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Animal Farm

by George Orwell
Summer Reading Requirements
Grade Report
Name: ___________________________________
Date: __________________________________
Period: ______________________________________

Please use this sheet as the title page for all written submissions. Next, place the written
assignments in order. Then, place the rubric for the Vocabularty. Finally, place the
Vocabularty submissions. GRADES WILL NOT BE ASSIGNED IF THE


Anticipation Guide 10
Fable Activity 10
Utopia Discussion
(on Blackboard)
Original Post 10
Response 1 5
Response 2 5
Utopia Reflection 1 10
Allegory Activity 15
(3 sheets)
Essay: Symbolism 15
Utopia Final 10
Vocabularty (w/rubric) 20


Animal Farm
by George Orwell
Summer Reading Requirement Sophomore English 10
All submissions should be proofread and edited to conform to standard formal English

o Before reading the novel, complete the following preparatory activities.

ƒ Anticipation Guide: See attached sheet.
ƒ Fables R Us: See attached sheet.
ƒ Utopia Discussion #1: See attached sheet

o Read the entire novel. You may find it online at

o After reading the novel, visit your English teacher’s webpage: [Select A
School: Senior High Staff: G-O]. View the four video segments of The Russian Revolution and
Josef Stalin. Complete the Allegory packet to be handed in with the final packet. Be sure to provide
textual support including page numbers whenever possible.

o Write a well-constructed response to the following prompt. Be sure to include textual evidence in
your response. Parenthetically cite that evidence. Check website DuBois Area School District
Resources/Student/MLA Handbook for appropriate formatting. The response should be double-
spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font. These will be assessed using the Pennsylvania State
Reading Performance Task 3-point rubric. Submit a hard copy with your final packet, but be sure to
save the file where it is accessible during the school year.

ƒ Prompt: Symbolism in Animal Farm

In the book Animal Farm, George Orwell uses animals to symbolically represent
humans and our creations of government and society. Orwell allegorically uses
animals and their social groups to criticize Joseph Stalin's rise to power, the overall
nature of mankind, and the many difficulties that we must all face. After reading
the story, what animal do you believe best symbolizes either virtuous or negative
human behavior?
As you write, remember your essay will be scored based on how well you:
• develop a multi-paragraph response to the assigned topic that clearly communicates your thesis to the
• support your thesis with meaningful examples and references from the text, carefully citing any direct
• organize your essay in a clear and logical manner, including an introduction, body, and conclusion.
• use well-structured sentences and language that are appropriate for your audience.
• edit your work to conform to the conventions of standard American English.

o Return to Utopia Discussion and complete second reflection.

o Review vocabulary that is unfamiliar to you and that you cannot contextually comprehend. Choose
five words and create one Vocabularty poster of each. Evaluation will be based on enclosed rubric.
(20 points)

Submit any questions that you may have about the project/reading to or or
Animal Farm
Anticipation Guide
NAME: ______________________________ Period: __________

DIRECTIONS: Read each statement. Check “true” if you agree with the statement or check “false”
if you disagree with the statement. Then, write a response to questions 9 and 10.

1. All humans are equal.

True False

2. Every human being in the world has freedom of speech.

True False

3. Some people are smarter than others.

True False

4. A dictator has complete control of his country.

True False

5. You should always believe everything you're told.

True False

6. People who cannot read are easily controlled.

True False

7. Good always overshadows evil.

True False

8. People always have the ability to make their own choices.

True False
9. What freedoms do we take for granted in the United States? Do you think we have too much

10. What freedoms would you give up or take away if you were given the opportunity?
Fables R Us 
Name: ________________________________
Date: _________________________________

o Visit or a similar website which contains entire fables.

o Choose a fable and read it.
o Write what or whom you think each animal represents and why.
o Write what you believe is the moral/theme of the story supporting it with textual evidence.

Title: __________________________________________________________________
Author (if not Aesop): ____________________________________________________


Utopia Discussion
Complete the following activities before you read Animal Farm.

1. On MSWord ’03 compatible, compose a description of your perfect high school (typed, 1-2 paragraph
minimum). Consider what the building would look like, the schedule, types of classes, length of
classes and how classes change (bell schedule), grading procedures, electives, lunch, clubs, etc.

2. Copy, Paste and Post your typed description in Blackboard as a Thread. (See Blackboard
Instruction sheet.)

3. Click on the appropriate discussion link for your last name, read two other students’ posted
descriptions in Blackboard and compare their perfect high schools to yours. How are they similar or
different? Post a response (at least two sentences) to each student’s description (two total responses

MS Word ’03 compatible

4. Write a reflection (at least 1-2 paragraphs typed in MS Word, double-spaced, 12 point Times New
Roman font) about your findings. How were your classmates’ perfect schools similar or different
from yours? What can you conclude about this activity? How do you think this relates to the world
in general? This reflection should be saved, printed and placed in the final project packet.

