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9th Year No. 11
ADDIS ABABA-3rd December, 2002




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Proclamation No. 299/2002 Environmental Impact Assessment Proclamation

Page 1951

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PROCLAMATION NO. 29912002 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT PROLAMA nON WHEREAS, environmental impact assessment is used to predict and manage the evironmental effects which a proposed development activity as a result of its design sitting, construction, operation, or an ongoing one as a result of its modification or termination, entails and thus helps to bring about intended development; WHEREAS, assessment of possible impacts on the environment prior to the approval of a public instrument provides an effective means of harmonizing and integrating environmental, economic, cultural and social considerations into a decision making process in a manner that promotes sustainable development, WHEREAS, the impfementation of the environmental rights and objectives enshrined in the Constitution would be fostered by the prediction and management of likely adverse environmental impacts, and the maximaization of their socioeconomic benefits. WHEREAS, environmental impact assessment serves to bring about administrative transparency and accountablity, as well as to involve the public and, in particular, communities in the planning of and decision taking on developments which may affect them and its environment; NOW, TIffiREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows: PART ONE 1. Short Title This Proclamation may be cited as the "Environmental Impact Assessment Proclamtion No. 299/2002."


hlifl'C CiJit ~U h~~ ufh\1f1a. "'iJiJtj "'~'IO'/ h'P;E- ck1'C InD/ IDl1?;" +l1fro l\.m+il ~'flt/.\II

"~ ";J 3.40 Unit Price

~;JtT ;JtLlfJ;r.",.~. Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,001

.. as the case may be......9"1.'11C':f n 00.. fcrym<tf'i fuPuP"C.""" f.. vibration.).Jl1C''''.e.. 'i'9"~ Federal Negarit Gazeta-No. 6) "Person" means any natural or juridical person. soil. li' " IIt\P' ~.'} (i'II""uP'}"": f'}. 9) "Proponent" means any organ of government if in the public sector or any person if in the private sector that initiates a project..ce '}-oJ.:~9" fuP'}"'P''''' hilA '1~... 'h '}:.1.e. . be it positive or negative. major expansion or alteration or any existing undertaking..A ""c ~ t7IJ...: "1.9" 1. which results from the implementation of a proposed project or public instrument..1\ till.. "tI AA" ~ Tl1IL tI :h 1 uP'}'" P''''' h '}. flP/. f (}~'1 .9" 0 'I I\C ~C~.f1?.9" t\~'I': "TC'~tI. .Q.:~9" '11C '1~.e." A fl)'}" cryIt . 10) "Public instrument" means a policy.t.. a law or an international agreement.'} m.e.1.e.4t'l'C' Ul1"" '1'0"" m. 12) "Regional Environmental Agency" means any regional government organ entrusted by that Region with a responsibility for the protection or regulation of the environment and natural resources.. P't. ..C'}: ~9"6.9" O:h. 0 1P/.. 0"''I':t"9'' 1f'1 "''1'''' u) f l.9" Oh 111 1\~ f'l.. objectionable odour. OhilOQfce: OhJ1CjIP/.f:}~A: m.0.e..1fP f(\~ m..... social.}"'P'T hilA '1~:: "ftlAA In this Proclamation: 1) "Authority" means the Environmental Protection Authority."": OhllQ hfC : OhfC o-~:t" 'h'i OhfC '}111..9" Ol\.:T~ o-)..lUll) ~'1'e Hi . " 0 il.1f. 1'} 0...4t'l'C'hce o-)..f\o:f :hftp'} flP/.Cll flP/. subsequenlty alter environmental.(... . . Ocry:hOt..uPl\h"'~ fuP'}"'P''''' hilA: 0.. il.e.'" 'h'}:"ll""~ '1~..9" o-)..9" t\) O(}~ mS m.. 't.. 8) "Project" mans any new development activity under any category listed in any directive issued pursuant to this Proclamation..9" <k'l''I'C 0 tI A I\.e... or any resumption of work that had been discontinued. m.. .. fit illl 0.. climate.. for the purpose of this Proclamation.. cryt\"" 0 h..e.e." m. I' "uP.9" OqtJl\ce :.1f'} flP/. uP P' ~! 0.C':f'}9" fhJtll hOll 'h'i . cryt\"" T C'~tli: 0 uP'}'" P''''' "fT C'~tI"" IIt\ 0.. '}-oJ.11.): t\tttJ htp~ h4t'09" f~&.9"t....t7IJ.... 7i1it\~ m.:~9" hJtll fA cry.' :hftp'} 01 . odor.ce: ?..1." cryt\"" t\hilllo.A.. 'i t\.. natural or cultural heritage.:t"'} flP/. tllf:A 'I't.}I\~ '1"" f "'(}111~ cry'}C. t\ ~111 ~ f1P/.f1."" OIP/.4t1llC t\ ~'I' 9"tI'} f"" cry'}c.... includes the Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa Administrations.9" O(}~ hcryil~'1"" . cry"...C ll: {i1\.l. E' t\ ~'} ..'" f!J't/li / f.fllh.ce f'l.9" . noise. cry'}c.9" (}. fluP&. 4t"" ~ ~C~..:t" T~'} m.1~' Ii!£j~ t.e..""'} flP/. 4t It7i : III fl) C m . '}-oAtJ uPll~"''''' m. air: water. Definitions 11 3rdDecember..fce k I li ."": O.e. " (}~" uPl1"" cryt\"" f.... taste..mlll'1 f'l.. flP/." 0'/ t\ .L'I'C'hce m....:t". their external spaces and the interactions which affect their quaUty or quanitity and the welfare of human or other lving beings.e.1\ <hIt ce <k9" hilA: m. 7) "Pollutant" means any substance whether liquid."Clf: f..ll. 9. social factors.e. 0:" ~IP/.uP t\ hi:"" fh1~i: tllf:f\o:f cryt\"" f'l. 3) "Environmental Impact Assessment" means the methodology of identifying and evaluating in advance any effect..9" f ~ t\ 9" h"'lf: II9"9" '1"" 'I ~.6/1 Cj" cryt\"" 0 h illl 0. ... whetehr and climate. other physical structure.V.Cll m.mfl) Ocry'}c..e.e. flora.. iI' (}~'1~.9" ILf1..e... 11) "Region" means any of those parts of Ethiopia specified as Regions under Article 47(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and. or in general. ..:~9" fhAA fuP..e.: llA"": uPCd. including but not restricted to.'} uPAl' t\uP~ooc fIP/.: Oh4tC: OhfC: O~Y: OhfC '}111.. living things.e.e.m(f'}: 0fl)'h9": OcrytJOt. t\ ~'I' 'I ~.f I\. or any other phenomenon that is hazardous or potentially hazardous to human health or to other living things...e.}"'P':t"ce lP'1~" cryt\"" rILf'l.:t"~ "f 4t"" ~ (}QJ.fuP'16J!': cry'}C.qt.. 5) "Licensing Agency" means any organ of government empowered by law to issue an ivestment permit or a trade or operating license or a work permit or to register a business orgnaization.e. fauna.:fA I\. ?.e. water..:t"T~ m.:~9" uP uP ~f ~ll 'I' 0 "'111'" (} C/I II flP/...9" fl\.. diseases.""" cryt\ f h..e..J..4tO""'} fh illlo..e..9" 1\...1:' cryt\"" OH. or b) produces toxic substances.. t\ uP lllll"" m.e.h:t".. ~ P'Afl)'} f"'(}I11~ cry'}C.e.. iFt:h1\ ce 16:t" sP:f I\.. "fhilllo.9" uP..tJ htp~ uPlPl.tJ'}'1"": 0/16'1''''': O'h'}lllt...e... radioactivity. land atmosphere.f Ao1...If'} IIt\Ul1"" f If 'I~ m.1f'} flP/.1..e.. 9" 1f'1 h If:t.fce m. 2. a programme. 2002-Page 1952 ~. m... 'I' 0 IIt\P' A fl)'} cry t\"" 'I ~. solid or gas which directly or indirectly: a) alters the quality of any part vf the receiving environment so as to affect its beneficial use adversely."" OuPt\(J)'I' lIl. 4t 'I'C' ~ -' f"'(}m~ hilA '1~f m..:t" fuPlllll"" h:"OO-'} flP/. 7i 0>-(11. sound..e. OtttJ htp~ ~ll'l': '1.I\e r}!!+1 m..9" 1.1\ ce Jt IfPtIt. It...}"'P':t"ce lP'1~ . and aesthetics..e.fut.. h . I\..f":f 'h'i Oil'1 O.e..9" 0 '} o-lt'} tllf:f\o~ I\...6/1Cj "'9"1cry~' cryl\"" h."" uPC1I'}:0 7i:t"'}: tlc~""'}: Qilil.e.J.9'" f'}. t\ (llJuP1I111 O:h..e. 11c: :h.. 'h') 1. uP/o.I\-'i f 1\-0"" (1:t": 'h') Jto-9" uP III'i T~'} m .9" . '1~f ".}: '}1I1. 2) "Environment" means the totality of all materials whether in their natural state or modified or changed by human.. a strategy..e...Jt"" .}~' TC'~tI"" m. heat. "hilllo.f'l. ll ~: m . I~' fhilllo..J 11 f If 'I : c.. I\."": O~y: OtJftp'}: 0~9"6: 07i:t": ~O..m 111'1f'l.9" f P' t.1fP "'*C(11 f'101. economic or cultural conditions. 'I h~'9"C '1~.:m-9" 0 (}~ mS CD.: IIA If 'I uP'} 1 ~. ~ (J).tp hll. 4) "Impact" means any change to the environment or to its component that may affect human health ot safety...l\'::.""'}: oo-.9" .

)lj "'9"101/ ~.H. /\1A. ~/\OTII 2) Any directive provided under Sub Article 1 of this OtttJ ~'}.+mO. t..)lj n..~"f"A:: OI/. reversibility or irreversibility or other related effects of the project.J1..t'.)lj "'9"101/ h'}-'tfil'll: "fit1I:1. I' 5.sP"f PART TWO 3.ftJAA f~ilflo.f~ilflo. ~f1.fithTA ~':f'''A OOl//\T ooro(a'} ~/\OT:: f ~ il fI0. Considerations to Determine Impact 1) The impact of a project shall be assessed on the basis of the size..).).ftJAA f~ilflo.ftJAA f~ilqo. h'}1. /\ooool\it hoo.V-'}:1' oo(am-l:. ooP'tf o.)lj l\.T tJAA 1'7i.)..).if 1) Every project which falls in any category listed in OD'l.. . nature. ~.Jt~-I:: hl\fr'"f 1'..)tf "''r101/ fO?fitt..OI/ooAhT ~/\OT:: i' 6. 1''}:P't hC"'~ OOtJ"'}OA TC'~tJ-I: ~AtJ ~/\-.O''i A 1'-0 t\ CD-t /\O? i ment..). Article shall. +.'} m:PO? 1~ 'i I' OT'}a: -0.)..} fO?.t-m-: ro1.h1'A fO?"fA '} ~ /\-:1'ce +.. ~'9'" Federal Negarit Gazeta- No. +... ~OlOT v-~:1'.t-ce . "-..A1m-'} OI/'}~m-'}'" TC'~tJT: hfl/\P'AII}~ ro~'r hO?oo/\ h+m..1:/\ T"'U fH.)lj l1.JC hO?ljlCD. D'I.}'" (am.).flt-ce h '}-'to'.~O''iA . 5) Without prejudice to Sub Article (4) of this Article.f.. among other things. +.)lj "''r1D'1 ooil~1: TC'~tJT V-/\.?\ '}o-it ~'}.'r fO? h ..1: ro~'" fP't.l'-I:'i hfl/\P'AII}~ ro~'" hO?oo/\h1'm.C1CD-9":: fH..:J>I: (aQJ.9"'}T ~m...)lj "'9"101/ fO?fitt.} CD-9" ~ m-it'I' 0+ In'" (a C.).0 t.)lj Ii' l\. ') ii it:'~ 00'):": f'}.-/\m. +....1'~D'lt~T: h~~.Citfl:fm~O''iA +-o/\mf0?100-l: OfT~m-'" OI/"+Cj: ~/\OTII tJAA f0?1101/:hOl(a{1"f'} Trans-Regional Impact Assessment 1) A proponent shall carry out the environmental impact assessment of a project that is likely to produce a trans-regional impact in consultation with the communities likely to be affected in any region.. ensure that the Authority or the relevant regional environmental agency has authorized its implementation.J11' -0.?\ '}o-it ~'}.OH. General Provisions 1) Without authorization from the Authority or from the relevant regional environmental agency. A' fTC'~tJT P'Cj:t-m-f hfltJt~: htJAA +7i.1~' June ~lot--A ~?t"" ?H.-o ~ '}I: TC'~tJT l\.. no person shall commence implementation of any project that requires environmental impact assessment as determined in a directive issued pursuant to Article 5 of this Proclamation.tJ ~If~ I' f. is only slightly or arguably beneficial.A1mOI/'}~m-'" TC'~tJT fO?h+/\CD-'} +.Jt f~\1f1o. 2) The Authority or the relevant regional environmental agency shall err on the side of caution while determining the negative impact of a project having both beneficial and detrimental effects. duration.)lj "''''101/ hO?fitt.ooootf.. ooP'tf o.: ~m-:I g.l1.} q/\o.T f~ilflo...:/\-: h'}1.?\ llil h'}1.)lj "'9"101/ it/\ O?f itt.sP"f +.).T ~V-'}:1' ltf1~ +..)..)lj "'9"1D'1 l1.)lj fithT/\. but which. 3) Any licensing agency shall.)..f~ilflo."f il/\-T: ~1C .t'. when the Authority or the relevant regional environmental agency believes that the possible impacts of the project are insignificant. T 0+1:( m.T f~ilflo.tJ ~'}. Ii' OI/.CD. it may decide not to require the concerned proponetn to conduct an environmental impact assessment. 00 P' tf 0. .J1.f 001"'1'" ~/\OTI: m:J>O? 1:( m-m.t'-o/\CD-it!l.f\1'lI:J ~~T ~1. tJAA +7i.. 11 3'dDecember.. exemption from liability shall be granted only when it is verified that it is the victim himself or a third party for whom the proponent is not responsible that has caused the damage.) tfsP"f tD~'" tJit+.qu fT C'~tJ -I: fI/\ 0. +.IIJ<Il1'C "'~C ?..?\ '}o-it ~'}.A? (a) projects not likely to have negative impacts.} OI/" 1. 2) Without prejudice to Sub Article (1) of this Article.J1'1' ~/\nT:I . O'lj: fI/\P'AII}~ ro~'r fO?oo/\h+mftJAA f~ilqo.-ofr' h100+ fTC'~tJ-I:.f~ilflo.).. .V-9" hl\" +"D'I~ 1?\:1'sP"f ~I).?\ ~ oroll) ooootf OOlPlT f~ilflo.)lj hTC'~tJ-I: oom'}: hooil~~ 4.)..:/\tD~'" il/\oo.geI953 tJCj:A V-/\T ~.t-ce +.A? (b) Projects likely to have negative impacts and :fm-'} TC'~tJ"'"fJ thus require environmental impact assessment. 2002-P-. +. .. ooP'tf o.).).ftJAA f~ilflo. determine 0) ~/\-:1'ce +.t-(a(l.?\ (§) 1:'}.. ~ ~'}.:J>1: hooP'm-l: OkT hfl/\P'AII}~ ro~'" hO?oo/\h+m.. 4) Approval of an environmental impact study report or the granting of authorization by the authority or the relevant regional environmental agency does not exonerate the proponent from liability for damage.T ~.?\ (Ii) f+m"'(aCD. prior to issuing an investment permit or a trade or an operating license for any project.} f..D1 categoris of: ~...+mO..T ~V-'}:1' oo(am-l: fTC'~tJ-I:.} fI/\o.A. ~"~~T Ol\/\OT OY'it+~ ro1') ool:l(a.J TCD-T C'~tJ"'"f Ii' ~.).T OOl/l:lit hO?h+A ~"k~T ~. m~"" I:'} . §. transregional effect. andthus determine that it is likely to entail a negative significant impact. 00 P' tf o. f...) it 0 O?il+T any directive issued pursuant to this Proclamation +. and :fm-'} TC'~tJ"'"fJ h'i so do not require environmental impact assess/\) ~ /\-.&..). T f n.)tf ooro(a~ :1'lto. on balance. cumulative effect with other concurrent impacts or phenomena.roit'} ~/\P' A II}~ rof.fithTA fO?"fA TC'~tJT f~\1f1o.: hO?foo'H. .tJ ~'}. ODP'tf o.).)lj 'I''iT "1f1 +"'fI~~T f~ilflo..t. +. II'tff h+mf-t~T ~..~ I{. location.(a. fIt-ce /\01/I: l'" ~~t.T ro1..t-(a(l."f .) lj fit h T /\.).}I: fTC'~tJT fI/\o.} ro~9" 00-0/\1' ~/\OO-o/\ffio hOtfro..T TC'~tJ-I: +.Jt'i +. shall be subject to environmental impact assessment. OOo'.} m-".l..)lj "'9"101/ fD'lfitt. Iun?.:/\m"'~-I: . Projects Requiring Environmental Impact Assessment OtttJ ~If~ (llJIPlT OO?roll) OD'l'}~CD-9"OOW.

