Samuel Ntamasha- keraho, A. Rukara, Jacques Sezibera.
kiro, Aminadabu Ntihinyurwa, Simon Ntizikwira, Departments:
Silas Nyamubi, Hosea Nzabarushya, Amiel Nzabi- Church Ministries, Hesron Byilingiro.
himana, Aroni Nzabonariba, Nahasoni Nzajyibwa- Communication, Education, and Temperance, Si-
mi, Nicodeme Rubuguza, Issaka Rucondo, Tadeyo meon Ayigihugu.
Rudasimbukanwa, Uzziel Rufuku, Eneas Rugar- Ministerial and Religious Liberty, Amon Rugeliny-
ama, Stefano Rugirangoga, U. Ruhingubugi, Barna- ange.
bas Rukika, S. Runyereri, Samuel Rutazihana, Zefa- Publishing, Jacques Sezibera.
nia Rutwa, Yohana Ruvugihomvu, Simon Ruvum- Services:
ba, E. Rwakana, Jered Rwamihigo, Timoteyo Rwa- ADRA, Hesron Byilingiro.
mihigo, Malakia Rwamilindi, Salathiel Rwanamiza, Trust Services, E. Ngayabatinya.
N. Rwandema, Seth Rwanyabuto, Eliezer Rwanyon-
Ordained Ministers:
S a, Simoni Sebiyozo, Samuel Sebujisho, Ferdinand
eburikoko, Simeon Semafaranga, Aristariko
Semaguge, Ezechiel Sem an ori, Ezechiel
S. Ayigihugu, Jonas Barame, Silas Bitushya, H.
Byilingiro, T. Hakizimana, Yohana Kabatsi, A.
Semugeshi, Nicodemu Serushyana, Ezra Tabaro. Kabundi, Simeon Kagoyera, Isaac Karekezi, Aroni
Karwanyi, Hesron Mbitse, Eliya Mpalibatenda,
Credentialed Missionaries: Hiram Mpayimana, Manasse Munyakabuga, Claver
Josias Gakwerere, A. Kabenga, I. Kajongi, I. Munyalibanje, A. Nayigiziki, Amiel Ndengeye,
Kanyabukamba, S. Masabo, M. Mugemana, S. El iphas Ndolimana, Nahasson Nkeramugaba,
Muhayimana, J. Muhumuza, A. Munson, Howard Elaste Nsengiyumva, J. Ntawukira, Eliazar Ntawur-
Munson, E. Musoni, A. Ndahiliwe, Zablon uhunga, Stefano Nyagahinga, Andreya Nzabar-
Ndoreraho, E. Ngayabatinya, J. Nkuranga, E. Nsen- usha, Philippe Rekeraho, Aaron Rukara, Y. Rukir-
giyumva, 0. Ntabana, K. Palmer, Mrs. M. Palmer, umurame, Elie! Sebunuma, Issacar Sefuku, Jonas
A. Peck, C. Richardson, Ezechiel Ruhigisha, S. Segatarama, J. Sezibera, Ponsiani Sibomana.
Scoggins, Charles Ukobizaba.
Honorary: Ezekiel Bariyanga, Eliazar Basabose, Credentialed Missionaries:
Eliezer Bus hanja, Hesron Gakuba, Timoteyo Pheneas Bahungira, Pheneas Kabera, Obed
Gatoya, Jonas Habimana, Ephraim lyamuremye, Mbonyimbuga, Edureine Mukandutiye, Enock
Uzziah Kabiligi, Timoteyo Kaburabuza, Abel Karen- Ndabishuliye, Emmanuel Nyiligira, Asiel Nzabam-
zi, Zefania Kavuza, Elia Kayijamahe, Eneas Kayon- wita, Efaste Rubyiruko, Japhet Sebikenyeri.
ga, Tiyofilo Kayonga, A. Kwiriha, Elifaz Magare, Licensed Ministers:
Hesron Mapfure, Eliza Mbanzabugabo, Aaron Hesron Kagabo.
Mpatswe, Samson Muganantagara, Heredioni Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Muhutu, Azaria Mujyambere, U. Mulindahabi, Jean Berchmas Bizumuremyi, Mahalaliel Habincu-
Eliazar Munyakayanza, Assinapol Munyambibi, ti, Zakariya Kabwegegeri, Esdras Kwigize, Yoramu
Theoneste Munyantarama, Juvenal MunyaruLuga, Minsirashukana, Jean Musoni, Yohana Mutun-
S. Muramutsa, Barnabas Murekezi, Salathiel girehe, Yohana Ntagungira, Zipora Nzabonimpa,
Murindahabi, E. Muterashya, Abraham Mvunaban- Hesron Ruboneka, Japhet Rwabuganda, Emma-
di, Z. Nabasore, Hesron Ngaboyisonga, Elistaliko nuel Segatwa.
Ngilingango, Ezra Nkeramihigo, Erasto Nshamihi-
go, Samuel Ntabyera, Yusto Ntamerekezo, Joel
Ntezamatwi, M. Nubwino, Efasto Nyabyenda, NORTH RWANDA FIELD
Nathanael Rudahara, S. Rufoko, Simeon Rugaraga- Organized 1956; reorganized 1960
za, Malakia Ruhago, Uzziel Ruhumuliza, Zakayo Territory: Gisenyi, Kibuye, and Ruhengeri Prefec-
Rukinga, Stefano Rulihose, Daniel Rusakaza, Eneas tures.
Rutazihana, Zakayo Rutebuka, E. Rutete, Aaron Population: 1,852,575; churches, 307; members,
Ruvuzandekwe, Yakobo Rwahunde, Semi Rwaka- 75,282.
zina, Laban Rwamahina, Malakia Rwamiheto,
Uzziel Rwandekwe, Stefano Rwangango, E. Rwank- Mailing Address: Eglise Adventiste du Septieme Jour
ubito, Esri Rwasibo, Japhet Sebashi, Enos Sebur- de Rwankeri, Boite Postale 33, Ruhengeri, Rwanda,
inkende, T. Sebutimbiri, N. Sekabwa, J. Seka- Africa.
monyo, Samuel Sekimondo, Z. Simpenzwe, Eze- Administration:
kias Zigirinshuti, Matayo Zirimwabagabo, Yosiya President, Nathanael Musaza.
Zirushyitunga. Treasurer, Aminadabu Munyandekwe.

Executive Committee: Nathanael Musaza, Ngaruye, Abraham Ngiruwonsanga, Japhet Nsan-

Chairman; Paul Basengiyumva, Zipora Bitondeye, zubuhoro, Eliakim Ntamuheza, Elie Ntirenganya,
Manasse Gakwerere, Enias Hitimana, Justin Marie Numviyumukiza, Paul Nzabambarirwa, Enias
Kanamugire, Enias Karekezi, Aaron Karyora, Ami- Rubayi, G. Sebyatsi, Paul Uwimana.
nadabu Munyandekwe, Japheth Munzuyarwo,
Thomas Mutabazi, Samuel Nayigiziki, Onesfore SOUTH RWANDA FIELD
Ndutiye, Enos Ngendahayo, Aminadabu Ngirabat-
Organized 1921; reorganized 1960, 1972, 1984
ware, Hezekia Ntabanganyijabo, David Ntawur-
ikura, Isumael Nzamutuma, Manase Rugenera, Territory: Butare, Cyangugu, Gikongoro, and Gitar-
Stefano Sekabuze, Jacques Ushizimpumu. ama Perfectures.
Departments: Population: 2,643,025; churches, 258; members,
Church Ministries, Enias Hitimana. 75,686.
Communication and Education, Justin Kanamu- Cable Address: "Adventiste," Butare, Rwanda, Afri-
gire. ca.
Health and Temperance, Justin Kanamugire.
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 279, Butare, Rwanda,
Ministerial and Religious Liberty, Nathanael Musa-
Africa. Telephone: 30 304.
Publishing, Enias Karekezi. Administration:
President, Stefano Baraburiye.
Services: Secretary-Treasurer, Zablon Ndoreraho.
ADRA, Enias Hitimana. Executive Committee: Stefano Baraburiye,
Trust Services, Aminadabu Munyandekwe. Chairman; Zablon Ndoreraho, Secretary; J. Biri-
Ordained Ministers: none, J. Gakuba, A. Gakwerere, E. Gatsimbanyi, A.
S. Bakwe, Simeon Barame, Samson Birali, T. Buta- Kamegeri, S. Kayonga, A. Mubiligi, B.
gajyo, Issacar Gakwaya, Jerome Gakwaya, Manasse Muhayeyesu, A. Munyabarame, H. Munyakayan-
Gakwerere, A. Gashyashyari, Eneas Hitimana, Aza- za, S. Muvunyi, E. Ngamba, S. Ngendahimana,
lie Kajangwe, Uziel Kamangu, Thomas Kamanutsi, Ngirabagenga, A. Nzabihimana, E. Rugamba, E.
Justin Kanamugire, Enoch Kanyarwunga, Eneas Semayira, N. Sindayigaya, U. Sindayigaya.
Karekezi, Manasse Kazimiri, Hesron Masenge,
Onesfore Mbakuriyemo, Nathan Mbaraga, Yusto Departments:
Mbizi, Asinapoli Mubirigi, Filemon Mulindinyi, Church Ministries, N. Sindayigaya; Assistant, U.
Hesron Munyakazi, Marc Munyambonera, Cyp- Sindayisaya.
rien Munyandamutsa, Job Munyandinda, Seth Communication and Education, B. Muhayeyesu.
Munyankiriri, Japheth A. Munzuyarwo, Metusela Health and Temperance, B. Muhayeyesu.
Musoni, Amiel Mutabazi, Thomas Mutabazi, Aris- Ministerial and Religious Liberty, Stefano Barabur-
tariko Mvuyeku re, Samuel Nayigiziki, Maharariel iye.
Ndayahoze, M. Ngaboyimanzi, Enos Ngendahayo, Publishing and VOP, S. Ngendahimana.
Aaron Nginga, I. Ngwizabanzi, Stefano Njarajazi, Services:
Marc Nkiriyumwami, Antoine Nkundakozera, Trust Services, Zablon Ndoreraho.
Hezekia Ntabanganyijabo, David Ntawulikura, Ordained Ministers:
Japheth Ntuyenabo, Stefano Nyabuhimbiri, Jeredi Efasto Ayabagabo, Erasto Bakina, Joel Balikage,
Nyirishema, S. Nzarifashahe, Manasse Rugenera, Stefano Barabuliye, Joseph Bilinone, Eleasar
Aminadabu Rukirumurame, S. Sebatunzi, Antoine Bimenyimana, Aminadabu Bitotoli, Amon
Sebikenyeli, E. Seburikindi, Stefano Sekabuze, Bucyana, P. Gabiro, Martin Gatanazi, Ezekias Gat-
Philippe Sembibe, Eliezer Seromba, Mathias Tutsi. simbanyi, Gerard Kagabo, A. Kalinda, Jerome Kal-
Credentialed Missionaries: isa, Boaz Kamegeli, Abel Kanyemera, Simon
Amiel Bihoma, Daniel Bishyizehanze, Aaron Karake, Etienne Kayonga, Uzia Kayumba, Stefano
Byibeshyo, Enoch Gakumba, Salathiel Girukwayo, Mbaduko, Cosamu Mfuruta, Augustin Mugambi,
Isaac Harerimana, Samuel lyamuremye, Heredion Aminadabu Munyabarame, A. Munyakazi, Esdras
lyeze, Gabriel Karema, Jason Kayibanda, Yosiya Munyampanzi, Elkana Munyurangabo, Azalia
Mbarubukeye, Efaste Mbereyinka, Enias Miruho, Muremyangango, Andre Musayuka, Zablon Muta-
Louise Mukamusoni, Damarise Mukangwije, Abel gorama, Geremia Mutiganda, Simon Muvunyi,
Munyaneza, Gabriel Munyawera, Samson Musoni, Abiya Ndyisiki, Hesron Ngendahimana, Samuel
Yusto Mvunabandi, Eliphas Ngirabatware, Thomas Ngendahimana, Eliya Niboneyimpara, J. Niyibi-
Ntagwarara, Thomas Ntakaburimvano, Elam Ntur- kora, Mathias Ntamukunzi, Efraim Nyilidandi,
agarira, Manasse Rubayiza, Asinapoli Rurangirwa, Venant Nzabamwita, Asiel Nzabihimana, Asiel
Silas Sebarara, Yohana Semizerero, Antoine Sereri, Nzamwita, Eliazar Nzaramba, Manase Rufuku,
Enoch Sikubwabo. Joseph Rukirumurame, Isacar Rusatsi, Thomas
Rwambikana, Andre Rwambuka, D. Rwasamirera,
Licensed Ministers:
Ephraim Sematama, 0. Semateka, Ezra Semayira,
Abel Bavukahe, Uzia Gasigwa, S. Hakizumwami,
Abeli Semudenge, Esili Senzage, Yoramu Seyom-
Asiel Kampayana, Josue Karekezi, E. Ngunzu,
ba, Jean Sezirahiga, N. Sindayigaya, Uzziel Sin-
Mathias Segatake, Mathias Semisabike.
dayigaya, Amon Tulikunkiko, Nahasson Twagir-
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: ayesu.
Uzziel Ahobangeze, Naftali Balibutsa, Esdras Ban-
Credentialed Missionaries:
gamwabo, Yavani Banyanga, Gabriel Bazira, Lads-
Efasto Busharire, Samusoni Karanguza, Asiel
las Bugisha, Augustin Burimwinyundo, Antoine
Karekezi, Aminadabu Mwambarampago, Joel
Gatekero, Elizafani Hakizimana, Boniface Hardi,
Ndekezi, Zablon Ndoreraho, Eliel Niyiragira, Dan
Thomas Hategekimana, Theophile Hitiyaremye,
Nshimyumuremyi, Benoit Nyandwi, Etienne
Eliya Kabandana, Esther Kamaculira, Amiel Kana-
Rugaravu, Feresiyane Ruzayabagara, Sitratone
kuze, Feston Karasanyi, Ezekiel Karemera, Elizafani
Sabukuru, Yohana Sekamana.
Kubuya, Aaron Mihigo, Joseph Miruho, Samuel
Mperebuke, S. Mpongano, Azarie Mpozayo, Licensed Ministers:
Pauline Mukarubayiza, E. Munyampama, Pheneas Jerome Gakuba, Nafutali Kabano, Philemon Kage-
Munyampama, Eliel Munyandamutsa, Abel mana, Andre Kamashabi, Yosiya Mbuguje, Ephra-
Munyandekwe, Amon Munyandinda, E. Munyan- dise Mpamyabigwi, Eliphaz Mubiligi, Benjamin
shongore, Nsabimana Musoni, Hesron Mvumbu- Muhayeyesu, Amiel Munyantwali, Alistariko Ndi-
ko, Eliezer Mwumvirangoma, Elie Ngamije, Jonas kumana, Amoni Nzabamwita, Andre Ruboneka,

Issacar Rusatsi, Samuel Rwampungu, Nahasoni Jerome Harelimana, Nikodemu Kabera, J. Mujyam-
Sebatwa, Elamu Semuhene,Adiel Tujyishuli, Erasto bere, H. Munyamahoro, Hesron Munyampara,
Ugirashebuja. Jeremie Ngirente, Jean Ntirushwa, Asnapoli Ruge-
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: linyange, Eliazar Rugimbana, Erneste Rutagisha,
Z. Bapfakurera, E. Barigira, Asnapoli Bilinda, Z. Silas Ugirashebuja.
Gatabazi, Eliel Habyarabatuma, J. Habyarimana,


Organized 1981

Territory: Benin, Burkina-Faso, Cape Verde, Cote Office Address: Quartier Misebo, Lot 164/165 (en
d'Ivoire, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, face de Caboma), Cotonou 1, Benin, West Africa.
Niger, Senegal, and Togo; comprising the Burkina- Telephone: 30-01-70.
Faso, Cape Verde, Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, and Administration:
Togo Missions, and the Benin, Guinea-Bissau, and President, Joseph Sanchez.
Mali Mission Stations. Executive Committee: Joseph Sanchez, Chairman;
Population: 39,726,759; churches, 38; members, Telesphore Ahohouzou, Komlan Amegan, Gabriel
4,786. Bobo, Samuel Worgo.
Telex Number: 61175 UEAS SG. Legal Organization: "Association des Eglises Adven-
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 3182, Dakar, Senegal, tistes du Septieme Jour du Benin."
West Africa. Services:
Office Address: Rue 11, Angle 10 (BD. Dial Diop), Adventist Book Center, Justin Vihozounkou.
Amitie 2, Dakar, Senegal, West Africa. Tele- Licensed Ministers:
phones: 24-64-09 and 25-49-31. Komlan Amegan, Joseph Sanchez.
President, Daniel Cordas. BURKINA-FASO MISSION
Secretary-Treasurer, Ebenezer Agboka. Established 1972; organized 1973
Assistant Treasurer, Manuel Marinheiro. Territory: Burkina-Faso.
Executive Committee: Daniel Cordas, Chairman; Population: 8,000,000; churches, 1; members, 170.
Ebenezer Agboka, Secretary; Rubens Rogerio Da
Conceicao, Osorio F. Dos Santos, Olivier Guth, Cable Address: "Mission Adventiste," Ouaga-
Sylvain Jerome, Kra M. Konan, Claude Lombart, dougou, Burkina-Faso, West Africa.
Patrick Maeder, Manuel Marinheiro, K. V. Naidoo, Mailing Address: Boite Postale 592, Ouagadougou,
Joseph Sanchez, Ralph Seechurn. Burkina-Faso, West Africa.
Departments: Office Address: Mission Adventiste, Rue Joseph
Church Ministries, Sylvain Jerome. Badoua, between the CICA and the Lycee St. Exup-
Communication and Education, ery, Secteur 1, Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso, West
Health and Temperance, Sylvain Jerome. Africa. Telephone: 33-60-78.
Ministerial and Religious Liberty, Administration:
Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy, K. V. Naidoo. President, Claude Lombart.
Services: Executive Committee: Claude Lombart, Chairman;
ADRA/Guinea, Boite Postale 1530, Conakry, Severin Ahossouhe, Hortense Coulibaly, Abraham
Guinea, West Africa. Diedhiou, Olivier Guth.
Director, Eric Sommer. Departments:
ADRA/Niger, Boite Postale 11 506, Niamey, Niger, Church Ministries and Communication, Claude
West Africa. Lombart.
Director, Beecher Lafever.
ADRA/Sahel Union, Boite Postale 3182, Dakar, Legal Organization: "Association des Eglises Adven-
Senegal, West Africa. tistes du Septieme Jour au Burkina-Faso."
Director, Daniel Cordas. Services:
Trust Services, Ebenezer Agboka. Adventist Book Center, Salmata Ahossouhe.
Ordained Ministers: Ordained Ministers:
Daniel Cordas, Sylvain Jerome, Manuel Abraham Diedhiou, Claude Lombart.
Honorary: Emmanuel Diaoue, Albert Sadio, CAPE VERDE MISSION
Jean Zakka. Reorganized 1981
Credentialed Missionaries: Territory: Cape Verde.
Victor Agbeko, Ebenezer Agboka, Mrs. Andree Population: 300,000; churches, 8; members, 1,127.
Jerome, Beecher Lafever, Mrs. Christiane Lake,
Mrs. Adelaide Marinheiro, K. V. Naidoo, Eric Som- Mailing Address: Caixa Postal 6, Praia, Cape Verde.
mer. Office Address: Avenue Amilcar Cabral 61, Praia,
Licensed Ministers: Cape Verde. Telephone: 61-39-63.
Guilherme Lima. Administration:
President, Osorio F. Dos Santos.
BENIN MISSION STATION Secretary, Venancio Teixeira.
Established 1964; reorganized 1987 Treasurer, Koffi Kamonou.
Territory: Benin. Executive Committee: Osorio F. Dos Santos,
Chairman; Venancio Teixeira, Secretary; Antonio
Population: 4,100,000; churches, 1; members, 289. Anjos, Gilberto Araujo, Koffi Kamonou, Heber
Cable Address: "Adventiste," Cotonou, Benin. Mascarenhas, Felix Monteiro.
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 2153, Cotonou, Be- Legal Organization: "Associacao das lgrejas Adven-
nin, West Africa. tistas do Setimo Dia de Cabo Verde."

Ordained Ministers: Mailing Address: Boite Postale 2310, Bamako, Mali,

Gilberto Araujo, Osorio F. Dos Santos, Heber Mas- West Africa.
carenhas, Venancio Teixeira.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Director, Patrick Maeder.
Daniel Gomes, Koffi Kamonou. Executive Committee: Patrick Maeder, Chairman;
Licensed Ministers: Modibo Cissoko, Larry Mahlum, Dona Sambou.
Antonio Anjos, Felix Monreiro.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Legal Organization: "Association des Eglises Adven-
Domingos Jose Alves, Manuel Monteiro, M. Anto- tistes du Septieme Jour au Mali."
nio Rodrigues, Monica Sadio, Euclides Semedo. Services:
ADRA/Mali, Boite Postale 1638, Bamako, Mali,
COTE D'IVOIRE MISSION West Africa. Telephone: 22-52-93.
Established 1946; organized 1952 Director, Larry Mahlum.
Territory: Cote d'Ivoire. Ordained Ministers:
Population: 9,500,000; churches, 18; members, Patrick Maeder.
1,972. Credentialed Missionaries:
Mailing Address: Eglise Adventiste du Septieme Jour Larry Mahlum.
en Cote d'Ivoire, 01 B.P. 335, Abidjan 01, Cote
d'Ivoire, West Africa. Licensed Ministers:
Dona Sambou.
Office Address: 11 Rue du Lycee Technique,
Cocody, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa. Tele-
phone: (225) 44-56-55. SENEGAL MISSION
Administration: Reorganized 1981
President, Kra M. Konan. Territory: Senegal.
Treasurer, A. B. Komedja. Population: 6,306,759; churches, 3; members, 131.
Executive Committee: Kra M. Konan, Chairman; E.
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 1013, Dakar, Senegal,
Addou, R. Adeh, Mme J. Agnero, Samuel Galanth,
West Africa.
A. B. Komedja, P. C. Krobe, Jean Zakka.
Departments: Office Address: Rue 11, Angle 10 (Bd. Dial Diop),
Church Ministries, ; Associates, J. Bleis, E. Amitie 2, Dakar, Senegal, West Africa. Tele-
Weick. phones: 21-64-09 and 22-49-31.
Communication and Ministerial, Kra M. Konan. Administration:
Education, Samuel Galanth; Associate, E. Addou. President, Daniel Cordas.
Public Relations and Publishing, Kra M. Konan. Treasurer, Ebenezer Agboka.
Services: Executive Committee: Daniel Cordas, Chairman;
Adventist Book Center, A. Fawaz. Ebenezer Agboka, Marcelle Gaye.
Ordained Ministers: Services:
J. Bleis, T. J. Doumante, D. J. Etty, B. Fofana, Kra M. ADRA/Senegal,
Konan, P. Kouassi, P. C. Krobe, B. E. Lago, Y. L.
Mana, E. Weick. Ordained Ministers:
Daniel L. Cordas, Baba Fofana.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Credentialed Missionaries:
S. Galanth, D. Kipre, A. B. Komedja, F. G. Noel, R.
Ebenezer G. Agboka.
Licensed Ministers:
Licensed Ministers: Famara Mansal.
E. Diego.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: TOGO MISSION
Mrs. Esther Gebu. Established 1964; reorganized 1987
Territory: Togo.
Population: 3,000,000; churches, 5; members, 995.
Established 1973; organized 1981
Cable Address: "Adventist," Lome, Togo.
Territory: Guinea-Bissad.
Telex Number: 5300 Public to Mission Adventiste.
Population: 800,000; churches, 1; members, 73. Mailing Address: Boite Postale 1222, Lome, Togo,
Mailing Address: Caixa Postal 397, Bissau, Guinea- West Africa.
Bissau. Office Address: 3 Rue Curie (Quartier des Etoiles),
Lome, Togo, West Africa. Telephone: Lome 21-31-
Office Address: Rua 12, 7 A, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau. 41
Telephone: 21-34-14.
Administration: President, Ralph Seechurn.
Director, Rubens Rogerio Da Conceicao. Secretary, Koffi Ehon Agbodza.
Treasurer, -.
Ordained Ministers:
Executive Committee: Ralph Seechurn, Chairman;
Rubens Rogerio Da Conceicao.
Koffi Ehon Agbodza, Secretary; Y. Agbaleti, K.
Agbedigue, K. Bossou, M. Odette, F. Valente.
Organized 1982 Church Ministries, Koffi Ehon Agbodza; Assistant,
Territory: Mali. Kokou David Adzor.
Health and Temperance, F. Valente.
Population: 7,720,000; churches, 1; members, 29. Publishing, C. G. Segla.

Legal Associations: "Association Togolaise des Ordained Ministers:

Adventistes du Septieme Jour." Y. S. Agbaleti, R. K. Agbedigue, K. E. Agbodza,
Ralph Seechurn, C. G. Segla.
Services: Licensed Ministers:
Adventist Book Center, Ajavon Teko Midjodji. Kokou David Adzor.


Organized 1943

Territory: Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and The Cable Address: "Adventist," Kumasi, Ghana, West
Gambia; comprising the Central Ghana and South Africa.
Ghana Conferences, the Liberia, Mid-West Ghana, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 480, Kumasi, Ghana,
North Ghana, and Sierra Leone Missions, and The West Africa. Telephone: 3686.
Gambia Mission Station.
Population: 23,290,000; churches, 417; members, President, W. G. Mensah.
134,083. Secretary, 0. K. Kumah.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Accra, Ghana, West Treasurer, J. Opoku Boateng.
Africa. Executive Committee: W. G. Mensah, Chairman;
Telex Number: 2119 (Ans. 2119 ADVENT GH). 0. K. Kumah, Secretary; J. K. Addai, M. E. Ampate,
S. Y. Ampomah, I. Y. Anafi, S. K. Antwi, Mrs. M. E.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1016, Accra, Ghana, West
Asare-Bediako, George K. Assiam, F. Boad i-
Africa. Telephone: 223720. Suadwa, J. Opoku Boateng, Obeng Boateng, P. M.
Administration: Djikunu, James Hachman, J. K. Kyeh, A. A. Men-
President, P. K. Asareh. sah, A. P. Mensah, R. 0. Opoku, Amos Sarkodie,
Secretary, Seth A. Laryea. Johnson Yeboah, S. K. Yeboah.
Treasurer, S. A. Armah.
Executive Committee: P. K. Asareh, Chairman; Departments:
Seth A. Laryea, Secretary; J. L. Agboka, G. S. Communication and VOP, 0. K. Kumah.
Aidoo, K. 0. Amoyaw, S. A. Armah, Ebow Bonnie, Education, S. K. Antwi.
J. Auzzell Gibson, Oswald E. Gordon, E. J. Heisler, Lay Activities and Sabbath School, A. A. Boateng.
T. K. Jarry, F. F. Kamara, Felicia Marfo, Paul Mendy, Ministerial and Religious Liberty, W. G. Mensah.
W. G. Mensah, Emmanuel Osei, T. J. Roberts, Sahr Publishing, K. Amponsah-Gyan.
D. Sandy, Mark Saole, E. C. Tetteh. Stewardship and Youth, A. P. Mensah.
Temperance, I. Offeh-Gyimah.
Church Ministries, E. 0. Abbey; Associates, Legal Organization: "Ghana Association of Seventh-
Emmanuel Osei, Sahr D. Sandy. day Adventists."
Communication, G. S. Aidoo. Services:
Education, C. A. Mensah. Adventist Book Center, S. J. K. Attiah.
Health and Temperance, Home and Family Service, A. A. Boateng.
Ministerial, Seth A. Laryea. Ordained Ministers:
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, G. S. Aidoo. E. K. Akwaboah, S. K. Amoateng, M. E. Ampate, S.
Publishing, K. Asamoah, Moses Attah, A. M. Barwuah, D. K.
Services: Boahene, A. A. Boateng, J. A. Boateng, P. M. Djiku-
ADRA/Ghana, P.O. Box 1435, Accra, Ghana, West nu, J. A. Hagan, S. K. Kokonu, 0. K. Kumah, W. G.
Africa. Mensah, S. K. Okyere, H. Y. Omane, Eric Osei
Director, I. T. Agboka; Deputy Director, A. G. Yeboah, B. K. Owusu, E. A. Owusu, C. A. Tuffour,
Smith; Treasurer, I. Boadi-Mensah. S. K. Yeboah.
ADRANVAUM, P.O. Box 1016, Accra, Ghana. Credentialed Missionaries:
Director, N. K. Brightman. Gyan K. Amponsah, Paul Attah-Owusu, E. 0. Buan-
Trust Services, G. S. Aidoo. si, I. 0. Donkor, E. K. Kwarteng, Thomas Manu, E.
Ordained Ministers: K. Mensah, I. Offeh-Gyimah, J. Opoku Boateng.
E.0. Abbey, P. K. Asareh, Seth Laryea, P. Latour, E. Licensed Ministers:
Osei, S. D. Sandy. J. Addae, E. Akuoku-Konadu, E. A. Allotey, James
Honorary: D. N. Agboka, E. B. Akyiano, J. K. Amoah, J. Y. Ampadu, S. Y. Ampoma, S. Antwi
Amoah, D. K. Amponsah, G. E. Appaw, S. Appiah- Boasiako, Kwarteng Appiah Kubi, Kwasi Samuel
Dankwa, J. A. Boateng, B. C. B. Debrah, S. K. Essel, Attah, S. K. Baabo, S. K. Baiden, Nana I. Bioh, E. K.
W. Helbig, C. B. Mensah, J. A. Mensah, J. N. Vandi. Boateng, J. B. Boateng, Danso T. Bobie, Kwabena
Credentialed Missionaries: Bona, E. 0. Buansi, S. A. Essien, Andrews Fosu, N.
I. T. Agboka, I. Boadi-Mensah, J. Fokuoh, D. Grell- K. Gyimah, E. 0. Kagya, E. K. Larbi, Paul A. Mensah,
mann, E. J. Heisler, F. F. Kamara, P. Llaguno, E. K. B. Peter A. Mensah, I. Nana-Tuffour, F. Nimako Boan-
Nakotey, E. A. Ntim, K. Owusu-Mensa, L. G. West- si, J. F. Nyamekye, D. Oti-Boateng, D. Sarfo-
man. Amoyaw, S. K. Twumasi, A. K. Yeboah-Amoako.
Licensed Ministers: Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
G. S. Aidoo, I. N. Dowuona. Manu Ankobeah, Solomon Dankwah, Florence
Karikari, E. Y. Kwabi, W. D. Prempeh, Elizabeth
Established 1894; organized 1933
Reorganized 1970, 1977 LIBERIA MISSION
Territory: Ashanti Region and part of the Brong Aha- Established 1927; organized 1933
fo, Eastern and Western Regions. Territory: Liberia.
Population: 4,500,000; churches, 177; members, Population: 1,800,000; churches, 34; members,
63,687, 9,225.

Cable Address: "Adventists," Monrovia, Liberia, Ministerial, K. 0. Amoyaw.

West Africa. Publishing, J. M. Donkor.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 52, Monrovia, Liberia, Legal Organization: "Ghana Association of Seventh-
West Africa. day Adventists."
Office Address: (Not for mail) 120 Camp Johnson Services:
Road, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. Telephone: Trust Services, K. Ansah-Adu.
221057. Ordained Ministers:
Administration: J. K. Affum, Pambour E. Agyeman, K. 0. Amoyaw,
President, Oswald E. Gordon. J.K. Anto, E. K. Asante, H. 0. Barnie, D. K. Marri, P.
Secretary, David Z. Whea. 0. Mensah, S. 0. K. Onyina.
Treasurer, James M. Paywala. Credentialed Missionaries:
Executive Committee: Oswald E. Gordon, Munumkum J. Addai, K. Ansah-Adu, A. 0. Appiah-
Chairman; David Z. Whea, Secretary; P. E. Au- Nti, Mrs. Victoria Daaku, J. M. Donkor, Nabi Donk-
tridge, S. K. Baysah, Andrews L. Ewoo, R. D. Gib- or, T. K. Gyansah, E. Nyamekye.
bon, B. Gibson, Mrs. I. Kollie, E. A. Lawrence, C. S. Licensed Ministers:
Menjor, P. J. Mormia, Kwalela Mutemwa, James M. Gyamfi S. Adu, P. Adu-Sampah, J. K. Affum, J. A.
Paywala. Ameyaw, P. K. Asenso, J. K. Badu, B. Y. Barimah, J.
Departments: K. Donkor, Kyeremeh-Fokuo, A. B. Mensah, E.
Communication and Youth, B. Gibson. Mensah-Abrampah, C. K. Obeng.
Education, Ministerial, and Religious Liberty, Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Oswald E. Gordon. J.A. Acheampong, K. K. Adams, F. K. Nkatia, 0. P.
Health and Temperance, E. A. Lawrence. Nsiah.
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Andrews L.
Publishing, A. K. Waahu; Assistant, Martin Organized 1968
Agyapong-Akosah. Territory: The Northern, Upper East, and Upper
Stewardship, E. A. Lawrence. West Regions, and portions of the Volta Region
VOP, Mrs. Thelma Gordon. north of the Asukawkaw and Volta Rivers.
Legal Organization: "Liberia Association of Seventh- Population: 3,500,000; churches, 4; members,
day Adventists." 2,501.
Services: Cable Address: "Adventist," Tamale, Ghana, West
Adventist Book Center, H. Wennie. Africa.
Ordained Ministers: Mailing Address: P.O. Box 74, Tamale, Ghana, West
S. K. Baysah, L. Bennett, A. L. Ewoo, A. B. Francis, Africa. Telephone: Tamale 2289.
Oswald E. Gordon, J. Karngar, E. A. Lawrence, D.
Mayson, D. Z. Whea. Administration:
President, J. L. Agboka.
Credentialed Missionaries: Secretary-Treasurer, I. K. Owusu.
H. Winnie. Executive Committee: J. L. Agboka, Chairman; I.
Licensed Ministers: K. Owusu, Secretary; T. K. Anane-Afari, Kofi Anto-
J. J. Dalmeida, J. Y. Flomo, C. S. Menjor, K. Mutem- barn, J. Berko, J. K. Donkor, S. S. Saaka.
wa, T. Roberts, A. K. Waahu, A. P. Woniyouwu. Departments:
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Church Ministries, ; Associate, T. K. Anane-
J. T. Korfeh, J. T. Kwao. Afari.
Communication and Temperance, T. K. Anane-
MID-WEST GHANA MISSION Ministerial, J. L. Agboka.
Established 1894 Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, J. L. Agboka.
Organized 1933; reorganized 1986 Publishing, A. B. A. Prempeh.
Stewardship and Development, I. K. Owusu.
Territory: The Brong Ahafo Region (excluding Ate-
bubu District), and all Mo-speaking areas of the Services:
Northern Region. Adventist Book Center, Atta Barfi.
Population: 1,180,000; churches, 65; members, Ordained Ministers:
21,597. J. L. Agboka, K. Antobam, A. K. Boateng, S. A.
Koranteng, S. Z. Sumani.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Sunyani, Ghana.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 727, Sunyani, Brong-
I. K. Owusu, A. B. A. Prempeh.
Ahafo, Ghana, West Africa. Telephone: 384.
Licensed Ministers:
Administration: P. N. Aboungo, A. S. K. Affari, M. K. Amoah, T. K.
President, K. 0. Amoyaw. Anane-Afari, M. F. Azule, M. Frimpong Manso, A.
Secretary, P. 0. Mensah. A. Nwumele, A. K. Waahu.
Treasurer, K. Ansah-Adu.
Executive Committee: K. 0. Amoyaw, Chairman; Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
P. 0. Mensah, Secretary; Asafo Adjei, S. Adu- H. Atta-Barfi, E. K. Ntumi.
Gyamfi, J. K. Affum, V. 0. Amankwaah, S. N.
Amoah, K. Ansah-Adu, S. Appiah-Kubi, P. B. SIERRA LEONE MISSION
Arthur, Nabi Donkor, P. Y. Frempah, T. K. Ghan- Established 1905; organized 1913
sah, S. S. Kyeremeh-Fokuo, D. K. Marri, E. 0. G. Territory: Sierra Leone.
Nsowaa, A. Owusu-Ansah, E. A. Pambour, S. Sakyi.
Population: 4,000,000; churches, 40; members,
Departments: 8,759.
Church Ministries, J. K. Affum; Associate, E. K.
Asante. Cable Address: "Adventist," Freetown, Sierra
Communication and VOP, P. 0. Mensah. Leone, West Africa.
Education, T. K. Ghansah. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 294, Freetown, Sierra
Health and Temperance, J. B. Fordjour. Leone, West Africa. Telephone: 31217.

Administration: Ordained Ministers:

President, T. J. Roberts. C. K. Abia, A. K. Adonu, J. K. Adu, S. A. Amfo, J. K.
Secretary, A. B. Gbla. Arthur, E. Bonnie, C. B. Brew, J. A. Daitey, S. C.
Treasurer, A. D. Mattia (acting). Kumah, C. A. Kwaaning, S. E. Manu, R. A. Mensah,
Executive Committee: T. J. Roberts, Chairman; A. M. Obeng, M. K. Okoampa, B. K. Opoku, E. 0.
B. Gbla, Secretary; J. B.A. Conteh, H. B. Ekeh, Mrs. Sackey.
B. M. Entin, D. A. Follah, Mrs. E. Y. Kamara, S. B. Credentialed Missionaries:
Kamara, A. Y. Kargho, R. Kazen, J. C. Konto-Kroma, E. B. Adeku, N. K. Anim, S. K. Appoh, E. G. Ayisi, J.
M. T. Ngeyawo, J. A. Palmer. K. Brew, M. E. Duodu.
Departments: Licensed Ministers:
Education, J. C. Konto-Kroma. J. B. Abredu, S. Adjare, A. Adu-Twumasi, A. B.
Lay Activities, A. B. Gbla. Akyiano, S. A. Amfo Jr., R. Y. P. Amponsah, D. R.
Publishing, Sabbath School, and Youth, A. B. Com- Asafo, C. Asareh-Bediako, R. Asiedu-Ntriakwa, G.
ber. L. Azilah, E. J. Boadi, W. Boadi-Beckson, A. Y. A.
Religious Liberty, T. J. Roberts. Briandt-Coker, W. A. Cobbina, J. Dadzie, F. K. De-
Stewardship, A. D. Mattia. nyo, I. K. Garbrah, A. B. Hammond, J. K. Holison,
Ordained Ministers: Anthony Kessie, G. Kuntu-Blankson, G. A. Kwar-
D. N. Alpha, D. S. Conteh, J. B. A. Conteh, D. A. teng, S. A. Larmie, R. S. Legih, S. O. Newman, D. K.
Follah, A. B. Gbla, A. Y. Gbla, J. A. B. Palmer, A. A. Nguando-Yamoah, J. K. Odame, D. Oduro, S. E.
Sesay. Osei, J. Tano, M. K. Tekper, N. L. Thompson, A. 0.
Credentialed Missionaries: Wentum.
P. M. Adu, S. Kamara.
Licensed Ministers:
Established 1977
R. E. Caulker, J. S. Conteh, A. D. Mattia, H. M.
Sama, S. B. Sankok, A. M. Senessie, T. J. Trye, S. M. Territory: The Gambia.
Yorkie. Population: 760,000; churches, 2; members, 228.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Banjul, The Gambia,
West Africa.
Established 1894; organized 1933
Reorganized 1987 Telefax Number: Gamtel 27214, Attention "Adven-
Territory: Anyinam, Asunafo, Ayiribi, Bogoso, Foso,
Telex Number: GAMTEL 2201 GV Attention "S.D.A."
Midland Insu, and Twifu Prasu, portions of Assini
and Samraboi, all the coastal areas from East Anum Mailing Address: P.O. Box 701, Banjul, The Gambia.
to West Axim, and the Volta Region to Kete Krachi. Office Address: Atlantic Road No. 38, Fajara, The
Population: 7,550,000; churches, 95; members, Gambia. Telephone: 95762.
28,086. Administration:
Cable Address: ''Adventist South," Accra, Ghana, Director, J. Auzzell Gibson.
West Africa. Treasurer,
Executive Committee: J. Auzzell Gibson,
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 803, Accra, Ghana, West Chairman; Mrs. Cynthia Agyemang, J. Harris Gab-
Africa. Telephone: 224215. bidon, Mrs. Admire Loum, J. Frank Teeuwen,
Administration: Joseph Wright.
President, Ebow Bonnie. Departments:
Secretary, Alfred K. Adonu. Education and Youth, J. Frank Teeuwen.
Treasurer, J. K. Brew; Assistant, N. K. Anim. Communication and Ministerial, J. Auzzell Gibson.
Executive Committee: Ebow Bonnie, Chairman; Health and Temperance, J. Auzzell Gibson.
Alfred K. Adonu, Secretary; D. K. Ameley, P. K. Lay Activities and Sabbath School, J. Auzzell Gib-
Arhin, J. K. Arthur, J. A. Asiam, S. 0. Bennett- son.
Lartey, R. A. Bonney, J. K. Brew, Isaac Buabeng, J. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, J. Auzzell Gib-
A. Bulley, M. E. Duodu, G. Kuntu-Blankson, Mrs. son.
Constance Laryea, R. A. Mensah, Safo Ntim, M. K. Publishing and Stewardship, Joseph Wright.
Okoampa, J. Owusu-Acheaw, W. A. Swaniker, M.
K. Tekper, E. C. Tetteh. Legal Organization: "The West African Association
of Seventh-day Adventists, The Gambia."
Church Ministries, G. Kuntu-Blankson; Associate, Services:
S. A. Larmie. Adventist Book Center, Joseph Wright.
Communication, Alfred K. Adonu. ADRA/Gambia, Private Mail Bag 212, Serekunda
Education, G. Kuntu-Blankson. Post Office, The Gambia, West Africa.
Health and Temperance, J. Owusu-Acheaw. Director, J. Frank Teeuwen.
Ministerial, Ebow Bonnie. Trust Services, J. Auzzell Gibson.
Publishing, A. Oheneba-Odei. Ordained Ministers:
Religious Liberty and VOP, J. Auzzell Gibson, J. Frank Teeuwen.
Legal Organization: "Ghana Association of Seventh- Licensed Ministers:
day Adventists." Benjamin W. J. Roberts.


Organized 1925

Territory: Zaire; comprising the Central Zaire, East Cable Address: "Adventiste," Lubumbashi, Zaire
Zaire, North Shaba, North Zaire, South Kivu, South Republic, Africa.
Shaba, Upper Zaire, and West Zaire Fields. Telex Number: 41096 ADVN SH.
Population: 38,526,616; churches, 831; members, Mailing Address: Boite Postale 2099, Lubumbashi,
190,435. Zaire Republic, Africa.

Office Address: 765 Avenue de la Revolution, Executive Committee: K. Muhune, Chairman;

Lubumbashi, Zaire Republic, Africa. Telephone: Mabudi Biodi, Secretary; N. Kabeya, T. Kanumbi,
2594. K. Katambayi, B. Katasibwe, M. Luendu, Tshiyoyo
Administration: Lufu, T. Makangu, L. Makind, M. Muamba, T.
President, Nyembo Mwema. Ndaya, M. Ngoy, N. Nshimba, K. Shamba, M. Tshi-
Secretary, Ntwali Mbuguje. tala, T. Tshiya.
Treasurer, ; Assistants, A. Franco, Kima Departments:
Tebulo. Development, L. Makind.
Field Secretary, N. Kalume. Education, T. Baledi.
Executive Committee: Nyembo Mwema, Lay Activities and Sabbath School, K. Katambayi.
Chairman; Ntwali Mbuguje, Secretary; M. S. Balu- Ministerial, T. Tshiya.
ku, M. Bangamwabo, B. Ditwa, R. Forde, A. Franco, Publishing, -.
K. Kalume, Mwengwe Kaunda, M. Kilongozi, Temperance and VOP, M. Tshimanga.
Muzyanda Kitungwa, K. Muhune, Mbote Ndinga, Youth, M. Muamba.
Robert Roberts, Mutimura Ruhaya, R. Ruteraha- Ordained Ministers:
gusha, David S. Saguan, N. Sanpatwa, Unen Wod Tshitenge Batudinge, Ntumba Bialufu, Misumba
Upio, D. Vanderwerff. Bula, Basa Djonga, Mbayi Ilunga, Kalamba
Departments: Kabasele, Mutufansala Kabesa, Mutombo
Church Ministries, M. Kilongozi; Associate, Kamuleta, Bopey Kandanda, Ntumba Kanyunyu,
Nshimba Napita. Mutekela Kapuku, Kangudia Katambayi, Bihamba
Communication, Ministerial, and Spirit of Prophe- Katasibwe, Utena Kayembe, Ndjoko Kayeye,
cy, David S. Saguan. Mukuna Lubula, MaluMalu Luendu, Biodi Mabudi,
Education, N. Sanpatwa. Tshiloba Makangu, Luyamby Bintoy Makind, Wa
Health, D. Vanderwerff. Nkashama Mbala, Kayembe Mpandanjila,
Religious Liberty, Nyembo Mwema. Tshitenge Muanza, Muamba Mudiayi, Katmbayi
Legal Associations: "Communaute Evangelique des Mufuta, Kitule Muhune, Mukulu Mulamba,
Adventistes du Septieme Jour," and "Zaire Union Tshitenge Mutela, Nshimba Napita, Tshibangu
Mission of Seventh-day Adventists." Ndaye, Ntumba Ngalamulume, Kabue Kantanda
Nkongolo, Kabeya Nsaka, Kwete Shamba, Bokele
Services: Tsasi, Muamba Tshitadi, Mfuamba Tshitala, Tshi-
Adventist Book Center/Home Health Education suyi Tshiya, Lufu Tshiyoyo.
Center, B. Gombele; Regional Manager, K. M.
Kyusa. Licensed Ministers:
ADRA, D. Vanderwerff. Mulamba Badibanga, Tshibangu Baledi, Nansha-
Mbandaka Project, Boite Postale 479, Mbandaka, kale Bampende, Dipungi Benalumu, Bambula
Zaire Republic, Africa. Beya, Mayoyo Beya, A. Shamba Bidimba, Minga
Director, Werner Seidel; Publishing, M. Kinde- Bopey, Mbuabu Bukulu, Bakatulowa Ilunga, Muta-
mi. pikayi Ilunga, Buse Kabundi, Mpolesha Kalala,
Tshiya Kaleta, Lombe Kampanga, Kashiyi Kayembe,
Ordained Ministers: Mukangala Kazadi, Besambia Kimbulu, Batena
Nyembo M. Kilongozi, Ntwali Mbuguje, Kunyima, Loolo Lomedje, Bopey Lumuluabo,
Munyakarama Mukenga, Nyembo Mwema, Mbote Tshialu Lushiku, Wetu Mande, Muana-Lubuele
Ndinga, Rutanganya Rwibasira, David Saguan, Mayunga, Wa Nkonde Mbayi, Masala Mbombo,
Ngoy Sampatwa. Wa Ilunga Monga, Beya Muamba, Kalala Muamba,
Honorary: Adam Banza, Rubera Bwasisi, Levy Mfuki Muamba, Kakabudia Mukengeshayi,
Dokota, Bukura Gasana, Mugunga Gashabuka, Tshilenge Mukengeshayi, Badibanga Mulamba,
Nyamulinda Gishamangabo, Matanga Ilunga, Ngandu Mulumba, Tshimanga Mulumba, Ololo
Simon Kabashi, Kyahimba Kabyabu, Bwambale Mulunda, Nkashama Munanga, Nkelende
Kataka, Nyamulinda Kayijuka, Nyamurinda Kayi- Munyoka, Mulumba Mutanda, Sendeka Mutom-
juka, Mokotsi Mbyirukira, Maungandebo Moke, bo, Luitula Muzodi, Mvita Mvita wa, Muamba Nga-
Silas Monga, Tebuka Mukecuru, Musindi lamulume, Tshimpanga Nkashama, Kabamba
Munyarugero, Basaninyenzi Musango, Bisanukuri Nkongolo, Vedji Nkoy, Bakangamba Ntumba,
Ndenziki, Joel Ndenziki, Mwengwe Nswana, Bisa- Tshiona Ntumba, Tshisuabantu Ntumba, Djasa
nukuri Nzanira, Mukuta Pwele, Nicolas Ramazani, Pembe, Badikengele Tshianga, A'Katshion Tshi-
Bahizi Rukika, Buseyi Sebikuba. bondo, Ilunga Tshibuabua, Katekele Tshibumba,
Credentialed Missionaries: K. Tshiwala.
Tshimpumpu Bukasa, Anacleto Franco, Dale Kam-
berg, Wa Ilunga Masuku, Ilunga Mwishabongo, Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Nguno Nswana, Robert Roberts, Dean Rogers, Kayembe Ilunga, Ilunga Muntu.
Date Vanderwerff, Mrs. Corrine Vanderwerff.
Licensed Ministers: EAST ZAIRE FIELD
Luyamba Loma Lofudu, Nzanzu Yalala. Organized 1955; reorganized 1960
Honorary: J. Mburanumwe, Ngoly Nkusu,
Bihame Nsigayehe, Rukundo Rwanyange. Territory: North Kivu District (except Lubero and
Beni Territories).

CENTRAL ZAIRE FIELD Population: 1,300,000; churches, 322; members,

Organized 1977
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 109, Goma, Kivu,
Territory: East Kasai and West Kasai Provinces.
Zaire Republic, Africa. Telephone: Goma 477.
Population: 8,384,000; churches, 156; members,
67,003. Administration:
President, R. Ruterahagusha.
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 1359, Kananga, Zaire Secretary, R. Madandi.
Republic, Africa. Treasurer, N. Midiburo.
Administration: Executive Committee: R. Ruterahagusha,
President, K. Muhune. Chairman; R. Madandi, Secretary; M. Bazirikana,
Secretary, Mabudi Biodi. U. Hariri, N. Midiburo, M. Misereri, Z. Mugabu-
Treasurer, ; Assistant, Tshika Kanda-Kanda. kuze, R. Mutimura, K. Ndeze, M. Ngirira, M. Nsa-

babera, M. Rujangu, K. Rwagasore, H. Rwany- Publishing and Temperance, Ngolo Kabeja.

enyeri, R. Sebagabo, M. Sebatunzi, N. Semahun- Religious liberty, Muzyanda Kitungwa.
do. Services:
Departments: Adventist Book Center, Ngoy Tshinzulwila.
Church Ministries, K. Ndeze; Associates, U. Hariri, Ordained Ministers:
K. Ngamije. Kubelwa M. Ilunga, Mutole Kahozi, Ngoy Kam-
Communication and Ministerial, M. Sebatunzi. wanya, Kandaila Kawinda, Mufanjala Kijana, Mwa-
Education, N. Semahundo. na-Kasongo Kijana, Tebulo Kima, Muzyanda
Public Affairs, R. Ruterahagusha. Kitungwa, Mpasa Kayembe Koni, Tshikumbi
Publishing, H. Rwanyenyeri. Luhembwe, Lw'Ateba Lumbu, Mukena Mande,
Religious Liberty, R. Madandi. Muyumba Mbayo, Yamba Mbayo, Mpoyo Monga,
Ordained Ministeri: Wa Mutundu Mugalu, Mutudilwa Munyampara, B.
Semirindi Bategeye, Nzamuye Baziruwiha, Mugan- Kabange Mutentu, Mwanabute Mutombo, Mugen-
wa Birikunzira, Kayirese Gahorihori, Gitenge Gata- zigili Mwehu, Luazi Nyembo.
nazi, Rwamihigo Gatanazi, Rugwizangoga Gatar- Credentialed Missionaries:
ayiha, Uwangabo Hariri, Ndagije Kabanda, Nda- Chungu Kineme, Bilenge Lwamba, Kahite Mpun-
butse Kabuhenda, Seburikoko Kagesera, Ngiraru- gu, Alingunde Muhiya, Mwana Banza Nsimba, N.
banda Kanzuranyo, Ngulira Karane, Ndungutse Sangwa.
Karekezi, Murenzi Karihungu, Ruhinyura Madan-
Licensed Ministers:
di, Songa Madende, Runiga Makaka, Mutazihana
Madika Bondo, Kahozi Chungu, Ngolo Kabeja,
Mbizi, Mutega Misereri, Murinzi Mperaheze, Zika-
Aling'Unde Muhiya, Mwana-Banza Nsimba, Tshi-
ma Mugabukuze, Tegera Mugabushaka, Nkubana
pamba Tambwe.
Mugoyi, Rubarake Mukuruwabatwa, Karimbanya
Munyampara, Musafiri Mwemerankiko, Rukanika Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Mwirane, Ruhire Ndekesi, Kabaya Ndeze, Mugara Ngoyi Kalenga, Bombo Ngoy, Ebege Ngoy.
Nsababera, Mbere Ntamakuriro, Birihanze
Nyobera, Manzi Rujangu, Sekabende Rusisiro,
Rwasabahizi Ruterahagusha, Ndikumuzima Rut-
siri, Nsengiyumva Ruzagiriza, Kwihangana Rwaga- Organized 1956
sore, Mudasinda Rwamakuba, Bijugiza Rwamu- Territory: Beni and Lubero Territories in North Kivu
ningi, Habineza Rwanyenyeri, Rukoranya Sebaga- District of Kivu Province, and Kibali-Ituri District in
bo, Songa Sebakara, Movoni Sebatunzi, Sekagon- Upper Zaire Province.
do Sekarusu, Karamira Semahore, Bigirimana
Population: 3,600,000; churches, 118; members,
Senkware, Ruhinda Singirankabo.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Midiburo Ngirira, Ziragwira Ntaganda, Nkuba Mailing Address: Boite Postale 45, Butembo, Kivu,
Sekagurube. Zaire Republic, Africa.
Licensed Ministers: Administration:
Kagara Bangamwabo, Mfitumukiza Barasebya, Ba- President, M. S. Baluku.
hire Basebya, Semugeshi Budasi, Mutega Butera, Secretary, K. Kamate.
Munyanganzo Gaferege, Mukondo Gaferesi, Rwi- Treasurer, M. Katembo.
sumbura Gapira, Bazungu Gasore, Rwirahira Auditor, K. Mukweso.
Kabeya, Ndabutse Kajeje, Ntabwoba Mukarane, Executive Committee: M. S. Baluku, Chairman; K.
Mugoyi Mushali, Ndahiriwe Ndabagerageje, Kamate, Secretary; M. Kasai, K. Kasereka, M.
Ruharaza Nerejimana, Kabindigiri Ngamije, Katembo, K. Katsongo, N. Murungi, M. Sibihwa,
Mapendano Ngendahimana, Ndahoyo Ntahom- M. Sihingirwa, K. Syatoka, S. Unim.
pungiye, Nshipnyi Nzamuye, Ngaruye Ruberati,
Bigayu Ruhatuuri, Gumiriza Sebahutu, Ngabo Departments:
Semahundo. Church Ministries, M. Sibihwa; Associate, M.
NORTH SHABA FIELD Education, Kasereka Musema.
Ministerial, M. Sihingirwa.
Organized 1954; reorganized 1974 Publishing, K. Katsongo.
Territory: Kabambare and Kasongo Territories in Religious liberty, M. S. Baluku.
Kivu Province, and Tanganyika and Upper Lomami
Districts in Shaba Province. Ordained Ministers:
Atwanya Akwa, Kisunzu Baluku, Mbugha Baluku,
Population: 2,400,950; churches, 54; members, Mbasubyaki Kabyabu, Murungi Kahindo,
16,662. Sibyaleghana Kahindo, Kiyonga Kakule, Kyambale
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 449, Kamina, Zaire Kamate, Mwembamba Kambale, Muhemi Kangitsi,
Republic, Africa. Telephone: 99. Bizimana Karambizi, Luhemba Kasai, Nzingene
Administration: Kasai, Mowabingi Kasereka, Mwirawa Katsongo,
President, Muzyanda Kitungwa. Baluku Kirima, Musyakulu Kitakya, Mumbere
Secretary, Mande Mpyama Mukena. Kwerekwere, Kirima Luhota, Kambere Masitake,
Treasurer, Shimba Mwana Banza (acting). Kagheni Mate, Dutegereje Mbonyabashotsi, Kam-
Executive Committee: Muzyanda Kitungwa, bare Mukwarambya, Nzyabako Murungi, Musum-
Chairman; Mande Mpyama Mukena, Secretary; ba Ngowira, Dheba Nguna, Bijyibwani Ribakare,
Muhiya Alingunde, Mutombo Mwana Bute, Mwandu Sibihwa, Mbugha Sihingirwa, B. Kule
Mutentu Kabange, Ngolo Kabeja, Mutole Kahozi, Syatoka, M. Syayigosola, Watumbe Udongo, jaluk-
Ilunga Kubelwa, Lumbu Lw'Ateba, Luhembwe wa Ukoko, Ali Seba Unim, Kambale Wangalima.
Tshikumbi. Credentialed Missionaries:
Departments: Mrs. Mbugha Baluku, Kinyogote Barema, Ise
Church Ministries, Mutole Kahozi; Associate, Ilun- Mubunga Byambwera, Musonia Kabira, Mutsum-
ga Kubelwa. bira Kamate, Kinyegete Kanyamayaga, Kabunga
Communication and Ministerial, Mande Mpyama Kanyere, Muhemi Katembo, Mbakukirahi
Mukena. Kawereka, Mutelemi Kisonia, Mumbera Mbanoya,
Education, Muhiya Alingunde. Musabuli Mweyo.

Licensed Ministers: Muzee Kanunu, Mwengwe Kaunda, Mukaze Miji,

Kighemba Bulighe, Mbako Draza, Kahese Kabun- Karana Munyakazi, Mika Mwila, Mukole Ngoy,
ga, Kikusa Kambale, Mukweso Kambale, Nderu Mukuta Pwele.
Kambale, Basindi Kambere, Tsumangi Kanzire, Credentialed Missionaries:
Bayilamia Kasereka, I. Kasereka, Kakebire Wa Monga Kasongo, Kaombe Mpanga, Kabashi
Kasereka, Kisunzu Kasereka, Lwatumba Kasereka, Muteba, Mwilambwe Ngoy, Bukasa Tshipumpu,
Itumbura Kasonia, Baluku Luguthu, Kotse Major, Moyo Wazicjazi.
Bikongo Maliro, Baluku Musatsu, Dikpa Udaga,
Licensed Ministers:
Jatho Umia, Keraubi Upar, Dorobi Wako.
Matipa Kalaba, Muleka Kapambwe, Chimenya
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Kaputo, Naweji Katwala, M. Kayombo, Musengwa
Kayitambia Kahindo, Kamukehare Kasereka. Kayuba, Wa Senga Kimpemba, Wa Tshikaba Kun-
wiji, Wa Lukaka Lubangi, Mateso Mayenze,
SOUTH KIVU FIELD Tshiwenu Monga, Muzabazi Moyo, Musonda
Organized 1988 Mubanga, Tshimuika Mushimata, Monga Mutom-
bo, Nswana Nguno, Odia Tshikomba,Wa Musanya
Territory: Bukavu. Wundji.
Population: 2,041,666; churches, 108; members, Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
15,218. Kitenge Abamutake, Kishimba Bupe, Mwenyemali
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 2511, Bukavu, Kivu, Ebedi, Kisenga Kalipentala, Eseselo Kutshe, Tshika-
Zaire Republic, Africa. ba Luangana, Bwelia L. Masika, Wawenga Ndum-
Administration: ba, Mwayumba Ngoyi, Badikebedi Tshimanga,
President, Unen Wod Upio. Kayembe Tshipoko.
Secretary-Treasurer, Mande Kabango.
Executive Committee: Unen Wod Upio, UPPER ZAIRE FIELD
Chairman; Mande Kabango, Secretary; Vyamb- Organized 1974
wera Isse-Muvunga, Kajisho Muramira, Kazase
Nsekanabanga, Sekarusu Rutihunza, Uyergiu Territory: Lubutu and Punia zones in Kivu Maniema
Wiyajik. Territory and Upper Zaire Province (except Kibali-
Ordained Ministers:
Ituri District).
Bihanda Bushubweka, Nyamulinda Butsirika, Population: 6,800,000; churches, 35; members,
Mafuku Hamisi, Muramira Kajisho, Nsekanabanga 7,951.
Kazase, Mahorero Mafundi, Bukombe Mfizi, Mailing Address: Boite Postale 1051, Kisangani,
Rukoroka Mpozembizi, Rutigunga Mpunikira, Zaire Republic, Africa.
Muzalia Mukina, Idombe Musasia, Minega Ndamy- Administration:
umugabe, Karenzi Ntahobari, Rutihunza Sekarusu, President, M. Bangamwabo.
Wod Upio Unen, Wiyajik Uyergiu. Secretary,
Credentialed Missionaries: Treasurer, Landu Kinkela (acting).
Molima Bangamwabo, Basilonge Hamisi, Kabango Executive Committee: M. Bangamwabo,
Mande, Sagara Nyirandagizimana, Isse-Muvunga Chairman; T. Baluku, D. Ditu, M. Igwakobo, M.
Vyambwera. lyhombo, B. Kasereka, Landu Kinkela, M. Lisaliko,
Licensed Ministers: B. Takwa.
Kamali Bitegeka, Kende Byazimbwa, Kanagarho Ili- Departments:
vuzumwani, Alembelembe Katoto, Musasia Church Ministries, M. Igwakobo; Associate, B.
Makurambizia, Sumaili Mbula, Kamundu Meshi, Takwa.
Mpenda Mizaba, Bashonga Mugwase, Bariyanga Communication and Religious Liberty, M. Bangam-
Muyoboke, Bibutsa Ndahozi, Nsabiyera Ndamiye, wabo.
Lubango Nsenga, Mboneza Ntiriserukira, Education, Landu Kinkela.
Kanyarushoke Sebuharara, Birashira Shamavu, Ministerial, Publishing, and Temperance, D. Ditu.
Bakano Sindano. Ordained Ministers:
Muluo Aluta, Musasa Baumbikina, Igwandey
Busemea, Ngwasey Bwati, Magombe Igwakobo,
SOUTH SHABA FIELD Masili lyhombo, Mbugha Kabusa, Bahwere
Organized 1974 Kasereka, Milambo Keese, Upandjula Kenge, Kam-
Territory: Shaba Province (except Tanganyika and wika Kumyaga, Milambo Makisia, S. Serwili,
Upper Lomami Districts). Kasereka Sikiminywa, Baluku Takwa, Upio linen.
Population: 3,000,000; churches, 35; members, Credentialed Missionaries:
10,340. Kabeja Ngarambe.
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 1617, Lubumbashi, Licensed Ministers:
Zaire Republic, Africa. Diankole Ditu, Moke Kasimba, Kanyangi Kungi, J.
Masumbu, Bokele Tokandeko, Mbamba Yom-
President, Mwengwe Kaunda.
Secretary-Treasurer, M. Kabashi.
Executive Committee: Mwengwe Kaunda, WEST ZAIRE FIELD
Chairman; M. Kabashi, Secretary; K. Bwalya, M. Organized 1956; reorganized 1962
Kanunu, K. Kaubo, M. Monga, N. Mukole,
Munyakazi. Territory: Bandundu, Bas-Zaire, Equator Province,
and Kinshasa City.
Church Ministries, M. Monga. Population: 11,000,000; churches, 3; members,
Communication, Religious Liberty, and Temper- 3,638.
ance, Mwengwe Kaunda. Mailing Address: Boite Postale 7983, Kinshasa I,
Education and Ministerial, N. Mukole. Zaire Republic, Africa. Telephone: 80671.
Publishing, K. Bwalya. Administration:
Ordained Ministers: President, B. Ditwa.
Kisapa Besa, Kimese Bwalya, Mwape Changwe, Secretary-Treasurer, Ngwabije Rutigunga.

Executive Committee: B. Ditwa, Chairman; Ngwa- Kiambalo Luvuezo, Manani Mabatanga, Lupemba
bije Rutigunga, Secretary; M. Kaniki, Kanyinda, Muamba, Mulumba Tshitala.
Bazeyi Kiabala, L. Kindemi, M. Mabatanga, M. Credentialed Missionaries:
Matuba, L. Mbaya, Mukwenge, M. Nzombi. T. Mbuyi, Ndongola, Rutigunga Ngwabije.
Departments: Licensed Ministers:
Education, Bazeyi Kiabala. Itambal Ataap, Kiabala Bazeyi, Nfumu Fumakwa,
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, M. Mabatanga; Dikinda Kaku, Kiakuvue, Luvusu Kindemi, Loyam-
Associates, L. Kindemi, M. Nzombi. ba Loma Lofudu, Kumunu Mamoyo, Ntuntu
Publishing, L. Kindemi. Mavambu, Tshiaba Mbuyi, Kakule Mithimbo,
Stewardship, M. Mabatanga. Mayelanu Ndongala, Mata Nzombi, Tern Tatimpan-
Youth and VOP, M. Nzombi. ga, Kakanisa Walamina.
Ordained Ministers: Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Banzulu Ditwa, Kitwa Kalume, Ponde Lunganga, D. Kanku, K. Kimbulu, B. A. Niyineza.

BURUNDI MISSION Publishing, Samuel Hategekimana.
Organized 1931 Spirit of Prophecy, Mitsindo Rudatsikira.
Reorganized 1960, 1964, 1984 Services:
Territory: Burundi. ADRA/Burundi, Boite Postale 1710, Bujumbura,
Burundi, Africa.
Population: 5,120,000; churches, 81; members, Director, Bent Nielsen.
Ordained Ministers:
Cable Address: "Adventiste," Bujumbura, Burundi, Samson Banzire, Laban Birikunzira, Stephano Cat-
Africa. somo, Uzziel Kabutura, Elizaphan Kanyenzi,
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 1710, Bujumbura, Ezechiel Kijongo, Eliphaz Magegera, Jean Mirimo,
Burundi, Africa. Pierre Muhitira, Amiel Ndaruzaniye, Ezechiel
Ndategetse, Simeon Ntabaza, Abel Ntanyungu,
Office Address: 126 Avenue Prince Louis Rwaga- Enos Ntivyirengeza, Naason Nyabenda, Silas Senk-
sore, Bujumbura, Burundi, Africa. Telephones: omo, Japhet Yongo.
Bujumbura 3130 and 3155.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Administration: Elias Bampige, Aaron Ncahonankwa, Mitsindo
President, Silas Senkomo. Rudatsikira.
Secretary, Mitsindo Rudatsikira.
Treasurer, Gordon Gray. Licensed Ministers:
Executive Committee: Silas Senkomo, Chairman; Simeon Bakame, Zacharie Barankeba, Uzziel
Mitsindo Rudatsikira, Secretary; Laban Birikunzira, Baranyizigiye, David Barute, Ezechiel Baryana,
Leonidas Gakuba, Ephraim Gasamunyiga, Stepha- Azarias Biketsiki, Amon Bizimana, Eraste Furuguta,
no Gatsomo, Gordon Gray, Samuel Hategekimana, Samuel Gahinga, Leonidas Gakuba, Enias Gashibo-
Uzziel Kabutura, Caroline Kampogo, Ezechiel Ki- za, Uzziel Habingabwa, Samuel Hatagekimana,
jongo, Pierre Muhitira, Ezechief Munyenkiko, Eliab Havyarimana, Hezekia Macumi, Phanuel
Amiel Ndaruzaniye, Bent Nielsen, Patrice Ntisin- Matata, Ismael Mbazumutima, Jacques Mpa-
zira, Salatiel Uwihaye. gazekuryayo, Samuel Mpitabakana, Samuel Muhu-
tu, Aaron Mutagayana, Sylvestre Mvutse, Hezekia
Departments: Nahokamye, Isaac Nayubusa, Ephraim Ndabik-
Church Ministries, Pierre Muhitira; Associate, weru, Deo Ngiririrtore, Eliazar Ngiriyumunyurwa,
Leonidas Gakuba. Elimelec Nsabiwenamagara, Benjamin Nti-
Communication and Education, Leonidas Gakuba. batekereza, Thacien Nyemazi, Uzzia Nzigirabaca,
Health and Temperance, Mitsindo Rudatsikira. Abias Rusenga, Dedan Sakubu, Amiel Sindakira,
Ministerial and Religious Liberty, Silas Senkomo. Elias Sindihokubwabo.



Adventist Missionary College, P.O. Box 9358, Air- Antarandolo Adventist School (College Adventiste
port-Accra, Ghana, West Africa. d'Antarandolo), B.P. 1146, Fianarantsoa, Mada-
Adventist Seminary of West Africa, P.M.B. 21244, gascar.
Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria, West Africa. Asokore Seventh-day Adventist Teacher Training
Adventist University of Central Africa (Universite College, P.O. Box 18, Asokore-Koforidua, Gha-
Adventiste de Afrique Centrale), B.P. 118, na, West Africa.
Gisenyi, Rwanda, Central Africa. Bekwai Seventh-day Adventist Secondary School,
Adventist Vocational Institute, P.O. Box 183, Techi- P.O. Box 45, Bekwai, Ghana, West Africa.
man, B.A., Ghana, West Africa. Bouake Adventist Secondary School (College
Agona Seventh-day Adventist Secondary School, Adventiste de Bouake), B.P. 1270, Bouake, Cote
P.O. Box 30, Agona, Ashanti, Ghana, West Afri- d'Ivoire, West Africa.
ca. Burkina Faso Adventist Horticultural Training Cen-
Ankazambo Adventist School (Ecole Adventiste ter (Centre Horticole de la Mission Adventiste),
d'Ankazambo), B.P. 20, 409 Befandriana-Nord, B.P. 592, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, West Afri-
Madagascar. ca.

