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Craven: Sustainable Art & Design in the Public Realm

Part 1: Introduction
Introductions What I Like about Craven«.

Sustainable Art & Design in Public Realm Strategy Context

Beam was contracted by Craven District Council in January 2010 to research, design and produce a strategy for achieving excellent Sustainable Art & Design in the Public Realm within Craven by March 2010. The strategy was to include a vision, objectives and recommendations for policy, and needed to address the need to embed Sustainable Art & Design in the Public Realm within the Council¶s day-to day-business, including its emerging Local Development Framework ± for Craven outside the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Sustainable Art & Design in Public Realm Strategy Consultation Summary


Sustainable Art & Design in Public Realm Strategy Session Plan

Aims of the session: 1. Gather ideas and advice from stakeholders to guide our work 2. Explore the meaning of µpublic art¶ and µsustainability¶ in the context of Craven 3. Help make the strategy particular to the nature & needs of Craven 4. Test a Provisional Draft Vision

Part 2: Definitions
What do we mean by«.

What do we mean by: Sustainable Development?

The core criteria for Craven District Council¶s Art and Design in the Public Realm strategy, is for it to be sustainable in terms of the key principles of Sustainable Development in the UK . There are four priority areas (under three inter-linking strands) for immediate action, shared across the UK, these are: ‡Economy - Sustainable Consumption and Production ‡Environment - Climate Change and Energy ