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SubCourse: EN5112 Edition: A Credit Hours:

1. What material is used on rigid copper tubing (DWV) to bring a cut end to a bright shine?

A. Clean rag
B. Emery cloth
C. Sandpaper
D. Cleaning solvent

2. Why is the gloss removed from the ends of ABS and/or PVC plastic pipe?

A. Good fitting dimension

B. Good fitting connections
C. Good fitting depth
D. Good fitting alignment

Figure 3-1.

3. From the illustration above, what length of waste pipe is required when you use an end-to-center

A. 44 inches
B. 55 inches
C. 41 inches
D. 47 inches

4. What materials are used to connect a sewer thimble to a main sewer line?

A. Oakum and solder

B. Oakum and lead
C. Oakum and solvent cement
D. Oakum and portland cement

5. What is the maximum depth of a cut-out notch at the top half of a wall stud for installing waste
pipe runs?

A. 1/2 of stud depth

B. 1/4 of stud depth
C. 1/3 of stud depth
D. 5/8 of stud depth

6. What is the grade slope to install all horizontal drain piping in a rough-in waste system?

A. 1/4 inch per foot

B. 1/4 inch per yard
C. 1/4 inch per pipe
D. 1/4 inch per joint

Figure 7-1.

7. From the illustration above, what type of vent is used for venting lavatories?

A. Group venting
B. Circuit venting
C. Wet venting
D. Unit venting

8. Where is the heat placed to form a joint connection on rigid copper tubing (DWV) ?

A. Tubing
B. Flux
C. Fitting
D. Solder

9. What is the correct trap seal for a P-trap between the crown weir and the top dig?

A. 1 1/2 inches
B. 2 1/2 inches
C. 1 inch
D. 2 inches

10. When you install waste pipe runs, what is the maximum depth of a cut-out notch at the top or
bottom of a floor joist?

A. 1/4 of joist depth

B. 1/2 of joist depth
C. 5/8 of joist depth
D. 1/3 of joist depth

11. A building sewer cleanout can be installed a minimum of how many inches from the ground?

A. 6 inches
B. 8 inches
C. 4 inches
D. 2 inches

12. When a cast iron pipe cutter is not on hand, what tools are used to cut cast-iron pipe?

A. Hammer and cold chisel

B. Hammer and bevel chisel
C. Hammer and long chisel
D. Hammer and short chisel

13. What tool is used to cut ABS and/or PVC plastic pipe?

A. Coping saw with fine-tooth blade

B. Back saw with fine-tooth blade
C. Knife with a sharp blade
D. Hacksaw with fine-tooth blade

14. When using a pipe cutter to cut galvanized steel pipe, how many cutter revolutions are required to
turn the cutter's handle 1/4 turn clockwise?

A. 1
B. 1/2
C. 2
D. 3
15. What is the psi required for performing an air test on a rough-in waste system?

A. 4
B. 5
C. 2
D. 3

16. Which type of cement is used for both ABS and PCV plastic pipe connections?

A. Styrene
B. Portland
C. Rubber
D. Solvent

17. What type of steel pipe fitting is used for a drain line in a waste system?

A. Drainage fitting
B. Tapped fitting
C. Threaded fitting
D. Malleable fitting

Figure 18-1.

18. Refer to the illustration and table above. How many feet of oakum are needed to install the

A. 5
B. 3
C. 4
D. 6

19. What is the maximum water level drop page in 30 minutes for a water test of a rough-in waste
system before you must check for leaks?

A. 4 inches
B. 2 inches
C. 3 inches
D. 6 inches

20. What types of stacks make up a main stack in a building?

A. Soil and waste

B. Soil and vent
C. Soil, waste, and vent
D. Soil and drain