Dogba Secondary School (College Adventiste de Ramin Kura Health Centre, P.M.B. 2054, Jos,
Dogba), B.P. 627, Maroua, Republic of Came- Plateau State, Nigeria, West Africa.
roun, Africa. Ugbo Clinic, P.O. Box 79, Okitipupa, Ondo
Gitwe Adventist Secondary School (College State, Nigeria, West Africa.
Adventiste de Gitwe), B.P. 85, Gitarama, Rwan- Asamang Adventist Health Centre, P.O. Box 2, Asa-
da, Africa. mang, Ashanti, Ghana, West Africa.
Kanyatsi Institute (Institut de Kanyatsi), B.P. 246, ASSAR (Association des Services de Sante Adven-
Goma, Kivu, Zaire Republic, Africa. tistes au Rwanda), B.P. 2, Kigali, Rwanda, Africa:
Konola Academy, P.O. Box 1402, Monrovia, Liber- Gitwe Dispensary, B.P. 1, Nyabisindu, Rwanda,
ia, West Africa. Africa.
Lukanga Adventist Institute (Institut Adventiste de Karora Dispensary, B.P. 2, Kigali, Rwanda, Afri-
Lukanga), B.P. 180, Butembo, Kivu, Zaire Repub- ca.
lic, Africa. Kigali Dental Clinic (Cabinet Dentaire Adventis-
Mugonero School of Nursing Science (Ecole des ta de Kigali), B.P. 367, Kigali, Rwanda, Africa.
Sciences Infirmieres de Mugonero), B.P. 65, Kinunu Dispensary, B.P. 2, Kigali, Rwanda, Afri-
Kibuye, Rwanda, Africa. ca.
Nansa-Eboko Adventist Secondary School (Semi- Mudende Health Centre, B.P. 118, Gisenyi,
naire Adventiste de Nanga-Eboko), B.P. 4, Nan- Rwanda, Africa.
ga-Eboko, Republic of Cameroun. Nyarwungo Dispensary, B.P. 2, Kigali, Rwanda,
Peninsula Secondary School, Waterloo, Sierra Africa.
Leone, West Africa. Rwankeri Health Centre, B.P. 2, Kigali, Rwanda,
Phoenix Adventist Secondary School, Palmerston Africa.
Road, Phoenix, Mauritius, Indian Ocean. Bakwa-Tombe Dispensary, B.P. 1359, Kananga,
Rwankeri Adventist Secondary School (College Zaire Republic, Africa.
Adventiste de Rwankeri), B.P. 54, Ruhengeri, Bandalungwa Dispensary, B.P. 7983, Kinshasa II,
Rwanda, Africa. Zaire Republic, Africa.
Sangmelima Adventist Secondary School (College Batouri Dispensary, B.P. 58, Batouri, Republic of
Adventiste), B.P. 16, Sangmelima, Republic of Cameroun.
Cameroun. Bazega Dispensary (Dispensaire de Bazega), B.P.
Soamanandrariny Adventist Secondary School 592, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, West Africa.
(Seminaire Adventiste de Soamanandrariny), Beni Dispensary, B.P. 45, Butembo, Kivu, Zaire Re-
B.P. 321, Antananarivo, Madagascar. public, Africa.
Songa Institute (Institut de Songa), D/S Kamina, Bere Health Centre, B.P. 146, Moundou, Chad.
Zaire Republic, Africa. Bigobo Dispensary, B.P. 449, Kamina, Zaire Repub-
Yele Seventh-day Adventist Secondary School, lic, Africa.
P.O. Box 50, Magburaka, Sierra Leone, West Afri- Buea Dispensary, B.P. 33, Buea, Republic of Came-
ca. roun.
Health-Care Buramba Dispensary, B.P. 109, Goma, Kivu, Zaire
Republic, Africa.
Hospitals: Bushonga Dispensary, B.P. 109, Goma, Kivu, Zaire
Aba Health Centre and Motherless Children's Republic, Africa.
Home, P.M.B. 7115, Aba, Imo State, Nigeria, Dibuko Dispensary, B.P. 1359, Kananga, Zaire Re-
West Africa. public, Africa.
Andapa Hospital and Dental Clinic (Hopital Adven- Divuma Dispensary, B.P. 1617, Lubumbashi, Zaire
tiste), B.P. 50, Andapa, Madagascar, Indian Republic, Africa.
Ocean. Dogba Dispensary, B.P. 45, Maroua, Republic of
Asamang Seventh-day Adventist Hospital, P.O. Box Cameroun.
480, Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa. Cabinda Dispensary, B.P. 1359, Kananga, Zaire Re-
Glei Adventist Health Center, B.P. 1222, Lome, public, Africa.
Togo, West Africa. Glei Adventist Health Centre, B.P. 1222, Lome,
Inisha Community Medical Centre, P.O. Box 7, Togo, West Africa.
Inisha, Oyo State, Nigeria, West Africa. Kamina Dispensary, B.P. 449, Kamina, Shaba, Zaire
Jengre Seventh-day Adventist Hospital, P.M.B. Republic, Africa.
2054, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, West Africa. Kanyabayongo Dispensary, B.P. 45, Butembo,
Koza Adventist Hospital (Hopital Adventiste de Zaire Republic, Africa.
Koza), B.P. 38, Mokolo, Republic of Cameroun. Kanyatsi Dispensary, B.P. 109, Goma, Kivu, Zaire
Masanga Leprosy Hospital, P.M.B. 814, Freetown, Republic, Africa.
Sierra Lpone, West Africa. Kasolo Dispensary, B.P. 1617, Lubumbashi, Shaba,
Mugonero Hospital (Hopital de Mugonero), B.P. Zaire Republic, Africa.
65, Kibuye, Rwanda, Africa. Katalaya Dispensary, B.P. 1359, Kananga, Zaire Re-
Seventh-day Adventist Cooper Memorial Hospital, public, Africa.
P.O. Box 546, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. Kayna Dispensary, B.P. 45, Butembo, Zaire Repub-
Songa Adventist Hospital (Hopital de Songa et Lep- lic, Africa.
roserie), D/S Kamina, Zaire Republic, Africa. Kikamba Dispensary, B.P. 449, Kamina, Zaire Re-
Dispensaries, Clinics and Health Centers: public, Africa.
Adventist Health Services-Nigeria, P.O. Box 207, Kirundu Dispensary, B.P. 1051, Kisangani, Zaire Re-
Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria, West Africa: public, Africa.
Aiyetoro Ekiti Dispensary, P.O. Box 7, Oshogbo, Lubero Dispensary, B.P. 109, Goma, Kivu, Zaire
Oyo State, Nigeria, West Africa. Republic, Africa.
Arum Tumara Dispensary, P.O. Box 88, Bukuru, Lubilu Dispensary, B.P. 1359, Kananga, Zaire Re-
Plateau State, Nigeria, West Africa. public, Africa.
Igbobini Clinic, P.O. Box 79, Okitipupa, Ondo Lukanga Dispensary, B.P. 180, Butembo, Kivu,
State, Nigeria, West Africa. Zaire Republic, Africa.
llishan Remo (ASWA) Health Centre, P.M.B. Lulengele Dispensary, B.P. 1359, Kananga, Zaire
21244, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria, West Africa. Republic, Africa.
Maigamo Dispensary, P.M.B. 2054, Jos, Plateau Manjakaray Dispensary, B.P. 670, Antananarivo,
State, Nigeria, West Africa. Madagascar.

Mokambo Dispensary, B.P. 1617, Lubumbashi, Burundi: La Voix de I'Esperance, B.P. 1710, Bujum-
Zaire Republic, Africa. bura, Burundi, Africa.
Nanga-Eboko Dispensary, B.P. 4, Nanga-Eboko, Cameroun: La Voix de l'Esperance, B.P. 401,
Republic of Cameroun. Yaounde, Republic of Cameroun.
Ndjokopunda Dispensary, B.P. 1359, Kananga, Cote d'Ivoire: Adventist World Radio/AID, B.P.
Zaire Republic, Africa. 1751, Abidjan 08, Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa.
Nebasa Dispensary, B.P. 1051, Kisangani, Zaire Re- La Voix de l'Esperance, B.P. 335, Abidjan 01,
public, Africa. Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa.
Niaguis Dispensary (Dispensaire de Niaguis), B.P. Ghana: Voice of Prophecy, P.O. Box 1016, Accra,
127, Ziguinchor, Senegal, West Africa. Ghana, West Africa.
Nkwanza Dispensary, B.P. 7983, Kinshasa II, Zaire Madagascar: La Voix de l'Esperance, B.P. 466, Anta-
Republic, Africa. nanarivo, Madagascar.
Rwese Dispensary, B.P. 45, Butembo, Kivu, Zaire Mauritius: Voice of Prophecy, P.O. Box 18, Rose
Republic, Africa. Hill, Mauritius, Indian Ocean.
Sangmelima Dispensary, B.P. 16, Sangmelima, Re- Reunion: La Voix de l'Esperance, B.P. 227, Saint-
public of Cameroun. Denis, Reunion, Indian Ocean.
Shanje Dispensary, B.P. 109, Goma, Zaire Repub- Rwanda: Voice of Prophecy, B.P. 367, Kigali, Rwan-
lic, Africa. da, Africa.
Dental Clinics: Senegal: La Voix de I'Esperance, B.P. 1013, Dakar,
Kigali Dental Clinic (Cabinet Dentaire Adven- Senegal, West Africa.
tiste de Kigali), B.P. 367, Kigali, Rwanda, Afri- Zaire: La Voix de l'Esperance (in French and Swahi-
ca. li), B.P. 327, Lubumbashi, Zaire Republic, Africa.
Lubumbashi Adventist Dental Clinic (Clinique
Dentaire Adventiste), 114 Avenue Maniema,
Lubumbashi. Mailing Address: B.P. 2099, Literature Ministry Seminaries:
Lubumbashi, Zaire Republic, Africa. Cote d'Ivoire: Abidjan Literature Ministry Semi-
Yaounde Dental Clinic, B.P. 401, Yaounde, Re- nary, 06 B.P. 842, Abidjan 06, Cote d'Ivoire, West
public of Cameroun. Africa. Telephone: (225) 41 41 18. Telex: 27125
Retirement Home: (Ans. AIDSDA CI 27125). Director, K. J. Agboli.
Rosie Le Meme Home, Telfair Avenue, Quatre- Ghana: Accra Literature Ministry Seminary, P.O.
Bornes, Mauritius, Indian Ocean. Box 1016, Accra, Ghana, West Africa. Telex: 2119
(Ans. 2119 ADVENT GH). Director, J. Twum.
Publishing Liberia: Monrovia Literature Ministry Seminary,
Advent Press, P.O. Box 0102, Osu, Accra, Ghana, P.O. Box 52, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa.
West Africa. Telex Number: 44371 (Ans. 44371 HEACO LI).
Adventist Printing House (Imprimerie Adventiste, Director, K. Mutemwa.
Trano Fanontam-Printy Adventista), B.P. 1134, Nigeria: Aba Literature Ministry Seminary, P.O.
Antananarivo, Madagascar. Box 5400, Aba, Nigeria. Director, E. C. Ajuzie.
Central African Publishing House (Imprimerie Lagos Literature Ministry Seminary, P.O. Box
Adventiste "IMA"), B.P. 61, Yaounde, Republic 207, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria, West Africa.
of Cameroun. Telex Number: 26709 (Ans. 26709 NUMSDA).
Other Entities Director, 0. Ajibade.
Rwanda: Kigali Literature Ministry Seminary, B.P.
Airplane: 367, Kigali, Rwanda, Africa. Telephone: (250) 85
9Q-CNF Cessna 185 - Zaire Union Mission. 673. Telex Number: 596 RWANDA (Ans. 596 RUM
Radio-TV Production Centers and Bible Correspond- RW). Director, K. Semugeshi.
ence Schools: Zaire: Kinshasa Literature Ministry Seminary, B.P.
Benin: La Voix de l'Esperance, B.P. 2153, Cotonou, 4004, Kinshasa II, Zaire, Africa. Director, T.
R.P. Benin, West Africa. Kanumbi.

Addis Ababa
Ethiopia MISSION

Dar es Salaam

NO •
)ELD Francistown •

Unions Population Churches Members
East African 15,534,000 1,052 256,147
Ethiopian 50,109,983 137 46,267
South-East Africa 7,982,607 441 80,902
Tanzania 23,929,570 407 83,400
Uganda 13,264,473 256 43,934
Zambesi 8,991451 484 111,368
Zambia 9,620,965 428 93,653
North Botswana Field 621,944 16 5,509
South Botswana Field 563 000 11 4.19,2
Totals June 30 1988 130 618 393 3,232 7 7
Organized 1970; reorganized 1981, 1983

Territory: Botswana, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Services:

Malawi, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and ADRA, Clifford G. Patterson.
Zimbabwe; comprising the East African, Ethiopian, International Health Food Association and Trust
South-East Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambesi, and Services, Ronald A. Lindsey.
Zambia Union Missions, and the North Botswana Transportation Agents:
and South Botswana Fields. General Agent, Hailemelecot Zerai; Assistants, All
Population: 130,618,393; churches, 3,232; mem- Union Treasurers.
bers, 725,373. Ordained Ministers:
Z. F. Ayonga, Ralph P. Bailey, D. W. B. Chalale, Jon
Cable Address: "Adventist," Harare, Zimbabwe, Green, Frank C. Hayter, Bekele Heye, Dennis C.
Africa. Keith Sr., Leif Lind, H. M. Mafu, Leonard Masuku,
Nairobi Branch: "Adventist," Nairobi, Kenya, East Zacchaeus Mathema, R. C. Megera, Godson Y.
Africa. Mgeni, B. Muganda, J. Musvosvi, Clifford G. Pat-
Telex Numbers: 987-6462 (Ans. GCEAD ZW); Nairo- terson, Harold Peters, Wes Peterson, Louis R. Pre-
bi Branch: 963-23219 (Ans. EAD/SDA). ston, Karl J. Seligmann, Andre Stijnman, Solomon
Mailing Address: P.O. Box H.G. 100, Highlands, Ha- Honorary: D. K. Bazarra, Y. Lusingu.
rare, Zimbabwe, Africa. Credentialed Missionaries:
Nairobi Branch: P.O. Box 14756, Nairobi, Kenya,
Bangele Aba, Linda Alinsod, David K. Amponsah,
East Africa. Eero Antikainen, Mrs. Ralph P. Bailey, Benedicto A.
Office Address: Corner of Enterprise Road and Prin- Bayeta, Mrs. Haregewine Bekele, Mwita Bina, Earl
cess Drive, Highlands, Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa. Brewer, Mrs. Francis Brewer, Mrs. Carol Cantu,
Telephones: 732-531, 732-532, and 732-533. Raymond Cantu, Fonda Chaffee, Mrs. Lillian Cha-
Nairobi Branch: 3 Riverside Drive, Nairobi, Kenya, lale, Donald K. Clemons, Jose D. Dial, Mrs. Rebec-
East Africa. Telephones: 43740 and 43249. ca Dial, Gershom Diang'a, Antonio Do Couto, Mrs.
Casilda Do Couto, Lloyd Dull, James Estes, Mar-
jorie Evenson, Mrs. Gillian Galloway, Boyd Gibson,
President, Bekele Heye.
Ebel Gor, Timothy Graham, G. Grant, Mrs. Jon
Secretary, Ralph P. Bailey.
Treasurer, Ronald A. Lindsey; Associates, Dennis Green, Mrs. Leza Hartung, Mrs. Bekele Heye, Mel-
vin G. Holm, Mrs. Dorothy Holm, Samson Joech,
C. Keith Sr., Hailemelecot Zerai.
Field Secretaries, D. W. B. Chalale, H. Dumba, Mrs. Aisha Joel, Norman Joel, Ritch E. Kacelenga,
Nicodemus G. Kahari, Keith Mrs. Dorothy, Samwel
Clifford G. Patterson.
Auditor, Hans F. Sakul; Area Directors, D. M. Petti- Kiche, Elmer Lampson, Mrs. Joyce Lampson, Jean
Lemon, Mrs. Sosamma Lindsay, Ronald A. Lindsey,
bone, J. Sasela; District Auditor, F. C. Hayter;
George P. Magee, Mrs. George P. Magee, Mrs.
Staff Auditor, C. Sando.
Executive Committee: Bekele Heye, Chairman; Cynthia Manuel, Elmard Mbok, Mrs. Lilia McKen-
Ralph P. Bailey, Secretary; Z. F. Ayonga, J. Benn, zie, Roland McKenzie, David B. Meyer, Mrs. Ethel
Bekele Bid, Jack B. Bohannon, F. A. Botomani, D. Meyer, A. Mhaka, Ezekiel Mosiori, Mrs. A. Mus-
W. B. Chalale, N. Djaletta, H. Dumba, Saleem vosvi, Joseph Ndhlovu, Solomon Ndhlovu, Mrs.
Janis Newborn, Mrs. Jochabed Ngeny, Daniel
Farag, R. J. Gombwa, L. Guttschuss, Dennis C.
Ngere, Richard Ngwenya, Jacton Njoga, Willie R.
Keith Sr., J. N. Kyale, Ronald A. Lindsey, M. Maph-
Nyagurah, Musa Odin, Daudi Ogembo, Elijah
osa, L. Masuku, Abraham M. Motlhaapula, M. R.
Moyo, A. C. Mpofu, Baraka Muganda, M. Muze, R. Okelo, Leticia Omega, Thomas Onduto, Elmard
R. Ndhlovu, T. H. Nkungula, E. B. Otukol, Clifford Osumba, Mrs. Ruby Patterson, Mrs. V. Peters, Mrs.
G. Patterson, Louis R. Preston, L. D. Raelly, J. Sitwa- Lois Peterson, Donald M. 'Pettibone, Mrs. M.
la, Robert W. Taylor, G. Wata, Solomon Wolde- Pilane, Mark A. Remboldt, Hans Sakul, Jootje Sase-
Endreas, Hailemelecot Zerai. la, Mrs. Marie Seligmann, Naftali Siage, Judia
Sibanda, Mable Sibanda, Larry G. Sibley, Mrs.
Departments: Irene Sibley, Nicanor Sidho, Mrs. N. C. Siwardi, N.
Church Ministries, Solomon Wolde-Endreas; C. Siwardi, A. Dwight Smith, Mrs. Ruth Smith, Mer-
Associates, Baraka Muganda, Louis R. Preston. ton E. Sprengel, Mrs. Martha Sterner, Robert A.
Communication, Z. F. Ayonga. Sundin, Dinah C. Tabaranza, Mrs. R. M. Tembwe,
Education, T. H. Nkungula. R. M. Tembwe, Corliss Vander Mei, Mrs. Joan Van-
Health and Temperance, Saleem Farag. der Mei, Elsa Vidal, Mrs. Georgia Watson, Eugene
Ministerial, Baraka Muganda. Witzel, Mrs. Donna Worley, Richard Worley,
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Z. F. Ayonga. Hailemelecot Zerai.
Publishing, L. Masuku. Licensed Ministers:
Spirit of Prophecy, Solomon Wolde-Endreas. 0. Dube, T. H. Nkungula, R. Sithale.


Organized 1921; reorganized 1960, 1987

Territory: Kenya and Somalia; comprising the South Population: 15,534,000; churches, 1,052; members,
Kenya Conference, and the Central Kenya, Kenya 256,147.
Coast, Kenya Lake, Ranen, and Western Kenya Cable Address: "Adventist," Nairobi, Kenya, East
Fields. Africa.


Telex Number: 963 22020 (Ans. ADVENTIST 22020). Administration:

Executive Director,
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 42276, Nairobi, Kenya,
Secretary-Treasurer, J. M. 0. Mochache.
East Africa. , Chairman; J. M. 0.
Executive Committee:
Office Address: I nvergara Grove, off Gitanga Road, Mochache, Secretary; G. K. Ambutu, Godfrey
Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. (All postal communica- Asanyo, J. Kaaria, D. E. Mbwaro, J. M. Muiruri, A.
tion to Post Office Box.) Telephones: 566025, Musau, D. Musau, J. Mwanthe, Mrs. Ngaruiya, F.
566022, and 568433. Njagi, G. N. Njoroge, J. R. Nyaga, G. Wahome, D.
K. Wanderi.
Executive Director, J. N. Kyale. Departments:
Secretary, Shadrack 0. Omulo. Communication, Education, and Youth, F. Njagi.
Treasurer, James Washington. Health and Lay Activities, A. Musau.
Executive Committee: J. N. Kyale, Chairman; Publishing, G. K. Ambutu; Assistants, S. Chege, D.
Guto, S. Kyunguti, S. N. Machuma, D. Mugo, A.
Shadrack 0. Omulo, Secretary; G. Amayo, Warren
Hewes, R. K. Kamundi, A. J. Kutondo, N. 0. Ogeto, Muia, J. Muia, P. W. Munyua, P. Njuguna, B. M.
Joseph Okello, E. G. Oloo, J. Rono, James Omwansa, J. Wanderi.
Sabbath School and Stewardship, J. M. Muiruri.
Ordained Ministers:
Departments: N. Itumo, G. Kajomo, Peter Kamundi, D. K.
Church Ministries, A. J. Kutondo; Associate, B. M. Kathare, S. Kiambati, S. K. Mioro, E. R. Mpyisi, E.
Ruguri. Mugane, J. M. Muiruri, N. Mulilya, N. Ngunjiri
Communication, P. C. Mairura. Muriithi, A. N. Musau, D. Musau, P. M. Mwaniki,
Education, G. Amayo. P. M. Nduke, S. K. Ngoroi, P. Njenga, G. N.
Health, S. Misiani. Njoroge, J. Nyaga, M. N. Rimberia, R. A. Theuri, S.
Publishing, Warren Hewes; Associate, W. B. M. Wamugunda, D. K. Wanderi.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Legal Association: "Seventh-day Adventist Church Ndwiga Kigundu, J. M. 0. Mochache.
(East Africa) Limited." Executive Director, J. N. Licensed Ministers:
Kyale; Secretary, Shadrack 0. Omulo; Treasurer, G. K. Ambutu, S. M. Anjuri, C. A. N. Birai, Abraham
James Washington. Bundi, B. Kimuyu, S. Kioko, E. Mbwaro, M. N.
Services: Mugo, Mukonambi, I. M. Muraya, M. Mutuma, P.
ADRA, Kenneth Crane; Associate, George Garcia. Ndeto, S. K. Ngure, F. Njagi, F. Njau, J. Njuguna, K.
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Craig Newborn. M. Njuguna, J. Rugendo.
Home Health Education Service: Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Coordinator, J. L. Sterner. Eunice Ayonga, Alice Babi rye, Silvester Chege,
Ordained Ministers: Emily Chelangate, Regina Chepkorir, Annie Che-
G. 0. Ang'ienda, W. B. Buruchara, Warren Hewes, sang, Ellen David, Hannah Gathoni, Annie Gatoru,
Turkiko Koyo, A. J. Kutondo, J. N. Kyale, P. C. M. Samson Gesumwa, John Gichuki, Loise Githin-
Mairura, C. H. Newborn, Shadrack 0. Omulo, Paul ji, M. Monicah Isaac, Rachel Isaac, Christine Isika,
Ondari, Paul Wahonya Onyango, B. M. Ruguri, Loise Itumo, Ephantus Jadiel, Mrs. Grace James, K.
Berhane Woldemariam. Moses Jones, Gladys Kamau, W. Esther Kamau, W.
Honorary: J. Agoki, Luka Amayo, Elisha Arunga, Jane Kamau, W. Lucy Kamau, Andrine Kanyamu,
Rueben Ayiemba, Peter Chitambe, M. Katuku, Dishon Karanja, M. Francis Kariuki, W. Jane
Hezron Kenani, Kaleb Kipkessio, D. Magoki, Heze- Kariuki, Goliath Kayondo, Stephen Kibunja, Ruth
kia Mireri, J. M. Mutero, S. K. Ngoroi, R. K. Njeri, J. Kilili, Nduati Shadrack Kimani, Peterson Kimani,
Nyakeriga, A. Nyakundi, E. M. Nyamweya, N. Joseph Kinuthia, Nancy Kinuthia, Gladys Machu-
Nyanusi, Christopher Odero, Isaac Ojwang', Isaak ma, Rosemary Maina, Lucy Maingi, Michael Maitai,
Okeyo, N. Omambia, Samwel Omondi, N. Osebe, Dina Makokha, Isabella Makori, Patrick Manyara,
M. Osoo, T. Otega, Joshua Ouma, Zephania Oyier, David Mary, J. K. Mary, A. Wadeya Masella, De-
E.Rewe, I. Simi, M. Wandiga. borah Mbete, Peter Mburu, Julia Miatu, Florence
Mogire, Peris Muasya, Ruth Mugane, D. Joshua
Credentialed Missionaries: Muia, John Muia, Alice Munyua, Miriam Muraya,
John Amenya, S. M. Bolo, Samuel Bwoga, W. L. Mary Muriithi, Alice Musau, Peris Muteri, N. Harun
Cochran, Philip Mbega, E. E. Omutamba, Ruby F. Mutero, Beatrice Muthoni, George Muthunga,
Ratzlaff, Jerry L. Sterner, June E. Wilson. Leah K. Mutua, Miriam Mutua, Anne M. Mutunga,
Honorary: J. Auma, D. Batura, Meshak Dawa, B. Christopher Muturi, James Muturi, Gideon Mwan-
Mairura, M. Momanyi, M. Moseti, I. Omwega, S. gi, Peninah Mwaniki, W. Nancy Mwaniki, Nancy
Onchieku. Mwaro, Jane Ndara, Jonah Ndegwa, Joseph
Licensed Ministers: Nduati, Christine Nduta, Njuguna Grace Nduta,
Honorary: C. Kipkesio, K. Masai, N. Ochieng', Lilian Ngaruiya, Lucy W. Ngigi, Grace Ngonyo,
F. Odhiambo, P. Siele. Solomon Ngoroi, Karanja Njaga, Grace Wawira
Njagi, M. John Njagi, Tabitha Njenga, Janet Njeri,
Mary Mugo Njeri, Abel N. Njeru, Tabitha M. Njeru,
CENTRAL KENYA FIELD Naftali N. Njiru, Daniel K. Njoga, John Njongoro,
Organized 1906; reorganized 1953, 1981 Rose W. Njue, Jonah Paul Njuguna, Patrick Nongo,
Territory: Kenya, except the Coast, North Eastern, Rebecca Nyabere, Aska Nyamwange, Cecilia
Nyanza, and Western Provinces. Oduol, Sarah Ogutu, Gilbert 0. Ojwang, Zepha-
niah 0. Omiti, David Ondieki, Jerusa Onkendu,
Population: 8,480,501; churches, 116; members, Elijah W. Opondo, Jane N. Peter, Anne K. Philip,
20,528. Peninah G. Philip, H. D. Simbwa, Leah Simon, Mrs.
Jane Stanley, Ellen Theuri, Sarah Tito, Joyce
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 41352, Nairobi, Kenya,
Wainaina, Solomon Wakioira, Alice Wambui,
East Africa.
Catherine Wambui, Loise Wambui, P. Wambui,
Office Address: Karura (along Red Hill Road), Nairo- Rachel Wambui, Ellen Wanderi, Sarah Wanderi,
bi, Kenya, East Africa. Telephones: 520201 and Beth Wangari, Jane Wangari, Margaret Wangari,
520202. Polly Wangari, Priscilla K. Wangari, Brice Wanja,

Holiday Wanjiru, P. Wanjiru, -Joseph Wanjohi, Alfayo Ondego, Alfayo Onduso, Timothy
Loise W. Wanyoike, Ruth Wanyoike, N. Leah Ongeche, Joel Onyango, B. Otuoma, Walter
Waweru, John Zavera. Oyieko, Daniel Oyugi, P. 0. Wahonya, Shadrack
KENYA COAST FIELD Credentialed Missionaries:
Organized 1986 E. Ager, Mika Amayo, J. Asimba, Zablon Asiyo, C.
0. Nyabola.
Territory: Coast and North Eastern Provinces.
Licensed Ministers:
Population: 78,499; churches, 32; members, 3,220. J. Abiero, Ph. Abonyo, J. Akhonya, Stephen Aol, J.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 89251, Mombasa, Kenya, Arunga, M. R. Awino, M. Awuor, Elija Midigo, John
East Africa. Telephone: 491592. Ng'iela, M. Ngege, M. 0. Njoga, R. 0. Obwana,
Administration: Benjamin Oduka, R. Oguta, T. Ogutu, M. 0.
Executive Director, R. K. Kamundi. Okoth, Azariah Ombura, J. Omulo, Musa 0. Omu-
Secretary-Treasurer, Reuben Mwandoto. lo, B. Ong'idi, N. Onunda, C. Onyango, J. Ooko,
Gershom Osano, Albert Otieno, M. Otieno, J.
Departments: Ouma, J. 0. Owiti, W. Oyugi, H. Sande.
Church Ministries, R. K. Yeri; Associate, H. K. Solo-
mon. Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Communication, Education, and Youth, I. K. Baya. S. Abiero, J. Achieng', Feter Adungu, Phoebe
Publishing, H. K. Solomon. Adungu, M. Akeyo, M. Anyango, Ludiah Aoko, S.
Aol, D. Apiyo, Pius Awili, Richard Awuor, Samuel
Services: Mbago, Daniel Muga, Esau Ndada, P. Ng'ete, D.
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Benson Katuku. Obala, Christine Obiayo, J. Obuya, M. Odanga,
Ordained Ministers: Richard Oganga, Joice Ojiem, N. Okiri, H. Okumu,
R. K. Kamundi, M. Mumba, B. Mwachala, J. Mwar- E.Oluoch, G. Oluoch, Daniel Onyach, M. Onyach,
inga, J. C. Mwatsuma, H. Solomon. Joseph Onyango, A. Sh. Otieno, Ogwe Otieno,
Credentialed Missionaries: Priska Otieno, S. Otieno, Ephraim Owiti, E.
J. Jefwa, D. Keli, S. Kibue. Owuor, Salome Oywa, A. Saka, Stephen
Wabulembo, J. Wandanda.
Licensed Ministers:
I. K. Baya, F. S. Flagio, P. 0. Kamba, J. Kithui, E.
Kitsau, M. Kome, D. Maingi, J. Munene, J. Muzela, RANEN FIELD
I. Nduke, C. Ngari, D. M. Ngoo, R. Nzaka, G. Organized 1918; reorganized 1961
Territory: Central, Kehancha, Migori, and Western
Divisions of South Nyanza District.
Population: 575,000; churches, 200; members,
Organized 1906; reorganized 1953, 1961 56,203.
Territory: Kisumu and Siaya Districts, parts of South Mailing Address: P.O. Ranen, Kisii, Kenya, East Afri-
Nyanza District in Nyanza Province, and Busia and ca.
parts of Kakamega in Western Province.
Office Address: Ranen Mission, 25 miles from Kisii
Population: 1,000,000; churches, 272; members,
58,841. on the main Tanzania Road, Kenya, East Africa.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 43, Kendu Bay, Kenya, Administration:
East Africa. Telephone: Kendu Bay 23. Executive Director, E. G. Oloo.
Secretary-Treasurer, E. E. Omutamba.
Administration: Executive Committee: E. G. Oloo, Chairman; E. E.
Executive Director, Joseph Okello. Omutamba, Secretary; Philip Akech, Charles Mar-
Secretary-Treasurer, Zablon Asiyo. wa, Zachary Marwa, Moses Oketch, Johnson Oku-
Executive Committee: Joseph Okello, Chairman; mu, Jafeth Olando, Samwel Omolo, Johnson
Zablon Asiyo, Secretary; Noah Adero, Kilion Airo, Othoo.
Mika Amayo, Sospeter Amolo, David Augo, Nelson
Bonyo, Stephen Diero, Elija Dulo, Jamnadas Jamal, Departments:
Elphas Mbeche, Shadrack W. Obuya, Samwel Communication and Education, Moses Oketch.
Ochieng, Musa Oduma, Yustino Oganda, Peter Development and Sabbath School, Philip Akech.
Oguta, Harrison Oguya, Walter Ogwai, Alfayo Lay Activities and Youth, Zachary Marwa.
Ondego, Boaz Otuoma, Jared Oyier. Ministerial, E. G. Oloo.
Departments: Publishing, Jafeth Olando; Assistants, M. Akoko,
Communication, Education, and Youth, Noah Joseph Chacha, Clement Juma, Samson Mbori.
Adero. Stewardship,
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Elphas Mbeche. Services:
Publishing, Albert Otieno; Assistants, Peter Adun- Adventist Book Center, Mrs. Prisca Atieno.
gu, Pius Awili, Samwel Mbago, John Otieno
Ogwe, Daniel Onyach. Ordained Ministers:
Stewardship and Development, Elija Dulo; Associ- Paul Abala, D. Achar, Philip Akech, William
ate, Sospeter Amolo. Awuonda, Charles Marwa, Raphael Marwa, Zakaria
Temperance, Albert Otieno. Marwa, Joel Ngare, Henry Obat, Jeremiah Odewa,
Musa Rewe Odongo, Johnson Okumu, L. Okumu,
Services: Japheth Olando, Johnson Othoo, Tobias Otieno,
Adventist Book Center, Mrs. Damar Akinyi F. Roswe.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Ordained Ministers:
Moses Okech, C. Onyuna.
N. Adero, Kilion Airo, Musa Akelo, Sospeter Amo-
lo, David Augo, F. Awuor, Nelson Bonyo, Stephen Licensed Ministers:
Diero, E. Du-lo, J. Inyangala, Raphael Keno, H. J. M. Akoko, Abednego Apamo, Jared Chacha, Ben-
Matunga, Elphas Mbeche, Azaria Ndege, Johnson jamin Kwasi, Simion Nyakinya, Hezron Obogno,
Ndira, W. Ng'on, Mordecai Obala, Joash Obwana, Jacob Ochuodho, Dison Odingo, Joseph Ojunju,
Musa Oduma, Y. Oganda, H. N. Ogot, P. Oguta, Ephraim Ong'ila, Musa Otieno, Samwel Owich,
Walter Ogwai, Joseph Okelo, Samwel Okeyo, Yusto Owino, Zakaria Sawiga.

Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Credentialed Literature Evangelists:

Rebecca Adhiambo, Stela Adhiambo, Damaris B. Abere, P. Aranda, P. Aunda, H. Bigogo, Perish
Adoyo, Penina Akoko, Yudith Auma, Agar Auton- Boyani, N. Z. Chauro, P. M. Gisebe, R. Guku, A.
ine, Joseph Chacha, Samson Mbori, Priska Okelo, Kerubo, P. Kerubo, R. Kinara, Z. Maaga, P. Mariga,
Jacob Owaga, Joshua Wagunda, Gidion Watta. D. Mogoi, S. Moindi, D. Mokua, S. Moses, J.
Mosioma, J. Mosoti, J. Nyaberi, L. Nyabuku, C.
Nyakundi, G. Nyamache, Chu N. Nyambi, I.
Nyamongo, P. Nyamosi, J. Nyanchama, T. Nyan-
Organized 1906; reorganized 1953, 1981 chama, G. Nyanchoka, S. 0. Nyanga, J. Nyang-
Territory: Kisii and Narok Districts. weso, A. Nyaribo, C. Nyasani, A. Ogake, J. Ogeto,
Population: 1,400,000; churches, 329; members, D. Ogoti, S. Okinyi, P. 0. Ombati, S. Ombogo, J.
95,782. Omwenga, S. Onchwari, D. Ondieki, A. Onyan-
cha, J. Otenga, J. Ragira, J. Ratemo, F. Ribasi, S.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 22, Kisii, Kenya, East Afri- Rioba, S. Rosana, A. Siro.
Office Address: Nyanchwa Mission, Kisii, Kenya, WESTERN KENYA FIELD
East Africa. Telephone: Kisii 20632. Organized 1981
Administration: Territory: Part of Rift Valley Province, Western Pro-
Executive Director, N. 0. Ogeto. vince, and Turkana District.
Secretary-Treasurer, A. A. Nyaribo.
Population: 4,000,000; churches, 103; members,
Auditor, W. Matoya.
Executive Committee: N. 0. Ogeto, Chairman; A. 21,573.
A. Nyaribo, Secretary; Mrs. H. Kombo, D. 0. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3059, Eldoret, Kenya, East
Mairura, J. Manani, W. Matoya, E. Mayieng'a, W. Africa. Telephone: 0321-33276.
Mochama, J. Mokaya, S. Nyachieng'a, S. Nyachieo, Administration:
J. Nyagwansa, W. Nyamache, F. Nyansera, N. Oi- Executive Director, J. Rono.
rere, H. M. Okechi, D. Onyancha, D. Sinkira. Secretary-Treasurer, J. M. Momanyi.
Executive Committee: J. Rono, Chairman; J. M.
Communication and Youth, N. Oirere. Momanyi, Secretary; S. Biegon, S. Chepkwony, S.
Education, D. 0. Mairura. Chesimet, J. Kamau, P. Kania, J. Karanja, J. Keror, P.
Health and Temperance, W. Nyamache. Kesis, J. Maina, W. Okeda, P. Rutto, A. Sang, W.
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, N. Oirere. Wandabwa, S. Were.
Publishing, J. Nyagwansa; Assistants, P. Aunda, J. Departments:
Mogambi, P. Mose, A. A. Nyaribo, M. Nyoteyo. Communication, Education, and Youth, A. Sang.
Stewardship and Development, J. Manani. Health and Temperance, J. M. Momanyi.
Lay Activities and Stewardship, W. Okeda.
Services: Ministerial and Public Relations, J. Rono.
Adventist Book Center, Paul Onyambu, Samuel Publishing, J. Kamau; Assistants, J. Bilat, J. Chepk-
Osano. wony, F. Kurgat, R. Wafula.
Ordained Ministers: Sabbath School-, J. Kamau.
N. Ayunga, J. Getange, E. Getui, J. Guto, Stephen Ordained Ministers:
Kengere, P. Kerina, J. Manani, E. Maosi, S. Mariera, I. Aming'a, Kania Arap, S. Biegon, P. Butuk, S.
S. Maturi, E. Mayieng'a, A. Mititi, W. Mochama, A. Chesimet, J. Keror, P. Kesis, J. Maina, B. Ngoni, W.
Moindi, J. Mokaya, J. Monibi, H. Moronya, B. W. Okeda, N. Okutoyi, J. Opembe, N. Oyiengo, J.
Mose, P. Mosioma, L. Mosoti, G. Motari, B. Moza- Rono, S. K. Songol, John Thoya, H. Wanjala, S. A.
ka, S. Mwebi, S. N. Mwebi, W. Nampaso, S. Were.
Nyachieng'a, S. Nyachieo, J. Nyagwansa, W.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Nyakego, F. Nyansera, F. Nyaribo, Y. Obare, E.
I. Cherutich, L. Ekron, F. Kalaniala, J. Momanyi, J.
Oendo, J. Ogachi, N. 0. Ogeto, P. Olenkure, S.
Ndiema, S. Ngetich, A. Tum, D. Wanjekeche.
Omete, J. Omwega, T. Onchaga, S. Onsongo, T.
Orina, C. Oriyo, J. Otore, D. Sinkira. Licensed Ministers:
W. Apollo, J. Kamau, R. Korir, C. Masinde, D.
Credentialed Missionaries: Mmasi, S. Seroney, I. Sigei, J. Siron.
A. Ateka, J. Lotto, H. Marigi, P. Mose, B. Nyagwen-
cha, J. Nyamwanda, Janet Nyariki, M. Nyoteyo, Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
J. Bett, Mrs. T. Bilat, L. Cheptum, D. Chumo, Miss
Mrs. N. 0. Ogeto, N. Oirere, K. D. Seery.
R. Kiiya, B. Kiminyi, Mrs. J. Koskei, L. Makori, Mrs.
Licensed Ministers: A. Michuki, S. Naibei, M. Ndirangu, R. Nyongesa,
P. Angwenyi, P. Kamanda, S. Kengere, B. King- J. Rutto, E. Shabaya, P. Tangus, C. Tenai, Mrs. R.
'oina, I. Nyagaka, B. Nyaire, J. Nyarangi, S. Obon- Wafula, Mrs. P. Wanjala, Miss P. Wanjiku, N.
go, J. Oindi, J. Oino, D. Orina, L. Sagini. Wanyonyi, P. Weirunga, Mrs. C. Zipporah.


Organized 1923; reorganized 1945

Territory: Djibouti and Ethiopia; comprising the Administration:

Central Ethiopia, North Ethiopia, Northwest President, Bekele Biri.
Ethiopia, South Ethiopia, and West Ethiopia Fields. Secretary, Truneh Wolde Selassie.
Treasurer and Auditor, Bogale Anulo.
Population: 50,109,983; churches, 137; members,
Executive Committee: Bekele Biri, Chairman;
46,267. Truneh Wolde Selassie, Secretary; Lukas Adde,
Cable Address: "Adventist," Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Tekunesh Amare, Bogale Anulo, Abebe Disasa,
Negaro Djaletta, Damie Djeffar, Veslemay Hoggan-
Telex Number: 0980 21549 SDAEU ET.
vik, Ayana Kata, Arthur Lasta, Andeberhan Manna,
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 145, Addis Ababa, Fekadu Olana, Tsegaye Tegene, Tinsaye Tolessa,
Ethiopia. Telephones: 158300, 158436, and 158507. Agegnehu Wondim, Amare Yishaw.

Departments: Felema, Mathewos Massene, Negash Motbainor,

Church Ministries, Fekadu Olana. Amsalu Tadesse, Tsegaye Tegene.
Communication, Veslemay Hogganvik. Credentialed Missionaries:
Education and Publishing, Abebe Disasa. Damana Ahadu, Sablewongel Alemayehu, Mekate
Health and Temperance, Veslemay Hogganvik. Alemu, Abebe Arega, Mulugeta Asamenew, Gebre
Ministerial, Truneh Wolde Selassie. Assefa, Tariku Ayu, Yematwork Bahiru, Samuel
Public Affairs, Bekele Bid. Berhanu, Bogale Bungudo, Fekadu Dabie, Haile
Services: Dale, Melchor Dapo, Mrs. Melchor Dapo,
ADRA, David Hardware. Gemechu Degefa, Ayalew Desalegne, Asmera De-
ssie, Tafera Dessie, Mrs. Negaro Djaleta, Tamiru
Ordained Ministers:
Bekele Biri, Fekadu Olana, Truneh Wolde-Selassie. Djarso, Mulugeta Dolicho, Alemayehu Etefa, Mrs.
Nemera Fufa, Nemera Fufa, Bekele Gebre, Negus-
Honorary: Alene Abetew, Negassa Aga, Takele
sie Gebre, Afework Gebre Medhin, Adanech
Bezuneh, Tebedge Guddaye, Gebre Christos Kas-
Gobena, Lemessa Guta, Tehun Haile Mariam, Sara
sa, Teklehaimanot Keletcha, Nephtalime Lencha,
Haile Selassie, Abebe Kibret, Setotaw Legesse,
Negarie Mulata, Berhanu Negussie, Alemu Wasi-
Genet Lemma, Mintwab Mengesha, Getahun Mer-
ga, Kasaye Muche, Makonnen Negussie, Negash
Credentialed Missionaries: Semunigus, Tsedale Shifaw, Terefe Shumye, Arega
Abebe Addisu, Belaynesh Adebo, Genet Amare, Sima, Menberish Takele, Wuditu Tebedge, Alemu
Girma Anota, Adise Ansebo, Bogale Anulo, Kifle Tefera, Sara Tesfaye, Tewolde Berhan Tesfaye,
Argaw, Shunate Ayana, Tadesse Azene, Obsi Wondwasen Teshome, Tesema Ulisa, Timma Usa-
Bacha, Belainesh Barana, Buta Bariso, Ephraim mo, Tesfaye Wadesso, Worku Walasa, Martha
Biratu, Mrs. Bekele Biri, Menker Biru, Mrs. Scott Wareti, Etenat Washun, Adanech Wolde, Bekele
Blum, Scott Blum, Alemi Bongassie, Tolera Bonsa, Wolde Mariam, Fitfite Wolde Selassie, Wubit
Rikitu Bula, Fanta Chalebo, Akalat Chemo, Abebe Wolde Selassie, Yoseph Wolde Selassie, Bazato
Dabu, Tameru Data, Taye Dekabu, Ayalew De- Yalew, Ayalew Yimer.
ssalegn, Abebe Disasa, Belachew Ditcha, Tamrat
Djaleta, Damie Djeffar, Aselle Dubusho, Bochu Licensed Ministers:
Duguma, Shashitu Duguma, Tifo Duguma, Mrs. Gebre Abadama, Dejene Abebe, Lukas Adde,
Siegfredo Ea, Siegfredo Ea, Gizaw Ebba, Mulunesh Butaye Alemayehu, Berhanu Awoka, Masebo
Fosha, Mrs. Forsythia Galgao, Kebede Gamtessa, Cheneka, Temesgen Dirissa, Atrif Fereje, Zerhun
Fekadu Gebre, Alemi Gemeda, Bekelech Gemeda, Geda, Alemu Gobeze, Kebede Hibano, Wanaw
Kitesa Gimeda, Artemio Gorospe, Mrs. Artemio Tebedje, Sileshi Tesema, Moise Wolde-Mariam,
Gorospe, Makedesh Gragn, Tadesse Haile, Birara Yohannes Yilma.
Hailu, Yacob Haliso, Veslemoy Hogganvik, Goba-
na Kitabo, Tadesse Kitawo, Arthur Lasta, Mrs.
Arthur Lasta, Gladys Martin, Fendellaela Negari, Established 1909
Bayesa Negarie, Saitu Negassa, Zewditu Negatu, Territory: That portion of Eritrea and the Region of
Garitu Osana, Mamite Osana, Yoseph Saboka, Tegrai north of the 13th parallel.
Marcos Shomoro, Marame Shune, Dube Tusso, Population: 5,113,700; churches, 3; members, 469.
Edashe Wakbulcha, Endalew Wakjira, Gobane
Yaya, Amare Yishaw. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 210, Asmara, Ethiopia.
Honorary: Legese Abraham, Finta Akoye, Telephones: 119742 and 113870.
Erasha Anebo, Abbay Asmorom, Munie Assele, Administration:
Dalacho Dando, Dotche Dantamo, Dalu Figa, De- President, Andeberhan Manna.
bale Gebre, Kassech Haile Mariam, Mella Hurke, Secretary-Treasurer, Teckie Gebre-Amlak.
Olana Nathnael, Wakwaya Seigo, Elias Shebeshi, Executive Committee: Andeberhan Manna,
Haile Wanore, Gebre Egziabher Wolde Zadik. Chairman; Teckie Gebre-Amlak, Secretary; Gebre
Egziabiher Guddaye, Habteab Ogba Michael, Tec-
CENTRAL ETHIOPIA FIELD lehaimanot Tesfamichael.
Established 1932 Ordained Ministers:
Territory: Hararge, Kaffa, Shoa, and Wollo Regions. Teckie Gebre-Amlak, Kaleab Kidane, Andeberhan
Population: 19,715,133; churches, 12; members,
4,957. Credentialed Missionaries:
Gebre Egziabiher Guddaye, Gebru Tegegne.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 145, Addis Ababa,
Ethiopia. Telephone: 11-76-55. Licensed Ministers:
Beyene Be rasa, Teclehaimanot Tesfamichael,
Administration: Sebhatu Wolde Yohannes.
President, Tsegaye Tegene.
Secretary-Treasurer, Nemera Fufa. Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Executive Committee: Tsegaye Tegene, Chairman; Yemane Wolde Mariam.
Nemera Fufa, Secretary; Allene Abetew, Bogale NORTHWEST ETHIOPIA FIELD
Anulo, Gebre Aseffa, Bekele Bid, Temesgen Diris-
Established 1929
sa, Abebe Disasa, Negero Djaleta, Alemu Fantaye,
Zerhun Geda, Mesfin Kinfu, Negash Motbainor, Territory: Begemder and Gojjam Regions.
Truneh Wolde Selassie, Amsalu Taddesse, Wanaw Population: 6,150,244; churches, 8; members,
Tebedge. 2,161.
Departments: Mailing Address: S.D.A. Mission, Debre Tabor, P.O.
Communication, Education, and VOP, Gebre Box 21, Begemder, Ethiopia. Telephone: Debre
Michael Felema. Tabor 47.
Health and Temperance, Seleshi Tesma.
Lay Activities, Sabbath School, and Stewardship,
President, Amare Yishaw.
Wanaw Tebedge.
Secretary-Treasurer, Demeke Wolde Selassie.
Ministerial, Tsegaye Tegene.
Executive Committee: Amare Yishaw, Chairman;
Publishing and Youth, Seleshi Tesma.
Demeke Wolde Selassie, Secretary; Bogale Anulo,
Ordained Ministers: Bekele Biri, Yohannes Guddaye, Mamo Hailu,
Tsegaw Dessie, Negaro Djaleta, Gebre Michael Truneh Wolde Selassie, Wubetu Wagaw.

Departments: Licensed Ministers:

Lay Activities, Kassaumar Negussie. Gebrewold Abate, Agaro Abitie, Abreham Agitche,
Stewardship, Amare Yishaw. Maja Alito, Desta Anebo, Teshale Aymalo, Gebre
Ordained Ministers: Hanna Badulo, Batre Balayneh, Batri Belauneh,
Yohannes Guddaye, Mamo Hailu. Berhanu Beyene, Dana Chebo, Tadele Dangiso,
Tameru Endashew, Lebiso Enjamo, Daniel Geraro,
Credentialed Missionaries:
Densa Gia, Petros Godebo, Daniel Haile,
Adane Asres, Berhanu Ayallew, Worku Bekele, De-
Mengesha Haile, Abyneh Halelo, Gemechu Here-
mamo Kassie, Bazazew Mengistu, Worku Tsegaw,
fa, Abebe Kassa, Girmaye Kassaye, Ergano Kesha-
Wobetu Wagaw, Aysheshim Wolde Berhan, De-
mo, Haile Kobama, Shitaye Mamo, Yoseph Melia,
meke Wolde Selassie.
Hirpato Robale, Abebaye Sahilu, Sayba Sana, Mar-
Licensed Ministers: cos Shimelles, Ambaye Teka, Galaso Tito, Tadesse
Kassaumar Negussie, Amare Yishaw. Tsigie.


Established 1947 Established 1925
Territory: Arussi, Bale, Gemu-Goffa, and Sidamo Re- Territory: Illubabor and Wollega Regions.
gions, and the Shoa Region south of Awash River.
Population: 3,333,004; churches, 70; members,
Population: 15,797,902; churches, 44; members, 16,003.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2, Gimbie, Ethiopia.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 45, Awassa, Ethiopia.
Telephone: 06-200-297.
President, Tinsaye Tolessa.
Administration: Secretary-Treasurer, Birhanu Daka.
President, Agegnehu Wondim. Executive Committee: Tinsaye Tolessa, Chairman;
Secretary-Treasurer, Yaregal Sesay. Birhanu Daka, Secretary; Benti Amenu, Leta Be-
Executive Committee: Agegnehu Wondim, dasso, Taferra Gebre-Michael, Biratu Gemeda,
Chairman; Yaregal Sesay, Secretary; Desta Anebo, Tesfa Kano, Birassa Kitila, Merga Letta.
Petros Changero, Chemo Chonore, Lebiso En-
jamo, Tigro Genamo, Petros Meheretu, Yoseph Departments:
Communication and Sabbath School, Tesfa Kano.
Melia, Kebede Merassa, Demeke More.
Education, Leta Bedasso.
Departments: Lay Activities and Stewardship, Taferra Gebre-
Church Ministries, Kebede Merassa; Associate, Michael.
Desta Anebo. Ministerial, Tinsaye Tolessa.
Communication, Education, and Publishing, VOP, Biratu Gemeda.
Yoseph Melia.
Ordained Ministers:
Ministerial, Petros Changero.
Ching Chut, Taferra Gebre-Michael, Tafesse Kade-
Ordained Ministers: da, Tesfa Kano, Birassa Kitila, Merga Letta, Peter Pal
Bekele Anulo, Tsefaye Bekalo„Petros Changero, Panoam, Wakshuma Seda.
Chemo Chonore, Dando Degaga, Tesema Dubale,
Samuel Gaye, Amado Gelgalu, Tigro Genemo, Credentialed Missionaries:
Toma Godana, Gemechu Herdato, Zemecha Hir- Mamo Abdisa, Ephreim Abreham, Edosa Agiti,
go, Gelatu Kabato, Getu Kassa, Kebede Merassa, Bizunesh Asefa, Leta Bedaso, Tesehaynes Belay,
Rede Mitiku, Deneke More, Dana Sana, Getahun Elsabet Beyene, Wakdjira Bikir, Trunesh Biru,
Sankura, Yohannes Tumato, Agegnehu Wondim. Wendimu Biru, Mahari Burka, Birhanu Daka, Bultu
Danu, Tamiru Defa, Sileshi Duresa, Tafese Eetefa,
Credentialed Missionaries: Terfasa Esayas, Beri Farsa, Etenesh Ferede, Hailu
Belaynesh Adebo, Argeta Alambo, Mogos Alambo, Gamechu, Mulugeta Gebre Yesus, Tafese Gemada,
Sefe Michael Anota, Shume Anotta, Ayele Asale, Kitesa Gemeda, Ermias Girsha, Tamiru Gobena,
Zenebech Badaso, Balcha Balla, Alene Belay, Elias Bula Gudina, Kebede Gure, Bekele Guteta, Alami
Belay, Bogale Bulo, Bekele Dalo, Abera Elias, Haile, Lemi Hordofa, Nigatu Hordofa, Shiferaw
Berhanu Fanta, Lentale Fanta, Mamo Gebre, Kassa- Kaba, Zufane Kebede, Tesfa Leta, Berahne Mulatu,
hun Gebre Mariam, Balacha Gejabo, Dawit Goda- Sarah Ninal, Mamo Olana, Garuma Olika, Fanaye
na, Bekelech Goffe, Lambore Gojame, Gelgelo Sahilu, Adamu Tafese, Eseye Terefe, Diribe Terfa-
Gomolo, Hembu Guja, Girma Heramo, Bekelech sa, Tiruneh Tolessa, Ephrem Urgessa, Tesfa Wakto-
Joffe, Abreham Kurfessa, Madebo Mana, Milkias la, Tegegn Yadeta, Abebe Zerhun.
Melia, Engdaw Mogos, Israel Mune, Edao Obsie,
Ayelech Olango, Desta Onfa, Samuel Orshiso, Licensed Ministers:
Gudeta Otibi, Abbaye Sahilu, Yaregal Sesay, Mar- Saketa Daba, Abdisa Deresa, Yohannis Deresa, De-
cos Shomore, Martha Terefe, Belachew Tomme, gefe Disasa, Asefa Gangul, Reta Gebre Mariam,
Tesfaye Wallano, Desta Wanore, Watro Wanore, Biratu Gemeda, Gurmesa Rundasa, Lemi Rundasa,
Fekadu Shone, Bacha Sima, Tinsaye Tolessa,
Aster Washo, Abebe Wolde Giorgis.
Ferede Yadeta.


Organized 1925

Territory: Malawi; comprising the Central Lake, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 951, Blantyre, Malawi,
North Lake, and South Lake Fields. Africa.
Population: 7,982,607; churches, 441; members, Office Address: Robins Road, Kabula Hill, Blantyre,
80,902. Malawi, Africa. Telephones: 620264 and 620297.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Blantyre, Malawi, Afri- Administration:
ca. Director, F. A. Botomani.
Telex Number: 0904 44216 SDASEAU MI. Secretary, W. L. Masoka.

Treasurer, A. D. Lopes. bere, W. Y. Masangalale, S. E. Mtiyesanje, W. A.

Executive Committee: F. A. Botomani, Chairman; Ngwira, M. Nkhala, R. D. Nyirongo, H. R. Thangali-
W. L. Masoka, Secretary; L. E. Atkins, P. A. Chit- modzi.
sime, R. G. Garner, G. Y. Kamwendo, H. B. Kan- Credentialed Missionaries:
jewe, D. W. Kapitao, D. C. Kasambara, W. W. B. C. Bwanali, L. B. Bwanali, L. Y. Chanya, C. E.
Katundu, A. D. Lopes, W. R. Mapiko, G. S. Moyo, Kanjawala, Mrs. L. Katsanga, S. G. Mphoka, D. R.
B. E. S. Msowoya, R. R. Mzumara, T. E. Ntata, F. K. Saikonde, M. D. Thawatha.
Nyasulu, A. J. Oberholster, A. Rockwell, M. E. Licensed Ministers:
Schultz, M. Y. Sosola, R. E. Thombozi. V. Z. Golombe, B. E. Kazembe, C. J. Salima.
Departments: Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Communication, L. E. Atkins. J. Babu, E. Banda, R. M. Banda, W. M. Banda, Mrs.
Education and Youth, G. S. Moyo. A. Chinkonde, W. A. Jeka, L. M. Kadzuwa, Y. J.
Health and Temperance, A. Rockwell. Kamwendo, L. Kapolo, A. Z. Kaunda, Mrs. D.
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, M. G. Kuyenda. Ligowe, L. Lisimba, E. Mwansambo, P. S. Ndemela,
Ministerial, W. W. Katundu. Mrs. W. A. Ngwira, Miss M. Sankhulani, G.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, L. E. Atkins. Sibande.
Publishing, M. Y. Sosola.
Stewardship and Development, D. C. Kasambara.
Legal Association: "Seventh-day Adventist Associa- NORTH LAKE FIELD
tion (Malawi)." Organized 1958; reorganized 1964
Services: Territory: Northern Region of Malawi.
ADRA, Telephones: 620016 and 620297.
Director, A. Rockwell. Population: 907,121; churches, 33; members,
Ordained Ministers:
L. E. Atkins, F. A. Botomani, M. T. Kachoka, J. H. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 12, Mzimba, Malawi, Afri-
Kanjira, W. W. Katundu, W. W. Khonje, W. L. ca. Telephone: Mzimba 29.
Masoka, G. S. Moyo, R. R. Mzumara, T. E. Ntata, F. Administration:
K. Nyasulu, M. Y. Sosola, H. B. C. Tsakala, R. J. Director, F. K. Nyasulu.
Tsoka. Secretary-Treasurer, K. Nyirenda.
Honorary: Y. M. Beza, M. C. Chataika, R. Dhla- Executive Committee: F. K. Nyasulu, Chairman; K.
mini, C. Gwedeza, R. N. Jere, E. Kabowa, A. S. Nyirenda, Secretary; J. D. Chitonya, S. P. K. Jere, A.
Kambanizithe, R. S. Kanjanga, G. M. Kavaloh, S. F. G. Kasambara, D. C. Kasambara, W. T. Katundu, S.
Khwangwala, W. Kuyenda, P. B. Lipanda, W. Luwa- B. Kaunda, J. B. Nyirenda, S. W. Y. Sambo, E. Y.
ni, F. J. Machilika, J. W. Makandanje, K. J. Malowa, Sawerengera, Mrs. V. W. K. Sibande.
M. J. Mbvundula, J. M. Ndalama, D. D. Ndovi, T. L. Departments:
Ng'Ombe, W. D. Nkosi, C. J. Nseula, J. B. Nyiren- Communication,
da, S. M. Samuel, J. T. Tsoka, P. C. Ziba, E. J. Education, Lay Activities, and Sabbath School, S. P.
Zintambila. K. Jere.
Credentialed Missionaries: Ministerial, F. K. Nyasulu.
G. M. Burnham, D. Gietzmann, S. Kamanaga, R. H. Publishing and VOP, J. D. Chitonya.
Kasenda, S. H. Khonje, Armando D. Lopes, B. Stewardship and Youth, D. C. Kasambara.
Makala, B. Mitembo, L. E. Mwakikunga, I. W. Nko- Ordained Ministers:
si, H. M. Nyasulu. F. B. Chirwa, R. M. Gausi, S. P. K. Jele, L. T. Jere, L.
Licensed Ministers: R. Kamanga, A. G. Kasambara, W. T. Katundu, S. B.
E. J. Kachala. Kaunda, E. Mbale, M. S. Msowoya, F. J. Ng'ambi, A.
Honorary: C. J. Chokotho, H. Kanjira, T. C. D. Ngoma, D. J. Nkosi, M. N. Nkosi, S. M. Nkosi, L.
Munthali, D. Ritch. K. Phiri.
Credentialed Missionaries:
CENTRAL LAKE FIELD D. Kaluba, S. T. Kasambara, D. Ligowe.
Organized 1964 Licensed Ministers:
Territory: Central Region of Malawi. W. M. Chirwa, J. D. Chitonya, L. Gomagoma, C. L.
Kamanga, R. S. Kumwenda, E. W. Lungu, V. R.
Population: 3,116,038; churches, 53; members,
Mayo, E. B. Mujiwa, B. K. Munthali, W. H. Mwale,
V. L. Nyasulu, P. M. Zungu.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 62, Dedza, Malawi, Afri-
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
ca. Telephone: Dedza 220258. H. Mlotha, B. Ngwira, K. Nigwira.
Director, D. W. Kapitao.
Secretary-Treasurer, J. L. Abraham. SOUTH LAKE FIELD
Executive Committee: D. W. Kapitao, Chairman; J. Established 1958; reorganized 1964
L. Abraham, Secretary; A. W. Banda, G. F. N. Ban-
da, D. C. Kamphani, J. H. Kanjira, A. J. Mahuka, B. Territory: Southern Region of Malawi.
E. Malopa, W. Y. Masangalale, W. A. Ngwira, S. B. Population: 3,959,448; churches, 355; members,
Themuka. 55,754.
Departments: Mailing Address: P.O. Box 926, Blantyre, Malawi,
Communication, Education, and Ministerial, D. W. Africa. Telephone: Blantyre 633522.
Kapitao. Administration:
Lay Activities, Sabbath School, and VOP, G. F. N. Director, H. B. Kanjewe.
Banda. Secretary-Treasurer, F. H. Kanjira.
Publishing, W. A. Ngwira. Executive Committee: H. B. Kanjewe, Chairman;
Stewardship and Youth, A. W. Banda. F. H. Kanjira, Secretary; M. T. Chimwala, W. A.
Ordained Ministers: Jumbe, J. Kaduya, Mrs. E. D. Kadzombe, M. G.
A. W. Banda, D. K. Banda, G. N. Banda, D. M. Beza, Kuyenda, A. J. Mangulama, W. R. Mapiko, 0.
N. M. Chasweka, H. J. Kabambe, D. W. Kapitao, L. Materechera, I.). Nchambalinja, E. J. Sankhulani,
L. Ligowe, B. E. Malopa, S. K. Mambala, J. B. Mam- B. B. Tsukani, A. P. Yesaya.

Departments: B. D. Phiphira, A. M. Phulusi, R. J. Tsoka, B. B.

Communication and Public Relations, F. H. Kan- Tsukani, A. P. Yesaya.
jira. Credentialed Missionaries:
Education and Sabbath School, W. R. Mapiko. C. C. Kasoze, W. S. Mwenyekonde.
Lay Activities, VOP, and Youth, M. G. Kuyenda.
Licensed Ministers:
Ministerial, H. B. Kanjewe. G. M. Jeke, M. B. Kapheranana, A. K. Kasoti, B.
Publishing, A. P. Yesaya. Khogolo, E. W. Luwani, T. Male, F. M. Manjanja, J.
Stewardship, I. J. Nchambalinja. Mbale, B. R. Mitembo, G. B. Moyo, R. M.
Ordained Ministers: Nkhwangwa, H. G. Sankhulani, L. Themuka.
B. E. Chigwata, M. T. Chimwala, F. S. Chiwanda, A.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
J. Cholomali, W. N. Denga, P. Isaiah, W. A. Jumbe, C. Blangeti, E. Chigwenembe, Mrs. A. Kapanda, P.
H. B. Kanjewe, W. L. Kawiliza, S. H. Khonje, D. J.
Katandika, C. Kuleti, Mrs. A. Magombo, W. Maka-
Kika, E. S. Kusakala, M. G. Kuyenda, G. J. Lundu, wa, H. Makungwa, Mrs. M. Mandala, M. Man-
M. B. Malenga, L. L. Mandala, W. R. Mapiko, D. M. gulenje, K. Maonga, D. Masamba, Mrs. A. Masi, W.
Masinga, W. T. Maunjili, W. Menyere, E. A. Mi-
Matiyasi, Mrs. E. Misomali, Mrs. K. Mphoka, Mrs.
zere, Y. Moda, R. N. Mpita, D. Mposadala, H. J. E. Ndoliro, Mrs. B. Ntata, F. Phiri, Mrs. F. Sitima,
Nchambalinja, I. J. Nchambalinja, F. B. Pankomera,
Mrs. I. Themuka, B. Wajomba, H. Yesaya.


Organized 1903; reorganized 1960

Territory: Tanzania; comprising the Mara-Kagera A. Okeyo, Robert W. Taylor, M. Yohana.

Conference and the East Tanzania, North-East Tan- Honorary: T. Chacha, N. Gamaya, F. Kamba, M.
zania, South Nyanza, and West Tanzania Fields. G. Lukius, Yohana Lusingu, R. Macoco, Y. Makan-
ta, Y. Mang'ombe, D. Marieta, P. Manua, N. Mkur-
Population: 23,929,570; churches, 407; members,
uto, Y. Nantanga, H. Ng'homano, M. Ogutu, S. D.
Otieno, M. Rotolyo, J. Salehe, S. Shuli.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Arusha, Tanzania, East
Africa. Credentialed Missionaries:
S. Aitchison, J. Budd, Joseph E. Budd, Mrs. Patsy
Telex Number: 0989-42056 TU SDA TZ. Budd, Mrs. Esaba, T. Izungo, E. Kabanza, P. Kayan-
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1121, Arusha, Tanzania, ja, Mrs. D. Kivunge, T. R. Lisso, M. Lugembe, A.
East Africa. Lukinga, L. Makengo, C. Makondo, G. Makondo,
Office Address: Njiro Hill, Temi Road, Arusha, Tan- S. Manoko, E. A. Matekere, Dennis Mercill, J.
zania, East Africa. Telephones: Arusha 7027, 7024, Mirambi, A. Mkwavi, A. Msiba, J. Muganda, E.
7025, and 7030; and Usa River 29. Mwakalandile, R. Mziba, Charles Ndereka, G.
Nguve, Mrs. G. Nguve, A. Nigagwa, E. Shana, L.
Russell Thomas, E. Tuvako.
President, Robert W. Taylor.
Honorary: Ezra Bwire, T. Fue, Yakobo Kagize, E.
Secretary, Elisha A. Okeyo.
Kerario, T. R. Lisso, E. Maguru, Esta Mankaba, K.
Treasurer, George W. Wheeler.
Manongi, Elieneza Masanlara, P. Mashambo, Y.
Executive Committee: Robert W. Taylor,
Mgeni, Ephraim Noni, S. Odiembo.
Chairman; Elisha A. Okeyo, Secretary; S. Aitch-
ison, G. Elieneza, H. Kija-Mashigan, J. Kimbute, J. Licensed Ministers:
Kisaka, E. Kraft, Z. Kusekwa, J. Kuyenga, E. Lusingu, Lameck Chacha.
P. Maduhu, A. Magdadaro, J. Mahindi, G. Mbwa- Honorary: E. Kilonzo, Y. Ndulu.
na, D. Mercill, E. Mlwambo, Lameck Mwamukon-
da, R. Nyirabu, N. Otieno, E. Wanjara, George W. EAST TANZANIA FIELD
Wheeler, M. Yohana. Organized 1960; reorganized 1982
Departments: Territory: Coast, Dodoma, Iringa (except the Lude-
Church Ministries, J. Kisaka; Associate, M. Yoha- wa and Njombe Districts), Mtwara, and Ruvuma
na. Regions, and the islands of Pemba and Zanzibar.
Communication, Ministerial, and Spirit of Prophe- Population: 8,214,987; churches, 23; members,
cy, J. DuBosque. 7,008.
Education, Elisha A. Okeyo.
Health and Temperance, S. Aitchison. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 82, Morogoro, Tanzania,
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Robert W. East Africa. Telephone: 4512.
Taylor. Administration:
Publishing, Z. Kusekwa. President, J. Kuyenga.
Legal Associations: "British Advent Missions, Li- Secretary-Treasurer, F. Manento.
mited," "Seventh-day Adventist Association of Executive Committee: J. Kuyenga, Chairman; F.
Southern Africa," and "The Registered Trustees of Manento, Secretary; L. Bulenga, S. Cuma, J. Gagi,
Seventh-day Adventist Association of Tanzania." J. Hamisi, L. Malyila, L. Miyayo, K. Mwasomola, R.
Nyirabu, J. Onyango.
Adventist Book Center, P.O. Box 635, Morogoro, Departments:
Church Ministries, J. Gagi; Associate, L. Miyayo.
Tanzania, East Africa.
Communication and Education, J. Onyango.
Manager, L. Russell Thomas.
Health and Temperance, J. Onyango.
ADRA, S. Aitchison.
Seventh-day Adventist Health Services, P.O. Box Ministerial, J. Kuyenga.
1233, Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. Publishing, L. Bulenga.
Director, F. Mtango. Services:
Adventist Book Center, S. Waitara.
Ordained Ministers:
A. Kiboko, John A. Kisaka, Z. M. Kusekwa, L. Ordained Ministers:
Makondo, G. Mbwana, D. Mlavi, D. Ogilo, Elisha M. Baravuga, J. Kajula, N. Kikiwa, B. Malongoza, B.

