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This is just a guide. This is just a guide.

Use your creativity to decide Use your creativity to decide

which colors you want to use! which colors you want to use!
Happy stitching! Happy stitching!

Mary (Queen) Color Guide St. Elizabeth Color Guide

Crown, halo, stars = gold Halo, crown, necklace =

Cloak, veil, feet = blue gold
Hair, eyes = brown Hair, bread, feet = lt.brown
Cloak edging = blue or Dress = purple
gold Veil, apron = green
Dress = white Hands, face = peach
Hands, face = peach Roses = pink

For window or carbon paper method, use right sided pattern. For transfer pen or water soluble
stabilizer, use the reversed image.

1) Window or light box method (my preferred method… glass shower doors work
Tape your design onto a sunny window or use a light box to trace your pattern with a soft
leaded pencil (2B) or disappearing ink pen. Make sure you test the pen or pencil on a scrap
piece of fabric first to make sure it will wash out later.

2) Carbon paper
Place the carbon paper with the darkest side face down on the fabric and place the pattern
on top. Hold the pattern down and trace with a stylus, bamboo skewer or ball point pen.

3) Transfer pen
Trace the (reversed) pattern with the transfer pen, place it face down onto your fabric and
hold in place while you firmly iron with a low heat (not hot) iron. If you warm your fabric
first with a dry iron, it improves your results.

4) Water soluble stabilizer

The stabilizer/fabric comes in US letter sized sheets (8 ½ x 11inches) and is printable using
an ink jet printer. Peel off the backing, stick it onto your fabric and start stitching. When
you are done, remove the stabilizer with warm water.
Mary,  Queen  of  Heaven  
Feast of the Queenship
of Mary:
August 22

Queen of Heaven, rejoice,


St.  Elizabeth  of  Hungary  

Patron saint of bakers,

young brides, and

Feast Day:
November 17