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Archipel is a 100% foreign-owned company established in early 2005, which brings

together, around a core of French architects, a multicultural team benefiting from various
Its architects, urban designers, planners, landscape designers, 3D designers, engineers,
supported by an experienced logistic and administrative team, gather all required skills to
implement a wide range of projects.
Archipel applies its know-how to the following sectors: Architecture, urban & landscape
design, engineering, project management, construction management and real estate &
investment consulting.
Its philosophy views each project from every angle and integrates modern household’s
priorities through each step of the creation process. Doing so, Archipel offers a tailor-
made design for each project.
Archipel puts greater emphasis on team-work and knowledge-sharing, aiming to turn the
sum of individual knowledge into a wide creative potential for the best quality result.

Corporate Name: Archipel Company Limited

Registered Address: Level 15 Ruby Plaza, 44 Le Ngoc Han, Hai Ba Trung District,
Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (84) 4 976 51 81 / 82 / 83; Fax: (84) 4 976 51 80
Investment Licence: 302/GP-HN issued by Hanoi People’s Committee, 25/08/05
Capital: 300.000 USD
Tax Code: 0101767348
Banker: Military Bank – Dien Bien Phu Branch, Hanoi
B/A: VND: 0631100006006 - USD: 0631100006006


Archipel provides a wide range of design, construction consultancy services including:

1. Site survey, building survey and report

2. Feasibility studies, elaboration project investment report, investment project,
eco-technical analysis report, etc.,
3. Urban planning, Master planning Design
4. Architectural, Structural and M&E Engineering Design (from concept design to
technical design development and construction drawings design)
5. Landscape Design
6. Tender Consultancy
7. Project Management, Construction Management, Site Supervision
8. Real Estate Development & Investment Consultancy

Archipel's services range from the architectural design and engineering of individual buildings to
the master planning and design of urban areas. In its constant concern to respect environmental
and ecological norms through all steps of the creation, Archipel conceives, designs and builds
projects that include: corporate offices, banking and financial institutions, government buildings,
public and private institutions, health care facilities, commercial and retail facilities, resort and
hotels, recreational and sports facilities, residential developments, private houses and villas...
Architectural design services include:
• Site and building evaluations
• Feasibility studies
• Facilities programming and planning
• Conceptual design
• Architectural design
• Detailed design

Master Planning, Urban & Landscape Design

The department encompasses new town planning, master planning and urban & landscape design.
Archipel is producing master plans for communities and complex facilities in urban, suburban, and
rural settings. Project types include: urban planning and redevelopment, suburban planning and
development, new communities and land development, environmental processing and analysis,
urban transportation, civic open spaces, waterfront planning, transportation planning and
landscape design. The department services include:
• Site selection studies
• Project feasibility analysis and programming
• Master planning and design
• Environmental - ecological analysis and planning

Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Engineering Design

Archipel was founded as a collaborative practice of architects and engineers organized to reflect
the integral relationship between architecture and engineering in building design. M&E engineering
services include:
• Electrical, lighting systems design
• Plumbing, waste and disposal systems
• Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning design
• Building telecommunications systems
• Fire and life safety engineering
• Building management systems
• Infrastructure design
• Analysis and simulation


Structural Engineering

Archipel was founded on the principle that buildings should combine efficiency in form and
structure that will serve human needs. Structural engineering services include:
• Structural performance criteria development & load calculation
• Foundation design
• Infrastructure and superstructure design and calculation
• High-rise structural systems design
• Structural systemic analysis and engineering design
• Technical parameters calculation
• Bill of quantities / Quantity survey and technical specifications

Project Management
To ensure the best follow-up of all projects in terms of respect of quality, budget, time schedule
and intended design concept, from private houses and villas to towers and new towns, Archipel
relies on an experienced project management department. Its services include:
• Time Schedule Coordination and Control
• Quantity Surveying
• Construction Quality Control
• Finance and Payment Management
• Management of Handover Certificate

Real Estate Development and Investment Consultancy

Within a wide range of activities, Archipel can offer property investment advisory services for both
national and international companies, as well as individuals that wish to operate in Vietnam.
Benefiting from highly-qualified professionals, Archipel can provide for a comprehensive
understanding of Vietnam’s current and future real-estate market, along with up-to-date information
on both land and property laws and regulations. Archipel’s ultimate goal is to suggest its client’s
reliable choices through customized solutions that fit at best their original demands.