Mambwe,F. Manento, L. Miyayo, D. Mkenga, J. goroni, D. Nyabenda, P. Nyantare, E. Nyongi, Hul-

Moses, J. Onyango. da Odemba, N. Odhiambo, Mrs. R. Ogot, A.
Credentialed Missionaries: Ojuang', N. Olundo, T. Ryoba, M. Sabai, P. Seka, E.
L. Bulenga. Stephen, S. Wanka, M. Washington, R. Yohana, A.
Yoram, E. Yusufu, S. Yusufu, Ludia Zakayo.
Licensed Ministers:
J. Gagi, A. Mwakobela, M. Nyagori, Elias Timasi.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: NORTH-EAST TANZANIA FIELD
Mrs. T. Bulenga, F. Chamkali, M. Dawa, R. Filemo- Organ ized,1903 ; reorganized 1960
ni, E. Francis, E. Fue, Mrs. N. Jumbura, Y. Jumbura, Territory: Arusha', Kilimanjaro, Singida, and Tanga
M. Kaguo, M. Kawaganise, Y. Kaweah, A. Kikula, E. Regions.
Kimamle, Mrs. R. Kimbawala, A. Kitwe, Mrs. A.
Kitwe, J. Kutamika, A. Lamson, E. Lenjole, Y. Luk- Population: 4,227,851; churches, 84; members,
wara, A. Lusega, J. Lusega, A. Lutebekela, J. Mago- 19,488.
ti, F. Majengo, S. Makala, Mrs. S. Makelemo, W. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 315, Same, Tanzania, East
Makiwa, A. Makunga, S. Malila, M. Marwa, M. Africa.
Mgeni, Mrs. N. Mhema, A. Y. Mjonge, E. Mssigom- Administration:
ba, J. Mtokambali, J. Mushang'a, A. Mwakilawa, R. President, G. Elieneza.
Mwamakamba, F. Myinga, L. Ngalinje, Mrs. J. Secretary-Treasurer, M. M. Kabonda.
Onyango, J. Sadala, E. Sefu, C. Semwenda, J. Silau, Executive Committee: G. Elieneza, Chairman; M.
Mrs. N. S. Tumaini. M. Kabonda, Secretary; D. Amar, M. Y. Kihedu, M.
S. Kimbute, H. Mhando, W. E. A. Mngumi, D.
Nahato, J. Oola, M. Ruben, R. A. Tenga, Enzi Yoha-
Organized 1909 Departments:
Reorganized 1912, 1960, 1977, 1982, 1987 Church Ministries, H. Mhando; Associate, M. Y.
Territory: Kagera and Mara Regions, and Ukerewe Kihedu.
District. Communication and Education, R. A. Tenga.
Population: 2,885,357; churches, 137; members, Ministerial, G. Elieneza.
25,607. Publishing, M. Ruben.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 26, Musoma, Tanzania, Services:
East Africa. Adventist Book Center, E. Sareya.
Administration: Ordained Ministers:
President, Lameck Mwamukonda. Y. Ahia, N. Aroni, G. Elieneza, A. Fue, F. Gara, M.
Secretary-Treasurer, A. Manyama. M. Kabonda, U. Kajiru, Y. Kihedu, S. Lehema, R.
Executive Committee: Lameck Mwamukonda, Mbonea, H. Mhando, Elisante Mkiramweni, D.
Chairman; A. Manyama, Secretary; L. Akeyo, Y. Nahato, M. Njake, E. Singo, A. Stefano, I. Yohana.
Gisiri, E. Kajura, E. Kambula, E. Kasika, S. Kyanzi, E. Credentialed Missionaries:
Lusingu, S. Mageta, E. Makwasa, D. Manyonyi, 0. A. Andrews, E. Misheto.
Mukama, S. Musso, J. Nyakrere, S. Ondiek, J. Licensed Ministers:
Sabai, S. Waryoba. C. Chagama, Mashambo Ezekieli, P. Jones, E.
Departments: Lomay, E. Mnguruta, S. Mnguruta, J. Namfua, S.
Church Ministries, E. Makwasa; Associate, J. Nyak- Panga, E. A. Sareya, B. Mouse.
rere. Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Communication and Education, D. Manyonyi. P. Banaga, Z. Chedieli, D. Elifuraha, R. Elini-
Health and Temperance, D. Manyonyi. samehe, N. Elirehema, A. Elitumaini, I. Emili, N. A.
Publishing, S. Musso. Fue, D. Gumunga, E. Ibrahim, E. Irigo, E. Jones,
Services: Rose Juma, H. Kibwengo, Mrs. N. Kiondo, H. Luk-
Adventist Book Center, J. Msembele. waro, I. Lulu, E. Manonga, G. Mashambe, E.
Ordained Ministers: Mashambo, N. Mhyone, D. Miringe, N. Mkenga, F.
L. Akeyo, Matefali Banister, Manema Harson, S. Mnaya, R. Mnkande, B. Mrindoko, N. Ndoro, S.
Kyanzi, D. Maduhu, E. Mafuru, J. Magai, B. Magati, Nghulunge, T. Rajabu, T. Samwel, E. Sengoma, R.
I. Maiga, E. Makwasa, H. Marubira, G. Mataro, H. Senzighe, S. Seushi, M. Stephano, E. Stephen, J.
Mkomba, M. 0. Mundhe, S. Musso, W. Nyagabo- Sumbi, N. William, E. Yohana, R. Yohana.
na, I. Nyaimaga, J. Nyakrere, E. Nyamwocha, I.
Nyasiri, Y. Rukundo, J. Sabai, I. Sinda, H. Tasinga, SOUTH NYANZA FIELD
S. Waryoba. Organized 1912; reorganized 1960
Credentialed Missionaries:
Territory: Mwanza and the northern parts of Tabora
Y. B. Makuke, J. Muganda, J. Musso, J. Ondiek. and Shinyanga Regions.
Licensed Ministers:
Population: 3,678,082; churches, 99; members,
E. Birore, Marare Kaleb, N. Keboya, S. Lukondya, 20,214.
D. Manyonyi, D. Mcharia, J. Onjiko, Kitwari Zenge.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 24, Bariadi, Tanzania, East
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
M. Bwire, M. Chabo, Y. Chacha, A. Ekwabi, T.
Enock, P. Fore, R. Gasaya, Z. Gikaro, J. Gimakwi, R. Administration:
Gimonge, P. Giriago, D. Jai ro, P. Jeckonia, F. Kasu- President, H. Kija-Mashigan.
ka, P. Kasuku, A. Keraryo, L. Kimune, L. Kisusi, E. Secretary-Treasurer, E. J. Mavanza.
Kitina, M. Lingu, D. Lugakingira, Mrs. E. Lukas, S. Executive Committee: H. Kija-Mashigan,
Mafuru, S. Mafwiri, T. Magau, A. Magoma, D. Chairman; E. J. Mavanza, Secretary; Joseph
Mahono, T. Makenge, P. Makunja, D. Marwa, J. Bulengela, P. Karuma, G. Kusekwa, J. Kwigema, K.
Masalanga, J. Masano, S. Maseke, Y. Mataiga, D. Maduhu, S. Mange, Mary Manyama, M. Masota,
Matara, J. Matekere, D. Maungo, M. Mihambo, A. M. Mikomangwa, A. Ndulu, L. Ng'wala.
Misango, D. Motegandi, S. Mrimi, D. Mugesi, B. Departments:
Mugini, Mrs. E. Mukobe, E. Musa, J. Musembera, Church Ministries, P. Karuma; Associate, S. Man-
L. Musyangi, T. Mwanchoke, S. Ngereja, Y. Nto- ge.

Communication and Education, A. Ndulu. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 99, Mbeya, Tanzania, East
Publishing, Joseph Bulengela. Africa. Telephone: Mbeya 2367.
Services: Administration:
Adventist Book Center, T. Msambwa. President, E. Wanjara.
Ordained Ministers: Secretary-Treasurer, T. Homo.
D. Balula, Z. Chikubule, Masalu Ephraim, L. Karu- Executive Committee: E. Wanjara, Chairman; T.
ma, F. Kuleng'wa, E. Maduhu, J. Mang,'welela, S. Homo, Secretary; E. D. Chilimba, E. Chobaliko, I.
Mange, Y. Masunga, E. Mitanda, J. Mkirya, C. G. Lazaro, J. Mahwago, J. S. Malongo, A. Migagwa,
Mkwabi, A. Ndulu, L. Ng'wala. E. Mwakipunda, I. Mwakitosyi, C. Mwashitete, W.
Nuhu, E. Twing.
Credentialed Missionaries:
J. Bohole, S. Masaganya, E. Nzumbi. Departments:
Church Ministries, W. Nuhu; Associate, C.
Licensed Ministers: Mwashitete.
E. Kilyunguma, Jeremia Matulanya, Daudi Muhar- Communication and Education, E. Mwakipunda.
age, R. Saguda. Health and Temperance, E. Mwakipunda.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Publishing, J. S. Malongo.
M. Agostini, A. Albert, Mrs. E. Boke, Martha Boma- Services:
ni, E. Daudi, Yona Enock, Mrs. T. Ephraim, Z. Adventist Book Center, T. Msigwa.
Gibuyi, Naomi Guya, L. Ibrahim, 0. Idama, L.
Kabinza, K. Kalagano, P. Kamata, M. Kibendela, Z. Ordained Ministers:
Kidima, P. Kilinda, P. Kilindo, Y. Kusulilo, Amos J. Mahwago, J. Malongo, H. Matumika, M. Mutaki,
Mabuga, L. Machem, E. Mafwili, H. Mahoni, A. A. Mwaipopo, P. Mwambalangania, C. Mwashi-
Makwasa, T. Malima, M. Manyama, Mrs. L. Masa- tete, W. Nuhu, J. Ruhuha, E. Wanjara.
ganya, A. Masingija, S. Masunga, Mrs. H. Mipawa, Credentialed Missionaries:
K. Mwitundi, J. Nagag,i, Daudi Ndekeja, M. T. llomo, J. Madezi, E. Malongoza.
Nyabenda, William Nyabenda, A. Nyagwasa, A. Licensed Ministers:
Paulo, E. Samwel, Mrs. R. Sanyadi, W. Shelembi, P. Mpomabiva.
Yeremia Shimbe, M. Shuli, S. Shuli, A. Simon, S.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Simon, E. Some, M. Suguti, M. Thomas, J. Tophil,
G. Buharara, R. Buzingo, M. Chalamila, Mrs. Cha-
S. Zablon.
mila, W. Chisunga, G. Dictor, Y. Elija, Mrs. Eli-
WEST TANZANIA FIELD sante, Mrs. T. lfomo, M. Jana, A. Kanyika, B.
Organized 1960; reorganized 1982 Kasonde, T. Kitembile, T. Ludago, E. Magogwa, E.
Makulilo, A. Makweta, Mrs. J. Malongoza, J.
Territory: Kigoma, Mbeya, Rukwa, and Tabora Re- Mawela, S. Mhama, A. Mkahala, T. Msigwa, B. Mti-
gions, and the Ludewa and Njombe Districts in tu, J. Mwakabenga, A. Mwakimonga, I. Mwakitosi,
Iringa Region. Mrs. R. Mwangi, Mrs. M. Mwanjiku, C. Ngezi, N.
Population: 4,923,293; churches, 64; members, Ngwema, S. Rupia, B. Sanga, J. Sanga, N. Sanga, V.
11,083. Tosy, Mrs. M. Zikatimu.


Organized 1987

Territory: Uganda; comprising the Central Uganda Services:

and Western Uganda Fields. ADRA, L. Trupp.
Population: 13,264,473; churches, 256; members, Ordained Ministers:
43,934. Christian Aliddeki, B. T. Bageni, Dennis Bazarra,
Telex Number: 0988-61510 SDA-UG. Jack B. Bohannon, D. I. Isabirye.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6434, Kampala, Uganda,
Office Address: Plot 10, Kampala Road, Uganda Organized 1927; reorganized 1982
House, Uganda, East Africa. Telephones: Kampala Territory: Buganda and Busoga Novinces, and
255078 and 255013. Acholi, Bugishu, Bu kedi, Karamojah, Lango, Madi,
Administration: Sebei, Teso, and West Nile Districts.
Executive Director, Jack B. Bohannon. Population: 9,872,206; churches, 121; members,
Secretary, D. I. Isabirye. 26,419.
Treasurer, Livingstone Sebunya. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 22, Kampala, Uganda,
Executive Committee: Jack B. Bohannon, East Africa.
Chairman; D. I. Isabirye, Secretary; G. W. Awuye,
B. T. Bageni, D. K. Bazarra, S. I. Biraro, Hudson Office Address: Kireka Hill, Mile 6 on Jinja Road,
Kibuuka, S. B. Kyambadde, Mutiba Masereka, J. Kampala, Uganda, EastAfrica. Telephone: Kampala
Masolo, V. Moores, Z. Mukirane, E. Musisi, C. 285769.
Nkiriyehe, E. Otukol, Livingstone Sebunya, L. Administration:
Trupp, J. Villagomez. Executive Director, S. B. Kyambadde.
Departments: Secretary-Treasurer, A. Senteza.
Communication and Education, Hudson Kibuuka. Executive Committee: S. B. Kyambadde,
Health and Temperance, S. I. Biraro. Chairman; A. Senteza, Secretary; G. Andama, A.
Lay Activities, Sabbath School, and Stewardship, B. Bbosa, J. Kaggya, S. Kayiwa, B. N. Kirya, Y. Kizza, E.
T. Bageni. Matserere, G. B. Mugerwa, C. Mulyalya, Yake
Ministerial, Jack B. Bohannon. Musoke, N. Ndobo, J. B. Ocol, S. K. Sendawula, J.
Public Affairs, Livingstone Sebunya. Villagomez.
Publishing, Spirit of Prophecy, and Youth, C. Alid- Departments:
deki. Communication, S. K. Sendawula.
Legal Association: SDA Association of Uganda, Ltd. Education and Youth, A. Bbosa.

Health and Temperance, S. I. Biraro. Population: 3,392,267; churches, 135; members,

Lay Activities and Sabbath School, E. Matserere. 17,515.
Ministerial, S. B. Kyambadde.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 21, Kasese, Uganda, East
Publishing, B. Saka; Assistants, F. Auma, J. Kauke.
Stewardship and Development, Charles Mugisa.
Services: Office Address: Kesiga Road, Kasese, Uganda, East
Adventist Book Center, Ben Mbusa. Africa.
ADRA, G. B. Mugerwa. Administration:
Ordained Ministers: Executive Director, Z. Mukirane.
Naftali Anyo, G. W. Awuye, Nafutali Engengu, W. Secretary-Treasurer, 0. B. Karemire.
W. Hawumba, James Kaggya, John B. Kakembo, G. Executive Committee: Z. Mukirane, Chairman; 0.
W. Kambugu, Y. N. Kamya, G. W. Kasujja, H. Kintu, B. Karemire, Secretary; J. Kaliisa, E. T. Kyankwen-
Balam Kirya, Yosua Kizza, S. B. Kyambadde, Lame- gye, Y. Matte, Y. Mukirania, J. Muranga, C. B. Nkir-
ka Lubisi, Johnson Masereka, Ezekiel Matserere, iyehe, E. Sendegeya, M. Tusubira, J. Twesigye, P.
Erasito Mpanga, C. T. Mugerwa, E. M. Mwesige, D. Wandera.
Nanoka, S. Nsadha, C. R. Nsereko, Samuel Nsubu-
ga, John Baptist Ocol, Jimmy Omara, Wilson Departments:
Pande, Boaz Sekitto, S. K. Sendawula, Daudi Education and Ministerial, Z. Mukirane.
Senyonga. Health and Temperance, E. Sendegeya.
Credentialed Missionaries: Lay Activities, Y. Tibenda.
G. B. Mugerwa, Semi Sebahire, Alfred Senteza. Publishing, J. Twesigye; Assistant, E. Mubirigi.
Sabbath School, J. Twesigye.
Licensed Ministers:
Stewardship and Development, Y. Mukirania.
Amos Ageru, G. Andama, Tom Anyai, Moses Bo-
gere, Samuel Bwami, Ham Emoit, John Kamiza, Services:
Joshua Katumba, A. Lutakome, C. Lwanga, J. Adventist Book Center, Y. Waako.
Masembe, G. W. Mubiru, L. Mukaabya, P. Mukasa, ADRA, Z. Mukirane.
James Nayimuli, G. Ndawula, Stephen Ngango, Ordained Ministers:
Stephen Nyende, J. Okum, John Okutel, Ben Olo- Z. Bagenda, Y. Bagonza, E. K. Bwambale, E. Kaija, J.
bo; G. Salabwa, Samuel Sebbowa, Samuel Sema- Kaliisa, S. K. Kaliisa, J. Karemire, 0. B. Karemire, E.
kula, J. Sempiira, Kajjubi Senteza, Simon Senyon- Kasajja, F. Kisembo, J. Kule, A. Matojo, Y. Matte,
ga, D. K. Seyiga, S. Sonko, M. Tenya, Samuel Wais- Erica Mbusa, F. Mbusa, Y. Muhindo, Z. Muhoozi,
wa. Z. Mukirane, Y. Mukirania, C. S. Murwahali, C. B.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Nkiriyehe, E. Rwakishaija, Y. Shibanza, J. Tink-
Mary Bukirwa, Y. Kisiki, Levi Lutwama, S. Mukasa, amarirwe, J. Twesigye.
E. Mulyalya, J. Musoke, Zakarias Nandege, Stanley
Nyanzi, Enock Semakula. Licensed Ministers:
A. Asaba, E. Kaija, C. Katana, T. Kyoma, J.
WESTERN UGANDA FIELD Kyomuhendo, F. Mbusa, Y. Mukindo, A. Ndarifite,
Organized 1927; reorganized 1982 0. Turyatunga.
Territory: Bundibugyo, Bushenyi, Hoima, Kabale, Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Kabarole, Kasese, Masindi, Mbarara, and Rukun- J. Basigirenda, H. Ingangura, E. Matovu, J. Mbu-
giri Districts. gonsa.


Organized 1919

Territory: Zimbabwe; comprising the Zambesi Con- Departments:

ference, and the Central Zimbabwe, Eastern Zim- Communication, Ministerial, and Religious Liber-
babwe, and Western Zimbabwe Fields. ty, R. R. Ndhlovu.
Population: 8,991,851; churches, 484; members, Education, S. P. Mathema.
111,368. Health and Temperance, L. A. Parkinson.
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, L. A. Parkinson.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Bulawayo, Zimbabwe,
Publishing and VOP, J. Nzumah.
Spirit of Prophecy,
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 573, Bulawayo, Zim- Stewardship and Development, P. Machamire.
babwe, Africa. Youth, E. Fransch.
Office Address: 41 Lawley Road, Suburbs, Bula- Services:
wayo, Zimbabwe, Africa. Telephones: 70681, Adventist Book Center, B. M. Sibanda.
70682, and 70691. ADRA, 26 Jones Road, Daylesford I, Gweru, Zim-
Administration: babwe, Africa. Telephone: Gweru 2189.
President, R. R. Ndhlovu. Director, R. Butcher; Agriculture Project, J.
Secretary, C. S. J. Chinyowa. Rankin.
Treasurer, Verland Erntson; Associate, K. J. Selig- Community Health Education, E. B. Munetsi.
mann. Home and Family Service, E. Fransch.
Executive Committee: R. R. Ndhlovu, Chairman; Zimbabwe Adventist Health Services, R. Butcher,
C. S. J. Chinyowa, Secretary; R. Butcher, Verland Ordained Ministers:
Erntson, E. Fransch, J. N. Gabi, Robert Hall, E. H. W. Busangabanye, C. S. J. Chinyowa, E. Fransch, J.
Lea, M. Marova, S. P. Mathema, S. J. Mema, Absa- S. D. Maphosa, M. Muganda, E. B. Munetsi, R. R.
lom M. Mhoswa, L. N. Moyo, M. R. Moyo, M. M. Ndhlovu, J. Nzumah, R. G. Pearson, K. W. Pierson,
Muhau, B. S. Ncube, S. Nkomo, G. B. Nyathi, P. J. S. Tshuma.
Nyathi, J. Nzumah, L. A. Parkinson, R. G. Pearson, Honorary: J. S. Bhebe, W. M. Cooks, J. B. Dube,
K. W. Pierson, K. J. Seligmann, A. P. Sibanda, B. M. Judge M. Dube, P. C. Dube, S. B. Dube, E. T.
Sibanda, M. Sibanda, S. J. Smythe. Fusire, T. Hogo, E. Z. Manga, S. Mangwende, A.

Moyo, G. MuZhechetere, J. Z. Ncube, P. J. Ngono, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 19, Waterfalls, Harare,
J. M. Nkomo, J. G. Vundhla. Zimbabwe, Africa.
Credentialed Missionaries: Office Address: 4 Thorn Road, Waterfalls, Harare,
P. J. Birkenstock, Mrs. S. M. Butcher, V. J. Chant, Zimbabwe, Africa. Telephone: Harare 601631.
Mrs. V. Erntson, V. Erntson, J. N. Gabi, Mrs. N.
Madonko, M. Ndebele, K. J. Seligmann, Mrs. R. C. Administration:
Tarr. President, L. N. Moyo.
Honorary: Fabian Makamure, Mrs. D. G. Mood- Secretary-Treasurer, R. L. Butler.
ley, F. C. Sandford, J. Zulu. Auditor, R. L. Butler; Assistant, L. Sithole.
Executive Committee: L. N. Moyo, Chairman; R. L.
Licensed Ministers:
Honorary: D. Manyathela. Butler, Secretary; S. F. Bhebe, S. Giwa, A. Guti, E.
C. Ishewekunze, J. T. Kanyangarara, D. T. Masho-
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: ko, Absalom M. Mhoswa, P. Motsi, K. W. Moyo, J.
Honorary: J. S. Chulu, Mrs. A. Dwaka. C. Munemo, E. Muvuti, Mrs. D. Phiri, A. A. Shum-
Established 1921; organized 1981 Communication and Ministerial, L. N. Moyo.
Territory: Central Zimbabwe. Education, J. T. Kanyangarara.
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, B. Garwe.
Population: 2,450,312; churches, 123; members,
Publishing and VOP, M. Ngwaru.
Stewardship and Development, B. Garwe.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Gweru, Zimbabwe, Temperance and Youth, G. M. Ndebele.
Ordained Ministers:
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 559, Gweru, Zimbabwe, P. T. Chimwedzi, E. J. Chinowaita, J. M. Chinyanga,
Africa. B. Garwe, S. M. Giwa, S. Gore, E. Gowere, J.
Gwashure, E. C. Ishewekunze, K. S. Mangwende,
Office Address: 34 Third Street, Gweru, Zimbabwe, J. Maramba, T. Matemavi, L. N. Moyo, E. M. Mura-
Africa. Telephones: 2228 and 2232. pah, S. Murapah, H. Musaringo, 0. D. Muza, G. M.
Administration: Ndebele, L. Nhiwatiwa, A. Shumba.
President, S. J. Mema. Credentialed Missionaries:
Secretary-Treasurer, W. H. Mashingaidze. R. L. Butler, J. T. Kanyangarara, C. Moyo.
Auditor, W. H. Mashingaidze.
Executive Committee: S. J. Mema, Chairman; W. Licensed Ministers:
H. Mashingaidze, Secretary; M. Chipamba, M. M. Bonni, A. Chekerwa, E. Chifamba, D. Chitate, L.
Choga, S. P. Mashamba, V. Mashoko, M. Matam- Chitura, D. Chiwayi, David Gwasira, G. Hwarari, C.
bo, M. Moyo, M. M. Muhau, C. Mutero, M. Muz- Machamire, T. Makaure, H. Marovha, P. Mazani, P.
vidziwa, B. S. Ncube, R. Ndlovu, G. B. Nyathi, A. P. Mhlanga, G. Mugadza, J. Munetsi, N. Musvosvi, N.
Muteweri, E. Muvuti, M. Ngwaru, K. Runhare, A. B.
Savala, J. Tamisai, K. Zembe, A. M. Zunzanyika.
Education and Sabbath School, W. H. Mashing- Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
M. Bundo, Miss E. Makama, P. Mandeya, Mrs. V.
Health and Temperance, T. M. Mhlambi. Meki, Mrs. I. Mushunje, Mrs. E. Ngwaru, H.
Lay Activities, Ministerial, and Religious Liberty, S. Nyakonda, E. Nyanhanda, Mrs. M. Nzuma, Nancy
J. Mema. Rwodzi.
Publishing and VOP, C. Shoko.
Stewardship and Development, M. Choga. WESTERN ZIMBABWE FIELD
Youth, T. M. Mhlambi. Organized 1981
Services: Territory: Western Zimbabwe.
Home and Family Service, T. M. Mhlambi. Population: 1,647,024; churches, 216; members,
Ordained Ministers: 25,194.
L. Chengeta, M. Chipamba, M. Choga, E. Dzimiri,
B. E. Jele, J. H. Manyakara, A. D. Maposa, S. P. Cable Address: "Adventist," Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
Mashamba, V. Mashoko, S. J. Mema, T. M. Mhlam- Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2450, Bulawayo, Zim-
bi, M. Moyo, E. K. Mpofu, S. Mpofu, M. M. Muhau, babwe, Africa.
A. M. Ndhlovu, E. C. Ndhlovu, J. M. Phiri.
Office Address: 114 Jameson Street, Bulawayo, Zim-
Credentialed Missionaries: babwe, Africa. Telephones: 60306, 76621, and
F. M. Mpofu. 76622.
Licensed Ministers: Administration:
M. Z. Lunga, I. S. Mafoti, P. Moyo, G. N. Phamba- President, M. R. Moyo.
na, N. Zvandasara. Secretary-Treasurer, E. Mlotshwa.
Auditor, E. Mlotshwa; Assistant, C. Mhlanga.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Executive Committee: M. R. Moyo, Chairman; E.
Mrs. J. Chizhande, H. A. Hwinya, T. T. Mafaune, Mlotshwa, Secretary; E. G. Bhebe, J. N. Donga, S.
Mrs. A. Majoti, M. Makause, D. Mangena, P. Map- D. Mahlahla, Mrs. A. Mangena, S. Maphosa, M.
fumo, M. Mudombo, A. Mukandabvute, L. Muta- Muze, J. L. Nkomo, S. V. Nyoni, J. Shumba, C.
mi, S. Ncube, S. Ndige, J. Tumba. Simela, C. Tshuma.
EASTERN ZIMBABWE FIELD Communication and Stewardship, S. Maphosa.
Organized 1964 Education, R. D. Mazibisa.
Lay Activities, Ministerial, and Sabbath School, P.
Territory: Eastern Zimbabwe. R. Ndhlovu.
Population: 4,644,515; churches, 129; members, Publishing and VOP, P. M. Beta.
41,211. Temperance and Youth, M. F. Bhebe.

Ordained Ministers: Office Address: 26 Shurugwi Road, Gweru, Zim-

E. G. Bhebe, M. F. Bhebe, D. Donga, J. N. Donga, J. babwe, Africa. Telephone: 3380.
K. Dube, L. Mabhena, M. M. Mafu, S. Mafu, S.
Mahlahla, J. J. Mhlanga, F. Mhlophe, E. Mlotshwa, Administration:
M. R. Moyo, S. J. Moyo, S. M. Moyo, E. S. Ncube, P. President, Robert Hall.
R. Ndhlovu, P. Nyathi, S. V. Nyoni. Secretary-Treasurer,
Executive Committee: Robert Hall, Chairman; A.
Licensed Ministers: Ahomed, J. R. Carlsson, W. Erasmus, T. Kasima, A.
L. C. Dube, E. Mafu, S. Maphosa, J. Mkwebu, M. D. Kok, E. H. Lea, R. G. Pearson, R. C. Tarr, S. T.
Mntungwa, A. T. Mpofu, M. T. Mpofu, A. Ndlovu, Tombs.
D. Nkiwane, M. N. Sinala, B. Zvandasara.
All Departments, Robert Hall.
Organized 1929 Ordained Ministers:
A. Ahomed, Robert Hall, E. H. Lea, M. D. Pearson.
Territory: Conference work in Zimbabwe.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Population: 250,000; churches, 16; members, 1,397. Pat Crump, Mrs. P. Goosen, Mrs. Robert Hall.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 348, Gweru, Zimbabwe, Licensed Ministers:
Africa. R. Anthony, D. G. Matshazi, J. Parson.


Organized 1972

Territory: Zambia; comprising the Central Zambia, Credentialed Missionaries:

Copperbelt Zambia, East Zambia, North Zambia, D. Ashley, L. B. Chembo, D. Chinyoka, A. Chitam-
South Zambia, and West Zambia Fields. bala, P. B. Kopolo, W. Mukabila, R. Sigamony, C.
Population: 9,620,965; churches, 428; members, Tembo, E. Zgambo.
Telex Number: 0902-43763 (Ans. ZBULU ZA). CENTRAL ZAMBIA FIELD
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 31309, Lusaka, Zambia, Organized 1988
Africa. Territory: Lusaka and Central Provinces.
Office Address: 4013 Burma Road, Lusaka, Zambia, Population: 1,500,000; churches, 118; members,
Africa. Telephones: Lusaka 219775 and 219776. 19,124.
Administration: Mailing Address: P.O. Box 81253, Kabwe, Zambia,
Executive Director, L. D. Raelly. Africa.
Secretary, L. H. Makeleta.
Treasurer, Ireno Cargill. Administration:
Executive Committee: L. D. Raelly, Chairman; L. Executive Director, J. M. Sitwala.
H. Makeleta, Secretary; Donald K. Ashley, Ireno Secretary-Treasurer, B. Mwanahiba.
Cargill, D. Chende, S. H. Chileya II, F. Chimoga, B. Executive Committee: J. M. Sitwala, Chairman; B.
Katele, A. M. Khawila, P. B. Kopolo, M. Mtshiya, S. Mwanahiba, Secretary; B. C. Halwiindi, D. Malipi-
S. Muyangana, P. Mwansa, M. Mwenya, A. lo, A. Mwiinga, J. Nachibinga, R. Ngenda, Mrs. R.
Mwiinga, A. S. Mwinga, B. Ndatoya, L. Njoloma, J. Nsokoshi.
Nkolola, K. Nsemiwe, L. Nyirongo, Benjamin Rod- Departments:
riguez, E. Shimunzhila, J. M. Sitwala, L. Zimba. Education and VOP, B. C. Halwiindi.
Departments: Lay Activities and Sabbath School, B. C. Halwiindi.
Church Ministries, P. Mwansa; Associate, F. Chi- Ministerial, J. M. Sitwala.
moga. Publishing, D. Malipilo.
Education, P. B. Kopolo. Stewardship and Development, R. Chansa.
Health and Temperance, E. Shimunzhila.
Ministerial, L. D. Raelly. COPPERBELT ZAMBIA FIELD
Publishing, M. Mtshiya.
Organized 1988
VOP, L. Njoloma.
Youth, E. Shimunzhila. Territory: Copperbelt Province.
Legal Association: "Seventh-day Adventist Associa- Population: 1,000,000; churches, 61; members,
tion in Zambia." 19,704.
Services: Mailing Address: P.O. Box 70708, Ndola, Zambia,
ADRA, Africa.
TALRES: Administration:
Leprosy Control Officer, Executive Director, D. Chende.
Ordained Ministers: Secretary-Treasurer, T. Ngenda.
I. Cargill, M. Katungu, A. M. Khawila, L. H. Executive Committee: D. Chende, Chairman; T.
Makeleta, M. Mtshiya, I. B. Nachibinga, B. Nda- Ngenda, Secretary; D. Chintilye, D. Kabaso, A. J.
toya, L. D. Raelly. Kabunda, P. B. Kaoma, P. C. Katumpa, F. Malinki, J.
Honorary: J. M. Koko, J. Lisaka, S. J. Mainza, A. K. Moonga, E. Mpola, M. Muvwimi.
M. C. Mpamba, W. Muhwanga, J. B. Mukakanga, Departments:
P. S. Mulendema, A. S. Muunyu, S. N. Mwenda, L. Education, Lay Activities, and Sabbath School, E.
Ndaiseka, P. S. Simangolwa. Mpola.

Publishing, D. Kabaso. Himayumbula, J. Koko, J. Malumani, C. C. Moon-

Stewardship and Development, M. Muvwimi. ga, J. Muhundika, F. Muloongo, P. H. K. Muunga,
Temperance and Youth, M. Muvwimi. N. Nankulo, J. R. Nkolola, N. Sapanoi, E. W. Shi-
munzhila, E. H. B. Siamaundu.
Organized 1988 Education, E. H. B. Siamaundu.
Lay Activities, Sabbath School, and VOP, F.
Territory: Eastern Province.
Population: 904,800; churches, 25; members, 3,003. Ministerial-, S. H. Chileya II.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 511031, Chipata, Zambia, Publishing, J. Himayumbula.
Africa. Stewardship and Development, E. H. B. Siamaun-
Administration: du.
Executive Director, B. Ndatoya. Temperance and Youth, F. Muloongo.
Executive Committee: B. Ndatoya, Chairman; Services:
Donald K. Ashley, A. Chishimba, Beatrice N. ADRA, M. M. Chibende.
Maboshe, D. Mwelwa, L. Nyirongo, M. A. C. Phiri,
K. Sinala. Ordained Ministers:
S. H. Chileya, S. H. Himoonga, A. J. Lusani, J. B.
NORTH ZAMBIA FIELD Nachibinga, B. Ndatoya, K. Sinala.
Honorary: S. M. E. Shonga.
Organized 1972
Territory: Luapula and Northern Provinces. Credentialed Missionaries:
C. M. Chishinga, J. M. Gwanu, P. B. Malambo, V.
Population: 2,326,500; churches, 80; members, Michelo, L. C. Mulenga, E. L. Mulundano, M.
17,184. Mulundano, L. Muunyu, M. Nalumino, W. Nam-
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 710286, Mansa, Zambia, waambwa, G. M. Nchimba, J. M. Nchimba, H. D.
Africa. Telephones: 821363, 821552, and 821538. Ng'andu, V. L. Noma, Mrs. A. P. Sakala, K. P.
Administration: Shimuznhila, F. Simate, H. K. Simate, L. L. Sim-
Executive Director, A. M. Khawila. pande, P. P. Simuyambala, Mrs. S. J. Wamulume,
Secretary-Treasurer, R. P. C. Musonda. Z. I. Wamulume, P. K. Zulu.
Auditor, W. B. Musale. Licensed Ministers:
Executive Committee: A. M. Khawila, Chairman; B. Chilembe, M. G. Chitambo, B. C. Halwiindi, P.
R. P. C. Musonda, Secretary; E. Chanda, A. Kabaso, M. Hapeya, B. Katele, L. D. Lungu, M. P. Mabuti, T.
M. Makesa, C. M. Matandiko, A. C. M. Mpamba, F. Madima, T. H. Madima, P. H. Malambo, J. N. Malu-
Mufunda, S. M. Mumba, K. Mweo, K. Nsemiwe, E. mani, D. Mazwanga, R. Mudenda, S. Mudenda, A.
Sinyangwe, C. S. Yamba. Mugwagwa, M. Muvwimi, T. Ngoma, F. Shangala,
Departments: S. M. Sibanda, R. S. Simankobela.
Education, Temperance, and Youth, M. Makesa.
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Ministerial, A. M. Khawila. P. Cheelo, G. M. Choma, B. M. Kachili, M. H.
Publishing, J. Sinkamba. Kachokola, Mrs. E. M. Kaisa, R. G. Kanyamuna, J. C.
Stewardship and Development, C. M. Matandiko. Kapena, S. Kayama, S. Lieneno, M. E. Makusa, D.
Ordained Ministers: Malesu, E. Mbelele, I. Milambo, J. Milambo, N.
A. V. Kaite, A. Kanjelesa, J. Katempa, M. Lishimba, Muchimba, S. Mudenda, G. Mukuwa, B. Mukwali,
F. Mafunda, S. Makumba, R. Mbasela, N. L. Mum- A. B. Munkombwe, J. Munkombwe, D. M. Mun-
ba, S. Mwila, M. A. C. Phiri, W. Sampa, I. Sinyang- sanje, L. Muzyamba, B. Mweemba, J. Mweembela,
we, J. Tambe. M. Mwekesa, J. B. Mwiinga, L. M. Nasilele, L.
Nawa, L. Ngenda, N. Njovu, R. R. Nyimba, Mrs. A.
Licensed Ministers: Phiri, B. Shimukuwa, S. Simasiku, W. Simuyawa,
M. Bwalya, J. Chapi, D. Chileshe, J. Chitebeta, J. D. K. Siyawa, G. Zulu, J. B. Zulu.
Kabwe, A. Kambaki, J. Kwabwe, S. Makumba, R.
Mbasela, H. Mpungwa, F. Mufunda, M. P. Mukam-
ba, D. K. Musonda, H. C. Muwile, P. Mwansa, K. WEST ZAMBIA FIELD
Mweo. Established 1972
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Patric Chisha, D. Kabaso, T. Kafuti, Rosemary Territory: North Western and Western Provinces.
Kamenye, D. Katanga, J. Mabumba, M. Mailosi, P. Population: 789,665; churches, 22; members, 7,812.
Malanda, K. Managu, M. Mu kandawire, M. Muko-
ma, M. Mukwamataba, T. Naciyunde, V. Nambo, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 910009, Mongu, Zambia,
P. Njeleka, A. Sichamba, A. Sikozi, A. Tiza. Africa. Telephone: Mongu 221109.
SOUTH ZAMBIA FIELD Executive Director, A. S. Mwinga.
Organized 1972 Secretary-Treasurer, M. C. Imakando.
Auditor, R. S. Mulemwa.
Territory: Southern Province.
Executive Committee: A. S. Mwinga, Chairman;
Population: 3,100,000; churches, 122; members, M. C. Imakando, Secretary; M. Ilwange, G. M.
26,826. Kaluwe, J. B. Lihonde, P. L. Mukoma, S. S. Muyan-
Cable Address: "Adventist," Monze, Zambia, Afri- gana, J. Nyambe.
ca. Departments:
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 660013, Monze, Zambia, Education, A. S. Mwinga.
Africa. Telephone: Monze 50520. Lay Activities, Temperance, and Youth, G. M.
Administration: Kaluwe.
Executive Director, S. H. Chileya II. Publishing, N. Muyunda.
Secretary-Treasurer, M. M. Chibende. Sabbath School, H. M. Sililo.
Executive Committee: S. H. Chileya II, Chairman; Spirit of Prophecy,
M. M. Chibende, Secretary; P. Hachalinga, J. Stewardship and Development, P. N. Si lume.

Ordained Ministers: Licensed Ministers:

M. Mbumwae, R. S. Mulemwa, H. M. Sililo, P. N. C. N. Chikote, W. Isiteketo, M. Kotela, M. Mbum-
Silume, M. S. Tabakamulamu. wae, L. Mubila, M. S. Mubita, F. Mukokwe, N.
Honorary: J. Kalaluka, R. M. Mwakoi. Namuchana, J. Nyambe, R. M. Sikota, H. M. Sililo.

The two fields listed under this heading are being directed from the Eastern Africa Division
headquarters in Harare, Zimbabwe, through a field office: mailing address, P.O. Box 20975, Gaborone,
Botswana, Africa;
Telephone number, 373264; Telex number, 0962 2961 (ANS. BUSDA BD); Director, D. W. B. Chalale.


Established 1921 Established 1984
Organized 1951; reorganized 1984
Territory: Ghanzi, Kgalagadi, Kgatleng, Kweneng,
Territory: Central, Chobe, Ngamiland, and North- Southern, and South-East Districts.
East Districts.
Population: 563,000; churches, 11; members, 4,193.
Population: 621,944; churches, 16; members, 5,509.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Francistown, Bots- Mailing Address: P.O. Box 378, Mogoditshane, Bots-
wana, Africa. wana, Africa. Telephone: 373639.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 86, Francistown, Bots- Administration:
wana. Africa. Telephone: 212330. President, A. C. Mpofu.
Administration: Secretary-Treasurer, 0. N. Simankane.
President, Abraham M. Motlhaapula. Executive Committee: A. C. Mpofu, Chairman; 0.
Secretary-Treasurer, Jabulani K. Mpenya. N. Simankane, Secretary; B. Moahi, E. A. Modigah,
Executive Committee: Abraham M. Motlhaapula, M. Mooka, I. X. Nkomo, K. N. Sebonego, K. Selig-
Chairman; Jabulani K. Mpenya, Secretary; J. Benn, mann, D. K. Tauetsile.
G. Keakopa, L. Mokgwane; E. M. Mota, F. G. Ndlo- Departments:
vu. Education and Ministerial, A. C. Mpofu.
Departments: Lay Activities and Sabbath School, B. A. Kabalany-
Church Ministries, L. Mokgwane; Associate, E. 0. ana.
Keofitlhile. Publishing and VOP, K. B. Gabasiane.
Communication, Education, and Ministerial, Abra- Stewardship, 0. E. Keofitlhile.
ham M. Motlhaapula. Temperance and Youth, B. A. Kabalanyana.
Publishing, S. Mpatane.
Temperance, L. Mokgwane. Services:
VOP, S. Mokgadi. Adventist Book Center, Mrs. L. P. Simankane.
Ordained Ministers: Ordained Ministers:
E. 0. Keofitlhile, S. Mokgadi, E. M. Mota, Abraham S. K. Dibotelo, K. B. Gabasiane, J. N. Mdhluli, E. A.
M. Motlhaapula, S. Mpatane, S. Samanya. Modigah, 0. T. Moima, A. C. Mpofu, S. B. Seg-
Honorary: S. Dimbung,u, S. Huku, J. Jibajiba, C. wagwe, 0. N. Simankane.
D. Mguni, D. H. Mogegeh, A. M. Moyo. Honorary: J. L. Norris, A. A. Tsotetsi.
Credentialed Missionaries:
T. D. Moyo, J. K. Mpenya. Licensed Ministers:
Honorary: C. Retshabile. B. A. Kabalanyana, T. C. Kgamane, K. B. P. Kgasa, T.
S. Mokgabe, K. Phologolo, L. T. Serole, M. S. Tsha-
Licensed Ministers:
D. Kapande, K. Karekota, T. Lekolwane, L.
Mabutho, G. L. Mokgatle, L. Mokgwane, L. Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Mosarwe, S. Nkape. Mrs. M. Mothudi, P. T. Seadimo.


Akaki Seventh-day Adventist School, P.O. Box 145, Lake View Seminary and Training Centre, P.O. Box
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 50, Mlangeni, Malawi, Africa.
Anderson School, P.O. Box 833, Gweru, Zim- Lower Gweru Adventist Secondary School, Private
babwe, Africa. Bag 9002, Gweru, Zimbabwe, Africa.
Bugema Adventist College, P.O. Box 6529, Kampa- Lunjika Secondary School, Private Bag 19, Mzimba,
la, Uganda, East Africa. Malawi, Africa.
Malamulo College, P.O. Makwasa, Malawi, Africa.
Bulawayo Adventist Secondary School, P.O. Box
Matandani Training School, P.O. Box 60, Neno,
1584, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Africa.
Blantyre, Malawi, Africa.
Ethiopian Adventist College, P.O. Box 45, Shasha- Maxwell Adventist Academy, Private Bag, Mba-
mane, Ethiopia. gathi, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa.
Hanke Adventist Secondary School, P.O. Box 230, Nyazura Adventist Secondary School, P.O. Box 56,
Shurugwi, Zimbabwe, Africa. Nyazura, Zimbabwe, Africa.
Ikizu Secondary School, P.O. Box 1, Ikizu, via Parane Secondary School, P.O. Box 272, Same,
Musoma, Tanzania, East Africa. Tanzania, East Africa.
Kamagambo High School and Teachers' College, Rusangu Secondary School, P.O. Box 660091,
P.O. Box 591, Kisii, Kenya, East Africa. Monze, Zambia, Africa.

Solusi Adventist Secondary School, Private Bag T- Gatumbi S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 151,
5399, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Africa. Kianyaga, Kenya, East Africa.
Solusi College, Private Bag T-5399, Bulawayo, Zim- Gesusu Dispensary, P.O. Box 3, Gesusu, Keroka,
babwe, Africa. Kenya, East Africa.
Tanzania Adventist Seminary and College, P.O. Green Lake Mission Clinic, P.O. Box 4, Backo,
Box 7, Usa River, via Arusha, Tanzania, East Afri- Shoa Province, Ethiopia.
ca. Guliso Clinic, do Gimbie Hospital, P.O. Box 2,
University of Eastern Africa, P.O. Box 2500, Eldoret, Gimbie, Ethiopia.
Kenya, East Africa. Habiya S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 311, Bariadi,
Wollega Adventist Academy, P.O. Box 100, Gim- Tanzania, East Africa.
bie, Ethiopia. Hanke Clinic, P.O. Box 230, Shurugwi, Zimbabwe,
Health-Care Africa.
Heru Juu Dispensary, P.O. Box 22, Kasulu, Kigoma,
Hospitals: Tanzania, East Africa.
Gimbie Hospital, P.O. Box 2, Gimbie, Ethiopia. Iganga Dispensary, P.O. Box 174, lganga, Uganda,
Heri Adventist Hospital, P.O. Box 1056, Kigoma, East Africa.
Tanzania, East Africa. Ikizu Dispensary, P.O. Box 32, Ikizu, via Musoma,
Ishaka Adventist Hospital, P.O. Box 111, Bushenyi, Tanzania, East Africa.
Uganda, East Africa. Itibo Dispensary, P.O. Itibo, Kenya, East Africa.
Kanye Hospital, P.O. Box 11, Kanye, Botswana, Kagorogoro Dispensary, P.O. Box 22, Fort Portal,
Africa. Uganda, East Africa.
Kendu Adventist Hospital, P.O. Box 20, Kendu Bay, Kagwa S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 259, Bondo,
Kenya, East Africa. Kenya, East Africa.
Malamulo Hospital, P.O. Makwasa, Malawi, Africa. Kagwathi S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 43, Sabasa-
Mwami Adventist Hospital, Private Bag 5, Chipata, ba, Kenya, East Africa.
Zambia, Africa. Kaigat Dispensary, P.O. Box 1611, Eldoret, Kenya,
Seventh-day Adventist Health Centre, P.O. Box 51, East Africa.
Blantyre, Malawi, Africa. Kakoro S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 49, Mbale,
Seventh-day Adventist Health Services, P.O. Box Uganda, East Africa.
48629, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. Kamagambo Dispensary, P.O. Box 591, Kisii,
Yuka Hospital and Leprosarium, P.O. Box 98, Kala- Kenya, East Africa.
bo, Zambia, Africa. Kamageta S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 126,
Dispensaries and Clinics: Tarime, Tanzania, East Africa.
Abonza Clinic, P.O. Box 24, Durame, Ethiopia. Kameya Dispensary, P.O. Box 186, Nansio,
Adventist Dental Practice, P.O. Box 573, Bulawayo, Ukerewe, Tanzania, East Africa.
Zimbabwe, Africa. Kanye Mobile Clinic, do Kanye Hospital, P.O. Box
Arusha Adventist Seminary and College Dispen- 11, Kanye, Botswana, Africa.
sary, P.O. Box 7, Usa River, Tanzania, East Africa. Karura S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box41352, Nairobi,
Arusha Medical and Dental Clinic, P.O. Box 1903, Kenya, East Africa.
Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. Kasamwa Dispensary, P.O. Box 53, Geita, Tanza-
Better Living Centre, 41 Lawley Road, Suburbs, nia, East Africa.
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Africa. Kassa Clinic, P.O. Box 145, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Botswana Adventist Medical Services, P.O. Box Katikamu Dispensary, P.O. Box 553, Wobulenzi,
759, Gaborone, Botswana, Africa. via Kampala, Uganda, East Africa.
Bugema Dispensary, P.O. Box 6529, Kampala, Kebeneti Dispensary, P.O. Box 556, Kericho,
Uganda, East Africa. Kenya, East Africa.
Busegwe S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 26, Muso- Kenyenya Dispensary, P.O. Box 38, Kebirigo,
ma, Tanzania, East Africa. Kenya, East Africa.
Bussi S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 177, Entebbe, Kigalama Dispensary, P.O. Box 58, Mityana, Ugan-
Uganda, East Africa. da, East Africa.
Bwasi Dispensary, P.O. Box 243, Musoma, Tanza- Kijauri Dispensary, P.O. Box 644, Keroka, Kenya,
nia, East Africa. East Africa.
Chambo Dispensary, P/A Chisenga, P.O. Chitipa, Kiptere Dispensary, P.O. Box 13, Kiptere, Kenya,
Malawi, Africa. East Africa.
Chebwai Dispensary, P.O. Box 734, Webuye, Kireka Dispensary, P.O. Box 22, Kampala, Uganda,
Kenya, East Africa. East Africa.
Chikwariro Clinic, P.B. 7704, Mutare, Zimbabwe, Kitundu S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 65, Kikima,
Africa. Kenya, East Africa.
Chileka Dispensary, P.O. Box 33, Chileka, Malawi, Lake View Dispensary, P.O. Box 72, Mlangeni,
Africa. Malawi, Africa.
Chipembe S.D.A. Rural Health Centre, P/A Kape- Likoni Road S.D.A. Clinic, P.O. Box 48629, Nairobi,
tamendo, Nyimba, Zambia, Africa. Kenya, East Africa.
Dar es Salaam Magomeni S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Liumba Hill Dispensary, P.O. Box 36, Kalabo, Zam-
Box 15083, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. bia, Africa.
Dar es Salaam Temeke S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Lobatsi Town Clinic, c/o Botswana Adventist
Box 45319, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. Medical Services, P.O. Box 759, Gaborone, Bots-
Dikirr Dispensary, P.O. Box 178, Kilgoris, Kenya, wana, Africa.
East Africa.
Dodoma S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 346, Dodo- Lower Gweru Dispensary, Private Bag 9002, Gweru,
ma, Tanzania, East Africa. Zimbabwe, Africa.
Endindeni Dispensary, Private Bag Endindeni, P.O. Lunpica Dispensary, P.A. Eswazini, Mzimba, Mala-
Mzimba, Malawi, Africa. wi, Africa.
Eronge Dispensary, P.O. Box 652, Keroka, Kenya, Luwazi Dispensary, Private Bag 8, P.O. Mzuzu,
East Africa. Malawi, Africa.
Ethiopian Adventist College Clinic, P.O. Box 45, Luzira Dispensary, P.O. Box 2295, Kampala, Ugan-
Shashamane, Ethiopia. da, East Africa.
Femol Dispensary, P.O. Box 585, Suna-Migori, Makale Clinic, P.O. Box 54, Makale, Tegrai,
Kenya, East Africa. Ethiopia.

Makanya Dispensary, P.O. Box 42, Makanya, Tan- Sangilo Dispensary, P.O. Box 76, Chilumba, Mala-
zania, East Africa. wi, Africa.
Manyatta S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 187, Noma- Segero Dispensary, P.O. Box 2514, Eldoret, Kenya,
bay, Kenya, East Africa. East Africa.
Matandani Dispensary, P.O. Box 33, Neno, Mala- Senzani Dispensary, P.O. Box 326, Balaka, Malawi,
wi, Africa. Africa.
Matare S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 183, Suna, Seventh-day Adventist Health Services, P.O. Box
Kenya, East Africa. 1233, Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa.
Mbeya S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 99, Mbeya, Seventh-day Adventist Health Services, P.O. Box
Tanzania, East Africa. 48629, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa.
Mitandi Dispensary, P.O. Box 22, Fort Portal, Ugan- Seventh-day Adventist Orthodontic Services, 2
da, East Africa. Princess Drive, Highlands, Harare, Zimbabwe,
Mkundi S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 138, Mombo, Africa.
Tanzania, East Africa. Sironoi S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 693, Kapsabet,
Morogoro Dispensary, P.O. Box 82, Morogoro, Kenya, East Africa.
Tanzania, East Africa. Sitoti Dispensary, P.O. Box 22, Senanga, Zambia,
Moshi S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 702, Moshi, Africa.
Tanzania, East Africa. Soche Dispensary, P.O. Box 30200, Chichiri, Blan-
Moshupa Dispensary, c/o Kanye Hospital, P.O. Box tyre 3, Malawi, Africa.
11, Kanye, Botswana, Africa. Solusi Dispensary, Private Bag 1-5399, Bulawayo,
Mpanda S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 202, Rukwa, Zimbabwe, Africa.
Tanzania, East Africa. Suji S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 26, Suji, Same,
Mtwara S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 573, Mtwara, Tanzania, East Africa.
Tanzania, East Africa. Sumbawanga Dispensary, P.O. Box 207, Rukwa,
Musoma Dispensary, P.O. Box 787, Musoma, Tan- Tanzania, East Africa.
zania, East Africa. Tabora S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 1282, Tabora,
Mwagala S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 68, Maswa, Tanzania, East Africa.
Tanzania, East Africa. Tarime S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 15, Tarime,
Mwakaleli S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 63, Tanzania, East Africa.
Tukuyu, Tanzania, East Africa. Tutuo S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Tutuo, via Tabora,
Mwanza S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 401, Mwan- Tanzania, East Africa.
za, Tanzania, East Africa. Twing Memorial Dispensary, P.O. Box 552, Kigo-
Nabingola S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 62, ma, Tanzania, East Africa.
Mubende, Uganda, East Africa. Utimbaru Dispensary, P.O. Box 15, Tarime, Tanza-
Najjanankumbi Dispensary, P.O. Box 15034, Kam- nia, East Africa.
pala, Uganda, East Africa. Watamu S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 222, Wata-
Nkararo S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 134, Kilgoris, mu, Kenya, East Africa.
Kenya, East Africa. Wire Dispensary, P.O. Box 20, Oyugis, Kenya, East
Nkhorongo Dispensary, Private Bag Nkhorongo, Africa.
Box 197, Mzuzu, Malawi, Africa. Yapa S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 174, Iganga,
Nsambe Dispensary, P.O. Box 33, Neno, Malawi, Uganda, East Africa.
Nthenje Dispensary, P/A Jaravikuba, P.O. Box 27,
Mzokoto, Malawi, Africa. Publishing
Ntusu S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 330, Bariadi, via Africa Herald Publishing House, P.O. Box 95, Ken-
Maswa, Tanzania, East Africa. du Bay, Kenya, East Africa.
Nyabikaye Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary, P.O. Ethiopian Advent Press, P.O. Box 145, Addis Aba-
Box 39, Isebania, Kenya, East Africa. ba, Ethiopia.
Nyabola Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary, P.O. Malamulo Publishing House, P.O. Box 11, Makwa-
Box 12, Oyugis, Kenya, East Africa. sa, Malawi, Africa.
Nyagesenda Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary, Tanzania Adventist Press, P.O. Box 635, Morogoro,
P.O. Box 3201, Kisii, Kenya, East Africa. Tanzania, East Africa.
Nyanchwa Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary, P.O. Upper Nile Press, P.O Box 6434, Kampala, Uganda,
Box 22, Kisii, Kenya, East Africa. East Africa.
Nyazura Clinic, P.O. Box 56, Nyazura, Zimbabwe,
Africa. Other Entities
Oyani S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 613, Suna,
Migori, Kenya, East Africa. Airplane:
Parane Dispensary, P.O. Box 272, Same, Tanzania, Cessna 206, Tanzania Union Mission, Arusha, Tan-
East Africa. zania, East Africa. Pilot, Edward Perry.
Ranen S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Ranen, via Kisii, Bible Correspondence Schools:
Kenya, East Africa. Ethiopia: P.O. Box 145, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Rangwe S.D.A. Dispensary, P.O. Box 140, Rangwe, Kenya: Voice of Prophecy Correspondence
Kenya, East Africa. School, Karura, Redhill Road, Nairobi, Kenya,
Riakworo Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary, P.O. East Africa. Postal Address: P.O. Box 43224,
Box 60, Gesima, via Kisii, Kenya, East Africa. Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa.
Riokindo Seventh-day Adventist Dispensary, P.O. Malawi: Voice of Prophecy Bible School, P.O. Box
Box 82, Kenyenya, Kenya, East Africa. 444, Blantyre, Malawi, Africa.
Rusaba S.D.A. Dispensary, c/o Hen Mission Hos- Tanzania: Voice of Prophecy (Sauti ya Unabii),
pital, P.O. Box 1056, Kigoma, Tanzania, East Afri- P.O. Box 172, Morogoro, Tanzania, East Africa.
ca. Zimbabwe: Voice of Prophecy Bible School, P.O.
Sackie Clinic, P.O. Box 145, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Box 1092, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Africa.

Unions Population Churches Members
Division 51,788,000 2 31
Angola 8,862,000 378 98,025
Austrian 7,570,000 43 2,915
Bulgarian 8,959,000 56 3,294
Czechoslovakian 15,534,000 170 7,812
Franco-Belgian 65,699,000 138 10,363
German Dem. Republic 16,624,000 284 9,238
West Italian 57,630,000 88 4,998
Germany 13,961,000 402 41,760
el Portuguese 10,291,000 71 6,847


Czechoslova a Romanian 23,174,000 526 57,153
SO H GERMAN South German 30,522,000 209 13,156
UNION CONF. Spanish 38,929,000 53 5,478
SWISS UNIQN Switzerland Swiss 6,531,000 57 4,073
CONFERENCE L France West German 30,526,000 172 JLI ,773
Romania Totals June 30, 1988 386,600,000 2,649 276,916
UNION CONF. Black Sea'
Bulgaria LGARIAN.
Spain OF
' Portugal—F— CHURCHE
UNION'OF , , 02
Tunisia Sea , ,r, ,


Organized 1928 as Central European and Southern European Divisions
Reorganized and renamed 1971; reorganized 1981, 1985

Territory: Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Austria, Azores S.T.A., R.V., Hamburg" (Hamburg Adventist Asso-
Islands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, ciation); "Deutsche Vereinigung zur Foerderung
Czechoslovakia, Federal Republic of Germany, und Wahrung der Religionsfreiheit e.V." (Reli-
France, German Democratic Republic, Gibraltar, gious Liberty Association), Heidelberger Land-
Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Madeira Islands, strasse 24, D-6100 Darmstadt 13, Fed. Rep. of Ger-
Malta, Monaco, Morocco, Mozambique, Portugal, many; Deutscher Verein fuer Gesundheitspflege
Romania, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, e.V., Am Elfengrund 50, 0-6100 Darmstadt 13, Fed.
Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, and Vatican City State; Rep. of Germany; Stimme der Hoffnung e.V., Am
comprising the Czechoslovakian, Franco-Belgian, Elfengrund 66, D-6100 Darmstadt 13, Fed. Rep. of
German Democratic Republic, Romanian, South Germany.
German, Swiss, and West German Union Confer- Services:
ences, the Angola and Mozambique Union Mis- ADRA/Euro-Africa, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 219,
sions, and the Austrian, Bulgarian, Italian, Portu- 3000 Berne 32, Switzerland. Office Address:
guese, and Spanish Union of Churches. Schosshaldenstrasse 17, 3006 Berne, Switzer-
Population: 386,600,000; churches, 2,649; mem- land. Telephone: (031) 44-62-62.
bers, 276,916. Director, Herbert Stoeger.
Cable Address: "Advent," Berne, Switzerland. ADRA/Germany, Heidelberer Landstrasse 24,
D-6100 Darmstadt 13, Fed. Rep. of Germany.
Telex Number: 845-912950 (Ans. 912950 EUD CH).
Telephone: (06151) 51123.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 219, 3000 Berne 32, Associate Director, Erich Lischek.
Switzerland. International Health Food Association, Erich Ame-
Office Address: Schosshaldenstrasse 17, 3006 lung.
Berne, Switzerland. Telephone: (031) 44-62-62. Mission and Services to Moslems (MISSERM) (Re-
Administration: places North African Mission). Office Address:
President, Edwin Ludescher. 11 Rue Auguste Lacroix, 69003 Lyons, France.
Secretary, Georges Steveny. Telephone: 78 95 13 36.
Treasurer, Erich Amelung; Associates, Helmut Territory: Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.
Franke, Pierre Guy, Peter Kunze. Population, 51,788,000; churches, 2; members,
Field Secretaries, Dumitru Popa, Lothar Reiche, 31.
Oldrich Sladek. President, Jean Kempf; Secretary-Treasurer,
Auditor, Jean-Claude Halm; Associates, Peter Claude Galdeano; Communication, Omar
Kunze, Jean Scippa. Elidrissi; Evangelism, —; Temperance, Ro-
Executive Committee: Edwin Ludescher, land Fayard.
Chairman; Georges Steveny, Secretary; Erich Executive Committee: Jean Kempf, Chairman;
Amelung, Pietro Copiz, Marie-Therese David, Ped- Erich Amelung, Gilbert Carayon, Omar Elid-
ro Balanca de Freitas, Ulrich Frikart, John Graz, rissi, Claude Galdeano, Pierre Guy, Edwin
Pierre Guy, Jean-Claude Halm, Heinz Henning, Ludescher, Georges Steveny.
Erwin Kilian, Harald Knott, Peter Kunze, Enrico Transportation Agents:
Long, Bernardino Mabote, Johannes Mager, General Agent, Erich Amelung; Assistant, Jean
Michael Makowski, Alain Menis, Joaquim Morga- Scippa. S.D.A. Transportation Bureau (SMAF), 63,
do, Johann Niedermaier, Ronald Noltze, Dumitru Rue du Faubourg Poissonniere, 75009 Paris,
Popa, Carlos Puyol, Waldemar Quedzuweit, Lothar France. Telephone: (1)48-24-95-26.
Reiche, Gianfranco Rossi, Reinhard Rupp, Walter Ordained Ministers:
Schultschik, Oldrich Sladek, Herbert Stoeger, Manuel Adan, Erich Amelung, Philippe Augendre,
Nikola Taney, Brad Thorp, Claude Villeneuve, Roberto Badenas, Hansjoerg Bauder, Gilbert
Maurice Zehnacker. Carayon, Teofilo Ferreira, Ulrich Frikart, Johann
Departments: Gerhardt, John Graz, Daniel Gutekunst, Johann
Church Ministries, Ulrich Frikart; Associates, Piet- Heinz, Heinz Henning, Jean Kempf, Adolf Kinder,
ro Copiz, John Graz, Johannes Mager. Friedhelm Klingeberg, Helmut Kraus, Jean-Michel
Communication, John Graz. Leduc, Richard Lehmann, Erich Lischek, Edwin
Education, Pietro Copiz. Ludescher, Johannes Mager, Emanuel Mayer,
Health and Temperance, Herbert Stoeger. Michel Mayeur, Siegbert Ninow, Winfried Noack,
Ministerial, Johannes Mager; Associate, Brad Hellmuth Paeske, Arno Patzke, Baldur Pfeiffer,
Thorp. Waldemar Quedzuweit, Gerhard Rempel, Werner
Publishing, Waldemar Quedzuweit. Renz, Gianfranco Rossi, Reinhard Rupp, Bernard
Religious Liberty, Gianfranco Rossi. Sauvagnat, Daniel Schuettler, Georges Steveny,
Spirit of Prophecy, Georges Steveny. Herbert Stoeger, Ronald Strasdowsky, Brad Thorp,
Legal Associations: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten- Lothar Traeder, Bruno Ulrich, Claude Villeneuve,
Tags-Adventisten in Deutschland, Koerperschaft Winfried Vogel, Horst Zschunke.
des oeffentlichen Rechts" (A corporation under Credentialed Missionaries:
public law), Heidelberger Landstrasse 24, D-6100 Lydia Agustoni, Elie Alram, Christiane Babin, Gab-
Darmstadt 13, Fed. Rep. of Germany; "Adventistis- rielle Ballmer, Mrs. Jutta Belardi, Robert Bernard,
che Entwicklungs-und Katastrophenhilfe e.V." Ilona Boda, Christiane Bonnet, Mari e-Ange
(ADRA), Heidelberger Landstrasse 24, D-6100 Bouvier, Monica Braun, Jean Breuil, Mrs. Jean
Darmstadt 13, Fed. Rep. of Germany; "Advent- Breuil, Dieter Brockmann, Daniel Calcia, Jean Cal-
Bildungs und Erziehungswerk e.V." (Adventist cia, Mrs. Daniel Calcia, Mrs. Josyane Cazeaux,
Educational Association); "Hamburger Verein der Gerard Cherel, Mrs. Yvonne Comiot, Pietro Copiz,


Robert Dardenne, Maria-Therese David, Monique Pollin, Liliane Probst, Perciliana Rabello, Emilien
Davy, Pierre De Luca, Claude Dinsenmeyer, Harald Jeanms Ranivoarizaka, Myriam Rase, Wolfgang Re-
Eiler, Friedrich Ewert, Guenter Faust, Mrs. Odette bensburg, Regina Rinner, Wilfried Rinner, Jacques
Ferreira, Helen Ferrier-Hollenweger, Josef Fos- Ritlewski, Mrs. Alice Rodriguez, Georges Rossig-
chum, Helmut Franke, Christian Fresnay, Norbert nol, Thomas Rothe, Yolande Roullet, Mrs. Christ-
Fritz, Matthias Gaff ron, Jacques Garsia, Udo iane Rudin, Katharina Salzgeber, Mrs. Therese San-
Grebe, Gislene Grin, Marc Grisier, Pierre Guy, chez, Jacques Sauvagnat, Edwin Scharfschwerdt,
Jean Claude Halm, Gisbert Heinrich, Mrs. Kathar- Adam Schiller, Nelly Schoenmann, Edeltraud
ina Heinrich, Jean-Jacques Henriot, Mrs. Francoise Schuette, Mrs. Elfriede Schuettler, Jean Scippa,
Henriot, Paul Hirsbrunner, Gregory Hodgson, Lisette Steuernagel, Lothar Stiller, Mrs. Rudolf
Lothar Hoehn, Robert Hof, Jean Hubert, Rainer Thaeder, Rudolf Thaeder, Mrs. Herta Ulrich,
Isecke, C. P. Jaggi, David Johnson, Marc Kanor, Manuel Vieira, Burkhard Vogel, Winnifried Vogel,
Alain Kaufmann, Jean-Louis Kaufmann, Christel Herta Von Laar, Hans-Georg Wehner, Paul Win al,
Kern, Gerald Kiehl, Janine Kinder, Peter R. Kunze, Reinhard Wunderlich.
Peter Lackner, Jean Lafrancesca, Michel Le Gal, Licensed Ministers:
Keitel Lecorps, Mrs. Tania Lehmann, Jean-Luc Daniel Bouvier, Rene Collin, Guido Delameil-
Lezeau, Heinz Lorenz, Mrs. Diana Lorenz, Claude lieure, Omar Elidrissi, Marcel Fernandez, Gunther
Lucas, Michael Makowski, Mrs. Jacqueline Marion, Franke, Georg Kouba, Jean-Michel Martin, Ronald
Mrs. Pierrette Mathieu, Remy Mayer, Alain Menis, K. Noltze, Werner Orwat, Guenther Preuss, Henri
Jean-Pierre Millot, Petra Moormann, Pierre Nacht, Rasolofomasoandro, Wolfgang Witzig, Hartmut
Mrs. Wilfriede Ninow, Helene Pfenniger, Maurice Wolf, Udo Worschech.


Organized 1925; reorganized 1957

Territory: Angola; comprising the Central Associa- Licensed Ministers:

tion, East Association, North Association, Sao Teodoro Elias, Abel Francisco, Venancio Jaime,
Tome and Principe, and South Association Mis- Agostinho Jorge, Marcos Kalima, Daniel Matias,
sions. Jorge Miguel, Fernando Neketela, Justino Paulo.
Population: 8,862,000; churches, 378; members, Honorary: Daniel Aurelio, Manuel Boa Morte,
98,025. Augusto Cassoma, Gervasio Cavindalala, Tiago
Chiota, Felix Chivango, Jeremias Sonengue.
Cable Address: "Adventista," Huambo, Angola.
Luanda Cable Address: "Adventista," Luanda,
Telex Number: 6033 (Ans. 6033 Advento AN).
Organized 1983
Mailing Address: Caixa Postal 3, Huambo, Angola.
Territory: Benguela, Bie, Huambo, and Kwanza Sul.
Office Address: Rua Teixeira da Silva, Huambo,
Angola. Telephone: 2150. Population: 3,807,778; churches, 192; members,
President, Balanca de Freitas. Mailing Address: Caixa Postal 2236, Huambo, Ango-
Secretary, Vasco Cubenda. la.
Treasurer, Artur Alfredo. Administration:
Executive Committee: Balanca de Freitas, President, Pedro Matapalo.
Chairman; Artur Alfredo, Pedro Capango, Elindo Secretary-Treasurer, Inoc Kikando.
Carruagem, Vasco Cubenda, Manuel Do Espirito Executive Committee: Pedro Matapalo, Chairman;
Santo, Paulo Felisberto, Bela-Vista Felix, Romeu Eduardo Chacale, Joaquim Chanhica, S. Chitula,
Freitas, Domingos Joaquim, Paulino Marcelino, Daniel Goncalves, Jose Guli, Ricardo Kangue, 'floc
Pedro Matapalo, Ferreira Matias, Horacio Paulino, Kikando, Justino Mario, Tomas A. Morals.
Isaque Sapato, Nunes Vasconcelos. Departments:
Departments: Church Ministries, Daniel Goncalves; Associate,
Church Ministries, Vasco Cubenda; Associates, Herculano Jose.
Paulo Felisberto, Nunes Vasconcelos. Communication, Pedro Matapalo.
Communication and Education, Balanca de Freitas. Ministerial, Daniel Goncalves.
Ministerial, Paulino Marcelino. Publishing, Inoc Kikando.
Services: Ordained Ministers:
Office of Human Relations, Balanca de Freitas. Tomas Agostinho, Severino Chihungulu, Marcoli-
Ordained Ministers: no Chimissa, Daniel Chionga, Carlos Eduardo,
Vasco Cubenda, Paulo Felisberto, Balanca de Paulo Eduardo, Praia Ernesto, Aurelio Gabriel,
Freitas, Domingos Joaquim, Alexandre Justino, Daniel Goncalves, Alexandre Guli, Herculano Jose,
Paulino Marcelino, Nunes Vasconcelos. Ricardo Kangue, Enoc Kikando, Pedro Matapalo,
Honorary: Tomas Agostinho, Maravilho Pedro de Sa, Guilherme Seteco, Domingos Su-
Antunes, Antonio Bernardo, Venancio Boa Ven- quina, Tomas Vicente.
tura, Francisco Cachila, Manuel Caleca, Mateus Licensed Ministers:
Calema, Vasco Camati, Pedro Cavita, Belchior Cha- Augusto Artur, Venancio Avelino, Almeida Bolica,
cupula, Moises Chandala, Lourenco da Costa, Roberto Bom Ano, Artur Caluvi, Francisco Chipa-
Jeremias Da Cunha, Paulino Dias, Ricardo Ecupa, langa, Feliciano Chituamo, Julio Clementino,
Paulo Epalanga, Arao Estevao, Jose Estevao, Fer- Antonio Coelho, Paulino Dondy, Pedro Estevao,
nando Isaias, Marcolino Kapamba, Zeferino Kussi- Antunes Filipe, Moises Filipe, David Fumeira, Albi-
vila, Isaias Messeles, Aurelio Muhunga, Domingos no Jaime, Ouvido Jaime, Geraldo Kaala, Francisco
Paulo, Elias Samucanda, Paulino Samuquepe, Vas- Kalunjinje, Lazaro Kapessa, Eurico Kassoco, Fonse-
co Sepalanga, Samuel Sequeira, Diogo Da Silva, ca Kayele, Paulino Kuianda, Fernando Laurentino,
Antonio Ulombe. Nicolau Mauricio, Pedro Mauricio, Samuel Miguel,

Gabriel Moises, Ricardo Moma, Joaquim Funata, Roberto Gonga, Paulino Hogue, Tomas
Munuamale, Mauricio Paulo, Dinis Pedro, Mar- Linha, Gomes Noe, Bartolomeu Panzo, Venancio
ques Pombal, Isaque Rafael, Domingos Samuel, Samuel, Henriques Silva, Alberto Tucale, Antonio
Joaquim Sanbumba. Veiga, Mario Zua.
Organized 1985 Francisco Antonio, Barnabe Carlos, Ernesto Cas-
tro, Henriques Chimuco, Eduardo Chipalanga,
Territory: Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, and Moxico. Emilio Ernesto, Mario Feliciano, Jacinto Francisco,
Population: 971,495; churches, 36; members, Antonio Jacinto, Adriano Kapangue, Miguel Lon-
21,322. dungue, Francisco Lote, Franco Mandele, Marisa
Mailing Address: Caixa Postal 33, Luena, Moxico,
Paulo, Narciso Rogerio, Geraldo Sawylly.
President, Horacio Paulino. Established 1938
Secretary-Treasurer, Jorge Tomas. Organized 1947; reorganized 1976, 1983
Executive Committee: Horacio Paulino, Chairman; Territory: Sao Tome and Principe.
Jose Belchior, Jeremias Cacoma, Isaura Eduardo, Population: 108,000; churches, 1; members, 392.
Geraldo Lemos, Celestino Mendes, Samuel Moises
II, Pemessa Segunda, Jorge Tomas. Mailing Address: Caixa Postal 268, Sao Tome.

