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The True Book of the

containing most powerful conjurations for
all evil spirits of whatever state, condition
and office they are,
a most powerful and approved
conjuration of the Spirit <Uriel>
to which is added

Invocation of Angels,
and his Conjuration of the Spirits guarding
Hidden Treasures, together with a form for
their dismissal.
Paris, 1508.

VERI [The True Book of
Conjuration I.

Somnia, terrores magicos,
miracula, sagas [Conjuration 1.]
Nocturnos lemures,
portentaque Thessala risu
Excipio. -Horatius.
Ego N. indignissima creatura Domini nostri
[I N, most unworthy creature of our Lord
Jesu Christi et servus Dei peto, voco et
Jesus Christ, and servant of God, I ask,
exorcizo te, Spiritum, per aquam +, aërem
call, and exorcise you spirits, by water +,
+, ignem, et terram +, et quicquid in his
air +, fire +, and earth +, and by all beings
vitam ducit et versatur, et se movet aut
living and moving therein, and by the most
movetur, et per sanctissima nomina Jesu
sacred name of Jesus Christ:]
Hagios +, ischiros +, paraclitus +, alpha et [Hagios +, Ischiros +, Paraclitus +, Alpha
omega +, initium et finis +, Deus + et homo and Omega +, the Beginning and the End
+, Zebaoth +, Adonai +, Agla +, +, God + and man +, Zebaoth +, Adonai +,
Tetragrammaton +, Abua +, Deus +, Eljon Agla +, Tetragrammaton +, Abua +, Deus
+, Jana, Jehova, Deus Sachnaton +, +, Eljon +, Jana, Jehova, Deus Sachnaton
Arumna +, Messias +, Cherab +, Misol +, +, Arumna +, Messias +, Cherab +, Misol
Ambriel +, Achteol +, Jachenas +, et per +, Ambriel +, Achteol +, Jachenas +, and
vim Dei Patris + et per vim Dei Filii + et by the might of God the Father +, and by
per vim Spiritus Sancti +, et per quae verba the might of God the Son +, and by the

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Salomon et Manasses spiritus exorcizavit et might of the Holy Spirit +, and by the
per quæ tu Spiritus, quomodocunque words with which Solomon and Manasses
exorcizari potes, ut tu hoc momento, uti exorcised the spirits, and by the words
Isaac Abramo obediens fuit, ita etiam mihi which have power over you, that you obey
obedire debeas et compareas coram me in immediately, even as you obeyed Isaac and
pulcra, affabili et humana forma et afferas Abraham. Appear before me in a beautiful,
mihi (ex abysso maris) N. milliones optimi affable, and human form, and bring to me
auri expensibilis ubique monetae (from the depths of the seas) N. million of
Hispanicae sine ullo tumulto, damno the best Spanish gold without any
corporis et animæ, absque omni prorsus disturbance, or else I will damn you body
nocumento, sine strepitu, fulgure, [sic] and soul, abstaining wholly from all
tempestate, sine terrore et tremore et pone harm, without noise, lightning, or tempest,
istam summam in circulum. Ego hoc without terror and trembling, and place
mando tibi, Spiritus, per virtutem Dei yourself before me outside this circle. I
Patris + Dei Filii +, Dei Spiritus S. + et command this of you, O Spirit, by the
per vim, per quod omnia creata et facta virtue of God the Father +, God the Son +,
sunt. Fiat + + + ! and God the Holy Spirit + and by the might
by which everything was created and
made. So be it + + +!]

Ego N. servus Dei, voco, cito, exorcizo te, [I N, servant of God, call, summon, and
o Spiritus! per sanctos apostolos et exorcise you, O Spirit! by the holy apostles
discipulos Dei, per sanctos Evangelistas, and disciples of God, by the holy
sanctum Matthaeum, sanctum Marcum, Evangelists, by St. Matthew, St. Mark, St.
sanctum Lucam, sanctum Johannem, et per Luke, and St. John, and by the three holy
tres sanctos viros: Sadrach, Mesach et men Shadrach, Mesach, and Abednego,
Abednego, et per omnes sanctos and by all the holy Patriarchs, Prophets,
Patriarchas, Prophetas, et Confessores, Confessors, Priests, and Levites, and by the
Sacerdotes, et Levitas, et per castitatem chastity of all the holy virgins, and by the
omnium virginum sanctarum, et per most holy and terrible words:
sanctissima et terribilissima verba: Aphriel,
Diefriel, Zada, Zadai, Lamabo, Lamogella, Aphriel, Diefriel, Zada, Zadai, Lamabo,
Caratium, Lamogellay, Logim, Lassim Lamogella, Caratium, Lamogellay, Logim,
lepa, Adeo, Deus, Aleu, Aboy, Aboy, Alon Lassim lepa, Adeo, Deus, Aleu, Aboy,
pion dhon, mibizimi, mora, abda, zeud, et Aboy, Alon pion dhon, mibizimi, mora,
per tres sanctos magos: Casparum, abda, zeud, and by the three holy Magi:
Melchiorem et Balthasarum, et per quæ Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, and by
Salomon, Manasses et Agrippa et that which Solomon, Manasses, Agrippa,
Cyprianus spiritus exorcizaverunt et and Cyprian knew and exorcised the spirits
coëgerunt, et sicut Christus in pace summa and by the ascension of Christ into the
venit et ita veniet; sic compare coram me in highest realms of peace,
pulcra, affabili, et humana forma, et affer
mihi (ex abysso maris) N. milliones optimi that you appear before me in a beautiful
auri et expensibilis ubique monetae affable, and human form, and bring me
Hispanicae sine ullo tumultu, damno (from the depths of the seas) N. million of
corporis et animae, absque omni the best Spanish gold without any
nocumento, sine strepitu, fulgure, disturbance, or else I will damn you body
tempestate, sine terrore et tremore, et pone [sic] and soul, abstaining wholly from all

