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Marketing and Promotion of SPJIMR using Social Media

Information Technology in Business-I Assignment -III

Group No. 18 Arun Jacob (PGP-10-108), Gaurav Puri (PGP-10-119), Sagar Kulkarni (PGP-10-160) Shruthi P Chakravarthy(PGP-10-166),Swaytha Rajgopalan(PGP-10-175),Vineet Nandan(PGP-10-178)

PGDM 2010-12 SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai

Marketing and Promotion of SPJIMR using Social Media

61% of people are going online to research purchasing decisions ---- Social Media Reality Check, April 2009 The above mentioned fact is the trend we are now living in and what more it is all set to explode in future. So it is high time we adapt ourselves to changing needs of the society. Hence, what we at S P Jain Institute of Management & Research can do to ride this wave of social media and spread the awareness about SPJIMR amongst the public space. There are two basic tools of social media which can be used. These are: 1. Internal Tools 2. External Tools

Internal Tools
Internal tools of social media are the modes to market the object (in this case it is our institute SPJIMR) within the participants of the organizations. This kind of awareness building might not be very effective but it still it will help in sharing of ideas and also formulation of new ideas which can then be shared with the outer world. The various methods of Internal marketing using social media can be:

A community blog of SPJIMR students, both present and past can be launched wherein student can share there day to day activity. Blogging can be a very powerful means of idea sharing. The alumnus can share their work life experience which can be an insight for the present and prospective students.

Pod casts
Launching Podcasts of the lectures of the professors can be very helpful for students wishing to go through the lectures before the exams. Pod casts can prove to be very helpful tool for sharing of any extra information that lecturers wish to share with the students.

Launching a newsletter wherein the students can share the new happenings in the business world will help build a strong knowledgebase for the students. Newsletter can be used to share information about the various companies, which can come in handy during placement season.

External Tools
It is the external tools of social media which will create a bigger impact in the public space, which is the main target audience. The main tools which can be used as external tools for marketing are: Social Media Marketing offers a cost effective as well as powerful promotion strategy solution. Internet offers a huge opportunity for promoting SPJIMR without any geographical barriers.

1. Face book is the most surfed site and so its important for us to leverage on face book for our colleges promotion. It enables hyper-targeting at massive scale through uniquely powerful demographic and psychographic targeting. Thus as we create SPJIMRs face book profile, any message on it will get amplified through the trusted referrals of current students, alumnis, etc. It will create buzz online as well as offline. We will also be able to bring our brand to the forefront, increasing the no. of applications as well. 2. SPJIMR Facebook page needs to be much better publicized. The owner of the account can participate in various events happening on Facebook hence create awareness amongst people.

Video Channels
In a world where almost everyone grew up watching television and videos, powerful tools on the internet include. Video channels such as:

YouTube Metcalfe Hula Viddler Google video

These video channels can be used to showcase the various events such as OJAS, Sprint, SAC, GASP happening in the premises. A corporate video of SPJIMR can also be uploaded for the corporate who wish to recruit students from this college. Thus a short film of our college showcasing the various facilities as well as important functions and then would display these videos using above sites to build brand awareness.

Photo Sharing

Popular photo posting which we can leverage upon would include: Smug mug Flicker Zooomr Picasa The above mentioned photo sharing sites can be used to upload the pictures showcasing various activities happening in the college. Events such as Sprint, OJAS can be very well documented through pictures.

Blogs on Life @ SPJIMR

1. Students perception about B-SCHOOLS are generally formed at blogging sites or open discussion forums. Thus we can leverage upon building a positive image of SP Jains placement, alumni network etc on paagalguy, testfunda, Times forum, etc. 2. `Writing about life @SP on the various popular sites, which are regularly accessed by prospective students can also prove very beneficial. 3. Publishing news about major events in the college in the various magazines issued by the Management Coaching institutes such as TIME, Career Launcher.

1. SPJIMR website needs a facelift. The present website looks too clumsy and information is very difficult to find. A very visitor friendly website is needed wherein the information searching is easy. Also aesthetically it can be improved upon which gives the website a feel of website belonging to an ed ucational institute. 2. A good way is look at the website of other institute like IIM A and Harvard and model accordingly. 3. Also we should publicise our differentiating factors such as DOCC and ADMAP in the front page itself hence giving it more public awareness.