Departments: Administration:
Church Ministries, Horacio Paulino; Associates, President, Manuel Do Espirito Santo.
Jose Belchior, Celestino Mendes. Secretary-Treasurer, Martinho Das Neves.
Communication, Horacio Paulino. Executive Committee: Manuel Do Espirito Santo,
Education and Publishing, Jorge Tomas. Chairman; Manuel Boa Morte, Martin ho Das
Ministerial, Celestino Mendes. Neves, Elias Pires, Antonio Quaresma, Manuel Sac-
Ordained Ministers:
Levi Agostinho, Jose Belchior, Gaspar Bunga, Departments:
Geraldo Lemos, Gabriel Mauricio, Horacio Pauli- Church Ministries, Manuel Do Espirito Santo;
no, Moises Samuel II, Isaque Sapato, Daniel Ta- Associates, Manuel Boa Morte, Cosme Da Mota,
vares, Rodrigues Vieira. Antonio Quaresma, Manuel Sacramento.
Communication, Manuel Do Espirito Santo.
Licensed Ministers:
Ordained Ministers:
Martins Alberto, Romualdo Antonio, Colino Cinco
Reis, Fernando Evaristo, Daniel Mateus, Ricardo Manuel Do Espirito Santo, Cosme Da Mota.
Nicolau, Mesaque Novais, Diogo Soares. Licensed Ministers:
Lima Da Cruz, Rodrigues Da Fonseca, Manuel Das
NORTH ASSOCIATION MISSION Neves, Martinho Das Neves, Hilario Da Silva.
Organized 1982; reorganized 1985
Territory: Bengo, K. Norte, Kabinda, Luanda, SOUTH ASSOCIATION MISSION
Malanje, Uige, and Zaire. Organized 1984
Population: 2,774,415; churches, 54; members, Territory: Huila, K. Kubango, Kunene, and Namibe.
17,558. Population: 1,200,312; churches, 95; members,
Mailing Address: Caixa Postal 10123, BG, Luanda, 17,092.
Angola. Mailing Address: Caixa Postal 317, Lubango, Angola.
Office Address: Rua Katyavala 99, Luanda, Angola. Administration:
Telephones: (3) 40-361 and (3) 23-735. President, Ferreira Matias.
Administration: Secretary-Treasurer, Paulo Lucamba.
President, Bela-Vista Felix. Executive Committee: Ferreira Matias, Chairman;
Secretary-Treasurer, Alberto Tucale. Albino Francisco, Jorge Horacio, Maria Joaquina,
Executive Committee: Bela-Vista Felix, Chairman; Paulo Lucamba, Manuel Salukunhi, Madureira
Domingas de Oliveira, Malaquias Ernesto, Roberto Soares, Isaque Vertino.
Gonga, Pedro Kapango, Tomas Linha, Antonia Departments:
Madeira, Joao Mateus, Gomes Noe, Venancio Church Ministries, Isaque Vertino; Associate,
Samuel, Alberto Tucale. Manuel Salukunhi.
Departments: Ordained Ministers:
Church Ministries, Tomas Linha. Tomas Alfredo, Vieira Banda, Elindo Carruagem,
Ministerial, Bela-Vista Felix. Jose Chemane, Donaldo Dias, Xavier Hossi, Fer-
Publishing, Alberto Tucale. reira Matias, Eduardo Paulo, Joao Rodrigues,
Services: Domingos Serrote, Madureira Soares, Isaque Ver-
Office of Human Relations, Bela-Vista Felix. tino.
Ordained Ministers: Licensed Ministers:
Domingos Cabaca, Malaquias Ernesto, Isaque Este- Floriano Chiloia, Antonio Dinis, Artur Katunda,
vao, Bela-Vista Felix, Francisco Frederico, David Martins Katunda.


Organized 1947; reorganized 1967

Territory: Austria. Administration:

President, Walter Schultschik.
Population: 7,570,000; churches, 43; members,
Secretary, Guenter Schleifer.
Treasurer and Auditor, Engelbert Hatzinger.
Office Address: Nussdorferstrasse 5, 1090 Vienna, Executive Committee: Walter Schultschik,
Austria. Telephone: 02 22/34-51-79. Chairman; Guenter Schleifer, Secretary; Otto

Chrastek, Hans Juergen Cihak, Johann Fichtber- Koza, Armin Krakolinig, Franz Krakolinig, Walter
ger, Heinz Haemmerle, Engelbert Hatzinger, Krakolinig, Otto Krumpschmid, Ernst Marecek,
Alfred Jungwirth, Alois Kinder, Anni Krump- Guenther Maurer, Ernst Pala, Gerhard Pfandl, Hel-
schmid, Stefan Liebhauser, Guenther Maurer, mut Scheifinger, Guenter Schleifer, Walter Schult-
Ernst Pala, Waltraud Schwab, Klaus Zachhuber. schik, Ferdinand Stronegger, Milorad Trujic,
Departments: Christian Vogel, Robert Wolf, Horst Zachhuber.
Church Ministries, Walter Schultschik; Associates, Honorary: Theodor Erbes, Karl Fischbacher,
Engelbert Hatzinger, Guenther Maurer, Ernst Edgar Herrnstein, Zlatko Kavur, Otto Lenzi, Fried-
Pala. rich Pfingstl, Erich Riesenfellner, Walter Schenet,
Communication, Walter Schultschik. Hugo Schnoetzinger, Friedrich Wagner.
Education and Ministerial, Guenter Schleifer. Credentialed Missionaries:
Health, Hans Juergen Cihak. Otto Chrastek, Engelbert Hatzinger, Horst Herr-
Publishing, Alfred Jungwirth; Assistants, Josef nstein, Theodor Pfingstl, Manfred Pickhardt, Otto
Ramskogler, Gerhard Sommersguter. Riegler, Klaus Zachhuber.
Religious Liberty, Walter Schultschik; Associate, Honorary: Walter Flandera, Friederike
Gerd Schultschik. Foditsch, Maria Vanzetta.
Temperance, Guenther Maurer.
Legal Association: "Pflegestaettenverein der Licensed Ministers:
Siebenten-Tags (S.T.) Adventisten, Alpenvereini- Christian Blauensteiner, Herbert Brugger, Daniel
gung-Donauvereinigung." President, Walter Heinz, Peter Krumpschmid, Heinz Schaidinger,
Schultschik; Vice-President, Horst Herrnstein; Horst Tschinder, Peter Walter.
Secretary, Erhard Weichselbaum; Treasurer, En-
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
gelbert Hatzinger.
Gerhard Boguschewski, Walter Breuer, Willibald
Services: Ebenberger, Franz Eibisberger, Manfred Eibisber-
Adventist Book Center, Otto Chrastek. ger, Alfred Fichtberger, Theo Gadringer, Armin
Ordained Ministers: Grabher, Peter Gyuroka, August Heufler, Karl
Dieter Baloun, Erich Baumgartner, Johann Fich- Heufler, Karl Hierzer, Manfred Hierzer, Erich
tberger, Raimund Fuchs, Ernst Grassi, Leopold Hold, Eduard Kienreich, Helmuth Minkowitsch,
Grassi, Herbert Grossmann, Erich Hirschmann, Hubert Trattner, Wolfgang Vieth, Franz Weichsel-
Alfred Hruby, Alfred Jungwirth, Ewald Jurak, Franz baumer, Josef Wolf, Rudolf Zoehrer.


Organized 1920

Territory: Bulgaria. Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Gancho Mavro-

Population: 8,959,000; churches, 56; members,
3,294. Ordained Ministers:
Nikola Borissov, Peitscho Charbov, Ivan Demirev,
Office Address: V. Kolarov 10, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria. Emil Dimitrov, Stantscho Dimov, Michail Jorgov,
Telephone: 88-12-18. Michail Kerkenezov, Kiril Kumanov, Nikola Letter-
ov, Alexander Marinov, Gancho Mavrodiev, Petar
Administration: Maximov, Nikola Stanchev, Agop Tachmissjan,
President, Nikola Tanev. Nikola Tanev, George Tchakarov, Stojan Tomanov.
Secretary, George Tchakarov. Honorary: Andrei Georgiev, Wassil Ivanov,
Treasurer, Stefan Maximov. Daniel Kadalev, Boris Kirilov, Dimitar Kirov, Boris
Executive Committee: Nikola Tanev, Chairman; Ortov, Russi Russev, Dimiter Stoichev, Wassil
Dimitar Alexandrov, Ivan Demirev, Eva Grozeva, Tontschev.
Gancho Mavrodiev, Stefan Maximov, George
Tchakarov. Licensed Ministers:
AngelyAngelov, Todor Bechkov, Emanuel Dankov,
Departments: Emil Kanev, Pavel Kanev, Dimitar Kolev, Michail
Communication, Nikola Tanev. Kontarov, Kiril Miroslavov, Ljuben Paraliev.


Organized 1919; reorganized 1968

Territory: Czechoslovakia; comprising the Bohe- tor, Pavel Knapek, Ervin Kobiela, Vladimir Kohut,
mian, Moravia-Silesian, and Slovakian Confer- Pavel Kubecka, Robert Kubica, Karel Nowak, Jin-
ences. drich Sala, Vlastimil Tichy, Jiri Vesely, Vlastimil
Population: 15,534,000; churches, 170; members, Vurst.
7,812. Departments:
Office Address: Zalesi 50, 142 00 Praha 4-Lhotka, Communication, Oldrich Sladek.
Czechoslovakia. Telephones: 472 37 45 and 472 37 Education and Ministerial, Alois Barta.
46. Lay Activities and Stewardship, Vladimir Kohut.
Publishing, Karel Nowak.
Administration: Sabbath School and Youth, Josef Hrdinka.
President, Oldrich Sladek.
Secretary, Vladimir Kohut. Services:
Treasurer, Pavel Kubecka. Home and Family Service, Vladimir Kohut.
Executive Committee: Oldrich Sladek, Chairman; Ordained Ministers:
Alois Barta, Jiri Brodsky, Dezider Duda, Dobroslav Alois Barta, Josef Hrdinka, Vladimir Kohut, Pavel
Fucela, Josef Hrdinka, Michal Hrobon, Karel Kan- Kubecka, Karel Nowak, Oldrich Sladek.

Honorary: Miloslav Blaha, Frantisek Bures, Administration:

Miroslav Cihak, Jan Drapal, Radomir Drobny, President, Jiri Vesely.
Rudolf Gomola, Pavel Hornak, Simon Juhasz, Jan Secretary, Jaroslav Slosarek.
Kaba, Jan Kantor, Otomar Klouda, Jaroslav Treasurer, Vladimir Adame.
Klvanek, Helmut Knobloch, Viterslav Koldinsky, Executive Committee: Jiri Vesely, Chairman; Vladi-
Vladimir Korensky, Jan Kovarik, Vladimir Kraus, mir Adame, Josef Balada, Blahoslav Balcar, Karel
Dimitrij Krynsky, Leopold Kvintus, Jindrich Marcol- Chlebek, Emanuel Duda, Petr Hrdinka, Alois
la, Andrei Mesik, Frantisek Murin, Teofil Nechuta, Kubik, Jiri Loder, Josef Simek, Jaroslav Slosarek,
Jan Nikerle, Vladimir Ohanka, Jozef Ondrusek, Karel Strouhal, Ludvik Svihalek.
Antonin Prazan, Pavel Raska, Josef Richter, Bohus-
lav Sabela, Adolf Slosarek, Karel Spinar, Pavel Styk,
Communication and Ministerial, Jiri Vesely.
Miloslav Sustek, Ludvik Svrcek, Jozef Trdla, Ludo-
Health and Temperance, Alois Kubik.
vit Turcer, Jan Vahala, Tobias Zigmund, Alois
Lay Activities, Ludvik Svihalek.
Zurek, Jan Zurek.
Sabbath School and Youth, Jaroslav Slosarek.
Credentialed Missionaries: Stewardship, Vladimir Adame.
Honorary: Petr Gajdusek, Vaclav Kysilko.
Ordained Ministers:
Licensed Ministers: Vladimir Adame, Milan Drobik, Emanuel Duda,
Jan Barta, Ludek Svrcek. Bohumil Dymacek, Jan Dymacek, Jaroslav Gorny,
Honorary: Marie Korenska, Barbora Moskor- Karel Kantor, Milan Kaslik, Gustav Kloda, Frantisek
ova, Augustin Stefanec, Marie Vranova. Krajicek, Pavel Krynsky, Petr Krynsky, Vladimir
BOHEMIAN CONFERENCE Krynsky, Jan Loder, Jiri Loder, Edvard Miskej, Jiri
Organized 1919; reorganized 1968 Moskala, Karel Niedoba, Jan Nowak, Petr Podsed-
nik, Benjamin Prazan, Daniel Prazan, Vaclav Ran-
Territory: Bohemia. dysek, Jan Raszka, Josef Simek, Jaroslav Slosarek,
Population: 6,401,000; churches, 54; members, Karel Stanek, Karel Strouhal, Ludvik Svihalek, Karel
2,156. Szkuta, Vladimir Tethal, Jiri Vesely, Viterslav Vurst,
Office Address: Liebknechtova 57, 150 00 Praha 5- Bohuslva Vyslouzil.
Smichov, Czechoslovakia. Telephone: 52-08-77. Licensed Ministers:
Administration: Josef Gorny, Zbysek Jonczy, Vladimir Kaleta, Bohu-
President, Ervin Kobiela. mil Kern, Zdenek Kogut, Jaromir Loder, Petr
Secretary, Miroslav Kysilko. Pimek, Pavel Simek, Rostislav Vintr, Ales Zastera.
Treasurer, Rudolf Reitz.
Executive Committee: Ervin Kobiela, Chairman; SLOVAKIAN CONFERENCE
Pavel Cirip, Radomir Drobny, Miroslav Kysilko, Jiri
Organized 1919; reorganized 1968
Pechr, Josef Ptacek, Rudolf Reitz, Jirina Roubick-
ova, Bohuslav Sabela. Territory: Slovakia.
Departments: Population: 5,168,000; churches, 46; members,
Communication and Ministerial, Ervin Kobiela. 1,612.
Health and Temperance, Dankwart Bohm.
Lay Activities, Sabbath School, and Youth, Miros- Office Address: Teslova 1, 821 02 Bratislava,
lav Kysilko. Czechoslovakia. Telephone: 21-27-83.
Stewardship, Rudolf Reitz. Administration:
Ordained Ministers: President, Michal Hrobon.
Jozef Bajusz, Gustav Cincala, Jaroslav Doubraysky, Secretary, Ruben Zurek.
Rudolf Duda, Petr Harastej, Milan Hlouch, Pavel Treasurer, Michal Hreno.
Holos, Ervin Kobiela, Petr Kobiela, Benjamin Kraus, Executive Committee: Michal Hrobon, Chairman;
Juraj Krupa, Miroslav Kysilko, Jaromir Ludvik, Vendelin Bielik, Jozef Cincala, Dobroslav Fucela,
Enoch Martinek, Rudolf Reitz, Jaroslav Sroll, Milos- Michal Hreno, Milan Mesik, Jan Mika, Jan Muran,
lav Zalud. Ondrej Oravec, Jan Saro, Ruben Zurek.
Licensed Ministers: Departments:
Josef Cepl, Josef Cisar, Petr Czopik, Miroslav Communication and Ministerial, Michal Hrobon.
Filipec, Radomir Jonczy, Dusan Kucera, Karel Ras- Lay Activities, Sabbath School, and Youth, Ruben
ka, Miroslav Stary, Mikulas Stehlik, Petr Sulek, Zurek.
Pavel Zvolanek. Stewardship, Michal Hreno.
Vendelin Bielik, Juraj Chovan, Dezider Duda, Ste-
Organized 1913; reorganized 1968
fan Hornak, Michal Hreno, Michal Hrobon, Jan
Territory: Moravia and Silesia. Muran, Samuel Ondrusek, Ondrej Oravec, Ruben
Population: 3,965,000; churches, 70; members, Zurek.
4,044. Licensed Ministers:
Office Address: Marianske Hory, Kopaniny 13, 70942 Daniel Duda, Peter Joachym, Daniel Komora, Jozef
Ostrava, Czechoslovakia. Telephone: 535-04. Kopilec, Julius Turcer.


Organized 1928; reorganized 1955

Territory: Belgium, Corsica, France, Luxembourg, Mailing Address: Boite Postale 7, 77350 Le Mee sur
and Monaco; comprising the Belgian- Seine, France.
Luxembourg, North France, and South France
Conferences. Office Address: 680-684 Avenue de La Liberation,
Population: 65,699,000; churches, 138; members, 77350 Le Mee sur Seine, France. Telephone: (1) 60
10,363. 68 62 32.

Administration: Administration:
President, Maurice Zehnacker. President, Henri Van Der Veken.
Secretary-Treasurer, Maurice Verfaillie. Secretary, Henri Van Der Veken.
Executive Committee: Maurice Zehnacker, Treasurer, Roger Merckx.
Chairman; Maurice Verfaillie, Secretary; Francis Executive Committee: Henri Van Der Veken,
Augsburger, Roland Buyck, Jean-Pierre Fasnacht, Chairman; Roger Merckx, Secretary; Guy Bouffa,
Jose Figols, Madeleine Gremeaux, Patrick Guenin, Marc Cools, Johan Delameillieure, Hans Jongkind,
Hans Jongkind, Mrs. Joyeux, Paul Junker, Alain Luc Libon, Jacques Rase, Gilbert Snauwaert, Mrs.
Menis, Henri Van Der Veken, Claude Villeneuve, Toon Ternier; Georges Vandenvelde, Counselor.
Jean-Paul Vuilleumier. Departments:
Departments: Education, Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Jac-
Church Ministries, Maurice Zehnacker; Associ- ques Rase, Gilbert Snauwaert.
ates, Roland Buyck, Jose Figols. Health, Kohlia Steveny.
Communication, Education, and Religious Liberty, Ministerial, Hans Jongkind.
Maurice Verfaillie. Public Relations and Religious Liberty, Gilbert
Development, Jean-Paul Tribes. Snauwaert.
Health, Patrick Guenin. Publishing, Leon Pollin.
Ministerial, Maurice Zehnacker. Stewardship, Hans Jongkind, Jacques Rase.
Publishing, Claude Lucas. Temperance, Daniel Gallis, Gilbert Snauwaert.
Temperance, Jean-Paul Linas. Legal Association: "Federation Belgo-
Services: Luxembourgeoise des Eglises Adventistes du Sep-
Welfare, Jean-Paul Vuilleumier. tieme-Jour" and "Belgisch-Luxemburgse Federatie
van Adventkerken."
Ordained Ministers:
Roland Buyck, Jose Figols, Maurice Verfaillie, Jean- Services:
Claude Verrecchia, Jean-Paul Vuilleumier, Maurice Adventist Book Center, Leon Pollin.
Zehnacker. Ordained Ministers:
Honorary: Jose Abella, Jean Alaterre, Alexandre Michel Cartiaux, Marc Cools, Karel Denteneer,
Arnone, Elisee Benezech, Robert Bentz, Richard Frans Fiscalini, Jean-Marie Geron, Jean Goets-
Bermeilly, Robert Bertalot, Marcel Bornert, Jules chalckx, Hubert Jeurissen, Hans Jongkind, Leon
Boureau, Emile Brobecker, Georges Cazaerck, Lienard, Andre Lutters, Leon Pollin, Jacques Rase,
Charles Comiot, Andre Dufau, Robert Erdmann, Lucien Ringoot, Gilbert Snauwaert, Henri Van Der
Roland Esposito, Elie Fayard, Werner Frei, Claude Veken, Jean Vandenberg, Maurice Verfaillie, Ade-
Galdeano, Gabriel Garcia, Francois Gilson, Joseph lin Vermeulen.
Gondrand, Emile Grisier, Maurice Halna, Armand
Credentialed Missionaries:
Herbet, Pierre Jaron, Jean Kamm, Minne Koop- Mimi Bormans, Mrs. Kenneth Boumann, Roger
mans, Adolphe Lams, Jean Raymond Lenoir, Roger
Merckx, Roza Saveniers.
Lenoir, Francis MacDougall, Andre Matton, Joseph
Medard, Yvon Missud, Jean Musil, Edouard Naen- Licensed Ministers:
ny, Andre Nion, Paul Nouan, Esaie Pellicer, Jimmy Chaffart, Johan Delameillieure.
Antoine Rase, Louis Rossignol, Jean Rouillard,
Yvan Roullet, Amedee Santalo, Antoine Scalliet,
Dusan M. Sofranac, Jean Surel, Georges Vanden- NORTH FRANCE CONFERENCE
velde, Jerome Vandromme, Roland Vertallier, Adi Organized 1955; reorganized 1970
Zurcher. Territory: North France.
Credentialed Missionaries: Population: 37,762,000; churches, 55; members;
Florence Cano, Edith Fayard, Odette Moreau, Ber- 5,086.
nard Pichot, Jean Ribot, Francoise Viry.
Honorary: Jean Pierre Aeschlimann, Roger Office Address: 130, Boulevard de l'Hopital, 75013
Affolter, Simon Albert, Mary Armand, Elie Arnaud, Paris, France. Telephone: 43-31-61-76.
Odette Autin, Alexandrine Bataille, Simone Bellier, Administration:
Louis Bolis, Georges Buatois, Henri Chastel, President, Francis Augsburger.
Richard Clarville, Raymond Collin, Denise De Secretary-Treasurer, Jean-Paul Tribes.
Clercq, Marcel De Vos, Armand Deplano, Helene Executive Committee: Francis Augsburger,
Devos, Laure Fleury, Elie Fomenko, Lucie Fritsch, Chairman; jean-Paul Tribes, Secretary; Jean-Paul
Andre Garsia, Paule Gibert, Jean Gremeaux, Barquon, Yvon Bilisko, Paul Bleeckx, Bernard Cas-
Suzanne Gulino, Lydie Haran, Jean-Jacques Heck- sard, Jacqueline Duboc, Gilles Georges, Pierre
etsweiler, Marc Hecketsweiler, Lucien Ignace, Kabwanga, Liliane Lefevre, Christian Scheffler,
Frederic L. Kiehl, Louis Kiehl, Madeleine Lafour- Henri Tierce, Hebert Valiame.
cade, Joseph Le Barbier, Rene Leclerc, Rosalie Mat- Departments:
tei, Lucien Menis, Gilbert Meyer, Blanche Mossaz, Communication and Religious Liberty, Jean-Paul_
Jacques Radiguet, Paul Rigole, Rita Roba, Suzanne Barquon.
Rochat, Robert Roeland, Jean Segrais, Francois Sta- Education, Roland Buyck.
nisiere, Louis Stratta, Anne-Marie Talle, Lydie Health, Mrs. Marie-Dominique Rouleau.
Tapon. Lay Activities and Stewardship, Gilles Georges.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Ministerial, Paul Bleeckx.
Honorary: Laure Giammarino, Michel Reignier. Publishing, Yvon Bilisko.
Temperance, Philippe Jaron.
Youth, Hebert Valiame.
Organized 1920 Legal Association: "Federation des Eglises Adven-
tistes du Septieme Jour du Nord de la France."
Territory: Belgium and Luxembourg. Services:
Population: 10,280,000; churches, 29; members, Building Association, Wilman Anseline.
1,634. Home and Family Service, Roland Buyck.
Office Address: Rue Ernest Allard 11-13, 1000 Brus- Ordained Ministers:
sels, Belgium. Telephones: 511-36-80 and 511-70- Jules Agasson, Francis Augsburger, Jean-Paul Bar-
55. quon, Paul Bleeckx, Trajan Bogdan, Roger Bouri-

card, Bernard Cassard, Jean Cazeaux, Bertrand Gisele Ducros, Roland Fayard, Genevieve Flick,
Clavier, Andre De Saulces, Frederic Durbant, Francois Hugli, Elisabeth Sambian, Yvette Terras-
Richard Elofer, Jose Elysee, Tito Falcao, Gerard son, Jacques Trujillo, Bruno Vertallier.
Fridlin, Gilles Georges, Leon Hilaire, Patrick Iltis,
Henri Kempf, Claude Massa, Mariano Morlans,
Antoine Muller, Paul Pichot, Philippe Rochat, De- Communication, Jean-Pierre Fasnacht.
Education, Marcel Fernandez.
nis Romain, Henri Tierce, Herbert Valiame, Jean-
Health and Temperance, Roland Fayard.
Marie Vanhalst.
Lay Activities, Ministerial, and Sabbath School,
Credentialed Missionaries: Francois Hugli.
Wilman Anseline, Madeleine Dolhain, Francoise Publishing, Jean-Claude David.
Tiffay, Jean-Paul Tribes. Religious Liberty and Youth, Jacques Trujillo.
Licensed Ministers: Stewardship and Development, Michel Aimonetti,
Remy Ballais, Sylvain Ballais, Pascal Buyck, Gabriel Zoran Zivkov.
Delaunoy, Ganoune Diop, Corinne Egasse, Robert Legal Association: "Federation des Eglises Adven-
Guiolet, Marcel Henocq, Pierre L'Eplattenier, Jean- tistes du Septieme Jour du Sud de la France."
Marc Lohr, Patrick Lupon, Bernadette Maubert,
Jean-Charles Nieto, Richard Presles, Helene Ordained Ministers:
Songeons, Dragan Stojanovic, Lang Van, Claude- Alain Archidec, Christian Boiraud, Claude Bosde-
Philippe Veckringer, Andre Viller. dore, Maxime Bouvet, Alwyn Chitty, Jean-Paul
Cosendai, Jacques Cotleur, Jacques Eychenne,
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Jean-Pierre Fasnacht, Francis Flick, Michel Guenin,
Jean Bouttier, Yvan Camus, Pierre Filho, Noel Four-
Michel Lalu, Jacques Marcille, Louis Paita, Jacques
niat, Jean-Michel Gamard, Michel Huguenin, Pier-
Pons, Gerard Poublan, Guy Roullet, Bernard
re Kieffel, Jacques Lacan, Roland Le Goff, Andre
Sauvagnat, Jacques Trujillo, Bruno Venallier, Jean
Martin, Goulam Mayet, Jean-Pierre Pesenti, Andre Yeretzian.
Phesor, Gilles Rizzo, Guy Sarray, Maurice Trouve.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Michel Aimonetti, Genevieve Anaclet, Christiane
Benezech, Marie-Jeanne Berardi, Sylvie Berriat,
Organized 1955; reorganized 1970 Anne-Marie Berthier, Carole De Barros.
Territory: Corsica, Monaco, and South France. Licensed Ministers:
Population: 17,657,000; churches, 54; members, Jean Bevillard, Jean-Remy Bican, Christian Brun,
3,643. Pierre Casquet, Manuel Do Nascimento, Francois
Office Address: Rue du Romarin, 34830 Clapiers, Du Mesgnil D'Engente, Emanuel Lopes, Claude
France. Telephones: (67) 59-20-56 and 59-22-38. Pellicer, Jean-Luc Rolland, Christian Steveny.
Administration: Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
President, Jean-Pierre Fasnacht. Michel Bouix, Christian Chevalier, Jean Claude
Secretary-Treasurer, Michel Aimonetti. David, Alex Figarella, Lucette Lachenal, Claude
Executive Committee: Jean-Pierre Fasnacht, Lucas, Jean-Francois Montgaillard, Philippe
Chairman; Michel Aimonetti, Secretary; Paul Pineux, Guy Pujante, Christiane Rigole, Claude
Chaudier, Jacques Cotleur, Jean-Claude David, Serries.


"Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in der DDR"

Organized 1909; reorganized 1949, 1971

Territory: German Democratic Republic; compris- Education and Youth, Matthias Mueller.
ing the Berlin-March, Mecklenburg, Northeast Lay Activities and Ministerial, Helmut Sass.
Saxonian, Saxony-Anhalt, Thueringia, and West Publishing, Konrad Edel.
Saxonian Conferences. Sabbath School and Stewardship, Walfried
Population: 16,624,000; churches, 284; members, Eberhardt.
9,238. Temperance, Hartmut Sensenschmidt.
Legal Associations: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-
Office Address: Helmholtzstrasse 1, DDR 1160 Ber-
lin, German Democratic Republic. Telephones: Tags-Adventisten in der DDR;" "Anstalten der
Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in
635-1320 (Office) and 645-5590 (Private).
der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik,
Administration: Friedensau."
President, Lothar Reiche. Ordained Ministers:
Secretary, Walfried Eberhardt. Manfred Boettcher, Walfried Eberhardt, Konrad
Treasurer, Gottfried Mager. Edel, Wolfgang Hartlapp, Gerald Hummel, Heinz
Executive Committee: Lothar Reiche, Chairman; Janus, Peter Kortuem, Dieter Leutert, Hartwig
Hermann Beier, Manfred Boettcher, Walfried Luepke, Matthias Mueller, Bernhard Oestreich,
Eberhardt, Konrad Edel, Willfried Gaebel, Gerd Lothar Reiche, Roland Rudolph, Helmut Sass,
Grellmann, Claus Hoelzel, Helmut Knoll, Wilfried
Johannes Scholz, Hartmut Sensenschmidt, Diet-
Kopp, Gerlinde Lorenz, Gottfried Mager, Matthias mar Steinchen, Wilfried Werner.
Mueller, Helmut Sass, Felix Schoenfeld, Reinhard Honorary: Otto Bahr, Erwin Binanzer, August
Schroth, Hartmut Sensenschmidt, Klaus Tilgner,
Birsgal, Arno Geserick, Hermann Goebel, Herbert
Inge Voigt.
Guenther, Paul Haufe, August Heiderstaedt,
Departments: Richard lrmer, Otto Kiehnast, Johannes Koehler,
Communication and Religious Liberty, Lothar Fritz Kopp, Klaus-Juergen Lehmann, Helmut Ling-
Reiche. el, Ludwig Martin, Kurt Mueller, Ewald Oestreic,

Josef Parusel, Georg Richter, Karl Schaefer, Horst zer, Wilfried Genzel, Joachim Lang, Dietmar Pfen-
Schluttig, Heinrich Schmidt, Gerhard Vorsatz. nighaus, Franz Piehler, Alfred Richter, Lothar
Schramm, Guenther Schubert, Kurt Schubert,
Credentialed Missionaries: Hugo Tornow, Manfred Uhlmann, Rolf Winkler.
Gabriele Anders, Sigrid Becker, Helmut Domke,
Wolfgang Kabus, Gottfried Mager, Martina Reiss, Licensed Ministers:
Ruth Scholz, Ute Schosnig, Karin Straube, Helmut Christian Knoll, Matthias Musser, Ulrich Ruthen-
Weber, Gertrud Wittig. berg.
Honorary: Ilse Joch, Renate Poller, Esther Wurl.
BERLIN-MARCH CONFERENCE Organized 1919; reorganized 1971
Organized 1909; reorganized 1954, 1971 Territory: Districts of Dresden and Leipzig.
Territory: Berlin (Capital of GDR) and Districts of
Cottbus, Frankfurt/Oder, and Potsdam. Population: 3,240,000; churches, 59; members,
Popt.lation: 3,740,000; churches, 42; members,
1,654. Office Address: Haydnstrasse 16, DDR 8019 Dres-
den, German Democratic Republic. Telephone: 4
Office Address: Parrisiusstrasse 27, DDR 1170 Berlin, 59 34 88.
German Democratic Republic. Telephone: 656-
3507. Administration:
President, Claus Hoelzel.
Administration: Secretary, Gunter Schmidt.
President, Helmut Knoll. Treasurer, Fritz Hofmeister.
Secretary-Treasurer, Guenther Taraba. Executive Committee: Claus Hoelzel, Chairman;
Executive Committee: Helmut Knoll, Chairman; Heinz Apelt, Karl-Heinz Bu ruck, Fritz Hofmeister,
Eva Behling, Manfred Binanzer, Manfred Botzet, Petra Mueller, Manfred Naumann, Lothar Rem-
Hans Erdmann, Sigurd Mager, Renate Poller, Edgar tisch, Juergen Schammer, Gunter Schmidt, Walter
Pusch, Dietmar Schwarz, Brigitte Stolpmann, Schoeley, Dietmar Schulz, Siegrid Stock.
Guenther Taraba.
Departments: Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Gunter
All Departments, Sigurd Mager. Schmidt.
Other Departments, Juergen Schammer.
Legal Association: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-
Tags-Adventisten in der DDR." Leal Association: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-
Tags-Adventisten in der DDR."
Ordained Ministers:
Manfred Binanzer, Berthold Gauger, Manfred Ordained Ministers:
Gelke, Rudi Goetz, Fritz Hartmann, Friedrich Wilfried Beier, Rudi Fabich, Rudolf Hacke, Guen-
Heiderstaedt, Martin Herziger, Gerhard Hiob, ther Hampel, Klaus Heilmann, Guenther Heinig,
Werner Jelinek, Helmut Knoll, Wilhelm Lang, Claus Hoelzel, Fritz Hofmeister, Egon Jastrow,
Sigurd Mager, Edgar Pusch, Guenter Schulz, Fritz Joachim Kaufmann, Reinhard Kopp, Burkhardt
Schuppan, Kurt Selchow, Guenther Taraba, Guen- Loechel, Lothar Meyer, Joachim Miersch, Armin
ther Wagner, Hans-Klaus Wertenauer, Gerhard Mudrich, Hans-Joachim Paeschel, Hans Pape,
Wunderlich, Joergen Zschunke. Bernd Rahner, Lothar Remtisch, Juergen Scham-
mer, Gunther Schmidt, Andreas Schuchardt, Kurt
Licensed Ministers:
Wagner, Wolfgang Wurl, Egon Zimmermann.
Horst Dienelt, Norbert Gelke, Walfried Knoll, Car-
sten Koehler, Jens Schulz. Licensed Ministers:
Hartmut Lipke, Juergen Machalett, Bernd Taend-
ler, Christopher Wilde, Dirk Wilde, Hans-Hagen
Organized 1948
Territory: Districts of Neubrandenburg, Rostock, SAXONY-ANHALT CONFERENCE
and Schwerin. Organized 1948; reorganized 1971
Population: 2,060,000; churches, 32; members, 857. Territory: Districts of Halle and Magdeburg.
Office Address: August-Bebel-Strasse 39, DDR 25 Population: 3,125,000; churches, 43; members,
Rostock, German Democratic Republic. Tele- 1,341.
phone: 34032.
Office Address: Beethovenstrasse 8, DDR 3024 Mag-
Administration: deburg, German Democratic Republic. Tele-
President, Hermann Beier. phone: 51-908.
Secretary, Joachim Lang.
Treasurer, Siegfried Eberhardt. Administration:
Executive Committee: Hermann Beier, Chairman; President, Klaus Tilgner.
Siegfried Eberhardt, Wilfried Kopp, Reinhard Kot- Secretary, Friedbert Hartmann.
te, Joachim Lang, Jonathan Reihsig, Petra Saupe, Treasurer, Hanns Filter.
Lothar Schramm, Rolf Winkler. Executive Committee: Klaus Tilgner, Chairman;
Hanns Filter, Wolfgang Guenther, Friedbert Hart-
mann, Waltraud Huebner, Joachim Hummel, Man-
Lay Activities, Hermann Beier.
fred Lehmann, Angelika Neumann, Wolfgang Wit-
Other Departments, Joachim Lang. tek.
Legal Association: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-
Tags-Adventisten." Lay Activities, Klaus Tilgner.
Ordained Ministers: Stewardship, Hanns Filter.
Manfred Anders, Hermann Beier, Helmut Binan- Other Departments, Friedbert Hartmann.

Legal Association: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten- Licensed Ministers:

Tags-Adventisten in der DDR." Stefan Filter, Michael Goetz, Joerg Wietrichowski.
Ordained Ministers:
Heinz Beierlein, Torsten Bretschneider, Hanns Fil-
ter, Ralf Gelke, Reinhard Grohmann, Egon Hennig, WEST SAXONIAN CONFERENCE
Wilfried Hoehne, Joachim Hummel, Guenther Organized 1920; reorganized 1971
Lentzsch, Reinhold Paul, Michael Rossmann, Gus- Territory: District of Karl-Marx-Stadt.
tav Schopf, Matthias Schopf, Eberhard Schulze,
Heinz Starke, Klaus Tilgner, Alfred Vierus, Sieg- Population: 1,964,000; churches, 71; members,
fried Wixwat. 2,217.
Licensed Ministers: Telegraphic Address: "Adventhaus," Karl-Marx-
Andreas Erben, Reinbern Erben, Friedbert Hart- Stadt, German Democratic Republic.
mann, Detlef Hummel, Thomas Piehler. Office Address: Adventhaus, Hans-Sachs-Strasse 9,
DDR 9023 Karl-Marx-Stadt, German Democratic Re-
THUERINGIA CONFERENCE public. Telephone: 54945.
Organized 1948; reorganized 1971 Administration:
President, Felix Schoenfeld.
Territory: Districts of Erfurt, Gera, and Suhl. Secretary-Treasurer, Winfried Laue.
Population: 2,495,000; churches, 37; members, Executive Committee: Felix Schoenfeld,
1,008. Chairman; Wolfgang Fiedler, Erich Foerster, Wil-
Office Address: Robert-Koch-Strasse 44, DDR 5085 fried Krause, Winfried Laue, Werner Lehmgrueb-
Erfurt, German Democratic Republic. Telephone: ner, Franz Leuthold, Dagmar Quaas, Horst Schaef-
35-213. er, Eberhard Schoenfeld.
Administration: Departments:
President, Willfried Gaebel. Lay Activities, Horst Schaefer.
Secretary, Reinhard Jurke. Other Departments, Johannes Hartlapp.
Treasurer, Gerd Struebe. Legal Association: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-
Executive Committee: Willfried Gaebel, Tags-Adventisten in der DDR."
Chairman; Anni Dressel, Friedhelm Eberhardt, Ordained Ministers:
Reinhard Jurke, Adam Klepp, Herbert Rudolph, Erhard Erben, Harald Gaebel, Jochen Graupner,
Harry Sommer, Gerd Struebe, Johannes Wilde. Erich Gutsche, Johannes Hartlapp, Horst Hirt,
Departments: Klaus Kaestner, Henri Koehler, Helmut Krause,
All Departments, Reinhard Jurke. Wilfried Krause, Albrecht Kulessa, Johannes Lan-
Legal Association: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten- ger, Winfried Laue, Steffen Meyer, Hans-Joachim
Tags-Adventisten in der DDR." Reimann, Horst Schaefer, Johannes Scheel, Lothar
Scheel, Felix Schoenfeld, Waldemar Schraps, Hans
Ordained Ministers:
Schuett, Helmfried Strobel, Manfred Walter,
Johannes Arnold, Friedhelm Eberhardt, Willfried Guenther Werner, Joerg Zacharias.
Gaebel, Gunther Gauger, Eberhard Hoffmann,
Reinhard Jurke, Friedbert Kosche, Juergen Oerter- Credentialed Missionaries:
er, Gerhard Peters, Christian Reichel, Erwin Rin- Inge Voigt.
der, Paul Roestel, Wolfgang Scheel, Andreas Licensed Ministers:
Schmidtke, Egon Schramm, Werner Schulz, Norbert Ehmler, Frank Gelke, Juergen Gelke, Ste-
Richard Schwarz, Gerd Struebe. fan Gelke, Andreas Noack, Armin Richter.


Organized 1928; reorganized 1972, 1982

Territory: Italy, Malta, San Marino, and Vatican City Religious Liberty, Ignazio Barbuscia.
State. Sabbath School and Youth, Rolando Rizzo.
Population: 57,630,000; churches, 88; members, Stewardship and DeVelopment, Enrico Long.
4,998. Temperance, Enrico Long.
Cable Address: "Awentitalia Lungtv, Michelange- Ordained Ministers:
lo," Rome, Italy. Ignazio Barbuscia, Daniele Bastari, Angelo Battista,
Paolo Benini, Vincenzo Cacciatore, Antonio Carac-
Office Address: Lungotevere Michelangelo 7, 00192
Rome, Italy. Telephones: 31-59-36 and 35-81-473. ciolo, Gioacchino Caruso, Eliseo Cupertino, Gab-
riele Cupertino, Giovanni Cupertino, Giuseppe
Administration: Cupertino, Giuseppe De Meo, Giuliano Di Bartolo,
President, Enrico Long. Franco I. Evangelisti, Giovanni Fantoni, Vittorio
Secretary-Treasurer, Salvatore Dalfino. Fantoni, Rodolfo Ferraro, Calogerofurnari, Salva-
Executive Committee: Enrico Long, Chairman; tore Giuga, Giovanni Leonardi, Daniele Licheri, En-
Salvatore Dalfino, Secretary; Ignazio Barbuscia, rico Long, Mario Maggiolini, Giuseppe Marrazzo,
Paolo Benini, Concetta Bognandi, Ignazio Caval- Riccardo Orsucci, Adelio Pellegrini, Gaetano Pispi-
luzzi, Giovanni Cupertino, Roberto Fabbri, sa, Paul Posse, Gaetano Puglisi, Filippo Rivoli,
Giovanni Fantoni, Vittorio Fantoni, Adelio Pellegri- Rolando Rizzo, Giuseppe Stragapede, Juan Carlos
ni, Gaetano Pispisa, Wilma Plati, Raul Posse, Rolan- Tizzi, Paolo Todaro, Paolo Tramuto, Fulvio Udovi-
do Rizzo, Domenico Visigalli. cich, Domenico Visigalli.
Departments: Honorary: Silo Agnello, Riccardo Bongini,
Communication and Education, Vittorio Fantoni. Michele Buonfiglio, Emanuele Cacciatore, Salva-
Health, G. Mangiaracina. tore Capparelli, Giuseppe Catalano, Giuseppe
Lay Activities, Domenico Visigalli. Cavalcante, Daniele Cupertino, Giuseppe Cuperti-
Ministerial, Giovanni Fantoni. no, Vito Dragone, Giuseppe Ferraro, Gianfranco
Publishing, Adelio Pellegrini. Ferroni, Giovanni La Marca, Gerardo Martino, Emi-

lio Melani, Vittorio Notarbartolo, Giulio Pferschy, Licensed Ministers:

Raffaele Ventola. Davide Abiusi, Daniele Benini, Giuseppe Butera,
Vincenzo Paolo Caputo, Luigi Caratelli, Vincenzo
Credentialed Commissioned Ministers: Castro, Corrado Cozzi, Franco Evangelisti II, Ivo
Salvatore Dalfino. Fasiori, David Ferraro, Giuseppe Laguardia, Franco
Mosca, Franco Zenzale.
Honorary: Gilberto Caporali.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Mrs. Marilena Biscalchin, Giuseppe Buonocore, Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Mrs. Rina Caporali, Paolo Caporali, Claudia Car- Michele Abiusi, Daniele Barbarotto, Franco Bellu-
toceti, Romeo Copiz, Grazia D'Agostino, Franca nato, Luciano Benini, Vito Bruno, Aurelio Bugli,
D'Amico, Alessio Del Fante, Mrs. Anna Del Fante, Andrea Ciccarone, Mariano Coni, Paolo Dezzi,
Gioele Lamuraglia, Bartolo Liali, Lidia Lippolis, Lorenzo Di Grazia, Angelo Di Sanzio, Bartolomeo
Giacomo Mangiaracina, Mrs. Marta Manzella, Erbini, Raffaele Esposito, Salvatore Faticato, Anto-
Caterina Masiello, Adriana Moretti, Enzo Negrini, nio Ferrara, Giovanni Flace, Mario Flace, Giorgio
Mrs. Biagina Nigro, Mrs. Ines Posse, Mrs. Germana Fortino, Vittorio Gambatesa, Salvatore Jaconi, Car-
Rimoldi, Emanuele Santini, Damaris Sirri. mine Janiro, Mrs. Evelina Jannella, Franco Laterza,
Honorary: Vito Conidi, Ivo Evangelisti, Rosa Mrs. Ester Losio, Gabriele Manoni, Sandro Man-
Fatigati, Maria Fischer, Valentino Fiuzzi, Anna Lip- tovani, Michele Marchese, Salvatore Matricano,
polis, Ester Lippolis, Maria Lippolis, Susanna Pa8a- Daniele Petrizzelli, Pietro Provinzano, Engelbert
no, Francesco Rimoldi, Mrs. Osella Sirri, Adelaide Pupp, Paolo Raboni, Luigi Santo Sirni, Guido
Tomasini, Maria Vanzetta. Tarantola, Salvatore Testa.


Organized 1933; reorganized 1972

Territory: Mozambique; comprising the Central, Mailing Address: Caixa Postal 1364, Sofala, Beira,
North, and South Missions. Mozambique.
Population: 13,961,000; churches, 402; members, Office Address: Avenida Eduardo Mondlane No.
41,760. 672, Beira, Sofala, Mozambique. Telephone: 2-27-
Cable Address: "Adventista," Maputo, Mozambi-
que. Administration:
President, Lucas Nhacavala.
Telex Number: 6-102 (Ans. 6-102 UMASD MO).
Secretary-Treasurer, Girimoio Muchanga.
Mailing Address: Caixa Postal 1468, Maputo, Executive Committee: Lucas Nhacavala,
Mozambique. Chairman; Jose da Costa, Adao Fakir, Manuel Jor-
Office Address: Avenida Maguiguana No. 300, dao, Girimoio Muchanga, Victor Niconde, Fernan-
Maputo, Mozambique. Telephone: 2-18-17. do Semente, Rosario Waya.
Administration: Departments:
President, Bernardino Mabote. Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Lucas Nhacava-
Secretary-Treasurer, Antonio Coroa; Assistant, la.
Domingos Castigo. Ordained Ministers:
Executive Committee: Bernardino Mabote, Daniel Mesa, Girimoio Muchanga, Lucas Nhacava-
Chairman; Leonel I. Celestino, Antonio Coroa, la, Jorge Sacansao, Fernando Semente, Rosario
Guilherme da Pena, Adao Fakir, J. Muchanga, Waya.
Lucas Nhacavala, Victor Rosario Niconde, Ernesto
Licensed Ministers:
Samo, Zeca Tembo C. Xavier.
Alfredo Cubula, Jose Manuel Da Costa, Joao Di-
Departments: que, Manuel Jordao, Joao Mandava, Antonio
Communication and Publishing, Antonio Coroa. Melo, Joao Mucadaziona, Cornelio Njera, Marceli-
Education, Victor Rosario Niconde. no Nsolo, Escova Parafino.
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Bernardino Ma-
Ministerial, Bernardino Mabote; Assistants, Leonel NORTH MISSION
I. Celestino, Jose Chemane. Established 1935; reorganized 1957
Stewardship and Youth, Zeca Tembo C. Xavier;
Assistant, Samuel Domingos. Territory: Cabo Delgado, Nampula, Niassa, and
Temperance, Leonel I. Celestino. Zambezia Provinces.
Population: 7,455,000; churches, 334; members,
ADRA/Mozambique, Caixa Postal 1633, Maputo, 36,817.
Mozambique. Telephone: 33064. Telex Num- Mailing Address: Caixa Postal 507, Quelimane, Zam-
ber: 6-102 (Ans. 6-102 UMASD MO). bezia, Mozambique. Telephone: 45.
Director, Jacky Chevrier. Administration:
Ordained Ministers: President, Guilherme da Pena.
German Acnuta, Jacky Chevrier, Bernardino Ma- Secretary-Treasurer, Zeca Tembo C. Xavier.
bote, Bernardo Muabsa, Victor Niconde. Executive Committee: Guilherme da Pena,
Licensed Ministers:
Chairman; Delfim Alfazema, Manuel Muarrule,
Domingos Castigo, Antonio Coroa, Rui Victor. Arao Nampuessa, Martinho Rapazinho, Zeca Tern-
bo C. Xavier.
CENTRAL MISSION Lay Activities, Sabbath School, and Youth, Esteves
Organized 1972 Sebastiao Manuel.
Territory: Manica, Sofala, and Tete Provinces. Ordained Ministers:
Population: 2,680,600; churches, 31; members, Delfim Alfazema, Armando Chauara, Ernesto Com-
2,645. ucomo, Guilherme Da Pena, Samuel Domingos,

Santos I nvupina, Frederico Magalhaes, Rangeiro Office Address: Avenida 24 de Julho No. 453, Mapu-
Maia, Francisco Mambranca, Alexandre Mangala, to, Mozambique. Telephone: 743200.
Carlinho Mocuba, Manuel Muarrule, Felizardo
Namarro, Arao Nampuessa, Filipe Napua, Mar-
President, Leonel I. Celestino.
tinho Rapazinho, Jorge Simale, Jose Toalho, Anto-
Secretary-Treasurer, Antonio Coroa.
nio Uachite.
Assistant Treasurer, Joao Nthundouata.
Credentialed Missionaries: Executive Committee: Leonel I. Celestino,
Baptista Benissone, Xavier Cabico, Mario Cavalo, Chairman; Antonio Coroa, Jeremias Mabote, Joa-
Pedro Donca, Pedro Felizardo, Primeiro Mofate, quim Manuel, Jose Mausse, Carlos Maxaieie,
Eduardo Mualiva, Inacio Pequenino, Lenco San- Armando Munharo, Joao Nthundouata, Andre
tos, Tomas Sozinho, Tome Sutia, Zeca Xavier. Julai Vilanculo, Zacarias Vilanculo.
Licensed Ministers: Departments:
Daniel Alface, Basilio Amitone, Adolfo Comes Bar- Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Leonel I. Celes-
nete, lone Camasso, Lazaro Canivete, Januario tino.
Cheula, Nunes Dina, Alberto Dinis, Francisco Youth, Joao Nthundouata.
Errua, Bernardo Jantar, Samuel Jossamo, Cesar
M'bobo, Miqueias Manguissa, Bernardo Mon- Ordained Ministers:
teiro, Esteves Sebastiao, Sabado Sordane, Alfonso Leonel I. Celestino, Jose Chemane, Jeremias Ma-
Sumaina, Carlos Viagem. bote, Joaquim S. Manuel, Armando Munharo,
Andre Vilanculo.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Organized 1972 lossias Naifane Gove, Joao Nthundouata.
Territory: Gaza, Inhambane, and Maputo Districts.
Licensed Ministers:
Population: 3,825,400; churches, 37; members, Francisco F. Chaisse, Antonio Cuchata, Teodosio
2,298. Dias, Candido Fabiao, Roberto Mabote, Zacarias
Mailing Address: Caixa Postal 4610, Maputo, Mabote, Carlos Maxaieie, Antonio Mucare, Jose
Mozambique. Pechico, Zacharias N. Vilanculo.


Organized 1904; reorganized 1972, 1982

Territory: Azores Islands, Madeira Islands, and Por- Sergio Teixeira, Jose Vieira.
tugal. honorary: Ataide Candeias, Vitorino Chaves,
Filipe Esperancinha, Joao Esteves, Ernesto Ferreira,
Population: 10,291,000; churches, 71; members, A. D. Gomes, J. J. Laranjeira, Manuel Leal, Manuel
6,847. Lourinho, Joao Mendonca, Manuel Miguel,
Cable Address: "Adventista," Lisbon, Portugal. Armando Pires, J. Nunes Ramos, Samuel Reis, Ped-
ro Ribeiro, Americo Rodrigues, Jose de Sa.
Office Address: Rua Joaquim Bonifacio 17, 1199 Lis-
boa Codex, Portugal. Telephones: 54-21-40 and 54- Credentialed Missionaries:
21-69. Ivone Alho, Eunice Alves, Rosa Baptista, Susana
Bessa, Maria do Carmo Brito, Horacio Caprichoso,
Administration: Teresa Caprichoso, Lurdes Carvalho, Lina Costa,
President, Joaquim Morgado. Leonilde Dias, Mrs. Ana Paula Duarte, Daniel
Secretary-Treasurer, Juvenal Gomes. Esteves, Virgilio Faustino, Fernando Ferreira, Hel-
Executive Committee: Joaquim Morgado, der Comes, Gustavo S. Grave, Maria A. Lopes,
Chairman; Juvenal Gomes, Secretary; Jose C. Cos- Ricardina Lopes, Edite Macedo, Fatima Marques,
ta, Carlos Dias, Daniel Esteves, Fernando Ferreira, Maria Jose Marvao, Dalia Mateus, Celeste Matos,
Alberto Nunes, Manuel Oliveira, Alberto Pereira, Isabel Miranda, Jose Cidra Moura, Amelia Narciso,
Joaquim Sabino, Albino J. Vieira. Amelia Nobrega, Alcino Pinto, Laura Rodrigues,
Departments: Ercilia Santiago, Fernanda Santos, Ilda Santos,
Church Ministries, Jose C. Costa; Associates, Manuela Santos, Fatima Simoes, Isabel Vicente.
Daniel Esteves, Juvenal Gomes, Alberto Nunes. Honorary: Joaquim Epifanio, Lucelinda
Communication, Education, and Religious Liberty, Godinho, Judite Mendes, Raul Meneses, Maria Au-
loaquim Morgado. gusta Pires, Gregorio Rosa.
Health and Temperance, Daniel Esteves.
Ministerial, Alberto Nunes. Licensed Ministers:
Publishing, Fernando Ferreira. Rogerio Fernandes, Manuel Ferro, Justino Gloria,
Jorge Machado, Arnaldo Martins, Paulo Mendes,
Ordained Ministers: Antonio Morais, Rogerio Nobrega, Frederico
Mario Brito, Francisco Caetano, Julio Cardoso, Ili- Nogueira, Joaquim Nogueira, Luis Nunes, Mario
dio Carvalho, Joaquim Casaquinha, Carlos Cor- Santos, Antonio Teixeira, Jose Eduardo Teixeira.
deiro, Manuel Cordeiro, Jose Costa, Abilio Eche- Honorary: Jose Sincer.
varria, Carlos Esteves, Jose Luis Esteves, Manuel
Garrido, Juvenal Gomes, Eduardo Graca, Manuel Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Laranjeira, Amilcar Lopes, Arnaldo Macedo, Jose Jose Baptista, Francisco Carvalho, Antonio Correia,
Matos, Antonio Mauricio, Fernando Mendes, Joa- Antonio Dias, Eurico Dias, Mario Dias, Mario da
quim Morgado, Alberto Nunes, Manuel Oliveira, Costa Dias, Carlos Ferreira, Domingos Freixo,
Ezequiel Quintino, Joaquim Sabino, Daniel Silva, Artur Guimaraes, Carlos Jales, Antoniolima, Mari-

lia Martins, Manuel Matos, Manuel Mendes, Americo Rodrigues, Acacio Santos, Reinaldo San-
Alvaro Oliveira, Carlos Pacheco, Jose Pacheco, tos, Rogerio Santos, Antonio Silva, Isaias Silva, Ros
Cristovao Pereira, Luis Pinto, Antonio Ribeiro, Silva, Bras Soutero.


Organized 1919

Territory: Romania; comprising the Bacau, Ordained Ministers:

Bucharest, Cluj, and Sibiu Conferences. Mihai Baciu, loan Bidiuc, loan Bodnariuc, losif
Chircan, Vasile Coltuneac, Viorel Dima, Dumitru
Population: 23,174,000; churches, 526; members,
Dumitrascu, Eugeniu Dumitrescu, Daniel Geanta,
57,153. Stelian lacob, Vasile Istrate, Vasile Jureschi, losafat
Office Address: Strada Labirint 116, Bucharest III, Liga, Samuel Micu, Titu Mihalache, Dumitru
Romania. Telephone: 20-76-65. Morhan, Stefan Parvan, Emanuel Rosca, Dinu
Administration: Stochici, Aurel Vrinceanu.
President, Dumitru Popa. Credentialed Missionaries:
Secretary, Nelu Dumitrescu. Teodor Hutanu, Stefan Kozma, Tache Pohrib.
Administrative Counselor, Nicolae Popescu.
Auditor, Aurel Rotaru.
Executive Committee: Dumitru Popa, Chairman; BUCHAREST CONFERENCE
loan Bidiuc, Adrian Bocaneanu, Stefan Cazacu, Organized 1928; reorganized 1961
Apostol Chelbegean, loan Ciuca, Gligor Deac,
Nelu Dumitrescu, losef Gyeresi, Teodor Territory: Arges, Braila, Bucuresti-Ilfov, Buzau,
Niculescu, Nicolae Popescu, Alexandru Timis, Cor- Calarasi, Constanta, Dimbovita, Giurgiu, lalomita,
neliu Toma, Gabriel Vasilescu. Olt, Prahova, Teleorman, Tulcea, and Vilcea.
Departments: Churches: 203; members, 24,536.
Education and Ministerial, Nelu Dumitrescu. Office Address: Strada Karol Knappe 106, Bucharest
Health and Temperance, Corneliu Toma. I, Romania. Telephone: 66-27-75.
Lay Activities, losef Gyeresi. Administration:
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Dumitru Popa. President, loan Ciuca.
Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy, Dumitru Popa. Secretary, loan Mocanu.
Sabbath School, Apostol Chelbegean. Administrative Counselor, Daniel Supler.
Stewardship, Nicolae Popescu. Executive Committee: loan Ciuca, Chairman; loan
Youth, Gabriel Vasilescu. Mocanu, Secretary; Octavian Coconcea, Nicolae
Services: Delicote, Desideriu Faluvegy, Emilian Patrascu,
Building, Corneliu Toma. Daniel Supler.
Home and Family Service, Adrian Bocaneanu. Departments:
Ordained Ministers: Education and Ministerial, loan Ciuca.
Adrian Bocaneanu, Apostol Chelbegean, Nelu Lay Activities, Nicolae Delicote.
Dumitrescu, losef Gyeresi, Dumitru Popa, Nicolae Sabbath School, Desideriu Faluvegy.
Popescu, Corneliu Toma, Gabriel Vasilescu. Spirit of Prophecy, Emilian Patrascu.
Credentialed Commissioned Ministers: Stewardship, Daniel Supler.
Aurel lonica. Temperance and Youth, Octavian Coconcea.
Credentialed Missionaries: Services:
Stefan Bratosin. Building, Emilian Patrascu.
Home and Family Service, Nicolae Delicote.
Ordained Ministers:
BACAU CONFERENCE Constantin Balan, Nicolae Balan, Victor Balutoiu,
Organized 1928; reorganized 1961 Ilie Burtescu, loan Ciuca, loan Craciunescu, Lucian
Cristescu, Liviu David, Nicolae Delicote, loan Dra-
Territory: Bacau, Botosani, Galati, Iasi, Neamt, an, Lucian Enache, Marin Enache, Desideriu
Suceava, Vaslui, and Vrancea.
Churches: 97; members, 10,406.
F aluvegy, loan Geanta, Leonida Ghioalda, Stefan
lonescu, Liviu Manea, Paulin Micu, Ion Mocanu,
Office Address: Strada Oituz 53, Bacau, Romania. Gheorghe Modoran, Mihai Mohanu, Petre
Telephones: 931-15398 and 931-23162. Moisan, Teodor Niculescu, Nastase Pascu, Ion Pat-
rancus, Emilian Patrascu, Virgil Peicu, Vasile Pet-
Administration: caru, Nicolae Petre, Teofil Petre, Titi Pirvan, loan
President, loan Bidiuc. Radu, Petre Sibianu, loan Soare, Misu Sofronie,
Secretary, loan Buciuman. Daniel Stanciu, Gheorghe Strimbu, Daniel Supler,
Administrative Counselor, Viorel Dima. Nicolae Tanase, Gheorghe Toma, Marin Uba, Con-
Executive Committee: loan Bidiuc, Chairman; stantin Vasile, loan Zabava.
loan Buciuman, Stefan Cazacu, Vasile Coltuneac,
Viorel Dima, Dumitru Dumitrascu, Aurel Vrin- Credentialed Missionaries:
ceanu. Viorel Ban, Sabinel Bancu, Alexandru Breja, Romu-
lus Chelbegean, Edmond Constantinescu, Viorel
Departments: Dan, Petre Danci, Pavel Nita, Cristian Voicu.
Education and Youth, loan Buckman.
Health and Temperance, Dumitru Dumitrascu.
Lay Activities, Sabbath School, and Stewardship, CLUJ CONFERENCE
Viorel Dima. Organized 1911; reorganized 1961
Ministerial and Spirit of Prophecy, loan Buciuman.
Territory: Bihor, Bistrita Nasaud, Cluj, Dej, Harghi-
Building and Home and Family Service, Vasile Col- ta, Maramures, Salaj, and Satu-Mare.
tuneac. Churches: 128; members, 12,527.

Office Address: Strada Cuza Voda 12, Cluj, Roma- SIBIU CONFERENCE
nia. Telephone: 951-11685. Organized 1961
Administration: Territory: Alba, Arad, Brasov, Caras-Severin, Covas-
President, Alexandru Timis. na, Doll, Gorj, Huniedoara, Mehedinti, Sibiu, and
Secretary, Napoleon Stoica. Timis.
Administrative Counselor, Gheorghe Restesan. Churches: 98; members, 9,684.
Executive Committee: Alexandru Timis,
Office Address: Piata Stefan Furtuna 7, Timisoara,
Chairman; Napoleon Stoica, Secretary; Emil Che-
tan, Vasile Danci, Gottfried Nosner, Vasile Puscas, Romania. Telephone: 961-11644.
Gheorghe Restesan, Teodor Stan, Francisc Szilagy. Administration:
President, Gligor Deac.
Departments: Secretary, Aron Moldovan.
Education, Ministerial, and Spirit of Prophecy, Ale- Administrative Counselor, Pavel Memete.
xandru Timis. Executive Committee: Gligor Deac, Chairman;
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Gottfried Nos- Traian Aldea, Bertalan losif, Traian Maur, Pavel Me-
ner. mete, Danaiata Mircea, Aron Moldovan, Gheorghe
Stewardship, Gheorghe Restesan. Rusu, loan Stoiu, Aldea Traian.
Youth, Emil Chetan.
Services: Education and Ministerial, Aron Moldovan.
Building, Emil Chetan. Lay Activities and Spirit of Prophecy, Gilgor Deac.
Home and Family Service, Stoica Napoleon. Sabbath School and Temperance, Traian Maur.
Stewardship and Youth, Pavel Memete.
Ordained Ministers: Services:
Adalbert Blenesy, Dumitru Bogdan, Grigore Boia, Home and Family Service, Gheorghe Rusu.
Zoltan Borbath, Emil Chetan, losif Ciorba, Lajos
Galfi, loan Kiss, Gotfried Nosner, Antal Orban, Ordained Ministers:
Arpad Osz, Vasile Puscasu, Gheorghe Restesan, Traian Aldea, loan Ban, Gligor Deac, Adam En-
Benjamin Rosca, Dumitru Rosca, Viorel Rosca, gelhart, Lazar Forray, Mihai Ghisoiu, Radu Kestner,
Karoly Soo, Teodor Stan, Napoleon Stoica, losif Traian Maur, Costel Mitran, Aron Moldovan, Pavel
Suciu, Ernast Szasz, Alexandru Timis, lacob Treitly, Nemete, Emilian Niculescu, Adalbert Orban, Bazil
Damian Zanfir. Pacuranu, Ilie Penca, Constantin Popescu, Gheor-
ghe Rusu, loan Stoiu, loan Taity, Vasile Varcus.
Credentialed Missionaries: Credentialed Missionaries:
Ernest Gyeresi. Paul Boeru, Deliu Crisan.


