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June 2011 Volume 50 Issue 7 Jonathan Law High School Milford, CT Free

Valedictorian Fowler Leads Class Of 2011

Alyssa Davanzo News Editor There are several individuals at Jonathan Law who will be remembered long after they graduate. Senior and valedictorian of the class of 2011, Andrew Fowler, is one of them. Growing up in a loving family with four siblings, Fowler displayed his two passions of learning and running at a young age. With his participation in the Cross Country, Basketball, and Track teams since his freshman year along with schedules consisting of all honors and AP classes, Fowler has succeeded in balancing his school work with his various athletic commitments. Being on the sports teams actually helped my focus on my school work, said Fowler. I had to budget my time around my after-school activities so that I could get the work done and it made me a more competitive person. His interest in track and cross country began the summer before his freshman year at Law, following his participation in Harborside as impressive as his running times. Having taken several honors and advanced placement courses, he has been challenged tremendously throughout his career at Jonathan Law. He will greatly miss and remember the teachers that have helped him excel throughout his time at Law. Although picking a favorite teacher is hard because they all made me succeed, I would have to say Miss. Mannion, Fowler said. She is hilarious and taught AP European history very well. Fowler is the VicePresident of the National Honor Society at Law, and the editorial editor for the schools newspaper, the Advocate. Next year, Fowler will be attending the University of Connecticut and plans on majoring in History. He anxiously anticipates the future that lies ahead. I am looking forward to rooming with Jiries Hanania as well as meeting new people, Fowler said. No matter what clubs I join or what classes I take, if I dont have a friend or have fun in the process, what is the point?

Andrew Fowler is the valedictorian of the Class of 2011. (photo by Alyssa Davanzo)

middle schools annual track meet. I continued to run after the city-wide track meet in middle school because I had friends on the Cross Country team at Law, said Fowler. I associated friends with running and eventually it turned into a way to hang out. In track, Fowler ran the

1600 and 3200 during his freshman, sophomore, and junior years. During senior year, he ran the 4 by 800, 1600 and the 4 by 400. In his junior and senior cross country seasons, he competed in AllHammonasetts. Fowler currently holds a record in the 4 by 800 along with senior Rob Lockwood and

graduates Alex Mihalov and Lonny Quarford. Andy is one of the most focused and hardest working competitors, said Lockwood. He gives his very best at every meet and has leadership that his teams and coaches will miss next year. Fowlers class schedules over the past four years are just

Arnold Earns Class Of 2011 Salutatorian Honors

Andrew Fowler Editorial Editor Raymond Arnold has given many fantastic performances. Not just on the stage, but also in the classroom. He has earned the title of Salutatorian for the Class of 2011. He has attended Mathewson Elementary School, Harborside Middle School, Jonathan Law, and ACES Educational Center for the Arts (ECA). ECA is a magnet school that offers programs in five artistic areas: Dance, Creative Writing, Visual Arts, Music, and Theatre. It is here where Arnold feels most at home. It gave me a strong sense of who I am in the world and how to own myself as a person, said Arnold. The Theatre Department has lead to a true second family for me, as has the other Milford ECA People from the five departments. I would not be who I am today if it was not for ECA. At ECA, he has performed in many productions such as Into the Woods, Death Dances with the Tarantella, The Man of Mode in Kiss and Shh!: Restoration Comedy and others. Not only does he perform in theatre productions but he also has class work at ECA. Arnold has taken classes in History of Theatre, Movement, Voice and Speech, Improvisation, Audition, The Michael Chekov Technique, and Scene Studies ranging in topic from Shakespeare to Restoration Comedy to Arthur Miller to William Inge. With academic requirements from both ECA and Jonathan Law, budgeting his time was very crucial to his success, but he never let work control his life. There are of course also times when you have to make tough choices, like do I spend time out or do homework, Arnold said. I tried to always make the smart choice, which believe it or not, sometimes means going out with family or friends. Life can indeed pass you by, and I always strove to not let it. After learning that he earned salutatorian, Arnold said he was both delighted and honored. To me, I never prized numbers or competition in my four years here, said Arnold. I never wanted to become concerned about grades or doing better than someone. I always simply strove to do my

Raymond Arnold is the Class of 2011 salutatorian. (photo courtesy A.Fowler)


JUNE 2011
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best. For accomplishing this feat, Arnold would like to thank his parents, his sister, Ingrid Schaeffer who is the head of the ECA Theatre Department, and also his Uncle Alex who Raymond describes as one of the dearest people to him. Unfortunately, he passed away when he was a freshman. I feel his spirit so much in my everyday life, said Arnold. He was the one who taught me to always wonder,

always give, always be aware, and always question. I hope I do justice to his intelligence, his wit, and his sense of justice. Without him, I am nothing. On what his favorite subjects were at Jonathan Law and ECA, Arnold said AP Literature and Composition and Shakespeare Scene Study, respectively. Arnold will be attending New York University this fall where he will earn a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at the Tisch School of Arts.

