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Med Ethics II // Dra.

The Medical Profession

07 January 08

Ideals of the Medical Profession according to Moore and Role of the Physician in the Personalization of the Medical
Rosenblum Profession
1. Professionals practice full-time occupations. 1. Psychoanalytical Model
2. They are committed to a calling, that is, they treat their  Clients come to trust the physician
occupation “as an enduring set of normative and  A recapitulation of the parental relationship but
behavioral expectations”. a healthy one
3. They are distinguished from the laity by various signs  Carl Rogers:
and symbols and identified with their peers – often in  Physician as a good mother has
formalized organizations. “unconditional benign acceptance”
4. They have esoteric but useful knowledge and skills  Physician as a good father in
through specialized education, which is lengthy and increasing the role of interpretation
difficult. and confrontation with reality
5. They are expected to have a service orientation so as to 2. Medical Model
perceive the needs of a client relevant to their
 The goal is to treat a physical illness so as to
restore normal physical functioning to the
6. They have autonomy of judgment and authority
degree possible
restrained by responsibility in using their knowledge and
skill.  Based on trust
 Three elements of the contract:
Causes of Depersonalization  Concern – for the patient’s well-being
1. Specialization  Knowledge and skill in medicine
 Depersonalization of clients  Communication – because patients
 Patient is treated as a collection of organs retain fundamental rights over their
rather than a complex organism own bodies
 Parts are healed, not the whole
2. Elitism/validity What makes us different from animals? Communication.
 Depersonalization of professional-client  Listening, speaking, writing, reading and gestures
 Socially destructive Are we depersonalizing the medical profession by not
listening? Yes, because by not listening, we will not be able to
 Elitism: belief that certain persons or members provide a proper solution to a given problem.
of certain classes or groups deserve favored
treatment by virtue of their perceived In handling patients, we must:
superiority, as in intellect, social status, or  Look
financial resources  Listen
3. Loss of identity  Watch for body language
 Depersonalization of professionals
 There is confusion as to the limitations of one’s Silence is also a message which means
specialization, eg. an eye doctor being “I’ll hear you first.”
consulted for headache, does this fall under his
job description?
 Tension between goals of research and goals of
Goals of Research Goals of Practice
The Social Value of the Professional according to Robert Identify a problem and provide Identify the problem and
Merton a solution provide the solution
1. Knowing Experimental situation Patient-oriented
 Systematic knowledge and intellect
2. Doing Every one of us is especially made;
 Technical skill and trained capacity no two patients are alike.
3. Helping
 Conjoint knowledge and skill to work in the Industrialization
service of others  Depersonalizes professionals
 Is it wrong to be rich as a doctor? No.
Difference of Person Professions from Productive
Occupations  As long as making money is not prioritized
1. Person Professions  Patient comes first before personal needs
 Rooted in theory but aimed at practice
When endorsing a patient to a fellow professional, see to
 Do not act on clients nor dominate them but
it that your fellow professional is:
enable them to become fully, autonomously
themselves  In the mood
 Cannot properly be elitist  Listening
 Communicates power rather than enforces
Remember 2 important things:
1. Competence
2. Productive Occupations
2. Compassion
 Produce things
 Do not directly help people //end.

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