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istam summam in circulum. Et hoc mando harm, without noise, lightning, or tempest,
tibi per sanctissimæ Dei matris Mariæ without terror and trembling, and place
omniumque præcipuorum martyrum Dei yourself before me outside this circle. And
merita. this I command you by the most holy
Mother of God Mary, and by all the merits
of the principal Martyrs of God.]
III. [I N, a servant of God, call, summon, and
impel you, O Spirit, by all the holy angels
Ego N. servus Dei, voco, cito et urgeo te,
and archangels, by holy Michael, holy
Spiritum, per omnes sanctos angelos et
Gabriel, holy
archangelos, sanctum Michaëlem, sanctum
Raphael, and holy Uriel, and by the holy
Gabrielem, sanctum Raphaëlem, sanctum
Thrones, Dominations, Principalities,
Urielem, sanctos thronos, dominationes,
Powers, Virtues, Cherubim, and Seraphim,
principatus, potestates, virtutes, Cherubim
whose incessant voices proclaim: Holy,
et Seraphim, qui incessabili voce
Holy, Holy! And by the most holy words:
proclamant: Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus! et
per sanctissima verba: Noab, soter,
Noab, Soter, Emanuel, Adonai, El, Elly,
emanuel, adonai, el, elly, elloy, braun,
Elloy, Braun, Josepha, Jonas, Calphia,
josepha, jonas, calphia, calphas, et per quæ
Calphas, and by those which Solomon,
Salomon et Manasses, Agrippa et
Manasses, Agrippa, and Cyprian
Cyprianus spiritus coëgerunt, et per quæ,
commingled with spirits, and by those with
quomodocunque exorcizari potes, et sicut
the power to exorcise you, and even as
Jesus Christus suis parentibus obediens
Jesus was obedient to his parents, so be
fuit; ita mihi obediens esto et compare
obedient to me, and appear before me in a
coram me in pulera, affabili et humano
beautiful, affable, and human form,
forma et affer mihi (ex abysso maris) N.
bringing to me (from the depths of the
milliones optimi auri et expensibilis
waters) N. millions of the best Spanish
monetae hispanicae sine ullo tumultu,
gold without any disturbance, or else I will
damno corporis et animæ, absque omni
damn you body [sic] and soul, abstaining
prorsus nocumento, sine strepitu, fulgure,
wholly from all harm, without noise,
tempestate, sine timore et tremore, et pone
lightning, or tempest, without terror and
istam summam in circulum. Et hoc mando
trembling, and place yourself before me
tibi per virtutem Dei Patris +, Dei Filii +, et
outside this circle. And this I command by
Dei Spiritus Sancti +.
the power of God the Father +, God the
Son, and God the Holy Spirit.]

Ego N. servus Dei, voco, cito et exorcizo [I, N., a servant of God, call, summon, and
te, O Spiritus! per sapientiam Salomonis, exorcise thee, O Spirit! by the wisdom of
per obedientiam Isaac, per benedictionem Solomon, by the obedience of Isaac, by the
tribus Abraham, per pietatem Jacob et Noë, blessing of the tribe of Abraham, by the
qui in Deum non peccaverunt. Per piety of Jacob and Noah, who didn't sin
serpentem Mosis et per duodecim tribus against God. By the serpent of Moses and
Israël, et per sanctissima verba: abill, dellia, by the twelve tribes of Israel, and by the
dellion, ensusellas, jazy, zataël, olam, most holy words:
dithaton, sathos, sathos, reckamaton, anab,
illi, hogo, adathgiur, gueb, suna, amon, Abill, Dellia, Dellion, Ensusellas, Jazy,

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deuth, alos gaoth, egaoth, lilu, et per illa Zataël, Olam, Dithaton, Sathos, Sathos,
verba, quibus Salomon, Manasses, Agrippa Reckamaton, Anab, Illi, Hogo, Adathgiur,
et Cyprianus Spiritus coëgerunt, et sicut Gueb, Suna, Amon, Deuth, Alos Gaoth,
Deus sanctissimam suam Matrem sancto Egaoth, Lilu.
Ioanni commendavit, cum ex mundo
discessit; ita mando ego tibi hoc momento, And by the words with which Solomon,
ut coram me comparcas in pulchra, affabili Manasses, Agrippa, and Cyprian
et humana forma et afferas mihi, (ex abysso commingled with the spirits, and by the
maris) N. milliones optimi auri, et words related by St. John, which the most
expensibilis ubique monetae hispanicae, holy Mother of God spoke when departing
sine ullo tamen damno corporis et animæ, from this world, so I also commend myself
absque omni prorsus noctumento, sine to you, and I command you to appear
strepitu, fulgure, tempestate, sine terrore et immediately before me in a beautiful,
tremore et pone hanc summarn in circulum; affable, and human form and bring me
hoc mando tibi per sanctissimam (from the depths of the seas) N. million of
Trinitatem. the best Spanish gold without any
disturbance, or else I will damn you body
[sic] and soul, abstaining wholly from all
harm, without noise, lightning, or tempest,
without terror and trembling, and place
yourself before me outside this circle; this I
command by the holy Trinity.]
V. V.

Ego N., servus Dei, voco, cito et urgeo te, [I, N., a servant of God, call, summon, and
Spiritum, per sanctissimam incarnationem urge you, O spirit, by the most sacred
Iesu Christi, per sanctissimam suam incarnation of Jesus Christ, by his most
nativitatem, circumcisionem, sacred nativity, circumcision, flagellation,
flagellationem, coronationem, crucis coronation, carrying the cross, crucifixion,
bajulationem, crucifixionem, amaram and by his bitter passion and death, his
passionem et mortem et resurrectionem et resurrection and ascension, by the sending
ascensionem ipsius, per missionem Spiritus of his comforting Holy Spirit, and by the
sancti paracliti, et per terribilissima verba most terrible words of the God of Gods:
Dei Deorum: elhor, genio, jophiel, zophiel,
camaël, elemiach, richol, hoamiach, Elhor, Genio, Jophiel, Zophiel, Camaël,
jerozel, habel, vechne, daniel, stachios, Elemiach, Richol, Hoamiach, Jerozel,
imaniach, namuel, damobiach, et per illa Habel, Vechne, Daniel, Stachios, Imaniach,
verba, quibus Salomon, Manasses, Agrippa Namuel, Damobiach.
et Cyprianus spiritus coëgerunt, et per
quodcunque cogi potes, et sicut Iesus in And by the words with which Solomon,
hunc mundum venit; tam vere etiam veni et Manasses, Agrippa, and Cyprian
compare coram me in pulcra, affabili et commingled with the spirits, and by the
humana forma et affer mihi (ex abysso words which compel you above all, and
maris) N. milliones optimi auri et which Jesus spoke when he came into the
expensibilis ubique monetae Hispanicae, world, even so come and appear
sine ullo tamen damno corporis et animæ, immediately before me in a beautiful,
absque omni prorsus nocumento, sine affable, and human form, and bring me
strepitu, fulgure, tempestate, sine terrore et (from the depths of the seas) N. million of
tremore, et pone istam summam in the best Spanish gold without any

