POLYGRAPH REPORT TO: Michael Eisenberg Attorney at Law 700 12th'Street NW Suite 700 Washington, D.C.

20005-4052 FROM: Paul Redden 3111 Camino del Rio North Suite 400 San Diego, CA 92108

DATE: January 30, 2008 INCIDENT: Child Molestation SUBJECT AND DATE OF EXAM Ehlers, Edwin Arthur II ARRANGEMENTS The above named subject voluntarily submitted to a polygraph examination administered by Paul Redden at Lega\ Team EcYw> Defense bm\dmg, Camp ?end\e\cm, CaMomia. The examination utilized a Lafayette Instrument computerized polygraph instrument which indicated and recorded relative changes in blood pressure, rate and strength of pulse beat, gdvsmc sifcrn response and breathing pattern. It was the understanding of the examiner that the primary purpose of this examination was to determine the truthfulness of the subject's statement when he denied sexually molesting H Skovranko, the 2 year old daughter of Stacy Skovranko a neighbor at base housing. The subject stated that he had been convicted of having oral sex with Y Skovranko, me&tvKbs&ag, m &oat o£ H Skovianko and stepping Yi Skovianko on ite buttocks for sexual gratification on August 21, 2007, and has been sentenced to 25 years in the Brig. Ehlers denied the allegations and is in the process of appealing his conviction. Ehlers said that he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps on May 28, 1998 and at the time he was criminally charged with the above allegations was at the rank of Sergeant, He said that he first learned about the allegation in April 2004 when his ex-wife called him and told him that Stacy Skovranko had notified her of the allegations. He said that he lived next to the Skovranko's in base housing and knew H Skovranko for approximately 2 months. The Skovranko's moved to different housing in 2002. Ehlers also stated that on August 16, 2002 he and his wife had an argument and he was banned from his apartment until late September, however, said he did not move back in to that apartment until early 1/29/2008

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Polygraph Report Ehlers, Edwin Arthur II November 2002. He said that Skovranko's children played with his children but he was never alone with H and never babysat for H Skovranko. In February or March of 2005 he was interview by NCIS Agents and denied the allegation. He said that he took an NCIS polygraph and was told he was deceptive. He said the NCIS Polygraph Examiner testified that he had admitted to him that he had masturbated in front of H and tried to get him to sign a written confession. He said that he did not say that and refused to sign any confession statement that he had sexually molested or masturbated in front of Hi Skovranko. Ehlers denied any sexual contact with H Skovranko, denied masturbating in front of Hi Skovranko and denied slapping her on the buttocks for sexual gratification. During the course of the four administered polygraph examinations the following relevant questions were asked: RELEVANT QUESTIONS 1. Did you ever have any type of oral sex with K & SUBJECT answered: "No." 2. Did you ever masturbate in front of H SUBJECT answered: "No." 3. Did you ever slap H Skovranko on her buttocks for any type of sexual gratification? Skovranko? Skovranko?

SUBJECT answered: "No." RESULTS At the conclusion of the polygraph examination a careful evaluation of all the subject's polygraph charts revealed physiological responses generally associated with truthfulness. It is my opinion, as the examiner, based on a careful analysis of all the subject's polygraph charts that the subject was not attempting deception when he answered "no" to the above relevant questions. The entire examination was electronically recorded and will remain a part of the subject's polygraph file. The subject's charts were reviewed and quality controlled by three other qualified polygraph examiners, who concurred with my conclusion. Respectfully,

Paul Redden Polygraph Examiner
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