1 11 released during impelemtation as well as during f.~ f f" oolf'} 11"0"":: proceed.. (J)'} (J) .."fA Te>1:tJ.} fo<Jit"'~f ljsP"f "Me. 9"." "''''eD-'} f 0 11f.~ y"p"f'} fD7.} "o<J\1't~e.} f.""1 fTe>1:tJi:'} f11I1t1Q "'(jiJlj f1'e. Environmental Impact Study Report "1t11 t1"FAIl}~ (J)f.. h'} -'t0-9" (}.h'}:" it:" ().. t1"n."" "1 t1'} "o<J".9"}~ fTe>~tJ"" t1. t1" 11 t1Q fD7."f:: an environmental impact study report. f11\1t1Q +(jiJlj f1'e..I1~~t1TeD-'} OO'}1P.. and submit to the Authority or the relevant regional environmental agency theenvironmental impact study report together with the documents determined as necessary by the Authority or the relevant regional environmental agency. f"''''OO~ t1U~f."f ...."" "1t1'} ooooCOOC hoo1:oo~ Ok"" . 11.1.f. hC9"~sP"f. O... 00 m '}..) 11l\-. o<J l.."f..."fA Te>1:tJ.f itt-A 1 eD-'} 1:tJi: t1."" 0IJ:"l.".f (J)f." "'1 Q . th) f F ireD..}~' operatioin./JiJlj f1'e."'10CO.~' (e) characteristics and duration of all the estimated IV) 0.J 1:"" fD7.."fA tJA~ "'7i. A fD7.~ 11"0"":: t1"FAIl}~ tJAA "'7i... flit"" PARTTHREE 7."'10C h'}-'to-9" *D7. incorporated the means of their prevention or containment. a proponent shall fulfill the terms and condition of authorization. operation. 11 3rdDecember.rTeD-'} h (J)(t."" "'1 Q . 0:" ~D7. 2) A proponent shall ensure that the environmental impact of his project is conducted and the environmental impact study report prepared by experts that meet the requirements specified under any directive issued by the Authority. the elements necessary to prepare as well as evaluate ftJ""""A FlrsP"f fD7. 11m:""'9'" -f. (f) measures proposed to eliminate."~ ~Yo.e..A (c) source and amount of energy required for lj:J!..f "Yo'} O.J1:eD..(tmOJ- L:" ~ eD-it1' f"'"l.9" fOO**D7.he.". t\..1~ Iil£91! ~fulrA Iil£1?.ftJAA f11I1t1Q OOF~f 0..\1't~0"" tJAA OJ-it1' fD7..1' ..) Te>1:tJi: (}.1. "'mf.9" 11"00 11tY.9" l."~ ooitLC. '1..e.... fT C'1:tJ.r~ "'(jiJljsP"f direct or indirect. (t..1:-S ftJAA f11I1t1Q OOF~f 0.fD7. positive or negative impacts...l.r~ (J)f.1 fTe>1:tJi:'} 11l\-. 11" 0"":: " t.eD-"eD-'} (a) the nature of the project. 3) The Authority shall issue guidelines that determine F 1rOJ."" fTe>1:tJi:'} ool1't~ sufficient information to enable the Authority or the 't (J) ' f.l\. .o<J'}~eD-9" OOOO~f f"'"l. "1t1eD-'} "ooooCOOC fD7.tJ AA fD7. Duties of a Proponent I) A proponent shall undertake an environmental impact assessment. h'}1..f".. 2002-Page 1954 ~. r..eD-1 f11I1t1Q "'(jiJlj f1'e.h. OJ..llo-9" *D7."'~O"" 'ltL."" r. 3) The Authority shall.IV" p.. f.J11' 11"0"":: f11I1t1Q "'iJiJlj ~9"101J.J ooh"hf 11~~""'" he.J~ f11\1t1fi.'} 11"0i-:: (}..rsP"f'} o<J.1 t1eD-'} v-~.A it"D7.ff"" o<Jl... 4) When implementing his project...J~"" ..."'eD-'} f. f11I1t1Q "'(jiJlj (J)lJ. tJ nology and processes to be used.oo"h"'eD. 00" h"'eD.ftJAA f11I1t1Q OOF~f 0. prior to embarking on the evaluation of an environmental impact study report of a project with likely trans-regional impact. 1IC1Ie>"ff f" oolf'} 11"0"""'''' as a minimum. f11\1t1Q -J-(jiJlj f1'e.fT e> f1'e.J~ "'(jiJlj lLfith""A fD7.11 11" 0"":: OTe>1:tJi: "f. fD7. "1t1 Qf'}it fD7..e... f11\1t1Q "'(jiJlj 1'e..t1"OO-fsP"f oolf~.(tp"f 11 (h0 it. identify the likely adverse impacts of his project.} r.} "o<J".oo"h"'OJ. h..r~ "'(jiJ "'(jiJljsP~. 0D7...". t1"FAIl}~f11\1t1Q "'(jiJlj 1'e."'111 C 11'} ~ fT e>1:tJ.e. 00.Citt1TeDf. .9" "D7.0.i>rojectwith likely trans-regional impact is being initiated shall ensure the submission of the environmental impact study report of the project to the Authority.lj ~9"1o<J fD7. minimize.. "'(jiJlj OOl.r"'~ (h) contingency plan in case of accident.9" I) An environmental impact study report shall contain 0."" ~ Yo. f111." 'P'P~ f.. i\') Te>1:tJi: 0D7.l\-""'} 2) An environmental impact study report shall contain. a description of: u) fTe>1:tJi:'} t1U~' 01':"9" "f.f(J)ll}eD."" ftJAA f11\1t1Q OOF~f ~."" "1t1 "t1"FAIl}~ h'}-'t"'C11 o<J~l. 0.'" f ."" "1t19" fD7.... during implementation and operation...i: o<Jl.~.J C ~." l\. ensure that the communities likely to be affected in each region have been consulted and their views incorporated.11.9". or (J)f....7. ~.r "00 (J)(t'} fD7.7. f11I1t1Q .. 11 TeD.. 00 If~ '} 2) The regional environmental agency in the region where a ..} fTe> 1:tJ."" fTe>1:tJi:'} f11I1t1Q "'(jiJlj ~9"1o<J 11\1'£P.. T e>1:tJ i:."'11" eD11sP'}.. fD7. 8. tJAA "'7f..I1't1... (J)'}0"" (J):""" f eD-it1' f <k1'1'ce.No. including the techlj f\o:( e.r9" If.. f11I1t1Q 11ff1l "f~C'} "o<J:""A (i) procedures of self auditing and monitoring h:"P.r~ "'(jiJlj'} "o<Jit (J)1~' "00"''' it mitigate negative impacts... t1l\-"" 0 fD7....i: eD-II1' hl1""'" t1"F AIl}~ (J)f."f'} OD7.. fD7.JUII) ~'1'C Hi"'.1.I\c ~1! <1>1 Federal Negarit Gazeta . f 11\1t1Q "'(jiJlj 1'e.1'e..J1:.."" ooi\' t. 3) The cost of undertaking an environmental impact assessment and preparing an environmental impact study report shall be borne by the proponent...11~ relevant regional environmental agency to determine lLlj l..h. FireD(b) the content and amount of pollutant that will be (}. " "o<J:""A f ."l. "1t1...9" 11l\-. "'(jiJlj lLfith""A fD7.0D7. il"o.t1"F AIl}~ OD7."" "1t1eD-'} "t1"FAIl}~ (J)f....0. '}.r sP"f ~.1f~ 0000 ~f sP"f'} o<JD-Il}"" 11" O""u I .lfe..J11' 11"0"":: tJ~A %..1 j..f it"f" eD-'} whether and under what conditions the project shall 0<1:OOl. and f. f11I1t1Q "'iJi.. "1 t1 ~.J~ f11I1t1Q (d) information on likely trans-regional impacts.he..

