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Date: June 13, 2006 Issue #: 18

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Don Nichols

June 13, 2006 By: Don Nichols Ansley Tuesday Afternoon Golf Tour

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An overcapacity crowd of 22 players, including three surprise show ups from the wait list (after one no show from the reserved list) arrived at different times on the first tee, creating some confusion in trying to assemble teams to fit within the five tee times and 20 reserved spots allotted to the ATAG group.(subsequent tee times were taken by other Ansley members) Things were finally sorted out and the end result was the necessity to play two fivesomes, with the club’s permission, at the tail end.
Group 1 Ollie Kennon Batelaan Tom Kisgen Nichols Doug Healy Jim Bernhardt Group 2 Group 3 Doug Gooding Richard Sherm Wade Frank Corrigan Scotty Greene Don


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Tim Martin Jim Williamson

Score: -10
Group 4 Brooks Cowles Mike Schmal Rick Eaton* Mike Gutt Danny Morris Score: -13*

Score: even

Score: -8

Ansley Tuesday Afternoon Golf Tour


Ansley Golf Club
196 Montgomery Ferry Dr Atlanta, Ga 30309

Group 5 Richard Gilmore Ben Cass Brad Reese * Henry Sawyer Tom Thornhill Score: -7

* indicates adjusted score after randomly selecting the noted player’s score to drop from the fivesome

The penultimate group of Brooks Cowles, Mike Schmal, Danny Morris, and Mike Gutt grabbed the gusto with a score of 13 under, with an ailing Morris donating his brewsky to partner Rick Eaton who was

randomly dropped from the fivesome. Providing the tournament purse for their inability to break par were second group players Doug Gooding, Sherm Wade, Frank Corrigan, and Scotty Greene.

Five handicapper Jim Bernhardt recorded three birdies in firing a blistering 34 to capture low gross for the day and set the season’s bar for the other single digiters. Nine handicapper Richard Batelaan also recorded three birdies to get to his season best score of 36. “Brokeback” Danny Morris captured low net honors with his score of 40, for a net 3 under. “ In my wildest imagination, I never thought that I would see the day when the dreaded “plague” that has affected Ryder Cup competition and other tours, (PGA, Champions, Nationwide) would show up on our ATAG Tour. Of course, you know what I am talking about.”
Tim Martin-6-9-06-referring to Henry Sawyer’s career round after a two week vacation in France

Not having the greatest day was sixteen handicapper Doug Gooding who managed to record a ( career worst?) score of 55 to capture the “top” honors. Gooding seemingly laughed it off, but the look on his face as he ponyed up reminded one of the song “Funny Little Clown”. Gooding was not the only one having a bad day as Doug Healy and Don Nichols missed the Big 50 by one shot while Sherm Wade and Frank Corrigan had no problem qualifying for the dubious Five O Club.

Twenty one handicapper Brooks Cowles earned “shot of the day” honors by holing out from the sand trap on #13 for birdie.

A record 10 birdies fell into the cup on this day—three each by Jim Bernhardt and Richard Batelaan, two by Ben Cass, and one each by Don Nichols and Brooks Cowles. Batelaan now trails Andy Tyber by one for the overall birdie lead.

Ansley Tuesday Afternoon Golf Tour

Ansley Golf Club
196 Montgomery Ferry Dr Atlanta, Ga 30309

Ron Majors was fined for being a no show after reserving one of the coveted reserved spots on a day when there were six players on the wait list. Under the new rules instituted by the ATAG Disciplinary Committee, Majors now joins Jim Bernhardt, Hugh Thomson, and Mike Gaddis on ATAG Death Row where the next offense will result in death by “boogada boogada.”

Low Gross: Bernhardt: 34 Low Net: Sawyer: 6 under Birdies: Tyber: 8 Best Team Score: -15

Leaders In The Clubhouse

OTHER TIDBITS: ▪ It was another great

day weather wise--low 80’s, a little breezy with a mixture of sun and clouds. ▪ On the porch, ATAG Humorist Tom Kisgen got things going with several jokes from his collection. Tim Martin, rather than telling the assigned joke, opted instead to read poetry, (another metro sexual out of the closet?). His first effort, “Seaside Golf”, was met with looks of boredom and disbelief but his second offering, “The Rules Of Bedroom Golf” received quite a few chuckles from a more attentive audience. Brooks Cowles and Sherm Wade also contributed some new material that was well received.

▪ Tom Thornhill, currently serving on the Ansley Grounds Committee, asked ATAGers to make recommendations for any improvements to be put before the committee, and players were eager to oblige. The Commissioner’s request for commemorative ATAG tee markers was duly noted but it was not clear if such a request would, in fact, be presented.
• The Commissioner has notified the Editor that the Nickelodeon failed to report in last week’s issue the fines that were issued to Jim Williamson, Doug Gooding, P.J. Wade, and Henry Sawyer for slow play. As the first group to tee off, this team backed up the field all day long, beginning with the third hole when two foursomes waited on the tee and again on # 6 when three groups were on the hole at the same time. A letter of reprimand has also been placed in each of their files. ▪ The end of the evening saw only Doug Healy, Tom Kisgen, Tim Martin, and Don Nichols sitting around the table when Healy suddenly became inspired to have a chip and putt contest in the falling darkness. Martin opted to have one more and watch from the porch while the other three slightly inebriated players headed for the 9th green with wedge and putter in hand. (the results of this impromptu competitive match are still being tabulated and Healy is under investigation after it was determined he was using his wife’s putter).

Ansley Tuesday Afternoon Golf Tour


Ansley Golf Club
196 Montgomery Ferry Dr Atlanta, Ga 30309

Box Scores: (back nine)
Batelaan Eaton Morris Cass Reese Schmal Thornhill Martin 36 40 40 40 41 42 43 44


Sawyer Williamson 45 Gutt 45 Greene 46 Cowles 47 Healy 49 Nichols Wade, S Corrigan 50 53



Kennon Kisgen

44 44