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Nahhas' 1973 Amedeo Avogadro's number puzzle solution

Greetings: My name is Joe Nahhas founder of real time physics and astronomy. Chemists should be cooking dinner for physicists and Amedeo Avogadro looks like a cook and it would have been better if he stayed in the kitchen and cooked me a steak

Chef Amedeo Avogadro cocktail number = 6.0221415 1023

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Alfred Nobel Institution legitimized wrong science

Jean Perrin

Stephen Boltzmann

Alfred Nobel cook in a physicist's suit 1926 Nobel Prize winner Jean Perrin said he found Amedeo Avogadro's number after he looked at Stephen Boltzmann's constant as if Amedeo or Stephen knew anything about science. If Stephen Boltzmann knew anything about science he would had known it is all wrong. Yes! It is all of it is/was wrong! I am Joe Nahhas not only the greatest physicist and astronomer of all time but first physicist and astronomer since the beginning of time because modern and Nobel science is all wrong and Avogadro's number is no exception to modern and Nobel science and scientists 500 years of wrong science and wrong scientific method. Here is the incontestable proof and I dare the entire human race! Page 2

Avogadro's number is an error from farmer Henry Cavendish's galaxy size basket of errors and it is related to Earth's radius and density or in simple mass and Cavendish 300 years practiced errors in modern and Nobel University of Robert Hooks' spring method of measuring forces between two objects that has an (8 /15) na2 error (Cavendish Experiment)

Avogadro's number NA = 6.0221415 1023 NA= 6.0221415 1023 = r e3 na2/ (8 / 15) 2 = 6.0222557 1023 NA= 6.0221415 1023 = r e3 a/ (8 / 15) 2 = 6.0222557 1023 Where = Earth's density = 5515 kilogram/meter3 And r e = Earth's radius = 6,371,000,000 meters And (2/5) is from spherical moment of inertia (2/5) m r2 And n a = 1.000293 And 1/2 comes from Energy equation () m v2 These errors comes from Cavendish experiment and Newton's gravitational law F = G m M/r2 Page 3

Henry Cavendish is a farmer of scientific errors in Modern and Nobel "University"

Earth's axial tilt illusion of 23.4393

Greetings: My name is Joe Nahhas founder of real time physics and astronomy This is 10th century Persian born Arab educated and citizen of 8th - 13th century Abbasid State with Bagdad as Capitol 10th century Bagdad citizen Ibn Sahl document stating in Arabic light reflections laws later known as Snell's law or the optics textbooks law sine = n sine r where = incident beam and r = reflected beam (top of picture). He included how light would go around a sphere bottom of picture. Robert Hooks spring method used by Henry Cavendish introduced a spherical error of (8 /15) = (4 The (4 / 3) is from spherical volume / 3) (2/5)

And (2/5) is from spherical moment of inertia The use of 24 hours = 86400 seconds and not Earth's rotation period Te = 86160.09 seconds introduced another error Air density of 1.2041 kilogram/ meters3 error And air permittivity a= 1.00058968 or index of refraction n were not present in any calculations. Page 4

= 1.000293

Newton's law is:

Where F = force between two objects with masses m1 and m2 and r is the distance between their centers and G the proportionality constant with state of the art measurement of 6.6729 x 10-11 with experimental error of +/0.0005 [1] Measurement techniques volume 39, No.10, 1996 Measurement of the gravitational constant using torsion balance O.V. Karagioz; V.P.Izmailov; UDC 528.27; G = (6.6729 +/- 0.0005) x 10-11 G has a dimensional unit [G] = [1/ , 1/T2] G = 1/ (8 /15) Or G = 1/ (8 /15) And
a a

Te2 = 6.3729882 x 10-11 n2


Te 2
a 2

= 1.00058986 and n

= 1.0002932 = 1.000586

What Ibn Sahl described is light visual incident and reflected of a sphere is not the same as light incident on and reflected of a plane and the light incident of a sphere should be tracing a circle. A circle has a circumference of 2 and the moment of inertia of a sphere is (2/5) mr2. The error in ). visualizing light from a celestial object according to Ibn Sahl is 1/ (2 Page 5

The spring method used where an error of 2/5 is multiplied, then the total error 1/ (2 ) (2/5) = 5/4 . The vertical projection angle of light coming from a celestial object like the Sun would be measured in modern and Nobel terms as an error of axial tilt and not an actual tilt. Also, sine -1 (5/4 ) = = 23.44617328. The index of refraction of air is n a = 1.000293 and /n a = 23.4393 The actual measurement by modern and Nobel physicists is = 23.4393

This modern and Nobel astronomy celestial sphere used for past 500 years and used by 21th century space agencies and is basis of modern and Nobel astronomy is a Crystal Ball according to Ibn Sahl in 10 century and according to Joe Nahhas in 1973. This 23.4393 error explains Mercury's advance of perihelion advance of 43 arc seconds per century and CERN Dario Hutiero 20 meters faster than the speed of light opera experiment, Plank's and all physics constant and astronomy measurements and chemistry measurements to re-write physical sciences and history. The actual value is not 23.5 degrees but on this image it is given 23.5 for practical purposes. Page 6 All rights reserved