..TC'1:h-f:.' f1'Cf'T H1l1 h"'lO 0:\1\ hl1~ h'}~~.v-l\UOlPlT uolf)''} l\U01~1~ l1l\P'All))...A fA+m.l~w.' 1'Cf'-f:.w. "'''''e."'~OT 1.C= l1l\P'All))..fTC'1:hT fnl1l1o.fhAA fnl1l1o. uoP'tf n. '} h'}Jt:.FA UOlf)''} l1uo~ l\OI/il"'lT CD~~ CD~ h. f fWi h'}~tLV-~ f1'Cf'-f: uol~ UO":l.T OlP/.. CD~~ l\lP/.~V-'}. +"'l1~~T .I1A"''''10l 11~~-f: ~"'t-A:: ~.1K" Iiif:l?.t. +iJlJe.l\TC'1:h-f: T.. [.f...' 1'Cf'T H1l1 ~cuotji.11W..' fOi/filhTA uolf)''} l1uo~ fl\~.FA l1uo~ T.t. "'''''e. uoP'tf n...t.t.. after evaluating an environmental impact study report by taking into account any public comments and expert opinions. 12.' f1'Cf'T H1l1t ~1lw.~v-'}. h'}Jt"'10C ~v-'}\ propriateness of the provision of Sub Article (1) of h.h'}Jthl\il CD~~ h'}~1Cf' decide whether to extend the validity of the report or . tit) 9.O.}(}oil n'}"''' (ji) ~'}. h.h..l\OI/il"'lT h.t-w-'} ~l1ll)At 1:( "'''''e.w. I\~ flP/. uoP'tf n. h'}JtI1~~t uowl1'} nl\OT:: to order the revision or the redoing of the environmental impact\uo'**~ flP/.~uo v-~.flP/.sP"f HC1fC' h'} Jt ":l.~A hCf' O+ll)l\OT .I\T'}Cf' Thhl\~~-f:...Jo. "'''''e. the Authority or the relevant regional environmental agency may.. may submit an application ~"fl\A:: to that effect to the Authority or the relevant regional A~ V-~.l\w-'} nl\-.I..Fw-') pursuant to Sub Article (2) of this Article.. 10.. flP/. uof1f nl\OT:: ~. f}.. order the environmental impact assessment to be revised or to be redone in order to address the implication.T h'}~n"'l1{to l\l1l\P'All)).JtLlJJ ~1'C Hi 1-'1C t)!! +'} Iii!!?. Occurrence of New Circumstance If an unforeseen fact of serious implication is realized after the submission of an environmental impact study report.} Ouo. 1~11 "'hTI\.. l\.1..} ~"'Ol\A.Ot-W-'} ~hl\hl\A:: ..J1: f1'Cf'-f:.OC I\~ flP/..."'C11 fnl1l1o.~-f: h'}Jthl\il CD~~ h'}~1Cf' h'}JtI1~~ OI/H1f~"fl\A:: fT.}~ :.. Iji' fnJtil V-~. to his project.l11\il1~~W..} OOi/uotfH'} fnl1l1o.fill~ flP/. (ID UOlPlT OI/uoAh:.w-'} f1. Federal Negarit Gazeta .uol\h.t.. w~~ environmental agency. Review of Environmental Impact Study Report 1) An environmental impact study report that is submitted to the Authority or the relevant regional environmental agency for review shall include a brief statement summarizing the study in non-technical terms as well as indicating the completeness and accuracy of the information given in the study\ fhAA fnl1l1o. CD~~ flP/.J. f'rUOl\h.' On1'...H.. as may be appropriate..l1mw. Validity of Approved Environmental Impact Study Report 1) The Authorization of an environmental impact study report shall expire if the project has not been implemented according to the time frame set during .J'\h+w.l1mOT CD:"T 01l1W. fTC'1:h-f: l1l\n.1r1A '1. h'}Jtt-H~1 CD~~ agel}cy shall. fnl1l1o.fhAA fnl1l1o.' "'~101/W..uohl1T fnl1l1o.T= TC'1:h-f:.}H1l1 huoluol 0:\1\. fTC'1:hT 2) Any proponent who wishes to challenge the ap"'10. CD~~ l\lI7.T h'}~ ~..}~OI/~:..hl1T l1l\P'All)).t. Implementation Monitoring 1) The Authority or the relevant regional environmental agency shall monitor the implementation of an authorized project in order to evaluate compliance widI all commitments made by.}(}oil n'}"'?\'. ~1.H.H....} uo.t-'£ "'''''e.fhAA fnl1l1o.. +""e. ji.} flP/... 11l\P'All)).l\6liJ.OlP/. 11 3'dDecember.~l1ll)A."fA *'}* On~-r f. U) 1:( "'''''e.lf'}OT 'UL Onl1l1o. uoP'tf n.T OI/UOAhT this Article.~~ l1.. h'}Jt"'1 l\) OC~ ~v-'}.T On. ~ hW-~. uoP'tf (\T OTC'1:h-f: n"'1l10C I\~ hTTA OI/~l'" nl\OT:: I~' .fUOl\hTt n~C uo.l11' n11C' .. 2) The Authority or the relevant regional environmental agency shall. and obligations imposed on the proponent during authorization.M-r .~uo v-~.y...w.fhAA fnl1l1o.9"..Oil.Ot... (b) approve the project and issue authorization with conditions that must be fulfilled in order to eliminate or reduce adverse limpactsor reduce adverse impacts to insignificance if it is convinced that the negative impacts can be effectively countered.....H.Ol\OT "l\T 1:~C' Ol11\Pf"'Cf'T w-il1' fH111wAuthority or the relevant regional environmental fJ'}.l1.' 1'Cf'T H1l1 fJ'}.."'~OT 1. or (c) refuse implementation of the project if it is convinced that the negative impact cannot be stasifactoriey avoided I' ffJ~'" fnl1l1o..FA fnl1l1o..w- h'}JtI1~~OT l\l1l\P'All)). uoP'tf n. "'''''e.. 2002-Page 1955 ~..A :....fill.t. CD~~ flP/.fnl1l1o. CD~~ TC'1:h-f: .hTTA ji.w. v-~.unless special circumstance so dictate.. "'''''e.:.t-w-'} l\0I/m..A.t.I\1.fhAA fnl1l1o.. n"'1l10C ftLtJ n'}"''' its authorization.tfl\W.lI11 nil.t.t.}~ l\.l\'l-T'} OOl/H1fTC'1:h-f: h'}Jt"'10C ~v-'}.' "'~101/Wh'}~nil/.. CD~~ flP/. "'''''e.. h~A nt-T PART FOUR 11. nl\uolf)'') l1l\n.Ot.' f1'Cf'T H1l1tDIJ. ~cuot. within 15 working days: (a) approve the project without conditions and issue authorization if it is convinced that the project will not cause negative impacts. as may be appropriate.o.~'}T~T l\uo"'~il flP/. fP't"'Cf'T w-il1't f.'sP:r:'} l\OI/il"'lT CD~~ ooct v-~.l1t-'£ OlP/.y.l\6liJ.. the n'}"'''' h. uol\h.. ffT'}Cf' fl1l\~ fsP"f nil"'''l111.No.T OtLtJ 3) Within 30 days from the receipt of an application .flP/.uol\h...

