“ An Ideal Model ? ”
Richie Benaud & Sir Frank Worrell
“Is there a template for an ideal captain?“

The history of cricket records shows the most successful
captains fit a variety of tactical styles and personalities:
Douglas Jardine ENG
Len Hutton ENG
Ray Illingworth ENG
Mike Brearley ENG
Mike Gatting ENG
Frank Worrell WI
Clive Lloyd WI
Viv Richards WI
Nawab of Pataudi IND
Kapil Dev IND
Arjuna Ranatunga SL
Imran Khan PAK
Don Bradman AUS
Richie Benaud AUS
Ian Chappell AUS
Mark Taylor AUS
Stephen Waugh AUS
Geoff Howarth NZ
Stephen Fleming NZ

Douglas Jardine Mike Brearley
The history of commerce, education, wars and society also shows most
people want to, and expect to be led, and need clear definitive
parameters to live and operate within.

• Understands the game, and sport
• Is an „individual‟ person with an established personality
• Has the ability to make decisions, and accept outcomes and consequences
• Is very comfortable with being „the‟ leader
• Has a natural rapport with people
• Understands how to win games
• Realizes controlling momentum is about gambling, or taking „educated risks‟
• Leadership and proactive qualities generate respect from players and others
• An experienced and highly competent player
• A „ specialist‟ Batter or Bowler
• Automatic selection in team
• Wants to captain „the‟ team
• Players respect advanced tactical awareness
• Has clear „team‟ goals and objectives…WIN
• Never frightened of losing
• Clearly defines each players role in team
• Ability to speak honestly with players
• Encourages on field advice…not committees
• Enjoys victory, doesn‟t sulk over defeats
• Never blames players or holds grudges
• Works with team Coach off the field
• Has „cricket‟ relationship with selectors

Imran Khan Geoff Howarth

• Must have a stable home life…routines, honesty, accountability
• Should come from sporting, not indulged background
• Must love sport and naturally understand the „dynamic‟ of games
• Highly competitive personality ,hates losing
• Naturally talented sports player, of a variety of games
• Sense of humour essential
• Be able to accept criticism, however harsh, and turn up to play next game
• A history of „other‟ responsibility important

1. Who is the best captain you have played under? & Why?
2. How do you select a captain?
3. How do you select a junior captain?
4. Are different qualities required for captaining a representative
team and a club team?
5. Should the captain be a selector?
6. What role should the captain play in team discipline?
7. What is the coaches role tactically?