"Not Everything 5 That is faced canbe changed; ButNothing Can be changed until it is faced." \ James Baldwin, I
«,!• <l|Vii *r

V O L XLV NO. 28


MAY 14, 1973








g |WAIU)A Law Enforcement (to elect f i ve): ..;
Todd Allen Frank Barry Larry Benson David Brown Bill Chatenka Dave Dudics Jennie Furney John Hickle John Holt i * Tim Hughes Marty Keeney John Lawson Ron Meyer #' Daun Miller Steve Moran Mark Musial Bill Pi card f Rudy Seckey Gerry Sica Frank Sirotnak Pat Rankin Tony Palladino Roe Slater m

Under the new? ward system RUS will be composed of 44 elected members. Four of these will*constitute the executive board and will be elected at large in March of each school year. (Next year's officers have already been elected.) These officers will have voice and vote in RUS and voice only in the College Senate. The rationale for this change-lies in the fact that they represent a group of 1200 students and could not therefore be completely representative. The other 39 members will constitute the representatives and they will have voice and vote in both the College Senate and RUS. These representatives will come from the five established wards. Five? oil them fwill"; be elected in the Fall term of each academic year and will be Freshmen. One will represent each ward and will run at large from his entire district. The other 35 membersffwill be elected Tuesday; seven twill be chosen from each ward. sw3 The wards are groups of approximately 200 students which constitute all of the present major departments in the college.(.The final number of represenatives to come from each area was determined by percentages. Each department constitutes some per cent of their ward. That per cent of seven (7), the total number to be chosen from each ward, is the number of students to be elected from a department. Each voter will vote for onlv

Sociology (to elect two):
Roy Feinberg Maureen Flaherty Char Kolupski

Art (to elect four):
Ken Burkhart;^ Judy Chimenti Gary Datz John Fosco Elisa Guida Pam Habib Tcfrn Haughey

Shirley Hordinski Sue Kraus Shellie Lichtenwalter Mike Miller > Gerald Mizikowski Jonilee Mono I a Rich Orient ?* ; Walt Phillips Ron Ratliff Roy Reeves Sharon Smith Cathy Tacci Will Urspring Kent Williamson Mark Zine St

those students who will represent his own field of study, and must therefore vote in his own district or ward. For example, fa Sociology or Social Work major will vote in ward A in the Sociology area. (Law Enforcement composes the other part of this ward.) He or she will be able to vote for two representative from a list oEHfive nominees. J ^jfe j. The purpose of this system is threefold: L if to makelthe Representative Union of * Students more "representative;" & 2. to give commuting students a better opportunity to be in student government; and 3. to encourage involvement in more academic activities.

Theater Arts (to elect one):
Michael Weiss Kathleen Zangrelli


Music (toelect two;:
Lou Cannarozzi d_ Mar ky Lloyd ? Mary O'Connor Steve Schaffner Bobbie Wenstran Paul West


WARD C Biology (to elect two)
Rick Bast in Rick Horanic. Craig Kearn Mary Grace Klescz Joan Popovich Jan Rectenwald


Chemistry, Earth-Space Science, General Science, Mathematics (to elect one):
Judith Gormont Mary Beth Hanes Tom Jawbrek Frances Portka Debbie Thomas



Home Economics (to elect four):
Susan Bauer § Nancy Borowski Patty Flanagan Anna Lapa Nancy Pentak. Sharon Perkins Sally Schismenos Karen Schultz $

composed of administration + faculty + 1/3 students (RUS)

i WARD D Elementary Education (to elect six):
Patti Beck Liz Hicks "* Jeff Ivannone* YvetteMaier Kathy Maurer Jf, Marilyn Mc Kriskey Tina Shenk Joe Solomon Kathy Thompson

RUS. members constitute ' o of the college senate. The college senate octs as a recommending body (or the Board of Trustees. All recommendations are approved by the trustees.

English (toelect one):
K Colleen McManamon Anne Mashinic Sharon Warner

Purpose And Functions
The purpose of the Representative Union of Students ^according to Article II Jof the |Constitution is to: constitute one-third of the composite College Senate. . .to represent student body voice and vote in the College p Senate *| and | I investigate, initiate, and direct Student Affairs, i | The functions of the ^Representative Union of Students according toiarticlefXIII of the Constitution is to: ? i I organize and. conduct all traditional ^ceremonies,
(Continued on , Paae 2)

Club A llott ineiits: . Senior Class .& W$jfg $1500.00 Junior Class 968.00 Sophomore Class 747.00 Freshman Class 500.00 250.00 P.S.E.A. W: 200.00 Alpha Psi Omega 800.00 Drama | s 50.00 Biology Council for f-, Exceptional Children 250.00 Totaj -i t 5265.00 I Other Expenditures: Student Activities 5000.00 Director Salary 2300.00 Spring Weekend 086.00 Conventions * " 265.29 Student Directories Black Culture Weekend 550.00 Microphones 305.00 lystem 759.43 IIIUU tFMPi
» # I

