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A Martyrs Last Homecoming

Since leaving Barcelona on Tuesday , October 6,

1896.Rizal recorded the events in his diary.

Given a good cabin in the second class- strictly

guarded but courteously treated by the officer.

October 8 a friendly officer told Rizal that the

Madrid newspapers were full of stories about the
bloody revolution in the Philippines and were
blaming him for it.

Confiscation of Rizal's diary

Spanish known that Rizal was keeping track of

the daily events in his diary. They were curious
what were recorded in his diary,suspicion,feared
what may the diarist is writing.
October 11 before reaching the Port Said
Rizal's diary was taken away from him. Nothing
dangerous was found in the contents of the
diary .
November 2 the dairy was returned to him.
Rizal was not able to record the events from
Monday ,October 12 to Sunday, November 1.

Unsuccessful Rescue in

News from Rizal's predicament reached his friends in Europe and


Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor and Sixto Lopez dispatched frantic

telegrams to an English lawyer (Hugh Fort)

When the Colon arrived in Singapore, Atty. Fort instituted

proceedings at the Singapore Court for the removal of Rizal from
The streamer.

Chief Justice Loinel Cox denied the writ,

Rizal was unaware of the attempt made by his friends to rescue

him in Singapore.

Arrival in Manila

November 3- the Colon reached Manila.

While the Spanish community was exulting with
joy ,Rizal was quietly transferred under heavy
guard from the ship to Fort Santiago.
Many Filipino patriots were tortured ( Deodato
Arellano, Dr. Pio Valenzuela, Moises Salvador,
Jose Dizon, Domingo Franco, Temoteo Paez,
Pedro Serrano Laktaw) to implicate Rizal.
Paciano was also tortured ,he never sign the
statement against Rizal. His left hand crushed
by screw.

Preliminary Investigation

November 20 Preliminary Investigation

Appeared before Judge Advocate,
Colonel Francisco Olive.
2 Kinds of Evidence
(documented and testimonial)
Documentary evidence consisted of
fifteen exhibits
Testimonial evidence consisted of the
oral testimonies

Rizal Chooses His defender

Rizal chooses a defense council which isthe

only right given to him by the
December 8, 1896 -100 first and
secondlieutenants in the Spanish Army
waspresented to Rizal
Lt. Taviel de Andrade chosenby Rizal to behis
defense, he was the brother of JoseTaviel de
Andrade his previous bodyguard.

Reading of Information of charges to the


December 11 the information of charges

was formally announced in Rizal's prison
Accused of being the principal organizer
and the living soul of the Filipino
insurrection, the founder of societies
,periodicals, and book dedicated to
fomenting and propagating the ideas of
He pleaded not guilty to the crime

Manifesto to Some Filipinos

Submitted on Dec 15
To inform the people that he condemned the rebellion
because he wanted their liberties to be attained
through education and lacked the participation of
those from above
Was not published because it did not condemn the
rebellion in itstotality but only in two aspects: lack of
participation and preparation

Trial of Rizal

Prosecution ( Alcocer ) asked for death

sentence; if pardon, permanent
disqualification and subjection to surveillance
of authority, indemnity of 20,000 pesos
De Andrade in defense, delivered an
impressivespeechandclaimedthatthe guilt
of Rizal has not been legally established.
Rizal supplemented his defenders points in

Polavieja signs Rizals


Same afternoon (Dec 26), death

sentence was passed with the same
condition except that indemnity was
raised to100,000pesos
On Dec 28, Gov. Gen Polavieja approved
the sentence, ordering Rizal be executed
by firing squad twodays later at 7 a.m.
Luneta (December 30, 1896)