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circulam. Et hoc mando tibi, quam vero disturbance, or else I will damn you body
Deus vivit, ut tu, Spiritus, mihi obedias. [sic] and soul, abstaining wholly from all
harm, without noise, lightning, or tempest,
without terror and trembling, and place
yourself before me outside this circle. And
this I command you, by the true and living
God, that you O spirit obey me.]
VI. [I N, a servant of God, call, summon, and
exorcise you, O spirit! by the blood sweat
Ego N. servus Dei, voco, cito et exorcizo
of Christ Jesus, by his divine love, mercy,
te, Spiritus! per angorem et sudorem Christi
providence, omnipotence, and immensity,
Jesu, per divinum suum amorem et
and by all the good works of Jesus Christ,
misericordiam, providentiam,
and by all he suffered for the human race,
omnipotentiam et immensitatem; et per
and by the seven words which he spoke
omnia merita Iesu Christi et per omnia,
from the cross to his heavenly Father when
quae pro humano genere passus est, et per
he gave up his holy Spirit, and by these
septem ipsius verbae, quae in cruce ad
most sacred and terrible words:
suum coelestem patrem dixit, cum sanctum
suum spiritum illi tradidit, et per
Hagios, Tetragrammaton, Ischyros,
sanctissima et terribilissima verba: Hagios,
Athanatos, Abua, Agla, Jod, Jadoth,
tetragrammaton, ischyros, athanatos, abua,
Menoch, Alpha and Omega, Raphaël,
agla, jod, jadoth, menoch, alpha et omega,
Michaël, Uriel, Schmaradiel, Zadai.
raphaël, michaël, uriel, schmaradiel, zadai
et per omnia, quibus Salomon, Manasses,
And by all the words by which Solomon,
Agrippam et Cyprianus spiritus coëgerunt,
Manasses, Agrippa, and Cyprian
et per quæ cogi potes, et quidem tam vere
commingled with the spirits, and by which
Deus venturus est judicare vivos et
compel you above all, and even as God
mortuos, tam vere veni et compare coram
shall come to judge the living and the dead,
me in pulchra, affabili et humana forma et
so come before me, appearing in a
affer mihi (ex abysso maris) N. milliones
beautiful, affable, and human form, and
optimi auri et expensibili ubique monetae
bring to me (from the depth of the seas) N.
Hispanicae sine ullo tamen damno corporis
million of the best Spanish gold without
et animæ, absque omni prorsus nocumento,
any disturbance, or else I will damn you
sine strepitu, fulgure, tempestate, sine
body [sic] and soul, abstaining wholly from
terrore et tremore, et pone istam summam
all harm, without noise, lightning, or
in circulum, et hoc mando tibi per verum
tempest, without terror and trembling, and
Deum. Fiat!
place yourself before me outside this circle,
this I command by the true God. So be it!]

Ego N. Servus Dei, voco, cito et urgeo te, o [I, N., a servant of God, call, summon, and
Spiritus! per sanctissima quinque vulnera urge you, O spirit, by the five sacred
Iesu Christi, per suam carnem et wounds of Jesus Christ, by his body and
sanguinem, cruciatus, passionem, vitam et blood, his torture, passion, life, and death,
mortem; et per sanctificationem pro and by the precious drops of blood which
humano genere ac etiam per omnes effusas he has shed for the salvation of the human
sanguinis ejus pretiosissimi guttulas, race, and by his distress and anguish, and

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angorem, angustias, et per sanctissima et by these most sacred and terrible words:
terribilissima verba: Soter, choma, geno,
Jehovah, Elohim, velaoch, divoch, alvoch; Soter, Choma, Geno, Jehovah, Elohim,
alrulam, stopiel, zophiel, jophiel, fabriel, Velaoch, Divoch, Alvoch; Alrulam,
elopha, alesomas, difred, malachim, et per Stopiel, Zophiel, Jophiel, Fabriel, Elopha,
verba quibiis Salomon, Manasses, Agrippa Alesomas, Difred, Malachim.
et Cyprianus spiritus coëgerunt, et tam vere
Christus Jesus spiritum suum emisit, et suo And by the words by which Solomon,
coelesti patri commendavit, tam vere Manasses, Agrippa, and Cyprian
mando tibi, ut compareas sine mora et commingled with the spirits, and even as
venias coram me in pulcra, affabili et Jesus Christ sent out his spirit, delivering it
humana principis specie et affer mihi (ex up into the hands of his heavenly Father, so
abysso maris) N. milliones optimi auri et do I command you that you appear without
expensiblis ubique monetae Hispanicae, delay, and come before me, in a most
sine illo prorsus nocumento, sine strepitu, beautiful, affable, and human form, and
fulgure, tempestate, sine timore et tremore bring to me (from the depths of the seas)
et pone istam summam in circulum: Et hoc N. million of the best Spanish gold,
mando tibi per Deitatem et humanitatem without causing any harm, without noise,
Jesu Christi. Amen! lightning, or tempest, and without fear or
trembling, and place it before this circle.
And this I command you by the Godhood
and humanity of Jesus Christ. Amen!]
[The Jesuits' Discharge.
Now I command and charge you, O evil
spirit! that you immediately bring to me all
Jam tibi impero et præcipio maligne
that money, and then depart from the
spiritus! ut confestim hinc a me et summa
circle, abstaining from all noise, terror,
illa pecuniarum allata et circulo discedas,
tumult, and stench, and if you refuse I will
absque omni strepito, terrore, clamore et
damn you both in body and soul. And
foetore, asque sine omni damno mei tam
abstain from harming any creature or thing,
animæ quam corporis, absque omni læsione
and depart immediately to the place which
cujuscunque creaturæ vel rei; et ad locum a
God's justice has appointed for you. Depart
justissimo Deo tibi deputatum in momento
from my sight and flee from here. This I
et ictu oculi abeas; et hinc proripias. Hoc
command in the name and virtue, potency
tibi praecipio in nomine et virtute, potentia
and power, of the most Holy Trinity, the
ac potestate sanctissimae Trinitatis, Patris
Father +, and the Son +, and the Holy
+, et Filiis +, et Spiritus sancti +. Ecce
Spirit +. Behold the cross of Lord! Fly
crucem Domini! Fugite partes adversae!
away to other parts! Lo, the Lion of the
Vicit Leo de tribu Juda; radix David:
tribe of Judah, the Root of David has
Allelujah! Allelujah! Allelujah!
conquered (Rev. 5:5). Allelujah! Allelujah!
Abi festinanter et discede ab isto circulo et Hasten now depart from this circle and
summa pecuniarum allata in virtute bring to me all the money, by the virtue of
nominis Domini Iesu Christi; et in virtute the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by
verborum quæ dicuntur de illo, qui terram virtue of the words which caused the Earth
tremefacit. In ejus nomine et virtute tibi to tremble. In his name, and by his virtue I
præcipio, ut statim et absque mora, in ictu command you, that you immediately and
oculi hinc secedas in virtute verborum without delay depart from my sight by