WARD E Business (to elect three):
Dario Cipriani £ Russell Franklin Louise Herbst Peggy Ogorchock Rose Scott Fred Sueski. Claire White

Intercultural Students (to elect one):
Cecilia Kelly Deborah Zera

History (to elect one):
Laura Grotzinger Tom Di Stef ano Tom Heberle £m Robert Whiteman

Political Science (to elect one):
A J . Adams Bruce Chase Paul Hanes • Ron Susmarski

The Bridge (drug center) 200.00 We, the People 275.00 Art Thesis 200.00 Buses for j NAIA playoffs j 200.00 Child Development Laboratory | 800.00 Total € \ \&L% ; 12740.72 Student Activities Requests and Expenditures: Fall Term plus ? * i f Intersession $2,308.00 $3,650.00 Winter Term 1,900.00 2,186.00 Spring Term 1,875.00 Totals i $6,083 $5,836 + ? TOTAL 12,740.72 Expenditures 5,265.00 5,836.00

Psychology (to elect one):
Paul Dor an Sam Johnson Joyce Sonper
J l n » l » * J t » * » . U * * 4 . + - + • * •* • * *>-»-.# > : * » . * • » M l » | » «fc k * ' * * » * ' * « ' « * - - ' - i
; i

Note: Does not include capital expend^.

- « « . . * • - w i i . i i


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< H l i M I K I l-t I < « 4 I « 4 t • I » « » • » » • » »



MAY 14. 1973

* . tf- ¥


Attendance Records
« * • >

^Every year the student body is asked to choose new student representatives. However, students are never given any real criterion to judge candidates. $ Sincef voiting records aren't kept, the Merciad has decided to publish the /attendance records for College Senate and R.U.S. meetings to aid students in their voting selections. I I | Listed below are the attendance records >of this$|| year's representatives. There were a total of 14 R.U.S. and Senate Meetings this year.

The R.U.S. constitution states that "Any representative who misses three Represenative Union of Students | meetings without sending an alternate will be dropped from the Union. Also, only four alternates may be sent by any one representative during the course of the year."

If one believes in a strict constitutional interpretation, 21 R.U.S. members should have been dropped for missing 3 or more meetings and 1 member for having too many alternates. This would eliminate hall of the present R.U.S. members

R,U.S. Attendence Record
Member (for 14 meetings)
Meetings attended Meetings missed Alternates

President James McAndrew m Vice President Bob Pettinelli 9 Secretary Alexis Walker 12 Treasurer Karyn Smith 13 Sophomore Representatives: 11 Frank Barry I 7 • 7 Dan Cannon RoeD'Orta I t Louise Finney 9 Maureen Flaherty 13 Marty Keeney 9 Char Kolupski 11 Rose Scott 6 A Diane Snee I V *# 4 11 Bev Welsh Jgffi 1 2 Claire White v Darip Cipriani Renee Clark Dave Collins Tom DiStefanog Chris Dodd^ Roy Feinbergj Bob Gearhart 1 Marianne Jacobs Dave Kuhrt Kathy Thompson Georgette Urgd Junior Representatives: . 11 10 10

2 4 0 1
3 4 7 3 0 4 0 2 7 2 2

2 0

0 3 0 2 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 2 2 0 0 3 3 0 3 1 1 0 0 0 2 0 5 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0



Sr. Matthew


On R.U+S.


k 12
9 5 12 9 - Senior Representatives:
t &




1 4 4 4 4 3 2 2 8 1 5 5 4 5 3 4 1 4 1 3 3

Gerald Barron AlBelovarac { * Tom Frank Dave Horvath Sharon Kes tier | Bob Parks Janet Radanovich Carmine Sciancelepre Marlene Smith Vikki Yurcovic
1 V

5 13 9 11 11 11

10 7


Freshmen Representatives (for seven meetings) 3 Debi D'Alessandris 4 3 Peggy Flocos 4 4 Mary Anne Gavrile 3 3 4 Elisa Guida 4 2 Sam Johnson ) 1 6 Ray Korzeniowski 4 3 Daun Miller *£ 2 5 LynnWeiderlander 7 0 Nancy Pentak 3 4 Frank Sirotnak 4 3 Sue Yockey