Organized 1912

Territory: The states of Baden-Wuerttemberg, cher Bauverein der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten

Bavaria, Hessen, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saar- e.V., Sitz Stuttgart."
land in the Federal Republic of Germany; compris- Services:
ing the Baden-Wuerttemberg, Central Rhenish, Sueddeutscher Bauverein (Building Association),
North Bavarian, and South Bavarian Conferences. Senefelderstrasse 15, 7302 Ostfildern 1, Federal
Population: 30,522,000; churches, 209; members, Republic of Germany.
13,156. Manager, Klaus Nau; Architect, H. J. Huebner.
Office Address: Senefelderstrasse 15, Postfach 4260, Ordained Ministers:
7302 Ostfildern 1, Federal Republic of Germany. Helmut Haubeil, Harald Knott, Bruno Liske, Guen-
Telephone: (0711) 44819-0. ther Machel, Baldur Pfeiffer, Hans-Joachim
Administration: Scheithauer, Guenter Schmidt, Klaus Sott.
President, Harald Knott. Honorary: Ernst Adolph, Oswald Bremer, Otto
Secretary, Bruno Liske. Brozio, Alfred Buerger, Artur Dej, Martin Dietz,
Treasurer and Auditor, Wolfgang Gunka. Franz Dombrowsky, Franz Ebner, Helmut Erbe-
Executive Committee: Harald Knott, Chairman; nich, Ferdinand Fechter, Rudolf Fischer, Ernst
Birgit Faber, Wolfgang Gunka, Heinz Hopf, Walter Flammer, Friedrich Fleck, Michael Ganzleben,
Klimt, Berthold Knoblauch, Bruno Liske, Guenther Wilhelm Gast, Gustav Glass, Martin Gloeckner,
Machel, Klaus Nau, Wilfried Ninow, Rudolf Ortelt, Karl Goetzinger, Oskar Gomola, Franz 'Hasel,
Otto Peter, Inge Reithmayer, Guenter Schmidt, Rudolf Helm, Fritz Henninger, Otto Hesse, Paul
Klaus Sott, Heinz Weigmann, Willy Wolf. Jaeschke, Walter Klinge, Johannes Klingeberg,
Reinhold Kluttig, Karl Koehler, Kurt Koehler, Mar-
Departments: tin Kraus, Friedbert Linder, Siegfried Ludewig, Alex
Church Ministries, Harald Knott; Associates, Wolf- Mannesmann, Alfred Matter, Walter Mertinat, Karl
gang Gunka, Guenther Machel, Hans-Joachim Noltze, Hans Pfeuffer, Wilhelm Raecker, Helmut
Scheithauer, Guenter Schmidt. Reh, Edmund Rooks, Helmuth Ruestig, Otto
Communication and Religious Liberty, Bruno Lisk- Schmid, Willi Schmid, Josef Schoenach, Josef
e; Assistant, Baldur Pfeiffer. Schor, Rudolf Schroeder, Bruno Schulz, Helmut
Education and Temperance, Guenther Machel. Stoehr, Artur Strala, Karl Strasdowsky, Hans Teich-
Ministerial, Guenter Schmidt. mann, Heinz Vogel, Rudolf Vogel, Karl Vogt, Hein-
Publishing, Klaus Sott. rich Wehrmann, Otto Westermann, Reinhold
Legal Associations: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten- We I, Martin Woysch, Stephan Woysch, Heinz
Tags-Adventisten, Sueddeutscher Verband, Koer- Zech.
perschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts" (A corporation Credentialed Missionaries:
under public law); "Deutscher Verein fuer Gesun- Wolfgang Broscheid, Renate Goetze, Wolfgang
dheitspflege, e.V., Sitz Bad Aibling;" "Sueddeuts- Gunka, Hans-Jochen Huebner, Klaus Nau, Wolf-

gang Oldenhoff, Sigrid Queisser, Maria Schuchert, bert Pfeifer, Juliane Stegmiller, Gerhard Unfried,
Klaus Techentin, Erna The, Roland Walter, Bruno Reinhold Weber.
Honorary: Horst Arnhold, Hildegard Betker, CENTRAL RHENISH CONFERENCE
Gertrud Boeckenhaupt, Edith Harnack, Agnes
Organized 1920; reorganized 1970
Koehle, Elly Motzer, Lucie Reinhold, Martha
Rueckert, Lilli Schaefer, Edgar Schuchert, Hanna Territory: Hessen, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saar-
Sieber, Lina Siegle, Dorothea Sommer, Kaethe land.
Westenberger, Hannelore Witzig, Johannes Population: 10,247,000; churches, 63; members,
Woysch. 3,838.
Office Address: Eschenheimer Anlage 32, 6000
BADEN-WUERTTEMBERG CONFERENCE Frankfurt/Main, Federal Republic of Germany.
Organized 1912; reorganized 1970 Telephone: (069) 550091.
Territory: Baden and Wuerttemberg. President, Wilfried Ninow.
Population: 9,275,000; churches, 73; members, Secretary, Ulrich Ottschofski.
4,976. Treasurer, Alfred Kutscher.
Executive Committee: Wilfried Ninow, Chairman;
Office Address: Firnhaberstrasse 7, 7000 Stuttgart 1, Norbert Dorotik, Hans Grajer, Gunther Haag,
Federal Republic of Germany. Telephone: (0711) Irmgard Hahn, Johannes Haufe, Jan Hinrichs,
290751. Klaere Kraus, Alfred Kutscher, Kurt Loeffler, Ulrich
Administration: Ottschofski, Hans-Georg Schenck, Werner
President, Heinz Hopf. Schoepf, Rainer Sonnenschein, Rudolf Steininger,
Secretary, Holger Teubert. Maria Sura, Siegfried Wewerke.
Treasurers, Friedrich Holl, Ingeborg Kandella. Departments:
Executive Committee: Heinz Hopf, Chairman; Communication and Youth, Norbert Dorotik.
Erwin Baechle, Erhard Biro, Hans Dietrich, Roland Education and Religious Liberty, Norbert Dorotik.
Gehann, Reinhard Gelbrich, Rolf Herrlich, Lay Activities and Temperance, Siegfried
Albrecht Hoeschele, Friedrich Holl, Helga Janssen, Wewerke.
Elisabeth Knobloch, Werner Schwirz, Juliane Steg- Ministerial and Stewardship, Wilfried Ninow.
miller, Holger Teubert, Johannes Wanitschek, Publishing, Werner Schoepf; Assistant, Hans-
Hartmut Wosimsky. Juergen Nensel.
Sabbath School, Ulrich Ottschofski.
Communication, Religious Liberty, and Temper- Legal Associations: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-
ance, Holger Teubert. Tags-Adventisten in Hessen, Koerperschaft des
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Reinhard Gel- oeffentlichen Rechts" (A corporation under public
brich. law); "Gemeinschaft der S iebenten-Tags-
Publishing, Johannes Wanitschek; Assistant, Jan- Adventisten in Rheinland-Pfalz, Koerperschaft des
Piet Kloos. oeffentlichen Rechts" (A corporation under public
Stewardship, Friedrich Holl. law); "Gemeinschaft der S ie benten-Tags-
Youth, Hartmut Wosimsky. Adventisten im Saarland, Koerperschaft des oef-
fentlichen Rechts" (A corporation under public
Legal Association: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten- law).
Tags-Adventisten in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Koer- Ordained Ministers:
perschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts" (A corporation Werner Baumann, David Bibulovic, Norbert Doro-
under public law for the district of Baden- tik, Horst Eichler, Franz-Josef Eiteneier, Fritz Fick-
Wuerttemberg). enscher, Roland Fischer, Horst Glatz, Hans Grajer,
Ordained Ministers: Wilhelm Hausmann, Jan Hinrichs, Hans-Otto Jasef,
Hartmut Behnke, Hartmut von Bezold, Helmut Wilhelm Linsig, Kurt Loeffler, Helmut Mayer,
Binus, Erhard Biro, Franz Biro, Josef Butscher, Sieg- Gerhard Mellert, Lothar Mueller, Hans-Juergen
fried Fleischmann, Guenther Gehann, Reinhard Nensel, Wilfried Ninow, Ulrich Ottschofski, Sieg-
Gelbrich, Kurt Hasel, Albrecht Hoeschele, Fried- fried Riemarzik, Bernd Rottach, Werner Schoepf,
rich Holl, Heinz Hopf, Ferdinand Knobloch, Hans Kurt Uhlig, Gerhard Wagner, Friedrich-Wilhelm
Krause, Siegfried Kuesel, Samuel Martasek, Vin- Warning, Siegfried Wewerke, Heinz-Hartmut Wil-
cenzo Mazza, Dietrich Mueller, Erhard Mueller, fert, Kurt Winterer.
Oskar Mueller-Maslo, Gerhard Mulitze, Vlado Pet- Credentialed Missionaries:
rovic, Guenther Polster, Peter Queisser, Silvain Alfred Kutscher.
Romain, Joachim Spornhauer, Holger Teubert, Licensed Ministers:
Andre Thaeder, Mato Verner, Karl-Heinz Walter, Olaf Dammann, Alexander Geiger, Reiner Gothe,
Johannes Wanitschek, Harald Woehner, Hartmut Matthias Griesshammer, Anette Kloepping, Wil-
Wosimsky, Gerhard Zahalka. fried Knobloch, Peter Kunisch, Stefan Loeber-
mann, Roland Nickel, Hardy Quedzuweit, Helmut
Credentialed Missionaries:
Ingeborg Kandella. Rittirsch.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Licensed Ministers: Sigrid Boettcher-Stumpf, Robert Ebeler, Otto
Matthias Dauenhauer, Antonio Fontanella, Helmut Jeske, Rudolf Pfeifer, Walter Pfeifer, Dieter Sabats-
Fuhrmann, Jan-Piet Kloos, Radovan Marjanov, chus, Karl Zoebisch.
Gabriel Maurer, Erhard Sens.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: NORTH BAVARIAN CONFERENCE
Heinrich Bouz, Margarete Fischer, Guenther Organized 1934
Freudenberg, Peter Geiger, Georg Gessler, Ewald
Gissibl, Gisela Gueltekin, Rolf Herrlich, Hans- Territory: Upper Central and Lower Franconia, and
Juergen Kalusche, Hans Kessler, Friedrich Kocher, Upper Palatinate.
Siegfried Krapf, Heinz Lederer, Dragoljub Maksic, Population: 4,735,000; churches, 33; members,
Helmut Maslo, Norbert Muckle, Paulus Neu, Her- 1,747.

Office Address: Kaiserslauterer Strasse 11, 8500 Office Address: Tizianstrasse 18, 8000 Muenchen 19,
Nuernberg 70, Federal Republic of Germany. Tele- Federal Republic of Germany. Telephone: (089)
phone: (0911) 66911. 156077.
Administration: Administration:
President, Berthold Knoblauch. President, Otto Peter.
Secretary-Treasurer, Adolf Stegmiller. Secretary, Helmut Wagner.
Executive Committee: Berthold Knoblauch, Treasurer, Carola Wilms.
Chairman; Georg Arlt, Esther Flammer, Reiner Executive Committee: Otto Peter, Chairman; Wal-
Gross, Gerhard Hofbauer, Karl-Heinz Meyer, Diet- ter Bartel, Isidor Brandt, Helmut Erdle, Hayo
rich Pratz, Adolf Stegmiller, Ruth Vollrath, Horst Giebel, Peter Hildebrandt, Rita Koenig, Manfred
Wildenblanck, Johannes Woysch. Peters, Karlheinz Schenck, Frieder Schmid, Josef
Departments: Schweigert, Helmut Wagner, Carola Wilms.
Communication and Religious Liberty, Reiner Departments:
Gross. Communication and Religious Liberty, Helmut
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Reiner Gross. Wagner.
Publishing, Gerhard Hofbauer. Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Helmut Wag-
Stewardship, Adolf Stegmiller. ner.
Temperance and Youth, Reiner Gross. Publishing, Karlheinz Schenck.
Legal Association: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten- Stewardship, Otto Peter.
Tags-Adventisten in Bayern, Koerperschaft des oef- Temperance and Youth, Helmut Wagner.
fentlichen Rechts (Nordbayerische Vereinigung)" Legal Association: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-
(A corporation under public law for the northern Tags-Adventisten in Bayern, Su edbayerische
district). Vereinigung, Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen
Ordained Ministers: Rechts" (A corporation under public law for the
Bernd Bangert, Enrique Bataller, Guenther Czer- southern district).
notzki, Gerhard Engelmann, Adolf Fraunberger, Ordained Ministers:
Helmuth Gaffron, Joachim Glanz, Reiner Gross, Siegfried Fleischmann, Rudolf Goessler, Ernst Hof-
Joachim Hildebrandt, Berthold Knoblauch, Horst mann, Jochen Klauss, Horst Meyer, Ekkehardt
Kraus, Eduard Ottschoffsky, Dan Paul, Dietrich Mueller, Gerhard Oertel, Ante Pazanin, Otto Pe-
Pratz, Adolf Stegmiller, Rainer Wanitschek. ter, Manfred Peters, Lothar Philippin, Johannes
Licensed Ministers: Richter, Karlheinz Schenck, Frieder Schmid, Hans
Gerhard Hofbauer, Juergen Klein, Bernhard Reis- Seltenheim, Gunter Stahlberger, Heinz Tuch-
chach, Christine Wischnat. tenhagen, Helmut Wagner, Rainer Zimmermann.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Credentialed Missionaries:
Walter Buchner, Friedrich Dorn, Manfred Gries- Carola Wilms.
shammer, Joachim Illis, Ewald Jedamski, Josef
Licensed Ministers:
Jiranek, Inge Leis, Karl Lippert, Bernd Mohr, Fried-
rich Roth. Claudia Dietz-Miller, Werner Dullinger, Frank
Hasel, Andreas Hildebrandt, Hubert Kazmierzak,
Jens Schwenger.
Organized 1902; reorganized 1919 Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Werner Bauer, Marianne Civric, Dieter Eckleder,
Territory: Lower and Upper Bavaria, and Swabia (in- Emil Fischer, Kurt Hahn, Peter Hildebrandt, Hel-
cluding Regensburg). mut Hintz, Roland Lachmann, Matthias Louis,
Population: 6,265,000; churches, 40; members, Anton Maier, Johnannes Przybilla, Michael Riek,
2,595. Hildegard Schwaegele, Franz Szarvas.


Organized 1903; reorganized 1958, 1972, 1982

Territory: Andorra, Gibraltar, and Spain. Dominguez, Mariano Gomez, Serafin Rodri-
Population: 38,929,000; churches, 53; members, guez.
5,478. Stewardship and Development, Alfredo Cardona.
Youth, Pedro Villa.
Office Address: Calle Cuevas 23, 28039 Madrid,
Spain. Telephone: 441-13-00. Services:
Administration: Home and Family Service, Juan Navarro.
President, Carlos Puyol. Ordained Ministers:
Secretary-Treasurer, Alfredo Cardona. Daniel Basterra, Fernando Bosqued, Fernando
Executive Committee: Carlos Puyol, Chairman; Cadilla, Rafael Calonge, Alfredo Cardona, Enrique
Alfredo Cardona, Jose Lopez, Juan Lozano, Jose Codejon, Herminio Diaz, Antolin Diestre, Antonio
Antonio Ortiz, Antonio Perez, Jose Augusto Perez, Gascon, Vicente Gomez, Juan Gonzalez, Rafael
Conrado Recha, Jose Rodriguez, Margarita Rose, Hidalgo, Jose Lopez, Juan Lozano, Alvaro Martin,
Andres Tejel, Tomas Torrontegui, Pedro Villa. Manuel Martorell, Celestino Munoz, Juan Navarro,
Departments: Jose Antonio Ortiz, Jose Peiro, Jose Augusto Perez,
Communication and Religious Liberty, Daniel Bas- Jose M. Priego, Carlos Puyol, Jose Rodriguez, Jose
terra. Antonio Santafe, Andres Tejel, Pedro Villa.
Education, Avelino Saez. Honorary: Antonio Bueno, Luis Bueno, Angel
Health and Temperance, Jorge D. Pamplona. Codejon, Jose Garzon, Mariano Gomez, Jesus Her-
Lay Activities and Sabbath School, Jose Augusto rero, Felix Pages, Efraim Saguar, Pedro Sanchez,
Perez. Jesus Sanguesa.
Ministerial, Juan Lozano. Credentialed Missionaries:
Publishing, Jose Rodriguez; Assistants, Candido Jose Aniorte, Pedro de Antonio, M. Carmen Arnao,

Pilar Artal, Alfonso Baeza, Violeta Balue, Antonio Marti, Jose L. Melero, Mariano de Oro, Emilio
Cremades, Francisco Domenech, Juan Duch, M. Perez, Andres Serrano, Celso Sierra, Francisco
Paz Estables, Rosa Fabregat, Eduardo Fortea, Jose Urbina, Francisco Vazquez, Manuel Vega.
Luis de la Fuente, Ana Mari Garcia, Elena Gascon, Honorary: Carlos Comabella.
Rosario Gascon, Francisco Gelabert, Joaquina Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Gomez, Petry Gomez, Mariano Gomez Seco, Jose A. Agra, Eugenio Alonso, Jose Alvarez, Anto-
Esther Gonzalez, Jose Carlos Gracia, Carela Gul- nia Arronis, Maribel Calzada, Casilda Espinosa,
Ion, Maria Angeles Gutierrez, Dorothy Herrick, Esteban Estalayo, Maria Estebanell, Divina Farina,
Joan Llorca, Fernando Lopez, Jose Lopez de la T., Rafael Fernandez, Gines Garcia, Jesus Garcia,
Maruchi Martin, Jose Martinez, Laura Pastor, M. Antonio Gonzalez, Maria Carmen Gutierrez, Isi-
Carmen Perona, Antonio Polo, Teresa Ros, Jacinto doro Herrero, Pedro Larrabe, Maria Llabres, Fran-
Sabate, Avelino Saez, Isaias Sanguesa, Francisco cisco Llorca, Concepcion Maestre, Juana Martinez,
Zanuy. Alberto Martorell, Ana Montes, Manuel Moral,
Honorary: Pedro de Antonio, Joaquin Avila, Rafael Munoz, Narciso Pedrol, Guillermo Perez,
Purita Bellido, Jose Bueno, Angela Frutos, Fernan- Juan Rodriguez, Manuel Soutullo, Manuel Tejel,
do Gomez, Miguel Ripoll. Antonio Tortosa, Jose Valles, Alberto Valls, Pepita
Licensed Ministers: Vilches.
Victor Armenteros, Juan Carretero, Vicente Chaf- Honorary: Pilar Alvarez, Manuel Balue, Carlos
er, Guillermo Davis, Modesto Diez, Candido Cordoba, Pascuala Felices, Jose Ramon Fernandez,
Dominguez, Jose Escalona, Antonio Fuentes, Jose Manuel Llano, Ambrosio Martin, Adoracion Rodri-
L. Garces, Julian Garcia, Felix Guttierrez, Rafael guez, Nicolas Sierra.


Organized 1928

Territory: Liechtenstein and Switzerland; compris- Hermann Finkhaus, Mrs. Marthe Fridlin, Maurice
ing the French Swiss and German Swiss Confer- Guy, Maria Haseneder, Albert Jordan, Erna
ences. Knauer, Paul Knudsen, Gretly Krebs, Adolphe
Population: 6,531,000; churches, 57; members, Mayer, Elisabeth Schmid, Irma Steiner, Marcelle
4,073. Sultan, Pierre Tissot, Gustav Tobler, Lucienne
Office Address: Gubelstrasse 23, 8050 Zurich,
Switzerland. Telephone: (01) 311-47-02. Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Honorary: Georges Berberat, Edith Buchli,
Administration: Johann Dreyer, Hans Mueller, Reinhold Mueller,
President, Johann Niedermaier. Arthur Ruegg, Francois Wyss.
Secretary, Mario Giger.
Treasurer and Auditor, Michel Lavanchy.
Executive Committee: Johann Niedermaier, FRENCH SWISS CONFERENCE
Chairman; Malton Braff, Lothar Butscher, Gerard Organized 1884
Fratianni, Mario Giger, Michel Lavanchy, Jean- Territory: French and Italian speaking Switzerland.
Claude Robert, Fred Waelti, Mrs. Melli Walder.
Population: 1,812,000; churches, 27; members,
Departments: 1,866.
Communication and Sabbath School, Nino Bulzis.
Education, Roland Meyer. Office Address: 19, Chemin des Pepinieres, 1020 Re-
Health, Claude-Alain Nacht. nens/Lausanne, Switzerland. Telephone: (021) 635-
Lay Activities, Siegfried Tobler. 72-46.
Ministerial, Johann Niedermaier. Administration:
Publishing, Paul Hofmann. President, Malton Braff.
Religious Liberty, Johann Laich. Secretary-Treasurer, Michel Lavanchy.
Stewardship and Temperance, Sylvain Meyer. Executive Committee: Malton Braff, Chairman;
Youth, Lothar Butscher. Pierre-Philippe Benoit, Mrs. Esther Klopfstein,
Legal Association: "Societe Philanthropique de La Michel Lavanchy, Roland Meyer, Simone
Ligniere," 1196 Gland, Switzerland. Telephone: Michoud, Pierre-Andre Monnard, Philippe Por-
(022) 64-71-61. chet, Yves Uldry, Paolo Walther, Jean-Daniel Zu-
Home and Family Service, Lothar Butscher. Departments:
Communication, Roland Geiser.
Ordained Ministers: Education and Religious Liberty, Roland Meyer.
Nino Bulzis, Lothar Butscher, Mario Giger, Roland Lay Activities,
Meyer, Johann Niedermaier. Ministerial, Malton Braff.
Honorary: Fernand Augsburger, Leon Belloy, Publishing, Claude Masson.
Alexander Brand, Alfred Corsini, Rene Daellen- Sabbath School and Stewardship, Aime Cavin.
bach, Albert Gafner, Roger Guenin, Henri Ja- Temperance, Rene Augsburger.
quenod, Hans Kuebler, Johann Laich, Pierre La- Youth, Yves Uldry.
nares, Raymond Meyer, Sylvain Meyer, Hugo
Moeschinger, Charles Monnier, Willi Morosoli, Legal Association: "Federation des Eglises Adven-
Alfred Richli, Werner Ruf, Hans Salzmann, Hans tistes du Septieme Jour de la Suisse Romande."
Schaepper, Kurt Scheidegger, Anton Schmid, Hans Services:
Selinger, Otto Uebersax, Alfred Vaucher, Heinz Adventist Book Center, Simone Michoud.
Vogel,- Karl Waber, Jean Zurcher. Community Services, Claude Masson.
Credentialed Missionaries: Home and Family Service, Roland Meyer.
Paul Hofmann, Michel Lavanchy, Siegfried Tobler. Ordained Ministers:
Honorary: Alfred Burkhard, Mrs. Colette Buser, Rene Augsburger, Felix Berger, Malton Braff,
Willy Clemencon, Elsa Cupertino, Lydie Erdmann, Michel Burnier, Aime Cavin, Gilbert Dewinter,

Gerard Fratianni, Ettore Galli, Michel Grisier, ates, Herbert Bodenmann, Nino Bulzis, Ivan
Timoteo Marzocchini, Sylvain Meyer, Karl Stamm- Fagioli, Siegfried Tobler, Karl Waber.
bach. Communication, Christian Schaeffler.
Credentialed Missionaries: Education, Ivan Fagioli.
Yvan Bourquin, Simone Charriere, Christel Honeg- Ministerial, Werner Bodenmann.
ger, Lydie Houriet, Christiane Lavanchy, Claude Publishing, Paul Hofmann.
Masson, Simone Michoud, Evelyne Mory, Eli- Religious Liberty, Johann Laich.
sabeth Nicollier, Mrs. Noelle Vitry. Temperance, Jean Fiscalini.
Voice of Hope, Mrs. Eva Lauterer.
Licensed Ministers:
Pierre Bulliard, Filippo Galli, Roland Geiser, Gil- Legal Association: "Bauve rein der Deuts-
bert Grezet, Jean Guenin, Thierry Lenoir, Denis chschweizerischen Vereinigung der Siebenten-
Rosat, Yves Uldry. Tags-Adventisten ."
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Ordained Ministers:
Antonio Catanzaro, Andre Jacquet. Albert Bodenmann, Herbert Bodenmann, Werner
Bodenmann, Thomas Domanyi, Rudolf Gehrig,
GERMAN SWISS CONFERENCE Alfred Grob, Markus Jaudas, Gunther Klenk, Sieg-
fried Lauterer, Hans Senk, Gottfried Spitzlei, Urs
Organized 1901 Tanner, Michael Urbatzka, Fred Waelti, A. Hein-
Territory: Liechtenstein and German and Romansh rich Walder. Emanuel Zolliker.
speaking Switzerland. Credentialed Missionaries:
Population: 4,719,000; churches, 30; members, Marcel Ackermann, Josef Agustoni, Ivan Fagioli,
2,207. Lotti Finsterwald, Jean Fiscalini, Bianca Fontana,
Office Address: Gubelstrasse 23, 8050 Zurich, Hans Huegli, Mrs. Eva Lauterer, Christian Zuer-
Switzerland. Telephone: (01) 311-47-02. cher.
Administration: Licensed Ministers:
President, Johann Niedermaier. Marcel Eggmann, Thomas Karcher, Reto Mayer,
Secretary-Treasurer, Fred Waelti. Matthias Morgenroth, Mrs. Doris Waber, Paul
Executive Committee: Johann Niedermaier, Wright, Arnold Zwahlen.
Chairman; Sandro Curti, Thomas Domanyi, Laszlo Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Erdoesi, Dieter Hang, Hans Huegli, Esther Rathe, Oskar Brodbeck, Werner Fankhauser, Raymond
Gottfried Spitzlei, Michael Urbatzka, Fred Waelti, Favre, Daniel Gschwend, Hannes Hallauer, Wer-
Erika Weigel. ner Hirt, Eduard Leibundgut, Andreas Sailer, Wal-
Departments: ter Schoch, Ulrich Singer, Lukas Stricker, Gottfried
Church Ministries, Johann Niedermaier; Associ- Zihlmann.


Organized 1909

Territory: West Berlin, and the states of Bremen, under public law); "Grundstuecksverwaltung der
Hamburg, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in Westdeutschland,
and Schleswig-Holstein in the Federal Republic of GmbH, Hannover" (Building Association).
Germany; comprising the Hansa, Lower Saxonian
(North), Lower Saxonian (South), Northern Rhen- Ordained Ministers:
ish, West Berlin, and Westfalian Conferences. Gerhard Brand, Gerd Eiteneier, Erwin Kilian, Ivar
Population: 30,526,000; churches, 172; members, Naehring, Rolf Poehler, Helmuth Reinhardt.
11,773. Honorary: Arnold Amian, Erich Baumbach,
Office Address: Fischerstrasse 19, 3000 Hannover 1, Wilhelm Begemann, Heinrich Bittsching, Friedrich
Federal Republic of Germany. Telephones: (0511) Brockmann, Paul Bromba, Walter Cremer, Ernst
71-70-15 and 71-70-16. Denkert, Erik Detlefsen, Rolf Dornemann, Conrad
Druege, Bruno Engel, Friedrich Ernst, Wilfried Fen-
Administration: ner, Eberhard Fischdick, Gerhard Freitag, Wilhelm
President, Erwin Kilian. Gehl, Ludwig Geisler, Otto. Gmehling, Johannes
Secretary, Gerd Eiteneier. Haase, Hans Heuser, Alfred Jahn, Hans Kachel,
Treasurer and Auditor, Helmut Reinhardt. Erich Karwatzke, Erich Kaufmann, Hans Klein, Wal-
Executive Committee: Erwin Kilian, Chairman; ter Klinge, Reinhold Klinger, Werner Korinth,
Waldemar Blume, Arno Boex, Gerhard Brand, Paulus Langholf, Rudolf Linker, Wilhelm Meier,
Friedhelm Dillmann, Gerd Eiteneier, Reinhard En- Hannes Morenings, Alfred Muhl, Hans-Heinrich
gel, Horst Fitzke, Guenter Fraatz, Mrs. Gundula Oestreich, Hans Poehler, Georg Roenisch, Johan-
Gall, Martin Hildebrandt, Hugo Imhof, Herbert nes Roerich, Herbert Roeske, Werner Roeske,
Kaetzner, Guenter Kammerer, Marc Kanor, Mrs. Friedrich Schlueter, Wolfgang Schlueter, Johannes
Ingrid Maier, 'vat- Naehring, Rolf Poehler, Ludwig Schmieder, Ernst August Schulz, Rudolf Seel,
Puetz, Helmut Reinhardt, Gerhard Rempel, Hans- Alfred Soetbeer, Edwin Steinhardt, Franz Sutor,
Joachim Steffens. Karl Wittwer.
Church Ministries, Ivar Naehring; Associates, Credentialed Missionaries:
Gerd Eiteneier, Rolf Poehler, Helmut Reinhardt. Horst Fitzke, Mrs. Brigitte Fitzke, Herbert Hoff-
Communication and Temperance, Ivar Naehring. mann, Mrs. Ursula Meier, Erich Salm, Sigrid
Education and Ministerial, Rolf Poehler. Schulz, Wolfgang Thieme, Herbert Wagner, Karl-
Publishing, Gerhard Brand. Heinz Walther.
Religious Liberty, Ivar Naehring. Honorary: Kurt Jungmann, Hilde Knitter,
Legal Associations: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten- Gunther Minck, Henry Niemann, Mrs. Emilie
Tags-Adventisten, Westdeutscher Verband, Koer- Schofer, Kurt Schwarz, Edith Vanselow, Otto Wag-
perschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts" (A corporation ner.

Credentialed Literature Evangelists: chatt des oeffentlichen Rechts" (A corporation

Honorary: Hildegard Depping, Heinrich under public law for the district of Schleswig-
Diekhof, Georg Fruehmark, Werner Gelke, Holstein).
Leonhard Herrmann, Erwin Jahre, Franz Just, Erwin Ordained Ministers:
Kern, Werner Kern, Christoph Kirchberg, Ludwig Heinz Frese, Bernd Kilian, Raimund Kundt, Heinz
Klenk, Alfred Krause, Siegfried Krause, Herrmann Ottschoffsky, Guenter Schmidl.
Kuppke, Georg Lange, Peter Lauter, Wilhelm
Licensed Ministers:
Lehmkuhl, Dieter Luecke, Karl-Heinz Machen-
Norbert Mueller.
bach, Otto Meier, Wolfgang Mies, Johannes
Molke, Gustav Mueller, Johannes Nagel, Helene Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Reinecke, Elsbeth Rottmann, Otto Rottmann, Josef Reinhold Eigenbrodt, Rosemarie Hoecker, Anna
Schleiferboeck, Hans Tech, Katharina Wirth, Erna Ladan.
Organized 1900 Organized 1902

Section I: Hamburg District Section I: Bremen District

Territory: Land Hamburg. Territory: Land Bremen.
Population: 1,599,000; churches, 8; members, Population: 691,000; churches, 3; members, 523.
1,251. Office Address: Joseph-Haydn-Strasse 4, 2800 Bre-
Office Address: Haferkamp 14, 2000 Hamburg 76, men 1, Federal Republic of Germany. Telephone:
Federal Republic of Germany. Telephone: (040) (0421) 342-283.
293-831. Administration:
Administration: President, Reinhard Engel.
President, Hugo Imhof. Secretary, Rolf Neuhaus.
Secretary, Thomas Marschner. Treasurer, Burchard Eskes.
Treasurer, Guenter Witt. Executive Committee: Reinhard Engel, Chairman;
Executive Committee: Hugo Imhof, Chairman; Rolf Neuhaus, Secretary; Burchard Eskes, Ruth
Manfred Fuchs, Mato Haluzan, Bernd Kilian, Freitag, Manfred Fuchs, Wolfgang Muenster, Horst
Eberhard Koehle,r, Ingrid Maier, Thomas Mars- Werner.
chner, Gerhard Rempel, Lothar Schwermer, Guen- Departments:
ter Witt. Lay Activities and Ministerial, Reinhard Engel.
Departments: Publishing, Manfred Fuchs.
Lay Activities and Ministerial, Hugo Imhof. Stewardship, Burchard Eskes.
Publishing, Manfred Fuchs. Other Departments, Rolf Neuhaus.
Stewardship, Guenter Witt. Legal Association: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-
Other Departments, Thomas Marschner. Tags-Adventisten in Bremen, Koerperschaft des
Legal Association: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten- oeffentlichen Rechts" (A corporation under public
Tags-Adventisten in Hamburg, Koerperschaft des law for the district of Bremen).
oeffentlichen Rechts" (A corporation under public Ordained Ministers:
law for the district of Hamburg). Uwe Deertz, Reinhard Engel, Rolf Neuhaus, Karl-
Ordained Ministers: Heinz Passchier.
Alfred Friedrich, Mato Haluzan, Hugo Imhof, Licensed Ministers:
Eberhard Koehler, Thomas Marschner, Helmut Edgar Machel.
Schroeter, Wilfried Schulz, Wilfried Stille. Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Credentialed Missionaries: Reinhold Jopp.
Guenter Witt.
Licensed Ministers: Section II: Niedersachsen North District
Hans-Christian Bittner, Stephan Brass, Karin Territory: Northern part of Land Niedersachsen.
Population: 3,138,000; churches, 25; members,
Section II: Schleswig-Holstein District
Office Address: Joseph-Haydn-Strasse 4, 2800 Bre-
Territory: Schleswig-Holstein. men 1, Federal Republic of Germany. Telephone:
Population: 2,624,000; churches, 16; members, 736. (0421) 342-283.
Office Address: Haferkamp 14, 2000 Hamburg 76, Administration:
Federal Republic of Germany. Telephone: (040) President, Reinhard Engel.
293-831. Secretary, Rolf Neuhaus.
Administration: Treasurer, Burchard Eskes.
President, Hugo Imhof. Executive Committee: Reinhard Engel, Chairman;
Secretary, Thomas Marschner. Rolf Neuhaus, Secretary; Otto Boomgaarden, Wal-
Treasurer, Guenter Witt. ter Christiansen, Burchard Eskes, Manfred Fuchs,
Executive Committee: Hugo Imhof, Chairman; Hans Gueldenzopf, Dorte Lenzi, Johannes Meyer,
Karsten Cremer, Hannelore Eigenbrodt, Manfred Erich Mueller, Eduard Pabst, Wilhelm Pape.
Fuchs, Thomas Marschner, Guenter Schmidl, Departments:
Rudolf Vossen, Guenter Witt. Lay Activities and Ministerial, Reinhard Engel.
Departments: Publishing, Manfred Fuchs.
Lay Activities and Ministerial, Hugo Imhof. Other Departments, Rolf Neuhaus.
Publishing, Manfred Fuchs. Legal Association: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-
Stewardship, Guenter Witt. Tags-Adventisten in Niedersachsen, Koerperschaft
Other Departments, Thomas Marschner. des oeffentlichen Rechts (Nordvereinigung)" (A
Legal Association: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten- corporation under public law for the district of
Tags-Adventisten in Schleswig-Holstein, Koerpers- Lower Saxony).

Ordained Ministers: Executive Committee: Herbert Kaetzner,

Karl-Heinz Behrens, Willi Cziborra, Bernhard Lind- Chairman; Gerd Dreiling, Ernst Hennecke, Oskar
say Elias, Manfred Fuchs, Hans Gueldenzopf, Kolletzki, Rolf Kurzenberg, Hans-Eckard Nagel,
Wilhelm Pape, Friedhelm Remmert, Heinz Richter, Albert Przykopanski, Ludwig Puetz, Willi Schucht,
Harald Schaefer, Johannes Tonhaeuser. Heike Schulz, Heinz Teichmann, Herbert Wagner,
Credentialed Missionaries: Kurt-Ruediger Wetzel, Johannes Wilczynski.
Mrs. Margot Beckroege, Burchard Eskes. Departments:
Licensed Ministers: Lay Activities and Ministerial, Herbert Kaetzner.
Peter Anke. Publishing, Kurt-Ruediger Wetzel.
Stewardship, Gerd Dreiling.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Other Departments, Albert Przykopanski.
Kees Kranenburg, Rolf Lange, Helmut Taeuber,
Johann Ulmer. Legal Association: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-
Tags-Adventisten in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Koer-
perschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts, Nordrheinis-
LOWER SAXONIAN CONFERENCE che Vereinigung" (A corporation under public law
SOUTH for the Northern Rhenish District).
Organized 1934 Ordained Ministers:
Territory: Southern part of Land Niedersachsen. Erich Bartels, Hans Clemens, Gerd Dreiling, Johan-
Population: 4,103,000; churches, 29; members, nes Fiedler, Hugo Huebscher, Herbert Kaetzner,
1,790. Werner Kalweit, Oskar Kolletzki, Werner Lange,
Peter Laskowski, Heinz Liedtke, Hans-Eckard
Office Address: Schlaegerstrasse 5, 3000 Hannover Nagel, Peter Nagel, Wilfried Paetow, Albert Przy-
1, Federal Republic of Germany. Telephone: (0511) kopanski, Harald Weigt, Johannes Wilczynski.
85 10 29.
Licensed Ministers:
Administration: Manuel Bendig, Helmut Jacks, Peter Nagel, Matth-
President, Guenter Fraatz. ias Pengel, Manfred Prieser.
Secretary, Eli Diez.
Treasurer, Guenter Brecht. Credentialed Literature EVangelists:
Executive Committee: Guenter Fraatz, Chairman; Gabor Berec, Albrecht Dauven, Karoly Duchaj, Karl
Guenter Brecht, Wolfgang Brunotte, Eli Diez, Karin Germer, Hans-Juergen Gruhlke, Ilse Hahn, Hans
Faust, Arno Fischer, Martin Hildebrandt, Harald Hubensack, Marlies Kuhn, Werner Roestel, Kurt-
Mueller, Reiner Puetz, Liane Ronsdorf, Klaus Roth, Ruediger Wetzel, Willi Wickert.
Herbert Tietz, Wolfgang Trautmann, Manfred
Vangerow, Hans-Joachim -Wohlgemuth. WEST BERLIN CONFERENCE
Departments: (Landesverband mit dem Sitz in Berlin)
Lay Activities and Ministerial, Guenter Fraatz. Organized 1909; reorganized 1954
Publishing, Reiner Puetz. Territory: West Berlin.
Stewardship, Guenter Brecht.
Other Departments, Eli Diez. Population: 1,958,000; churches, 14; members,
Legal Association: "Gemeirischaft der Siebenten-
Tags-Adventisten in Niedersachsen, Koerperschaft Office Address: Koblenzer Strasse 3, 1000 Berlin 31,
des oeffentlichen Rechts (Suedvereinigung)" (A Federal Republic of Germany. Telephone: (030)
corporation under public law for the southern dis- 853-30-48.
trict of Lower Saxony). Administration:
Ordained Ministers: President, Waldemar Blume.
Ernst Bauermann, Detlef Bendig, Wolfgang Bru- Secretary, Bernhard Bleil.
notte, Eli Diez, Guenter Fraatz, Heinz Grigat, Karl Treasurer, Mrs. Ilse Bendig.
Hinz, Hans-Juergen Lantellme, Friedhold Paetow, Executive Committee: Waldemar Blume,
Wolfgang Trautmann, Klaus van Treeck, Siegfried Chairman; Mrs. Waltraud Adam, Guenter Bauer-
Wittwer. mann, Mrs. Ilse Bendig, Bernhard Bleil, Klaus Bohl-
mann, Bernhard Eimer, Klaus W. Mueller, Lothar
Credentialed Missionaries: Schmidt, Arno Schulze, Gerhard Schuster.
Guenter Brecht.
Licensed Ministers: Lay Activities and Ministerial, Waldemar Blume.
Hans-Otto Reling, Kay Simon. Publishing, Reiner Puetz.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Stewardship, Mrs. Ilse Bendig.
Theodor Hoelker, Peter Neumann, Frank-Uwe Other Departments, Bernhard Bleil.
Richert, Werner Weiss. Legal Associations: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-
Tags-Adventisten, Landesverband mit dem Sitz in
NORTHERN RHENISH CONFERENCE Berlin, Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts" (A
Organized 1903 corporation under public law); "Advent-
Wohlfahrtswerk in Berlin (West) e.V."
Territory: Administrative Districts of Duesseldorf
and Koeln in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Services:
Grundstuecksverwaltung der Gemeinschaft der
Population: 9,170,000; churches, 39; members, Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten, Landesverband
2,944. mit dem Sitz in Berlin, Koblenzer Strasse 3, 1000
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 320460, 4000 Duesseldorf Berlin 31, Federal Republic of Germany.
30, Federal Republic of Germany. Ordained Ministers:
Office Address: Stockkampstrasse 32, 4000 Duessel- Guenter Bauermann, Bernhard Bleil, Waldemar
dorf 30, Federal Republic of Germany. Telephone: Blume, Andreas Bochmann, Werner Haeusler, Vo-
(0211) 464253. jislav Jelic, Wilfried Meier, Klaus Mueller, Helmut
Administration: Schroeer, Arno Schulze, Wolfgang Schwabe,
President, Herbert Kaetzner. Lothar Wilhelm.
Secretary, Albert Przykopanski. Credentialed Missionaries:
Treasurer, Gerd Dreiling. Ilse Bendig, Guenter Fluegel, Johannes Kahle.

Licensed Ministers: Publishing, Heinz Weyland.

Gerhard Wildemann. Stewardship, Wolfgang Piorr.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Other Departments, Heinz-Ewald Gattmann.
Rudolf Mies. Legal Association: "Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-
Tags-Adventisten in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Koer-
perschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts, Westfaelische
Vereinigung" (A corporation under public law for
Organized 1912; reorganized 1920 the Westphalian District).
Territory: Administrative Districts of Arnsberg, De- Ordained Ministers:
tmold, and Muenster in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Reinhard Adler, Roberto-Carlos Arnolds, Ernst
Population: 7,243,000; churches, 38; members, Bleil, Friedhelm Dillmann, Matthias Gansewendt,
2,036. Heinz-Ewald Gattmann, Bernd Heibutzki, Heinz
Office Address: Eintrachtstrasse 55, 4600 Dortmund Kubis, Erwin Meier, Karl-Heinz Reinartz, Rudolf
1, Federal Republic of Germany. Telephone: (0231) Schneider, Wolfgang Sehnbruch, Guenther Var-
12-54-71. nholt, Heinz Weyland, Ewald Wienke.
Administration: Credentialed Missionaries:
President, Friedhelm Dillmann. Wolfgang Piorr.
Secretary, Heinz-Ewald Gattmann. Licensed Ministers:
Treasurer, Wolfgang Piorr. Ralf Eigenbrodt, Rainer Geschke, Gunter Lange,
Executive Committee: Friedhelm Dillmann, Gunter Lantow, Margarete Prange.
Chairman; Ernst Bleil, Gundula Gall, Heinz-Ewald Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Gattmann, Siegfried Hasler, Paul-Theo Lang, Wolf- Ludger Altkaemper,,Irma Arnolds, Karl-Heinz Ebel-
gang Piorr, Peter Praetzel, Rudolf Schneider, Wolf- er, Manfred Klenke, Hans-Ulrich Michutta, Adolf
gang Sehnbruch, Willi Tscheuschner, Heinz Wey- Mueller, Maja Rubba, Alfred Ruegemer, Fritz
land. Scheibe, Frans Schuitemaker, Edgar Vielweber,
Departments: Christa Waldhoff, Gerhard Wanitscheck, Hans-
Lay Activities and Ministerial, Friedhelm Dillmann. Joachim Weisse, Heike Wiest.


Educational Saleve Adventist Institute (Institut Adventiste du
Adventist Bible Seminary (Biblicky Seminar Cirkve Saleve), Collonges-sous-Saleve, 74160 St. Julien
Adventistu S.D.), Zalesi 50, 142 00 Praha 4- en Genevois, France.
Lhotka, Czechoslovakia.
Adventist Mission Private School (Privatschule der Food Companies
Advent-Mission), Cramerstrasse 11, 8004 Zurich, German Health Food Factory (DE-VAU-GEGesund-
Switzerland. kostwerk Gmbh), Luener Rennbahn 18, 2120
Bogenhofen Seminary (Austrian-Swiss Junior Col- Lueneburg,.Federal Republic of Germany.
lege), (Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen), A-4963 St. Phag Food Factory (Fabnque de produits dieteti-
Peter am Hart, bei Braunau am Inn, Austria. ques S.a.r.I.), 1196 Gland, Switzerland.
Bongo Adventist Seminary (Seminario Adventista Pur-Aliment Food Factory, 15, Rue Leon Blum,
do Bongo), Caixa Postal 3, Huambo, Angola. 92113 Clichy-Cedex, France.
Friedensau Theological Seminary (Theologisches Spanish Food Factory (Granovita), Carretera de
Seminar Friedensau), 3271 Friedensau bei Burg, Petres, Apartado 52, 46500 Sagunto (Valencia),
Bez. Magdeburg, German Democratic Republic. Spain.
Italian Junior College (Istituto Avventista Villa Au-
rora, Scuola Media e Liceo Scientifico, Seminario Health-Care
di Teologia), Via del Pergolino 12, 50139 Flor- Hospitals:
ence, Italy. Berlin Hospital (Krankenhaus Waldfriede), Argen-
Lisbon Secondary School (Externato Infanta D. tinische Allee 40, D-1000 Berlin 37 (Zehlendorf),
Joana), Rua de Ponta Delgada le, 3, R/C 1000 Federal Republic of Germany.
Lisbon, Portugal. Bongo Mission Hospital (Hospital Adventista do
Marienhoehe Seminary (Seminar Marienhoehe Bongo), do Uniao Angolana dos Adventistas do
Gymnasium and Kolleg/Theologisches Semi- Setimo Dia, Caixa Postal 3, Huambo, Angola.
nar), Auf der Marienhoehe 32, 6100 Darmstadt, Lake Geneva Sanitarium (Clinique La Ligniere),
Federal Republic of Germany. 1196 Gland, Switzerland.
Mozambique Adventist Seminary (Seminario
Adventista do Setimo Dia de Mocambique), Dispensaries:
Caixa Postal 2048, Beira, Mozambique. Cuale Dispensary, Caixa Postal 345, Malange,
Oliveira do Douro Secondary School (Externato Angola.
Adventista de Oliveira do Douro), Rua do Jorgim Italian Health Center (Centro Avventista Medicina
166, Oliveira do Douro, 4400 Vila Nova de Gaia, Sociale C.A.M.S.), Lungotevere Michelangelo 7,
Portugal. 00192 Rome, Italy.
Renens Adventist School (College Adventiste Re- Portuguese Health Center (Centro Medico Social
nens), 48, Chemin de Jouxtens, 1020 Renens, Adventista), Vivenda Coelho, Estrada Principal,
Switzerland. Vale de Cambra, Canecas, 2675 Odivelas, Por-
Romanian Theological Seminary (Seminarul Teolo- tugal.
gic), Strada Labirint 116, 74124 Bucharest III, Quicuco Dispensary, Caixa Postal 7, Quilengues,
Romania. Angola.
Sagunto Adventist College (Colegio Adventista de Retirement Homes and Orphanages:
Sagunto), Carretera de Petres, Apartado 52, Bad Aibling Old People s Home ("Haus Wittels-
46500 Sagunto (Valencia), Spain. bach"), Rosenheimerstrasse 47, 8202 Bad Aibl-

ing, Oberbayern, Federal Republic of Germany. der Gemeinschaft der STA in der DDR), Hel-
Basle Old People's Home (Adventheim, Haus fuer mholtzstrasse 1, DDR 1160 Berlin, German
Betagte), Alemannengasse 7, 4058 Basle, Switzer- Democratic Republic.
land. Safeliz Publishing House (Editorial Safeliz, S.L.),
Berlin-Steglitz Old People's Home, Grunewald- c/Aravaca 8, E-28040 Madrid, Spain.
strasse 39, 1000 Berlin 41, Federal Republic of
Germany. Other Entities
"Casa de Pensii si ajutoare a Cultului Crestin
Adventist de Ziva a Saptea din Republica Bible Correspondence Schools:
Socialista Romania," Strada Labirint 116, Angola:
Bucharest III, Romania. Voice of Prophecy, Caixa Postal 611, Huambo,
Etablissement Medico-Social Le Flon, 1610 Oron- Angola.
la-Ville, Switzerland. Austria:
Forli Old People's Home (Casa di Riposo "Casa Voice of Hope (Stimme der Hoffnung), Nuss-
Mia"), Via E. Curie! 53, 47100 Forli, Italy. dorferstrasse 5, 1090 Vienna, Austria.
Friedensau Old People's Home, 3271 Friedensau Belgium:
bei Burg, Bez. Magdeburg, German Democratic Voice of Hope (La Voix de l'Esperance/De Stem
Republic. der Hoop), Dreef 1, 3600 Genk, Belgium.
"Haus Stefanie," 2680 Semmering, Bahnhofplatz 4, France:
Austria. Bible Correspondence School (Institut d'Etude
Lapi (Lar Adventista Para Pessoas Idosas), Vale de la Bible par Correspondance (I.E.B.C.),
Queimado, 2120 Salvaterra de Magos, Portugal. B.P. 7, 77350 Le Mee sur Seine, France. Tele-
Maison de Retraite (Le Foyer du Romarin), 34170 phone: (1) 64 09 48 92.
Castelnau le Lez, Clapiers, France. Germany:
Neandertal Old People's Home (Advent- Bible Correspondence School (Friedensauer
Wohlfahrtswerk, Westdeutscher Verband e.V.), Bibellehrbriefe), Karl-Heine-Str. 8, Postfach
Diepensiepen 16, Neandertal, 4020 Mettmann/ 66, 7031 Leipzig, German Democratic Repub-
Rhld., Federal Republic of Germany. lic.
Old People's Home (Oertlimatt), 3704 Krattigen, Voice of Hope (Stimme der Hoffnung), Am
Switzerland. Elfengrund 66, 6100 Darmstadt 13, Federal Re-
Seccao de Pero Negro, Pero Negro, 2590 Sobral de public of Germany.
Monte Agraco, Portugal. Italy:
Spanish Old People's Home (Residencia de Voice of Hope (La Voce della Speranza), Via
Ancianos Maranatha), Can Julia Gros, 08440 Car- Trieste 23, 50139 Firenze, Italy.
dedeu (Barcelona), Spain. Mozambique:
Uelzen Old People's Home (Advent- Bible Correspondence School, Caixa Postal
Wohlfahrtswerk, Westdeutscher Verband e.V.), 1541, Maputo, Mozambique.
Waldstrasse 1, 3110 Uelzen 1, Federal Republic of North Africa:
Germany. Voice of Prophecy (La Voix de la Prophetie, in
Arabic and French), 63 Rue du Faubourg Pois-
Publishing sonniere, 75009 Paris, France. Telephone: (1)
Advent Publishers (Advent-Verlag), Wylerhalde, 45 23 31 36.
3704 Krattigen, Switzerland. Portusal:
Adventist Foundation for the Blind (Stiftung Blin- Voice of Hope, Rua Ilha Terceira 3, 3°, 1000 Lis-
dendienst der Advent-Mission, Basel), bon, Portugal.
Naefelserstrasse 34, 4055 Basel, Switzerland. Spain:
Adventist Review Publishing House (Editura Voice of Hope, Cuevas 23, 28039 Madrid, Spain.
Curierul Adventist), Strada Labirint 116, Switzerland:
Bucharest III, Romania. Bible Correspondence School (Institut d'Etude
Angola Publishing House (Casa Publicadora Ango- de la Bible par Correspondance) (I.E.B.C.),
lana), Caixa Postal 24 27, Huambo, Angola. Case Postale 243, 1020 Renens 1, Switzerland.
Austrian Publishing House (Wegweiser-Verlag, Voice of Hope (Stimme der Hoffnung), Postfach
Gesellschaft m.b.H), Nussdorferstrasse 5, 1090 9122, 8050 Zurich, Switzerland.
Vienna, Austria.
Evangelistic Center:
Belgian Flemish Publishing House (Veritas-
International Evangelistic Center (Point de Rencon-
Vlaanderen), Ernest Allardstraat 11-13,1000 Brus-
tre International, P.R.I.), 25, Rue Salomon
sels, Belgium.
Reinach, 69003 Lyons, France. Telephone: 78 72
Czechoslovakian Publishing House (Publikacni 17 47.
Oddeleni Cirkev Adventistu S.D.), Londynska
30, 120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady, Czechoslovakia. Radio Stations and Production Centers:
Hamburg Publishing House(Saatkorn-Verlag France:
GmbH), Grindelberg 13-17, 2000 Hamburg 13, Radio Albatros, 66, Rue du Docteur de Bois-
Federal Republic of Germany. siere, 76600 Le Havre, France. Manager,
Italian Publishing House (Edizioni A.D.V. L'Araldo Daniel Jublin. Telephone: 35 54 31 40.
della Verita), Via Chiantigiana 30, Falciani 50023, Radio Cristal, B.P. 200, 88005 Epinal Cedex,
Impruneta, Florence, Italy. France. Manager, T. Falcao.
Life and Health Publishing House, France (Maison Radio Esperance, B.P. 6, 13361 Marseille Cedex
d' Edition Vie et Sante), 60, Avenue Emile Zola, 10, France. Manager, B. Vertallier.
77192 Dammarie-les-Lys Cedex, France. Radio La Sentinelle, 21, Rue Ste. Croix des Pelle-
Mozambique Publishing House (Livraria da Igreja tiers, 76000 Rouen, France. Manager, Richard
Adventista do Setimo Dia de Mocambique), Ave- Elofer.
nida Maguiguana No. 300, Maputo, Mozambi- Radio Saleve, B.P. 66, 74160 Collonges-sous-
que. Saleve, France. Manager, Bernard Sauvagnat.
Portuguese Publishing House (Publicadora Atlanti- Radio Semnoz, B.P. 406, 74013 Annecy Cedex,
co, S.A.R.L.), Rua Salvador Allende, Lote 18-1° France. Manager, Z. Zivkov.
and 2°, 2686 Sacavem Codex, Portugal. Radio Voix de I'Esperance, 130, Blvd. de I'Hopit-
Publishing Association of the German Democratic al, 75013 Paris, France. Manager, Bernard
Republic Union Conference (Verlagsabteilung Pichot.

Germany: S. Agata Li Battiati (Catania), Italy. Manager, P.

Voice of Hope (Stimme der Hoffnung), Am Benini.
Elfengrund 66, 6100 Darmstadt 13, Federal Re-
public of Germany. Manager, A. Patzke. Advent-Wohlfahrtswerk, Westdeutscher Verband
Italy: e.V., Bergheim Muehlenrahmede, 5990 Altena 1,
Adventist World Radio (U.I.C.C.A.-AWR), Westfalen, Federal Republic of Germany.
Casella Postale 383, Via Tomba 91 - Localita Frauenwald Retreat (Erholungsheim Frauenwald),
Massa, 47100 Forli, Italy. Manager, Greg Am Silberblick 2, PF 26, 6304 Frauenwald
Hodgson. (Thueringen), German Democratic Republic.
Radio Bethel, Via Rossini 1, 92019 Sciacca, Italy. Freudenstadt Retreat, Herrenfelderstrasse 13,
Manager, M. Mustacchia. Adventhaus, 7290 Freudenstadt/Schwarzwald,
Radio Maranata, Via L. Pettinati 46, 10062 Luser- Federal Republic of Germany.
na S. Giovanni (Torino), Italy. Manager, D. Friedensau Retreat (Erholungsheim Friedensau),
Abiusi. 3271 Friedensau bei Burg, Bez. Magdeburg, Ger-
Radio Orione, Via P. Gori 13, 56100 Pisa, Italy. man Democratic Republic.
Manager, P. Banti. Sonnenhof Retreat (Erholungsheim Sonnenhof),
Radio Voce della Speranza, Bologna, Via delle Am Weinberg 45, PF 32-12, 8090 Dresden, Ger-
Lame 83, 40122 Bologna, Italy. Manager, W. man Democratic Republic.
Soranna. Waldpark Hohenfichte Retreat (Erholungsheim
Radio Voce della Speranza, Casella Postale 103, Waldpark), 9385 Hohenfichte, Metzdorfer Stras-
31015 Conegliano, Italy. Manager, R. Fiorella. se 20, bei Karl-Marx-Stadt, German Democratic
Radio Voce della Speranza, Via Trieste 23, 50139
Florence, Italy. Manager, R. Vacca.
Radio Voce della Speranza, Via Curiel 53, 47100 Servicemen's Center:
Forli, Italy. Manager, S. Losio. S.D.A. Servicemen's Center (Germany).
Radio Voce della Speranza, Via Fontania 2/E, Office Address: Johann Klotz Strasse 13, 6 Frank-
04024 Gaeta, Italy. Manager, A. Parrella. furt/Main (Niederrad), Federal Republic of
Radio Voce della Speranza, Via G. Di Marzo 27, Germany.
90144 Palermo, Italy. Manager, D. Benini. Telephone: (Frankfurt 069) 67-38-87.
Radio Voce della Speranza, Via F. Nava 16, 95030 Director: Glenn Bowen.

1,.*. 4*v•

Ott 4 ti
11! , APIT t - ;•
P 4. 4.* ,41'* "
* rr*

Unions Population Churches Members

Bangladesh 102,060,000 46 5,168
Burma 38,541,128 136 12,076
Central Philippine 14,975,935 520 102,975
East Indonesia 17,290,623 425 54,476
'-' Japan 122,264.000 105 12,272
Korean 43,022,731 450 83,977
North Philippine 45,342,877 1,009 134,161
South China Island 25,760,000 56 9,511
South Philippine 14,829,366 818 187,748
Southeast Asia 137,872,800 238 45,036
Sri Lanka - 14,859,295 25 1,719
West Indonesia 155,404,602 436 57,404
Guam-Micronesia Mission 220.000 2 168
Totals June 30, 1988 732,443,357 4,278

t`i r :t
**..ittt .4'

SION. Taiwan

9 Palen
Phnom per; Vietnam at-UNION MISSION
Ho Chi Minh City

/111 rA °-/
Organized 1919; reorganized 1931, 1986

Territory: Bangladesh, Brunei, BLr Hong Kong, Education, Shozo Tabuchi; Associates, Jonathan
Indonesia, Japan, Kampuc ea, Korea, Laos, Kuntaraf, Michael L. Ryan; Associate for Nurs-
Macao, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri ing, L. Phil Hunt.
Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and islands of
the Pacific north of the Equator, west of the Inter-
national Date Line, and south of 50° North Latitude
Health, Kathleen Kuntaraf; Associate, Edward B.
Ministerial, Violeto F. Bocala; Associate, Minoru
(excluding Kiribati north of the Equator); compris- Inada.
ing the Japan and Korean Union Conferences, the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, G. Ray James.
Bangladesh, Burma, Central Philippine, East In- Publishing, Russell C. Thomas; Assistant, Howard
donesia, North Philippine, South China Island, F. Faigao.
South Philippine, Southeast Asia, and West In- Spirit of Prophecy, Bernardo U. Donato.
donesia Union Missions, the Sri Lanka Union of Services:
Churches, and the Guam-Micronesia Mission of ADRA, Maitland A. Di Pinto.
Seventh-day Adventists. AHS/A:
Population: 732,443,357; churches, 4,278; mem- President, Delbert L. Johnson.
bers, 708,691. Vice-President for Finance, Delbert L. Johnson.
Cable Address: "Fareast," Singapore. Vice-President for Marketing and Strategic Plan-
ning, John K. S. Lee.
Facsimile Number: (65) 253-4009. Consultant for Dental Affairs, Merlin D. Ekvall.
Telex Number: 786-21997 (Ans. FEDEX-RS21997). Consultant for Medical Affairs, Edward B. Holm.
Office Address: 800 Thomson Road, Singapore 1129, Consultant for Nursing Affairs, L. Phil Hunt.
Republic of Singapore. Telephones: 253-1155, 253- Archives, Tong C. Kim.
1169, 253-1221, 253-1434, 253-1612, 253-1754, 253- ASI, Minoru Inada.
1965, and 253-1987. Church Growth Institute of the Philippines, Edwin
C. Beck.
English Language Schools, G. Ray James.
President, Ottis C. Edwards.
International Health Food Association, Masao Uru-
Secretary, Tong C. Kim; Associate, Gordon E. Bul-
NSO, Bernardo U. Donato; Associate, Larry R. Col-
Treasurer, Ian E. Grice; Undertreasurer, Rowena
Rick; Associate, Edmund Ho; Assistant, Max W.
Retirement, Novella McWilliam.
Langi; Assistant for Legal Affairs, Peter C. L. Foo.
Trust Services, Bernardo U. Donato.
Administrative Field Secretary, Larry R. Colburn.
Auditor, Barrie N. Collins; Staff Auditor, Steven G. Transportation Agents:
Rose; District Auditors, Ahn Dong Chool General Agent, Ian E. Grice; Associates, Edmund
(K.U.C.), Wenceslao D. Chavit (C.P.U.M.), Ho, Rowena Rick; Other Agents: Treasurers of the
Romeo P. Gines (N.P.U.M.), C. Roger Isaacs Japan and Korean Union Conferences, the Bang-
(B.A.U.M./B.R.U.M./S.L.U.C.), John Mandias ladesh, Burma, Central Philippine, East Indonesia,
(E.I.U.M.), Carlos Salazar (S.P.U.M.), Charles S. North Philippine, South China Island, South Philip-
Silalahi (W.I.U.M.), Peter Wong (S.A.U.M.), pine, Southeast Asia, and West Indonesia Union
Woo Man Yin (S.C.I.U.M.). Missions, the Sri Lanka Union of Churches, and the
Administrative Assistant to Treasury, Novella Guam-MiCronesia Mission of Seventh-day Adven-
McWilliam. tists.
Executive Committee: Ottis C. Edwards, Ordained Ministers:
Chairman; Tong C. Kim, Secretary; Gary L. Affol- Reuel Almocera, Ba Khin, Edwin C. Beck, Violeto F.
ter, Reuel Almocera, Ba Khin, Mrs. W. Steve Bas- Bocala, Gordon E. Bullock, Larry R. Colburn,
sham, Bruce L. Bauer, Violet() F. Bocala, Gordon E. Sunith K. Das, Maitland A. Di Pinto, Bernardo U.
Bullock, Larry R. Colburn, Peter B. Das, Paterno M. Donato, Ottis C. Edwards, Howard F. Faigao, Gil G.
Diaz, Maitland A. Di Pinto, Bernardo U. Donato, Fernandez, Charles J. Griffin, Minoru Inada, G. Ray
Peter C. L. Foo, Rufo Gasapo, Hector V. Gayares, James, Tong C. Kim, Yoshitaka Kobayashi,
Sophar S. Gevera Sr., Ian E. Grice, Charles J. Grif- Jonathan Kuntaraf, Jai Ryong Lee, John K. S. Lee,
fin, Guillermo H. Gucilatar, Edmund Ho, Edward B. Nepthali Manez, Daniel Nestares, Milford D. Per-
Holm, Eugene Hsu, L. Phil Hunt, Minoru Inada, G. rin, Ray L. Roth, Roy E. Ryan, Shim Tae Sup, Charles
Ray James, Delbert L. Johnson, George C. John- S. Silalahi, Shozo Tabuchi, Felipe Tan, Russell C.
son, Jonathan Kuntaraf, Kathleen Kuntaraf, Max W. Thomas, Humberto R. Treiyer, Werner K. Vyhmeis-
Langi, John K. S. Lee, William Lee, Lyu Hyung ter, Donald E. Williams, Peter Wong.
Hwan, Efinito M. Macalintal, L. P. Manalu, Robert Credentialed Missionaries:
G. Manners, D. H. Manurung, Stanley Ng, James S. Gary L. Affolter, Mrs. Gary L. Affolter, Ahn Dong
Ramos, Alex Rantung, Rowena Rick, Michael L. Chool, Dorene Ang, Laurence Ang, Naomi Arit,
Ryan, J. Selvarajah, Shim Tae Sup, Takashi Shir- Mrs. Ba Khin, Mauricia Barrientos, Mrs. W. Steve
aishi, Edmund Siagian, Bahasa Soemarna, Shozo Bassham, Mrs. Edwin C. Beck, Mrs. Violeto F.
Tabuchi, Thein Shwe, Russell C. Thomas, Charles Bocala, Larry W. Boughman, Mrs. Larry W. Bough-
H. Tidwell, Masao Uruma, Werner K. Vyhmeister, man, Ellen Brofas, Mrs. Gordon E. Bullock, Fe Urita
Raffles E. Watulingas, Yan Aye, Yukio Yokomizo. Burce, Suzanne Chan, Wenceslao D. Chavit,
Departments: Ronald F. Childers, Mrs. Larry R. Colburn, Mrs.
Church Ministries, Charles J. Griffin; Associates, Sunith K. Das, Elsie S. dela Cruz, Stan M. Detweil-
Ba Khin, Mrs. W. Steve Bassham, Shim Tae Sup. er, Mrs. Maitland A. Di Pinto, Mrs. Bernardo U.
Communication, G. Ray James. Donato, Mrs. Ottis C. Edwards, Mrs. Virgil 0.


Erlandson, Carmelita J. Escalaw, Raquel R. Floresta, Bernice Paras, Mrs. Milford D. Perrin, Mrs. Paoring
Mrs. Peter C. L. Foo, Peter C. L. Foo, Romeo P. L. Ragui, Paoring L. Ragui, Rowena Rick, Mrs. Ray L.
Gines, Margaret Goh, Ian E. Grice, Mrs. Ian E. Roth, Michael L. Ryan, Mrs. Michael L. Ryan, Mrs.
Grice, Andrew P. Haynal, Mrs. Andrew P. Haynal, Roy E. Ryan, Carlos Salazar, Elizabeth Siapo, Lois E.
Edmund Ho, Mrs. John S. K. Ho, Rena Ho, Edward Simmons, John F. Sipkens, Mrs. John F. Sipkens,
B. Holm, L. Phil Hunt, Mrs. Minoru Inada, C. Roger Mogens H. Sorensen, Mrs. Mogens H. Sorensen,
Isaacs, Mrs. G. Ray James, Delbert L. Johnson, Mrs. Mrs. Thomas G. Staples, Nimfa Suma&aysay, D. C.
C. Delmar Johnson, A. Roland Karlman, Mrs. A. Swan, Mrs. Shozo Tabuchi, Conselo Tanamal,
Roland Karlman, Mrs. Tong C. Kim, Mrs. Jonathan Cineo Tapeceria, Novelia Tapeceria, Mrs. Russell
Kuntaraf, Max W. Langi, Mrs. Max W. Langi, Mrs. C. Thomas, Mrs. Humberto R. Treiyer, Masao Uru-
Jai Ryong Lee, Mrs. John K. S. Lee, Milton Longway, ma, Kathleen Visuvanathan, Mrs. Werner K.
Mrs. Milton Longway, Annabelle Lopez, John Man- Vyhmeister, Wong Ai Hoon, Man Yin Woo.
dias, Novella McWilliam, Mrs. R. Martin Moores,
R. Martin Moores, Mrs. Daniel Nestares, John W. Licensed Ministers:
Neumann, Mrs. John W. Neumann, Ruby Orate, Zdravko Stefanovic.


Organized 1919; reorganized 1938, 1979

Territory: Bangladesh; comprising the East Bang- H. Dio, Robert G. Manners, E. P. Rema, A. K. Sar-
ladesh, North Bangladesh, South Bangladesh, and car, Jerald W. Whitehouse.
West Bangladesh Missions. Honorary: N. D. Roy.
Population: 102,060,000; churches, 46; members, Credentialed Missionaries:
5,168. James P. 'Adhikary, Mrs. Suranjan Baida, Sunil
Cable Address: "Adventist," Dhaka 1000, Bang- Baida, Suranjan Baidya, Sushanto Baidya, Milton
ladesh. M. Bairagee, Mrs. Isaac P. Bairagee, Mrs. R. Wil-
liam Bairagee, R. William Bairagee, Mrs. Nathaniel
Telex Number: SDABD 642949 BJ. Baroi, Nathaniel Baroi, Edward P. Baroya, Nalini
Mailing Address: G.P.O. Box 80, Dhaka 1000, Bang- Bayen, Sukanto Bayen, Anil Bhattacharya, Mrs.
ladesh. Ramesh K. Biswas, Mrs. Simpson Biswas, Ramesh
Office Address: Adventpur, 149, Mirpur Road No. 1, K. Biswas, Simpson Biswas, Sekhor Bol, Edward
Shah Ali Bagh, Mirpur, Dhaka 1210, Bangladesh. Chambugong, Mrs. Edward Chambugong, Ruel
Telephone: 380355. Dango, Mrs. P. R. Das, Mrs. Sukrit K. Das, Nalini
Das, Mrs. Selmon H. Dio, George Haider, Mrs.
Srnrity Haider, Mrs. Swapon Haider, Ronald Hal-
President, Robert G. Manners.
der, Swapon Haider, Michael Hembrom, Mrs.
Secretary, Selmon H. Dio.
Binoy Hembrom, Mrs. Robert G. Manners, Augus-
Treasurer, Ramesh K. Biswas; Assistant, Suranjan
tine Mondol, Benjamin Raksham, Mrs. Benjamin
Raksham, Mrs. Patrick A. Rema, Patrick A. Rema,
Executive Committee: Robert G. Manners,
Anthony B. Roy, Mrs. Anthony B. Roy, K. Shishir
Chairman; Selmon H. Dio, Secretary; R. C. Adhik-
Sarcar, Mrs. A. K. Sarcar, Mrs. N. N. Sarcar, N. N.
ary, Isaac P. Bairagee, Robert W. Bairagee, Babloo
Sarcar, Albert S. Sikdar, Mrs. Albert S. Sikdar, Mrs.
Banerjee, Samiron Baroryee, Edward P. Baroya,
B. B. Talukdar, Mrs. P. N. Thomas, Mrs. Jerald W.
Jacob Biswas, Ramesh K. Biswas, Byron B. Bol, Ed-
ward P. Chambugong, Peter B. Das, Sukrit K. Das,
Honorary: A. C. Bol.
Swapon Haider, Douglas D. Roy.
Licensed Ministers:
Stewart P. Ritchil.
Church Ministries, Sukrit K. Das.
Communication, Spirit of Prophecy, and VOP, Ed-
Education, Sukrit K. Das (acting). Organized 1984; reorganized 1988
Health and Temperance, Robert G. Manners.
Territory: Bandarban, Brahmanbaria, Chandpur,
Ministerial, Selmon H. Dio.
Chittagong, Comilla, Cox's Bazar, Dhaka, Feni,
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Edward P.
Gazipur, Khagrachari, Lakshmipur, Manikganj,
Munshiganj, Narayanganj, Narshingdi, Noakhali,
and Rangamati.
Legal Association: Bangladesh Financial Associa- Population: 30,072,000; churches, 2; members, 496.
Secretary, Chinmoy Roy Chawdhury. Cable Address: "Adventist," Chittagong, Bang-
Services: Office Address: do ADC, House No. 18, Road No. 4,
ADRA, Telephones: 381496 and 606349. Kulshi Hill, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Director, Jerald W. Whitehouse.
Bangladesh Christian Sponsorship Service, Tele- Administration:
phone: 381940. President, Robert G. Manners.
Director, Babloo Banerjee. Secretary, Selmon H. Dio.
Book Depot, Ramesh K. Biswas. Treasurer, Ramesh K. Biswas.
Health Education Center, Edward P. Baroya. Coordinator, R. C. Adhikary.
Retirement, Selmon H. Dio. Ordained Ministers:
Trust Services, Ramesh K. Biswas. R. C. Adhikary.
Ordained Ministers: Credentialed Missionaries:
Isaac P. Bairagee, P. R. Das, Sukrit K. Das, Selmon Mrs. R. C. Adhikary.

Licensed Ministers: Office Address: P.O. Box 3, Gopalgonj Saddar,

Peter Ghoroza. Gopalgonj 8100, Bangladesh. Telephone: (0423)
President, Byron B. Bol.
Organized 1988
Secretary-Treasurer, Bidhan Chandra Talukdar.
Territory: Hobiganj, Jamalpur, Kishorgang, Maulavi Department:
Bazar, Mymensingh, Netrokona, Sherpur, Sunam- Stewardship, S. K. Haider.
ganj, Sylhet, and Tangail.
Ordained Ministers:
Population: 30,000,000; churches, 11; members, M. L. Baidya, Byron B. Bol, J. M. Roy.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Cable Address: "Adventist," Post Box 38, Mymens- Mrs. M. L. Baidya, Paul Prosenjit Barikdar, Utpol
ingh 2200, Bangladesh. Biswas, Mrs. Byron B. Bol, J. N. Dewri, R. N. Hal-
Mailing Address: Post Box 38, Mymensingh 2200, der, Mrs. Santosh Kisku, Mrs. Robinson Mondol,
Bangladesh. Robinson Mondol, J. C. Roy, Mrs. J. C. Roy, Bidhan
Office Address: 76 Jail Road, Mymensingh 2200, Chandra Talukdar, Mrs. Bidhan Chandra Talukdar.
Bangladesh. Licensed Ministers:
Administration: Sudhir Bapari, Benedict Baroi, A. R. Bol, Bibek Hal-
President, Douglas D. Roy. der, Simon Haider, Stephen K. Haider.
Secretary-Treasurer, Ashish K. Bol.
Department: Organized 1984; reorganized 1988
Stewardship, Akhil Batik.
Territory: Bogra, Chapinawabgonj, Dinajpur,
Ordained Ministers:
Gaibanda, Joypurhat, Kurigram, Lalmonirhat, Nao-
Hiron K. Dango, B. K. Mrong, S. K. Rema, D. D.
gaon, Nator, Nilphamari, Pabna, Panchagarh, Ra-
jshahi, Rangpur, Sirajgonj, and Thakurgaon.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Mrs. Sailo Bala Rema, Mrs. D. D. Roy, Mrs. Mar- Population: 22,994,000; churches, 11; members,
garet Sangma. 982.
Licensed Ministers: Cable Address: "Adventist," Bogra, Bangladesh.
Akhil K. Batik. Office Address: Post Box 36, Bogra 5800, Bang-
SOUTH BANGLADESH MISSION President, Robert G. Manners.
Organized 1988 Secretary, Selmon H. Dio.
Territory: Bagerhat, Barguna, Barisal, Bhola, Treasurer, Ramesh K. Biswas.
Chuadanga, -Faridpur, Gopalgonj, Jessore, Jhalo- Coordinator, Peter B. Das.
kathi, Jheraidah, Khulna, Kushtia, Madharipur, Ordained Ministers:
Magura, Meherpur, Narail, Patuakhali, Pirojpur, Ananta K. Bayen, Subash Ritchil, Samuel Soren.
Rajbari, Sariatpur, Satkhira, and Vola. Credentialed Missionaries:
Population: 18,994,000; churches, 22; members, Mrs. Ananta K. Bayen, Mrs. Narattom Bayen, Mrs.
1,845. Sylvester Irwin.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Gopalgonj, Bang- Licensed Ministers:
ladesh. Bayen Narattom, Sylvester Irwin, Prodip Tudu.