Archipel Company Ltd. operates in Hanoi since mid-2005, and has now a branch office in

Its three French associated directors, together with an international team made of French
and Vietnamese project directors, team managers and leaders, have been working on
several significant projects throughout Vietnam.

Archipel’s staff:
● 06 French architects, Urban planners
● 01 Expatriate project manager
● 68 Architects, Urban planners
● 17 Civil structural engineers, Project managers
● 15 Mechanical & Electrical engineers
● 14 Civil-economic engineers & Quantity surveyors
● 20 Architects, Civil and M&E engineers Collaborators
● 25 Administration, Finance-accounting, Marketing, Business development,
Management clerks
Total staff: 166

Archipel fully meets all mandatory requirements to be a Class-I consultancy organization

according to Governmental Decree 16/2005/ND-CP. Thus, the Company is able to
undertake all type of design and construction consultancy services for any civil or
industrial projects, ranging from Grade I, II, III, IV to Special Grade.


Archipel uses professional large-size printers, color printers, photocopiers, high

performance projectors, scanners, high-configuration 2D and 3D design workstations
equipped with professional softwares for 2D, 3D graphics and animation design,
mechanical and electrical calculations, which allow the company to provide promptly,
professionally and efficiently any required design services with the best creative
Archipel’s IT Network System was professionally structured to include two different
specific classes:
The Internal Class is a Local Area Network, supporting all Company’s computers
including Domain Controller Server, Files Server, Backup Domain Controller Server and
terminal workstations.
The External Class is a DMZ Zone including Internet Server, Mail Server, supported by
security systems (Router and Firewall) to protect the network against illegal accesses
from outside.
All network equipments and servers are provided by IBM and Intel - the biggest Server
and Solution Providers in the world.

● Server Systems: Primary Domain Controller Server, Backup Domain Controller

Server, Database Server, Files Server, Mail Server, Firewall system, Hi-Speed
Internet connection.
● LAN: High-speed LAN networks
● Workstations: 166
● Notebooks: 06
● Projector: 01
● LaserJet Printers A4: 02
● LaserJet Printer A3: 01
● DeskJet Color Printers A3/A4: 01
● Design Jet Color Plotter 02
● High-resolution scanner: 01
● Photocopiers (A3 & A4): 02
● PABX KX-TES824 system: 01
● Other professional equipments for site survey: digital cameras, etc.



Office Buildings
Ha Dong, Ha Tay
1 TSQ Trading & Financial Towers 41 stories, 2 basements TSQ Intl Holding, Poland Concept Design 2005-2007
Total GFA: 120.000m2
13 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hanoi
2 Sun City Office Building 13 floors, 4 basements Sun City JSC Full Design 2005-2007
Total GFA: 8.650m2
16 Phan Chu Trinh str., Hanoi
3 VIBank - NGT Office Building 19 stories, 2 basements, VIBank - NGT Co., Ltd Full Design 2005-2007
Total GFA: 35.000m2
Cau Giay Industrial Zone, Hanoi
4 CMC Knowledge Building 19 stories, 2 basements CMC Group Full Design 2006-2007
Total GFA: 30.750m2
Cau Giay Industrial Zone, Hanoi
5 Hoa Binh Office Building 9 stories, 1 basement NCX Hanoi Investment JSC Full Design 2006-2007
Total GFA: 7.250m2
264 Doi Can street, Hanoi
Hung Vuong Investment
6 Flamingo Tower 21 stories, 3 basements Full Design 2006-2007
Total GFA: 8.600m2
Cau Giay Industrial Zone, Hanoi
7 Nam Thai Binh Office Building 12 stories, 2 basements NCX Hanoi Investment JSC Full Design 2006-2007
Total GFA: 9.950m2

Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi

Technology Development
8 DETECH Office Building 19 stories, 2 basements Full Design 2006-2007
Assistance JSC - DETECH
Total GFA: 19.000m2

Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay Dist. Hanoi

9 MITEC Office Building 17 stories, 2 basements, 2 bldgs MITEC JSC., Full design 2006-2007
Total GFA: 39.000m2.

124 Hoang Quoc Viet, Hanoi

Alcatel-Lucent Joint-Venture
10 Alcatel Office Building 7 stories Full Design 2007
Total GFA: 2.777m2

28 Phan Boi Chau, hanoi

11 28 Phan Boi Chau Office Building 11 stories, 3 basements Tuan Duc Co. Ltd., Full Design 2007
Total GFA: 11.200m2

Co Nhue, Hanoi
Nam Cuong Trading &
12 Nacimex Co Nhue Office Building 15 stories, 2 basements Full Design 2006-2007
Tourism Co., (Nacimex)
Total GFA: 17.000m2
125-127 Ba Trieu, Hanoi
Vinh Hanh Investment &
13 Vinh Hanh Office Building 14 stories, 2 basements Concept Design 2007
Services Co. Ltd.,
Total GFA: 4.000m2
Ngo Thi Nham, Hanoi
Block A: 22 stories, 3 basements NCX Hanoi Investment JSC
14 Ngo Thi Nham Office Building Total GFA: 3.864m2 & Vietnam National Textile Full Design 2007
Block B: 22 stories, 3 basements Garment Group
Total GFA: 4.617m2
Phu My Hung, Ho Chi Minh
15 Phu My Hung Office Building 13 stories, 2 basements Thuan Phat Co. Ltd., Full Design 2007
Total GFA: 15.220m2
2A Dai Co Viet, Ha Noi
Trade Center & Office
16 2A Dai Co Viet Office Building NCX Hanoi Investment JSC Full Design 2007
15 stories , 2 basements
Total GFA: 7.000m2

Mix use Buildings

Nhan Chinh, Hanoi
Vien Tin Office - Apartment
1 28 stories, 2 basements Vien Tin Co., Ltd Full Design 2005-2007
Total GFA: 33,199m2
Phu Thuong, Tay Ho
West Lake Towers - Phu Thuong, Complex of retails, apartments,
2 U.P Concept Design 2006-2007
Tay Ho offices, 25 stories, 2 basements
Total GFA: 48.000m2


Ha Dong Downtown, Ha Tay

3 Ha Tay Millenium Tower 29 stories, 3 basements TSQ Intl Holding, Poland. Concept Design 2006-2007
Total GFA: 100.000m2
Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
Trade center & apartments
4 Hien Duc Thanh Xuan Hien Duc Co. Ltd., Full Design 2007
25 stories, 3 basements
Total GFA: 32.000m2
Hotel, Office & Apartments
5 Dalat Anh Sang Residence Pacific Land Full Design 2007
6 towers, 9 to 15 stories
Land : 14.000m2

Hotel & Resorts

1 Mui Ne Resort Mui Ne, Binh Thuan Province Vietnam Insurance Corp. Concept 2005

105A Hung Vuong,Hue City

2 Celadon Hotel 18 Floors, 200 Rooms Hung Vuong Hue Co., Ltd. Full Design 2005-2007
Total GFA: 32.480m2
Ha Tinh
Quynh Vien Tourism &
3 Quynh Vien Resort Eco-tourism Resort Concept 2005-2007
Services Co., Ltd.
19,8ha, 84 rooms
Phung Hung Street, Hanoi
4 Phung Hung Hotel 10 Floors, 2 Basements, Phung Hung Hotel JSC. Basic Design 2006-2007
100 Rooms
Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong
Hung Vuong Investment
5 Cat Co Hotel 10 floors, 60 rooms Full Design 2006-2007
Total GFA: 7.311m2
Vung Tau City
International Exhibition &
6 11 stories, 1 basement DIC Corporation Full Design 2007
Conference Center
Total GFA: 70.000m2
Architectural Design +
Boutique hotel 95 rooms, 4 stars
7 Ho Guom Hotel Ho Guom Tourism JSC Supervision of Design 2007
9 floors + 2 basements
Total GFA: 8000m2
Phung Khoang, Hanoi
Nam Cuong Trading &
8 Phung Khoang Hotel 22 Floors, 1001 Rooms Concept 2007-2008
Tourism Co., (Nacimex)
Total GFA: 91.500m2

