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Memorial National High School Caminawit Extension Direction: Encircle the letter of the best answer. 1. The measurement of how fast or slow something is travelling is a. Speed b. Motion c. Acceleration 2. A change in position relative to a frame of reference is a. Motion b. Momentum c. Acceleration 3. Which of the following could be the speed of a car? a. 40 km b. 40 km/hr c. 40 km/hr/s 4. The velocity of a jet might be a. 100 km b. 100 km/hr c. 100 km/hr west 5. How is the speed of an object calculated? a. S= d/t b. S= dxt c. S= d+t 6. When a kilogram of gold is carried from a deep mine to the top of a mountain its mass a. Decreases b. Increases c. Remains the same 7. The mass of an object is a. The force of gravity on that object located at a particular point b. The amount of matter contained in an object, regardless of its location c. Dependent on whether the object is on Earth or on the moon 8. If a ball is to be brought to Jupiter where gravity is stronger, a. The mass of the ball would increase b. The weight of the ball would increase c. The weight of the ball would not change 9. Objects weigh less on the moon than on Earth because a. The moon is far from the sun

b. The moons gravity is greater than on Earths gravity c. The moon gravity is less than Earths gravity 10. Which of the following shows a non-contact force? a. Magnet picking up paper clips b. Three workers pushing a shelf c. Students playing a tug-of-war 11. Friction is greatest when a crate is pulled across a. A wet concrete floor b. An asphalt road c. A well-polished wooden floor 12. A man pulls a large crate. According to Newtons Third Law, how much force does the large crate exert on the man? a. Greater than the force exerted by the man b. Less than the force exerted by the man c. Equal to the force exerted by the man 13. In Newtons Second Law, how are mass and acceleration are related? a. Inversely proportional b. Directly proportional c. Power relationship 14. The force that opposes the motion of an object is called a. Acceleration b. Friction c. Gravity 15. The force of attraction that exists between all objects in the universe a. Friction b. Gravity c. Inertia 16. Which of the following force can do? a. Force can set an object in motion b. Force can stop an object from moving c. All of the above 17. A heavy object and a light object are drop at the same time in a vacuum. Which of the following statement is true? a. The heavy object will fall faster than the light object b. The light object will fall faster than the heavy objects c. The heavy object and light object will fall at the same time 18. The rate at which work is done is called a. Energy b. Power c. Efficiency

19. Even if a large force is exerted on an object, no work is performed if a. The object moves b. The object does not move c. The power is too small 20. All of following are effects of friction on motion except a. A ball slows down and finally stops b. The cabinet is difficult to push across the floor c. Both a and b 21. What force enables you to walk on the ground? a. The downward force on the ground due to your weight b. The upward force of the ground that supports you c. The backward force on the ground from your feet 22. Which of the following is not a contact force? a. Friction b. Tension c. Gravitational force 23. Which of the following items does not refer to energy? a. Equals the objects mass divided by its velocity b. The ability to do work c. Kinetic and potential are its two general forms 24. All of the following shows kinetic energy except a. A bowling ball hitting the pins b. A gymnast doing cartwheel c. A book on the cabinet 25. Energy is the ability to do a. Motion b. Work c. Power 26. The unit in which energy is measured is the a. Newton b. Joule c. watt 27. Gravitational potential energy is dependent on a. speed and height b. weight and height c. time and weight 28. A stretched rubber band has a. potential energy b. kinetic energy c. electromagnetic energy

29. What form of energy does a galloping horse have? a. Mechanical b. Thermal c. Nuclear 30. Which of the following is an example of work from a scientists perspective? a. You attempt to open a jar of picles but did not succeed b. Your friend falls asleep during a movie c. You throw a dart but misses the target 31. A knife multiples the force exerted. It is classified as a. Lever b. Wedge c. Wheel and axle 32. B

33. Which of the following is a second class lever? a. Wheel barrow b. Seesaw c. Shovel 34. Which is used to change the direction of force? a. Pulley b. Screw c. Wedge 35. Gasoline and rocket fuel store a. Chemical energy b. Mechanical energy c. Gravitational potential energy 36. Wood and agricultural wastes are alternative sources of a. Energy b. Work c. Power 37. A dry cell has stored a. Chemical energy b. Kinetic energy c. Nuclear energy 38. Which of the following does not belong to the group? a. Solar energy b. Hydroelectric energy

c. Fossil fuel 39. All of the following are source of energy except a. Fossil fuel b. Transformer c. Sun 40. Which is a non-renewable source of energy? a. Fossil b. Solar c. Wind 41. Which of the following can be said about lighting a match? a. Chemical energy to electrical energy b. Light energy to heat energy c. Chemical energy to light energy and heat energy 42. Newtons First Law of motion includes the idea that a. Every objects fall b. An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted by a force c. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction 43. The ultimate source of energy a. Food b. Sun c. Moon 44. Two boys exerted an equal amount of force on the same side of a box but failed to move it. Which statement about this phenomenon is true? a. The boys did no work b. The box had potential energy c. All of the above 45. m/s refers to a. A unit of speed b. A unit of power c. A unit of density II- Problem Solving: Show your solution. 1. What is your power if you lift a 98 N rock up a distance of 2m in 2 s? 2. A roller coaster is moving at 25m/s at the bottom of a hill. Two seconds later, it reaches the bottom of the hill with a velocity of 26m/s. What is the acceleration of the roller coaster? 3. At what speed did a plane fly if it travelled 1760 meter in 8 seconds? 4. How much kinetic energy would a boy have travelling at a speed 7m/s on his bicycle? The mass of the boy and bicycle is about 70kg.

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