Français II Lesson Plans

Chapter 10 (Body and Clothing) Monday, January 25, 2010 -Syllabus -Introduce current events -Discuss Pillar Verb Activity in 3 weeks -Téléfrançais with listening comprehension w.s -Introduce body parts -body with blank lines w.s. fill in -Explain p. 169 culture (idioms) -review mon, ma, mes, etc. -Simon dit Standards Used: Comparisons 4.1 Communication 1.1 Connections 3.1 & 3.2 Reflection: Today was the first day of the semester and I have the same students as last semester, so I didn’t have to review the syllabus or current events too much. We began by watching Telefrancais which is a Canadian television show that is entirely in French. The students were quite receptive to it and the listening comprehension worksheet. I will continue this every Monday since it is a great authentic listening activity. I taught the body parts which they seemed to like. They really got into Simon dit and even helped be Simon. This was a good activitiy. Tuesday, January 26, 2010 -Collect syllabus signatures 3 mins Warm-up idiom project (each student gets an idiom and must draw a pic. of it and write it out in French and what it means in English) 20 mins -Review body parts 10 mins -play identify the parts with skeleton (teams) 15 mins -matching game with flashcards 15 mins -Introduce reflexive verbs p.93, 99, 100 15 mins -add common verbs to list -explain reflexive object pronouns 3 mins Standards Used: Connections 3.1 Comparisons 4.1 Cultures 2.1 Reflection: The warm-up went really well. I gave them each an idiom to study and they thought they were weird and funny. I had to remind them of our own idioms and to not 10 mins 3 mins 3 mins 20 mins 20 mins 10 mins 5 mins 10 mins

1 Reflection: The warm-up went well. It will make it more challenging.s with reflexive verbs 15 mins -Translation w.s. January 27. so next time I would white out the words and make them use only the French.s. Definitely show next time. Very fun and a good review. Basically. 2010 -Warm up body parts cross word puzzle 10 mins -Review body parts orally 10 mins -Review reflexive verbs 10 mins -Babelzone. They had to create monsters out of magazine cutouts and then label all the body parts. The kids loved the song and it applied to what we are learning. It helped to work on their memorization of body chanson des squelettes (reflexive verbs) (must find reflexive verbs) -Conjugation w. The monster project was really fun and the students worked very hard on it.1 Comparisons 4.judge without thinking first about their own culture. helped the students practice their reflexive verbs using sentences they are likely to use in the near future. The cards has English on them. I believe that it was a good place to introduce reflexive verbs. It seemed like they just copied it down and then drew the picture. (sentences using reflexive verbs) 10 mins -Phrase Lines (each student gets a part of a sentence and they must work together to find out what group they are in and where they go to complete a sentence using reflexive verbs) 10 mins -Monstre Project 20 mins Standards Used: Cultures 2. January 28. It was a good activity but next time I would like to make it a bit more challenging. The conjugation w. They were all able to see how reflexive verbs are put together in a sentence and where they go. That really opened up their eyes about cultures. The students seemed to grasp reflexive verbs really well. Wednesday. I broke down the sentences very slowly for them so they weren’t all up at the same time creating chaos. Many of the students did not need their notes. It also helped to transition into the translation w.s. I want to make it more meaningful for next time. The matching game was too easy. I felt that it was really unorganized and the students were confused about the game. helped to establish a solid base for reflexive verbs. We’re not that different after all. Next time I would only use two teams and make them pass off the marker when they have the right answer. 2010 -Finish monster projects -Reflexive verb warm-up – review answers 25 mins 20 mins . Thursday. The phrase lines activity was very helpful for the students. I’ll need to think on this one. The translation w. I just wanted them to be able to label the skeleton and recognize the words and where they go.s. The students really liked the matching skeleton game but I did not organize it to be like a game.