Public projects

Concept Design for

1 Hanoi Light Rail Transit system From Nhon to Hanoi Railways Station Hanoi City 2005
Feasibility Study

Bac Kan Province,

Bac Kan Vocational Education & Bac Kan 's DoLISA
2 10ha Concept 2006
Training School & Lux Development
300 students 10 classrooms
Lai Chau Province
Lai Chau Province's 15 ha site Lai Chau Province's
3 Full Design 2006-2007
Administrative & Political Center 06 blocks, 07-09 stories Department of Construction
Total GFA: 34.000m2
Ba Dinh, Hanoi
4 Vietnam National Assembly Vietnam Gvt. Full Design 2007

5 National Museum of History Vietnam Gvt. Full Design 2007

Healthcare Projects

Hanoi French Clinic - Trung Hoa Trung Hoa, Hanoi.

1 Hanoi French Hospital Full Design 2005
Nhan Chinh. Total GFA. 560m2

2 Nam Dinh's General Hospital General Hospital, 700 beds Nam Dinh Province Concept 2005

Phương Mai, Hanoi,

3 Hanoi French Hospital Extension Hanoi French Hospital Full Design 2006-2007
Total GFA 12,000m2


Shopping Complexes

Big C Hypermarket in Gia Lam - Gia Lam, Hanoi. Lot coverage:

1 Big C Group, France Concept 2006
Hanoi 11.920m2, total GFA: 29.117m2

Big C Hypermarket in Nguyen Trai -

2 Nguyen Trai, Hanoi Big C Group, France Concept 2007

Casino Hypermarket in Thang

3 Thang Long, Hanoi Casino Concept 2007
Long - Hanoi

Residential Development
Mo Lao, Ha Dong, Ha Tay Province
TSQ's Oversea Vietnameses
1 521 Villas TSQ Intl Holding, Poland. Full design 2005-2007
Total GFA: 162.000m2

Urban Design, Master Planning Design, Landscape Design

Nam Dinh Nam Cuong Trade - Tourism

1 My Trung New Urban Area MP 1/2000 2005-2007
206 ha Corporation (Nacimex)

East & West's Hai Duong New Hai Duong Nam Cuong Trade - Tourism
2 MP 1/2000 2005-2007
Urban Area 97ha + 84 ha Corporation (Nacimex)

Phung Khoang, Hanoi Nam Cuong Trade - Tourism

3 Phung Khoang New Urban Area MP 1/2000 2005-2007
50 ha Corporation (Nacimex)

TSQ's Oversea Vietnameses Mo Lao, Ha Dong, Ha Tay Province

4 TSQ Intl Holding, Poland. Landscape 1/2000 2005-2007
Village Total GFA: 162.000m2

South Cam's River New Urban Hai Phong City

5 Hai phong City MP 1/2000 2006-2007
Area 80 ha

Hai Duong Province Nam Cuong Trade - Tourism

6 Gia Loc New Urban Area SD 1/500 & 1/2000 2006-2007
10.000 ha Corporation (Nacimex)

Lai Chau Province's Lai Chau Construction Department of

7 Landscape 1/500 2006-2007
Administrative & Political Centre 15 ha Lai Chau

Hoa Binh Province

Eco-tourism & Natural Preservation Pearl Island International
8 Pearl Island Resort MP 1/500 2006-2007
Resort Resort Investment JSC
17 ha , 50 villas

