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Baptisms: Baptisms are by appointment. At least one parent as well as the sponsor (only one sponsor is required) must be practicing Roman Catholics who attend the Traditional Latin Mass exclusively. Blessings: Religious articles are blessed on the first Sunday of every month after Mass. The Blessing of Expectant Mothers will take place on the second Sunday of every month after Mass. Catechism: Contact Jan Satola for details. Confession: Confessions are heard before Mass on Sunday and during Mass whenever a second priest is available. Confirmation: The Sacrament of Confirmation will be administered every year at a time appointed by the bishop. First Communion: First Holy Communions are made on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi. Funerals: Call Father for assistance in making arrangements with the funeral director. Last Rites & Sick Calls: Father Ramolla serves a wide area and must often travel far to administer these Sacraments. Please do not put off making arrangements until the last moment. Let us know if a church member is sick, hospitalized or in danger of death. Matrimony: If you are contemplating marriage, please make an appointment to speak with Father before setting a date.



6811 Dublin Center Drive Dublin, Ohio 43017

Circumcision of Our Lord

January 1, 2012

Sede Vacante
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CONTACT INFORMATION 513 870 0222 Cell 513 746 0291 (Emergency) @

Sunday January 1, 2012 Todays Mass Intention: Special Intentions (T. Minges) Todays Missal Settings: CIRCUMCISION OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST NEW YEAR; PREF & COMMUNIC: Christmas.

Circumcision of Our Lord Jesus ChristOctave Day of Christmas

Calendar for the Week of 2 January

Month of the Holy Name of Jesus & Holy Family
DATE 02 JAN (MON) DAY MASS The Most Holy Name of Jesus Octave Day of St. Stephen, Protomartyr Octave Day of St. John, ApEv Octave Day of Holy Innocents Vigil of the Epiphany St. Telesphorus, PM The Epiphany of Our Lord First Friday First Saturday Within the Octave The Holy Family Sunday within the Octave

Welcome to Saint Anthony of Padua chapel at the Dublin Village
Center. After Mass, we invite all to join us for refreshments in the social hall. If you are a visitor, feel free to talk to Father and our friendly parishioners to learn more about the traditional Latin Mass.

According to St. Anthonys bylaws, the election of the 2012 board

must take place within the first 30 days of January. Details to follow.

Beautifully Decorated ChapelThank you, Marylou, for the many

hours you spent artistically designing, shopping all around Columbus for parts, and beautifully decorating our chapel for Christmas!

03 JAN (TUE) 04 JAN (WED) 05 JAN (THU)

Catechism Class for those who have already received their First Holy
Communion resumes next Sunday, at 1:15 PM. See Jan for details.

Dont Forget to pick up your collection envelopes for 2012. They are
located on the table at the entrance to our chapel. Your continued prayers and financial support make Saint Anthonys possible. 06 JAN (FRI)

Quiet PleasePlease save your conversations for the Social Hall,

since people wish to pray before and after Mass, and especially since the Blessed Sacrament is now reserved on the altar. 07 JAN (SAT)

2012 CalendarsThe new traditional 2012 calendars are now

available after Mass for only $7.00 in the Social Hall.

In your charity, please continue to pray for those in our parishes,

especially our friends Anne and Larry Brugger, Sr., Peggy Miller. Due to complications following her surgery, Anne has been moved to a nursing facility called Vancrest, south of Urbana on route 68, about a mile south of where route 55 crosses route 68. She is in good spirits and would enjoy a call from her friends at 937-652-4539.

