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Status Open

Job Title NOC Engineer

Number of Positions 1

Posted By Qubee

Start Date 2011-Mar-22


Country Pakistan

Deadline 2011-Apr-05

Job Type Full-time

Education Level Bachelors

Technology Any

Telecom Any

Vendor Any

Classification Telecom/IT

Experience 2 Years
Bachelors degree (B.S) in Electrical
Skills/Any other Engineering or Computer Science; with 2 or
requirements more years experience in operation &
maintenance experience.

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Core Network Devices
• Know-how of configuration of Router, Switch, ASN, BS, Cache
Redirectors/Proxy, N2000 and other network equipments being
introduced from time to time.
• Monitoring of core network routers/devices for abnormal and
unusual behaviors.
• Know-how of essential router operations such as lost-password
recovery procedures, configuring and connecting through AUX port,
basic access control set up, IOS copying through TFTP and
subsequent activation procedures.
• Complete understanding of core R3 interfaces and customer routing
via R3.
• Good hands-on with Huawei VRP based platforms and commands.
• Preventive Maintenance of Core equipment room on
weekly/monthly basis.
Server & Services
• Complete information of all NMS servers N/T/M2000
configurations. This
covers hardware (number of hard disk, their types and capacities,
memory, network interface cards etc), software (OS, kernel with
capabilities) and various services (startup configuration, version info
• Installation and maintenance knowledge of all
Linux/Solaris/Windows server software functional in the network. This
includes, but is not limited to HTTP, Email, FTP etc and their tuning for
maximum performance.
• Know-how of installing various monitoring-software including but not
limited to SNMP based NMS, NTOP, Webmin, STG, CRICKET,
• Acquire essential scripting skills in PERL / SHELL / BASH
Language for automation.
• Essential automation scripts for monitoring / collecting network
entities status and stats. Learning advanced scripting language skills
for all Huawei NMS.
• Functional know-how of SQL/MySql Database server under
Windows/Linux environment.
MW, Fiber, IP Transit TXN Network:
• Configuration, Management and Monitoring of Nationwide
Transmission network.
• Routine Backups of T2000 and respective resources.
• Understanding the different types of MW PDH/SDH and their
specific cards for configuration purposes.
• Troubleshooting and coordinating with National and International
Carrier Partners.
• Monitor the local, nationwide transmission streams for any errors or
framing losses.
• Plan/Escalate anticipated corrective maintenance of TXN network
before critical impact
• Follow-up on scheduled Preventive Maintenance of MHS and hub
sites with vendor.
BSS Network
• Configuration, Management and Monitoring of Nationwide BSS
Network using M2000.
• Complete understanding of BSS connectivity by different media like
fiber & MW and their ip plan for transmission.
• Complete understanding of STM-x, E1, E2, E3 and balanced media
• Complete understanding of R1, R6 and their RF stats, modulation,
CINR, Power parameters
• Troubleshooting and Coordination with site sharing / collocation
Partners for verification of site status and providing go-ahead to BSS
• Automation scripts for monitoring / collecting network entities status
and stats. Learning advanced scripting language skills for Huawei
NMS to facilitate ease of operations.
• Follow-up on scheduled Preventive Maintenance of BTS sites with
Power & Cabling Infrastructure
• Monitoring of UPS and the overall power system (power source
indicator, stabilizer and circuit breakers). Should know the SOP of
shifting between KESC and WTC Genset.
• Should have complete information about the power distribution plan
in Core/OMC room and circuit breaker assignments.
• Knowledge of DDF points from ground floor to various sections of
• Monitoring of AC operations in NOC for proper cooling and other
• Inside-out knowledge of existing Ethernet cabling plan and port-wise
machine/server assignment.
MIS / IT Systems & Utilities
• Functional know-how of complete MIS / Crestel systems and
Storekeeping,Filing & Misc.
• Ensure that all company assets are moved-around and used after
due authorization.
• Must understand the filing system.
• Any other responsibilities mentioned by Supervisors.