Organized 1919; reorganized 1938

Territory: iterrrra; comprising the Central Burma, Kyaw Balay, Kyaw Sein Pe, Kyaw Tin, Daniel Nang-
Delta, South East, and Upper Burma Missions, and no, Nyunt Maung, Moses Po, V. Rualchhina, Yan
the Rangoon District. Aye.
Population: 38,541,128; churches, 136; members, Departments:
12,076. Church Ministries, Moses Po; Associates, Samuel
Cable Address: "Adventist," Rangoon, Burma. Po, V. Rualchhina.
Communication and Education, Sidney Gyi.
Telex Number: 21201 or 21221, Registered No. 327, Health and Temperance, Ephraim Han.
do Ba Hla Thein. Ministerial and Spirit of Prophecy, Daniel Nangno.
Mailing Address: Post Box 977, Rangoon 11191, Bur- Publishing, Nelson Hla Pe.
ma. Religious Liberty, Thein Shwe.
Office Address: 68 U Wisara Road, 11191, Legal Association: "Burma Association of Seventh-
Burma. Telephone: 75248. day Adventists."
Administration: Services:
President, Thein Shwe. ADRA, Office Address: 72 U Wisara Road, Rangoon
Secretary, Ba Hla Thein. 11191, Burma. Telephone: 75248. Mailing
Treasurer, Do Hen Pau; Assistant, Muller Kyaw. Address: Post Box 977, Rangoon 11191, Burma.
Executive Committee: Thein Shwe, Chairman; Ba Director, Ephraim Han.
Hla Thein, Secretary; Abenay, Elijah Bwint, Tember Book Depot, Henry Tun.
Chit, Valentine Chit, Do Hen Pau, E. Dwe Tha, Ordained Ministers:
Sidney Gyi, Ephraim Han, Hla Chit, Nelson Hla Pe, Ba Hla Thein, Tember Chit, Chit Sein, Sidney Gyi,
Khin Maung Nyein, Khual Za Nang, V. Kipzanang, Ephraim Han, Nelson Hla Pe, Khin Maung Nyein,

Kyaw Balay, Kyaw Zan I, Daniel Nangno, Montana Administration:

Paul, Kyaw Sein Pe, Moses Po, Samuel Po, V. Rual- President, E. Dwe Tha.
chhina, Tin Tun Shin, Thang Siangh, Thein Shwe, Secretary-Treasurer, Jonathan Zaw Weik.
Yan Aye. Executive Committee: E. Dwe Tha, Chairman;
Honorary: Ah Taw, Aye Maung, Ba Nyein, Chit Jonathan Zaw Weik, Secretary; Bo Than, Chit Shwe
Maung, Johnny Kan Bein, Kay Paw, Kyaw Din II, Lone, Rawlinson Johnny, Kan Myint, Moller Kyaw,
Kyaw Din I, C. Lalkhuma, Maung Saw, Maung Twa, Lay Htay, Kenneth Nyein, Pyi Aye, San Myat
Ngul Kho Pau, Elisha Paul, Pe Yee, Pein Kyi, Shwe Thoung, Saw Say, Sein Twa, Smile Shein, Soe
Hlaing, Thein Ngwe, Tial Cung Nung, Timo, Tun Maung.
Maung II, Zakhuma. Departments:
Credentialed Missionaries: Church Ministries, Bo Than; Associate, Kenneth
Ah Tun, Do Hen Pau, Kyaw Tun, Herbert Sein, Than Nyein.
Myaing, Thoung Khin, Henry Tun. Communication, Moller Kyaw.
Honorary: Aung Win, Myat Kyaw, Stephen Pe- Education and Publishing, Jonathan Zaw Weik.
ter, Doe Doe Shin. Health and Temperance, Moller Kyaw.
Licensed Ministers: Ministerial, Lay Htay.
Bo Kay, Cyrus Brown, Hla Aung, Sonny Htain, Ordained Ministers:
Maung Maung Htay, Khin Mg Latt, Kyi Lwin, Nyunt Bo Than, Chit Shwe Lone, Rawlison Johnny, Moller
Kyi, Saxon Shwe, Soe Win Tun, Charles Zaw. Kyaw, Muller Kyaw, Lay Htay, Kenneth Nyein, Pyi
Honorary: Fred Kai, Kyi Maung, Maung Chit, Aye, San Myat Thoung, Saw Say, Smile Shein, Soe
Maung Ni, Maung Thein II, Maung Ywa, Myat Maung, E. Dwe Tha.
Thein, Sein Tun, Tun Hmwe, Tun Mymt Kyaw. Licensed Ministers:
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Zaw Win Aung, Aung Shein, Aung Shwin, Peter
Maung Maung Zaw, John Ngwe Mang. Beale, Davidson, Han Sein, Hla Kwe, Lawrence
Honorary: Kyaw Yai. Khin, Khin Maung Yin, Lin Shwe, Nyunt Shwe,
Muna Paul, jimmy Sein, Wilson Shwe, Caleb Tah,
Tar May Paw, Shine Tha, Marcus Thein, Loizeau
CENTRAL BURMA MISSION Tun, Maung Maung Tun, Tun Nyein, Vinton, Wal-
Organized 1967 ton.
Territory: Kayah, Rakhine, and Southern Shan
States, the upper part of Karen State, the lower part
of Ma we and Mandalay Divisions, and the upper RANGOON DISTRICT
part of Pegu Division. Established 1977
Population: 12,799,380; churches, 23; members, Territory: Part of Rangoon and Southwest Pegu Divi-
1,942. sions.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Toungoo, Burma. Population: 4,779,253; churches, 8; members,
Office Address: 469 Bayinnaung Road, Toungoo 1,261.
08101, Burma. Telephone: 054-21267. Mailing Address: Post Box 977, Rangoon 11191, Bur-
Administration: ma.
President, Hla Chit. Office Address: 68 U Wisara Road, Rangoon 11191,
Secretary-Treasurer, Stephen Sein. Burma. Telephone: 75248.
Executive Committee: Hla Chit, Chairman; Administration:
Stephen Sein, Secretary; Ba Thoung, Jolly Din, Administrator, Tember Chit.
Lawrence Gyi, Kyaw Aye, Kyaw Balay, Kyi Saung,
Lun Kyin, Mya Chit, Myint Aung, San Khaing, Dan-
ny Tun, Yeh Koh.
Departments: Organized 1919; reorganized 1938
Church Ministries, Lun Kyin; Associate, Lawrence
Gyi. Territory: Mon State, part of Southeast Pegu Divi-
Communication and Public Relations, Lun Kyin. sion, part of Southern Karen State, and Tenasserim
Education and Publishing, Stephen Sein. Division.
Health and Temperance, Lawrence Gyi. Population: 4,217,135; churches, 21; members,
Ministerial, Hla Chit. 2,303.
Ordained Ministers: Cable Address: "Adventist," Moulmein, Burma.
Ba Thoung, Jolly Din, Lawrence Gyi, Hla Chit, Kyi
Office Address: Mawrawaddy Park, Moulmein
Saung, Lun Kyin, Stephen Sein, Danny Tun.
12011, Burma.
Licensed Ministers:
Aung Chit, Bo Khin, Doe Doe Chit, Samson Chit,
President, Elijah Bwint.
Dee Dee Lay, Sonny Din, Hla Gun, Kyaw Aye, Kyaw
Secretary-Treasurer, Sandy Dee.
Thein, Mya Chit, Mya San, Myo Win, Nay Thway,
Executive Committee: Elijah Bwint, Chairman;
Nyan Tin, James Thein, Thein Lwin, Andrews Tin,
Sandy Dee, Secretary; Aung Sein, Aung Yin, Chit
Tin Saung, Adam Tun, Tun Kyi, Yeh Koh, Yoe Aye
Khin, Jimmy David, Scammer Hlaing, Kyaw Nyein,
Edward Paw, San Nyunt, Saw Kho, Than Maung,
Wellington Tun.
DELTA MISSION Departments:
Organized 1919; reorganized 1938 Church Ministries, San Nyunt.
Territory: Irrawaddy Division. Communication and Religious Liberty, Chit Khin.
Education and Publishing, Sandy Dee.
Population: 5,418,926; churches, 38; members, Health and Temperance, Chit Khin.
2,973. Ministerial and Public Relations, Elijah Bwint.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Myetto, Bassein, Bur- Ordained Ministers:
ma. Aung Sein, Aung Yin, Elijah Bwint, Jimmy David,
Office Address: Bassein-Monywa Highway, Myetto, Sandy Dee, Kyaw Nyein, Caleb Paw, Edward Paw,
Bassein 10011, Burma. San Nyunt.

Credentialed Missionaries: Kan Nyunt, Langh Sawn Mang, J. Lian Tern, Mal-
Chit Khin. sawma, Pau Za Khan, Suan Za Nang, Thang Kawl,
Licensed Ministers: Thang Pu, Thankhuma, Zen Do Lian.
Morris Chit, Wai Zin Chit, Morrison Hlaing, Sca- Departments:
mon Hlaing, Htoo Paw, Khin Maung Lay, Maung Church Ministries, Langh Sawn Mang.
Maung, Monlight, Nay Win, Ni Pyu, Po Lay, San Communication and Religious Liberty, V. Kipza-
Khin, San Maung II, Saw Keh, James Shwe, Sun nang.
Shine, Wellington Tun, Tun Myint, Win Thein, Education, Thang Pu.
Reingner Ywa, Nelson Zar. Health and Temperance, Thang Pu.
Ministerial and Public Relations, V. Kipzanang.
UPPER BURMA MISSION Publishing and VOP, Thang Khuma.
Established 1919 Ordained Ministers:
Territory: Chin Hills, Naga Hills, Kachin and North- Cin Za Kham, V. Kipzanang, Lalhluna, Langh Sawm
ern Shan States, the upper part of Magwe and Man- Mang, Malsawma, Suan Za Nang, Thang Kawl,
dalay Divisions, and Sagaing Division. Thang Khuma, Thang Pu, Thankhuma, Zen Do
Population: 11,326,434; churches, 46; members,
3,597. Licensed Ministers:
Biakliana, Cin Lian Hau, Deng Lian Kap, Do Za
Cable Address: "Adventist," Maymyo, Burma.
Thang, Isaiah Hai, Hei Mang, Hmun Rul, Htein
Office Address: "Brightlands," Cherry Road, Nan, -Kai Ji Gam, Kai Khan Khual, Khai Lian Mang,
Maymyo 05061, Burma. Telephone: (101) 2487. Kham Khen Pau, Kham Min Thang, Khin Maung
Administration: Tin, Lak Len, Lal Kho Pau, Let Kho Pau, Lian Khan
President, V. Kipzanang. Dal, Lian Tern, Maidon, Mua Tin, Nang Khen Cin,
Secretary, Thang Khuma. Pa Zuam Thang, Pum Thian Pau, Rozama, San
Treasurer, Thang Pu. Hlaing, Saw Yin 0o, Sawilaia, Thang Chungnunga,
Executive Committee: V. Kipzanang, Chairman; Thang Khan Dal, Thawmling, Samuel Thein, Soe
Thang Khuma, Secretary; Cin Za Kham, Kai Za Dal, Lwin Tun, Tun Lin, Van Pe 00, Yaw Chang.


Organized 1964

Territory: Visayan Islands; comprising the Central Retirement and Trust Services, Nelson L. Ornopia.
Visayan, East Visayan, Negros, and West Visayan Ordained Ministers:
Missions. Oscar L. Alolor, Mario Asumen, Wetington R. Bar-
Population: 14,975,935; churches, 520; members, reta, Faustino C. Capilitan, Abraham T. Carpena,
102,975. Renato B. Domingo, William U. Donato, Howard F.
Cable Address: "PHI LCEN," Cebu City, Philippines. Faigao, Trinidad C. Fortaleza, Hector V. Gayares,
Francisco T. Geslani, Alberto C. Gulfan, Charlie T.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3, 6000 Cebu City, Philip-
Jondonero, Lemuel L. Niere, Nelson L. Ornopia,
Casimero P. Ranario, Joaquin S. Rosendo, Jemuel
Office Address: 112 Gorordo Avenue, 6000 Cebu M. Toledanes, Manuel J. Tornilla Jr..
City, Philippines. Telephones: 7-56-13, 7-73-01, and Honorary: Orlando C. Aguirre Sr., Clovis B.
9-34-96. Arante, Bayani R. Arit, Jose M. Atil, Solomon C.
Administration: Cuizon, Benjamin G. Escara, Ruperto G. Garcia,
President, Hector V. Gayares. Crisanto T. Garilva, Teofisto V. Gulfan, Florencio
Secretary, Reuben P. Moralde. G. Jereos, David G. Jucaban, Leodegario E. Monta-
Treasurer, Casimero P. Ranario. na, Dionisio M. Niere, Urbano M. Oliva, Valeriano
Executive Committee: Hector V. Gayares, D. Quijada, Isidro B. Ravelo, Antonino Z. Roda,
Chairman; Reuben P. Moralde, Secretary; Teresa Diego C. Sabrine, Andres B. Savilla.
L. Aguilar, Oscar L. Alolor, Eli A. Bingcang, Gideon Credentialed Missionaries:
B. Buhat, Samuel R. Dinoy, Renato B. Domingo, Jovita T. Acuna, Teresa Aguilar, Gregorio C. Anto-
Emmanuel Ferrer, Trinidad G. Fortaleza, Francisco nio, Mrs. Ely M. Barreta, Eli A. Bingcang, Ben R.
T. Geslani, Cornelio 0. Gravino, Alberto C. Gulfan Caagbay, Mrs. Eliezer. V. dela Calzada, Mrs. Jere-
Jr., Abraham 0. Neri, Nelson L. Ornopia, Troadio mias Condez, Mrs. Jose Dela Cruz, Antonio A. De-
L. Pangan, Casimero P. Ranario, Joaquin S. Rosen- villa, Ronaldo Dumapig, Mrs. Trinidad Fortaleza,
do Sr., Jemuel M. Toledanes, Manuel]. Tornilla Jr., Rufo G. Gasapo, Mrs. Prospero Gonzaga, Mrs.
Joel M. Wales. Samuel D. Granada, Alberto S. Lim, Abraham 0.
Departments: Neri, Mrs. Dionisio M. Niere, Mrs. Reuben Roble,
Church Ministries, Oscar L. Alolor; Associates, Re- Adbenigo G. Rosas, Asher Tanamal, Mrs. Manuel J.
nato B. Domingo, Mrs. Dionisio M. Niere, Tornilla Jr..
Jemuel M. Toledanes. Honorary: Mrs. Eutiquio N. Dicen, Mrs. Francis-
Communication and VOP, Trinidad G. Fortaleza. co T. Geslani, Jaime B. Nadal, Mrs. Jaime B. Nadal,
Education, Abraham 0. Neri. Enriqueta T. Tauro.
Health and Temperance, Alberto C. Gulfan Jr.;
Associate, Mrs. Dionisio M. Niere.
Ministerial, Reuben P. Moralde; Shepherdess In- CENTRAL VISAYAN MISSION
ternational, Mrs. Dionisio M. Niere. Organized 1965
Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy, Joaquin S.
Rosendo Sr. Territory: Provinces of Bohol, Cebu, Masbate, and
Religious Liberty, Hector V. Gayares. Ticao Islands.
Services: Population: 4,611,533; churches, 86; members,
ASI and Services for the Blind, Oscar L. Alolor. 24,458.
NSO, Jemuel M. Toledanes. Cable Address: "Adventist," Cebu City, Philippines.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 119, 6000 Cebu City, Phi- Administration:
lippines. President, Troadio L. Pangan.
Office Address: 60 N.G. Escario, 6000 Cebu City, Phi- Secretary-Treasurer, Abednigo P. Sacay.
lippi nes. Telephone: 7-61-54. Auditor, Ernesto T. Noay.
Executive Committee: Troadio L. Pangan,
Administration: Chairman; Abednigo P. Sacay, Secretary; Teresa
President, Joel M. Wales. Aguilar, Romulo P. Albaciete, Hugo Albior, Agapi-
Secretary-Treasurer, Francisco C. Madrio. to J. Catane Jr., Jeremias E. Espina, Pastora T. Galu-
Auditor, Epenito R. Pasco. po, Bienvenido G. Mergal, Francis G. Pangan, Eliz-
Executive Committee: Joel M. Wales, Chairman; er P. Sacay, Ezekiel B. Sarsoza.
Francisco C. Madrio, Secretary; Illuminado T. Bala-
cy, Dedit Bercede, Cesar R. Colo, Samuel Dinoy, Departments:
Julito A. Francisco, Pablo G. Gunida, Adelaido M. Church Ministries, Jeremias E. Espina; Associates,
Manatad, Mrs. Reuben P. Moralde, Wilfred P. Agapito J. Catane Jr., Pastora T. Galupo, Ezekiel
Sterling, Felixberto C. Tacaldo, Manuel J. Tornilla B. Sarsoza.
Jr. Communication and Education, Ezekiel B. Sarsoza.
Health and Temperance, Pastora T. Galupo.
Departments: Ministerial, Troadio L. Pangan; Shepherdess Inter-
Church Ministries, Cesar R. Colo; Associates, Pab- national, Mrs. Troadio L. Pangan.
lo G. Gunida, Adelaido M. Manatad, Mrs. Publishing, Spirit of Prophecy, and VOP, Elizer P.
Reuben P. Moralde. Sacay.
Communication and Education, David S. Albite.-
Health and Temperance, Mrs. Reuben P. Moralde. Services:
Ministerial, Joel M. Wales; Shepherdess Interna- ASI, Jeremias E. Espina.
tional, Mrs. Reuben P. Moralde. Legal and Trust Services, Ernesto T. Noay.
Publishing, Felixberto C. Tacaldo; Assistants, Isa- NSO, Ezekiel B. Sarsoza.
gani R. Aganan, Modesto M. Bardaje, Lonie Ordained Ministers:
Cabaluna, Robert M. Camay, Ruben P. Espiritu, Romulo B. Albaciete, Agapito J. Catane, Vivencio
Rebecca B. Gultiano, Vic T. Lepaopao, Bernabina S. Culibra, Jeremias E. Espina,
- Jeremias J. Fernan-
D. Logrono. dez, Emerson C. Lucion, Benjamin S. Mahinay Jr.,
Spirit of Prophecy and VOP, Felixberto C. Tacaldo. Pedro S. Manatad, Bienvenido G. Mergal, Alfredo
Services: N. Onde, Troadio L. Pangan, Ezekiel B. Sarsoza,
Adventist Book Center, Alejandro A. Tubung- Rufino B. Urboda.
banua. Credentialed Missionaries:
ASI, Cesar R. Colo. Abednigo P. Sacay.
NSO, David S. Albite. Licensed Ministers:
Trust Services, Epenito R. Pasco. Samuel B. Bacamante, N. S. Culibra, Mrs. Ronesto
Ordained Ministers: R. Francisco, Elizer P. Sacay, Avelino C. Tapaya.
Jose R. Arellano, Illuminado T. Balacy Sr., Ely M. Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Barreta, Ernie G. Carcellar, Cesar R. Colo, Errolyn Prudencio Abaigar, Romeo Abel as, Manuel
Cuyuca, Haren A. Francisco, Julito A. Francisco, Agaro, Mrs. Erlinda B. Asne, Delfin Balando,
Pablo G. Gunida, Adelaido M. Manatad, Villaroso Antendio Baliong, Jecnie Bero, Jepthe Bero, Isidro
C. Palange, Ben T. Pasco, Emiliano S. Romero, Celeste Jr., Nimrod Credo, Dionesio Dalangin,
Nahum A. Sandalo, Rolando B. Secong, Samuel A. Sammy Dela Pena, Sofronia Dela Pena, Willy Fugo-
Villarin, Joel M. Wales. so, David Guma, Misael !table, Eliezer Macawill,
'Credentialed Missionaries: Oscar Morta, Edgar Navales, Emeliana Retanal,
David S. Albite, Paz R. Arquillano, Lemuel G. Ban- Samuel Suan, Eduardo Timonera.
day, Mrs. Flaviano S. Barcenas, Eliezer M. Barlizo,
Mrs. Henry D. Colegado, Mrs. Renato B. Domingo, NEGROS MISSION
Mrs. Mauro A. Llena, Alex T. Moralde, Mrs. Organized 1962
Reuben P. Moralde, Dizon A. Noval, Felixberto C.
Tacaldo, Rosemary T. Villalba. Territory: Provinces of Negros Occidental and Neg-
ros Oriental, and Siquijor Island.
Licensed Ministers:
Abner 0. Dinoy, Roderick N. Villegas. Population: 3,214,247; churches, 205; members,
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Arthur Acuna, Isagani Aganan, Danny Alcaraz, Pri- Cable Address: "Adventist," Bacolod City, Philip-
mitivo B. Amaza, Rita Ardencio, Gancio Batolbatol, pines.
Arcenia Bentulan, Cesar Cuyag, Mateo Herrera, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 334, 6100 Bacolod City,
Zosimo Karaan Jr., Paquito Lausa, Onofrea Logro- Philippines.
no, Rogelio V. Lomiteng, Ellen Lucrecio, Antonio Office Address: Taculing, 6100 Bacolod City, Philip-
Mindoro, Anastacio Nogra, Edelberto Oliva, Rusty pines. Telephone: 2-57-11.
Pelayo, Belt Pequero, Pablito Punay, Magelende
Suan, Rebecca Tacaldo, Abundio Tenajeros, Ernes- Administration:
to Tero, Abraham Tuburan, Richard Zabate. President, Gideon B. Buhat.
Secretary-Treasurer, Eufronio I. Ibesate.
Auditor, Claudio C. Montano.
EAST VISAYAN MISSION Executive Committee: Gideon B. Bu hat,
Organized 1914; reorganized 1965 Chairman; Eufronio I. lbesate, Secretary; Patricio
Territory: Provinces of Eastern Samar, Leyte del Bacolod, Porferio T. Balacy, Federico Fortaleza,
Norte, Leyte del Sur, Northern Samar, and West- Isachar R. Garsula, Rufo G. Gasapo, Prospero L.
ern Samar. Gonzaga, Agustin J. Gonzales Jr., Yonilo M.
Leopoldo, Claudio C. Montano, Ely G. Tibay.
Population: 3,185,284; churches, 64; members,
20,521. Departments:
Church Ministries, Isachar R. Garsula; Associates,
Cable Address: "Adventist," Tacloban City, Philip- Porferio T. Balacy, Mrs. Porferio T. Balacy, Yonilo
pines. M. Leopoldo.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 68, 6500 Tacloban City, Communication and VOP, Isachar R. Garsula.
Philippines. Telephone: 321-2355. Education and Temperance, Prospero L. Gonzaga.

Health, Mrs. Porferio T. Balacy. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 241, 5000 Iloilo City, Phi-
Ministerial, Gideon B. Buhat; Shepherdess Inter- lippines.
national, Office Address: Corner of Jalandoni and Ledesma
Publishing, Ely G. Tibay; Assistants, Nestor Alcon- Streets, 5000 Iloilo City, Philippines. Telephone:
ga, Jessalinda Castillon, Joel V. Consulta, Rosalio 7-56-36.
G. Macalipay, Joselito Malayo, Joey Namacpa-
can, Marcelino B. Silva, Reynaldo Zanoria. Administration:
Spirit of Prophecy, Ely G. Tibay. President, Cornelio 0. Gravino.
Secretary-Treasurer, Antonio L. Dionzon.
Services: Auditor, Joel E. Jondonero.
Adventist Book Center, Levi V. Rodrigo; Assistant, Executive Committee: Cornelio 0. Gravino,
Rogelio Barlas. Chairman; Antonio L. Dionzon, Secretary; Jara B.
ASI, Gideon B. Buhat. Alsaybar, Jose F. Bocala, Bel D. Denila, Ronald B.
Home Health Education Service, Agustin J. Gon- Dumapig, Essiel F. Fadri, Felix U. Flores, Ezekiel V.
zales Jr. Galve, Ephraim M. Jucaban, Ramon M. Laus, Glenn
NSO, Yonilo M. Leopoldo. M. Maypa, Elmer P. Pagunsan, Jimmy V. Sagulo,
Trust and Corporate Service, Claudio C. Montano. Elias J. Tecson.
Ordained Ministers: Departments:
Josue T. Anacleto, Rudolfo G. Arcon, Porferio T. Church Ministries, Elias J. Tecson; Associate, Eze-
Balacy, Rudy R. Baloyo, Joel G. Banday, Gideon B. kiel V. Galve.
Buhat, Antonio C. Dandoy, Orlando S. Deocades, Communication and VOP, Glenn M. Maypa.
Eliseo P. Doble, Isachar M. Garsula, Prospero L. Education, Ezekiel V. Galve.
Gonzaga, Domingo M. Lamboso, Yonilo M. Health and Temperance, Glenn M. Maypa.
Leopoldo, Loreto T. Maypa, Herovic B. Mine!, Ministerial, Cornelio 0. Gravino; Shepherdess In-
Claudio C. Montano, Gideon R. Napigkit, Pepito L. ternational, Mrs. Cornelio 0. Gravino.
Ordona, Jimmy S. Quijote Jr., Joel C. Solis, Josue Publishing, Felix U. Flores; Assistants, Rogelio B.
D. Subang, Luisito T. Tornado. Alarba, Hermie C. Arroyo Rachel Bolivar, Freddie
Credentialed Missionaries: M. Fajarito, Restituto F. Fallurin, Ebenezer A.
Mrs. Margarita G. Aboy, Nestor D. Alconga, Mrs. Mones, Willy R. Tacapan, Wilfredo Tornalejo.
Linda P. Anacleto, Mrs. Estelita Bacolod, Mrs. Por- Religious Liberty, Cornelio 0. Gravino.
ferio T. Balacy, Mrs. Henrietta Balbarino, Punay C. Spirit of Prophecy, Felix U. Flores.
Bermeo, Mrs. Melba C. Caagbay, Eliezer A. Colim- Services:
bo, Mrs. Solomon C. Cuizon, Narcisa Gaviola, Adventist Book Center, Ronald B. Dumapig; Book-
Mrs. Esteban P. Genis, George Gonzales, Mrs. mobile, Virgilio L. Casanares.
Rosalinda Gonzales, Eufronio I. Ibesate, Mrs. Jere- ASI and NSO, Ezekiel V. Galve.
mias T. Jondonero, Letty L. Junsay, Mrs. Loreto T. Trust Services, Silvestre P. Tuburan.
Maypa, Romeo B. Moleno, Emma Montanez, Joey
Ordained Ministers:
G. Namacpacan, Marlou D. Ordona, Yolanda T.
Pepito, Mrs. Esther J. Popelo, Norma Jean Quijote, Dionisio V. Austria, Roberto B. Barredo, Oseas B.
Basco, Rolando C. Evangelio, Essiel F. Fadri, Ezekiel
Ilin Solis, Ely G. Tibay, Daisy I. Victoriano.
V. Galve, Ephraim M. Jucaban, Ricardo C. Masang-
Licensed Ministers: cay Jr., Elmer P. Pagunsan, Gabriel C. Reyno, Luis
Woodrow Eseller, Samuel E. Gaurino, Mansueto 0. Sabino, Jimmy V. Sagulo, Manasseh B. Sarsoza,
Leonar, Armenio Pavillar, Cristito Sibala, Edgar Vil- Albert G. Tagnawa, Elias T. Tecson.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Jara B. Alsaybar, Connie E. Bernadas, Mrs. Ben-
Joel Aguilar, Carter Cabatan, Eliseo Caparida, De- jamin G. Escara.
lilah Consulta, Tony Costorio, Dionisio Dioquino,
Licensed Ministers:
Alfonso Duhaylungsod, Mansueto Edano, Peter
Zoe B. Buhat, Salvador J. Dieta, Levi J. Estores,
Espinosa, Fely Gonzales, Generosa Jucal, Joselito
Malayo, Josue Omero, Ramon Orcena, Regarde Mandrico T. Iturriaga, Ebenezer A. Orquesta.
Paghasian, Romulo Rubin, Joel Simyunn, Anita Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Tibay, Marie G. Zanoria, Crispin Zeta. Albert Abayon, Celedonio Alarba, Rey Arroyo,
Abelardo Binas, Nellie Bolivar, Primitivo Bucayan,
Eliodoro Bulahan, Remegio Canales, Ronilo Dieta,
Raymundo Doromal, Meriam Ferrera, Anecito
Organized 1914; reorganized 1962 Gabat, Azucena Galila, Ethelda Gallano, Diego
Territory: Provinces of Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Calve, Felix Grande, Roberto de Jesus, Gideon
Guimaras Sub-Province, Iloilo, and Romblon. Jumawan, Rey Lirazan, Marjun Marli, Eddie Pasilan,
Population: 3,964,871; churches, 165; members, Lanie Pastrana, Aida Quinto, Diana Salazar, Mike.
24,554. Saligumba, Rafael Salinas, Val Santiago, Mrs. Willie
Tacapan, Ulysses Tagle, Lita Territorio, Jose Tole-
Cable Address: "Adventist," Iloilo City, Philippines. danes, Bernarda Vargas, Joebert Vencer, Leuter
Vergara, Dionisio Vidal, John Ybanez.


Organized 1964

Territory: Irian Jaya, Maluku, Sangihe, Talaud, and Cable Address: "Adventist," Manado, Sulawesi
Sulawesi; comprising the Central Sulawesi, Irian Utara, Indonesia.
Jaya, Maluku, North Minahasa, Sangihe and Talaud
Island, South Minahasa, and South Sulawesi Mis- Mailing Address: P.O. Box 303, Manado 95002,
sions. Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia.
Population: 17,290,623; churches, 425; members, Office Address: Jalan B. W. Lapian 38, Manado,
54,476. Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia. Telephone: 3559.

Administration: Tirayoh, Paulus Tumbel, Anna P. H. Wattimena,

President, Alex Rantung. Mrs. Alex Wurarah.
Secretary, Jonah S. Maramis.
Executive Committee: Alex Rantung, Chairman; Organized 1965
Jonah S. Maramis, Secretary; Boaz J. Dompas,
Johnny A. Karwur, Reinhold Kesaulya, Fredrik P. Territory: Buol Toli-toli, Donggala, Luwuk-Banggai,
Langingi, A. S. Langitan, Benny Mambo, Moldy R. and Posso.
Mambu, Zeth Palangan, Daniel N. Pungus, Mrs. Population: 1,824,395; churches, 29; members,
Alex Rantung, Nathan Ruhupatty, Hengky Ruma- 2,916.
git, Willy F. Rumambi, Wim Rumambi, Eddy E. Cable Address: "Adventist," Palu, Central Sulawesi,
Saerang, Bobby J. Sepang, Hengky V. Tombeng, Indonesia.
Raffles E. Watulingas.
Mailing Address: Masehi Advent Had Ketujuh,
Departments: Daerah Sulawesi Tengah, P.O. Box 33, Palu 94001,
Church Ministries, Bobby J. Sepang; Associates, Indonesia.
Reinhold Kesaulya, Mrs. Alex Rantung, Eddy E.
Saerang. Office Address: Masehi Advent Hari Ketujuh, Jalan
Communication, Reinhold Kesaulya; Assistants, Wahidin 57, Besusu, Palu 94111, Sulawesi Tengah,
Reince Boyoh, Berthy E. Manuel. Indonesia.
Education, Johnny A. Karwur. Administration:
Health and Temperance, Reinhold Kesaulya. President, Raffles E. Watulingas.
Ministerial, Jonah S. Maramis; Shepherdess Inter- Secretary, Marthinus L. Ngantung.
national, Mrs. Alex Rantung. Treasurer and Auditor, Andrie Korengkeng.
Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy, Hengky V. Tom- Executive Committee: Raffles E. Watulingas,
beng. Chairman; Marthinus L. Ngantung, Secretary;
Religious Liberty, Alex Rantung. Albert T. Antou, Erenst Kawonal, Andrie Koreng-
VOP, Reinhold Kesaulya. keng, Fredrik B. Roring, Erenst Sahensolar, Daniel
Services: Sandag, Victor J. Walangitan.
ADRA, Reinhold Kesaulya. Departments:
Retirement, Jonah S. Maramis. Church Ministries, Albert T. Antou; Associate,
Trust Services, Moldy R. Mambu. Mrs. Raffles E. Watulinsas.
Communication and Spirit of Prophecy, Fredrik B.
Ordained Ministers:
Arnold J. Ander, Jakobus B. Bindosano, Reince Education, Marthinus L. Ngantung.
Boyoh, Boaz J. Dompas, Jimmy Jacobs, Robert A. Health and Temperance, Raffles E. Watulingas.
Kalangi, Reinhold Kesaulya, Johnnie J. A. Ministerial, Raffles E. Watulingas.
Kohdong, Alexander Kolibu, Paul Laloan, Wempie Publishing, Fredrik B. Roring; Assistants, Bau
J. Lintuuran, Vence Lumowa, Hendrik Mamanua, Dumas, Sammy Gosal, Johnny Mumek.
Tommy Mambu, Hendrick Mandey, Jahya Man-
embu, John K. Manoppo, Max Mantiri, Jonah S. Services:
Maramis, Lukas Meimena, Frederik Nimot, Tang- Adventist Book Center, Andrie Korengkeng.
kudung H. Pusung, Efraim A. J. Ramshie, Alex Ran- Trust Services, Fredrik B. Roring.
tung, Welly Rantung, Arnold T. Rompas, Nathan Ordained Ministers:
Ruhupatty, Eddy E. Saerang, John K. Senduk, Bob- Albert T. Antou, Yoseph Assan, Daniel Busdan,
by J. Sepang, Hein M. Sondakh, Hendrik Sumen- Abraham Lumowa, Marthinus L. Ngantung, Harun
dap, Albert Sumolang, John Tambingon, Hengky Potoboba, Fredrik B. Roring, Erenst Sahensolar,
V. Tombeng, Petrus Tuarisa, Jance Tumalun, Erenst Raffles E. Watulingas.
Waramory, Anthon Waworoendeng. Credentialed Missionaries:
Credentialed Missionaries: Dumas Ba'u, Sammy Gosal, Bachtiar K. Luas, Yooce
Jantje S. Hamel, Mrs. Max Havelaar, Mrs. Robert A. Matindas, Johnny Mumek, Mrs. Marthinus L.
Kalangi, Johnny A. Karwur, Mrs. Marthen L. Katop- Ngantung, Soleman Pangemanan, Piet H. Salainti,
po, Mrs. Reinhold Kesaulya, Mrs. Johnnie J. A. Mrs. Lusye Singal.
Kohdong, Julius R. Langingi, Mrs. Julius R. Lang- Licensed Ministers:
ingi, Sinyo J. Laoh, Mrs. Wempie J. Lintuuran, Pet- Rein Allow, Petrus Belo, Semuel D. Maringka,
rus S. Lumowa, Moldy R. Mambu, Mrs. Semuel Freddy Tangkuman.
Mambu, Mrs. Tommy Mambu, Kern Manembu,
Berthy E. Manuel, Filex Marentek, Rudolf Maring- Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
ka, Mrs. Wim Medellu, Mrs. Reinhard Muaya, Milka Ba'u, Hassan David, Dalok Saribu.
Reinhard Muaya, John C. Pesulima, Mrs. John C.
Pesulima, Mrs. Alex Rantung, Mrs. Nico Raranta, IRIAN JAYA MISSION
Mrs. Yoppy Raranta, Mrs. Paul Raubun, Paul Organized 1950; reorganized 1955
Raubun, Mrs. Marthen Roring, Alfriets B. Sepang, Territory: Irian Jaya.
Mrs. Alfriets B. Sepang, Lelly Sualang, Frankie Sun- •
dalangi, Mrs. John Tambingon, John Tambuwun, Population: 1,584,948; churches, 36; members,
Mrs. Wenang Tansuria, Agus Wahongan, Mrs. 6,230.
Agus Wahongan, Mrs. Junche Walangitan, Johny Cable Address: "Adventist," Jayapura, Irian Jaya, In-
Weol, Mrs. Arie Wullur, Mrs. Jimmy Yauwena, donesia.
Ellen Zakharias. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 101, Jayapura, Irian Jaya,
Licensed Ministers: Indonesia.
Robert Ganna, Jakobus Koyoh, Willem W. Lombo- Office Address: Masehi Advent Hari Ketujuh, Jalan
gia, Willem T. Onsoe, Bun Hok Marthen Pasulatan, Trikora 3 Dok V, Jayapura, Irian Jaya, Indonesia.
foram Tumbarante, Junche Walangitan. Telephone: 21088.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Administration:
Mrs. Kalitow, Mrs. Anna Mandagi Siwy, Mrs. Mar- President, Benny Mambo.
go Onda, Mrs. Maramis M. Politon, Liesbeth Ring- Secretary, Doming$us D. Watopa.
kuangan, Mrs. Samuel Runtukahu, Maria Siwu, Treasurer and Auditor, Jimmy B. Frans.
Soleman Suak, Matius Suoth, Jonas Supit, Johannis Executive Committee: Benny Mambo, Chairman;

Dominggus D. Watopa, Secretary; John Dimara, Ruddy 0. Risakotta, Wesley T. Supit, Dominggus
Jimmy B. Frans, Hein Karubaba, Ferry Kasenda, Wai rata.
Mrs. Benny Mambo, John Manury, Benny Licensed Ministers:
Maruanaya, Simon Maury, Thed John Mehuwe, Mauldin Antou, Elisa Djami, Pieter Lampeang,
Daniel Thompson, Daniel Toalu. Meha Mondu, Thomas Natty, Johanis Rimbing,
Departments: Julius Ruhupatty, Agus Sandy, John Tomatala.
' Church Ministries, Benny Mambo; Associate, Mrs. Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Benny Mambo. Mrs. Stevi Nirupu, Mrs. Jantje D. Risakotta.
Communication, Thed John Mehuwe.
Education, Dominggus D. Watopa.
Health and Temperance, Benny Mambo. NORTH MINAHASA MISSION
Ministerial, Daniel Thompson. Organized 1923; reorganized 1971
Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy, Ferry Kasenda. Territory: North Maluku and North Minahasa.
Services: Population: 1,442,042; churches, 96; members,
Adventist Book Center, Mrs. Jimmy B. Frans. 15,178.
Trust Services, Jimmy B. Frans.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Manado, Sulawesi
Ordained Ministers: Utara, Indonesia.
Hein Bindosano, Thomas Jandeday, Yulius Maino-
lo, Benny Mambo, Max Mantiri, Thed J. Mehuwe, Office Address: Masehi Advent Hari Ketujuh, Jalan
Habel G. Siramie, Herman Suebu, John Windewa- Yos Sudarso 115, Paal II, Manado 95129, Sulawesi
ni. Utara, Indonesia. Telephone: 3659.
Credentialed Missionaries: Administration:
Ferry Kasenda, Mrs. Benny Mambo, Frits Maury, President, Daniel N. Pungus.
Korinus Repasi, Dominggus D. Watopa, Paulus Secretary, Frans A. Massie. ,
Windesi. Treasurer, Ventje B. Raranta.
Auditor, Marthen Katoppo.
Licensed Ministers: Executive Committee: Daniel N. Pungus,
John Dimara, Lukas Jandeday, Alex Kaumpungan, Chairman; Frans A. Massie, Secretary; A. Agu, Jan-
Wenny Lumangkun, Joseph Manueke, John Manu- nie E. Legoh, Hengky Lumingkewas, V. Mailang-
ry, Yered Repasi, Marthinus Roring, Kole Suebu, kay, Chris Manoppo, Elia L. Manueke, Mrs. Daniel
Herry Sutomo, Abihud Wopary. N. Pungus, Joppy A. Raranta, Ventje B. Raranta,
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Yan Rumambi.
Mrs. Albert Afasedanya, Mrs. Nelson Buyung, Mrs. Departments:
Urbanus Hajo, Urbanus Hajo, Simon Kamban, Church Ministries, Jannie E. Legoh; Associates,
Mrs. Ferry Kasenda, Mrs. Thed J. Mehuwe, Mrs. Hengky Lumingkewas, Mrs. Daniel N. Pungus.
Jance Nayoan, Berce Tauran, Mrs. Jonas Tauran, Communication and Education, Elia L. Manueke.
Mrs. Noah Wairata, Ham Worone. Health and Temperance, Mrs. Daniel N. Pungus.
Ministerial, Daniel N. Pungus; Shepherdess Inter-
MALUKU MISSION national, Mrs. Daniel N. Pungus.
Organized 1929 Publishing, Chris Manoppo; Assistants, Ferry
Kasenda, Fredy Lasut, Fredy Natty, Buce Pesik,
Territory: Maluku. Mrs. Tallupadang Peter.
Population: 1,804,607; churches, 27; members, Spirit of Prophecy, Chris Manoppo.
2,443. Services:
Cable Address: "Adventist," Ambon, Maluku, In- Adventist Book Center, Robby Misman; Assistant,
donesia. Mrs. Moldy R. Mambu.
Mailing Address: Tromol Pos 7, Ambon, Maluku, In- Trust Services, Daniel N. Pungus.
donesia. Ordained Ministers:
Office Address: Masehi Advent Hari Ketujuh, Jalan Reince Boyoh, Frans Kai rupan, Yance Kasenda, En-
Diponegoro, Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia. Tele- gelbert A. Koapaha, Yoost Lampus, Nyong D. Lan-
phone: 2755. gi, Fredy Lasut, Jannie E. Legoh, Hengky Lumingke-
Administration: was, Ruddy Mamanua, Semuel Mambu, Chris
President, Nathan Ruhupatty. Manoppo, Elia L. Manueke, Peter R. Manueke,
Gerson Manurip, Frans A. Massie, Yusak Palar,
Secretary-Treasurer, Wesley T. Supit.
Corneles P. Pesik, Daniel N. Pungus, Sinyo Raran-
Auditor, Wesley T. Supit.
ta, Ferry Rattu, Oktavianus Ronga, Yan Rumambi,
Executive Committee: Nathan Ruhupatty,
Vence Sumilat, Robert P. Taliwongso, Welly Togas.
Chairman; Wesley T. Supit, Secretary; Elisa Djami,
Yulius Elake, Alex J. Kountur, Pieter Lampeang, Credentialed Missionaries:
Otto Lewerissa, Benny A. E. Pattinasarany, Yance Mrs. Herman Adam, Ventje Alia, Mrs. Frans Kairu-
Sopacua, Philipus Wattimena. pan, Marthen L. Katoppo, Mrs. Eduard Korompis,
Paul W. A. Lengkoan, Mrs. Meyer Loing, Tiranus
Manawan, Ruddy Manoppo, Mrs. Elia L. Manueke,
Church Ministries, Elisa Djami; Associate, Mrs.
Mrs. Emiel Manuel, Mrs. Robby Pandoy, Mrs.
Nelly Ruhupatty.
Daniel N. Pungus, Mrs. Ventje B. Raranta, Ventje B.
Communication, Wesley T. Supit.
Raranta, Yoppy Raranta, Efron Sentinuwo, Mrs.
Education, Alex J. Kountur.
Alfons Sinadia, Mrs. Marthen Siwy, Mrs. Paul Son-
Health and Temperance, Wesley T. Supit.
dakh, Mrs. Tenny Soriton, Tenny Soriton, Yultje
Ministerial, Publishing, and Spirit of Prophecy,
Takalamingan, Ibrahim Thomas, Vecy Ticoalu, Lor-
Nathan Ruhupatty.
ry Walean, Mrs. Jooce Wokas, Mrs. Arie Wullur.
Licensed Ministers:
Adventist Book Center, Ruddy 0. Risakotta.
Wyclif Laoh, Master Lingga, Freddy Natty, Welly C.
Ordained Ministers: Sompotan, Benny Tombeng, Max Wauran, Jendry
Julius Elake, Simon Rakmeni, Nathan Ruhupatty, H. Woy.
Yance Sopacua.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Credentialed Missionaries: Hendrik Gerungan, Satria Kandow, Higgins Kasen-
Musa Batsira, Corry Kolibonso, Alex J. Kountur, da, Robert Kasenda, Netty Korengkeng, Rouland

Kussoy, Tikoalu Lasut, N. Lensun, Hendrik Communication, Marthinus E. Senewe.

Mewengkang, Lien Mokodompis, Elly Moniaga, H. Education, Evert Pratasik.
E. Okem, Mrs. Buce Pesik. Health and Temperance, Jay Tombokan.
Ministerial, Fredrik P. Langingi.
SANGIHE AND TALAUD ISLAND MISSION Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy, Eddy Kumayas.
Organized 1964 Services:
Adventist Book Center, Paul Sakul.
Territory: Sangihe and Talaud. Trust Services, Herry Sumanti.
Population: 328,901; churches, 40; members, 2,537. Ordained Ministers:
Cable Address: "Adventist," Tahuna, Indonesia. Joutje Boyoh, Arie Dien, Jantje Gerungan, Arie
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1, Tahuna, Sangihe Be- Kainde, Hans Kalalo, Yos S. Kalalo, Menus Kapa-
sar, Indonesia. hang, Tanambua Katemba, Eddy Kumayas, Fredrik
P. Langingi, Gradius Lohonauman, Nico Lumen-
Office Address: Masehi Advent Hari Ketujuh, Bun- tah, Frans Mathindas, Ferdinand Montolalu, Albert
galawang, Tahuna, Sangihe Besar, Indonesia. Tele- Mumek, Benny Paruntu, Henoch Pasuhuk, Elisha
phone: 156. Pondaag, Alexander R. Prang, Paulus Rantung,
Administration: Noldy Sakul, Yap Sangari, Yudah A. Satigi, Willy
President, Willy F. Rumambi. Sayow, Yohanis Senduk, Marthinus E. Senewe,
Secretary-Treasurer, Hanny Tumbal. Ruben A. Siwy, Daniel N. Surentu, Frans Togas,
Auditor, Hanny Tumbal. Buce Tumengkol, Ruddy Wahongan, Arent Wa-
Executive Committee: Willy F. Rumambi, lean, H. Danny Woy, Semuel Wullur.
Chairman; Hanny Tumbal, Secretary; Albert Ege- Credentialed Missionaries:
tan, Frans Luturmas, Piet Makawoel, Markus Mali, Oscar Egetan, Jan Engka, Mrs. Hans Kalalo, Mrs.
Rudolf Pangemanan, Elphideo Rumegang. Yan Karundeng, Mrs. Tanambua Katemba, Johny
Departments: Komaling, Max Korengkeng, Semuel Koyoh, Mrs.
Church Ministries, Frans Luturmas; Associate, Yoel Kumendong, Jantje Langi, Bert Langingi, Mrs.
Mrs. Willy F. Rumambi. Bert Langingi, Mrs. Fredrik P. Langingi, Mrs. Jules
Communication, Frans Luturmas. W. Legi, Mrs. Yooce Lengkoan, Fredy Losung, Mrs.
Education, Hanny Tumbal. Nico Lumentah, Paulus Lumentut, Ferdy Malonda,
Health and Temperance, Rudolf Pangemanan. Johny Mambu, Hendrik Manarisip, Herman Man-
Ministerial and Publishing, Willy F. Rumambi. dias, Mrs. Jantje Mandias, Mrs. Willem Mandias,
Services: Sonny Mandias, Benny Mangowal, Mrs. Benny
Adventist Book Center, Mrs. Semuel Lumayouw. Mangowal, Doortje Manoppo, Freddy Manueke,
Trust Services, Willy F. Rumambi. Liesye Manurip, Mrs. Hendrik Maringka, Evert Pra-
Ordained Ministers: tasik, Yoppy Raintama, Yohan F. Rantung, Alex
Max Lohonauman, Frans Luturmas, Enstein Raranta, Mrs. Jance Raranta, Piet Raranta, Frans
Malumbot, Buang Manoppo, Willy F. Rumambi, Retor, Verly Sahensolar, Mrs. Yacobus Sambeka,
Jusuf Wahagheghe. Johny Saroinsong, Jantje Selah, Frederick J. Seroy,
Mrs. Johan Silom, Max Sumampouw, Herry
Credentialed Missionaries: Sumanti, Andries Suoth, Hertok Terok, Mrs. Her-
Semuel Sumayow, Mrs. Hein Tatontos. tok Terok, Yermias Wahongan, Mrs. Yoppy Wanta-
Licensed Ministers: langi, Jance Watulingas, Youtje Waworuntu,
Alfrits Malonda, Djefie Muaya, Marthen Zacharias. Dance Wokas.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Licensed Ministers:
Yones Budiman, Mrs. Mince Sumayouw. Lowry Engka, Nofry Kaumpungan, Engel Loing,
Laurens Rantung, Frans Sanger, Franky Sepang,
Marthen Supit.
Organized 1923; reorganized 1971 Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Mrs. Samuel Koyoh, Sefnat Labotano, Ventje
Territory: Bolaang Mongondow, Gorontalo, and Lanes, Mrs. Jantje Langie, Ferry Mamesah, Justus
South Minahasa. Mandoya, Mrs. Nice Raturandang, Johny Rumalag,
Population: 2,033,657; churches, 172; members, Yan Wawointana, Mrs. Yooce Waworuntu.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Tomohon, Sulawesi SOUTH SULAWESI MISSION
Utara, Indonesia. Organized 1939
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 9, Tomohon 95362, Territory: Buton, Muna, South Sulawesi, and South-
Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia. east Sulawesi.
Office Address: Masehi Advent Hari Ketujuh, Jalan Population: 8,272,073; churches, 25; members,
Babe Palar 46, Tomohon, Sulawesi Utara, Indone- 1,824.
sia. Telephone: Tomohon 92.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Ujung Pandang, In-
Administration: donesia.
President, Fredrik P. Langingi.
Secretary, Marthinus E. Senewe. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 256, Ujung Pandang,
Treasurer, Herry Sumanti. Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia.
Auditor, Arent Walean. Office Address: Jalan H.I.A. Saleh No. 1, Ujung Pan-
Executive Committee: Fredrik P. Langingi, dang, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Telephone: 82188.
Chairman; Marthinus E. Senewe, Secretary; Arie Administration:
Dien, Tanambua Katemba, Eddy Kumayas, Mrs. President, Zeth Palangan.
Fredrik P. Langingi, Jossie Londa, Evert Pratasik, Secretary, John D. Simon.
Noldy Sakul, Paul Sakul, Herry Sumanti, Jay Tom- Treasurer and Auditor, Ronny Mawu.
bokan, Arent Walean, Richard Wondal, Semuel Executive Committee: Zeth Palangan, Chairman;
Wullur. John D. Simon, Secretary; Tirik Danun, Elieser
Departments: Gara, Mrs. Lily Harjono, Johan S. Lisa!, Fends N.
Church Ministries, Noldy Sakul; Associates, Arie Manoppo, Ronny Mawu, Benyamin Paral, Luther
Dien, Mrs. Fredrik P. Langingi. M. Saluy, Mrs. Luther M. Saluy, Semuel Suddin.

Departments: Maringka, Pasoloran Ngajo, Zeth Palangan, Ruddy

Church Ministries, Luther M. Saluy; Associates, Paoki, Benyamin Paral, M. Luther Saluy, Marthen
Ronny Mawu, Mrs. Luther M. Saluy. Silamba, Pieter Sili, John Simon, Wempy Singon,
Communication and Spirit of Prophecy, Elieser Yordas Tandidio, Markus Tandilangi, Robert
Gara. Wawondatu.
Education, John D. Simon. Credentialed Missionaries:
Health and Temperance, Johan S. Lisal. Helena Da Costa, Ruben Frans, Benyamin Gina,
Ministerial, Zeth Palangan; Shepherdess Interna- Petrus Karoma, Wenny Liogu, Fends N. Manoppo,
tional, Mrs. Zeth Palangan. Wemphy Rhebok, Dorcas Simon, Yosephus
Publishing, Elieser Gara; Assistants, Johanis Supusepa, Jusuf Tappy, Mrs. Hans Tjiudiningrat.
Paingy, Sirambangan, Josephus Supusepa.
Licensed Ministers:
Services: Agus Inaray, Simon Salama.
Adventist Book Center, Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Mrs. Ahmad Arsyad, Mrs. John Christian, Deliana,
Ordained Ministers: Mrs. Jan Luly, Alpius Paribek, Mrs. Habel Sri,
Tirik Danun, Willem Emor, Eliezer Gara, Harry Roose Sumampouw, Willy Takaendengan.


Organized 1917; reorganized 1919
Consolidated 1975; reorganized 1984

Territory: Japan; comprising the East Japan and Morimoto, Senzo Nagakubo, Yonezo Okafuji,
West Japan Conferences, and the Okinawa Mis- Masumi Shimada, Tadaomi Shinmyo, Kenji Sone-.
sion. da, Yuzuru Sugiura, Yoshibumi Takahashi, Masaji
Population: 122,264,000; churches, 105; members, Uyeda, Masao Yamagata, Hideki Yamamoto,
12,272. Masuya Yasui, Yukio Yokomizo.
Honorary: Sadayuki Arima, Fumihiro Atari,
Cable Address: "Adventist," Yokohama, Japan.
Yasuhiro Funamoto, Tomita Hayano, Tsumoru Ka-
Facsimile Number: (045) 921-2319. jiyarba, Toyosaburo Koide, Kazuyoshi Kuniya,
Telex Number: 03823586 (Ans. SDAJPN). Takashi Nakagaki, Nobuo Nakagawa, Takashi
Office Address: 846 Kamikawai-cho, Asahi-ku, Nakatani, Kichishiro Oikawa, Yoshio Seino, Eiji
Yokohama 241, Japan. Telephone: 045-921-1121. Shibata, Rikizo Usuda, Susumu Yamada, Toshio
Yamagata, Seiichi Yamamoto, Kensaku Yasui,
Railway Station: Yokohama, Japan. Masatsugu Yonami.
President, Yukio Yokomizo. Credentialed Missionaries:
Secretary, Minoru Hirota. Chiyoko Ando, Yoko Asada, Shinji Asano, Tamano-
Treasurer, Tadashi Oinuma. suke Baishyo, Kosaku Chiba, Kenneth L. Colburn,
Executive Committee: Yukio Yokomizo, Warren L. Creed, Arata Emoto, Hisae Emoto, Mrs.
Chairman; Minoru Hirota, Secretary; Roy A. Cas- Arata Emoto, Nobuo Fujie, Edward K. Fujimoto,
telbuono, Takaharu Hayashi, Joji Henmi, Osamu Yoshiya Fujita, Kazuko Fukuda, Kazuo Furuta,
Inada, Keiichi Ito, Taketoshi Jinnai, Akinori Kaibe, Tamotsu Furuta, Shigeru Hagiwara, Tetsu Hayasa-
Masako Kamitani, Kazuo Kaneko, Kenyu Kinjo, ka, Emiko Hayashi, Takaharu Hayashi, Joji Henmi,
Hidenori Kojima, James S. Miyashiro, Koji Mura- Atsushi Higa, Norma Hilliard, Kyoko Hiranuma,
moto, Senzo Nagakubo, Tadashi Oinuma, Yonezo Mrs. Tsuneo Hirata, Tsuneo Hirata, Tetsuyu Hiro-
Okafuji, Katsuyuki Oomura, Sakari Orihara, kawa, Kazuhiko Hongo, Satsuki Hotta, Kouichi Im-
Hiroshi Sasaki, Hisao Seki, Takashi Shiraishi, Kenji azu, Yasushi Inagaki, Hiroshi Inoue, Kiyoko Ishido,
Soneda, Toshio Takahara, Masao Uruma, Masaji Mieko Ishii, Kumiko Ito, Keiko Iwabuchi, Mie Iwa-
Uyeda, Akira Yamaji, Hisashi Yasukochi, Reiko hashi, Tatsushi lwai, Kazuko Iwamoto, Kuni Kado-
Yatani. kura, Kyo Kaieda, Junzo Kametani, Manabu Kami-
Departments: moto, Junzo Kaneko, Hidehiko Kato, Kiyoshi Kato,
Church Ministries, Kenyu Kinjo; Associate, Norma Yoshiko Kato, Toshiro Kawai, Keiko Kawashita,
Hilliard; Assistant, Katsumi Higashide. Hideo Kinoshita, Kanzo Kioka, Yoshimasa
Communication and VOP, Akinori Kaibe. Kobayashi, Kei Koike, Makoto Kondo, Shinichi
Education, Masaji Uyeda. Konno, Teruo Koromogawa, Shinji Kubo, Keiko
Health, Takaharu Hayashi. Kudo, Toshihiro Kuriyama, Ryuichi Kusaka, Yoshi-
Ministerial, Yukio Yokomizo; Assistant, Yoshibumi masa Kusano, Toshio Majikina, Fumiyo Maruyama,
Takahashi; Shepherdess International, Norma Kazunobu Matsuda, Ai Matsuoka, James
Hilliard. Miyashiro, Yoshimasa Morino, Morio Nakamine,
Publishing, Kazuo Kaneko. Takiko Nemoto, Mitsuo Nishino, Katsuhiro
Religious Liberty, Tadaomi Shinmyo. Nishiura, Yukiko Nishiura, Makoto Nozaki, Chiaki
Spirit of Prophecy, Yukio Yokomizo. Numata, Dai-ichiro Ogawa, Tadashi Oinuma,
Temperance, Takashi Shiraishi. Mineo Oka, Takezo Ooguro, Toshio Ooishi,
Kazuyoshi Ooiso, Takashi Sakai, Kimie Sato, Kinza-
buro Sato, Sueko Sato, Taizo Sato, Tsuyoshi Shiba-
ADRA, Kiyoshi Fujita.
ta, Shoichi Shimizu, Isaoko Sudo, Hideo Suzuki,
Archives and Evangelism Research Center, Jun Tagashira, Junko Tagashira, Kenzo Takagi,
Tadaomi Shinmyo. Toshio Takahara, Koki Takahashi, Michio Taka-
Retirement, Tadaomi Shinmyo. hashi, Yuriko Takahashi, Masashi Takizawa, Yumi-
Ordained Ministers: ko Tanigawa, Masao Uruma, Kinya Usui, David
Thomas E. Becraft, Roy A. Castelbuono, Yoshikichi Uyeyama, Shuichi Watanabe, Kinya Yamada, Susu-
Chiba, Kiyoshi Fujita, Hitoshi Higashi, Katsumi mu Yamaguchi, Fujiko Yamaji, Eigo Yamamoto,
Higashide, Minoru Hirota, Takehiko Hongo, Aki- Noboru Yamamoto, Yasutsugu Yanami, Hisashi
nori Kaibe, Kazuo Kaneko, Kenyu Kinjo, Shigenori Yasukochi, Yuko Yokokawa, Yasuko Yoshioka.

Honorary: Taizo Fukazawa, Shinai Hasegawa, Toru Nakamura, Katsumi Satouchi, Shuichi Sekiya,
Isao Ichimura, Nobu Ishikawa, Toshiko Ishikawa, Toshiya Tsukamoto, Michael Walter, Akira Yasu-
Tomino Itagaki, Mrs. Tsumoru Kajiyama, Joichi kochi.
Kamihira, Kiyoko Kaneda, Makiko Kijima, Kiku Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Kioka, Aiko Kobe, Takashi Matsutani, Ayako Takao Ito, Hiroshi Kikuchi,T4akoto Shibata, Yoshi-
Mineyama, Michiko Miyagi, Matsumi Morita, nobu Sugimoto, Yasuyuki Suzuki, Satoshi Takaya.
Takeshi Motegi, Hisako Nakamura, Chieko Nemo-
to, Nobuyoshi Nemoto, Ochiai Sadako, Mitsue
Oka, Kazuko Ono, Tadashi Sakonju, Satoshi Seino, OKINAWA MISSION
Jiro Shimada, Ichiro Tabuchi, Tomoko Takagi, Organized 1984
Sumiko Tsukayama, Haruichi Yamamoto, Makiko
Territory: Okinawa Islands, Naze City, and Oshima-
Yamamoto, Enko Yokomizo.
gun of Kagoshima Prefecture.
Licensed Ministers:
Population: 1,202,000; churches, 17; members,
Kiyomi Watanabe, Tadashi Yamaji.
EAST JAPAN CONFERENCE Facsimile Number: 0988-79-4703.
Organized 1984 Office Address: 3145 Gusukuma, Urasoe-shi, Okina-
wa-ken 901-21, Japan. Telephone: 0988-76-1878.
Territory: Hokkaido, Main Island north of Shizuoka,
and Nagano and Niigata prefectures. Administration:
President, Akira Yamaji.
Population: 62,045,000; churches, 51; members, Secretary-Treasurer, Takakazu Oose.
6,356. Executive Committee: Akira Yamaji, Chairman;
Cable Address: "Adventist," Yokohama, Japan. Takakazu Oose, Secretary; Kyouji Aida, Saburo
Facsimile Number: (03) 401-1174. Arakaki, Yoshifumi Atari, Shigeo Chinen, Kenyu
Gaja, Akio Gibe, Tokuo Hatanaka, Tomiko Ishika-
Telex Number: 03823586 (Ans. SDAJPN). wa, Masao Kato, Ryuichi Kusaka, Kouji Muramoto,
Office Address: 1-11-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Katsuyuki Oomura, Tokkin Shimoji.
150, Japan. Telephone: 03-401-1171.
Railway Station: Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. Church Ministries, Akira Yamaji; Associates,
Administration: Tokuo Hatanaka, Takakazu Oose, Susumu Shi-
President, Takashi Shiraishi. bata.
Secretary, Tsutomu Sensaki. Communication, Takakazu Oose.
Treasurer, Shinobu Imamura. Education, Akira Yamaji; Associate, Masao Kato.
Executive Committee: Takashi Shiraishi, Ministerial and Religious Liberty, Akira Yamaji.
Chairman; Tsutomu Sensaki, Secretary; Atsuko Publishing, Shigeo Chinen.
Amano, Masahiro Fukushima, Toshio Hasegawa, Services:
Shinobu Imamura, Masaru Kawagoe, Akira Kita- Adventist Book Center, Shiko Miyagi.
bayashi, Masaru Kon, Shinsei Kondo, Michitaka
Ordained Ministers:
Shinasue, Shigeru Tsukayama, Chikao Urashima, Saburo Arakaki, Akio Gibe, Tokuo Hatanaka,
Masahiro Watanabe, Tetsuya Yamamoto. Katuyuki Ohmura, Susumu Shibata, Akira Yamaji.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Church Ministries, Masahiro Fukushima; Associ- Shigeo Chinen, Masao Kato, Hatsue Kuniyoshi,
ate, Toshiya Tsukamoto. Shiko Miyagi, Takakazu Oose.
Communication, Masahiro Fukushima.
Education and Religious Liberty, Takashi Shiraishi. Licensed Ministers:
Health and Temperance, Takeshi Uyeda. Kyoji Aida, Mark P. Duarte, Yoshikazu Ikemiyagi,
Ministerial, Tsutomu Sensaki. Tsukasa Kubo, Yasuki Miyamoto, Sogen Tomiha-
Publishing, Masaru Kon. ma.
Ordained Ministers: Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Tsuyoshi Fujimori, Misao Fukumoto, Masahiro Seiko Futenma, Tsutomu Shimoji.
Fukushima, Makoto Hayashi, Mitsuhiko Hayashi,
Kosuke Hirao, Mitsuyoshi Hosoyamada, Masuo WEST JAPAN CONFERENCE
Ikemasu, Toyoki Isobe, Masukazu Kamoda,
Organized 1984
Masaru Kawagoe, Sekiman Kin, Akira Kitabayashi,
Hidenori Kojima, Shinsei Kondo, Kokichi Matsuza- Territory: Main Island west of Aichi, Gifu and
ka, Noboru Miyamoto, Hiromitsu Mori, Masaji Toyama prefectures, and Kyushu and Shikoku Is-
Nemoto, Fumio Ninomiya, Toshihisa Nonaka, Isao lands.
Otaki, Tsutomu Sensaki, Takashi Shiraishi, Masaki Population: 59,017,000; churches, 37; members,
Shoji, Sachio Soneda, Shigeo Sugi, Masatoshi 4,236.
Suzuki, Tsugumasa Touma, Takeshi Ueda, Chikao
Urashima, Koji Wada, Toshiharu Yamaji, Kuniaki Facsimile Number: (0727) 72-6780.
Yanaga, Yumenosuke Yoshimura. Office Address: 4-191-1 Morimoto, Itami 664, Japan.
Telephone: (0727) 72-6699.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Kouji Ariyoshi, Yasu Gotou, Mickiko Hayashi, Administration:
Nobuo Hayashi, Shinobu Imamura, Kunihiro Ishi- President, Osamu Inada.
bashi, Kinuko Ishida, Taku Ishizuka, Yutaka Ito, Secretary-Treasurer, Katsuhiko Inoue.
Hisae Kajiura, Tadanobu Kawashita, Kazuko Koide, Executive Committee: Osamu Inada, Chairman;
Masaru Kon, Katsuya Mochizuki, Shu Nakahira, Katsuhiko Inoue, Secretary; Yoshimi Adachi, Yasu-
Yoshikatsu Nakamura, Yuriko Nakamura, Shinobu nobu Dannou, Hiroshi Inoue, Makoto Kondo,
Nemoto, Yumiko Nemoto, Yumiko Noguchi, Tsuneyuki Mizuno, Katsuharu Mukai, I kuko Nigo,
Sachiko Oishi, Toshiko Ounita, Nobuchika Sawa- Sakari Orihara, Yujiro Sagawa, Takao Tatsumi, Kat-
da, Sumie Shimada, Hisa Sugi, Shohei Suzuki, Taka suji Yamamoto, Kazuo Yokoo.
Takagi, Aiko Takaya, Tomoko Yamagata, Tetsuya Departments:
Yamamoto, Toshiko Yamamoto. Church Ministries and Communication, Sakari Ori-
Licensed Ministers: hara.
Nobuo Ikemasu, Hitoshi Kotani, Akio Nagaike, Education, Osamu Inada.

Health and Temperance, Sakari Orihara. Credentialed Missionaries:

Ministerial, Tsuneyuki Mizuno. Yoshimi Adachi, Yoshiko Hashimoto, Yoshiko
Publishing, Yoshimi Adachi. Hirose, Hiromutsu Igarashi, Katsuhiko Inoue,
Mayumi Kanbe, Keiko Komori, Tatsuo Kurasawa,
Services: Kazuo Morinaka, Kiyoaki Nakahara, Akie Shimot-
Adventist Book Center, Kazuo Morinaka. sumagari, Yoshihide Taira.
Ordained Ministers: Licensed Ministers:
Yukio Ebihara, Issei Horiuchi, Nobuaki !mai, Osa- Shinji Horikoshi, Yutaka Inada, Hisashi Kawahara,
mu Inada, Takao Kaneda, Kazuhiko Kukita, Kazuo Mutsuo Kita, Darrel Lindensmith, Kyoichi Miyaza-
Matsuyama, Shinsaku Meichi, Tsuneyuki Mizuno, ki, Ataru Nakagawa, Seiji Nakahara, Akihiro Naka-
Koji Mori, Kazuo Morita, Katsuharu Mukai, Sakari mura, Nobuto Saito.
Orihara, Yujiro Sagawa, Akeri Suzuki, Shigeharu
Suzuki, Yoshiaki Takagi, Yoshitaka Tominaga, Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Kuniyoshi Uchida, Seizo Wagatsuma, Tsuneyoshi Kohina Kitano, Hikaru Sakata, Masanobu Taka-
Watanabe, Katsuji Yamamoto, Takeshi Yuri. hashi, Katsumoto Yahiro.