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illorum: Messias, Soter, Emanuel; Zebaot virtue of these words:
adonai; hagios ho Theos; ischryos;
athanatos! Eleison hymâs! Messias, Soter, Emanuel; Zebaot Adonai;
Tetragrammaton; Dominus noster Jesus Hagios Ho Theos; Ischryos; Athanatos!
Christus. Per ista sanctissima nomina Eleison Hymâs! Tetragrammaton! Our
constringo + te; privo + te; et compello + Lord Jesus Christ. By that most holy name
te; et urgeo et relego + te ad locum tibi a I constrain + you, I deprive + you, I
Deo justissimo deputatum. Ita recede statim compel + you, and urge and banish + you,
in continenti; nec de cetero huc amplius to the place which God's justice has
revertaris: nisi te petiero; quia imperat tibi appointed for you. Therefore depart at once
increatus Pater +; Increatus Filius +; et from this vicinity, and do not return here
increatus Spiritus Sanctus +. Ecce crucem again unless I call you. The uncreated
Domini! per adspersionem sanguinis Jesu Father +, the uncreated Son +, the
Christi; per virtutem aquae benedictae uncreated Holy Spirit commands you.
dispergat Dominus te malignum spiritum. Behold the cross of the Lord! By the
sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ +.
By virtue of the holy water the Lord
disperses you, O evil spirit.
The word is made flesh and dwells amongs
Verbum caro factum est et habitat in nobis;
us; Amen. The symbol of Athanasius, and
Amen. Symbolum ATHANASII et Psalmus
Psalm 132, [130] "Out of the depths..."
132 de profundis addatur.
should be added.]
CONJURATIO [Conjuration of

Audi, Usiel! ego N. indignus minister Dei, Listen, O Usiel! I, N., an unworthy servant
conjuro, posco, vinco et voco te, o spiritus of God, conjure, demand, conquer and call
Usiel! non mea potestate sed per vim, you, O Spirit Usiel! not by my power but
virtutem et potentiam Dei + Patris et per by the might, virtue, and power of God +
totam redemtionem et salvificationem Dei the Father and by the complete redemption
+ Filii et per vim et devictionem Dei + and salvation of God + the Son and by the
sancti Spiritus et in fortibus atque might and victory of God + the Holy Spirit
potentissimis verbis: Eli, eli, lama and by the strength of these most potent
Assabthani! Emanuel + Hagios, words:
Tetragrammaton + per Adonai, Ejeh + El-
schadai + Chije + Ischyrion + Agla + Chat Eli, eli, lama Assabthani! Emanuel +
+ et Hoim + Aron + Alpha et Omega: Hagios, Tetragrammaton + by Adonai,
Ohoch + Lauth + Doffuaphi + Lohuffo + Ejeh + El-Shaddai + Chije + Ischyrion +
Rugo + Dolah + per dominum Patrem + per Agla + Chat + et Hoim + Aron + Alpha
Jesum Christum + et per Spiritum sanctum and Omega: Ohoch + Lauth + Doffuaphi +
+ Allelujah + per Deum + Abraham + Lohuffo + Rugo + Dolah + by the Lord
Deum Isaac, Deum + Jacob, per Deum, qui Father + by Jesus Christ +, and by the Holy
Mosi, famulo suo, in monte Sinai apparuit Spirit + Allelujah + by the God + of
et filios Israël de terra Ægypti eduxit. Per Abraham + the God of Isaac, the God + of
hoc devinco te, o spiritus Usiel! sis, ubi Jacob. By the God of Moses his servant,
velis, in alto vel abysso, in aqua vel in igne, who appeared on Mount Sinai and who led
vel in terra, ut tu, spiritus Usiel! in the children of Israel out of the land of