Indochina Capital - Con Dao Landscape 1/500 &

9 Con Dao Resort Con Dao 2006-2007
Resort Co. Ltd. 1/200

Hoai Duc, HaTay Province

10 Orange Garden VINAPOL JSC MP 1/2000 & 1/500 2007
49,5 ha, 500 villas

Son Tay, Ha Tay

11 Son Tay Master Plan 100 km2 Ha Tay Province SD 1/5000 2007

Tuyen Quang Tourism Master Tuyen Quang Province SD & MP 1/5000 &
12 Tuyen Quang Province 2007
Plan 15.000 ha 1/2000

Ha Dong City
13 Ha Dong Master Plan Nacimex MP 2007
280 ha

Office Buildings

TSQ’s Trading & Financial Towers

Mo Lao New Urban Area, Ha Dong, Ha Tay
Twin Towers, 41 stories, 120.000m2
Project Owner: TSQ International Holding, Poland

Ngo Thi Nham Office Building

Ngo Thi Nham., Hanoi
2 buildings 22 stories & 3 basements
Project Owner: Nham Hoa Co. Ltd.

Phu My Hung Office Building

13 stories, 2 basements, 15.220m2
Project Owner: Thuan Phat Construction JSC

DETECH Office Building

Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
19 stories, 2 basements; 19.000m2,
Project Owner: Technology Development Assistance JSC - DETECH

Alcatel Lucent Office Building

124, Hoang Quoc Viet, Hanoi
7 stories, 2.100m²
Project Owner: Alcatel Lucent

CMC’s Knowledge Tower

Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi.
19 stories, 2 basements; 30.750m2
Project Owner: Communication Company - CMC

Nam Thai Binh Office Building

Industrial Zone –Cau Giay District – Hanoi
12 stories, 2 basements, 10.000m2
Project Owner: Nam Thai Binh Company Limited

Office Buildings

Mitec IT Development & Business Complex

Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Grade A Office Bldg - 17 stories, 2 basements; 39.000m2,
Project Owner: MITEC Joint Stock Company

Flamingo Tower
Doi Can Str., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
21 stories, 3 basements; 8.600m2,
Project Owner: Hung Vuong Investment &
International Cooperation JSC

Sun City Office Building

13 Hai Ba Trung Str., Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
13 stories + 4 basements, 8.650m2
Project Owner: Sun City JSC.

28, Phan Boi Chau Office Building, Hanoi

11 stories + 3 basements, 7.200m²
Project Owner: Tuan Duc Co. Ltd

VIB-NGT Office Building

16 Phan Chu Trinh str., Hanoi
19 stories, 2 basements; 35.000m2,
Project Owner: Vietnam International Bank & Transinco Joint Venture

Hoa Binh Office Building

Industrial Zone, Cau Giay, Hanoi
9 stories, 1 basement, 7.250m2,
Project Owner: Nhan Hoa Company Limited

Mix-use Buildings

Dalat Anh Sang Residence

14.000 m2 Land: Hotel 15 stories, 4 Apartment buildings 9 stories, Office building 9 stories
Project Owner:Pacific Land

Vien Tin Office – Apartment Building

Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
28 stories, 2 basements, 33.000m2
Project Owner: Vien Tin Co. Ltd.,

Ha Tay Millenium Tower

Ha Dong, Ha Tay Province
25 stories, 3 basements, 100.000m2
Project Owner: TSQ International Holding, Poland

Hien Duc Thanh Xuan - Retail & Apartments Building

Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
25 stories, 3 basements, 32.000m²
Project Owner: Hien Duc Company Limited

West Lake Office & Apartments Tower

Phu Thuong, Tay Ho, Hanoi
25 stories, 2 basements, 48.000m2
Project Owner: U.P

Hien Duc Nguyen Phong Sac

Office & Apartment Building
Nguyen Phong Sac Street, Cau Giay Dis., Hanoi
11 stories, 2 basements, 15.500 m²
Project Owner: Hien Duc Co. Ltd.