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June 2011

Jesse Viscardi Editor-in-Chief Alyssa Davanzo Galina Kinsella Lizsandra Pena News Editors Andrew Fowler Phylicia Prince Editorial Editors R. Trey Cole David Hripak Cody Roy Features & Entertainment Editors Chandler Dugas Amanda Keator Columns Editors Jack Marchese Tyler Marchetti Sports Editors Marilyn Rideout Managing Editor Mr. Kulenych Advisor

Advocate Staff Reporters

Bryton Anderson, Marissa Bacon, Emily Bolcer, Garyd Boyd, Emily Bump, Emily Chiarelli, Alexis Christy, Marisa Creatura, Bryan Creevy, Nicholas DePascale, Jesse Doucette, Allie Drysten, Mark Elliott, Alissa Grey, Leigh Hunt, Daniel Iovino-Ortiz, Jamie Kaminski, Kyle Kandetzki, Teddy Kostopoulos, Alexis Kressu, Kevin Langan, Bethany LaSella, Kimberly Legen, Lauren McCarthy, Joseph McMahon, Katherine Muratore, Melissa Nelson, Thomas Novia, Jamie Paragua, Joseph Piselli, Nicole Rivera, Logan Roddy, Robert Savran, Michael Shaheen, Bernard Smigel, Caitlin Stapleton, Shaye Staurovsky, Alexander Unger, Vincent Zupo

Goodbye From The Editors

As the Class of 2011 prepares to put on their caps and gowns, we at The Advocate would like to say goodbye after another successful and productive year of journalism. Our motto is and has always been A Forum for Student Opinion. As it has decades before, the motto remains true and strong. To us, The Advocate is more than just a newspaper. Its a link to outside events. It keeps us informed and prepared for whatever is about to happen, whether its a change in school rules, a sports season, or a new movie that looked really good but turned out to be terrible. More than anything else, its the voice of the students that everyone, inside and outside of the school, will hear and acknowledge. The Advocate isnt just a paper where students talk about their feelings. Every journalist on our staff has a duty and a responsibility to keep the public informed, and we feel that our paper embodies these responsibilities. We hope to bequeath these values upon future generations, and hope that they will carry on this tradition. Whats also very important to us is preparing future staff reporters, editors, and editors-in-chief for success. We hope the work we put in every month can be the foundation which they will build upon. The paper itself isnt what we value most. It is the responsibility and the work among the editors and the staff that we value. There is a certain pride in the efforts we make each and every day that keeps us going. We will be losing a lot of honest, dedicated, and hardworking seniors this year. We wish them all well in college and in their future lives, where we are sure they will match the success they created as journalists for this newspaper. The new generation of journalists and future editors will be entering the halls of a high school for the first time. When they decide to join The Advocate, it is the duty of the editors not to concentrate on the senior staffs leaving, but the arrival of future staff members and possible editors. What we do this year and the next could affect their lives. In accordance to tradition, we included a senior supplement in our last issue for the school year. The supplement contains the bequeathals which the seniors make to their underclassmen along with other class favorites. In addition to those bequeathals, the departing staff of The Advocate would like to leave the following the returning staff members: red pens for the editors, excellent news stories, memories in Room 211 that will last a lifetime, and Mr. Ks catch phrase Are you mad at me? We hope that our guidance and our teachings will help those now and in the future however we wont know until the next year. Until then, stay classy Jonathan Law.

The Advocate is the official student-run publication of Jonathan Law High School. The opinions presented in The Advocate are solely those of the students. As journalists, the members of The Advocate staff are committed to upholding the core of our code of ethics: objectivity, integrity, and truth. The staff endeavors to report the news without editorializing, include a diversity of opinions in our coverage, and present sound, corroborated information. We welcome letters to the editor as well as issue-based commentaries. If you are interested in contributing, please submit your writing to: The Advocate, Room 211, Jonathan Law High School, 20 Lansdale Avenue, Milford, CT 06460.

Jonathan Law High School Mission Statement

Jonathan Law High School is a community that exists to maximize the intellectual, the social, and the emotional growth of each student in a safe, stable, supportive environment. We believe that a positive, collaborative atmosphere fosters high expectations and recognizes individual differences. In partnership with students, parents, and the community, we are committed to developing the skills necessary for educational, career, and life choices.

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Stop & Smell The Roses: Time For A New Chapter

Chandler Dugas Columns Editor Our senior class has spent 120 months and 2,353 days sitting in desks, socializing, and doing homework for hours on end. This June brings the one 102th, but more importantly, our final, month of school. For some seniors this may be a stressful month - making sure to pass the classes they need to graduate, and for others its a month of relaxation and hitting the beach as soon as the bell rings at 1:53. Regardless of the kind of month June 2011 will bring you personally, theres one thing it will bring us all: graduation. After being told our whole lives what to do, where to go, or when to be there somewhere by our teachers, parents, or coaches finally we start to see an end to this all. Graduation will mark the end of an era , an era we have known for our entire lives and thats being a kid. Graduation is a celebration of everything we have accomplished for ourselves under parents watch for the past eighteen years. Now that our mandatory education is complete, and technically we are all adults, we will follow our own goals and plans that we are setting for ourselves in the future. Our futures are in our hands after June 20, 2011, rolls around. As we put on our black over sized robes, doofy hats, and flip our tassels to the opposite other side we will realize that this ceremony is not only an accomplishment but the start to a change and a new chapter in our lives. From this point on we will no longer attend a school district, we will no longer have to wait untill fifth period to go to lunch, or have to sit for six hours a day in a classroom. We are now free! But it is this new-found freedom thats also a little scary. As we all go off to our different paths, whether it be college or work or the military, it is a change and a responsibility thats in no ones hands but our own. So be smart. Hopefully Jonathan Law has taught us enough to embark on our own journeys and be successful in doing so. But remember, no one is perfect and we can only learn from mistakes. So if we fail at something in doing so, it is only a learning experience. Some of us seniors have been together since our first story time in kindergarten others, have been together since the harsh and grueling middle school bus rides, others since freshman football; but regardless of how long or how we have been united , we have been as the Class of 2011. From day to day we see the same faces, hear the same stories, and learn a lot about each others lives, but it always seems no matter how close of friends or how in love people may be, it is easy to take for granted something that is right in front of you. Next year we wont be right in front of each other every day. Instead it will be new classmates, or in some cases co- workers but it wont be who were used to. So in these last few days together, and for the summer of 2011, we must embrace our unit and enjoy celebrate all the hard work and growth weve shown in our past four years together as the Jonathan Law Class of 2011.

June 2011


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Law Athletic Director Luysterborghs Retires

Amanda Keator Columns Editor After holding the position of athletic director and math teacher at Jonathan Law for two decades, Mr. Frank Luysterborghs decided he is going to retire at the end of the year. He held the title of athletic director for 24 years and has taught level three math classes for over 10 years. Luysterborghs started coaching the varsity football team at Milford High School in 1973 and coached the team for 10 years. Coaching was something I always intended on doing after I got out of college, Luysterborghs said. Shortly after, he became the varsity coach of Jonathan Laws football team. In 1987 in the superintendent approached him and asked if would apply to be the athletic director after Mr. Phillips had resigned from the position. After the Board of Education deliberated, Luysterborghs was chosen to said that he will miss Luysterborghs leadership and he wished him well in retirement. He will be very well missed when it comes to all athletic activities as well as a math teacher here at Jonathan Law, Hoggatt said. We all appreciate the time and effort he put into organizing the athletic games and doing everything behind the scenes for the players. Law English teacher and girls tennis coach Mr. Kulenych agrees. Hes been a fixture at Law for so long and hes done do much for so many athletes here at Law, Kulenych said. Hes had a great career and he is going to be sorely missed nest year. After retiring, Luysterborghs plans to travel, kayak in Long Island Sound, spend time with his four grandchildren, garden, travel to Boston to see the Red Sox, and go back to Boston College to see the schools football team play.

Math teacher and athletic director Mr. Luysterborghs is retiring. (photo courtesy Barbara Kovacs)

be the new Athletic Director at Jonathan Law. Since I had already been a football coach and realized how much organization skills it took to be a coach I figured I could take this position on, Mr. Luysterborghs said. On top of all the tasks Mr. Luysterborghs has to complete

for athletic director, he also manages to teach Pre-Algebra during school hours. I love the structure math teaches students, Luysterborghs said. I enjoy seeing the light bulb come on when the kids understand the information and are confident to move on to the

next step. Some of the difficult tasks that the athletic director ensures is schedule games, hire officials, plan busses, buy equipment, give out and collect uniforms, and help hire coaches. Law math teacher and boys basketball coach Mr. Hoggatt

