The Washington Leadership Program invites college students to apply to our Summer 2011 internship program in Washington, DC. The WLP is a national non-profit organization that is developing the next generation of American leadership from the South Asian American community. Our program takes promising college students and places them in a Congressional office or government agency for an eight-week summer internship accompanied by a structured leadership curriculum. Students then inducted into a leadership community currently made up of over 180 alumni from the 17 years of the program. Former Congressional leader Richard Gephardt has called it “one of the best programs of its kind on the Hill.”

Over ten years, the WLP has given more than 180 South Asian American students the opportunity to intern in Washington, DC. In addition to the internship, participants attend special meetings and events to fully expose them to the South Asian political Diaspora. Past programs and events have included meetings with South Asian American elected officials, Ambassadors and South Asian Americans who are working in Congress, the federal government and local and state agencies.

The WLP internship will run from June 13, 2011 – August 5, 2011. Orientation will start Monday morning on June 13th. Details will be discussed once you have been accepted. All undergraduate students who are either US citizens or legal permanent residents are encouraged to apply. Selection to the WLP is highly competitive and not limited to students pursuing majors in social sciences. The backgrounds of past participants have ranged from medical school to art and social work. Interns will receive a total stipend of $1,500 and will be required to complete 2-3 short writing assignments during the internship. The deadline to apply for the WLP is February 1, 2011. Finalists may be contacted for a telephone interview and all applicants will be notified of final selections in March 2011. Should you have any questions or would like further information about the program, please contact Harin Contractor at 770-365-1435 or via e-mail at

Application for Washington Leadership Program (WLP) Summer 2011
June 13, 2011 – August 5, 2011
Deadline to submit application: MUST be postmarked by February 1, 2011

Part I: Biographical Data Name: _____________________________________________________________ Circle one: Female Male

Date of Birth: __________________ Place of Birth: ______________________ Circle one: (ONLY U.S. CITIZENS OR U.S. PERMANENT RESIDENTS MAY APPLY TO THIS PROGRAM) U.S. Citizen U.S. Permanent Resident

Part II. Contact Information Permanent Address: _______________________________________________________ City: ___________________________ State: __________ Zip Code: ________________ Telephone Number: (_____)____________________________________ Present Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________ City: ___________________________ State: ___________ Zip Code: _______________ Telephone Number: (______)______________________________________ E-mail address: ______________________________________________________

Part III: Education Present undergraduate institution: _________________________________ City: _________________________ State: ___________

Year in school: (Circle one of the following): • First • Second • Third • Fourth • Other – specify _______________________ Major Field of Study: _____________________________________________________ Minor Field of Study: _____________________________________________________ Degree: ___________________________ GPA:______________ Part IV: Public Policy Interest Areas/ Political Affiliation: (Note: This information will not affect your selection into the program but will help placement in appropriate offices.) Which political party do you affiliate yourself with? • Republican • Democrat • Reform Office Placement Preference: • Congressional Office • Government Agency • Either In order of priority, please rank from 1 to 3 (1 being the highest, 3 being the lowest) your major areas of interest: Only 3 subject areas can be chosen in this section. Agriculture _____ Foreign Affairs _____ Economy _____ Education _____ Energy _____ Environment _____ Justice _____ Health _____ Labor _____ Media _____ Urban Affairs/ Housing _____ Other (Specify) _____ • Green • Independent/ Other • None

Part V: Letter of Recommendation Please provide one letter of recommendation by an individual (other than a family member) who can comment on you. The letter must be written on official letterhead (where applicable) and should be included with your application in a sealed envelope. Please, present instructions in ATTACHMENT A to the recommender. Part VI: Resume Please submit a current copy of your resume with your application. Your resume should highlight leadership positions, community service activities, and any public policy-oriented work or internships.

Part VII: Essay A) Please submit the mandatory essay (600 words max) topic listed below. Essays should be typed and include your full name and date. • Leadership is rarely an easy role – it can often be a difficult balance between confrontation and congeniality. Tell us about a difficult leadership experience you've had, and specifically address the challenges that you face both from those whom you lead and those who desired a different course. B) Please submit an essay (300 words) on one of the two topics listed below. Essays should be typed and include your full name and date. • There is no South Asian American “community.” Take and defend a position for or against the preceding proposition. • If you were running for office, what office would you run for and what would be your second act or piece of legislation in office if elected?

Part VIII: Additional Information Have you interned on Capitol Hill or with a government agency before? Yes / No If yes, what office did you work for and how long? ______________________ Have you applied for this program before? Yes / No How did you learn about the program? __________________________________

Apply Online Or Mail the Application to: The Washington Leadership Program

2825 Laura Gae Cir Vienna, VA 22180
Application MUST be postmarked by February 1, 2011. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Questions? E-mail wlp@thewlp.com, or call 770.365.1435

I hereby certify that all the information provided in this application is accurate and correct.

Signature: _________________________________________ Date: ______________


To Whom It May Concern:

___________________________________ (Applicant’s Name) has applied for the Summer 2011 Washington Leadership Program (WLP).

The letter of recommendation you provide for this applicant will help us better evaluate the applicant’s potential as a WLP intern in a Congressional office or government agency. This information should include the capacity in which you know the applicant, the applicant’s disposition and ability to work with others; leadership ability and potential, and any other information, which will help establish a comprehensive view of the applicant. Please make this information available on your official letterhead and return to the applicant in a sealed envelope.

You may also mail your letter directly to our office to the following address, which must be postmarked by February 1, 2011

Mail the Recommendation Letter to: The Washington Leadership Program

2825 Laura Gae Cir Vienna, VA 22180
Application MUST be postmarked by February 1, 2011. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Questions? E-mail wlp@thewlp.com, or call 770.365.1435