)"'~ il(l)v (JJ~9" (A) ODlPl"" f(}I11OJ-') ~lJo'):t' fl.i:'): h') 1.1ilh""AOJ.n1l11 ~4. . Otryf:l"."" OIJ')~ OJ-')9" T C'~h"" h ').'' (JJ~9" f1\i'1110C I' authorization or any environmental impact study fhAA OD')"'P''''' 1\taA hl/'. prior to approval.. execution and ~I/'Ij A i'11 "" supervision by a federal agency and if it is unlikely f'J'Ij"" "111OJ-') fODODCODC: TC'~hi: h ').n 111): 0i'A~9" 1. 1.: A h 11 A.)iJ tj 1'1ji: OJ-il'J' oota.fOt100i: f OD')'" P''''' likely to entail significant environmental impact tj tl.J~ fOD')"'"".)iJtj 1ilh""A ftry 1-:t' (}11 hI/' '1: f 1\ta11 i'..)1. f 1\ta11 tl.. '1"" hlj:lj:A fODi''''O'.."" ATC'~hi: """. i'.11 OC 1\A0"":: .. llAP'AfI}~ (JJf. any directive issued pursuant to Sub Article (2) of try') ~ OJ-9" f OD')'" .~ 1\il""f"" 2) The Authority or the relevant regional environmen00 111 f:" 1\ A 0 "":1 tal agency shall ensure that the comments made by llAP'AfI}'" (JJ~9" fOtooAhi'OJ.)"'~ (I) O(JJfI} Otry')<.. ~'): OIJl.. 1\'H': fT C'~h"" 11 A0.'11j <k1''J'C f:cif report and the monitoring of its implementation if TC'~hi: hAA i'if. 9"Coot-lI1" 1\A0"":: OOtta~f:O"" (JJ:""" oom..It ta~ f: 0"" OD 1.J C prepared by it. Ic' f 00')'" P''''' 00 I....)iJ tl. I 0. try1 f: (JJ1-9" (}111 J-') ~:1' f: ~ 0 ').~I/'Ij A i'11 AOJ.)iJ "'9"1try and the procedure of their impact assessment. suspend or cancel the license it may have issued in favor of the project. Jurisdiction Ii!' 1) The Authority shall be responsible for the evaluation of an environmental impact study report and the monitoring of its implementation when the TC'~hi: hAA i'if.)"'~ ')o-il 1\.(}I11OJ~~"A:: h. impact assessment.)iJ tl.. i'') iJtj "."" OIJ')~ OJ-')9" f 1\ta11 i'') iJtj f 'J'1j"" tl. 04."" A ftryta ~f: ~"4.1 0 Ot1 A~ directive issued pursuant to Sub Article (2) herein.i'.113rdDecember..l".1lf i'.)"'~ (I) ODlPl"" OCDfI} OD 1..11 OJ-il'J' Otry') ~ OJ-9" ooOD1.. ') lP'1 p... 10C OttO 1\'P~ 1\.f1\talltl.. i'. A fI}'" .. f O "" 00 lP l1l 1\A0"":: 2) When the proponent fails to implement the authorized project in compliance with the commitments he entered into or obligations imposed upon him.. execution or fOt:t' (}11 hI/' '1: f 1\ta11 i'') iJtj n.fhAA f1\talltl.fOt ':j..It ta~f:ll:fOJ.It 1 OD19" Atryil...)iJtj the category as of public instruments which are I il h"" ft. A 1 OJ. "111 A. 1\AO"":: 2) The Authority shall issue guidelines to determine 0IlOt1:fOJ-:fA l\.No.. Public participation h if:A 1\9" il"" 1) The Authority or the relevant regional environemnI~' ilA.. 0"111OJ-. f: hOD.)iJ tj tl. the Authority'or the relevant regional environmental agency may order him to undertake specified rectification measure. ~:1' f: fooill11i:: f:C if f ~Y. 0 1/'''' 4) Any government organ shall collaborate with the OIJ 11' 1\A0 .. lP '1f: f 1\ta11 i'') iJtj "'9"1try ...Atryf: l"."" 1\taA OlP'1~ .. 00P't1 0.') f'ooh:t'i' A ~"4.IlA ftry~~A 1\talltl.Jt f1\talltl. 13. study report accessible to the public and solie.It i' f 1\ta11 tl.:: l.A OD')"'''''''''' 1\taA hI/' '1 (JJ~9" <k1''J''.. AOJ. .J1'J' .OD1. comments on it. 1ilh""AllTOJlikely to be affected by the implementation of a i'11AOJ. 00. OJ-"). ~I/'Ij A i'11 "" supervision by a federal agency or when it is likely f'J'Ij"" "111OJ-') fODODCooC: TC'~hi: h').. Federal Negarit Gazeta . f~"4. vironmental impacts of any public instrument tj h').. Y. OD ') environmental impact assessment.1 0.:OJ-9" environmental impact assessment as determined in tj "'9"1try 0 Ot1 il ~ OD OD 1.OJ. the project is not subject to licensing. project are incorporated into the environmental i'.1"..9" impact study report as well as in its evaluation.."'If" the public and in particular by the communities ~ 1-I/'IjA fTC'~hi: 1\i'1110C .Jt f1\talltl.1\"'Il~ llAP'Atq~ (JJ~9" fOtOOAhi'OJ. A.. '1"" to produce trans-regional impact.J ~ OJtryIjTOJ-9" foo')".)1..') this Article shall ensure that it has been subjected to lP'1f: fOt1". 