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momento coram me appareas in decora Egypt. By this I conjure you O spirit Usiel!
forma humana. Te visibiliter ut modestum Be either on high or in the abyss, in water
virum submisse et paratum sistas, mihique or in fire, or in earth, I command thee
afferas ex abysso terræ vel maris nonaginta Spirit Usiel, immediately to appear before
novem millia dimidium scutatorum et me in a proper human shape. Show
duplonorum in auri monetis cursivis: In yourself visibly and modestly to submit
omni tranquillitate et patientia, sine ullo and readily appear, and bring to me from of
tumultu, meo et omnium hominum corpori the depths of the earth or the sea, ninety-
et animæ omniumque creaturarum, sine nine thousand in gold coins, half escudos
detrimento, sine ulla excæcatione et astutia: and doubloons: in all tranquility and
sine falsitate et fallacia et dolo, patience, without tumult, without any
proutcunque modo à quodam spiritu disturbance, to me or any person, bodies or
excogitari poterit: sine omni periculo: sine souls of all creatures, without damage,
susurru: sine fulgure, grandine: sine without causing any blindness or trickery:
explosione sine tumore [sic] et tremore, without falsity or fallacy or sorrow, just as
atque pone hanc summam in hunc ad hoc I have planned, without any danger,
notatum circulum. without muttering, without lightning or
hail, without pride (*fear) and trembling,
and place yourself outside this circle in that
part which is so marked.
Hoc præcipio ego N: N: tibi, Usiel! per This I N. command you Usiel by all the
totam sanctam passionem Jesu Christi et sacred passion of Jesus Christ, and by all
per pudica mysteria occultorum Judiciorum the pure occult mysteries of Jesus Christ,
Jesu Christi, et per omnes sanctos and by all the holy martyrs who gave up
Martyres, qui corpus et vitam pro Christo their bodies and lives for Christ, and by all
posuerunt, et per omnia verba, quæ in vos the words from the mouth of the Creator of
malos Spiritus pronunciata sunt ex ore Heaven and of Earth pronounced against
Creatoris coeli et terræ, quæ te Spiritum you evil spirits. These, O spirit Usiel,
Usiel, denuo turbant , torquent, et disturb you anew, twist and torture, as long
excruciant, tamdiu et tam sæpe usque and as often as my demands are to be
postulatum meum peregeris. carried out.
Ergo ne sis inobediens, nam ego N. conjuro Therefore do not be disobedient, for I N.
te, exposco te, cogo te, o Spiritus Usiel, conjure you, demand from you, and
juxta verba Dei et juxta judicium altissima compel you, O Spirit Usiel, by the
et per igneum mare, quod ante faciem judgements of the Most High, and by the
divinam et suæ majestatis et per angelicam sea of fire which is before the face of the
virtutem suæ omnipotentiæ, et per hunc Divinity, and by his majesty, and by the
ignem, qui est ante thronum DEI et per angelic virtues of his omnipotence, and by
dominationem Sacro-sanctæ Trinitatis, per that fire which is before the throne of
cantionem, quæ cantatur coram throno DEl GOD, and by the domination of the
per sanctos angelos: Gloriam in excelsis! et sacrosanct Trinity, and by the song which
per celsissimam sapientiam omnipotentis is continually sung before the throne of
DEI: per terribilem vim diruptionis coeli et GOD by the holy angels: "Glory in the
terræ, per Dei sancta majestatica nomina: highest!" And by the most sublime wisdom
Agla + Noab + Soter + Emanuel + of almighty GOD: and by the terrible
Adomatai + Hurai + Amaton + Elle + Eloi power which shatters Heaven and Earth,
+ Vision + Adon + Madai + Prog + Josepha and by the holy majestic names of God:
+ Jonas + Calphia + Calphas; per ultimum
et strenuum diem Judicii; per vim Affei +; Agla + Noab + Soter + Emanuel +

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per sanctum nomen: Primeumaton +, quod Adomatai + Hurai + Amaton + Elle + Eloi
Moses vocavit, et in cavernas soli et + Vision + Adon + Madai + Prog +
abyssum præcipitati absorbti sunt: Datan, Josepha + Jonas + Calphia + Calphas; by
Corah et Abyron: per vim vocati nominis: the final and resolute day of Judgment by
Primeumaton + et auxilium universi the might of Affei +; by the holy name
exercitus coelestis et per fortitudinem et Primeumaton +, which Moses called, and
vim sacrosanctorum nominum: Chet + Dathan, Korah, and Abiron were
heoti + Agla + Jad + Rabonni + Aglos + swallowed up into caverns and abysses of
Zachlor + Septro + Phanuel + et Sion +. the Earth (cf. Num. 16); by the might of the
Onothion + Seneon + Olohe + Lamech +; name Primeumaton, and by the help all the
et per potens nomen Jesu Christi; et per army of heaven, and by the power and
celsissima nomina, ante quæ extremiscit might of these sacrosanct names:
totus mundus et abyssus inferni: Dan + Ana
+ Agla + Loth + Bezer + Phanum. Etiam Chet + Heoti + Agla + Jad + Rabonni +
juxta efficacia spiritualia verba, cum forma Aglos + Zachlor + Septro + Phanuel + and
panis et vini ad Dei corpus transmutatur Sion +. Onothion + Seneon + Olohe +
verbo: Hoc est enim corpus meum +. Hoc Lamech +;
est penes meum et tuum Deum et
Dominum. Miserator +, et Redemtor + and by the potent name of Jesus Christ, and
mundi, miserere mei! Et hoc jubeo ego N. by the most sublime name, at which all the
ut tu, Spiritus Usiel, statim coactus sis, huc world and the Infernal Abyss trembles:
venire, imo! ne ullam requiem in inferno et
terra, vel, ubicunque jam remoraris, habeas, Dan + Ana + Agla + Loth + Bezer +
usque visibiliter in pulcra forma humana, Phanum.
tamquam modestus vir, mihi te submisse et
obsequenter proprosueris mihique in Also like the spiritual efficacy of the words
praesenti ad hunc notatum circulum vel which changed bread and wine into the
orbitam afferas visibiliter nonaginta novem body of God: "This is my body" + "this is
millia dimidium scutatorum et duplonorum in my power and your God and Lord." O
in auri monetis cursivis et consequenter Merciful One + and Redeemer + of the
postulatum meum perfecte impleas. Hoc world, have mercy on me! And this, I N.
jubeo ego N. te, Spiritum Usiel, non per demand, O spirit Usiel, that being
meam vim, sed per fortem, virtutem et compelling to come here by all means,
potentiam Dei + Patris et coactionem Dei + whether you are in Hell, or the Earth, or
Filii et per popositionem [read: anywhere else you may be, and appear
propositionem] Dei + Sancti Spiritus, per visibly in a beautiful human form, just like
vim: Tetragrammaton, Agla + Adonai. a modest man, submitting yourself to me,
Amen! Amen! Amen! and obediently bringing before this circle,
or in the place which is noted, ninety-nine
thousand in gold coins, half escudos and
boubloons, and accomplish my request
perfectly. This I N. order you, O Spirit
Usiel, not by my power, but by the
strength, virtue, and power of God + the
Father, and by the compelling of God + the
Son, and by the proposition of God + the
Holy Spirit, by the might of
Tetragrammaton, Agla + Adonai. Amen!
Amen! Amen!
Jesu +! Sancta Maria +! Jesus +! Holy Mary +!