Spaziani Retiring Ancillai Leaves Laws Kitchen After 40 Year Career With Many Fond Memories
Cody Bubba Roy Entertainment Editor With the school year winding down, a plethora of teachers have decided to retire from their noble profession. After 40 years in the classroom, Mr. Raymond Spaziani is one of these teachers Having begun his impressive career as a teacher at Milford High in 1971, Spaziani has taught business and marketing ever since. Mr. Spaziani has been a staple in the business department since his early years in Milford High until now, said fellow business teacher Mr. Beler. His presence will be missed. Beler said Spaziani would especially be missed by those students who were looking toward a career in real estate. Spaziani has worked at the Beazley Realtor firm and ERA property World (achieving the Top 50 realtors in 1996) and that experience gave Spaziani humungous credibility among the students and in his field. Looking back on his teaching career, Spaziani has many fond memories. My favorite thing about Law would have to be the school store, back before it closed the first time. We had won many DECA awards and it was a great experience for all involved, Spaziani said. Spaziani said that one of his most disappointing moments as a teacher came in 1996, when DECA had to be closed to make space for a new special education room. When asked what hed miss the most from Jonathan Law, Spaziani replied, I wont miss the meetings, but I will miss the kids and a lot of staff members. Students have enjoyed Spazianis interesting quirks and sense of humor as well. He looks like Teddy Roosevelt, said junior Billy Troia, jokingly referring to his mustache. Spazianis impact at Law is far-reaching. His background and teaching ability has left students with many life skills that theyre able to apply to their futures. Mr. Spaziani has taught me so much about personal finance, senior Nicole Rivera, I feel prepared to deal with my money in the real world when the time comes. Outside of work, Spaziani is an avid jazz fan, and plays the flute and sopranosaxophone in the Holy Infant Church Orchestra. Earlier in his jazz career, he, along with his band, had backed up the likes of Bobby Rogers and Deep Purple. Spaziani said he will keep busy in his retirement. He plans on continuing his life-long goal of selling multi-million dollar homes.

Lizsandra Pena News Editor As the year comes to an end, students are cleaning out their lockers, teachers are cleaning out their desks, and farewells are being said, not only to the seniors but to some teachers as well. Mrs. Ancillai, Jonathan Laws family and consumer sciences teacher, otherwise known as the foods teacher, is sadly retiring this year. Ancillai has been teaching for the past 27 years, and 20 of those years were spent in Law. She had the choice of becoming a nurse but she had always wanted to be a dietitian and also wanted to work with children. Becoming a teacher was the best of both worlds. I love working with young people, said Ancillai, its nice to be around them and Im glad I got to spend half my life helping them out. The students are fond of her as well. She is a down to earth teacher, said junior Bo Baker, shes really helpful and caring. With all of her new-found free time, Ancillai wants to visit her family in other parts of the country, and travel elsewhere as well. Although I like to teach,

Mrs. Ancillai is retiring at the end of this school year. (photo by Jesse Viscardi)

said Ancillai, I need a change in my life, a break from waking up at six in the morning. Ancillai has been working at Law for so long she might even be considering substituting in the near future. I wouldnt mind having her again as a sub, said junior Nyasia Ramos. She was a great teacher. According to many students, they have learned a lot from her. She is a very nice, helpful teacher, said senior Max Nowicki. Because of her I actually learned to cook a few things. Ancillai was also known to be easy to talk to. According to senior Dana

Tartaglia, she and Ancillai would talk not only about food but about life in general as well. Every time were just eating and have free time, we sit and talk to her about things anything, and shes really understanding so its great, said Tartaglia. This school has been such a large part of Ancillais life. She says she cant imagine life without Law. I just want to thank the fellow teachers for their support, said Ancillai. I appreciate their kindness and friendships, and yes believe it or not I will miss Law.

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June 2011

Faculty Defeats Sophomores In Brain Bowl

Galina Kinsella News Editor Game over! The faculty has won the Brain Bowl. On May 27, the National Honor Society hosted the annual Brain Bowl to benefit the fight against brain cancer for the American Cancer Society. I was extremely happy with how this years Brain Bowl went, NHS Advisor Mrs. Turcotte-Mottas said. We raised over $600 to give to the American Cancer Society. NHS members went around the cafeteria in the two weeks leading up to the event to collect money from certain classes. Depending on how much money each class collected, they got to start with a certain amount of points. Every $10 raised meant one point earned. The freshmen began with 13 points, the sophomores with 19, the juniors with 17, the seniors with 17, and the faculty with 13. Everyone seemed eager to donate and to help our cause, NHS member Freddy Hanania said. In addition to the money raised within the school, over $200 was donated by sponsors from local businesses. This years theme was the Mario Bros. video games.