14..9".tl v."" '1OJ-:: PART FIVE 15. h ')."" OD(JJ{}f: 1AO""') fhC9""" hC9"~ OOD"'A~ OIJill11')~<t1 l\. be subject to environmental tj try h ').11 A00 Af""lj f 1\ta11 i'.1~ IUf:li ~1vIrA I' ~.9" fOtooAh... I 11 3) Any organ or government which initiates a public OJ-fI}"" 1\An"":: A fI}'" OIJ instrument falling into any category which requires OttO h')+~ ')o-il 1\.. fOt1 il ~ A ODOD I. '1"" f 11 A 2} The regional environmental agency in each region P'AfI}~ '1OJ-:: shall be responsible for the evaluation and ~:1' f: fooill11i:: fODi''''O'.fhAA f1\talltl. I' 00 P' 1.1 OD lP l"" f 1\ta11 i'.It i'111l OJ-1-V-'):t' f i'(} 111 OJ-') T C'~h"" 0 111OJ-:1'A CD ~9" 0 i'fI} A0"" ". i' h..'' OD. En vironmental Impact Assessment of public Instrument . fhAft..."" f 1\ ta11 i'') iJ "'9"1 tl.'} Iitf1?i '}.f: (JJ~9" fl.:t' oolPl"" taAi'10l: llAP'AfI}~ (JJ~9" fOtODAhi'OJfhAA f1\talltl.. I' C' i!.lUll) ~'1'e I~ "'-'le 1}!!....fhAA 00 P' 1. 1) A public instrument included in any category in any OttO 1\..lti'10C to produce trans-regional impact. ~lJo'):t' f 00 ill11""lj h.1 0.9"1 try f i' ta~1..(}C1I A.It i'1 OC ~lJo') :t' 'f 00 ill11""lj 1\"'111 0. 3) Any other authorizmg or licensing agency shall.n1l11 i'''''''~ tal age~cy shall make any environmental impact It..'' (JJ~9" f1\i'1110C It.t.."" lP'1f: l\."" 01\111:1''' f.<k fOt ta i''''' try') ~ OJ-9" f 00')'" P''''' lP '1 shall.J Authority to enable the evaluation of likely entry')~ OJ-9" f 00')'" .11 fOt ta .lt"" .1 0.Ot. 1\taA fOt1".It try')9" ~:1'f: (}~ ODP't1 0. in tandem with the Authprity's or the relevant regional environmental agency's decision to suspend or cancel any authorization to implement a project. 2002-Page 1956 C. .)iJtj 1ilh""A project is subject to licensing.~ OD 1.fOt10Di: try"'Ol(}{1~ 1\ili'1f"": 01\ ta11 tl.."" h').~ .

4) When a juridical person commits an offence. in addition to any penalty it may impose.001/. OJlJ.fhAA fhl111o.ll11 ft\OJ-'} . OJ~I}" OP'~ fOl/.~ t)§ +. cf>li-r :"&..OJ. in addition to whatever penalty it may be meted with.}f.: f1'}U11t.-r ~y. OJ~I}" f"7.. without obtaining authorization from the Authority or the relevant regional environmental agency.. 17.. 11C OOl/~OA1' ..~ :"C f"'()l OI/'}.. hl111o. OOp'(. any person who violates the provision of this Proclamation or of any other relevant law or directive commits an offence and shall be liable accordingly. 11C OOl/f.l. 2) Any person who.-r O"'()m OOI/'}.")1m o-r'} ()OJ-: hOl/.OJ- fhl111o.~'" f"'U.. within the capacity available to it.:OJ-I}" f... support implementation of a project destined to r~habilitate a degraded environment...J-ll1' O u().-r fhl111o.. OI/'}.t\65A.t":tAli hYI}".()mOJ- 00'" if.~ I' fILIJ h'}cf>.:OJ-I}" ()OJ-:"&....0f.. 11 3rd December.?1.1.:OJ-I}")OJ.f fOl/..f'OJ-') OJ-""~ .It.1J.t-1:I.}llli hYf f1'}U11 oocf>~ ~cf>ll)A:: if.01/ f f.. f P't.. "'... or makes false presentations in an environmental impact assessment study report commits an offence and shall be liable to a in of not less than fifty thousand birr and not more than one hundred thousand Birr..).. 3) Any person commits an offence if he fails to keep records or to fulfill conditions of authorization issued pursuant to this Proclamation and shall be liable to a fine of not less than ten thousand Birr and nbt more than twenty thousand Birr.OO(...ltf1.If~ OJ~I}"Ohl111o.oot\h...t h"'1110C'} h:"oo.}11 OJ~I}" oooo(.O"'()m}" ~C~-I: 'h'}.:OJ-1}" :"ll)-r 000. as provided under Sub Article (1) above. f-l:hth f: .OJ..fhAA fhl111o.".. OOp'(. PART SIX 18.f' hcf>t-~11~ P'Cq-r Ii' t\TC'~h-r -r.. Iitfj~ '}. 16. as may be appropriate. Grievance Procedures 1) Any person dissatisfied with the authorization or monitoring or any decision of the Authority or the relevant regional environmental agency regarding the project may submit a grievance notice to the head of the Authority or the relevant regional environmental agency.....:OJ-I}" (O~I}" t\OI/.'}.Yv..-r f.}llli hh'}f: OOl/~OA1' f1'}U11 oocf>~ ~cf>ll)A:: C.lIC OOl/~OA1' f1'}UlI oocf>~ ~cf>ll)A:: ~.0.-1: OI/UlI 0 "'(..1X' Iuf:..oot\h-r hllt\P'All)'" OJ~I}" hhAA fhl111o.1. -r (.OJ-fhAA "''' 'h'}J. 5) The court before which a person is prosecuted for an offence under this Proclamation or regulations or directives emanating from it.~11OJ- OOIP~-r: OJ~I}" fOl/.?c:"f 01/ f:~'" ~"f"A:: I~' f:"&.