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I call, I call, I call, don't delay, but
Cito, cito, cito, non morare: sed perfice
accomplish by request! Come, come,
meum postulatum! Veni, veni, veni! Quid
come! Why do you delay so long? Come
tardaris tamdiu? Festina adventare: nam
quickly, for you are commanded by Adonai
jubet te Adonai + Schadai + Rex regum +
+ Schadai + King of kings + El + Ali +
El + Ali + Titeis + Azia + Hin + Jen +
Titeis + Azia + Hin + Jen + Chimosel +
Chimosel + Achadan + vai + va + ej + ha +
Achadan + Vai + Va + Ej + Ha + Ejeh +
ejeh + Eke + hau + hau + hau + va, va, va,
Eke + Hau + Hau + Hau + Va, Va, Va, A,
a, el el a hy.
El El A Hy.
Requiel + Attatriel + Scholiel + Hanel +
Requiel + Attatriel + Scholiel + Hanel +
Hamaliel + Phaiamech + Oriph +
Hamaliel + Phaiamech + Oriph +
Machiduel + Barbiel + Zacheriel + Orphiel
Machiduel + Barbiel + Zacheriel + Orphiel
+ Zamuel + Hamaliel + Ziriel + Rugo.
+ Zamuel + Hamaliel + Ziriel + Rugo.
Nunc veni per omnia potentissima verba
Come now by all the most powerful spoken
oris Tetragrammaton + Adonai Agla; et per
words Tetragrammaton + Adonai Agla and
vulnera Jesu Christi; per prophetas; per
by the wounds of Jesus Christ, by the
apostolos et per omnes sanctos, qui vivunt
prophets, apostles, and all saints who live
cum Deo in sancta Duisa fortis Zebaoth.
with God in holiness by the power of Duisa
Dujam, Dujam, Dujam.
and of Zebaoth. Dujam, Dujam, Dujam.]

CYPRIANI Cyprian's Citation of
Citò imprecor, requiro atque exoro jam vos: I call, invoke, ask for and exorcise you
o Almaziel, Ariel, Anathamia, Ezebul, now: O Almaziel, Ariel, Anathamia,
Abiul, Ezea, Ahesin et Calizabin angelos Ezebul, Abiul, Ezea, Ahesin, and
Dei sanctissimos per omnes dominationes, Calizabin, most holy angels of God, by all
thronos, potestates et principatus angelicos Dominations, Thrones, Powers and angelic
omnemque beatorum coetum, per ineffabile Principalities, by all the blessings
illud delicium, quod iste angelus pastoribus assembled [perhaps a typo for
Salvatoris incarnationem vel potius 'Coelum'(Heaven)], and by the ineffable
nativitatem annuncians, apud se sensit, per delights of Heaven which this angel
viginti quatuor seniores incessantes coram announced the incarnation or nativity of
throno divino: Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus est the Saviour for the shepherds' salvation. By
Dominus Deus noster! canentes, per the twenty-four elders who cry incessantly
increatum foederis Angelum, Jesum before the Divine throne: Holy, holy, holy
scilicet, per Cherubim et Seraphim is the Lord our God! and by the singing of
omnesque Archangelos per infinitam Dei the uncreated allied angels who know
omnipotentiam in circum sensibilem, Jesus, by the Cherubim and by the
omniaque uno saltem verbo creantem, ut Seraphim and by all the archangels, by the
mihi in arduo hoc negotio eundem in infinity of God, and omnipotence for
modum praesto esse velitis sicuti Lotho, making the word perceptible, that you help
Abrahamo, vos hospitantibus, adsistitis, nec me in my need just as you helped Lot and
minus Jacobum, Mosen, Josuam, Abraham, when they were lodging your
Samsonem pluresque alios visitare dignati guests, no less than Jacob, Moses, Joshua,
estis: ita eundem in modum coelestem Samson, and many others whom you have
eamque exoptatissimam vestram societatem deemed worthy to visit. So come o ye
me quoque accedere dignari velitis et angelic ones in beautiful form, full of

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faciendis ad hoc meum propositum dignity and brightness, and do all that I
necessariis informare, ipso trino Iehovah, have requested, in the name of the
cujus laudes incessanter canitis, hoc threefold Jehovah, whose praises all spirits
praestante atque concedente, Amen. sing ceaselessly giving honour to the all
powerful who is your Lord as he is mine.

SPIRITVS, A Conjuration for the
QUI Spirit Guardians of
THESAURUM Hidden Treasure.
Cito, requiro et urgeo te, Spiritum I cite, require, and command thee, Human
humanum, qui hanc domum frequentas et Spirit, who frequentest this place, and in
in vita tua thesaurum tuum in hac domo thy life hast interred thy treasure herein,
sepelivisti seu abscondidisti; atque nuper: who also of recent time, to wit, in the day
mense: die N. nempe noctu N. circa N. or night of ...., about the hour of ...., hast
horam sub forma ignis apud clibanum shewn thyself in the form of a fire at this
ostendisti: per Deum Patrem; per Deum spot: I conjure thee by God the Father +,
Filium; per Deum Spiritum Sanctum; per by God the Son +, by God the Holy Spirit
gIoriosisimam Deiparam Mariam, per +, by the most glorious and Holy Mother +
vulnera duIcissima Salvatoris nostri; per of God +, by the most holy wounds of our
omnia miracula ab ipso facta per Saviour, by all miracles performed through
incredibiles cruciatus, passiones, lacrimas: His Divine sorrows, passion and tears, by
ipsamque denique mortem ejus; per His material death, by His descent into
subsecutam e vestigio inferni spoliationem Hell, by His triumphant Resurrection, by
et desolationem, triumphantem His most glorious ascension into Heaven,
resurrectionem, magnificentissimam ad by His sitting on the right hand of
coelos ascensionem et ad Patris dextram God the Father, giving rule to His angels
sessionem, Spiritusque servatam from thence over the whole earth +. I
missionem; per tremendum extremi Judicii conjure thee by the terrible Day of
diem; per virtutem sancti Joannis Baptistae, Judgment +, by the power and virtue of St.
per omnes Martyres, Apostolos et John the Baptist +, by all the martyrs,
Prophetas instantissime te porro ad etc. et apostles and prophets. Come to me. I
conjuro atque obtestor per ineffabile illud adjure and beseech thee by the terrible and
ad tremendum nomen divinum Chartae ineffable and Divine Names inscribed on
praesenti inscriptum, ut venerandi et this sheet, and in reverence and confession
superbenedicti hujus nominis virtute e of their power, to come before me, and to
vestigio me accedas, idque, quod probe make thy sign visible, without lightning,
scias velim, sine ullis corruscationibus, without thunder, without noise of dread
horribilibus tonitruis vel aliis tempestatibus tempests, without causing fear or
a te excogitatis, sine tremendo vel trembling, harm to body or soul, or
meticuloso strepitu: sine timoris et tremoris annoyance of any kind. But do thou
incussione: sine omni omnino læsione, perform my will in all things, even as I
noxa, et periculo et corporum et animarum shall command thee, by the virtue of the
nostratum, aut etiam nostrorum incommodo one stupendous and holy Name, which
ullo, meaque jussa quam exactissime et ad even the adverse and inferior powers of the