The theme of this years Brain Bowl was Super Mario Bros. (photo courtesy Kyle Kandetzki)

The faculty team defeated the sophomore team in the final round of the Brain Bowl. (photo courtesy Kyle Kandetzki)

Making the costumes and acting in the commercial was fun, NHS member Raymond Arnold said. I really enjoyed acting as Bowser. The NHS members even wore their costumes to collect donations the day of the event. I think wearing the costumes got everyone pumped and made them want to donate more, NHS member Jiries Hanania said. We even gave out autographs. The freshmen team (Kelly Kruysman, Souyma Kundu, Chris Mercaldo, and Jake Miller) and the junior team (Nick Devito, Cody Roy, Emily

Sabo, and Joseph Waide) were eliminated in the first round. I was bummed that we lost in the first round, but it was still pretty awesome that I got to be a part of the Brain Bowl this year, junior Cody Roy said. In the next round, the senior team (Dave Hripak, Luke Lynch, Jesse Viscardi, and Matt Walker) lost to the sophomore team (Annie Bonnanzio, Lorenzo Maltes, Chris Thiel, and Jillian Thiel). No matter how far they advanced, though, all the teams enjoyed their time in the

competition. I thought the Mario theme was a cool idea, and the whole thing in general is a great way for the teams to work together, play off each others strengths, and just have fun for a good cause, senior Dave Hripak said. The sophomore team then went on to face the faculty team (Ms. Briggs, Ms. Farrell, Mr. Kulenych, and Mr. Rhode). Though the sophomores were in the lead, the faculty wagered enough in the final question to win. We just wanted the sophomores to think they had

a chance, but we knew all along we would be able to make a comeback, Kulenych said. We may have tripped up on some academic questions, but we know our Nintendo. We werent going to get the final question wrong. Along with raising over $800, there were other successes in the event. Unlike other years, the contestants and viewers alike heard the questions loudly and clearly, Mottas said. We are improving every year, and looking forward to many more successful Brain Bowls.

Did you know that Jonathan Law is now an MSGVarsity school?

Go to this spring and search Jonathan Law to watch video features on all of Laws sports teams, clubs, and activities.

Sara Levesque poses with her Michaels Cup Award. (photo courtesy Pat Daniels)

Levesque Wins Michaels Cup

Law senior Sara Levesque was nominated this year as an outstanding partner on the Jonathan Law Unified Sports team.She was nominated for the Michaels Cup Award by coach Pat Daniels and received exemplary recognition for her essay. An awards banquet was held on Tuesday, May 24th at Aqua Turf, which she attended with her parents and coach.

June 2011


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Whats In Your iPod?

Advocate Editor Edition
Editor-in-Chief: Jesse Viscardi 1. Mo Money, Mo Problems Biggie Smalls 2. MMMBop - Hanson 3. Wannabe - Spice Girls 4. Quit Playing Games With My Heart - Backstreet Boys 5. All My Life KC and JoJo News Editor: Alyssa Davanzo 1. Deep Inside of You Third Eye Blind 2. Get Busy - Sean Paul 3. Home - Jack Johnson 4. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - The Band 5. Backstreets - Bruce Springsteen

(photo courtesy D. Hripak)

(photo courtesy D. Hripak)

News Editor: Galina Kinsella

1. Come Together - The Beatles 2. Ticket To Ride - The Beatles 3. Your Bird Can Sing The Beatles 4. Hey Bulldog - The Beatles 5. The Fool On The Hill The Beatles Editorial Editor: Andy Fowler 1.I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys 2. Killer Tofu - The Beets 3. All These Things That Ive Done - The Killers 4. Pokerap - Pokemon 5. Bohemian Raphsody Queen Features Editor: Trey Cole
1. When This Song Comes On, Cheat On Your Boyfriend -Trey Wizzy & Elty-C (Trey Cole & Chas Elterman) 2. #41 - Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds 3. Muddy Swim Trunks - Asher Roth 4. Have Faith In Me A Day To Remember

News Editor: Lizsandra Pena

1. S&M - Rihanna 2. Look At Me Now - Chris Brown 3. E.T. - Katy Perry 4. In Love With Another Man Jazmine Sullivan 5. Rolling In The Deep Adele Columns Editor: Amanda Keator 1. J-Lo Get On The Floor 2. E.T. - Katy Perry 3. Tonight - Nelly 4. Knee Deep Zac Brown 5. She Aint You Chris Brown

(photo courtesy D. Hripak)

(photo courtesy D. Hripak)