08 JAN (SUN)


Traditional day of complete abstinence (no meat)

NO Mass celebrated in Columbus Holy-Day of Obligation Mass celebrated in Columbus


Attendance: 34 Collection: $ 919.00

Todays Epistle (Titus 2:11-15) Dearly beloved, the grace of God our
Savior hath appeared to all men, instructing us, that denying ungodliness and worldly desires, we should live soberly, and justly, and godly in this world, looking for the blessed hope and coming of the great God and our Savior, Jesus Christ, Who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from all iniquity, and might cleanse to Himself a people acceptable, a pursuer of good works. These things speak, and exhort, in Christ Jesus our Lord. In what special manner has the grace and goodness of God been manifested to us? In the incarnation and birth of Christ, His Son, Whom, in His infinite love, He has made like unto us, our brother and our teacher, by Whom we have become children of God, and co-heirs of His kingdom. What does Christ by His incarnation desire to teach us especially? That we should put aside all unrighteousness, all infidelity and injustice, and endeavor to become like unto Him, Who, except in sin, has become altogether like unto us. But especially that we repress the desires of lust, wealth, and honor, and not rest until we have rooted them from our hearts. How do we live soberly, justly, and godly? We live soberly, when we fulfill all duties towards ourselves; justly, when we fulfill all duties towards our neighbor; and godly, when we fulfill all duties to God.

the least bound by it, which ordered that every male child should be circumcised on the eighth day after its birth (Leviticus 12:3). Why was He named Jesus? Because Jesus means Redeemer and Savior, and He had come to redeem and save the world (St. Matthew. 1:21). This is the holiest, most venerable, and most powerful name by which we can be saved. What power has this name? The greatest power, for it repels all attacks of the evil Spirit, as Jesus Himself says (St. Mark16:17). And so great is the efficacy of this most holy name that even those who are not righteous, can by it expel devils (St. Mathew 7:22). It has power to cure physical pains and evils, as when used by the apostles (Acts. 3:3-7), and Christ promised that the faithful by using it could do the same (St. Mark 16:17). St. Bernard calls the name of Jesus a "Medicine"; and St. Chrysostom says, "This name cures all ills; it gives succor in all the ailments of the soul, in temptations, in faintheartedness, in sorrow, and in all evil desires, etc." "Let him who cannot excite contrition in his heart for the sins he has committed, think of the loving, meek, and suffering Jesus, invoke His holy name with fervor and confidence, and he will feel his heart touched and made better," says St. Lawrence Justinian. It overcomes and dispels the temptations of the enemy: "When we fight against Satan in the name of Jesus," says the martyr St. Justin, "Jesus fights for us, in us, and with us, and the enemies must flee as soon as they hear the name of Jesus." It secures us help and blessings in all corporal and spiritual necessities, because nothing is impossible to him who asks in the name of Jesus, whatever tends to his salvation will be given him (St. John 14:13). Therefore it is useful above all things, to invoke this holy name in all dangers of body and soul, in doubts, in temptations, especially in temptations against holy chastity, and still more so when one has fallen into sin, from which he desires to be delivered; for this name is like oil (Canticles 1:2) which cures, nourishes, and illumines. How must this name be pronounced to experience its power? With lively faith, with steadfast, unshaken confidence, with deepest reverence and devotion, for in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the Earth (Phillipians 2:10). What wickedness, then, is theirs who habitually pronounce this name carelessly and irreverently, upon every occasion! Such a habit is certainly diabolical; for the damned and the devils constantly abuse God and His holy name. Why does this name so seldom manifest its power in our days? Because Christian faith is daily becoming weaker, and confidence less, while perfect submission to the will of God is wanting. When faith grows stronger among people, and confidence greater, then will the power of this most sacred name manifest itself in more wonderful and consoling aspects.

Todays Gospel (St.

