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In order to make this device, you will need: 1 box, a simple shoe box or gift box will work fine. Just avoid metal containers because metal screws up the energies. 1 can 2 screws and nut. 1 plastic lid like from a coffee can or cat food can. 3 rotary potentiometers, the ohm value does not matter. 3 knobs 2 1/8? monaural jacks. wire, both insulated and uninsulated. 2 quartz crystals Begin by opening the box and laying the bottom of it aside. Now, lay out the can in the left upper corner of the box, the lid in the right upper corner, the three knobs a bit lower between them and the jacks, one in each lower corner. Mark these spots with a pencil. Now carefully punch holes for the two screws in the bottom of the can. Lay the can on the spot you marked and mark on the box lid where the holes you punched are. Carefully punch holes where those markings are. Now, punch a hole for each potentiometer stem, two small holes under the center of where the lid will be and one hole in each corner for the jacks. Take two lengths of the unshielded wire and wrap them around the crystals with a short length left over at each end. Once you have done this, attach a short length of the regular wire to each end of the crystal wires by wrapping the exposed wire (I assume you have stripped the ends) to the crystal wires. This will give you two crystals with a length of wire at each end. Now, attach these wires to the potentiometers so the three pots are in series as in the diagram with the crystals between them. Now, wire the jacks to the end pots as in the diagram. Be sure the wires are long enough to reach the assigned holes in the box lid. Make a coil of unshielded wire which will fit under the can lid and place it on the outside of the box lid with the ends of the wire running through the holes into the box. Glue the plastic can lid in place over the coil. With the screws attach the can to the box lid in its assigned corner. Turn the box lid over and attach the pots on the underside of the box lid so the stems protrude out to the outside of it.

And there you have it. Connect a wire from the left pot to the left screw of the can as in the diagram. .Repeat the procedure with the jacks. Put the box lid back on the box. Connect the wire from the coil to the pot at the right end and to the right screw of the can as in the diagram. Turn the box lid over and attach the knobs to the pots. You now have a working radionic box.