Wisdom Revisited A Tract Book Essay By Anthony J. Fejfar © Copyright 2006 by Anthony J.


Many religions speak of Wisdom. For Catholics, there is an entire book of the Bible devoted to Wisdom. Wisdom purports to give the Wise person a special type of knowledge. In the Solomonic book of Wisdom in the Catholic Bible, Wisdom promises special knowledge in the affairs of men as well as scientific knowledge. Wisdom also promises knowledge of metaphysics. Wisdom, in the first instance is based upon Intuition. Intuition is a Natural Gift of the Spirit. It is through Natural Intuition that we can find out about God and understand God even without the help of books such as the Bible. Intuition is a Gift that has always been with humanity. It is a type of understanding which can be described as alinear, or arational, or curvelinear. The insights of Wisdom are not always readily apparent to the rational mind.


Intuition was with us as Cro Magnon man living in caves, and helped to guide us even then. Intuition is the basis for all Divine Inspiration. Without Intuition there would be no Bible. All of us are born with Intuition, but some of us choose not to listen to Intuition and so it is only minimally present in that person’s consciousness. Just as there are some natural athletes, so too there are some who naturally have Intuition. Just as the uncoordinated kid can train to become a good athlete, so too can the person with minimal Intuition develop more Intuition through Meditation. Wisdom typically tries to accomplish the Good or the Truly Worthwhile through the use of the good. But sometime circumstances force the person of Wisdom to use evil against evil, and evil to accomplish the Good, as a greater Good. For example, let us say that I was a Catholic parent in World War II Germany. The Nazi’s were in control. The Nazi’s were persecuting religious and spiritual Catholics as well as Jews. This is widely known. I and my family hide a Jewish family in a hidden room in the roof. After a year of this situation, the Gestapo, the secret police, comes to the door and asks if we are hiding any Jews. I lie and tell the Gestapo, no we are not.


It is Wisdom that enables me to commit the evil of lying to civil authority in order to accomplish the Greater Good of protecting the lives of the Jewish family. In other words, in this situation, Wisdom allows me to Most people are taught at an early age that you

combat evil with evil.

should always be honest and tell the truth. Wisdom creates an exception to this.