Luke 2:21) At that time, after eight days were accomplished that the child should be circumcised, His name was called Jesus, which was called by the angel before He was conceived in the womb.
Why did Jesus submit to Circumcision? That He might show His great love for us, which caused Him even at the very beginning of His life, to shed His blood to cleanse us thereby from all our sins. Furthermore to teach us obedience to the commandments of God and His Church, since He voluntarily subjected Himself to the Jewish law, although He was not in



Circumcision was a sacrament of the Old Law, and the first legal observance required of the descendants of Abraham by Almighty God. It was a sacrament of initiation in the service of God, and a promise, an engagement, to believe and act as He had revealed and directed. The law of circumcision continued in force until the death of Christ. Our Savior having thus been born under the law, it became Him who came to teach mankind obedience to the law of God, to fulfill all justice, and to submit to it. He was circumcised that He might redeem those who were under the law, by freeing them from the servitude of it, and that those who were formerly in the condition of servants might be set at liberty and receive the adoption of sons in Baptism, which, by Christs institution, succeeded to circumcision (Cf. Gal. 4:5). On the day when the divine Infant was circumcised, He received the name of JESUS, which was assigned to Him by the Angel before He was conceived, and which signifies SAVIOR. That name, so beautiful, so glorious, the divine Child does not wish to bear for one moment without fulfilling its meaning. Even at the moment of His circumcision He showed Himself a SAVIOR by shedding for us that blood of which a single drop is more than sufficient for the ransom and salvation of the whole world. Reflection. Let us profit by the circumstance of the New Year, and of the wonderful renewal wrought in the world by the great mystery of this day, to renew in our hearts an increase of fervor and of generosity in the service of God. May this year be one of fervor and of progress! It will go by rapidly, like the one which has just ended. If God permits us to see its end, how happy we shall be to have passed it in a holy manner!
Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints, a compilation based on Butlers Lives of the Saints and other sources by John Gilmary Shea (Benziger Brothers: New York, 189

he entire life of the Father in the Holy Trinity is to speak His Son, His Word; it is to engender, by a unique, simple and eternal act, a Son resembling Himself, to whom He communicates the plenitude of His Being and His perfections. In this Word, infinite like Himself, in this unique and eternal Word, the Father never ceases to recognize His Son, His own image, the splendor of His glory. This is My beloved Son, in Whom I am wellpleased. These words, pronounced on Mount Tabor at the time of the Transfiguration, are the greatest revelation God has made to the earth; they are an echo of the very life of the Father. The Father, in His character of Father, lives by engendering His Son; this generation has neither beginning nor end. In eternity we will behold with astonishment, admiration and love, that procession of the Son engendered in the bosom of the Father, procession which is eternal: Thou art My Son; this day I have engendered Thee. The today is the perpetual present of eternity. It is an excellent thing in the spiritual life to keep before the eyes of the heart, this testimony of the Father; nothing is more powerful to sustain our faith. And let us then say, Yes, Father, I believe it, and I want to repeat it: this Jesus who is in me through faith, through grace, through Holy Communion, is Your Son. Because You have said it, I believe it. And because I believe it, I adore Your Son, to render Him my homage and through Him, in Him, to render to You also, O Heavenly Father, in union with Your Spirit, all honor and all glory. Such a prayer is very agreeable to our Father in Heaven; when it is true, pure and frequent, it makes us the object of the Fathers love. God envelops us in the complacency which He finds in His own Son Jesus. It is Our Lord Himself who tells us so: The Father loves you, because you have believed that I have come from Him that I am His Son. What happiness for a soul to be the object of the Fathers love, this Father from Whom every perfect gift comes down to rejoicing hearts!
Source: Le Christ dans Ses mystres, by Dom Columba Marmion (Granger Frres Lte: Montreal, 1946).


O God, Heavenly Father of Mercy, God of all Consolation! we thank Thee that from our birth to this day, Thou hast so well preserved us, and hast protected us in so many dangers; we beseech Thee, through the merits of Thy beloved Son, and by His sacred blood which He shed for us on this day in His circumcision, to forgive all the sins which, during the past year, we have committed against Thy commandments, by which we have aroused Thy indignation and wrath against ourselves. Preserve us in the coming year from all sins, and misfortunes of body and soul. Grant that from this day to the end of our lives, all our senses, thoughts, words, and works, which we here dedicate to Thee for all time, may be directed in accordance with Thy will, and that we may finally die in the true Catholic faith, and enjoy with Thee in Thy kingdom a joyful new year, that shall know no end. Amen.