Organized 1919; reorganized 1984

Territory: Korea; comprising the East Central Ko- Retirement, Kwon Man Bok.
rean, Middlewest Korean, Southeast Korean, Soul Winning Institute, Hong Myung Kwan.
Southwest Korean, and West Central Korean Con-
ferences, and the North Korean Mission. Ordained Ministers:
Ahn Geum Young, Chang Ki Hyun, Cho Cheul Soo,
Population: 43,022,731; churches, 450; members,
83,977. Cho Dae Yun, Cho Pyung II, Choo Young Bong,
Chun Pyung Duk, Chun Se Won, Chung Yong
Cable Address: "Adventist," Seoul, Korea. Keun, Ha Hong Pal, Han Sang Woo, Han Sung Bo,
Telex Number: KUM SDA K-25329. Hong Myung Kwan, Huh Eun Koo, Hwang Chun
Mailing Address: do S.D.A. Conference, Chung Kwang, Im Woon Suh, Jang Byung Ho, John Han
Ryang P.O. Box 110, Seoul 130-650, Korea (all inter- Bong, Kang Ye Shik, Kim Chang 5-00, Kim Chong
national mail). Wha, Kim Hong Ryang, Kim Jong Moon, Kim Ki
Kon, Kim Myung Soo, Kim Pyung Ahn, Kim Sung
Office Address: 66 Hoegi-dong Dongdaemun-ku, Hyun, Koh Young, Koo Won Hoi, Kwon Man Bok,
Seoul, Korea. Telephones: 966-0071, 966-0072, 966- Je Uk Lee, Wee Koon Lee, Lee Kyo Joon, Jong Keun
0073, 966-0074, and 966-0075. Leigh, Lew Eul Ki, Lyu Hyung Hwan, Nam Daegeuk,
Administration: Oh Chung Whan, Oh Man Kyu, Pak Hai Chong,
President, Lyu Hyung Hwan. Pak lee Ryun, Pak Jung III, Shin Hyun Chul, Sohn
Secretary, Kwon Man Bok; Assistant, Shim Sang Yung Mo, Song Kwon, Sul Choon Sub, Um Ki
Ok. Woong.
Treasurer, Kim Kwang Doo. Honorary: Bae Chung Hak, Chang Han Sik,
Executive Committee: Lyu Hyung Hwan, Choi Sung Hoon, Kim Kwan Ho, Kim Yung To, Lee
Chairman; Kwon Man Bok, Secretary; Chang Ki Chin Ho, Moon Yo Sic, Nam Dong Ro, Pak Sung
Hyun, Cho Chul Yeon, Cho Pyung II, Choo Sang Shik, Ryooh Chai Mock, Shin Chung Kyun, Shin
Uk, Choo Young Bong, Chun Se Won, Han Sang Kap Song, Sung Nak Jin, Woo Pil Won, Yang Kwang
Woo, Im Hyung Chang, Kim Chang Soo, Kim Chin Soo.
Young, Kim Chong Wha, Kim Dae Sik, Kim Eun
Bae, Kim Hong, Kim Jin Kee, Kim Jum Dong, Kim Credentialed Missionaries:
Koon Choon, Kim Kwang Doo, Kim Nam Soo, Ahn Duk Ki, Baek Moon Soo, Cho Moon Yang, Cho
Kwon Yung Chang, Lee Bo Duk, Lee Bong Soon, Young II, Choi Chong Byok, Choi E. Kwon, Choi
Lee Chang Koo, Lew Eul Ki, Nam Koong Chul, Park Kun Pil, Choi Young Sun, Choung Soon Hee,
Yung Joon, Ro Young lk, Shin Jae Chul, Suh Kwang Chung Ae Soon, Chung Hae Woong, Chung Ho
Soo, Sul Choon Sub, Sul Yung Chul, Sung Nak Soon, Chung Taik Yong, Hong Kyu Pyo, Hong Sung
Won, Um Ki Woong, Yoon Choong Yuh, Yoon Chung, Hwang Jong, Im Dong Ho, Jo Sung Kee,
Dong Uk, Yoon Yung Sung. Jun Won Soon, Byung Seok Kim, Hyung Suk Kim,
Departments: Kim Boo Ryun, Kim Mi Bae, Kim Sang Chul, Kim
Church Ministries, Choo Young Bong; Associate, Seon Woo, Kim Sung Sup, Kim Tae Yong, Kim Yoon
Kim Sung Hyun; Assistant, Kim Boo Ryun. Sung, Kim Yung Ki, Kwon Hyuk Yong, Lee Bo Duk,
Communication and VOP, Um Ki Woong. Lee Duk Won, Lee Ho Shim, Lee Jae Choon, Lee
Education and Spirit of Prophecy, Suh Kwang Soo. Joong Gun, Mrs. Lee Joong Gun, Lee Kei Bok, Mrs.
Health and Temperance, Kim Chang Soo. Hyung Hwan Lyu, Lyu Jeung Ryul, Herman Q. L.
Ministerial, Sul Choon Sub; Assistant, Hong Montgomery, Oh Jin Kyu, Oh Jung Hyub, Park
Myung Kwan; Shepherdess International, Bae Chae Woon, Park Kwang Sun, Pyo Sung Soo, Shim
Kyun Ja. Sang Ok, Shin Hyun Mok, Shin Seung Wook, Shin
Publishing, Cho Pyung II; Associate, Lee Won Kyu. Soon Ja, Song Sook Ja, Suh Sekyun, Sul Won Koo,
Religious Liberty, Kwon Man Bok. Sung Guimo,-Wee Sun Hong, Yoo Tae Hyun, Yoon
Choong Yuh, Yun Byung Ho.
Legal Associations: 1. "Legal Association of Korean
Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists." 2. Licensed Ministers:
"Legal Association of Sam Yuk Hak Won." Direc- Choi Byun Keun, Choi Soo Dong, Chung Yung
tor, Lyu Hyung Hwan; Assistant, Kim Yung Ki. Soo, Ha Kye Sang, Jang Young Chul, Jung Jung Ho,
Services: Kang Eun Chul, Kim Kwang Doo, Kim Song Sook,
ADRA, Herman Q. L. Montgomery. Kim Soo Ho, Kim Sung lk, Kim Tong Heon, Kwon
ASI, Choo Young Bong. Soon Boon, Lee Jeong Hwa, Lee Won Kyu, Douglas

C. Matacio, Park Cheon Soo, Park Moon Cfiul, Pyo, Im Young Jun, Jang Sung Ho; Kang Dae
Shim Woo Chang, Sohn Yoon Ho, Suh Kwang Soo. Young, Kang Jung Soo, Kim Dong Myung, Kim Eun
Bai, Kim Hyung Lyoul, Kim II Bae, Kim III Mok, Kim
Jong Je, Kim Jon Young, Kim Myung Jae, Kim Nag
EAST CENTRAL KOREAN CONFERENCE Jin, Kwon II Kyu,Tee Byung Chun, Lee Chang Suck,
Organized 1908; reorganized 1919, 1978, 1983 Lee Kyung Hee, Lee Kyung Woo, Lee Myun
Territory: Eastern part of Seoul, Kwang Won (except Lee Sang Eui, Lee Sung Bok, Lee Wan Woo, Lee
the county of Chul Won), the counties of Ka Pyung, Yong Seob, Min Young Ki, Moon Seung Bae, Nam
Kwang Joo, and Yang Pyung in Kyung Ki, and the Soo Hyung, Oh Kwang Soo, Oh Weon Bae, Pak
counties of Chei Chun and Tan Yang in North Cheol Kyun, Pak Choon Shik, Pak Kwang Soo, Park
Choong Chung. In Bae, Ryue Woo Myung, Shin Byung Chul, Shin
Chul Ho, Shin Kee Kwang, Song Ho Chool, Sung
Population: 6,864,730; churches, 101; members, Ok Soon, Yoo Keum Sang, Yoo Mong Hee, Yoo Tae
Cable Address: "Adventist," Seoul, Korea.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Mailing Address: East Central Korean Conference of Bun Jong A, Chang Hyang Hwa, Kim Jung Bai, Wi Si
Seventh-day Adventists, Chung Ryang P.O. Box Hyuk, Yang Seung So, Yoon Jai Ryong, Yun Byeong
162, Seoul 131-650, Korea. Cheon.
Office Address: 232-1 Chungyang-ri Tongdaimoon-
ku, Seoul, Korea. Telephones: 967-2985, 963-0893,
962-3273, 967-0931, and 961-5919. MIDDLEWEST KOREAN CONFERENCE
Administration: Organized 1963; reorganized 1971, 1983
President, Kim Chin Young. Territory: North Choong Chung (except the coun-
Secretary, Um Bo Suk. ties of Chei Chun and Tan Yang), and South
Treasurer and Auditor, Ryue Woo Myung. Choong Chung.
Executive Committee: Kim Chin Young, Population: 4,236,949; churches, 84; members,
Chairman; Urn Bo Suk, Secretary; Chung Taik 9,707.
Yong, Kang Hak Bok, Kang Jeong Min, Kim Jae
Shin, Kim Kyung Shik, Kim Sung Joong, Kim Yong Office Address: 47-8 Mok Dong, Jung-ku, Taejeon
Dai, Kim Yoo Bum, Kwon Hyuk Woo, Kwon II Kyu, 301-070, Korea. Telephones: 256-9867 and 254-
Lee Jae Hyun, Lee Jung Taik, Lee Young Choon, 4729.
Pak Ki Hyun, Ryue Woo Myung, Song Chang Hoi, Administration:
Yeon Kwan Heum. President, Yoon Yung Sung.
Departments: Secretary-Treasurer, Kim Sang III.
Church Ministries, Song. Chang Hoi; Associate, Auditor, Kim Sang III.
Jyung Chang Keun; Assistant, Youn Young Woo. Executive Committee: Yoon Yung Sung,
Communication, Song Chang Hoi. Chairman; Kim Sang III, Secretary; Chang Kil Jun,
Education, Kim Chin Young; Associate, Jyung Im Byung Sung, Kang Hi Bok, Kim Hong Man, Kim
Chang. Keun. Hyo Seong, Kim In Shi, Kim Jong Tai, Kwon Man
Ministerial, Kim Chin Young. Soo, Lee Kwang Won, Lee Sang Woong, Lee Shin
Publishing, Kwon II Kyu; Assistants, Ahn Ok Woong, Oh Jung Chai, Son Chwi Chan, Son Sun
YoungKim Byung Ha, Kim Dong Sun. Keon, Yurn Si Yul.
Spirit of 'Prophecy and Temperance, Song Chang Departments:
Hoi. Church Ministries, Lee Kwang Won; Associate,
Services: Kim Si Young; Assistant, Kang Hee Youn.
Adventist Book Center, Ahn Jong Kyung. CommuniCation and Spirit of Prophecy, Lee Kwang
Ordained Ministers: Education, Yoon Yung Sung; Assistant, Kim Si
Chang Shin Kyu, Cho Byung Hyuk, Cho Kyu Sool, Young.
Cho Won Woong, Choi Myung Kyu, Chun Byeong Health and Temperance, Lee Kwang Won.
Yun, Chun Chung Kwon, Chung Won Yong, Ministerial, Yoon Yung Sung.
Chung Yong Man, Im San Shik, Jyung Chang Keun, Publishing, Kim Jong Tai; Assistant, Kang Jung Ku.
Kang Hak Bok, Kang Jeong Min, Kim Chang II, Kim
Chin Young, Kim Choon Sup, Kim Hong Joo, Kim Services:
Jae Shin, Kim Jong Hwa, Kim Kyung Shik, Kim Sang Adventist Book Center, Kim Sang III.
Hwan, Kim Sang Jun, Kim Sea Woong, Kim Sung Ordained Ministers:
Shik, Kim Sung Won, Kim Yong Dai, Kim You Bok, Ahn Yung Taik, Bang Nak Jin, Chang Kil Joon, Cho
Kwon Hyuk Woo, Lee Chang Sup, Lee Ho Sang, Byung Ho, Cho Ki Byuk, Choi Chang Kyu, Choi
Moon Chi Yang, Oh Bong Ryul, Pak Byung Do, Pak Yung Bae, Hong Myung Hi, Im Byung Sung, Im
Dong Seung, Pak Moon Soo, Pak Nak Yong, Pak Dong Woon, Kim Jong Myung, Kim Sang III, Kim
Sang Hyun, Pak Young Hae, Ro Young lk, Shin Shi Yung, Kim Suk Kon, Lee Kwang Won, Oh Jung
Myung Soo, Song Chang Hoi, Suh Man Jin, Sung Chai, Park Moon Bok, Park Woo Yung, Shin Jae
Nak Won, Um Bo Suk, Urn Yong Ho, Won Chi Jae, Chul, Shin Kyu Chul, Son Ki Won, Son Sun Keun,
Yeon Kwan Heum, Yoon Suk Hyun, Yoon Sun So. Yang Keun Mok, Yeum Shi Yul, Yoon Yung Sung,
Credentialed Missionaries: Youn Jong Ro.
Ahn Jong Kyung, Ahn Ok Young, Cha Bai Hyun, Credentialed Missionaries:
Chung Hong Joo, Chung Soon Kap, Joy Young Choi Yun Sub, Mrs. Chung Suk Ki, Jung Jang Hwan,
Sup, Kang Sung Chul, Kim Bong Jin, Kim Byeong Kang Jung Koo, Kim Hyo Seong, Shin Sung Shik,
Kuk, Kim Byung Ha, Kim Dae Sung, Kim Dong Sun, Won Sung Shik.
Kwon Young Ki, Lee Chang Koo, lee Jong Jik, Lee Licensed Ministers:
Kye Bog, Lee Won Woo, Lee Young Kil, Shin Byung Ahn Byung Ha, Cho Jang Hee, Hu Chang Soo,
Ho, Suh Joon Pyo. Hwang Eue Sun, Im Dong Ho, Jung Bo Yong, Jung
Licensed Ministers: Jae Sung, Jung Tae Bong, Kang Hee Kwan, Kim
Chang Eun Shik, Cho Sang Beom, Choi Gil Ho, Dong Woo, Kim Jong Tai, Kim One Goun, Kim Si
Chun Kyung Soo, Chun Sung Kee, Chung Tae Wha, Kwon Young Soo, Lee Chel Jae, Lee Dae
Kyung, Chung Young Joo, Chung Young Keun, Joon, Lee Kyung Tai, Lee Sung Ok, Min Kwang
Gwak Jung Hwan, Hong Deck Hee, Hong Young Hong, Park Chan III, Park Hee Moon, Park Ji Yong,

Shin Jung Ho, Shin Tai Kyun, Song Chang Ho, Yoo Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Yung Mo, Yoon Chong Hap, Yoon Se Soo. Chang III Nam, Sang Ki Choi, Choi Hyung Kyu,
Choi Jong Hoon, Kim Yung Jae, Lee Yo Sik.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Choi Joong Jin, Kim Ok Hyun, Shin Dong Sung.
NORTH KOREAN MISSION Organized 1952; reorganized 1971, 1983
Organized 1934 Territory: Chejudo, North Chunla, and South Chun-
(Number of churches and members in North Korea la.
are estimates based on latest figures available.) Population: 5,421,052; churches, 55; members,
Territory: That portion of Korea lying north of the 8,461.
armistice line. Office Address: 371-38 Juwol-dong, Seo-ku, Kwang-
ju 502-310, Korea. Telephone: 68-9202.
Churches: 26; members, 866.
President, Sul Yung Chul.
SOUTHEAST KOREAN CONFERENCE Secretary-Treasurer, Chae Eui Koo.
Organized 1919; reorganized 1967, 1983 Auditor, Chae Eui Koo.
Executive Committee: Sul Yung Chul, Chairman;
Territory: The cities of Pusan and Taegu, and North Chae Eui Koo, Secretary; Cha Nam Kyu, Choe
Kyung Sang and South Kyung Sang Provinces. Young Tai, Chung Yang Yoon, Gwon Gwang Pyo,
Population: 13,500,000; churches, 79; members, Han Jae Soo, Kim Dae Sun, Kim Jung Tae, Kim Ka II,
11,152. Kim Sam Sun, Ko Kap Suk, Lee Eui Hui, Lee Jong
Yeoul, Lee Sung Jin, Moon Jin Ho, Oh Bong Ju, Pak
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 42, Taegu 700-600, Korea. Sam Soo.
Office Address: 170-2 Dae Bong-dong, Joong-ku, Departments:
Taegu, Korea. Telephone: 44-8594. Church Ministries, Chung Yang Yoon; Associate,
Administration: Ko Tae Young; Assistant, Hwang Hie Sung.
President, Kim Dae Sik. Communication and Spirit of Prophecy, Chung
Secretary-Treasurer, Ahn Joong Won. Yang Yoon.
Auditor, Ahn Joong Won. Education, Sul Yung Chul; Associate, Ko Tae
Executive Committee: Kim Dae Sik, Chairman; Young.
Ahn Joong Won, Secretary; Cho Ho Young, Chung Health and Temperance, Chung Yang Yoon.
Bong Won, Kang Myung Kil, Kang Seon Goo, Kim Ministerial, Sul Yung Chul.
Dong Chool, Kim Seung Hyu, Ko Chan Yun, Ko Publishing, Gwon Gwang Pyo; Assistant, Kim Soon
Jang Soo, Ko Woo Suk, Kwon Chang Kyu, Lee Hai Ho.
Ryong., Lee Sung Gab, Lee Tae Keun, Oh Chun Services:
Soo, Oh Jong Jae, Pak Sang Rin, Park Jae Woo. Adventist Book Center, Chae Eui Koo.
Departments: Ordained Ministers:
Church Ministries, Oh Chun Soo; Associate, Lee Chae Eui Koo, Cho Dong Hyun, Choe Byung Ki,
Tae Keun; Assistant, Lee Song Ja. Choe Yung Tae, Chung Byung Yul, Chung Yang
Communication and Spirit of Prophecy, Oh Chun Yoon, Han Jae Soo, Hong Gwang Eui, Kang Sang
Soo. Yung, Kim Byung Mo, Kim Hyun Suk, Kim Jin
Education, Kim Dae Sik; Associate, Lee Tae Keun. Hong, Kim Jung Tae, Kim Ka II, Kim Won Sam, Kim
Health and Temperance, Oh Chun Soo. Yung II, Ko Kap Suck, Ko Tae Yung, Lee Kap Ki,
Ministerial, Kim Dae Sik. Moon Jin Ho, Sul Yung Chul.
Publishing, Kwon Chang Kyu; Assistants, Chang Credentialed Missionaries:
Soon Ki, Kang Soo Joong. Ki Young Song, Lee Sang Duk, Lee Sung Jin, Lee
Young Gual, Oh Nam Sook.
Adventist Book Center, Kim Kil Hyung. Licensed Ministers:
Chang Dong Soo, Cho Hyu Chung, Chung Choon
Ordained Ministers: Jeal, Gim Jae Ho, Gwon Gwang Pyo, Joo Min Ho,
Ahn Hwe Soo, Ahn Joong Won, Choo Yeong Ill, Joo Yung Jong, Kang Sung Soo, Kim Sang Sin, Lee
Chun Young Soo, Chung Yong Man, Chung Yong Jae Sung, Lee Kyung Joon, Park Rai Koo, Roh Ho
Soo, Im Joong Sup, Kang Myung Kil, Kang Sang Jin, Sung, Seo Han Bum, Shin Jang Ho, Yoon Hyung
Kang Seon Goo, Kang Suk Kyu, Kim Dae Sik, Kim Yen.
Dong Chool, Kim Kyung Ho, Kim Sang Tae, Ko Jang
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Soo, Keun Taik Lee, Lee Hai Ryong, Lee Tae Keun,
Kim Soon Ho, Lee Kook Re.
Oh Chun Soo, Pak Sang Rin, Pak Young Choon,
Park Kyung Sook, Seo Jung Joon, Seung Sun Jae,
Shin Moon Gyun, Youn Dai Wha.
Credentialed Missionaries: Organized 1908
Chang Ill Nam, Chang Soon Ki, Choi Hyung Kyu, Reorganized 1919, 1978, 1983
Kang Soo Joong, Kim Byung Do, Kim Young Dong,
Territory: Western part of Seoul, Kyung Ki (except
Kim Yung Jae, Ko Chan Yun, Shin Chang Kun.
the counties of Ka Pyung, Kwang Joo, and Yang
Licensed Ministers: Pyung), and the counties of Chul Won and Kang
Bae Hye Joo, Cho Soo Chul, Choi Myung Jun A, Won.
Choi Myung Jun B, Chun Boo Kwon, Han Yoon Gu, Population: 13,000,000; churches, 105; members,
Dong Suk rang, Jung Young Pyo, Kim Dae Song, 23,768.
Kim Ho Nam, Kim Nag Hyung, Kwon Chang Kyu,
Kwon Young Shup, Lee Ji Choon, Lee Sung Joo, Cable Address: "Adventist," Seoul, Korea.
Lim Jung Bae, Nam Sang Ki, Park Sang Ho, Park Mailing Address: Nam Seoul P.O. Box 8, Seoul 151-
Sang Kil, Park Soon Hyang, Song Byung Ho, Song 600, Korea.
Kyung Ho, Suh Jun Won, Suh Kyung Shin, Young Office Address: 790-5 Bang-bae-dong, Seo Cho-Ku,
Jae Yang, Yoo Su Keun. Seoul, Korea. Telephones: 591-7872 and 591-7873.

Administration: Kim Yung Soo, Koo Hyun Sou, Lee Chang Hea, Lee
President, Kim Koon Choon. Chong Uk, Lee Choon Chull, Lee Jei Ki, Lee Ki
Secretary, Lim Byung Hoon. Myung, Lee Sang Chul, Lee Shin Ho, Lim Byung
Treasurer and Auditor, Lee Sang Chul. Hoon, Moo Yung Suk, Oh Bong Joo, Park loon Ho,
Executive Committee: Kim Koon Choon, Shin Hyun Uk, Shin Sang Sub, Shon Kab Soo, Yoon
Chairman; Lim Byung Hoon, Secretary; Baik Bo Hyun, Yoon Kun Shik, Yoon Sun Hong.
Seung Kyu, Chun Kwang Soo, Hong Soung Soun,
Huh Seung Hoi, Kim Chong Chin, Kim In Whan, Credentialed Missionaries:
Kim Jong Hwa, Kwak Choon Ki, Lee Ki Myung, Lee Baik Yong Chun, Choi Jong Sook, Chung Suk Rim,
Sang Chul, Lee Sung Choon, Lim Choon Taik, Shin Kim Chin Kyun, Kim Jae Ki, Kwon Yung Sik, Lee Chil
Sang Sub, Shin Soo Bok, Sung Sa, Yoo Yong Eui, Boon, Lee Kang Pil, Lee Sang Eui, Lim Choon Taik,
Park Yung Ja, Shim Dong Sup, Shin Jea Doo, Won
Yoon Sun Hong.
Yoo Ha, Yoon Chang Soo.
Church Ministries, Hong Soung Soun; Associate, Licensed Ministers:
Kim Dae Sung; Assistant, Chung Mi Keum. Ahn Sang Ki, Ahn Yung Chul, Cho Kwang Sang,
Communication and Spirit of Prophecy, Hong Cho Suk Ho, Cho Sung Man, Choi Pyung Nam,
Soung Soun. Chung Kwan Yong, Han Ki Taik, Hong Doo Pyo,
Education, Kim Koon Choon; Associate, Kim Dae Huh Myun Hee, Huh Seung Hoi, Hur Yoon Kie,
Sung. Kang Suk Woo, Kim Byung Ho, Kim Eun Tae, Kim III
Health and Temperance, Hong Soung Soun. Woong, Kim Jin Taik, Kim Jong Gon, Kim Kwang
Ministerial, Kim Koon Choon. Choon, Kim Sang Rea, Kwon Chung Haing, Lee
Publishing, Huh Seung Hoi; Assistants, Lee Chil Jang Ho, Lee Jong Chul, Lee Jong -Uk, Lee Joo
Boon, Lee Kang Pil, Won Yoo Ha. Whan, Lee Kyung Han, Lee Seung Dong, Lim Bo
Services: Suk, Lim Eun III, Moon Yung Kwon, Myung Deuk
Adventist Book Center, Yoon Chang Soo. Chun, Oh Yong Seok, Park Chang Eun, Park Dae
Hun, Park Hee Jong, Park Jin Yong, Park Yong Kun,
Ordained Ministers: Shin Yang Ho, Song Hea Sup, Sung Byung Woo,
Beak Sang Jin, Cha Do Soon, Chang Ji Hun, Chin Yang Chong Ho, Yang III Kwan, Yoo Chin Wang,
Bang In, Cho Choon Ho, Cho Chul Yun, Chun Yoo Kwang Hun.
Kwang Soo, Chung Ji Ho, Chung Soon Kie, Chung
Yung Keun, Hong Soung Soun, Hur Woong, Im Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Hyung Chang, Kim Dae Sung, Kim In Whan, Kim Chea Choong Wook, Choi Jong Sook, Kim Hun Jik,
Kap Jei, Kim Koon Choon, Kim Se Won, Kim Shin Lee Kang Phil, Lee Yung Kook, Shin Jae Doo, Shin
Sub, Kim Soo Jin, Kim Tea Hwan, Kim Wang Mok, Ki Soo.


Organized 1917; reorganized 1951

Territory: Abra, Albay, Aurora, Bataan, Batanes, Departments:

Batangas, Benguet, Bulacan, Burias, Cagayan, Church Ministries, Demetrio F. Robles; Associ-
Camannes Norte, Camarines Sur, Catanduanes, ates, Angel G. Biton, Esther B. Frias, David C.
Cavite, Ifugao, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Isabela, Sabaupan.
Kalinga-Apayao, La Union, Laguna, Marinduque, Communication and VOP, Rodolfo A. Nepo-
Mindoro, Mountain Province, -Nueva Ecija, Nueva muceno.
Vizcaya, Palawan, Pam panga, Pangasinan, Education, William T. Martinez (acting).
Quezon, Rizal, Sorsogon, Tarlac, Zambales, and Health and Temperance, Bienvenido V. Tejano.
the city of Manila; comprising the Central Luzon, Ministerial, Guillermo H. Gucilatar.
Mountain Provinces, Northern Luzon, South- Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy, Gerardo R.
Central Luzon, and Southern Luzon Missions. Ramos.
Population: 45,342,877; churches, 1,009; members, Religious Liberty, Bienvenido V. Tejano.
134,161. Legal Association:
Cable Address: "Adventist," Manila, Philippines. "North Philippine Union Mission Corporation of
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 401, 1099 Manila, Philip- Seventh-day Adventists."
pines. President, Efinito M. Macalintal.
Secretary, Gildo B. Espelita.
Office Address: Corner Donada and San Juan Director of Retirement, Legal and Trust Ser-
Streets, 1300 Pasay City, Philippines. Telephones: vices, Gerardo P. Morena Jr.
57-40-81, 831-16-82, and 831-52-35.
ADRA, Telephone: 828-4371.
President, Efinito M. Macalintal.
Secretary, Daniel B. Villoso. Director, John F. Sipkens.
Treasurer, Gildo B. Espelita; Associate, Jasper L. ASI, Demetrio F. Robles.
Church Growth Institute (Tri-Union), Edwin A.
Executive Committee: Efinito M. Macalintal, Beck; Associate, Zineo L. Manalo.
Chairman; Daniel B. Villoso, Secretary; Angel G. NSO, David C. Sabaupan.
Biton, Nyrh Cabance, Geronimo A. Calangan, Ordained Ministers:
Bienvenido E. Capule, Flor B. Conopio, Gildo B. Angel G. Biton, Daniel R. Botabara, Antonio Bu lag-
Espelita, Larry G. Feir, Loreto R. Garcia, Mrs. Ofelia say, Bienvenido E. Capule, Flor B. Conopio, Criso-
Godoy, Guillermo H. Gucilatar, Samuel A. Ladion lito V. dela Cruz, Gerundio U. Ellacer, Armando T.
Sr., Jasper L. Malalis, Gerardo P. Morena Jr., Rodol- Fabella, Nocotades F. Fadri, Loreto R. Garcia, Guil-
fo A. Nepomuceno, Mrs. Violeta C. Palma, Gerar- lermo H. Gucilatar, Paul L. Hinoguin, Samuel A.
do R. Ramos, Alberto C. Regoso Jr., Demetrio F. Ladion, Abelardo T. Laureles, Efinito M. Macalin-
Robles, David C. Sabaupan, Bienvenido V. Tejano, tal, Jose L. Manalo, William T. Martinez, John K.
Adolfo B. Valenzuela, Florante E. Yulip. McGhee, Gerardo P. Morena Jr., Rodolfo A. Nepo-

muceno, William B. Ombao, Ephraim V. Palmero, M. Mindoro, Leah G. Miraflores, Reynaldo T. Mon-
Nicodemus A. Quipanes, Reuben R. Rafanan, tecillo, Mrs. Leila A. Narbarte, Jose D. Olarte, Mrs.
Gerardo R. Ramos, Demetrio F. Robles, Adelbert Jose D. Olarte, Renato E. Pacardo, Mrs. Violeta C.
Rosana, David C. Sabaupan, Nestor A. Santos, Palma, Nilo F. Palma, Mrs. Oscar 0. Palomero,
Marcelo T. Sigue, Roul H. Tauran, Bienvenido V. Oscar 0. Palomero, Mrs. Daniel B. Pamintuan, Ilu-
Tejano, Nicasio G. Tumangday, Archibald P. minada G. Partoza, Mrs. Maria U. Pasamonte,
Tupaz, Orvillo B. Varona, Claro R. Vicente, Daniel Erwin R. Pedernal, Mrs. Erwin R. Pedernal, Benigno
B. Villoso, Oseas I. Zamora. S. Pedro, Gilieto E. Penaranda, Mrs. Gilieto E.
Honorary: Florencio M. Arrogante, Tiwan A. Penaranda, Mrs. Nicodemus A. Quipanes, Mrs. En-
Atiteo, Benjamin S. Balverde, Jose 0. Bautista, gracia A. Rasa, Miguel E. Razon, Mrs. Angelina C.
Felipe M. Berto, Beato S. Brutas, Ruben Carrillo, Regoso, Alfonso P. Reyes, Silverio A. Reyno,
Benjamin T. Castillo, Eduardo C. Corpus Sr., Mar- Manuel R. Ricohermoso, Rosalinda L. Rivera, Mrs.
celino Cudanin, Fausto G. Dabu, Esmeraldo A. de Lydia T. Roda, Mrs. Maria F. Roman, Macario P.
Leon, Gregorio Y. Dizon, Canuto A. Dumenden, Romanes, Hilario Romua, Evangeline C. Rubio,
Andrew B. Edwin, Isaac S. Enriquez, Gorgonio Fari- Roy E. Ryan, Mrs. Abelita C. Salalima, Ricardo G.
nas, Serafin S. Flores, Ananias A. Floresta, Gil de Salamante, Mrs. Zenaida G. Salazar, Dioscorides B.
Guzman, Jacinto D. Hanle!, Manuel T. Isberto, Salmin, Samuel A. Salomon, Melecio N. Salvan,
Moises G. Jereos, Conrado P. Legaspi, Pastor M. Domingo H. San Joaquin Jr., Manolito F. Santos,
Mayor, Victor C. Medina, Jeremias Montalban, Diosdado S. Sarabia, Mrs. Kathryn L. Sepe, Mrs.
Gerardo D. Mostrales, Basilio S. Palad, Alfonso C. Marcelo T. Sigue, John F. Sipkens, Mrs. John F.
Pascual, Mariano G. Paulino, Pablo G. Poblete, Sipkens, Benita L. Sobrepena, Felimon J. Solano,
Arsenio A. Poblete Sr., Salvador R. Quines, Tomas Mrs. Felimon J. Solano, Mrs. Angelina C. Soliven,
V. Racasa, Benjamin C. Sanidad, Pablo V. Tayag, Amelia G. Suasi, Cholita G. Suasi, Reuben M. Sula-
Juanito L. Tulio. pas, Mrs. Roul H. Tauran, Rolando C. Ticzon,
Edwin S. Tigley, Mrs. Pacita B. Timonera, Mrs.
Credentialed Missionaries: Manuel T. Toledanes, Mrs. Editha S. Tonal, Mrs.
Manuel C. Aba, Mrs. Manuel C. Aba, Noemi M. Nicasio G. Tumangday, Ramon A. Ulangca, Daniel
Abarquez, Judith Abello, Miriam P. Acosta, Mrs. D. Valdez, Mrs. Sylvia S. Valenzuela, Mrs. Rose V.
Flor D. Adangas, Delmar E. Alarcon, Roderico E. Vance, Mrs. Oscar B. Varona, Oscar B. Varona,
Alcaraz, Castor C. Alcorin, Mrs. Castor C. Alcorin, Mrs. Nacianceno V. Vega, Nacianceno V. Vega,
Maximo R. Ancheta Jr., Luzviminda S. Aquino, Juan Domingo B. Villagomez, Teresita A. Villanueva,
R. Arcilla, Mrs. Juan R. Arcilla, Mrs. Reynaldo R. Mrs. Normita 0. Villarico, Mrs. Daniel B. Villoso,
Arquiza, Nymia K. Ausan, Mrs. Corazon T. Banaga, Mrs. Oseas I. Zamora.
Mrs. Eileen D. Batulayan, Loving B. Bermudez, Honorary: Mrs. Felicidad M. Abriol, Gorgonio
Samuel W. Berto, Ernesto A. Billen, Timoteo T. Acojido, Mrs. Lydia G. Alcaide, Francisco 0. Areva-
Bilugan, Feliciana D. Brillantes, Reynato C. Buzon, lo, Alfredo R. Asuncion, Mrs. Pheninnah Baronda,
Eulenia P. Caagbay, Mrs. Betty A. Cain, Mrs. Lilia B. Pedro V. Bello, Alfonso B. Bulahan, Cornelio S.
Canda, Bienvenido C. Casi, N. G. Castillo, Mrs. Catelo, Mrs. Priscilla N. Daguman, Mrs. Rebecca
Cynthia G. Castro, Benido S. Cayetano, Laureano R. Edwin, Mrs. Rosario N. Emralino, Eugenio Estra-
L. Cebrian, Mrs. Laureano L. Cebrian, Mrs. Salva- da, Rodrigo A. Fernando, Mrs. Angelina J. Flores,
dor B. Cereno, Salvador B. Cereno, Epifanio N. Tarciana A. Galang, Leoncia Geslani, Maria Gesla-
Ciron, Mrs. Lydia D. Concepcion, Mrs. Flor B. Con- ni, Benedict° O. Gravino, Leonila T. Liwag, Moises
opio, Mrs. Joselito A. Coo, Cristina S. Cortez, V. Lodevico, Eusebio F. Lopez, Mrs. Lorenza G.
Alberto M. de la Cruz, Mrs. Crisolito V. de la Cruz, Malapira, Ester G. Manalaysay, Mrs. Concepcion
Mrs. Josefina A. Cruz, Levi J. De Ocampo, Mrs. A. Mathay, Salvador M. Napod, Mrs. Adelaida
Soledad F. De Vera, Rode A. De Villa, Julie D. Dela Ojano, Mrs. Ursula Orille, Mrs. Z. F. Pasco, Samuel
Rosa, Mrs. Daisy A. S. Dones, Mrs. Myrna Duldu- G. Paulino, Angel V. Quisido, Manuel S. Rafael,
lao-Milan, Mrs. Gerundio U. Ellacer, Mrs. Candida Revita, Primitivo P. Salomon, Mrs.
Cresencia M. Enriquez, Carmelita J. Escalaw, Gildo Lourdes 0. Sindac, Isidro G. Talangbayan, Mrs.
B. Espelita, Mrs. Armando T. Fabella, Mrs. Noco- Isidro G. Talangbayan, Mrs. Quintina G. Tamayo,
tades F. Fadri, Arleen V. Fajardo, Ludencio P. Falcu- Mrs. Luz Tangalin, Mrs. Bienvenida Tanwangco,
Ian, Mrs. Esther D. Fangonilo, Jeremias T. Felipe, Maria G. Tumangday, Mrs. Esther Ulangca, Agusti-
Mrs. Jeremias T. Felipe, H. L. Fernandez, Josefina na Vergara, Elias L. Villanueva, Francisco Ylarde.
A. Fetalino, Eugenio V. Fiedacan, Daisy J. J. Flores,
Mrs. Mario T. Flores, Esther B. Frias, Demetrio E.
Fronda Jr., Josefina A. Cabin, Henry P. Galang, CENTRAL LUZON MISSION
William P. Galang, Rosalinda L. Gandia, Mrs. Lore- Organized 1906; reorganized 1931
to R. Garcia, Mrs. Nehemias R. Garcia, Mrs. Lydia
Territory: Aurora, Bataan, Bulacan, Cavite, Nueva
C. Gayoba, Mrs. Leonore E. Gensolin, Mrs.
Mariano 0. Gonzales, Manuel F. Guardian, Mrs. Ecija, Palawan, Pampanga, Rizal, Tarlac, and Zam-
Manuel F. Guardian, Salvacion P. Guillemer, Ber- bales, and the cities of- Caloocan, Manila, Pasay,
nardo C. Gumarao, Mrs. Milagros M. Gutierrez, and Quezon.
Enedina N. Habla, A. P. Haynal, Mrs. Edna A. Her- Population: 22,250,000; churches, 346; members,
nandez, Inherla L. Hernando, Mrs. Esperanza R. 45,073.
Idrisalman, Eugenio C. Ignacio, Mrs. Josue T. I m- Cable Address: "Celumis," Manila, Philippines.
perio, Mrs. Oseas P. lmperio, Oseas P. Imperio, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2494, 1099 Manila, Philip-
Rosalina C. Imperio, Josue T. Imperio Jr., Conrado pines.
M. Jimenez, Eliezer C. Juanillo, Mrs. Samuel A.
Ladion, Caridad T. Leonardia, Maxima R. Liberan, Office Address: 20 Governor Pascual Avenue, 1404
Moises V. Lodevico, Cecilia H. Lucas, Mrs. Vilma Malabon, Metro Manila, Philippines. Telephones:
0. Lumalang, Mrs. Efinito M. Macalintal, Antonina 361-25-42 and 361-37-81.
G. Macawili, Saludacion D. Magdamo, Willie D. Administration:
Magdamo, Ronald Q. Magnaye, Jasper L. Malalis, President, Alberto C. Regoso Jr.
Mrs. Cora C. Malalis, Mrs. Jose L. Manalo, Mrs. Secretary, Dan R. Mora.
Romulo N. Mapusao, Ernesto G. Maranan, Bernar- Treasurer, Tomas D. Dayahan.
do S. Mariano, Mrs. Evangeline M. Martinez, Mrs. Auditor, Tomas D. Dayahan; Assistants, Reynaldo
Rebecca M. Martinez, Mrs. William T. Martinez, R. Arquiza, Teddy Vern Guerrero, Leoben G.
Juana N. Mendoza, Mrs. Epifania D. Mina, Milton Guevarra, Daniel E. Leonardo, Isagani I. Sta. Ana.

Executive Committee: Alberto C. Regoso Jr., za, Angelina Espiritu, Porfirio S. Eusebio, Mrs.
Chairman; Dan R. Mora, Secretary; Ben-Ezra M. Rodolfo M. Evangelista, Solomon A. Evangelista,
Adap, Carmelito L. Amores, Antonio T. Botabara, Estrella T. Facunla, Lily Faderogaya, Virginia D. Fa-
Eduardo S. Buena, Tomas D. Dayahan, Rodolfo G. jardo, Maria F. Fajutagana, Alicia Felarca, Leonardo
Evangelista, Victor D. Flauta, Nehemias R. Garcia, C. Feliciano, Priscilla M. Feliciano, Lucas 0. Fer-
Orlando P. Guerrero, Eliezer C. Lagabon, Eliseo 0. nandez, Elsa F. Fetalino, Candelaria T. Flaviano,
Magtanong, Alfredo T. Sarmiento, Jessie C. Sigua. Emelie F. Foja, Adoracion S. Fontamillas, Gliceria
Departments: V. Galupo, Nehemias R. Garcia, Lolita V. Gonzales,
Church Ministries, Eliezer C. Lagabon; Associates, Mrs. Celicia D. Gonzales, Teresita M. Gorospe,
Ben-Ezra M. Adap, Gerry A. Ebora, Esther M. Teodora Graneta, Mrs. Petronila B. Hachero, Basi-
Lagabon, Abner S. Roque. lia D. Jerez, Judy B. Julian, Mrs. Eliezer C. Lagabon,
Communication, Ben-Ezra M. Adap. Helen M. Largo, Daniel E. Leonardo, Nelia E. Llor-
Education, Rodolfo G. Evangelista; Elementary Su- ca, Lilia Lopez, Sofronio R. Lorenzo, Emelita P.
pervisor, Mrs. Angelina M. Espiritu. Macatiag, Soledad D. Macmac, Lydia S. Maglalang,
Health and Temperance, Nehemias R. Garcia. Elsa R. Magnaye, Esther A. Maigan, Lydia D. Mali-
Ministerial, Dan R. Mora. nay, Norayda R. Malit, Elizabeth S. Mallari, Emma
Publishing, Eduardo S. Buena; Associates, Vidal C. A. Manlangit, Honorada M. Manlungat, Felicidad
Nepomuceno, Jose T. Orbe Sr., Jerry M. Zabat; Y. Mariano, Pepito S. Mazo, Wenifreda L. Merana,
Assistants, Nicasio S. Alteros, Leonisa L. Estrella F. Merto, Clara P. Miguel, Liwayway Mon-
Andales, Libby S. Aquino, Milagros C. Balano, tojo, Vidal C. Nepomuceno, Leonila M. 011ero,
Arnold H. Baltazar, Consorcio Bautista, Levi 0. Jose T. Orbe, Erlinda G. Padul, Romualdo E. Palad,
Bencito, Juan S. Burce Jr., Adelaida S. Carbone!, Juliet O. Pangilinan, Ligaya A. Pantalunan, Laura A.
Mary 0. Celestre, Victoriano P. Cepeda, Jovita Pescacio, Rebecca B. Pueblos, Mrs. Maria S. Punza-
Cortez, Ricaredo R. Cruz, Porferio S. Eusebio, Ian, Eleanor V. Roque, Rebecca L. Roque, Eleonore
Solomon A. Evangelista, Estrella E. Facunla, P. Rosana, Mrs. Robin A. Saban, Corazon R. San-
Leonardo Feliciano, Lucas 0. Fernandez, Emelie chez, Isagani V. Santa Ana, Aurora V. Santos, Luzvi-
M. Foja, Petronila B. Hachero, Judy B. Julian, minda A. Saramosing, Cornelio T. Sarmiento, Nim-
Onese M. Lisay, Leonila T. Liwag, Sofronio R. fa F. Sarmiento, Priscilla B. Sarsadiaz, Amelia L.
Lorenzo, Michael R. Magpantay, Pepito Mazo, Soriano, Miriam B. Soriano, Mrs. Priscilla M.
Edgar G. Paduga, Epifania F. Provido, Jonathan P. Suansing, Jonathan P. Sumbillo, Jerry S. Tamano,
Sumbillo, Reynaldo L. Villena. Rachel F. Tobias, Lydia C. Tordecilla, Conchita L.
Religious Liberty, Benjamin C. Guevarra. Trono, Nellie M. Trono, Merilyn U. Umingan, Mel-
Spirit of Prophecy, Eduardo S. Buena. weda R. Valdez, Rina L. Valdez, Sarah E. Valdez,
Leonita N. Valeros, Mrs. Melba V. de Valiao, Jere-
Services: mias M. Zabat.
Adventist Book Center/Home Health Education
Service, Emilio P. Fontamillas, Abner A. Gon- Licensed Ministers:
zales, Jeremias R. Ilagan, Jaime E. Manlungat, Eduardo Aquino, Israel H. Bacdayan, Ramon V.
Eliezer A. Vida; Bookmobile, Simplicio S. Suller. Baldovino, Rogelio G. Benaraba, Ismael S. Caroro,
ASI, Legal, and Trust Services, Victor D. Flauta. Daniel A. Catangay, Mariano S. Cayaban, Jimmy A.
NSO, Abner S. Roque. Celestre, Ave G. Denia, Wealthy C. Estrada, Billy P.
Ordained Ministers: Falculan, Carlito F. Fonte, Robinson S. Fuentes,
Jesse V. Acosta Jr., Ben-Ezra M. Adap, Rodolfo V. Renf red B. Gabuco, Glenn M. Lagabon, Joseph Y.
Almonte, Rodolfo T. Bautista, Leopoldo M. Baylon, Ledesma, Eliseo V. Magtanong, Daniel A. Malabad,
Eduardo S. Buena, Jose R. Carbungco, Balbino 0. Alex M. Manlapig, Roldan V. Mendoza, Bennie G.
David, Mariano G. Del Rosario, Carlos D. Diaz, Nianga, Daniel. R. Ocampo, Moises V. de Ocampo,
Albert C. Dy, Gerry A. Ebora, Rodolfo G. Evangelis- Ephraim B. Parulan, Abner C. Razon, Solomon D.
ta, Darwin F. Faigao, Jimmy F. Ferrolino, Victor D. Tolentino, Agapito A. Tuting, Tomas G. Vicente,
Flauta, Diosdado F. Fofue, Chelito B. Gabuco, Son- Jobbie D. Yabut.
ny F. Gabutero, Carmelito U. Galang Jr., Benjamin Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
C. Guevarra, Eliezer C. Lagabon, Rodel M. Liwa- Reynaldo Abot, Pepito Aganan, Lucena Alarma,
nag, Benjamin 0. Lucena, Nehemias V. Macatiag, Ramon Alburo, Herson An, Avelina Antonio, Fer-
Simplicio R. Macatiag Jr., Romeo T. Mangiliman, nando Aquino, Antonio Areta, Percy Arroyo, Julita
Protacio M. Mendoza, Liberato B. Moises, Dan R. Austria, Lucena Balmes, Emmanuel Barraquiel,
Mora, William G. Ombao, Alberto C. Regoso Jr., Jose Barro, Rolando Bayani, Alfredo Baybay, Daniel
Abner S. Roque, Robin A. Saban, Julio M. Sanidad, Belga, Buddy Berdonar, Rafael Berondo, Eden Bil-
Alfredo T. Sarmiento, Jesse C. Sigua, Virgilio G. lones, Edgardo Billones, Jaime Bolipata, Elizabeth
Tecson, Job M. Tiano, Elmer A. Trono. Bricenio, Ronald Buenvinuto, Erlinda Cabanit, Pla-
Credentialed Missionaries: cido Cabreros, Job Calooy, Moises Caluya, Misael
Annabelle B. Acosta, Juanito C. Afenir III, Nicasio Canares, Narciso Cansino, Rodolfo Capilitan,
S. Alteros, Alfredo T. Amada, Emerlita 0. Apostol, Samuel Casel, Perfecto Castor, Mario Castro, Fe
Gloria G. Apostol, Zenaida G. Apostol, Libby S. Conde, Jessie Cordial, Nicanor Cordial, Ricardo
Aquino, Zenaida E. Aquino, Antonio A. Arit, Cordial, Romeo Correa, Abraham Cruz, Demetrio
Reynaldo R. Arquiza, Arnold H. Baltazar, Mrs. Lilia Cruz, Edna Dador, Aida De Guzman, Estrella De
C. Batralo, Sulpicio R. Batul, Consorcio B. Bautista, Guzman, Jhun De Jonguoy, Maximo De Umania,
Filipinas R. Bautista, Cirila R. Bayani, Levi D. Benci- Nory Dela Torre, Tito Diasen, Danilo Diaz, Dante
to, Ronald T. Bilugan, Antonio S. Botabara, Shirley Diaz, Milagros Efondo, Edison Ejorcadas, Esther
P. Botabara, Juan S. Burce Jr., Norlin B. Cadapan, Ellazar, Rosario N. Emralino, Artemio Esguerra,
Rey D. Cadapan, Helen Caguay, Adelaida Car- Jose Esmillio, David Espina, Jonathan Espina, Trini-
bonel, Trifina L. Carinan, Blandino Casi, Susana P. dad Eusebio, Nemesio Fabelina, Nestor Fabelina,
Casi, Eliezer P. Castronuevo, Odelon Catacutan, Jessie Fabellon, Donald Fesalbon, Benedicta Fran-
Lydia G. Celestre, Mary 0. Celestre, Victoriano P. cisco, Crisanto Francisco, Edgar Francisco, Jovelita
Cepeda, Mrs. Trinidad D. Clasiete, Jeofre Q. Cor- Galan, Jimmy Galario, Carlomagno Gallego, Arse-
dial, Esther de la Cruz Cruz, Mehaida A. Dawal, nio Gocheco, Renato Gratil, Melwida Guerra,
Tomas D. Dayahan, Miriam P. De Leon, Rosita G. Bonifacio Guevarra, Mario Guiral, Loida Jereos,
del Rosario, Lucena B. delos Reyes, Amylyn A. Edwin Lachica, Dalmacio Lina, Hilaria Lina,
Diaz, Eufrecinia Diaz, Lorna T. Ebora, Mrs. Esther Josephine Liwanag, Carlos Lopez, Irma Lorenzo,
M. Ellazar, Aurora H. Enero, Clemence B. Esperan- Maneses Lualhati, Generoso Lusterio, Celedonio

Lustre, Dionesio Macabingkel, Buenaventura Balungaya, Rudy Barangan, Noeriano Borabon, Au-
Macatangay, Lucy Madis, Miriam Madriaga, Esther gusto Cadalig, Mrs. Charles C. Catolico, Alex
Magbujos, Erlinda Magpantay, Benjamin Manga, Grande, Pablo Loreto, William Marinas, Cayetano
Eddie Manliclic, Rose Manliclic, Antonio Mansala- Tangnan, Esmeralda de Vera.
puz, Jessie Manzano, Leoncio Mariano Jr., Guido
Mazo, Julie Medina, Simplicia Mendoza, Melchor NORTHERN LUZON MISSION
Miranda, Evalyn Napolitano, Romualdo Paguio,
Nehemias Palad, Corazon Palma, Arden Pasco, Organized 1919
Antonio Penascosas, Oscar Piloneo, Joseph Polles- Territory: Abra, Batanes, Cagayan, !locos Norte, (lo-
cas, Nelson Portugal, Charity Prades, Rebecca cos Sur, Isabela, La Union, part of Nueva Ecija,
Radam, Rosauro Ramos, Rodrigo Ruizan Jr., Eli- Nueva Vizcaya, Pangasinan, and part of Tarlac.
zabeth Saquiton, Daniel Sarmiento, Jose Somosa, Population: 10,045,000; churches, 232; members,
Jose Sta. Lucia, Aniceta Tamboong, Jesus Tulod, 37,240.
Lito Tuquero, Floro Valeros, Loida Yadao, Rolando
Ynciong, Moises Zabat. Cable Address: 2506 Rosario, La Union, Philippines.
Office Address: Artacho, 2434 Sison, Pangasinan,
Established 1939; organized 1956 Administration:
President, Larry G. Feir.
Territory: Benguet, Eastern Abra, Eastern Ilocos Sur, Secretary, Eliseo N. Bautista.
If ugao, Kalinga-Apayao, and Mountain Province. Treasurer, Rolando D. Biscaro.
Population: 4,500,000; churches, 53; members, Field Secretary, Petronilo J. Barayuga.
8,026. Auditor, Rolando D. Biscaro.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Baguio City, Philip- Executive Committee: Larry G. Feir, Chairman;
pines. Eliseo N. Bautista, Secretary; Jimmy G. Acosta,
Benjamin L. Andres, Alejandro Q. Banayos, Petro-
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 17, 2600 Baguio City, Phi- nilo J. Barayuga, Rogelio B. Bernal, Rolando D.
lippines. Biscaro, Diosdado 0. Corpuz, Michael L. Gon-
Office Address: 37 Navy Road, 2600 Baguio City, Phi- zales, Florendo P. Natividad, Querubin Padilla,
lippines. Telephone: 442-3827. Florendo H. Par, Corazon Peralta, David R. Rafa-
Administration: nan.
President, Geronimo A. Calangan. Departments:
Secretary-Treasurer, Isabelo S. Viernes. Church Ministries, Rogelio B. Bernal; Associates,
Auditor, Isabelo S. Viernes. Florendo P. Natividad, Mrs. Florendo P. Nativi-
Executive Committee: Geronimo A. Calangan, dad.
Chairman; Isabelo S. Viernes, Secretary; Quintin Communication, Larry G. Feir.
Bagni, Roger V. Biscaro, Felipe Buenavista, Charles Education, Florendo H. Par; Elementary Super-
Catolico, Alejandro G. Corpus, Rogelio D. Dayrit, visor, Arcelli Negrillo.
Solomon W. Gandeza, Antonio B. Smith, James S. Health and Temperance, Michael L. Gonzales.
Zarate, CAA Principal, TVA Principal. Ministerial, Eliseo N. Bautista; Shepherdess Inter-
Departments: national,
Church Ministries, Roger V. Biscaro; Associates, Publishing, Diosdado 0. Corpuz; Assistants, Mor-
Mrs. Geronimo A. Calangan, Alejandro G. Cor- fa Agustin, Remy Bilog, Nenita Bumanglag, Con-
pus, Mrs. Isabelo S. Viernes, James S. Zarate. chita Fabro, Camilo Guillermo, Porfirio de Guz-
Communication and Education, James S. Zarate. man, Timmy Jimenez, Eliezer Lorenzo,
Health and Temperance, Mrs. Isabelo S. Viernes. Cresencia Narbarte, Ernesto Salva, Marcelo
Ministerial, Geronimo A. Calangan; Shepherdess Velasco.
International, Mrs. Geronimo A. Calangan. Religious Liberty, Eliseo N. Bautista.
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Geronimo A. Spirit of Prophecy, Diosdado 0. Corpuz.
Calangan. Services:
Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy, Rogelio D. Day- Adventist Book Center, Charlie Romano.
rit. Trust Services, Eliseo N. Bautista.
VOP, Roger V. Biscaro. Ordained Ministers:
Services: Jimmy G. Acosta, Gualberto M. Agir, Benjamin L.
Adventist Book Center/Home Health Education Andres, Santiago T. Antiporda, Danilo R. Asun-
Service, Solomon L. Gonzales cion, Alejandro Q. Banayos, Petronilo J. Barayuga,
Trust Services and Development, Alejandro G. Eliseo N. Bautista, Rolando A. Baysa, Rogelio B.
Corpus. Bernal, Dominador Camba Jr., Isidro 0. Catolico;
Ordained Ministers: Diosdado 0. Corpuz, Ben C. de Vera, L. Elpidio
Roger V. Biscaro, Geronimo A. Calangan, Charles Fuertes, Rodel C. Gotos, Florendo P. Natividad,
C. Catolico, Alejandro G. Corpus, Andrew B. Charles T. Ojano, Timoteo J. Osorio, Florendo H.
Edwin, Solomon W. Gandeza, Benjamin A. Par, Levi S. Payoyo, Daniel M. Sampayan, Timoteo
Laoagan, Willie T. Ortaleza, William G. Pasiwen, U. Santos, Jeremias I. Umagat, Rogie R. Valdez.
Maximo D. delos Reyes, Antonio B. Smith. Credentialed Missionaries:
Credentialed Missionaries: Mrs. Jimmy G. Acosta, Elena Agustin, Mrs. San-
Mrs. Aracelie Adangas, Teofilo M. Agsiweng, Mrs. tiago T. Antiporda, Mrs. Ben S. Balverde, Mrs.
Liwliwa Alawas, Mrs. Edith Boloico, Mrs. Esther V. Amante L. Battalao, Rolando D. Biscaro, Loreto 0.
Bulatao, Mrs. Geronimo A. Calangan, Robert B. Catolico, Mrs. Diosdado 0. Corpuz, Lydia C. De-
Carantes, Mrs. Alejandro G. Corpus, Natividad D. cano, Mrs. Brigido T. Esteban, Conchita B. Fabro,
Dalligos, Rogelio D. Dayrit, Felomena Gomintong, Camilo T. Guillermo, Elizabeth Ignacio, Elma C.
Ruben Marcos, Lydia Saganib, Isabel() S. Viernes, Loquias, Juanita A. Lorenzo, Moises R. Medrano,
Mrs. Isabelo S. Viernes. Mrs. Alejandro P. Miguel, Rebecca E. Narbarte,
Mrs. Charles T. Ojano, Jeremias P. Padilla, Mrs.
Licensed Ministers:
Florendo H. Par, Jeremias P. Pasamonte, Letecia
Rogelio V. Taguba, James S. Zarate.
Raquel, Mrs. Samuel T. Reyes, Samuel T. Reyes,
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Mrs. Hilario Romua, Ernesto A. Salva, Nora V. Tam-
Rogelio Abinan Sr., Andres Baloquing, Alexander baoan, Rachel Tomas, Emilia Ventura.

Licensed Ministers: Caagbay, Nelson D. De Chavez, Percival L. Digdi-

Liberato P. Caspe, Arnulfo N. Castillo, Delmer gan, Ruperto A. Divina, Gideon A. Durante, Rodol-
Catalan, Bienvenido G. Du lay, Michael L. Gon- fo F. Fajutagana, Daniel N. Ibarrita, Clemente P.
zales, Perla C. Melchor, Tito Quidpuan, Nestor Monreal, Jose A. Montojo, Jeremias G. Ocampo,
Rilloma, Ruben B. Tapeceria, David B. Villoso. Samuel C. Palomo, Ely R. Recto, Oseas M. Rivera,
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: Elias P. Sarmiento, Elmo F. Selodio, Luisito D.
Benedicto Acosta, Jimmy Andres, Armand Arza- Suasi, Simon C. Tabi, Efren M. Tarray, Hami M.
don, Samuel Arzadon, Solomon Asuncion, Romel Tiano, Reymundo B. Torres, Oseas Camila P.
Banquil, Amante Battalao, Romeo Batulayan, Re- Tutor, Bernardo M. Villarias, Norberto M. Villarias,
becca Bilog, Elmer Biteng, Aurora V. Calaustro, Florante E. Yulip.
Lina Cambia, Abraham Coloma, Sadiri Corpuz, Credentialed Missionaries:
Teresita B. Crisostomo, Ruperto R. Dabalos, Ale- Pedro T. Abacan, Victorio B. Abuan, Mrs. Dorotea
jandro Esquero, Daynafe Faustino, Elcana Francis- D. Acopio, Jared V. Acosta, Bayani N. Agnazata,
co, Prudencio Gamboa, Violeta Garcia, Eliseo Gra- Mrs. Bayani N. Agnazata, S. I. Aguila, Amor C.
gasin, Aurelia Hernando, Edith Hernando, Warlito Aguilar, Teresita G. Agustin, Mrs. Minna Jean B.
A. Ibe, Santos Lemi, Virgilio Madayag, Billy Manu- Albano, Mrs. Juanita B. Alido, Esther P. Aranas,
el, Trinidad W. Miguel, Virginia Nival, Everina Oba- Mrs. Pacita D. Banaga, Remegio P. Banaga, Eugenia
na, Bartolome Ocano, Jimmy Padaong, Gloria P. A. Basuel, Mrs. Felicidad A. Bayot, Benjamin A.
Padilla, Mercedes Padilla, Gildo Parajas, Sixto Bico, Mrs. Manolita S. Billones, Nenita M. Bruel,
Paulino, Rumar Payoyo, Marcelo Pugal, Jun Rimor- Eliseo R. Caagbay, Igleceria 0. Caagbay, Mrs. Ruth
in, Melanio Roca, Tito Sawit, Carmelita Silorio, M. Caagbay, Rodenito A. Caponpon, Mrs. Viola P.
Federico Siobal, Rolando Tobias, Mema Vergado, Catibog, Mrs. Filipina V. Cordero, Ricardo U. Cusi,
Eldie Villanueva. Mrs. Fajardo Dad ua, Mrs. Esther T. Daquila,
Romero A. Daquila, Loreta C. Dayo, Mrs. Dolores
SOUTH-CENTRAL LUZON MISSION M. Dayo, Mrs. Eusebio De Luna, Landrito C. De
Organized 1931 Torres, Ellen B. Disepeda, Eunice P. Domocmat,
Azelmna F. Fiedacan, Mrs. Jonathan Flores, Renato
Territory: Batangas, Laguna, Marinduque,
F. Fonte, Mrs. Agripina M. Ganoria, Nestor P. Gon-
Occidental Mindoro, Oriental Mindoro, and
zales, Mrs. Carmela C. Lacuarin, Mrs. Fermin Land-
Quezon. icho, Phoebe P. Ligaya, Mrs. Esterlita A. Lirag, Mrs.
Population: 5,136,564; churches, 246; members, Daniel Lucion, Dina M. Macalintal, Remedios R.
29,589. Marcilla, Ligaya S. Mazo, Mrs. Andrea C. Mutya,
Cable Address: "Adventist," San Pablo City, Philip- Mrs. Ester A. Noay, Melecia A. Pasco, Nora A. Pas-
pines. co, Venus F. Pedrosa, Mrs. Tomas V. Racasa,
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 51, 4000 San Pablo City, Romeo L. Reyes, Tessie F. Saberola, Nezieta P.
Philippines. Salagubang, Emmanuel A. Sales, Nieves M. Samar-
ita, Herminia G. Seoul, Angelita V. Siaga, Orlando
Office Address: San Rafael, 4000 San Pablo City, Phi- S. Sindol, Mrs. Luisito D. Suasi, Reuel P. Sulit, Mrs.
lippines. Telephone: 2803. Josephine A. Talasan, Necitas A. Tamano, Mrs.
Administration: Rodrigo F. Tenorio, Mrs. Abelardo M. Trillana,
President, Florante E. Yulip. Mrs. Bernardo M. Villarias, Deomelio B. Zenith,
Secretary, Ely R. Recto. Mrs. Rachel C. Zenith.
Treasurer, Deomelio B. Zenith. Licensed Ministers:
Auditor, Deomelio B. Zenith; Assistants, Remegio Julio C. Amurao, Jesse E. Anchorez, Jershon A.
P. Banaga, Rodenito A. Caponpon, Reuel P. Sulit. Camposano, Abel A. Cordero, Ponciano M.
Executive Committee: Florante E. Yulip, Cudiamat, Hilario J. Dela Torre Jr., Jasper U. Flores,
Chairman; 'Ely R. Recto, Secretary; Bayani N. Agna- Arnelio A. Gabin, Salvador T. Molina, Pascual C.
zata, Cesar C. Aguilar, Benjamin A. Bico, Luis C. Panaglima, Jorge G. Panghulan, Rogem V. Salva-
Borillo, Nelson D. De Chavez, Gideon A. Durante, tion, Samuel S. Serrato, Jerry N. Tamparong, Her-
Mrs. Andrea C. Mutya, Melvin V. Perez, Emmanuel mogenes C. Villanueva, Alfredo M. Vitto.
A. Sales, Generoso M. Santos, Efren M. Tarray, Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Norberto M. Villarias, Deomelio B. Zenith. Mrs. Pedro T. Abacan, Benjamin Abrego, Cleotilde
Departments: Abuan, Crispin B. Abuan, Melecio Abuan, Mer-
Church Ministries, Norberto M. Villarias; Associ- cedes Abuan, Precyminda L. Abuan, Alpha Amor
ates, Nelson D. De Chavez, Gideon A. Durante, Abuel, Ezekias Arciaga, Marietta Arciaga, Felicidad
Mrs. Andrea C. Mutya. Arquiza, Editha Cacho, Crispulo Casabar, Abner
Communication and VOP, Bayani N. Agnazata. Castardo, Leonard Costas, Fanny Cudiamat, Daniel
Education, Bayani N. Agnazata; Elementary Super- Domingo, Jegelio Entero, Norma Fadallan, Josefa
visor, Mrs. Esther T. Daquila. Fain, Experijon Fegalan, Nehemias Fernandez,
Health and Temperance, Generoso M. Santos. Ananias Halasan, Tasiano Jungay, Dante Ligaya,
Ministerial, Gideon A. Durante. Joemarie Loredo, Migan Loredo, Eva Loriezo, Ber-
Publishing, Emmanuel A. Sales; Assistants, Pedro nadette Manuevo, Danilo Matira, Alfredo del Mun-
T. Abacan, Victorio B. Abuan, Landrito C. de do, Flores Olivenza, Renato Oribiana, Venus
Torres, Renato F. Fonte, Juanito Relampagos, Panaglima, Winter Pedreso, Andronico Pimentel,
Herminia G. Segui, Orlando S. Sindol. Bien Relampagos, Nimrod Rogelio, Elma P. Sam-
Religious Liberty, Ely R. Recto. son, Pilar Satin, Daniel Sindor, Rubini Vargas Jr.,
Spirit of Prophecy, Emmanuel A. Sales. Emelinda Villanueva.
Adventist Book Center/Home Health Education SOUTHERN LUZON MISSION
Service, Fidel D. Cabanit, Herminigildo G. Suasi Organized 1926
Jr.; Assistants, Ricardo M. Acopio Jr., Mrs. Alwi-
Territory: Albay, Burias, Camarines Norte, Camar-
na P. Suasi.
ASI, Ely R. Recto. ines Sur, Catanduanes, and Sorsogon.
NSO and Trust Services, Nelson D. De Chavez. Population: 3,411,313; churches, 132; members,
Ordained Ministers:
Samuel C. Ada, Modesto M. Adap, Florante M. Cable Address: "Adventists," 4500 Legaspi City, Phi-
Andres, Nehemias S. Basit, Chedorlaomer C. lippines.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 150, 4500 Legaspi City, T. Deopante, Eliezer A. Ebora, Dominador 0. Gon-
Philippines. zales, Enrile L. Mabaquiao, Gil M. Macaraig, Ric P.
Office Address: Corner of Leonore Rivera and Mar- Moreno, Apolonio P. Panganiban, Arden B. Per-
quez Streets, 4500 Legaspi City, Philippines. Tele- don, Benny B. Perdon, Mardoquio M. Rosacina,
phones: 43-38 and 41-69. Asher N. Salvan, Felipe D. Somoso, Peter A. Tala-
Administration: san, Jovenal T. Tuplano, Adolfo B. Valenzuela,
President, Adolfo B. Valenzuela. James N. Wong Jr..
Secretary-Treasurer, Filomeno E. Alcaide Jr. Credentialed Missionaries:
Executive Committee: Adolfo B. Valenzuela, Mrs. Benjamin Asis, Mrs. Teofilo C. Atun,
Chairman; Filomeno E. Alcaide Jr., Secretary; Her- Clemente A. Azares, Mrs. Eliseo Banas, Lemuel B.
son Belga, Abdias M. Burce, Elias Cam, Nestor D. Belga, Myrna G. Belga, Phemie S. Benaraba, Rodol-
Dayson, Eliseo Garrado, Dominador 0. Gonzales, fo R. Bolante, Mrs. Vernon L. Buena, Josefina A.
Eleazar Ilustrisimo, Gil M. Macaraig, Osias Orbe, Catangay, Cecilio C. De Jesus, Zenaida B. Dela
Apolonio P. Panganiban, Arden B. Perdon, Felipe Roca, Mrs. Efren Deopante, Mrs. Domingo Dima-
D. Somoso, lovenal Tuolano, Ben Tuvay. bogte, Elmore M. Esturas, Mrs. Eliseo Garrado,
Departments: Lolita L. Gelig, Mrs. Dominador Gonzales, Mrs.
Church Ministries, Felipe D. Somoso; Associates, Teofilo Granada, Mrs. Samuel Juego, Eden N.
Dominador 0. Gonzales, Gil M. Macaraig, Apo- Napod, Jane B. Napod, Mrs. Eusebio N. Napod,
lonio P. Panganiban. Mrs. Ater Nares, Mrs. Osias Orbe, Samuel C.
Communication and Ministerial, Nestor D. Day- Orbon, Teresita C. Orbon, Elferio 0. Orendain,
son. Mrs. Apolonio Panganiban, Mrs. Arden Perdon,
Education, Arden B. Perdon; Elementary Super- Elias T. Roman, Mrs. Jaime Romo, Mrs. Mardoquio
visor, Zenaida B. dela Roca. Rosacina, Mrs. Peter Talasan, Mrs. Jovenal T. Tu-
Health and Temperance, Mrs. Filomeno E. Alcaide plano, Merly N. Valenzuela, Eulogio 0. Zarsaga.
Publishing, Abdias M. Burce; Assistants, Lemuel B. Licensed Ministers:
Belga, Herminia M. Belza, Cecilio C. de Jesus, Eliseo B. Banas, Herson B. Belga, Eliseo R. Garrado,
Elferio 0. Orendain, Elias T. Roman, Jesus Salva- Eleazar A. Illustrisimo, Samuel V. Juego, Lemuel D.
dor Tura. Paat, Levi B. Perdon.
Religious Liberty, Adolfo B. Valenzuela.
Spirit of Prophecy, Abdias M. Burce. Credentialed literature Evangelists:
Services: Ernesto L. An, Mila N. Azares, Samuel Barnedo,
Adventist Book Center, Benjamin B. Relloso. Vicente B. Base, Lydia Brioso, Linda Burce, Adora-
NSO and Trust Services, Gil M. Macaraig. cion Castillo, Loida C. Maghirang, Tito N. Omadto,
Ordained Ministers: Corazon Panotes, Charlie C. Perino, Evelyn G. Ro-
Crisanto A. Alcaide, Manuel B. Aljecera, Teofilo C. man, Rodolfo Ruiz, Fidela Tafalla, Generoso T.
Atun Jr., Abdias M. Burce, Nestor D. Dayson, Efren Tarala, Lorna Tura, Danilo Zabala.


Organized 1949

Territory: Hong Kong, Macao, Matsu, Pescadores, Education, Eugene Hsu.

Quemoy, and Taiwan; comprising the Hong Kong- Health and Temperance, Barbara Choi.
Macao Conference, and the Taiwan Mission. Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy, Peter Ching.
Population: 25,760,000; churches, 56; members, Services:
9,511. ADRA and ASI, Byron L. Scheuneman.
Cable Address: Hong Kong, SOCHIUNION; Taipei Legal and Trust Services, Byron L. Scheuneman.
Branch, SCIUM. Retirement, Chapman Wong Choi Wan.
Ordained Ministers:
Telex Number: Hong Kong, 68545 SCIUM HX.
Cheng Wing Kin, Hanson Cho, Daniel Chuah,
Office Address: 40 Stubbs Road, 2/F, Hong Kong. James R. Fisher, Jonathan Foo, Eugene Hsu, John
Taipei Branch: 424 Pa Te Road, Section 2, Taipei, Hsuen, Rudolf E. Klimes, Paul Liu, Daniel Lu, R. M.
Taiwan 10558. Telephones: 5-8383991 and 5- Milne, Joseph Tham, Wu Seng Tek.
8383552, Hong Kong; (02) 7529290 and 7510116, Honorary: Adam Chang Huai-En, Cheung Chun
Taipei Branch. Pan David Chu Tin Ming, Hsiao Ming Yao, B. S.
Administration: Ling. S. Woo, T. H. Yang.
President, Eugene Hsu. Credentialed Missionaries:
Secretary, Chapman Wong Choi Wan. Robert W. Brock, Leroy V. Byers, Geoffrey J. Cat-
Treasurer, Byron L. Scheuneman; Assistant, Peter ton, Mrs. Geoffrey ). Catton, Chao Teh Fang, Chao
Yuan. Yu Fu, Mrs. L. M. Chen, Peggy Chen, S. J. Chen,
Executive Committee: Eugene Hsu, Chairman; Peter Ching, Mei Mei Cho, Paul Cho, Mrs. Vera
Chapman Wong Choi Wan, Secretary; Tom Chan, Cooper, Gladys Dias, Robert Dunlop, Merlin D.
Chen Chin Cheng, Cheng Wing Kin, Peter Ching, Ekvall, Mrs. Merlin D. Ekvall, Feng Ching Hsiang,
Hanson Cho, Paul Cho, Cho Tak Sum, Henry P. Mrs. Merlyn E. Fernando, Mrs. Jonathan Foo, Patri-
Friesen, Huang Ling Ho, Rudolf E. Klimes, William cia Fung, Glenn A. Gryte, John B. Henry, Mrs. John
Lee, Liang Wai Hong, Daniel Lu, Jean Mataya, Gary B. Henry, Edward Ho, Mrs. David Hor, C. Y. Hsia,
Ong, James D. Roberts, Byron L. Scheuneman, T. Peter Hsieh, Yvonne Hsieh, A. John Irvine, Mrs.
S. Su, Mona Sugg, Sun Rui-Feng, K. G. Tan, Lolita Enid Irvine, Mrs. Rudolf E. Klimes, Lee Min Hui,
Taroy, Calvin Teng, Wong Yat Chung, Frank Yeung Ricky Leung, Amy Lin, Lin Su Yin, Lin Su Ying, Mrs.
Ming Lai. Emmeline Liu, Lo Kwok Ning, B. Y. Mong, Mrs. B.
Departments: Y. Mong, Robson S. Newbold, Mrs. Rosa Nick,
Church Ministries, Cheng Wing Kin. Merlin Oliva, Mrs. S. A. Roland Ostring, S. A. Ro-
Communication and Ministerial, Chapman Wong land Ostring, Paul Pankey, Dick Peng, David E.
Choi Wan. Robinson, Steve Roy, Byron L. Scheuneman, Mrs.