Hotels & Resorts

Vung Tau International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Vung Tau City
Five Star Hotel 250 rooms, Convention & Exhibition Centre 16.000m2
& 18.000m2 grade A office space & facilities.
Designed in cooperation with DIC Deco
Project Owner: DIC Corporation – Ministry of Construction

Nacimex Hotel
Phung Khoang, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
1001-room 5 star hotel, Conference Centre & Services facilities
Project Owner: Nacimex

Cat Co Hotel
Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong
10 stories, 60 rooms
Project Owner: Cat Co Hotel

Celadon Hotel
Hue City
18 Stories, 200 rooms, 32.500m2
Project Owner: Hung Vuong Hue Co., Ltd.

Hotels & Resorts

Phung Hung Hotel

Phung Hung Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
100-room boutique hotel, 10 stories, 2 basements
Project Owner: Phung Hung Tourism and Hotel JSC

Ho Guom Hotel
Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
95-room four-star Boutique Hotel
Project Owner: Ho Guom Tourism JSC.

Mui Ne Resort
Mui Ne, Binh Thuan Province
Project Owner: Vietnam Insurance Corp.

Ha Tinh Resort
(Architecture Design)
Ha Tinh province,
7,5 ha, 84 rooms
Project Owner: Quynh Vien Tourism Service

Public Projects

Lai Chau Province Political & Administrative Centre

06 inter-departmental office buildings (Departmental Headquarters)
7 – 9 stories, 34.000m2 on 15 ha site
Project owner: Lai Chau Province

National Museum of History

Project Owner: Vietnam Gvt.

Vietnam National Assembly

Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Project Owner: Vietnam Gvt.

Bac Kan Vocational Education & Training

Bac Kan Province
300 students, 10 classrooms
Project Owner: Bac Kan DoLISA,
financed by Lux Development

Hanoi Light Rail Transit System - Hanoi

Graphic & video animation design
for SYSTRA (France)
Project Owner: Hanoi City


Extension of Hanoi French Hospital

Project Owner: Hanoi French Hospital

Nam Dinh General Hospital

Nam Dinh Province
700 beds
Project Owner: Nam Dinh Hospital

Shopping complexes

BigC Hypermarket
Nguyen Trai
Project Owner: BigC Vietnam

BigC Hypermarket
Gia Lam, Long Bien Dist., Hanoi
3 stories, 29.000m2
Project Owner: BigC Vietnam

Casino Hypermarket
Thang Long
Project Owner: Casino

Residential Development

TSQ’s Oversea Vietnamese Village (1)

Design of 521 villas & town houses in Mo Lao, Ha Dong, Ha Tay province
Project Owner: TSQ International Holding, Poland

TSQ’s Oversea Vietnamese Village (2)

TSQ’s Oversea Vietnamese Village (3)

Landscape - Resorts

Con Dao Resort

Infrastructure and Landscape Design & Site supervision
Project Owner: Indochina Capital – Con Dao Resort Co. Ltd.

Pearl Island Resort

Hoa Binh Province
17 ha eco-tourism and natural
preservation resort
Project Owner:
Pearl Island International Resort
Investment JSC

Ha Tinh Resort
(Landscape Design)
Ha Tinh province, 7,5 ha
Project Owner: Quynh Vien Tourism Service

TSQ’s Oversea Vietnamese Village,

Luxury villas & town houses in Mo Lao, Ha Dong,
Ha Tay province
Landscape Design
Project Owner: TSQ International Holding, Poland

Urban Design

My Trung New Urban Area,

206 ha, Nam Dinh Province
Project Owner: Nacimex

Phung Khoang new urban area

50 ha, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
Project Owner: Nacimex

East & West Hai Duong

Hai Duong Province
97ha + 84 ha
Project Owner: Nacimex

Ha Dong Master Plan

Ha Dong City
280 ha, new urban area
Project Owner: Nacimex

Vinapol “Orange Garden”

Ha Tay Province
49 ha
Project Owner: Vinapol