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Steadfast IT Engineers Design Game Changing Enterprise-Level Cloud Services

for SME Businesses

Steadfast is providing SMEs with advanced tools to help their IT strategy flourish - adopting a more
agile, secure and scalable network through the benefits of the Virtual Data Center (VDC).

Chicago, IL, July 16, 2019 --( As IT software, infrastructure and services rapidity change, the
typical focus for technology developers is to build for enterprise businesses at enterprise-level pricing.
Meanwhile, the opportunities for SME's to benefit from enterprise-level technologies can be limited.
Steadfast recognizes this void and is driven to provide SMEs with the tools to help advance their IT
strategy, adopting a more agile, secure and scalable network through the benefits of the Virtual Data
Center (VDC).

Steadfast is proud to introduce the next generation of Simplicity Cloud™ Services on a VMware®-based
Virtual Data Center platform.

Steadfast has taken a VDC platform, typically invested in by enterprise-level businesses, and molded a
new service to help the SME space achieve enterprise-level cloud services. This new design eases
implementation complexity and high infrastructure costs that typically hold back SMEs from capitalizing
in this type of extended service.

VDC is much more than simple cloud VM's in that it also encompasses network management and
network security. The benefits of cloud VMs are now extended to your entire network and security stack,
allowing even greater scalability, flexibility, and control. It then provides one easy-to-manage interface
for SME's to virtually design best-fit networks according to company needs without stifling labor time
and high costs when trying to develop around current infrastructure.

“We are utilizing our Simplicity Cloud Services to deliver a Virtual Data Center solution that will bring
benefits of VMware technology to small and medium businesses, an endeavor mainstream cloud
providers are unable to achieve today. Our 20 years of passion to community businesses forged our
promise to embrace companies that are 'left behind' in this technological whirlwind. Our entire staff
upholds this passion,” Karl Zimmerman, CEO and Founder.

SME's can expect measurable outcomes through this VDC platform versus standard cloud VMs:

· Rapidly Deploy New Networks: Delivering a whole new definition to scalability. SME Admins will
have the freedom to dynamically change networks in minutes to accommodate ever-changing workload

· Protect Network Integrity: Distributed firewalls greatly increases security and protect network integrity.

· Increase Accessibility: Helping SMEs with multiple divisions and administrators. VDC creates a private
cloud environment that can be divided between multiple admins, preventing internal challenges of control

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and distribution of resources.

· Infrastructure Savings: With VDC SME's benefit from the functionality of a full data center, without
having to purchase server hardware or additional network components.

· Improve Business Continuity, Simplify Disaster Recovery: A benefit that extends to other networks to
secure redundancy, providing more peace of mind that data is safely contained.

James Webb, Steadfast COO states, “The efficiency and security held within Simplicity Cloud, coupled
with a VMware based Virtual Data Center, is a game-changer in IT planning and implementation for the
small and medium enterprise space. Giving them the freedom to scale their IT platforms quickly,
efficiently and securely to meet future demands and stay highly competitive.”

About Steadfast
Steadfast specializes in flexible cloud environments, infrastructure hosting, and a full suite of reliable
managed services and security. Complemented by expert consultation at all stages of design and
deployment to maintenance and expansion planning, Steadfast delivers high-quality, cost-effective IT
infrastructure solutions, personalized to customer needs.

Tim Monner
Director of Marketing and Sales
312-602-2689 ext. 240

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Tim Monner
312-602-2689 ext. 240
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