The£ Representaive Union of Students met Wednesday, May 2, 1973 at 7:42 in Room 214 Zurn^ | Sharon Staso moved that next year's RUS officers be allotted the money through the business? office to pay for three?credits. Seconded and passed by vote of 13 to 3.1 The rationale for this decision was two-fold: 1. Merciad Staff, Literary Magazine Staff, and Praeterita Staff receive monetary compensation through the business office for their services; and | 2. The amount was not so great as to encourage running for office for the financial element alone. It was decided that the committee on allotments from the last, meeting would propose a complete system at the next meeting for the members to vote on at that time. Suggested elements to constitute a club were: an advisor, a constitution, elected officers, and perhaps a mandatory number of memebers. I It was decided thati the final RUS meeting for the 1972-1973 school year would be held at an official dinner. The members give power to the executive board to determine which of the present membership should be invited to the meeting. As far as possible, the constitution should be followed. Borderline cases will be decided by the executive board. The meeting adjourned at 8:43. Respectfully submitted, Alexis Walker Secretary


RUS serves a dual purpose: in year serve the remainder of her addition to conducting student term as Senate President, views the new constitutional revision of RUS as aniopportunity for students^ to 8 become more academically involved in the Senate. She is convinced that it is "a good plan" and is certain that it will allow \for ] adequate representation. fThe Senate President hopes that students will take advantage of this chance to become involved in an area which should have meaning to each mgpi ra*ws»^w**«^ individual. She hopes for another activities, it constitutes one third successful ^year ;of Senate of the membership of the Mcr business and is looking forward to cyhurst|College? Senate. Sister working with the soon-to-beMary Matthew, who will next elected RUS members.

•• * •

t i i !•


And. . .

(Continued From Page 1) recommend and initiate policy

meetings, and other extracurricular functions regulate the extracurricular and co-curricular {activities of all class associations, clubs and pother ^student organizations and determine the regulations that [ they? I shall maintain in the conduct! of these* functions... Thef following are the Standing| Committees established by| the Representative Union oi^ Students: 1. Cultural Affairs -I This committee has the authority to study, ^recommend and initiate policy and special programs for cultural events... 2. Social Affairs - Thisicommit tee has the authority to study,

concerning social activities. This committee shall work in conjunction with the Student Activities Director... 3. Academic Affairs - This committee has the authority to study, recommend and initiate policy concerning academic programs, activities, requirements and standards...; v 4. Community-Centered Affairs - This* commitlee has the authority to study, recommend and initiate £ policy concerning student* involvement in com munity programs and functions. It shall be the goal oi this com mittee to establish good collegecommunity relations through active participation in community activities...


I Yeats of Service
Published weekly during the college year, except Thanksgiving/ in tersession, Christmas and Easter vacations and examination periods by the students of MercyhursxXpjjege, Erie, Pa., 16501. Mailing address: Mercyhursf Mailrpo^TSfoi^Hall, Box 36.

mflY 1973
Cheerieading Dance-Union Practice • 6 to 9 pm to 1 am "CJrBri" 8pm in gym. — Lakers Alliance .• (B —Laker s Cleveland Tennis-A.)
Ball H ) ^ t

Mothers I DAY!! •TheatreApple Tree" 2:30 Matinee ; —Movie "Straws Dogs"*2 shows 7&9pm ReciiHall - Last Day for Senior Art Exhibit in Weber Hall. "Go-See ft"
4 4

No Classes!! u Cheerieading Tryouts 10 am Gym Try It Out!

"Apple Tree" 8p.m. Little Theatre

"Apple Tree" -f D a n c e UnjonflO p.m. to 1a.m. "The International Silk screen subm a r i n e Band"-Wowl! —L akers|' G a n n o n (TenniS-H.)

1 O 2
King David

THEATRE!- Apple Tr

Mercyhursf Chorus Presents 8:15 p.m. St. Pools Cathedral
* i f T

Senior 1 Voice Recital-; Marie Marton | 8:15i Rec. Hall — ''Apple Tree"-8 p.m. L.T. —Display of S tiu d e n t Drawings in Zurn Gallery — L a k e r sj Wayne i St.(Crew-H.) -Lakers| Youngstown (Tenms-A.)

Editor | g Assistant Editor Editorial Board News! * f $ Feature Sports Layout Assistant Layo Cultural ; Business Manager Faculty Advisor




Bob Parks Tom Heberle Cathy Stevenson Al Beiovarac Dario Cipriani Jon DeGeorge Terri Grzankowski Sue Weiner Marlene Smith • Barry Mc Andrew




Kupetz, Pattie Back/ Sharon Staff Writers: Gary Buko ^ ^ _ „ ^ _ Warner/ Paul Hanes, Mark Zine, G.T. Barron. Staff: Tom Frank, Paul Doratv Maureen Hunt, Marie Kanlcki, Mary Griswoid, Gail Stevens, Sandy Nickersorv Maureen Connors, Sylvia McCray, Judy Flymv Peggy Benedict, Fran Daniels.







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