Utopia Discussion Post Reading

Complete the following activities after you read Animal Farm.

MS Word ’03 compatible

After you read the book Animal Farm, revisit the reflection you wrote in #4 about this activity, and
write a second reflection (at least 1-2 paragraphs typed in MS Word, double-spaced, 12 point Times New
Roman font) on how this activity relates to the book. This reflection should be saved, printed and placed
in the final project packet.
Name _______________________________________ Period __________
Standards Focus: Subgenres of Literature—Allegory
Chapter Five
Many students are familiar with the different genres, or categories, of literature—fiction, nonfiction,
poetry, autobiography, biography, plays, newspaper, folk tales—to name a few. However, there are
often many subgenres of literature within these genres. For example, under the broad genre of plays,
there are the subgenres of comedy, tragedy, and history. Under the genre of mystery, there are the
subgenres of thriller, detective, historical, romantic, and suspense.

Animal Farm falls under the genre of fiction and is considered a satirical allegory. In literature, an
allegory is a symbolic story in which the characters and action are representations of a deeper message
or meaning. Often, the characters in an allegory have a general personality which represents a type of
person, rather than a unique individual, and the underlying theme of the literature has a political,
moral, social, or religious significance. Animal Farm is satirical in that by disguising the characters and
action of the story, he is exposing and humorously attacking current political and social issues of his
time, with the hope of inspiring acknowledgement of the issues, and provoking change.

Animal Farm is an allegory about the Russian Revolution of 1917 in which the Russian Czar, Nicholas
II, was overthrown, and the world’s first Communist regime was established. In his novel, Orwell
creates fictional characters (which happen to be cleverly disguised as animals), who represent the
actual people surrounding the events of the Russian Revolution.

Directions: As you read Animal Farm, complete the chart below and on the next page with
observations of the use of allegory in the story. An example has been done for you.

Real Person/Group Fictional Character/Concept Similarities

Karl Marx (1818-1883) wrote Old Major introduced the idea
the Communist Manifesto and that “humans are bad” and set
set ideas of revolution and the Old Major the Animal Farm revolution in
Communist ideal in motion. motion.

Joseph Stalin (1897-1953)

Communist leader of Russia
from 1920-1953 after Vladimir Napoleon
Lenin. Known for his violent
executions and persecution.

Leon Trotsky (1879-1940)

differed from Stalin in
Communist ideals; was expelled Snowball
from the Communist Party by
Stalin and his followers.

Propaganda department;
worked to improve Stalin’s
image and promote his Squealer
Allegory Activity Page 2

Real Person / Group Fictional Character / Concept Similarities

Russian Revolution of 1917

Proletariat (lower working


Hammer and Sickle on

Hoof, horn
USSR flag
and flag

Czar Nicholas II

The Bourgeoisie (the middle

class) Mollie

Organized Religion
Moses (Sugar
(Russian Orthodox Church)

Represent the mass

proletariat, manipulated to
support Stalin in spite of his
Allegory Activity Page 3

Real Person / Group Fictional Character / Concept Similarities

Secret Police

England (Churchill)

Germany (Hitler)

Additional parallels observed by you

(not included above)
“Vocabularty” Examples
(Please note that there are four different vocabularty examples below all on one page. Your posters
should only display one word per paper.)
ANIMAL FARM: Vocabularty Posters
Name: ____________________________________
Date: ____________________________________

This sheet must be submitted with the final project.

Levels: Vocabularty Satisfactory Awesome

Needs Good Vocabularty
Vocabularty Vocabularty Score
Improvement 3
2 4
Criteria: 1

Design More than one word The words are on Each word is on only Each word is on only
on each sheet of both sides of an 8 ½ one side of a one side of a
paper NOT 8 ½ x 11 x 11 sheet of paper. separate sheet of separate 8 ½ x 11
paper NOT 8 ½ x 11 sheet of unlined
or lined. paper.

Mechanics Text contains many Text contains some Grammar and Grammar and
spelling/grammar spelling/grammar spelling are nearly spelling are flawless
errors. Sentences errors. Little logical flawless. Logical and the flow
seem disconnected, structure or flow to sequence apparent. provides a logical
and there is sentences. Evidence Some wording is pathway of ideas.
carelessness of carelessness in careless. Consistent and
throughout. writing. Inconsistency in engaging style
style. throughout.

Graphics The word is missing The word is merely Images are mostly The exact word is an
from the image. an additional label to relevant. integral part of the
the picture. image that
demonstrates its

Content No information One or more items On the back of the On the back of the
regarding the from #3 is missing. paper is a clear paper is a clear
definition or the definition of the word definition of the word
context is on the from the dictionary. in your own words.
back. The sentence, page, The sentence, page,
paragraph or line paragraph or line
number of the word’s number of the word’s
location is included. location is included.


All 5 words used: +4

Only 4 words used: +3
Only 3 words used: +2
<3 words used: +1

TOTAL: /20