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iMDM Carrier Suite

Integrated Mobile Device Management Solutions for Service Providers

The Need for Mobile Device Management
No longer just simple communication devices, mobile phones have become a necessary part of both consumer and business users’ lifestyles. This trend will continue as customers invest in feature-rich phones to leverage new data services such as email, picture messaging, Internet access, interactive gaming, enterprise applications, and TV viewing. With voice services becoming saturated, wireless operators need to drive end user adoption of these data service opportunities for continued revenue growth. However, in order to realize this revenue growth, new services and applications must work easily, reliably, and securely. Equally important, customers must be able to access and use them with little or no hassle. The problem is mobile devices have become as complex as PCs, making setup and service delivery equally challenging. With each new generation of mobile devices comes greater complexity and potential for error. This complexity, when combined with a plethora of standards, access choices, security risks, and network protocols, places operators at risk for high support costs, poor service quality, lost revenue, and increased returns and churn. Operators are realizing that mobile device management (MDM) solutions are required for the success of new data services. While MDM applications can be implemented on a standalone basis, the benefits are greatly magnified when they are integrated seamlessly. New services can be launched with the confidence that subscribers will have a positive experience and drive revenue. Problems can be detected and solved proactively before handset issues are reported by subscribers. Operators gain visibility into — and control over — wireless devices and the overall subscriber experience. By enabling these benefits, integrated solutions for managing the complete life cycle of mobile devices results in increased customer satisfaction, higher revenues (ARPU), and lower support costs.

InnoPath Software: Integrated, End-to-End Mobile Device Management Solutions
InnoPath makes total device life cycle management a reality for today’s carriers and device manufacturers, offering the most trusted and market-tested MDM solutions available today. That’s why leading carriers including Cingular, KDDI and Sprint, as well as device manufacturers such as LG, NEC, Panasonic, Sanyo, Sharp and Toshiba have made InnoPath their partner of choice. InnoPath offers two solutions suites: the iMDM Carrier Suite and the iMDM Device Suite. Both suites are modular, with integrated capabilities that enable operators to remotely configure settings and new services, diagnose and fix problems, and update software and firmware over-the-air (FOTA) — all in real time. The iMDM Carrier and iMDM Device Suites are standards-based, and when used together, create a unique, end-to-end solution that meets the challenges operators and handset manufacturers currently face. A common platform provides the foundation for rolling out current and future MDM solutions quickly and cost effectively, and ensures a smaller footprint and better utilization of scarce handset resources. With InnoPath iMDM Solution Suites, mobile operators can: • Rapidly bring new handsets and services to market • Accelerate adoption of new data services and increase data revenues • Strengthen subscriber satisfaction and loyalty • Reduce overall support and operational costs

InnoPath's iMDM Carrier Suite
The iMDM Carrier Suite provides a single seamlessly integrated mobile device management solution that manages the complete life cycle of mobile devices. A completely modular, standards-based solution, the iMDM Carrier Suite runs on a single platform and is network agnostic, working on both CDMA and GSM networks. The iMDM Carrier Suite includes the following applications:

Firmware Manager
Commercially proven by wireless customers worldwide, Firmware Manager enables reliable, convenient, and secure over-the-air upgrades to firmware and software while devices are in subscriber’s hands, eliminating expensive device recalls and repair.

Configuration Manager
Eliminates the need for subscribers to manually configure their own devices. A systematic solution for setting mobile device configuration parameters over-the-air (OTA), it enables trouble-free activation of new devices and services for faster data adoption. Updates can be subscriber or operator initiated to reflect network or service changes.

Diagnostics Manager
The Diagnostics Manager allows operators to gather information over-the-air from devices for remote diagnosis and repair of problems. Customer care agents can query handsets while speaking with customers to identify and resolve problems remotely and in real-time. Devices can also remotely execute self-diagnostic functions to identify and log hardware and software problems for analysis and action. In addition, InnoPath’s Workflow Designer, featuring a drag and drop interface, enables mobile operators to easily create their own MDM business processes for customizing firmware, configuration and diagnostics transactions.

Network Management

Firmware Manager

Configuration Manager

Diagnostics Manager

Future Applications

Customer Support Systems


iMDM Carrier Suite
OMA Standards

Billing Systems

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Configuration Configuration Con guration Manager Manager Client

Diagnostics Diagnostics Diagnostics Manager Manager Client

Future Future Applications Applications

iMDM Device Suite
OMA Standards

“InnoPath's reputation and leadership in the industry makes them the clear partner to securely deliver over-the-air solutions to our sophisticated client base.”
—Mr. Kimihiko Nakamura, General Manager, Mobile Terminal Development Department, KDDI Corporation

InnoPath:The Market-Proven Solution
InnoPath’s iMDM Carrier Suite is the most market-proven MDM solution available today. Only InnoPath offers such extensive real-world expertise developing and deploying MDM solutions with some of the world’s largest carriers.

The Most Commercial Deployments
InnoPath was the first company to commercially deploy firmware over-the-air (FOTA) mobile device management solutions. Tens of millions of handsets featuring InnoPath’s MDM technology are in use worldwide at leading Tier 1 carriers. Most importantly, InnoPath has successfully updated millions of these handsets while in the hands of subscribers. No other company offers such a market-tested MDM solution, which is why operators such as Cingular, KDDI and Sprint have partnered with InnoPath.

The Clear Partner of Choice
InnoPath is uniquely positioned to make total device life cycle management a reality for today’s mobile carriers and handset manufacturers, offering the most trusted and complete MDM solution available today. With InnoPath iMDM solutions, operators can deliver the best possible subscriber experience — every time. As a result, data service adoption is accelerated, customer satisfaction and loyalty is increased, and customer care costs are lowered.

Open Standards and Technology Leadership
With 12 patents granted and 34 pending, InnoPath has a track record of innovating and then standardizing. The company is a full and active member of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Device Management working group and has taken a leadership role in industry standards forums and alliances to drive the timely and efficient introduction of services and applications. InnoPath is firmly committed to industry standards that provide customers with the most open and interoperable framework for delivering advanced mobile data services.

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