Students must write out what they do during the day. The students worked really hard on the translation activity. What items do you hear? 2 mins -Review color agreement. January 29.1 & 1.5min -Asking for and Giving Advice vocab p. This activity was an excellent way to practice reflexive verbs and body vocab. so I gave them more time today since they were all working so hard on them and using their time wisely. 2010 Sub Plans: -Warm-up translation activity of what I do during the day using reflexive verbs. 3 transitions.s -Introduce Mettre and Porter with examples 10 mins -Ecoute #3.s 20 mins . They were well matched up and I was impressed with what the students accomplished. 60 mins Standards Used: Comparisons 4.2 . The students needed a short review for the quiz and I believe it benefited them well since their scores were pretty good on the quiz.3 Reflection: The sub left very good feedback about the day. Due at end of hour. 4 regular verbs. 3 adverbs of frequency and 3 times. 10 mins -Guess Who? Pick a student in the classroom and describe them and students guess. They really showed how much they learned in the last couple weeks. Since I have class tomorrow and my mentor won’t be there. I had to teach vocab for the activity tomorrow. Monday. Friday. using 10 reflexive verbs. 264 10 mins -Ecoute p. which led into the writing activity.Introduce CH 10 premiere etape vocab -clothes vocab using actual clothing 20 mins -fill in w.2 Communication 1. reflexive verb QUIZ 20 mins -Teach transition words and adverbs of frequency (for sub tomorrow) 5 mins Standards Used: Comparisons 4. 2 irregular verbs.1 Communication 1.-Review conjugations and body parts 10 mins -Body parts. 20 mins -Reflexive verb activity.1 Reflection: The students didn’t finish their projects yesterday. 264 Asking for or giving advice 2 mins Standards Used: Connections 3. February 1. 2010 -Telefrancais Episode 2 with listening comprehension w.

I am going to try to restructure the listening comprehension w. The students understood most of what was going on. If I had more time. They struggled with the listening activities. and fem. 2010 -Clothes warm-up Divignettes with clothing.1 Comparisons 4. 25 mins -Introduce Choisir 5 mins . I had more masculine clothing than feminine. the students were able to create a conversation between themselves and partner. It seemed kinds sloppy to me and also. until I went through the translation of them and then they understood. Races with clothes (teams put clothing in piles based on gender)15 mins -Review Mettre and Porter 5 mins -Introduce 2eme etape vocab 25 mins -fill out w. (I have two legs. When we played Guess Who. February 3. They grasped Porter without any problems but Mettre was a little harder to understand. For next Monday. so I would move those a day ahead next time. Next time I will explain more of what they are without giving too much away. Wednesday. Using their notes. they really enjoyed and used the vocabulary very well.1 Reaction: Today I began with a couple divignettes and the students were quite good at them. I am in a wardrobe. The masc. February 2.s 15 mins .3 Connections 3. so it wasn’t even.Review colors and patterns 10 mins -Around the room (students must describe what the pics of ppl around the classroomwhat they are wearing) 25 mins -Describe crazy people and partner must draw description. 2010 -Warm-up 2eme etape w. What am I?) 10 mins -Review clothes using clothing 10 mins -Masc. but cannot walk alone.s -grammar note p. At first they were confused with what they were supposed to do with them. Tuesday. but no feet.Reaction: Telefrancais went very well again today. Fem. I would have had them perform them in front of the class. but they struggled on some of the vocabulary.s to help them learn the vocab and ideas of the show. I had actual clothes for the vocab today and the students learned the vocab really quickly using this method. 265 (la bleue) 5 mins -Ecoute # 17 & 18 5 mins -Create dialogue between vendor and client buying clothes 10 mins Standards Used: Communication 1. races needed some more structuring.