(photo courtesy D. Hripak)

(photo courtesy D. Hripak)

Features Editor: David Hripak

1.Musical Chairs Fair To Midland 2. Bulbasaur - MC 117 3. Dreaming System of a Down 4. Give A Little Love - Illbotz 5. Words, Words, Words Bo Burnham Columns Editor: Chandler Dugas 1. Rythym Of Love Plain White Ts 2. Who Says - Selena Gomez 3. Farmers Daughter Jason Aldean 4. Hold On - Blake Shelton 5. Back To December Taylor Swift

(photo courtesy D. Hripak)

(photo courtesy D. Hripak)

Features Editor: Cody Roy 1.The Good Stuff Kabuto The Python 2. Holding Hands In The Shower Natalie Portmans Shaved Head 3. We On It - Zilla Persona 4. Excaliber! - Super Dragon X 5. Push It Down A_Rival

(photo courtesy D. Hripak)

(photo courtesy D. Hripak)

Sports Editor: Jack Marchese

1. My Jeans - Jenna Rose 2. Butterflies Alana Lee 3. Friday Rebecca Black 4. Pray - Justin Bieber 5. That Should Be Me Justin Bieber

Sports Editor: Tyler Marchetti

1.Lil Wayne How To Love 2. Motivation - Kelly Rowland 3. Nasty Girl Ludacris ft. Plies 4. Asthenia - Blink-182 5. Circles Incubus

(photo courtesy D. Hripak)

(photo courtesy D. Hripak)

Page 6

a senior, for which he played second singles. In swimming, he qualified for SCCs in the backstroke as a senior. Nick Toto (Basketball) Nick was a captain of the basketball team as a senior and graduates as Laws all-time leading rebounder. As a junior, he averaged 13.5 points and 13.5 rebounds per game. As a senior, he averaged 17 points and 14 rebounds per game. He had 8-5 career points and 740 career rebounds. He was All-SCC as a senior and led the team in scoring. As a senior, he was also selected to the CT Senior All-Star Game and was voted team MVP. He will play basketball next year at Springfield College. Nick Pinto (Baseball, Cross Country, Basketball, Freshman Football) Nick was a two-year letter winner in baseball and was a captain his senior year. He helped the Lawmen win a state title his freshman year and a division title his sophomore year. Sam Grace (Cross Country, Wrestling, Track) Sam was a four-year member of the wrestling team. He finished sixth at Class Ms as a junior and 3.5th place at Class Ms as a senior. He finished second at SCCs as a senior and was a two-time Academic All-State winner. He was a four-year member of the cross country and track teams. Next year, Sam will wrestle at Roger Williams University. Daniel Iovino-Ortiz (Football, Wrestling, Track) Daniel was a member of the football team and won the Sportsmanship Award as a senior. He was a two-year wrestling captain and finished fourth in the SCC in his weight class. He will wrestle next year at St. Andrews Presbyterian College. Andy Bostic (Hockey) Andy was a captain of the hockey team as a senior and was the teams MVP. He was voted onto the SCC Division II All-Conference Team and to the CT Senior All-Star Team. He also earned AllAcademic Team honors. Rob Lockwood (Cross Country, Swimming, Track) Rob was a captain for swimming and track and is part of the school recordholding 4x800 meter relay team. He posted times of 1:10 in the 100 meter butterfly (swimming) and 2:04.9 in the 800 meter dash (track). He was a State Open and Class MM qualifier in track in the 4x800 relay. Chris Ettore (Tennis) Chris played No. 2 singles as a junior and was a co-captain. He and doubles partner Nick Vonderheyde made the finals of the Class M state tournament and went AllState. As a senior, Chris was a captain and played No. 1 singles during the regular season. His record at No. 1 singles was 9-5 and he qualified for states. Kevin Fitzpatrick (Golf) Kevin was a captain of the golf tem as a senior. He made the All-City Team and was a part of the Mayor s Cup Team. He will play golf next year at Newburg College. Josh Patterson (Football, Track) Josh was a captain of the football team his senior year and rushed for 1,100 yards and 21 TDs. He was also a track captain and made SCCs in the shot put and discus. He also qualified for states in discus. He will be playing football next year at Salve Regina. Aaron Gambardella (Cross Country, Basketball, Track) Aaron lettered in cross country, basketball, and track and was a captain of the basketball team his senior year. Ryan Falaguerra (Football, Track) Ryan lettered in football as a junior and senior. As a senior, he was the football team MVP and was an All-Conference punter. He finished the year with 1,950 passing yards and 15 TDs and a 45.0 yard punt average. He led the SCC Division II in passing yards and total offense. Ryan also lettered in track his junior and senior years. He qualified for SCCs in the 110 hurdles both years and qualified for states in the 110 hurdles as a senior. He also qualified for SCCs in the 300 hurdles and the javelin. He will be playing football next year at Western Connecticut State University. Chas Elterman (Swimming) Chas was a two-year letter winner for the swim team and was a captain as a senior. He holds the school record for the 200 freestyle relay. Dan Gregorio (Basketball) Dan finished his senior season with 136 points, 63 rebounds, and 10 assists and had the 7th all-time single season free throw percentage (77%).