Stephen J. Sharp, Stephen J. Sharp, Shih Shr-Shr, Shen Hwei-Yee, Shum Kong, Tam Yiu Chor, Tam
Shim Chun-Phing, Lolita Taroy, Francis D. Yuk Yin, Ellen Then, Tse Yan Luk, Mrs. So Yun Chi
Thoresen, Mrs. Francis D. Thoresen, Charles H. Wong, Yip Cho Leung.
Tidwell Jr., Louise Tsai, Cathy P. Wesley, Brian Licensed Ministers:
Wong, Wong Chi Man, Wu Fong Ying, Wu Yi How, Chan Kwok Keung, Cho Tak Sum, Mrs. Luk Mei Yiu
Dorothy Yao, Yeh Su Hwa, Frank Yeung, Peter Kwan, Spencer Lai Hon Ming, Patrick Le King Ki,
Yuan. Cleaver Lee Pui Lai, Liu Chen Kung, Michael Liu
Licensed Ministers: Kuo Hsang, David Ng Kok Hoe, Sunny Yau Chung
Mrs. P. H. Cho, Y. S. Hsu, Mrs. T. S. Ko, T. M. Ko, Hoi.
Mrs. J. T. Lee, Sun Yen Fan.
HONG KONG-MACAO CONFERENCE Organized 1950; reorganized 1976
Organized 1949 Territory: Matsu, Pescadores, Quemoy, and Taiwan
Territory: Hong Kong and Macao. in the Republic of China.
Population: 6,200,000; churches, 15; members, Population: 19,560,000; churches, 41; members,
3,600. 5,911.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Hong Kong. Office Address: 153 Min Chuan Road, Taichung,
Telex Number: 68545 SCIUM HX. Taiwan 40301, Republic of China. Telephones: (04)
2223739 and 2203721.
Office Address: 26 Hillwood Road, Kowloon, Hong
Kong. Telephones: 3-663205, 3-663206, and 3- Administration:
663207. President, Calvin Teng.
Secretary, Jim Hsu.
Administration: Treasurer, Bill Cho.
President, Wong Yat Chung. Executive Committee: Calvin Teng, Chairman; Jim
Secretary, Stanley Ng Wai Chun. Hsu, Secretary; Chih Lang, Ching Deng Shu, Bill
Treasurer, Carl Shen Hwei Yee. Cho, Paul Cho, David Hwang, Li Ying Cheng, Lien
Executive Committee: Wong Yat Chung, Shu Cheng Yang, Paul Liu, Daniel Lu, Ming Li Lee,
Chairman; Stanley Ng Wai Chun, Secretary; Chan James D. Roberts, Sheng Chiang Fon, Mona Sugg,
Chi Kit, Thomas Chee Seow Hong, Samuel Chiu Wu Yi Chen.
Man Jim, Henry P. Friesen, Howard Fung Hau
Leung, Rudolf E. Klimes, Andrew Leung Yee Tak, Li Departments:
Ching, Lawrence Lin Chun Fung, Handel Luke Church Ministries, Daniel Lu.
Hing Tat, Carl Shen Hwei Yee, Frank Tam Wai Communication, Religious Liberty, and VOP, Yang
Ming, Robert Wong Chue Kien, Wong Hei Man, Teh Chiang.
Frank Yeung Ming Lai. Education and Ministerial, Calvin Teng.
Health, Mrs. Alice Chen Mai.
Departments: Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy, Bill Cho.
Church Ministries, Samuel Chiu Man Jim; Associ-
ates, Mrs. Sanny Chiu, Spencer Lai Hon Ming. Services:
Communication, Stanley Ng Wai Chun. Ta Chin Farm Center, M. H. Tsai.
Education, Wong Yat Chung; Associate, Andrew Trust Services, Bill Cho.
Leung Yee Tak. Ordained Ministers:
Health, Wan Yuk Ching (acting). L. T. Chen, W. I. Chen, C. R. Hsu, Jim Hsu, C. P.
Ministerial and Religious Liberty, Stanley Ng Wai Hwang, T. S. Ko, T. Y. Ko, Y. L. Lai, Y. T. Lee, Lin Su
Chun. Yuan, George Liu, Daniel Lu, F. S. Sa, Shu Ching
Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy, Peter Ching. Deng, Clayton Sugg Jr., Calvin Teng, C. S. Tseng, S.
VOP, Carl Shen Hwei Yee. Y. Tu, S. C. Tung, W. L. Yen, H. M. Yu.
Services: Credentialed Missionaries:
Adventist Book Center, Doris Chow Wai Ying. Y. C. Chang, T. F. Chao, Mrs. H. C. Chen, S. H.
Social Welfare Services, Wong Yat Chung; Associ- Chen, C. N. Cheng, Y. T. Cheng, Chiang Wu tin, C.
ate, Wan Yuk Ching. T. Chiu, K. H. Chu, Mrs. C. H. Fan, Mrs. M. Y.
Trust Services, Carl Shen Hwei Yee. Hsiao, Mrs. Cho Ming Chun Hsu, C. W. Hung,
Ordained Ministers: Hwang Cheng Chen, T. M. Ko, Mrs. C. Y. K. Lee, S.
Thomas Chee Seew Hong, Paul Cheung Chun R. Lin, Lin Su Mei, K. C. Lu, S. F. Lu, G. T. Pa, M. H.
Pong, Samuel Chiu Man-Jim, David Chu Tin-Ming, Tsai, M. H. Tseng, R. B. Wu, Y. T. Wu, T. C. Yang.
Amos H. Cooper, Isaac Foo, Howard Fung Hau- Licensed Ministers:
Leung, Samuel Huong, Kwan Kwok Sang, Liang W. H. Chen, Y. T. Chen, P. C. Cho, C. R. Hsu, C. T.
Wai Hong, Handel Luke, Miao Pak Cheung, Stan- Hsu, M. F. Ke, Mrs. T. S. Ke, Mrs. M. L. Lee, Mrs. S.
ley Ng, Wong Yat Chung, Johnny Yip Chi Kin. C. Lee, C. M. Liu, Mrs. C. S. Liu, C. L. To, Mrs. Y. S.
Credentialed Missionaries: I. To, Ruth Wu, H. M. Yu.
Chan Pui Lan, Doris Chow Wai Ying, Richard T. Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Chu, Mrs. Hue-Van Foo, Bing Kuen Huen, Hung Chang Yung Shueh, Benjamin Gregorio Francisco,
Yan Tak, Law Hing Wah, Lee Siu Pak, Mrs. Ko Wen Liao Fu Mei, W. K. Nieh, Tsai Suei Teh, P. C. Wong,
Hing Liang, Lo Ting Fai, Mrs. Yiu Wai Yu Luke, Carl A. W. Yang, T. Yu.


Organized 1951; reorganized 1964

Territory: Mindanao and Sulu Archipelago; com- Cable Address: "Philsouth," 9000 Cagayan de Oro
prising the Davao, Northeastern Mindanao, North- City, Philippines.
ern Mindanao, Southern Mindanao, and Western Mailing Address: P.O. Box 208, 9000 Cagayan de Oro
Mindanao Missions. City, Philippines.
Population: 14,829,366; churches, 818; members, Office Address: Carmen Hills, Crossing Alta Tierra,
187,748. 9000 Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

Administration: T. Janoyan, S. S. Javier, A. A. La Sage, Mrs. N. A. La

President, Paterno M. Diaz. Sage, N. A. La Sage, Mrs. R. D. Lachica, R. D.
Secretary, U. M. Camagay. Lachica, E. A. Ladion, G. F. Lapura, Mrs. A. T. Liba-
Treasurer, M. U. Donato. to, D. S. Lim, M. H. Lim, Mrs. D. S. Lim, E. S.
Executive Committee: Paterno M. Diaz, Chairman; Lingayon, Mrs. E. S. Lingayon, N. G. Llamis, S. V.
U. M. Camagay, Secretary; A. S. Abdulmajid, J. C. Lobitana, Mrs. S. M. Lumahang, S. M. Lumahang,
Catolico Jr., J. Y. Dalaguan, A. F. de Angel, M. U. Jeannie M. Macarate, M. B. Macarate, Mrs. N. M.
Donato, G. M. Galinato, D. J. Generato Jr., L. S. Madriaga, N. M. Madriaga, C. C. Maghanoy, P. M.
Lacson Jr., G. S. Ondap, L. H. Pagunsan, P. P. Maghuyop, C. R. Magsayo, L. F. Manlangit, J. J.
Pangan, V. S. Paypa, J. J. Postrero, R. B. Sabate Jr., Maquilan, Esther A. Mar, C. Q. Mariquit, L. M.
W. M. Serrano, R. A. Tabingo, L. B. Tabo, F. P. Ty, Mariquit, Mrs. C. Q. Mariquit, A. G. Marquez, C. F.
R. R. Yap. Marquez, T. M. Mauring, A. M. Melgar, Mrs. A. M.
Departments: Melgar, N. M. Mendez, W. P. Mendez, E. C. Moco-
Church Ministries, D. J. Generato Jr.; Associates, dompis, Mrs. R. M. Montejo, Raine M. Montejo, E.
Mrs. U. M. Camagay, Mrs. A. F. de Angel, V. S. A. Moralde, R. B. Nano, E. 0. Obedencio, L. A.
Paypa. Octaviano, D. D. Ombiga, I. M. Ong, Mrs. I. M.
Communication, Religious Liberty, and VOP, R. B. Ong, A. F. Ongpoy, H. T. Opao, Mrs. H. T. Opao,
Sabate Jr. Fred Oshiro, Mrs. Fred Oshiro, R. M. Paradero, F.
Education, J. C. Catolico Jr.; Associate, Mrs. A. F. T. Pasco, Mrs. F. T. Pasco, Mrs. P. P. Pefanco, P. P.
de Angel. Pefanco, Lucita V. Pilon, H. M. Poblador, E. M.
Health and Temperance, A. S. Abdulmajid. Porteza, Mrs. E. M. Porteza, J. J. Postrero, B. J.
Ministerial, A. S. Abdulmajid. Pueblos, Mrs. J. B. Pueblos, L. S. Quilog, A. M.
Publishing, G. S. Ondap; Assistant, Ofelia E. Ramada, E. C. Ramas, Mrs. E. C. Ramas, Mrs. S. L.
Flores. Ramos, S. L. Ramos, F. G. Remedio, E. E. Roa, R. F.
Spirit of Prophecy, G. S. Ondap. Rosa, T. L. Rosa, S. G. Rosalita, V. R. Ruado, N. J.
Services: Ruelan, Mrs. R. B. Sabate Jr., F. A. Samson, J. A.
ASI, V. S. Paypa. Sanchez, Mrs. L. S. Santiago, Mrs. S. R. Santosidad,
S. R. Santosidad, J. T. Sarita, M. T. Selerio, Mrs. M.
NSO, J. C. Catolico Jr.
Selerio, J. D. Sobrestante, V. A. Sombilon, P. T.
Retirement, U. M. Camagay.
Son, M. 0. Soreno, E. M. Sumugat, L. C. Tabaran-
Ordained Ministers: za, Mrs. R. A. Tabingo, Job Tanamal, Mrs. J. G.
A. S. Abdulmajid, B. M. Atiteo, U. M. Camagay, Tanamal, L. T. Tanaman, R. S. Tilawan, L. S. Tillo, A.
Paterno M. Diaz, M. U. Donato, E. G. Frasco, D. J. C. Tiro, S. P. Tugahan, G. L. Ubarco, C. J. Ungkit, L.
Generato, A. T. Libato, G. S. Ondap, L. H. Pagun- L. Valendez, L. G. Valenzuela, Mrs. J. A. Valler-
san, S. S. Paypa, V. S. Paypa, A. G. Perez, R. A. amos, H. C. Velasco, Mrs. P. B. Waga, P. B. Waga,
Tabingo, J. A. Valleramos. E. E. Zombrano.
Honorary: G. A. Arafiles, J. L. Balacuit, D. A. Honorary: E. A. Abing, R. M. Aggabao, A. T.
Brion, T. C. Cabaluna, B. C. Calahat, Z. B. Ferenal, Aguilar, R. R. Amoguis, D. P. Ancheta, P. L. Banti-
R. C. Ferrer, A. B. Gayao, A. G. Gepaya, E. L. gue, R. C. Benlog, D. M. Camagay, D. J. Celiz, F. T.
Lamera, S. L. Llaguno, J. M. Moralda, E. A. Sinco, S. Cobacha, R. E. Flores, Mrs. A. B. Gayao, M. N.
M. Solano, A. N. Somoso, G. M. Somoso, S. G. Gulfan, N.A. Ladion, P. B. Ladion, M. P. Lamanero,
Tangjal, A. G. Tiangha, S. G. Villacampa, E. A. Vil- Mrs. S. L. Llaguno, 0. L. Llaguno, F. B. Mata, Col-
larin, R. S. Villaruel. umba Mina, N. G. Miraflores, Mrs. E. A. Moreno,
Credentialed Missionaries: A. T. Nermal, Mrs. A. T. Nermal, Mrs. D. D. Ombi-
C. C. Aba, Mrs. C. C. Aba, E. W. Abadilla, Mrs. E. T. ga, Francisca Ong, M. A. Panaguiton, R. J. Pasco,
Abadilla, Mansueta D. Abejo, M. G. Abellanida, V. vl. N. Pepito, M. S. Plaza, G. D. Poblador, Mrs. G.
S.Abesta, F. G. Abing, Mrs. R. B. Abordo J r., Mrs. J. D. Poblador, F. D. Ponce, M. V. Queruela, L. A.
S. Acub, N. S. Acut, L. P. Aggabao, Mrs. C. L. Rallos, P. C. Rillera, N. B. Saguan, L. F. Salarda, M.
Agtuca, J. G. Alavanza, J. M. Alavanza, Mrs. J. M. B. San Juan, L. S. Santiago, E. M. Sarsoza, J. M.
Afavanza, J. E. Andalis, Mrs. J. E. Andalis, Mrs. B. M. Sarsoza Sr., Mrs. J. M. Sarsoza Sr., E. G. Solis, G. M.
Atiteo, A. F. Bahay, N. 0. Balansag, L. J. Baldonado, Somoso, R. N. Somosot, L. H. Tiangha, T. S. Torri-
M. E. Baldonado, L. S. Balili, E. T. Barsobia, C. Y. co, E. S. Valle.
Basagan, B. A. Bayeta, Mrs. B. A. Bayeta, V. R. Licensed Ministers:
Bermudez, B. L. Borces, S. E. Borces, Mrs. R. A. R. B. Abordo Jr., A. J. Delotavo, D. M. Garilva,
Budayao, R. A. Budayao, Mrs. H. S. Bugayong, M. Edgar Lloren, R. B. Sabate Jr., N. M. Tambalque.
B. Caballero, M. B. Caballero Sr., D. A. Calago, B.
R. Calumpag, Mrs. U. M. Camagay, D. M. Capang- DAVAO MISSION
pangan, Mrs. D. M. Capangpangan, S. D. Cartage-
na, E. R. Cempron, Don W. Christensen, R. C. Organized 1965
Colibao, J. L. Collado, L. A. Custodio, H. B. Dadula, Territory: Provinces of Davao del Norte, Davao del
J. Y. Dalaguan, Mrs. Joel Y. Dalaguan, E. L. Dalu- Sur, and Davao Oriental, and Davao City.
pan, Mrs. E. L. Dalupan, C. E. Davad, Mrs. C. E. Population: 2,713,679; churches, 138; members,
Davad, Mrs. S. D. Dayahan, S. D. Dayahan , A. F. De 39,697.
Angel, E. C. De La Cruz, Mrs. E. M. Derequito, E.
M. Deslate, D. E. Diaz, D. F. Diaz, Mrs. Paterno M. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 293, 8000 Davao City, Phi-
Diaz, Mrs. V. L. Dionzon, V. L. Dionzon, Mrs. M. lippines.
U. Donato, J. S. Dumanon, R. B. Dumapig, J. A. Office Address: 5 Palm Drive, Bajada, 8000 Davao
Entia, A. M. Era, Mrs. A. M. Era, A. C. Eroa, M. C. City, Philippines. Telephone: 7-30-93.
Eroa, M. M. Espinosa, F. M. Eusebio, R. P. Fabriga, Administration:
L. A. Fabro, L. F. Ferrer, A. G. Flores, J. A. Flores, J. President, W. M. Serrano.
L. Flores, L. E. Flores, 0. E. Flores, R. M. Flores, V. Secretary-Treasurer, B. B. Acaac.
S. Francisco, S. G. Franco, Mrs. E. G. Frasco, M. T. Auditors, J. C. Cadava, E. B. Edpalina.
Frigillana, M. A. Gabuco, R. N. Gabuco, A. V. Gale- Executive Committee: W. M. Serrano, Chairman;
cia, A. M. Galeon, A. T. Gayao Jr., Maydeline C. B. B. Acaac, Secretary; Mrs. W. M. Aguinaldo, T. L.
Gerapusco, P. A. Gerapusco, A. F. Gozo, Mrs. A. F. Ararao, M. G. Arcon, A. P. Brondo, J. P. Castro-
Gozo, E. V. Grande, Mrs. E. V. Grande, G. D. Guari- mayor, C. S. Estrada, E. E. Gersava, U. D. Negre, F.
no, Mrs. G. D. Guarino, E. C. Gutierez, F. T. Guyos, G. Pangca, C. Polancos, P. N. Rocacorba, A. M.
C. C. Hipowit, Mrs. E. G. Ibanez, P. I. Jacosalem, J. Rom.


Church Ministries, U. D. Negre; Associates, Mrs. Organized 1966
W. M. Aguinaldo, M. G. Arcon, E. C. Bofetiado,
A. P. Brondo. Territory: Provinces of Agusan del Norte, Agusan
Communication, A. P. Brondo. del Sur, Surigao del Norte, and Surigao del Sur.
Education, M. G. Arcon. Population: 1,371,512; churches, 107; members,
Ministerial and Religious Liberty, W. M. Serrano. 26,842.
Publishing, A. M. Rom; Assistants, M. Arguelles, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 77, 8600 Butuan City, Phi-
D. Y. Hermosa, I. T. Maunes, B. B. Medina, Mrs. lippines.
N. 0. Villarente.
Spirit of Prophecy, A. M. Rom. Office Address: 8600 Butuan City, Philippines. Tele-
Temperance, Mrs. W. M. Aguinaldo. phone: 21-72.
Services: President, P. P. Pangan.
Adventist Book Center, C. L. Salvan. Secretary-Treasurer, J. A. Arroyo.
Home Health Education Service, S. C. Sibala. Auditor, J. V. Mendez Jr.
Executive Committee: P. P. Pangan, Chairman; J.
Ordained Ministers: A. Arroyo, Secretary; M. S. Asumen, J. S. Calahat,
W. M. Aguinaldo, A. G. Bofetiado, A. P. Brondo, T. J. J. Emverda, I. G. Entima, E. C. Gulfan, R. D.
L. Cabaluna Jr., M. T. Cabardo, J. P. Castromayor, Poblador, F. P. Ty.
A. L. Elumir, D. J. Generato Jr., E. E. Gersava, E. S. Departments:
Layson, B. P. Llanto, D. V. Moralde, U. D. Negre, I. Church Ministries, E. C. Gulfan; Associates, Mrs. J.
D. Ombiga, F. G. Pangca, F. R. Rabaya, G. B. Tam- A. Arroyo, M. S. Asumen, J. S. Calahat, J. J.
pus, E. A. Villarin: Emverda, Mrs. P. P. Pangan.
Credentialed Missionaries: Communication, Ministerial, and Religious Liber-
B. B. Acaac, Mrs. R. J. Aguadera, Mrs: W. M. ty, P. P. Pangan.
Aguinaldo, Mrs. E. A. Amarillo, Mrs. G. A. Arafiles, Education and Temperance, J. J. Emverda.
M. G. Arcon, M. D. Arguelles, Mrs. N. B. Arran- Publishing, F. P. Ty; Assistants, E. A. Piocnacia, E. T.
guez, Mrs. H. S. Banzuelo, B. A. Batiancila, E. B. Sajo, W. T. Sigue.
Batiancila, N. R. Bedoya, L. B. Bermudez, Mrs. A. Spirit of Prophecy, F. P. Ty.
G. Bofetiado, Mrs. N. M. Bondalo, N. M. Bondalo, Services:
N. C. Buhia, Mrs. M. T. Cabardo, Mrs. J. P. Castro- Adventist Book Center, R. F. Visaya.
mayor, Mrs. E. A. Credo, Mrs. P. C. Diolata, F. F. Branch Office, Emerald Bacolod.
Domingo, Mrs. V. B. Duldulao, Mrs. L. C. Dulos, Ordained Ministers:
Mrs. A. C. Dungog, E. B. Edpalina, Mrs. E. B. Edpali- S. L. Arrogante, J. A. Arroyo, M. S. Asumen, J. S.
na, Mrs. A. L. Elumir, Mrs. L. B. Erong, J. F. Fader- Calahat, J. J. Emverda, E. M. Galinato, E. C. Gulfan,
ogaya, Mrs. J. F. Faderogaya, Mrs. C. C. Gabrido, S. L. Israel, J. G. Mananquil, S. V. Mongaya, P. D.
Mrs. A. M. Garcia, R. G. Gervacio, Mrs. E. M. Gon- Obregon, F. B. Peregrino, P. T. Rebuyon, D. D.
zaga, Mrs. G. A. Jagocoy, S. L. Lamera, V. G. Somoso, P. S. Sto Nino, P. S. Tubera, F. P. Ty, V. R.
Lauron, Mrs. E. S. Layson, S. D. Llasos, Mrs. E. G. Villacampa.
Macoy, I. T. Maunes, B. B. Medina, Mrs. R. M. Credentialed Missionaries:
Mongayo, Mrs. D. V. Moralde, S. V. Ofiasa, Mrs. I. E. F. Arroyo, N. T. Colegado, D. A. Dawis, N. A. de
D. Ombiga, Mrs. W. C. Padilla, G. F. Palomares, Erio.
Mrs. F. G. Pangca, R. A. Pangca, Mrs. I. M. Plandes,
M. R. Porras, E. A. Punay, Mrs. V. C. Robles, A. M. Licensed Ministers:
Rom, Mrs. E. V. Rosel, D. J. Sabellano, Mrs. D. J. A. T. Escoza.
Sabellano, A. L. Salvan, C. L. Salvan, Mrs. A. L. Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Salvan, Mrs. L. S. Samson, N. C. Sanz, S. C. Sibala, Cayetano Almendarez, Iris Amores, Eugenio Arel-
Mrs. J. G. Solis, Phoebe Tabo, Mrs. J. M. Taboc- lano, Solito Bontor, Ben M. Empuesto, Adelfa G.
laon, L. A. Tagolgol, E. G. Tanamal, Neriah 0. Vil- Enoc, Rodolfo Espinoza, Fe Hikilan, George Hiki-
larente, T. C. Yuson. Ian, Leonides Langob, Jessie Libertino, Nestor
Maestrado, Federico Matundo, Melchora A. Mira,
Licensed Ministers: Teodoro F. Montes, Felomina Omero, Rosalinda
0. L. Acton, J. S. Arbias, Blas Dabucol, F. I. Delga- 0. Quezon, Myrna Roxas, Raul Roxas, Raquel
do, Rico Javien, G. S. Mantua, A. J. Necesario, H. C. Seraspe, William Seraspe, Epefania Ty, Gomer Vis-
Punay, Israel Villaver. tal.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: NORTHERN MINDANAO CONFERENCE
Ebenezer Abacial, Armando Alconga, Antonio Organized 1937; reorganized 1966, 1988
Arong, Emelva Balbin, Joel Balbin, Flory Banda,
Eduardo Banogon, Fe Banzon, Romero Baterzal, Territory: Provinces of Bukidnon, Camiguin, part of
Elias Boctot, Chona Cabanero, Rey Cabanero, Lanao del Norte, and Misamis Oriental.
Juliet Cabanieliz, Redel Cabrera, Zacharias Cami- Population: 3,368,746; churches, 140; members,
lotes, Sammy Clifford, Antonia Cuestas, Arnie De- 41,312.
los Santos, Jolito Ejandra, Alfredo Escara, Anita Mailing Address: P.O. Box 127, 9000 Cagayan de Oro
Estremos, Ruth Estremos, Orlando Gallawan, City, Philippines.
Ezechias Gudelusao, Teodoro Halasan Jr., Quintilo
Jardin, Fe Ladaran, Elizabeth Lara, Noel Lavisores, Office Address: Julio Pacana Street, Puntod, 9000
Jimmy Mamugay, Mrs. Willie Ann Mariano, Jacinto Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Telephone: 46-
Martinez, Eddie Medina, Alfredo Merin, Eduardo 10.
Merin, Diony Narciso, Porferio Oclarit, Faustino Administration:
Parba, Nehemias Pesquera, Elias Quisido, Eddie President, R. R. Yap.
Rodriguez, Luzvilla Rom, Manuel Sagareno, Ala- Secretary-Treasurer, P. G. Frasco.
nueva Sagulo, Mrs. Robert Sagulo, Robert Sagulo, Auditors, M. M. Diaz, J. V. Quijote.
Esther Salarda, Rebecca Sanchez, Minerva Secro, Executive Committee: R. R. Yap, Chairman; P. G.
Gabby Silaga, Mody Taboclaon, Ephraim Tampus, Frasco, Secretary; F. R. Aguilar, E. M. Bacus, R. Z.
Felomino Tripoli, Zacharias Villarente, Zarry Vil- Canales, R. C. Cordero, J. Y. Dalaguan, Sonny Z.
larente. delos Santos, D. P. Estomo, S. M. Galarpe, N. S.

Gesta, C. M. Lagra, A. H. Pagunsan, J. H. Pagunsan, Catolico, A. Gutierrez, J. A. Mandreza, A. P.

Atty Pagunzaga, J. S. Paypa, J. J. Postrero, A. M. Ortaleza, L. R. Rodulfo, R. R. Tuballes, R. T. Varo-
Saberora, E. M. Saberola, R. A. Tabingo, Eddie na.
Wahiman. Departments:
Departments: Church Ministries, W. C. Catolico; Associates, R.
Church Ministries, J. H. Pagunsan; Associates, F. D. Aplicador, Mrs. R. D. Aplicador, P. N. Medi-
R. Aguilar, R. Z. Canales, Mrs. P. G. Frasco, Mrs. na, Mrs. L. B. Tabo.
R. R. Yap. Communication, R. D. Aplicador.
Communication, Temperance, and VOP, S. M. Education, R. R. Tuballes.
Galarpe. Ministerial and Religious Liberty, L. B. Tabo.
Education, R. Z. Canales. Publishing, R. T. Varona; Assistants, V. T. Carpena,
Ministerial and Religious Liberty, R. R. Yap. M. L. Esparagoza, S. G. Kilat, F. B. Lumiguid, M.
Publishing, C. M. Lagra; Assistants, Benjie Arat, R. S. Zerrudo.
R. Cosep. Spirit of Prophecy, R. T. Varona.
Spirit of Prophecy, C. M. Lagra. Temperance, P. N. Medina.
Services: Services:
Adventist Book Center, M. N. Ragudo. Adventist Book Center, E. Y. Jardiniano.
NSO, R. Z. Canales. ASI, P. N. Medina.
Ordained Ministers: Home Health Education Service, M. A. Bareng
C. R. Aguilar, Francis R. Aguilar, G. D. Bacabis, G. (General Santos City), A. P. Ortaleza (Cotabato).
L. Bacabis, E. M. Bacus, J. L. Balacuit, Oscar J. NSO, R. R. Tuballes.
Baragona, R. Z. Canales, R. C. Cordero, P. D. Dum- Ordained Ministers:
pasan, D. J. Estomo, I. F. Faigmani, C. S. Fallan, P. R. J. Aguadera, T. J. Allosa, T. U. Almocera, R. D.
V. Fondevilla, P. G. Frasco, S. M. Galarpe, N. S. Aplicador, T. B. Batulayan, S. C. Binoya, W. C.
Gesta, R. E. Guanzon, R. G. Jeminez, G. B. Mendo- Catolico, M. M. Gaurino, E. B. Juarez, N. M. Magsi-
za, J. H. Pagunsan, B. S. Quilog, V. J. Secong, J. J. co, J. A. Mandreza, P. N. Medina, C. R. Milar, R. F.
Tanada, E. S. Valle, R. R. Yap. Nomus, L. R. Rodulfo, V. F. Sagabay, L. B. Tabo, R.
Credentialed Missionaries: T. Varona.
Mrs. C. R. Aguilar, Mrs. F. R. Aguilar, R. R. Amo- Credentialed Missionaries:
guis, C. F. Anaten, E. R. Arcilla, E. S. Bacomo, R. F. M. F. Aclon, Mrs. R. J. Aguadera, A. D. Alojado, T.
Bacomo, A. G. Belican, P. D. Boncato, E. P. Burda, D. Aspe, J. C. Bantigue, Mrs. 0. V. Cabaluna, 0. V.
R. J. Caberte, W. B. Caspe, J. R. De Los Reyes, E. E. Cabaluna, M. C. Calayco, V. T. Carpena, Mrs. M. B.
De Vera, M. M. Diaz, Mrs. M. M. Diaz, J. V. Fami- Carrera, N. F. Cueno, R. R. De Vera, E. B. Erasga, C.
niano, Mrs. P. G. Frasco, M. B. Gomintong, E. S. E.Esmalde, M. L. Esparagoza, M. D. Ferenal, H. N.
Hallarisis, A. P. Lapojapo, E. 0. LaSage, Mrs. P. M. Flores, S. D. Garcesa, Mrs. R. D. Genson, S. G.
Latcha, Mrs. V. S. Ligsay, V. S. Ligsay, E. N. Macar- Kilat, N. B. Magpusao, S. S. Marcos, L. P. Pajaro, B.
ayo, H. E. Malimbag, E. T. Pagunsan, L. G. Pallada, F.Paragat, L. V. Patricio, L. D. Pendon, E. C. Santos,
J. S. Paypa, Mrs. J. S. Paypa, J. V. Quijote, R. E. L. S. Serrano, R. R. Tuballes, F. G. Valenzuela, E. E.
Recto, Mrs. S. D. Reyno, M. C. Ruelan, J. P. Solis, R. Zaulda, M. S. Zerrudo.
L. Solivio, E. T. Sumatra, P. C. Sumaylo, R. S. Tang- Licensed Ministers:
jal, F. P. Tubuaran, A. L. Tuburan, J. S. Valendez, L. J. L. Alitao, S. Z. Balansag Jr., R. I. Cachuela, E. H.
A. Vosotros, E. M. Ytang. Flores, E. P. Miranda, R. B. Ranque, T. G. Tamdang,
Licensed Ministers: I. S. Tigley.
H. E. Bayola, J. S. Beta, E. M. Bularon, J. C. Cabahit, Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
A. A. Lacapag, Hanani Nietes, G. D. Ondap, J. S. Evelyn Aranco, Virgie Aranco, Rebecca Aranera,
Paypa, M. R. Rafanan, U. L. Rivera, C. L. Tanginan. Jevelyn Bagalanon, Nelson Bagalanon, Antonio Ba-
Credentialed Literature Evangelists: sites, Arsenio Benedicto, Virgie Benedicto, Jeany
Norlin Acebes, Felix Batoon, Jun Carganilla, Felipe Buenaflor, Sammy Buenaflor, Rolando Cabil, Nati-
Claros, Rizalina Dahino, Alex Deligero, Lacia vidad Caviliza, Phoebe Cayamanda, Antonio Chan,
Dizon, Luzvilla Faigmani, Virgie Lumindas, Phoebe Ruth Cuivillas, Linda De Domingo, Roger De
Molo, Wen nie Montecalvo, Casiano Oclarit, Domingo, Feliciano Dela Cruz, Minda Esparagoza,
Daniel Panal, Eliezer Pila, Loida Que, Roselyn Rom, Antonio Fulgencio, Jose Galos, Joe Garcesa,
Wayne Samorlan, Rosalinda Simyunn, Juanito Domeciana Garcia, Melecio Gonzales, Romulo
Soriano, Lourdes Tilde, Eutiquio Ucab, Aurelia Val- Halasan, Rafael Lavilla, Rudy Lenor, Paterno Mar-
le, Eddie Valle, Leonardo Villegas. gate, Reuel Miro, Eddie Orayle, Elfred Regoniel,
Guillermo Rellibo, Flora Saldajeno, Rebecca
Sanuele, Alejandro Selgas, Raul Sionesa, Eunice
Organized 1950; reorganized 1965
Territory: Provinces of Maguindanao, North Cotaba-
to, South Cotabato, and Sultan Kudarat.
Organized 1958
Population: 2,565,597; churches, 155; members,
38,921. Territory: Provinces of Lanao del Sur, Misamis
Occidental, Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 152, 9500 General Santos
Sur, part of Lanao del Norte, and Sulu Archipelago.
City, South Cotabato, Philippines.
Population: 4,809,832; churches, 278; members,
Office Address: 9500 General Santos City, South
Cotabato, Philippines.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 13, 7200 Ozamis City, Phi-
President, L. B. Tabo.
Secretary-Treasurer, M. D. Ferenal. Office Address: Gango, 7200 Ozamis City, Philip-
Field Secretary, P. N. Medina. pines. Telephone: 4610.
Auditor, E. M. Acopio. Administration:
Executive Committee: L. B. Tabo, Chairman; M. D. President, L. S. Lacson Jr.
Ferenal, Secretary; R. ). Aguadera, R. D. Aplicador, Secretary-Treasurer, J. S. Ramos.
M.A. Bareng, R. H. Boloico, O. V. Cabaluna, W. C. Auditor, E. G. Llamis; Assistant, N. B. Bayeta.

Executive Committee: L. S. Lacson Jr., Chairman; Calibod, V. B. Dasoy, R. J. Decolongon, D. F. Fer-

J. S. Ramos, Secretary; N. U. Ellacer, O. S. Flores, E. rer, L. S. Lacson Jr., T. B. Leon de, D. M. Madelo, L.
G. Llamis, L. T. Nermal Jr., A. V. Pamunag, E. 0. T. Nermal, P. S. Obendencia, A. V. Pamunag, E. 0.
Paquibo, A. L. Rodrigo, M. S. Sanes, Gaudencio Paquibo, C. A. Racoma, J. S. Ramos, A. S. Sajulga,
Simyunn. M. S. Sanes, Bernie S. Sisona.
Departments: Credentialed Missionaries:
Church Ministries, L. T. Nermal Jr.; Associates, L. E. C. Abordo, F. R. Boluso, E. P. Camacho, L. B.
S. Lacson Jr., Mrs. L. S. Lacson Jr., E. 0. Paquibo, Camacho, M. F. Cedron, Mrs. F. S. Cutin, 0. S.
Mrs. J. S. Ramos. Flores, Mrs. L. S. Lacson Jr., A. A. Lasta, E. G.
Communication, E. 0. Paquibo. Llamis, L. T. Llamis, A. S. Loriche, E. M. Nalzaro,
Education, L. S. Lacson Jr.; Associate, Mrs. L. S. Mrs. J. S. Ramos, N. F. Rosario, Mrs. M. S. Sanes.
Lacson Jr. Licensed Ministers:
Health and Temperance, Mrs. L. T. Nermal Jr. J. G. Benito, B. C. Buque, P. A. Caberte, R. 0.
Ministerial, L. S. Lacson Jr. Caderma, L. G. Guting, R. G. Jimenez, Emer Juntil-
Publishing, 0. S. Flores; Assistants, M. E. Bayola, la, M. D. Llanita, D. M. Prieto.
M. P. Boluso, M. F. Cedron, C. B. Quidet, P. C.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Zulueta. Antonio Abejo, Jeremias Babor, Merlyn Bayola,
Spirit of Prophecy, 0. S. Flores. Rose Cabil, Rose Cabrera, Linda Danos, Luke En-
Services: gano, S. Erbito, Benjamin Etulle, Isabel Fernandez,
Adventist Book Centers, E. M. Nalzaro (Ozamis Simplicio Fernandez, Vessie Flores, Leopoldo
City), Ebenezer Malilay (Pagadian City), F. R. Gupit, Betty Hayag, Leonilo Madridondo, Renee
Boluso (Zamboanga City). Majaducon, Evangeline Onod, Elsie Sanches,
NSO, L. S. Lacson Jr. Esther Sanchez, Deborah Sebilo, Sarah A. Sebilo,
Ordained Ministers: Shirley Sumilang, Raul Tagarao, Cleopatra B. Val-
E. A. Abordo, R. T. Acuna, L. R. Asoy, R. D. Baliton, dehueza, William Valdehueza, Elsa Yosores,
W. D. Baliton Jr., I. B. Bello, J. B. Cabahug, J. L. Nieves Yosores, Peter Zulueta.


Organized 1917; reorganized 1929

Territory: Brunei, Kampuchea, Laos, Malaysia, Sing- NSO, David Wong.

apore, Thailand, and Vietnam; comprising the Services for the Blind, Randy C. Horning.
Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore, Ordained Ministers:
Thailand, and Vietnam Missions. W., Steve Bassham, Randy C. Horning, George C.
Population: 137,872,800; churches, 238; members, Johnson, Ralph H. Jones, Koh Kang Song, Shupinar
45,036. Koubong, John Lai, Jonathan T. K. Ng, Narciso M.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Singapore. Penaflonda, Pham Kow Seng, Phoon Chek Yat,
Albert S. S. Phua, Russell R. Standish, Arturo J.
Facsimile Number: (65) 284-7757.
Weiss, David S. F. Wong.
Office Address: 251 Upper Serangoon Road, Singa- Honorary: Joshua Y. F. Chong, Chu Sing Fatt,
pore 1334, Republic of Singapore. Telephones: Mandatang Gaban, Hiu Kiu Shang, James Maung,
284-7281, 284-7282, 284-7283, 284-7284, and 284- L. S. Sibarani, Elam Sinaga, Sunti Sorajjakool,
7285. Lopog Sorudim, Tan Kia Ou.
Credentialed Missionaries:
President, George C. Johnson.
Ampai Aimsiri, David S. L. Ang, Sing Autrapirom-
Secretary, Wu Chook Ying.
Treasurer, Thomas G. Staples; Associate, Kong sook, Nantoo Banerjee, Mrs. Torcuato Y. Billones,
Torcuato Y. Billones, Ronald W. Brody, Chris P. K.
Hon Hin.
Executive Committee: George C. Johnson, Chan, Dinah Chan, Mrs. Jongkolnee Chareon-
Chairman; Wu Chook Ying, Secretary; W. Steve thaithavee, Mrs. Kathryn Cheah, Cheong Kok
Bassham, Ronald W. Brody, Choo Wee Fong, Heng, Mrs. Pranee Chinda, Chng Soh Hong, Shir-
Charles S. Gaban, Mrs. Charles J. Griffin, John S. K. ley Doo, Virgil V. 0. Erlandson, Joshua M. N. Goh,
Ho, Randy C. Horning, Koh Kang Song, Kong Hon Goh Teik Soo, Patricia J. Gustin, John S. K. Ho, Ho
Hin, Shupinar Koubong, David Leoh, Nguyen Xuan Kah Lok, Ho Lai Fong, Hong Kok Hin, Clarence S. F.
Son, Geoffrey A. Pauner, Kenneth D. Reimche, Ing, C. Delmar Johnson, Albert K. T. Khor, Mrs.
Albert K. T. Khor, Mrs. Kang Song Koh, Kong Hon
Johnny Rueh, Russell R. Standish, Thomas G. Sta-
ples, Wendell L. Wilcox, David Wong. Hin, Chaiwat Kootanasan, Mrs. John Lai, Roy C. H.
Lee, Lee Chin Beng, Andrew C. S. Lim, Eric Looi,
Departments: Efren Mariano, Timothy Nathan, James T. K. Ng,
Church Ministries, David Wong; Associates, W. Mrs. James T. K. Ng, Mrs. Jonathan T. K. Ng, Mrs.
Steve Bassham, Mrs. Charles J. Griffin, Shupinar Sui Koon Ng, Ng Tat Low, Danny Oh, S. L. Ornopia,
Koubong. Mrs. Chek Yat Phoon, Somporn Pibulthanawanich,
Communication, W. Steve Bassham. Zovi Poey, Kenneth D. Reimche, Mrs. Dameria Re-
Education, David Wong. jab, Heath Rowsell, Johnny Rueh, Wanjareeya San-
Health and Temperance, Russell R. Standish. sri, Mrs. Ura Siratanaprapas, Sakda Sittichinda,
Ministerial, W. Steve Bassham; Shepherdess Inter- David A. Skau, Reuben A. Sprengel, Thomas G.
national, Mrs. Charles J. Griffin. Staples, Vanna Sukanetra, Mrs. Somsak Supuna-
Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy, Randy C. Horn- vong, Somsak Supunavong, Salinee Svetalekha,
ing. Andrew H. L. Tan, Tang Lup Tung, Siriporn Tanti-
Religious Liberty, Wu Chook Ying. polvinai, Neil R. Thrasher, S. Valaithum, Rapeepan
VOP, Geoffrey A. Pauner. Wangchumtong, Wong Siew Fong, David S. C.
Services: Wu, Mrs. Chook Ying Wu, Mrs. David S. C. Wu,
ADRA, George C. Johnson. Wu Chook Ying, Wu Han Kong, Rolando Yap,
ASI, W. Steve Bassham. Daniel S. L. Yeo.

Honorary: Janet Arulpragasam, Chang Yook Departments:

Hoong, Choo Yau Fong, Gertrude Green, Gladys Church Ministries, Mansor Gingging; Associates,
Morton, Mrs. Lee Lee Santimalapong, S. N. Sire- Daniel Bagah, Patrick Godwan, Ginduk Laung,
gar, Nantje Twijnstra, Pleng VitiamyaFaksana. Jupitha Lim.
Licensed Ministers: Communication and Spirit of Prophecy, Patrick
Andy Y. T. Ng. Godwan.
Education, Charles S. Gaban; Elementary School
Organized 1914; reorganized 1988 Health and Temperance, Elvin Chong.
Ministerial, Charles S. Gaban.
Territory: Peninsular Malaysia. Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Charles S.
Population: 13,400,000; churches, 19; members, Gaban.
3,209. Publishing, Martin Ya'ang; Assistant, Jaibe Ogou.
Office Address: 166-A Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Services:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Telephone: 242-7795. ADRA, James Lai.
Administration: Ordained Ministers:
President, David Leoh. G. C. Bendah, Charles S. Gaban, Mahani Gindol,
Secretary-Treasurer, Lim Cheng Beng. Mansor Gingging, Patrick Godwan, Tommy Golo-
Auditor, Lim Cheng Beng. toh, Stephen Gunggut, Laini Gura, Padir Juman,
Executive Committee: David Leoh, Chairman; Lim Sambuling Lajanin, Ginduk Laung, Hilson Lopog,
Cheng Beng, Secretary; P. Benjamin, Sam Govin- Saiking Omar, Edmund Siagian, Nelver Sikul,
dasamy, John Lai, John K. H. Lee, Robert Lee Bian Eugene Sulidan, Martin Ya'ang.
Tian, Samuel Money, Pang Chu Yen, Alex Rajaku- Credentialed Missionaries:
mar. Matiun Alip, Daniel W. Bagah, Jolly Bingku, Nelton
Departments: Bingku, Chai Sui Kong, Konis W. Gabu, Mrs. Shuk-
Church Ministries, Samuel Money; Associates, P. ing Gadaun, Shuking Gadaun, Mrs. Stephen Gung-
Benjamin, George John, Eunice Lee, John K. H. gut, Richard S. Kilus, Kong Hon Yin, Thurup Kula,
Lee, David Leoh, Simon Siew. James Lai, Ruth Lee, Jupitha Lim, Lim See Him,
Communication and Temperance, David Leoh. Paulie E. Peter, Willie M. Simbaku, Bologol Simpul,
Education, Robyn Hardesty. Anton S. Tobi.
Ministerial, P. Benjamin; Associate, John K. H. Lee. Licensed Ministers:
Publishing, Sam Govindasamy. Johnny Bongkulong, Escend Chong, Malim En-
Religious Liberty and Public Affairs, Robert Lee ggang, Jim Gabu, Samuel Gion, George Lee, Albert
Bian Tian. Rambating, Tan Kok Chin, Severinus Umpok.
Spirit of Prophecy, Leong Fai. Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Services: Colin Choo.
Community Services, David Leoh.
Trust Services, Robert Lee Bian Tian.
Ordained Ministers: SARAWAK MISSION
P. Benjamin, Chang Chong Kee, V. N. Joseph, John (S.D.A. Mission of Sarawak)
K. H. Lee, Leoh Hee Tan, Leong Fai, Mah Chee Reorganized 1961
Ping, Samuel Money, Simon C. H. Siew, V. Thevar- Territory: The Malaysian state of Sarawak.
ajulu. Population: 1,555,000; churches, 67; members,
Credentialed Missionaries: 9,324.
Lai See Chan, Lim Cheng Beng. Cable Address: "Adventist," Kuching, Sarawak,
Licensed Ministers: Malaysia.
John George, Lee Choke Woh, Govindasamy Sam, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 41, 93700 Kuching, Sara-
Emmanuel Samuthram, Sim Tian Sang. wak, Malaysia.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Office Address: Third Mile, Rock Road, Kuching,
Chan Chun Fatt, Peter T. F. Chong, Koh Lam Heng, Sarawak, Malaysia. Telephones: 420-791 and 418-
Andrew Yong. 933.
SABAH MISSION Administration:
(Masehi Advent Hari Ketujoh Sabah) President, Choo Wee Fong.
Reorganized 1961 Secretary, Edmund Liah (acting).
Treasurer, Choo Wee Fong (acting); Assistant, Lan
Territory: Brunei and the Malaysian state of Sabah. Khong Poh.
Population: 1,305,000; churches, 99; members, Executive Committee: Choo Wee Fong, Chairman;
14,242. Edmund Liah, Acting Secretary; Ang Yang Ang,
Cable Address: "ADVENTIST," Tamparuli, Sabah, Matthew Bandan, Lawrence Banyie, Jonathan
Malaysia. Basat, Stanley Boncho, Robert G. Burton, Gordon
Chong, Nancy Goodenough, Watson Ho,
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 7, 89257 Tamparuli, Ambrose Linang, Petrus Ngadan Kuju, Saul Nyung-
Sabah, Malaysia. ga, Lawrence Randig, Gilbert Tan, Daniel M. Wal-
Office Address: 89257 Tamparuli, Sabah, Malaysia. ter.
Telephones: 782-244 and 782-346. Departments:
Administration: Church Ministries, Edmund Liah; Associates, Saul
President, Charles S. Gaban. Nyungga, Gilbert Tan, Daniel M. Walter, Mrs.
Secretary-Treasurer, Edmund Siagian. Daniel M. Walter.
Executive Committee: Charles S. Gaban, Communication and VOP, Saul Nyungga.
Chairman; Edmund Siagian, Secretary; Daniel Education, Robert G. Burton.
Bagah, Nelton Bingku, Elvin Chong, Konis Gabu, Ministerial and Spirit of Prophecy, Daniel M. Wal-
Mansor Gingging, Patrick Godwan, James Lai, Gin- ter.
duk Laung, Francis Lee, George Lee, Liaw Heng Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Choo Wee
Kong, Jupitha Lim, Albert Majilang, Edwin Siagian, Fong.
Nelver Sikul, Martin Ya'ang. Publishing,

Services: Facsimile Number: (662) 381-1424.

ADRA, Petrus Ngadan Kuju. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 11/234, Prakanong, Bang-
Mission Pilot, Daniel M. Walter. kok 10110, Thailand.
Ordained Ministers: Office Address: 12 Soi Kasempanichakarn, Klong-
Stephen Agong, Hardy Anton, Lawrence Banyie, ton, Prakanong, Bangkok, Thailand. Telephones:
Johathan Basat, Robert G. Burton, Choo Wee 391-0525, 391-3595, and 391-2808.
Fong, Walter Dindal, Jaulin Galung, Joebenny Keli,
Anyau Kinchang, E. M. Liah, David Ngali, Saul President, Wendell L. Wilcox.
Nyungga, Lawrence Randig, James Sagit, Sipuk Secretary, Rangsit Itsaringkarn.
Sagong, Joseph Sapok, Martin Sasun, Gilbert Tan, Treasurer and Auditor, Poh Sing Peng.
Daniel M. Walter. Executive Committee: Wendell L. Wilcox,
Credentialed Missionaries: Chairman; Rangsit Itsaringkarn, Secretary; M. Earl
Ang Yang Ang, Mrs. Angela Chang, Gordon S. M. Adams, Keow Ayuperm, Romulo E. Bartolome,
Chong, Mrs. Clara Ho, Mrs. E. M. Liah, Mrs. Arthur F. Bell, Ronald W. Brody, Somchai Chuenjit,
Marilyn Maja, Kumong Sadot, Wilfred Sim, Mrs. Sopon Jaiguar, Salinee Navamaratna, Poh Sing
Roland Suboh, Roland Suboh, Mrs. Nancy Siu Peng, Jerry L. Potter, Phamor Pupichitprai, Johnny
Foong Voon, Mrs. Daniel M. Walter, Wee Hun Rueh, Rungsit Saejang, Komol Santimalapong,
Been. Warren G. Scale, Kittikoon Sengya, Srirat Soraj-
Licensed Ministers: jakool, Soontharee Tantraroongroj, Dennis D. Tid-
Chai Nyuk Fah, Attie Gara, Petrus Ngadan Kuju, well.
Andrew Wong. Departments:
Church Ministries, Wendell L. Wilcox; Associates,
SINGAPORE MISSION Rangsit Itsaringkarn, Srirat Sorajjakool.
Organized 1988 Communication, Danny Pung.
Education, Arthur F. Bell; Assistant, Chalee Chuen-
Territory: Singapore. chob.
Population: 2,612,800; churches, 7; members, Ministerial,
2,051. Publishing, Jerry L. Potter; Assistant, Chamee Ata-
Office Address: 90 Jurong East Street 13, Singapore kit.
2260, Republic of Singapore. Telephone: 561-0022. Religious Liberty, Wendell L. Wilcox.
Administration: Legal Association: "Seventh-day Adventist Founda-
President, Geoffrey A. Pauner. tion of Thailand." President, Rangsit Itsaringkarn;
Secretary, Sim Chor Kiat. Secretary, Suwat Vatanasak; Treasurer, Poh Sing
Treasurer, Sim Chor Kiat (acting). Peng.
Executive Committee: Geoffrey A. Pauner, Services:
Chairman; Sim Chor Kiat, Secretary; William ADRA, Telephones: 390-0001 and 381-1424. Facsi-
Chng, Hepsi Goonasegaram, Michael Ho, Michael mile Number: 662-3811424.
Lim, Oliver Lim, Danson Ng, Ng Eng Lim, Wang Ho Director, Warren G. Scale.
Chun, Matthew Yuen. Ordained Ministers:
Departments: Keow Ayuperm, R. E. Bartolome, Arthur F. Bell,
Church Ministries, Danson Ng; Associate, Geof- Peng Bumroong, Robin Bwint, Chin Kon Loi, Subin
frey A. Pauner. Ingnoi, Surachet Insom, Wichien Suan lntaepa,
Communication, Liang Ah Onn. Rangsit Itsaringkarn, Sopon Jaiguar, Mun Lansri,
Education, Wang Ho Chun. Clifton R. Maberly, Veerachai Mookdasawan, Pha-
Health and Temperance, Ng Eng Lim (acting). mor Pupichitprai, Rungsit Saejang, Prasert Saelee,
Publishing, ; Assistant, Samuel Siew. Anucha Saeyong, Kittikoon Sengya, Saw Shilo,
Services: Pakdee Tawinno, Dennis D. Tidwell, Wendell L.
Community Services, Sim Chor Kiat. Wilcox.
Trust Services, Robert Lee Bian Tian. Credentialed Missionaries:
Ordained Ministers: Paisan Boonlee, Eliseo M. Camagay, Mrs. Eliseo M.
Michael S. C. Ho, Liang Ah Onn, Danson K. Y. Ng, Camagay, Laurence Chu, Mrs. Edith Chu, Chalee
Ng Sui Koon, Geoffrey A. Pauner, Sim Chor Kiat, Chuenchob, Mrs. Benjawan Chuenchob, Som-
Wang Ho Chun, Matthew F. K. Yuen. chote Chulkasate, Anurak Ganploy, Helen Hall,
Wayne A. Hamra, Buaket Payee, Jerry L. Potter,
Credentialed Missionaries:
Ang Sing Teck, Ee Teck Ee, Mrs. Ee Teck Ee, Han Prayudh Roongjirarasameekul, Warren G. Scale,
Chung Kong, Mrs. Han Chung Kong, Steven P. Y. Puangpet Sittichinda, Mrs. Srirat Sorajjakool,
Kan, Mrs. Kong Hon Hin, Michael S. H. Lim, Mrs. Suwat Vatanasak, Wichitra Winitkoonchai.
Alfred Low, Mrs. Danson Ng, Seow Lian Hong, Licensed Ministers:
Franklin Tay, Mrs. Wang Ho Chun, Mrs. Wu Chook Virendra Arora, Somchai Chuenjit, Songrit Detjit-
Ying, Francis T. C. Yap, Mrs. Francis T. C. Yap, rak, Joshua Gan, Prathom Kausan, Kasem Laokaen,
Yeang Kok Boon, Yeo Lee Chiang. Ju Laowang, Boonrat Moolkeo, Rithichai Nim-
Licensed Ministers: kham, Pairoj Phookjit, Prasert Rakchaurai, Prasert
John S. L. Lim, Alfred C. S. Low. Raotao, Jamnien Rasamee, Sae Saeyang, Yongyut
Saejang, Buncha Saemua, Preecha Sengwichai,
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Siroj Sorajjakool, Atikom Sriratanaprapat, Udom
Chian Fong Ying, Goh Heww Har, Joan Lee, Lee
Khay Cheong, Yap Ying Chung. Srisuk.
Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Sansiri Sorajjakool.
Organized 1919
Territory: Laos and Thailand. VIETNAM MISSION
Population: 54,000,000; churches, 24; members, Organized 1937
12,337. (The number of churches and members are estimates
Cable Address: "Adventist," Bangkok, Thailand. based on latest figures available.)

Territory: Kampuchea and Vietnam. Administration:

President, Nguyen Xuan Son.
Secretary, Tran Cong Tan.
Population: 65,000,000; churches, 22; members, Treasurer, Tran Ngoc De.
3,873. Executive Committee: Nguyen Xuan Son,
Chairman; Tran Cong Tan, Secretary; Duong
Office Address: 222 Phan Dang Luu, Phu Nhuan, Ho Thuong, Ly Quoc Hang, Nguyen Van Thu, Tran
Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Ngoc De.


Organized 1950

Territory: Sri Lanka. Publishing, A. B. J. de Pinto.

Population: 14,859,295; churches, 25; members, Services:

1,719. ADRA, Michael Porter.
Book Depot, A. B. J. de Pinto.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Ordained Ministers:
Telex Number: "Adventist," 22082 X point CE. K. Alagappan, W. D. Anthony, John Appadurai, P.
S. A. Aranze, P. P. Dhanarajah, P. B. A. Dis-
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1253, Colombo 3, Sri sanayake, J. Gnanasekeran, M. I. M. Isack, Tudor
Lanka. Perera, Willy J. Reith, Charles H. Tidwell, G. P.
Office Address: 7 Alfred House Gardens, Colombo
Honorary: P. P. Dias, R. S. Fernando, A. B. N. K.
3, Sri Lanka. Telephone: (01) 5-85851.
Kulasekera, C. C. Kurunathan, A. R. Pieris, M.
Administration: Swishesamuthu.
President, Charles H. Tidwell. Credentialed Missionaries:
Secretary, W. D. Anthony. U. D. Aloysius, Mrs. R. Aranze, Mrs. Linda Caag-
Treasurer, Pangula A. Mamora. bay, Rodrigo Caagbay Caagbay, Percy Dias, Saro-
Executive Committee: Charles H. Tidwell, jini Durairajah, H. G. M. Fernando, Mrs. Aballada
Chairman; W. D. Anthony, Secretary; U. D. Guerrero, Selva Hemachandra, Mrs. Chandrani
Aloysius, Rodrigo R. Caagbay, A. B. J. de Pinto, H. Herath, Mrs. C. Roger Isaacs, Norman Jansz, Mrs.
G. M. Fernando, Dennis S. Gibbs, Rajan Gnana- Annette Jayaratne, W. D. Joseph, Mrs. Peter Muna-
kan, J. Gnanasekeran, M. Gnanasigamony, M. singhe, Peter Munasinghe, Mrs. Mary Perera, Rex
Aballada Guerrero, M. I. M. Isack, R. Jayaratne, Rabot, Michael Rajapakse, H. M. B. Rajaratne, V.
Pangula A. Mamora, R. L. H. Perera, Michael Por-
Selladurai, Mrs. Charles H. Tidwell, Mrs. S. Wick-
ter, Willy Reith, K. Thurairajah.
ramarachchi, Saman Wickramarachchi.
Departments: Licensed Ministers:
Church Ministries, J. Gnanasekeran; Associates, U. L. Anthony, David Ebednezer, Walter John, Gra-
Gration Perera, Tudor Perera. tion Perera, Wences Perera, Devadase Pitchai, K.
Communication, Charles H. Tidwell. Thurairajah, J. Valasarajah.
Education, Charles H. Tidwell; Associate, U. D.
Aloysius. Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Health and Temperance, Willy Reith. A. B. J. de Pinto, S. Joseph, R. Perumal, Anthony
Ministerial, W. D. Anthony, K. Alagappan. Peter.
Public Relations and Religious Liberty, P. B. A. Dis- Honorary: K. M. J. A. Fernando, J. O. Johnson,
sanayake. F. S. Thiedeman.


Organized 1929; reorganized 1964

Territory: Java, Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo), Administration:

Lesser Sunda Islands, Madura, Sumatra, and President, Bahasa Soemarna.
Timor; comprising the Central Sumatra, East Java, Secretary, Marudin Siagian; Assistant for Legal
Jakarta, Kalimantan, North Sumatra, Nusa Teng- Affairs, Manuel H. Wauran.
gara, South Sumatra, and West Java Missions. Treasurer, Maruap Sitompul.
Executive Committee: Bahasa Soemarna,
Population: 155,404,602; churches, 436; members, Chairman; Marudin Siagian, Secretary; Arnold J.
57,404. Dompas, Alex Hendriks, lim Heryana, R. A. Huta-
gaol, Johny Lubis, L. P. Manalu, V. E. P. Manullang,
Cable Address: "Adventist," Jakarta, Java, Indone- Sugiatno Martaatmaja, R. B. Matahari, K. Onsoe, A.
sia. M. Panjaitan, B. H. Panjaitan, Datuk Piush Pan-
jaitan, S. F. Siburian, Lambok Silitonga, Sahat H.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 221, Jakarta 10002, Java, Simbolon, Djinan Sinaga, Maruap Sitompul, Mrs.
Indonesia. Bahasa Soemarna, Albert L. Sondakh, Emilkam H.
Tambunan, Tigor L. Tobing, Simon Tomarere,
Office Address: Jalan M. H. Thamrin 22, Jakarta Jonathan W. S. Wagiran, Elly J. Waworundeng.
10350, Java, Indonesia. Telephones: 323467 and Departments:
323531. Church Ministries, R. B. Matahari; Associates, Mrs.

Bahasa Soemarna, Jonathan W. S. Wagiran. Licensed Ministers:

Communication and Religious Liberty, Jonathan Mangapul Hutapea, A. Kalumbang, M. Panjaitan,
W. S. Wagiran. H. Sinaga.
Education, Emilkam H. Tambunan. Honorary: E. Sabari.
Health and Temperance, Mrs. Bahasa Soemarna. Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
Ministerial and Spirit of Prophecy, B. H. Panjaitan; Honorary: M. Doloksaribu, Kadir Hutapea, Mrs.
Shepherdess International, Mrs. Bahasa Soemar- A. Kanter, Johanna Lucky, Mrs. B. Mampuk, Y.
na. Nender, R. Purba, Ch. Rohitu, P. Tjolle.
Publishing, Johny Lubis.
Legal Association: "Geredja Masehi Advent Hari CENTRAL SUMATRA MISSION
Ketudjuh Indonesia" (Indonesia Union Mission Organized 1972
Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists). Presi- Territory: Riau Province, West Sumatra Province,
dent, Bahasa Soemarna; Secretary, Alex Rantung;
and Tapanuli from Sipintupintu to the south.
Treasurer, Maruap Sitompul.
Population: 6,754,323; churches, 47; members,
Services: 3,888.
ADRA, lim Heryana. Cable Address: "Adventist," Sibolga, Sumatra, In-
Adventist English Conversation Schools, Emilkam donesia.
H. Tambunan.
Office Address: Jalan Ade Irma Suryani Nasution 1,
AHS/VVIUM, Simon Tomarere. Sibolga, Sumatra, Indonesia. Telephone: 22673.
NSO, R. B. Matahari.
Retirement, Marudin Siagian. Administration:
President, Djinan Sinaga.
Ordained Ministers: Secretary-Treasurer, Erkanus R. Pasaribu.
U. Aritonang, Johny Lubis, John D. A. Matusea, H. Executive Committee: Djinan Sinaga, Chairman;
I. Missah, R. A. Nainggolan, B. H. Panjaitan, E. H. Erkanus R. Pasaribu, Secretary; M. Harahap, A. Ph.
Panjaitan, Edison Pamaitan, F. B. Panjaitan, L. Pan- Hutagalung, G. Hutagalung, J. F. Manullang, H. A.
jaitan, H. Purba, Th. Pusung, M. Siagian, H. N. Panjaitan, Tuhar H. Silaen, M. Simbolon, E. B. Sina-
Siahaan, J. Siahaan, M. W. Siahaan, B. G. Siboro, ga, Mrs. Minar Sinaga.
H. Silitonga, B. Simanjuntak, Bahasa Soemarna, D. Departments:
Tjakraprawira, T. L. Tobing, J. W. S. Wagiran, M. H. Church Ministries, J. F. Manullang; Associates,
Wauran. Tuhar H. Silaen, Mrs. Minar Sinaga.
Honorary: S. Ander, Richard Donsu, H. Emor, Communication, J. F. Manullang.
P. Hutagalung, F. Kilapong, A. L. Lesiasel, Adrian Education, Mrs. Minar Sinaga.
Lumowa, A. P. Mamora, F. Mandolang, H. E. Man- Ministerial and Spirit of Prophecy, Djinan Sinaga.
gkei, Z. Nadeak, L. M. Noya, M. Onsoe, P. Pakpa- Publishing, Tuhar H. Silaen; Assistants, M. Siring-
han, G. Pandjaitan, T. Pandjaitan, M. Patty, S. oringo, A. Situmorang.
Ritonga, M. D. Siagian, B. P. Simandjuntak, A. T.
Siong, M. Sumual, J. B. Talaa, S. Tamba, P. L. Tam- Services:
bunan, M. L. Tobing, I. Tuamulya, E. Turangan, A. Adventist Book Center, Esman Simbolon.
Waworunderng. Ordained Ministers:
A. Ph. Hutagalung, Rommel E. Pakpahan, A. J. Par-
Credentialed Missionaries: dede, E. R. Pasaribu, Djinan Sinaga, B. Porgo
Paul Adam, Q. Aritonang, Mrs. N. Batubara, Mrs. Siringoringo, M. S. Tamba.
Nany Benaya-Sumardi, Th. Djagia, Mrs. H.
Credentialed Missionaries:
Heryana, H. Hondo, Mrs. F. Hondo, R. Hutagaol, R. K. Barutu, R. Doloksaribu, G. Hutagalung, T.
R. A. Hutagaol, Mrs. Juliana Hutubessy, P. Maduwu, Damaris Manullang, Mrs. P. Pasaribu, T.
Hutubessy, K. Jermias, Kamso, E. A. L. Katoppo, H. Hasiholan Sagala, Helpina Siahaan, Aller Sihotang,
Katoppo, K. Koswara, Susan Laloan, N. Limbong, L. Keryana Simalango, Melanthon Siringoringo,
Lintong, J. Malau, Mrs. E. Mamahit, Hinsatua Almiden Situmorang, Budiman Tamba, J. Tarihor-
Mamora, Mrs. Berlina Mamora, P. A. Mamora,
Mrs. C. N. Manalu, James Mandolang, Emmy Man-
gie, M. R. Manurung, R. B. Matahari, F. Matita, Licensed Ministers:
Mrs. E. Matita, C. H. Munthe, J. E. Muskita, Mrs. H. Jahotner Manullang, M. Pandiangan, R. W. Sagala,
Muskita, Desmond Naibaho, J. Nayoan, Elisha T. H. Silaen, Machtiar Simbolon, M. Situmorang.
Onsoe, Lefrand Onsoe, Mrs. L. Pakpahan, R. Pak- Credentialed Literature Evangelists:
pahan, Mrs. Esther Palandi, A. U. Panjaitan, Cana- B. Manurung, M. Manurung, Manongap Situmor-
dian Panjaitan, Mrs. Reliana Panjaitan, Mrs. T. M. ang, Nurhayati Situmorang.
Panjaitan, Mrs. Winny Panjaitan, A. R. Pardede,
Mrs. H. Pardede, C. R. Pardosi, E. H. Pasuhuk, W. EAST JAVA MISSION
F. Pasuhuk, letje Pesik, J. Pontoh, S. Purba, H.
Rantung, Joanne Rantung, Agus Ricky, Mrs. E. Sael, Organized 1913
Paul Sakul, A. Salawaney, Marlinda Siahaan, Sahat Territory: Bali, East Java (including Surakarta), Lom-
Siahaan, Sonna Sibuea, L. Sihotang, M. Sihotang, bok, and Madura.
B. Silalahi, Mrs. Eko Silitonga, J. Simalango, Sahat Population: 33,650,813; churches, 52; members,
Simanjuntak, E. Simatupang, M. Simatupang, S. 8,774.
Simatupang, Derlin Simboh, Murty Simbolon, L.
Sinurat, J. H. Siregar, M. Sitompul, Rosita Sitom- Cable Address: "Adventist," Surabaya, Jatim, In-
pul, Tiur Sitompul, J. H. Sitorus, Mrs. D. Sitorus, B. donesia.
Subartho, Ngadino Sudarmo, S. Sumardi, W. Office Address: Jalan Tanjung Anom 3, Surabaya
Sumardie, A. Surbakti, Mrs. R. Surbakti, A. 60275, Java, Indonesia. Telephone: 45081.
Syahailatua, E. H. Tambunan, Mrs. Mian Tambu- Administration:
nan, Tan Lian Lan, T. Tanuharliawan, A. Tarihoran, President, Alex Hendriks.
Mrs. M. Tarihoran, Mrs. D. Tjakrapawira, S. Toma- Secretary, Djoko Soewarso.
rere, J. Tutupoly, L. Ujudeda, Sofia Wagiran, Mrs. Treasurer, V. Hutabarat.
Carla Wagiu, E. J. Waworundeng, H. Wullur, Mrs. Auditor, Mangara Habeahan.
Dalium Wullur, Tommy Wuysang. Executive Committee: Alex Hendriks, Chairman;
Honorary: J. H. Lesiasel, William Walean. Djoko Soewarso, Secretary; Gitosiswoyo, Mrs.

Alex Hendriks, V. Hutabarat, D. Kabanga, L: P. Ministerial, K. Onsoe; Shepherdess International,

Manalu, E. T. Panjaitan, M. B. Panjaitan, Pamudji Mrs. J. A. Onsoe.
Raharjo, Rudyanto, E. Simanjuntak. Publishing, Waluyo Soedarno; Assistants, N. Batu-
Departments: bara, D. Gultom, S. Hartono, S. Kassan, M.
Church Ministries, E. Simanjuntak; Associates, Sante, I. Sutanto.
Mrs. Alex Hendriks, Mrs. Djoko Soewarso. Services:
Communication, Djoko Soewarso. Adventist Book Center, Evelyn Siagian.
Education, Pamudji Raharjo. Ordained Ministers:
Health and Temperance, Rudyanto. J. W. Aritonang, Petrus Ballo, Hengky Hermanus,
Ministerial and Spirit of Prophecy, Alex Hendriks; E. S. Kartagi, Tommy Langitan, W. L. Limbong, M.
Shepherdess International, Mrs. Alex Hendriks. M. Lomboan, Bernard Mambo, Oloan Manullang,
Publishing, M. B. Panjaitan; Assistants, Samin Mar- J. A. Manurung, Kasiman J. Nainggolan, A. M.
toprawiro, R. L. Silalahi, Yunus Sukirno, E. Pandjaitan, S. Panjaitan, John Parhusip, R. Patty,
Suparman, Mrs. L. Wijaya. Kasber Purba, B. Riwujeru, Rickson K. Sagala, O.