International Conference in Marketing January 12-14, 2012 Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, Noida, India
[Please note, as a paper presenter, you must submit your extended abstract on or before October 16, 2011 and must register for the conference latest by October 20, 2011. Otherwise, your presentation will not be scheduled. Non-authors may register anytime, on or before December 15, 2011].

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Indian Institute of Management, Prabandh Nagar, Off Sitapur Road, Lucknow-226013 (U.P) INDIA. Email: /


7th Floor.AUTHOR AGREEMENT FORM (COPYRIGHT RELEASE FORM) [For publishing the extended abstract of your accepted research paper in the Copyrighted Proceedings of the Conference by Pearson Education. You may note that the publication of your extended abstract doesn’t prevent you in anyway from publishing your full paper in any academic journal of your choice. Sector-62 Noida 201 309. UP. A-8(A). you are hereby requested to fill up this Author Agreement Form. ] I do hereby surrender the copyright of the extended abstract of my/our research paper titled “-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“ to Indian Institute of Management Lucknow for publication consideration in the Conference Proceedings through Pearson Education. Signature of the presenting author (representing all the authors of the paper): Date of Conference Registration: 2 . India. Knowledge Boulevard.

you may please refer to the website of the concerned journal. You may use multiple copies of this form for multiple number of your full papers. Please note that. your intention to publish your full-paper(s) in the special/regular issue(s) of the conference journals. you may indicate a maximum of TWO conference journal choices for review consideration. For author guidelines of a chosen journal. No. you should send two different versions of your full paper to / marconference@gmail. In case you make two journal choices for one of your full papers. Best of luck!] Paper Ref. The nonconformance may lead to the outright rejection of your full paper(s). For ONE full-paper. Your Paper Title First Choice of Conference Journal Journal Name Your choice Second Choice of Conference Journal Journal Name Your choice International Journal of Market Research (Regular Issue) Marketing Intelligence and Planning (Special issue) Journal of Food Product Marketing (Special issue) Metamorphosis (Special issue) Transnational Marketing (Special issue) Psychology and Marketing (Regular issue) Journal of Product and Brand Management (Special issue) Journal of Indian Business Research (Special issue) International Journal of Emerging Market (Special issue) Euro Med Journal of Business (Regular issue) Signature of the presenting author (representing all the authors of the paper): Date of Conference Registration: 3 .com conforming to the author guidelines for full consideration in the chosen journal(s).AUTHOR(S)' EXPRESSION OF FULL PAPER PUBLICATION INTENT [You may please indicate below using  symbol. it is author(s)’ responsibility to prepare the full-paper(s) in line with the author guidelines of the chosen journal(s).ac.

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