June 2011

The Advocates Senior Sports All-Stars

At the end of each year, The Advocate staff selects its Senior Sports All-Star team. Here is this years team:

Girls All-Stars
*** Emily Bak (Soccer, Track) Emily was a four-year member of the soccer team and was a captain her senior year. She won the 6 th Girl Award as a freshman and the 4 Cs Award as a sophomore and junior. She qualified for the SCC Sectional Meet, the SCC Championships, and the Class M State Meet for the 4x800 and 4x400 meter relays. She tied the 4x400 meter school record at the SCC Championships and was a four-year member of the SCC All-Academic Team. In soccer, she was a three-year varsity player and a captain her senior year. She was a four year member of the AllSCC Academic Team, and as a senior, she won the Sportsmanship Award and was All-SCC honorable mention. Meaghan Abbott (Volleyball, Track) Meaghan was a four-year member and three year letter winner for the volleyball team, which she captained as a junior and senior. She was an All-SCC selection as a junior and senior, was named AllState as a senior, and set school records for most digs in a game, most aces in a game, and most digs in a season. She was a three-time member of the SCC AllAcademic Team, won the teams Best Server Award three times, won the Hustle Award twice, and was the team MVP as a senior. She helped the team to a runnerup finish in the Class M state tournament as a sophomore, to an SCC championship her junior year, and to Hammonassett Division championships her sophomore and junior years. Meaghan was also a three year member of the track team. She lettered three times, was named to the SCC AllAcademic Team three times, and was the teams Rookie of the Year as a freshman. Lyndsay Bull (Softball) Lyndsay was a captain of the softball team as a senior and earned a varsity letter. Lindsay Mazzeo (Swimming, Softball) Lindsay was the captain of the swim team her senior year and earned a varsity letter. She was also named to the AllSCC Academic Team. She also was a three-year member of the softball team. Alexis LaGase (Volleyball, Basketball, Track)

Boys All-Stars
*** Teddy Kostopoulos (Football, Wrestling, Track) Teddy lettered in eight of his nine varsity seasons. He went All-State in wrestling and finished his career with a record of 124-40, which is good for fifth in city history. He was a four-time member of the All-SCC Academic Team and was two-time Academic All-State. He was a four year varsity starter and was a two-time captain. In football, he was a three-year starter and was named to the All-SCC team as a senior. He was a three-time SCC AllAcademic Team selection, and as a senior he was a captain. He also lettered once in track. Teddy will be wrestling at WPI next year. Andrew Fowler (Cross Country, Basketball, Track) Andrew was a four-time varsity letter winner in cross country, was the team MVP his sophomore and senior years, and won the Sportsmanship Award junior year. He was an AllHammonasset selection his junior and senior year and was the team captain his junior and senior year. In basketball, Andrew was a two-time varsity letter winner. He won the Sportsmanship Award his senior year and was a captain his senior year. He was a New Haven Tip-Off Club Scholar Athlete and was the SCC Scholar Athlete of the Month for December. He was also a four-year varsity letter winner in track. He holds the 4x800 meter relay record (8:20) and was a State Opens qualifier in the 4x800 meter relay. He was a captain his senior year. Brandon Yap (Soccer, Swimming, Tennis) Brandon was a member of the soccer, swimming, and tennis teams. He lettered twice in soccer, twice in swimming, and three times in tennis. Mark Elliott (Basketball, Football, Baseball) Mark played basketball, football, and baseball. He won the Sportsmanship Award for football as a senior. Jesse Viscardi (Swimming, Tennis, Track) Jesse was a three-year member of the tennis team and a one-year member of the swimming team. He was the captain of the tennis team as

