Qes-1: Is there any way we can set the numbering so it always uses 4 digits, for example, a P1 plate would

be P0001 or a M215 column would be M0215? Ans: Part, assembly, cast unit and rebar numbering formats can be controlled with the following advanced options: XS_PART_POSITION_NUMBER_FORMAT_STRING XS_ASSEMBLY_POSITION_NUMBER_FORMAT_STRING XS_CAST_UNIT_POSITION_NUMBER_FORMAT_STRING XS_REBAR_POSITION_NUMBER_FORMAT_STRING By entering .3 after the position number you will get three digits: XS_ASSEMBLY_POSITION_NUMBER_FORMAT_STRING=%%ASSEMBLY_ PREFIX%%/%%ASSEMBLY_POS.3%%

After changing these settings, you need to restart Tekla Structures to get the changes visible. Do not change these settings if you have already created drawings.

Qes-6: Is there a way to fasten the saving and modeling process when working in the multi-user mode? Ans: .\environments\*your_environment*\template\settings. for example LENGTH and AREA_PLAN.lst file and then in each template where you want to have more decimals you can set the right number. for it to work properly. you need to set the advanced option XS_MAX_DECIMALS_IN_PROFILE_NAME=0 in the Profiles category. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Qes-2: How to set the decimals for the length and area_plan in the part marks on the drawing? Ans: The general unit and precision used in part marks are taken from the file: contentattributes_global. In TS 15 you can create custom graphical templates (.See Tekla Structures Help for more information (Advanced options reference >> Advanced options Reference Guide >> List of advanced options). Whenever some changes are done.0 and later versions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Qes-3: How can we get the part marks of plates to write PL10*154 instead of PL10*154. Applicable in Tekla Structures versions: 15. to have 0 decimals in the . located at .2 on assembly drawings? Ans: In order to achieve this. You can set the measures.tpl) with Template Editor and add them as elements in marks and associative notes in the same way as other elements.lst. you need to update the marks for them to show the changes. you also need to have the advanced option XS_USE_NEW_PLATE_DESIGNATION=TRUE in the Plate Work category.. In addition.

3. If there are many system files in the network drive. In 64-bit computers TS is able to use all the available memory for the saving process. you can delete it. In Tools > Customize… add Renumber GA drawings to some toolbar in the modeling side. 6.1. The saving time may be shorter if you close down all the views of the model before saving.6. 2.11. Each user should naturally use the same files to ensure similar outcome. Tekla Structures uses the number G. If more is needed. 5. The multi-user server itself has very low CPU usage. If I make a new GA drawing. 32-bit computers have 4GB of RAM. 2. Check your network connection speed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Qes-7: I have made some GA drawings from 1 to 10 and then deleted drawings G. 4. Check that your workstations comply with the latest hardware recommendations. because it can slow down the saving process significantly. Select the command. the virtual memory is used. 7. 3. A good way to speed up the saving is to set XS_PROJECT and XS_FIRM to a local drive and move most of the system files there.6 and G.4? Ans: If you are working in single-user mode you can use this workaround: 1. If you have a hidden reference model which you do not need anymore. .4 and G. Tekla Structures now numbers the GA drawings starting from number 1 again. During the saving process memory use is significant. which can be slow. and a maximum of 3GB of memory can be used for the TS saving process (if there is this much free memory). saving may become slower than when using system files located on your own hard drive. Running the multi-user server on the same workstation as TS has no advantage or disadvantage. How I can use the old numbers G. A good processor can increase the speed.

Example: You have three different parts in series M/1 and two parts in series M/2. change them to numbering serie N/1. you could change serie M/2 to M/1001.1 and later versions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Qes-8: Sometimes when running numbering. then import it into an empty model in the single user mode.history log file. What do those messages mean? Ans: Tekla Structures records the error message shown in the following example in the numbering. In numbering. or if numbering serie M/1 does not ever reach M/1000. the parts appear again even though the user has deleted them. you need to do something for the serie M/2. you can see two rows: Part serie overlap: Serie M/1 position number M/2 overlaps with serie M/2 position number M/2 Part serie overlap: Serie M/1 position number M/3 overlaps with serie M/2 position number M/3 To solve this problem.log when you do not have enough free numbers in the numbering series. warning of overlapping numbers is shown.I get the error message "Overlapping part numbering series" or "Overlapping assembly numbering series". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Qes-9: In a multiuser model. This results in Tekla Structures assigning the same number M/2 to two parts that are not similar. Make the model dump in the single user mode. For example. After numbering. . How to repair this? How to avoid this from happening again? Ans: Making a model dump is one solution. and M/3 to two parts that are not similar. You can either change the numbering seire for these parts to M/1. or define totally different serie for them.Tekla Structures versions: 13.

After changing the color the clouds are printed and exported to DWG. the Arrange drawing views command only affects drawing views that are set to “free”. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . – To avoid ”parts moving after saving” – To avoid ”handles moving after saving” – To avoid conflicts From Tekla Structures version 16. and magenta color is not printed. Consequently.0. Applicable in Tekla Structures versions: 14. it does not affect views that are set to “fixed”.0 onward you can run repair numbering regularly.0 and later versions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Qes-11: Automatic cloud symbols in drawings are not printed nor exported by default. because the fixed/free functionality was introduced for the first time in Tekla Structures 14.1 this was not a problem. In other words. In Tekla Structures versions older than 13.To avoid this problem. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Qes-10: Why doesn’t the Arrange drawing views command seem to have any effect? Ans: In Tekla Structures 14. you need to change the color of the clouds. The variable called XS_CHANGE_DRAGGED_VIEWS_TO_FIXED also affects drawing views. You can change the color of the cloud symbol in Advanced Options > Drawing Properties > XS_DRAWING_CHANGE_HIGHLIGHT_COLOR. all users should always have Synchronize with master model (save-numbering-save) selected. If the variable has been set to TRUE. the view is automatically changed to “fixed” if you drag the view manually to replace it. if you want to export or print the cloud symbols. Arrange drawing views doesn’t affect the views. Therefore.0. whether they are fixed or free. Is it possible forcing them to be visible in printouts or exported DWGs? Ans: By default clouds are drawn in magenta.

• The curves affected by XS_POLYBEAM_CHORD_TOLERANCE are those with an inner radius larger than given by XS_POLYBEAM_ADAPTIVE_SLICE_RADIUS_LIMIT. much in the same way as XS_CHAMFER_ACCURACY_FACTOR. Is there another advanced option to manage the segments for polybeam chamfers? Ans: The XS_CHAMFER_ACCURACY_FACTOR advanced option has been changed to only affect contour plates. but the most useful one is XS_POLYBEAM_CHORD_TOLERANCE. It controls how many segments are used to make the curve.ini). However. • You can control the number of segments of polybeam chamfers using several options. user.g. • These should be enough to initially control the number of segments.0 onward the setting XS_CHAMFER_ACCURACY_FACTOR does not affect polybeams. . All of these options need to be put in your initialization file (e. there is another option which controls the maximum angle between the chords in the polybeam: XS_POLYBEAM_MAX_ANGLE_BETWEEN_CS (default = 30 degrees).------------------Qes-12: From Tekla Structures version 15.

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