~ ~1.oom'} "..f o.oot\h..:t\OJ. OOIP~-r 01/111ht\O-r:: (ii) 'h'}f.ltfll. ~.1. provide any environmental rehabilitation or pollution prevention or clean up project with financial and technical support to cover additional costs.tJ.sP"f'} t\oo7f ~.llt-ce ff."...?11' oo~". 2002-Page 1957 n..:OJ-I}"()OJ..?~ TC'~h-r llt\P'All)'" h:"oo. be issued within 30 days following the receipt of the grievance.. hl111o.l1hA ~"f"A:: OJ~I}" 'h'}..}llli hhP'C if."'mOch Iflj: ..f':F ~....9".. 0I/'}.f o.f' OJ~I}"OhT-rAI OJ~I}" TC'~h-l:..:Cf: . "'..If~ 1'4--r ~. to the extent that its capacity allows.0t.f' I1A"'OJll): OJ~I}" "'~"1. Incentive 1) The Authority or the relevant regional environmental agency shall..: oo. ~11 O-r') TC'~h-r: hllt\P'All)'" OJ~I}"hOl/.~ ()OJ-') .l..} OOl/...1'4--r ~.Oht\'} t\0Ij. f.lt11~f:0-r llt\o.sP"f 'h'}f..O~cf>f..f' "'f1~ .Gazeta - No..1}"101/ 'h'}.f'A:: I.U... Federal Negarit ... f:C~-r 1'4--r ~...f. may.~ 0I/:"~11 ~"f"A:: I' OILIJ h'}cf>. OOp'(.11 t. 0..)tp'hAli hhllC if...).().....J11.: OI/'}.f'OJ.. 0.1}" f0l/.:OJ-I}" ~IJ'} h'P~ f. Offences and Penalties 1) Without prejudice to the provisions of the Penal Code.t '}o-ll TC'~h-r h'}.}f.J. 11C OOl/f.-r ~..J~"" ."'mOcf> Iflj: f.?~ ~:"f.}.)Ij f1'li-r U111OJ... 2) The decision of the head of the Authority or relevant regional environmental agency shall.OJll)OJ-'} OI/'}.1/(.OJ()'}O-r hOl/').. Ii' llt\P'All)'" OOp'(. lIClI c:"f'} 00011111 "'f()~C hcf>~ 1'4--r ~.O-r oocf>~ 0"'(.:~-I: f"'~.. h.-r fP't~"k (ii) 0"'f..llC O-r.~()OJ- OJ-ll1' OJ-""~ OOllm-r ht\O-r:: h~A ll~ll-r I~' llt\ 1'4--rli :"ll)-r Ii' fOJ'}~t\.~.. OOp'(..ltf1..1}" t\OI/llf. the manager who failed to exercise all due diligence shall be liab~ to a fine of not less than five thousand Birr and not more than ten thousand Birr.'} oohOC t\0I/~...t\. 'h'}.0I/(.t fllt\P'All)'" o... llt\08jO~..1fJ ~'1'C Hi .. 11C f"'ll)t\O-r') .ttp' ( hAli :"ll)-r ~ll)AO. if.: OO:"65A.oot\h."'" f()OJ-~-r oo11-r f"'()mOJ- ().1...f o.OJhhl}"ll-r if..f O()".1}" t\0I/f:~'" OJ~I}" 11ht\-r'} t\OI/llcf>~-r OJ~I}" f.t\t. fcf>~O 'h. OJ~I}" ~IJ'} h'P~ OJ~I}" "''' oooo(. 2) Without prejudice to Sub Article (1) of this Article the Authority may.-r t\.:OJ-i}D fTC'~h-r .. 0 t..)Ij OI/'}.lJJ.'} 'h'}..'} OOA(a 'h'}.~1 'h..1 1lOJ-'} .?-r fA"'OJll) Ooolf..1J.. 11C OOl/f.1lf1-t\llt\P'All)'" fhl111o.oot\h..ltht.OILIJ h'P~ OOIP~-r U f: ().f OOOll)ll 1'4-"'.'}.h"'~~f.t '}o-ll h'}cf>.tDlJ... order the convicted person to restore or in any other way compensate for the damage inflicted....f o.

this 3Mday of December. 1-'" h CP.7. 1-" hCP..Eo...-'IC 1)§ +1 Iifj?. 2002....A. Iiif2~ . 22.}o :f'+(JII BERHANENA SELAM PRINTING ENTERPRISE .".:A f1QT A' A' 1:1.1. 23..'IX" Iiin~ ~'-t..Eo n. h.sP"f Ii."'L~OIJ.1- (Uti." iJ'o~.. ODODtfsP"f1 f\. :J>t-t flf~ ~" CD1-IJO hCP.Eo ~'IJO l. Effective Date This Proclamation shall come into force as of the 3Mday flll/.QnC "'i1~tD-IJO f1tD. Inapplicable Laws Any law or practice inconsistent with this Proclamation is inapplicable regarding matters provided herein. 21..fJ'iOT "L1f... "C"'i CDA~"Lf"C"Lh ~'IJO GIRMA W/GIORGIS PRESIDENT OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA fh. hJlh hOQ "'-'IC1)§ +1 Iifj?. 20." iJ'o~.h T ~ll-'I1T o(}CV'J1j M9" "''''111/...1-. Power to Issue regulations The Council of Ministers may issue Regulations necessary for the effective implementation of this Proclamation.~T f """ TtD. 2002..:' hCP:( flll/.1...f'e ~T1If\.1- i\"'il:l" flf~ ~1{1"f1 f\.1 ~C~.... 2002-Page 1958 ht..Eo . L~ III/. 9"hc I1.. 0 . Duty to Cooperate Any person shall have the duty to cooperate in the implemlentation of this Proclamation.QnC. ..".fCDII) 1-"f"AII 1)ji..lC .J1..Tf"kf 4.thTC'"f . Federal Negarit Gazeta- No."Qt-'e 1-"f"AII 1).r.. T ~ h1-t. ~1{1"f1 f"'itD-II)T P'A1I)1 PART SEVEN Miscellaneous Provisions 19.OD.. hCP.QnC .Eo tD-h1' O"'ODi\hi:T 1--'If""f "1. 11 3111 December.fCDII) ODOD~fsP"f1 f"'itD-II)T P'A1I)1 QI\P' A 11)). ~:J&""..~"'"f hlPt-C Oll" hll" hCP.7.t-"'e JllfPht-ft. ~ Done at Addis Ababa.1.?~tIJ -IITC Ili 1.1SC3'2 +..' ltD-9"f 1)." Qt-'e I\"'i I: l" hhL""L flf). fOD.Eo h. Power to Issue Directives The Authority may issue directives necessary for the effective implementation of this Proclamation.T 1-'" hhL""L hCP.IJOC':fJ'i 1-If'iA:: f of December.1f hl\nTIl 1)1.