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votum adimpleas, quo etiam nos stupendi et Abyss do venerate and adore, ever
ineffabIis sancti Nominis virtutem confessing the Almighty, Whose creatures
summam, quippe quod etiam ab adversarus we all are. Be this done by the virtue of
et inferis potestatibus debet et venerari et God the Father +, by His blessed Son + and
adorari, ipsi vivide et vere cognoscere by the union of the Holy Spirit +, even by
omnipotentissimum nostrum creatorem the Trinity in unity, Which liveth and
laudare possemus, idque fiat per virtutem reigneth for ever and ever. Amen +.
Dei Patri, Filiique ejus super benedicti in
unione Spiritus Sancti, qui Trinus, tamen
unus, regnat et vivit a seculo ad secula:
Incessanter te Spiritum humanum supra
Incessantly do I call, adjure, conjure,
vocatum porto, inclamo, adjuro, conjuro,
ordain and require thee, Human Spirit, by
requiro atque obtestor per summam et
the Most Holy and Undivided Trinity, by
indivissibilem sancta Trinitatem: per
the immortality which cometh after death,
immortalem mortis, et inferni debellatorem
by the power and victory of Hell, by the
et triumphatorem, virumque septem gladiis
bearer of the Seven Swords, by the Most
munitum, sigillaque apperientem,
Holy and Secret Seal, by the sacred love of
iterumque occludentem, Jesum scilicet: et
Jesus, by all the Ministers and Archangels
per omnes Dei ministros et Archangelos:
of God Ophanim [Orphanim] +, Aralim +,
Orphanim: Aralim: Hasmalim: Cherubim:
Hasmalim +, Cherubim +, Seraphim +, and
Seraphim: et Malachim: per æternam
Malachim +, and by the terrible torments
dæmonum damnationem: per hos angelos
of the demons. I conjure thee also by the
bonos: Malazim: Peripalabin et Calizantin:
good angels Maluzim [Malazim] +,
per omnia coelo, terra et inferno terribilia et
Penpalabim [Peripalabim] +, and
præter haec omnia adjuro adeundum te per
Calizantin +, by all the powers of Heaven
omnem virtutem nostri Crucifiix
+, by the earth + and by the torments of
omniumque maxime per dolorosissimam
Hell; I adjure thee by all mysteries, by the
flagellationem et spinosam coronationem:
Crucifixion, by the dolorous scourging, by
perque omnes mortis ejus acerbitates: per
the crowing with thorns, by the bitterness
ineffabile ejus nomen, Jesus scilicet, quid
of the divine death, by the Most Holy and
venerandum et dulcissimum nobis
Ineffable Name of Jesus +, which is sacred
christianis; dæmonibus vero et damnatis
unto all Christians, but terror and anguish
terribile sane et infaustum est; ut sine omni
to the evil, for they have refused the
veteriori mora et dilatione in affabili et tali
salvation which has been offered them by
humana forma et figura visibilis, ut in vita
the great living God. I conjure thee to come
dum eras, quando thesaurum tuum
before me immediately, in thy proper
abscondidisti, coram circulo nostro jamjam
human [and visible] form, even as [in life]
appareas ad me, ex te quaerenda fideliter et
when thy treasure was buried. Come before
sine falacia vel aenigmate vera respondeas,
this circle, answer me faithfully, without
jussisque meis in omnibus quam
falsehood and without enigmas. This I
exactissime pareas. Ipso Deo trinuno hoc
command thee, in the Name and by the
praestante, nosque ad te obsequenduni in
power of the Triune God, Father, Son and
virtute Filii, et Spiritus Sancti adjuvante,
Holy Ghost. Amen
Si cum Spiriti loqui concupiscis incipias When the Spirit makes visible
sequenti modo: appearance, say: --

Adonai + Zebaoth: Adon Schadai +: Eljon [Adonai + Zebaoth:] Adon, Schadai,

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+ Amanai + Pneumoton + Eljon + Elje + <Eligon> [Eljon], Amanai, Elion,
Alnoal + Messias + Ya + Heynanan + Pneumaton, Elii, Alnoal, Messias, Ja,
Tetragrammaton +. Amen. <Heynaan> [Heynanan], Tetragrammaton.
* *
Verbis hisce conjurationis loquatur
Add the following conjuration: --
Spiritvs, necesse est:
Adonai, Zeboth, Adon, Schadai, Elion,
Adonai + Zebaoth: Adon + schadai: Eljon
Tetragrammaton, Eloi, Elohim, Messias,
+ Tetragrammaton + Eloi + Elohim +
Ja, Hagios, Ho Theos. Amen.
Messias + Ya + hagios ho Theos +. Amen.
Sic cogitur:
Say inwardly:--
Alley + Fortissian + Fortissio + Allinoson
+ Ron +.
Alley, Fortissian, Fortissio, <Allinson,
Roa> [Allinoson, Ron].
* *
The discharge
Per sequentia verba fugit Spiritus:
<Omgroma> [Onysoma], Epyn, <Seyok>
Onysoma + Epyn + Segok + Satany +
[Segok], Satany, Degony, Eparygon,
Degony + Eparygon + Galligonon +
<Galliganon> [Galligonon], Zogogen,
Zogogen + Ferstigon +.
OBEDIENTIA CONJURATIONIS: A conjuration compelling obedience

