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Folk Music

Of Palawan
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Palawan as we all know it has a

very rich culture and has a
wonderful environment thats
why they are being visited by
tourists from all over the world.
Now, let us learn their music.

People In Palawan
Batak which means "mountain
people" in Cuyonon is a group
ofindigenous Filipino people that
resides in the northeast portionof
Palawan. They live in the rugged
interiors of northeastern Palawan.
Living close to nature, they are a
peaceful and shypeople. These
people believe in nature spirits, with
whom theycommunicate through a
babaylan or medium.

PalaweosNative-born lowland dwellers

- They are religious, disciplined and have
a highly developed community spirit Language : Cuyonon & Agutaynen

The Palawano tribe, also

known as Pala'wan , is one of
the unique indigenous peoples
of Palawan. They are part of the
large Manobo-based linguistic
groups of southern
Philippines. They traditionally
hunt using soars and bamboo

The Taaw'tBato means "people of the rock".

They are not actually a separate language or
ethnic group, but rather a small community of
traditional southwestern Palawanos who
happen to reside in the crater of an extinct
volcano during certain seasons of the year, in
houses built on raised floors inside caves
though others have set their homes on the
open slopes.

The Tagbanwa tribes, or "people of the

world," are found in central and
northern Palawan. They
practice shifting cultivation of upland
rice, which is considered a divine gift,
and are known for their rice wine ritual
called pagdiwata.

Instruments In Palawan
There are also Indigenous
Instruments in Palawan they are
classified into Aerophones,
Chordophones, Idiophones and
lastly Membranophones. Each
Indigenous Group in Palawan has
their own instruments.



(Slit Drum)
A slitdrum is a hollow percussion instrument. In spite
of the name, it is not a true drum but an idiophone,
usually carved or constructed from bamboo or wood
into a box with one or more slits in the top. Most slit
drums have one slit, though two and three slits occur. If
the resultant tongues are different width or thicknesses,
the drum will produce two different pitches

A Palakupakan (sometimes called a
Clapper) is an idiophone type of
concussion instrument common among the
Sulu and Cordillera people. It measures 25
cm in length and is usually made of wood,
bamboo, coconut shell, or sea shell.


The subing is a bamboo jaw

harp of the Cuyonon people
of Palawan Island in western
Philippines. Despite their
length of approximately 2025 cm., the actual
functioning part of the
subbing is quite small with a
resultantly high pitch. Subing
are often tuned by a small
piece of pitch or insect wax
on the tongue. Usually subing
are decorated and come with
a bamboo case. This
instrument was collected in
Manila in 1987.

A musical instrument - nose flute
made of bamboo - its usually
played during meals, planting
season, and festivals.

Tagbuana Musical


Gimbal is a drum whose

top is made from a
skin of the bayawak
or monitor lizard.

The Tipanu core is basically two
drums and four to seven
transverse mouth flutes with six
finger- holes.

This musical instrument can be
made by using a bolo or "itak". A
stick of bamboo is
carved and a pebble is stuck to
help produce the sound while an
extract of honey is used to put
pieces together.

Palaw'an Musical


Gimbal is a drum whose

top is made from a
skin of the bayawak
or monitor lizard.

The babandil usually has a
diameter of roughly one foot
making it larger than the largest
kulintang gong and comparable
to the diameter of
the agungor gandingan..
However, unlike the gandingan
or the agung, the babendil has a
sunken boss which makes the
boss relatively non-functional.

The agung is a set of two wide-rimmed,
vertically suspended gong used by
the Maguindanao, Maranao, SamaBadjao and Tausug people of the
Philippines as a supportive instrument
in kulintang Ensembles. The agung is also
ubiquitous among other groups found
in Palawan, Panay,
Mindoro, Mindanao, Sabah as an integral
part of the agung orchestra.

Tipanu Musical

A small drum with two heads and
a snare stretched across the
lower head.

A bombo is a Latin drum you hit
it with 2 sticks it is used in songs
and is made with animal skin
and wood
bombos are drums that are
regularly used in samba music
and in latin american
culture.andean people use
these in thier music.

Vocal Forms In

The Cuyonon Lullaby

Love Songs

Songs About Death