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Please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire regarding the brand loyalty (i.e. the tendency to which the consumer is intended through impulsion to repurchase the particular brand at the foremost option). All information gathered by this survey will be used for academic purposes only and your responses will be kept confidential. It is requested that please fill out the survey to the best of your ability and provide your honest views that should be helpful to explore new ways. I am deeply appreciative for your time and support in helping me with this project. Please checked the appropriate box by inserting the CROSS ( enquiry. ) with regard to the above

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Gender: Education:

(i) High school

(ii) College

(iii) Graduation Degree

(iv) Master Degree

(v) Doctoral Degree

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

The impressive brand name and image attract me to repurchase the brand. The brand products are more frequently in consuming purposes. The brand provides good value for money The internal display of the brand is attractive. The increased prices would not interrupt my repurchase intention with the brand. I loved this brand for continuously using in future. Will you recommend your friends to purchase the brand? I have strong emotions for this brand I retain in physical actions behaviors when I use this brand. and

Strongly Disagree


Brand Experiences:
Strongly Agree Agree

not applicableUncertain/


8. 4. 2. I feel that certain events associated with the brand are guided by traditions. 2. If I buy a product in the brand’s product category. I think this brand is the best compared to others in the same category. I like to share brand success stories (advertisements etc. 1.1. I like to talk about my personal experiences of the brand with others. 9. 5. I would consider myself being a brand loyal person. 6. The ad campaigns for brand are more Strongly Disagree C) Creative Advertising Strongly Agree Agree not applicableUncertain/ Disagree Strongly Disagree B) Brand Community Strongly Agree Agree not applicableUncertain/ Disagree . I feel that I get many opportunities to interact with others associated with the brand. 7. 3. I would consistently choose to use this brand’s product. I feel a sense of relationship with other people associated with the brand I feel that I can easily relate to other people who are associated with the brand. I will choose this brand. 11. I feel there is a strong sense of ‘group identity’ amongst persons associated with the brand.) with others. 10. Creative advertisements of the brand are attractive.

I have established a closer affiliation with brand than another. I will 5. I personally recognize to be highly devoted with that brand. 3.3. frequently seen The ad campaigns for brand seem very expensive compared to campaigns for competing brands Investing much on advertising is being important for encouraging the strong loyal customers Creative advertisements of the brand attract me to purchase more frequently. creative advertising results in lower prices for the products I would buy. Surely I like attachment with brand preferable than another I am willing to exert more effort to purchase products from brand than another. 9. 4. it would make little difference to me if I had to choose another brand. Strongly Disagree D) Commitment: Strongly Agree Agree not applicableUncertain/ Disagree . 4. 7. 6. I usually get better value for my money in brands advertised on the media rather than in unadvertised brands Products that I have used usually live up to the promises of quality and performance made in their advertisements. 8. 2. If brand is not available. • 1. 6. Advertising regulation should be done by the advertising industry in order to create brand loyalty In general. when another brand is available. 5.

******** Thanking you for participation ******** Strongly Disagree E) Brand Loyalty: Strongly Agree Agree not applicableUncertain/ Disagree . 9. 8. It would be very inflexible for me to switch away from this brand right now even if I wanted to. 10. I would like to feedback about my evaluations of the product. 4. This brand is my first choice The brand reflects my own personality I am especially loyal to the brand I say positive things about this brand to other people I would continue to be loyal with this brand even if its prices increase somewhat I am loyal with the brand product even any other brand enter in the market I will encourage friends and relatives to use with this brand 6. 7. 1.normally purchase it rather than brand 7. My life would be disturbed if I switched away from this brand. I want to remain a customer of brand more than another because I appreciate the relationship with it. 2. 5. 3.