The students worked even harder on this so I gave them extra time and pushed some other activities to tomorrow. It really tied in with everything they have been learning and helped them to 20 mins 5 mins 10 mins 15 mins 30 mins 20 mins 15 mins 30 mins 25 mins . 2010 -3eme Etape warm-up w.1 Communication 1. Sometimes they were off task. The review really helped refresh the students before the quiz.2 Connections 3. I showed them different reading strategies to help them work through the French document. while others relied heavily on them.1 Comparisions 4.2 & 1. The description activity was really good and everyone did an excellent job. which is never productive when it isn’t in context.1 Reaction: I gave adequate review on the vocab for the quiz. Everyone did extremely well especially with the verbs. I thoroughly explained the next vocabulary with lots of examples in the context of the whole chapter.s -Review -Ecoute CD10TR11 opinions on clothing -Give opinions of people around the room.3 Reaction: The warm-up was beneficial because it was a good referesher and practice activity from yesterday. -walk students through the activity to help with reading skills Standards Used: Communication 1. -Definite article lesson (Je l’aime…) -Reading activity using chapter vocab with w.1 & 1. The students did pretty well walking around the room and describing the magazine pictures. Friday.1 Reaction: The reading activity went really well. February 4. but for the most part. Next time. February 5. 2010 -Warm-up 3eme etape (asking giving advice) -Review Clothes -Quiz – Clothing and Porter/Mettre conjugation -Introduce 3eme etape vocab (giving opinions on clothes) Standards Used: Connections 3. The students understood most of it with no help. I would not introduce Choisir at the end without context. they did well. Thursday. A lot of them hardly used their notes.Standards Used: Connections 3.s. I feel like I just threw it at them.

Monday. I gave the students the rest of the hour to work on their projects and I believe that they put a lot of effort into getting their fashion show on the road. They did not have a lot of problems with the dialogue and answered the worksheet quite well. I made sure that we touched on everything that was on the test and I really focused on the areas they have struggled with like patterns. 2010 10 mins 20 mins 30 mins 15 mins 10 mins 20 mins 15 mins 10 mins 45 mins .1 Reaction: This Telefrancais episode was really helpful for the upcoming chapter. The chapter review w. Overall. The students enjoyed giving opinions of the magazine pictures around the room.1 Reaction: Today was a great day for review.3 Connections 3. fabric. February 8.s gave the students a good idea of what to study for before the test and to help them tomorrow with the review day. They were quite critical most of the time which was amusing. 2010 -CH 10 Review -what is on the test -Foam ball review -Jeopardy -Bell vocabulary races -Meet with groups Standards Used: Communication 1. 2010 -Telefrancais Episode 3 -Listening comprehension w. Tuesday.s -Explain fashion show project -Give students the remainder of hour to work on. today was a nice relaxing Friday. Standards Used: Communication 1. It also highlighted what we have been leaning in the class for the past few weeks. and advice.1 & 1. February 10.2 Connections 3.s -Review Ch. I believe that they benefited from this review and they definitely had a lot of fun! for the test next week.1 & 1. which involved a lot of learning without direct grammar instruction.10 clothing and body w. February 9.

2010 -Mardi Gras day -Make masks -Watch film with w.1 Comparisions 4.1 Connections 3.s.2 Communities 5. February 16.1 60 mins 20 mins Reaction: After grading the tests. I was really surprised on how well they did! I think this unit came together very well. The day balanced out quite well. 2010 -Snow Day  20 mins 60 mins . Thursday. February 15. Giving them some time to work out the kinks in their scripts after the test was nice since it was such a long and hard test.-Chapter 10 test -Work on fashion show projects rest of the hour Standards Used: Communication 1. about Mardi Gras -Current Events due Standards Used: Cultures 2. February 11. 2010 No School Monday. They were really excited to learn about the history of it and why it is so important culturally! Friday.2 Cultures 2. especially since they have been working on their final project as a review for the test. February 12.1 Connections 3.1 Reaction: This was a great day culturally! The students made masks and watched an excellent film about Mardi Gras. 2010 No School Tuesday.

February 17. the grades were fantastic and everyone put a lot of effort into their presentations! 80 mins . 2010 -Fashion Show Presentations! Standards Used: Communication 1. Overall.2 & 1.3 Reaction: Today went very smoothly and the fashion shows were very fun to watch.Wednesday.1 & 1.