Leadership Style

join. Contingency leaders will tell. The behavior of the leader will differ and any specific leadership style will not prevail in certain situations. An effective leader will clarify goals. The autocratic or domineering leader is vigorous and uses control and intimidation to acquire his or her needs. education. “One thing that all leaders 2 have in common is one or more followers. one cannot be leading” (Vroom & Jago.LEADERSHIP STYLE Leadership Style An effective leader generates connections between associates of the organization for the purpose of increasing performance and accomplishing exceptional results (Sullivan & Decker. If no one is following. 1). sell. The behaviors of successful leaders are learned through a lifetime of experiences. The contingency leader acclimates to the varying surroundings within the organization and determines the most effective leadership style. Several successful leaders exist in history. 2007. 2009). "A leader is anyone who uses interpersonal skills to influence others to accomplish a specific goal" (Sullivan & Decker. 2009. The democratic leader uses a majority rules approach and participation in setting goals to uphold collaboration. such as Thomas Woodrow . and training. consult. and encourage a higher performance that has a superior product. The certainty that successful leaders are made and not born is a behavior-based theory of leadership style. An effective leader will encourage members of the organization to collaborate by delivering motivation and direction to attain organizational goals. A leader can achieve organizational goals by interpersonal skills to persuade. p. 45). and guide others. 2009). Successful Leader A successful leader encourages individuals to collaborate and progress to accomplish the goals of the organization. and delegate in relationship-oriented tasks (Sullivan & Decker. p. offer direction. influence.

According to Sullivan and Decker (2009). The leadership quality Woodrow Wilson would be described as the behavior trait of autocratic because he used his power and coercion to persuade people to follow him. and was committed to be the nation’s chief executive as well as a leader of the people. but he became troubled when any person did not reach agreement with him. One of his liabilities as a leader was his reluctance to work with anyone who did not follow his lead. Effective leaders recognize the necessities of an organization and will persistently ask themselves what can be amended. Through his solid leadership styles. She attempts to values . Woodrow Wilson was an exceptional governmental leader who broke down the dissimilarities between the executive and legislative branches of Congress and became the spokesman for the American people in domestic and international affairs (Profiles of U. flexible. President Wilson’s goal was to be a leader for the people and alter strategies to achieve these goals. A competent leader efficaciously encourages others to accept and undertake the vision. Woodrow Wilson was a proficient leader who concentrated on refining the lives of Americans. Woodrow Wilson had a vision and was enthusiastic in exploiting his vision. both nationally and 3 tactfully. President Wilson practiced proper morals in international politics. leaders who have a vision develop plans to work toward the vision. Individuals who followed his lead saw him as an affectionate.S. The writer does not agree with this practice of leadership and is more flexible with her leadership style. 2011). 2001).LEADERSHIP STYLE Wilson. the nation was stronger than ever in the past. Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United States and looked upon as a personal representative of the people. and generous man (Guisepi. Presidents. Comparison of Leadership Styles Woodrow Wilson was poised in his decisions and assessments as a leader.

. Conclusion A successful and efficient leader is behind a successful organization. She was 4 staggered after finishing the Leadership and Team Self-Assessment that her score was 58 (PorterO’Grady & Malloch. the writer needs to mature the skill of working with rebellious personalities and setting team goals and motivating individuals to achieve those goals. 2007). but he was never swayed from his goals. Woodrow Wilsons was a competent leader but found it difficult to work with individuals who did not agree with each conclusion. Woodrow Wilson may have had faults as a leader. As a leader.LEADERSHIP STYLE strong interpersonal relationships between team members and herself as leader. Numerous qualities define leaders and not one quality will work in each circumstance. He was a devoted leader and influenced many commendable leadership skills.

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