Adjuro, requiro atque obtestor te; Spiritum I adjure [, require] and command thee,
humanum, qui hanc domum frequentas et Human Spirit [who visiteth this place and
thesaurum tuum in hac domo in vita tua hath in thy life hidden and buried thy
sepelivisti seu abscondidisti; quemque treasure herein, that in this month N. day
nuper mense N. die N. noctu N. hora N. sub N. night N. hour N.], to appear before me
forma ignis ostendisti, per ineffabile nomen under the similitude of fire. By the
Jehovah, per ineffabile et ineffable Name Jehovah, by the ineffable
incomprehensibile verbum, cujus virtute and incomprehensible Fiat, by the power
omnia creavit: FIAT! scilicet et facta sunt which created all things and sustains all
omnia. Conjuro, requiro et adjuro te, things, I conjure and adjure thee [Human
Spiritum humanum, extra circulum Spirit] to come visibly before this circle.
visibiliter præsentem per immensam Dei By the [immense] goodness of God when
bonitatem, cujus quippe beneficio ad He created man in His own likeness, by the
imaginem suam nos homines formavit; per power of His justice, which expelled the
tremendam ejus justitiam, cujus virtute ob demons, enchaining them in the Infernal
vix tolerandam superbiam ex superis Abyss; by His infinite mercy when He sent
daemones expulit et in infernalem abyssum His Son to redeem us; by all [the other]
relegavit atque in aeternum damnavit; per Divine Names and Attributes; by the
infinitam ejus misericordiam, qua non omnipotence of our Saviour Jesus Christ,
miseros per ipsum Filium suum unigenitum destroying the works of hell, blessing the
redemit; per omnia alia divina attributa et seed of the woman and empowering it to

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nomina; per magnificam Salvatoris nostri crush the serpent's head - do thou answer
Jesu Christi omnipotentiam, cujus ope me and obey faithfully. By the ineffable
infernum ipsum debellavit, sicque ut super Name Tetragrammaton, inscribed on this
benedictum mulieris semen contrivit <rod> [paper], [that by the virtue of this
serpentis caput infernalis, ut meis jam ex te most holy name you immediately render
querendis fideliter respondeas mihique pro obedience to me] answer me without
posse tuo obedias. Conjuro te per ineffabile deception or equivocation. By the power of
nomen: Tetragrammaton, quod in Charta our Saviour, Who shall judge both thee and
hac inscriptum observas, ut sanctissimi me, the quick and dead, I conjure thee.
hujus nominis virtute exactissimam in Come.
momento mihi praestes obedientiam:
idque sine fraude, fallacia et
aequivocatione. Praestante hoc Salvatore
nostro omnipotentissimo, qui acerrimus
olim in tremendo die ultimo Judex et meus
et tuus et viventium tunc aeque ac
mortuorum erit.

si adhuc inobediens est:

Conjuro te, Spiritum humanum, per If the spirit be obstinate
ineffabile nomen Dei, hic in Charta
scriptum, quod pronunciare vix ausus sum; I conjure thee, Human Spirit, by the
et per sanguinem meum, quem sacratissimo Ineffable Name of God, written on this
et praestantissimo sanguine redemit et sheet, but not to be pronounced; by my
consecravit Prophetarum Summus Jesus blood, most excellently redeemed [and
Christus, per gloriosissimam matrem ejus consecrated] by the Lord of the Prophets,
per insignem suam humilitatem; per Jesus Christ; by His most Glorious Mother;
summam Dei arcam et tabulam per by the insignia of His humility; by the
horrendum atque tremendum extremi great book of the judgments of God; [by
Judicii diem; per omnes angelos, the terrible final day of judgment;] by the
archangelos, omnemque coeli militiam, ut angels, archangels and all the host of
mihi baptizato Christiano salutiferi heaven. Be thou obedient unto me, a
baptismatis hujus virtute ad omnia quaesita Christian baptized in the holy waters of
et mandata tibi proposita respondere et Jordan. Answer me exactly, without
parere non dimittas: sed fideliter potius et enigma [, fraud,] or pretence. Make known
sine omni aenigmate, simulatione et fraude the power which aids thee. I command thee
mihi respondeas, atque ipsissimam de tibi by the most holy Name of God, Who hath
propositis reveles veritatem, meque exacte, condemned thee to frequent this place
quicquid potestati tuae subditum sit, doceas wherein thou hast buried thy treasure.
per sanctissimi hujus Nominis veritatem, Amen. Amen. Amen.
ipso Deo praestante, qui te propter tuum
thesaurum sepultum hanc domum
frequentare condemnavit. Amen! Amen!
CITATIO. Citation

Cohiziara offina alta netera <Colpriziana, Offina, Alta,

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fuara menuet. Nestera, Fuaro, Menuet.>
Cohiziara offina alta netera
fuara menuet. [Cohiziara offina alta netera
Cohiziara offina alta netera fuara menuet.
fuara menuet. Cohiziara offina alta netera
fuara menuet.
Cohiziara offina alta netera
fuara menuet.]

Alim + Jehoh + Jehovah + Agla + On + Alim, Jehoh, Jehovah, Agla, On,
Tetragrammaton +. Tetragrammaton.
[The Dismissal of Cyprian:
Conjuro nunc te, o Spiritus humane! per
Now I conjure you O human spirit! by the
omnipotentissimi Dei Patris sapientiam
omnipotence, wisdom, and justice of God
atque justitiam: per omnipotentissimi Dei
the Father; by the omnipotence of God the
Filii immensam erga miseros nos homines
Son; by the immensity of His mercy and
misericordiam et caritatem; per
charity towards men; by the omnipotence
omnipotentissimi Spiritus Sancti infinitam
of the Holy Spirit, by his infinite wisdom,
sapientiam atque inscrutabilem elementiam
and unfathomable principle. By the holy
per sanctum Michaëlem, archangelum
archangel Michael, and all the host of
omnemque coeli militiam, ut pacifice pro
Heaven, without lightning, terrible rattling
nunc et quiete absque corruscationibus,
and uproar, without rain or thunder, and in
meticuloso ac tremendo strepitu et tumultu
one word: without danger or injury to our
sine pluviis, vel tonitruis, et uno verbo: sine
bodies or souls. I command you to depart
periculo, sive animae, sive corporis noxa et
from this place, and not appear again
damno, vel laesione discedas, locumque
unless I summon you. May the peace of the
hunc nunquam prius, nisi citatus, accedas.
threefold God be with us now and
Trinunius Dei pax descendat jam super nos
preserve. O God, be with us and have
et custodiat nos! Jlluminet Dominus vultum
mercy upon us. O God turn this spirit N. to
suum super nos et miseriatur nostri!
the path of righteousness and give us
Convertat Dominus vultum suum ad nos et
peace! Amen!]
dat nobis pacem! Amen!
FINIS. The End.

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