Alexis was a captain for track and earned varsity letters in volleyball and track. She helped the volleyball team win the SCC championship her junior year. Amanda Trcka (Soccer, Track) Amanda was a member of the soccer and track teams and won the Coachs Award for soccer as a senior. She was also named to the SCC AllAcademic Team. Nicole Rivera (Soccer) Nicole was a member of the soccer team and earned a varsity letter. Allie Drysten (Cheerleading) Allie was a captain of the cheerleading team and earned a varsity letter. She will cheer next year at Central Connecticut State University. Katherine Muratore (Swimming, Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, Gymnastics) Katherine was a captain of the tennis team as a senior and finished second on the team in wins, earning a varsity letter. She also lettered in swimming and gymnastics. Jackie Paton (Swimming, Track) Jackie was a member of the swim team and earned a varsity letter. She will be swimming next year at Lebanon Valley College. Leigh Hunt (Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Swimming, Track) Leigh lettered in volleyball, swimming and track. She won the Most Improved Award in swimming and volleyball and made states and SCCs in track. She will be playing volleyball and track next year at Wheaton College. Leticia Gonzalez (Cheerleading) Leticia was a four-year letter winner in cheerleading and was a captain of the cheerleading team as a senior. She won the Best Flyer Award as a sophomore and was a UCA All-American her junior and senior year. She helped the gymnastics team finished third at the UCA National Cheerleading Competition in Orlando, Florida, and first at the UCA Regional Competition at Hofstra University. She will be a cheerleader next year at Central Connecticut State University. Amanda Keator (Volleyball, Basketball) Amanda was a letter winner in volleyball and basketball and was a captain of the basketball team as a senior. She was named to the SCC All-Academic Team in both sports. (Continued on Page 7)

June 2011

Area, and All-State teams as a senior. She broke the school record for blocks in a season and blocks in a career. She led the volleyball team to the finals of SCCs and the quarterfinals of states. She was named New Haven Register and Connecticut Post Athlete of the Week during her senior season. She will play volleyball next year at Fairfield University. Marissa Bacon (Basketball) Marissa was a starter for the basketball team during her senior season. During that season, she also earned earned a varsity letter. Chandler Dugas (Soccer, Gymnastics, Track, Cheerleading) Chandler was a four-year member of the soccer team and lettered her junior and senior year. She was a captain of the gymnastics team her junior and senior year and letter all four years. She helped the team place in the top three in SCCs all four years, won the Sportsmanship Award as a freshman, the Most Improved Award as a sophomore, and the Coachs Award as a senior. She participated in track her sophomore and junior years, and as a senior, she participated in gymnastics and helped the team place third in the National Championships in Tampa, Florida. Marisa Creatura (Cross Country, Gymnastics, Track) Marisa earned a varsity letter in cross country and won the Coachs Award as a senior. She was also named to the SCC All-Academic Team. In gymnastics, she earned a varsity letter, and was named to the SCC All-Academic Team and won the National High School Coaches Association Academic Award. She was a captain of the track team her senior year and helped the team to a 9-6 record. She was an SCC Championships qualifier and a Class M State Championship qualifier in the 4x100 meter, 100 meter, and 200 meter. She also helped the track team win the Katzmartsic Invitational her senior year. Galina Kinsella (Swimming, Tennis) Galina lettered in swimming three times and was a threetime member of the SCC AllAcademic Team. In tennis, Galina was named to the SCC All-Academic Team twice. She will sail next year at the University of New Hampshire. Kourtney Kruysman (Cross Country, Track) Kourtney was a captain of the cross country team as a senior and made the SCC All-

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The Advocates Senior Sports All-Stars

(Continued from Page 6) Heather Hudak (Softball) Heather lettered in softball and made the Scholar-Athlete Classic Game as a senior. She batted close to .400 during her senior season. Jamie Kaminski (Tennis) Jamie was a two-year letter winner in tennis and earned the Most Improved Award her sophomore season She was twice named to the SCC AllAcademic Team. Alexis Kressu (Tennis) Alexis was a two-year letter winner in tennis and was a captain of the team her senior year. She was twice named to the SCC All-Academic Team. Caitlin Stapleton (Volleyball) Caitlin was a captain of the volleyball team and was named to the All-SCC, AllAcademic Team. She also won the Most Improved Award. She was also the captain of the track team as a senior and was named to the SCC All-Academic Team. During her senior year, she competed in the 800 meter, 4x800 meter and the 3,200 meter. As a senior, she also broke the Katzmartsic Invitational record in the 800 meter and in the 4x800 meter with teammates Julia Maurer, Emily Bak, and Abby Shackett. *** (The following senior athletes were named to the Senior Sports All-Star Team but did not return their information sheets: Krysta Kubik, Taylor Rotella, Stephon Davis, Chris Laporte, Max Nowicki, Anthony Ciacci, Andrew Ward, James Maccone, AJ Bonetti, Dylan Sielert, and Carli Ericsson.)

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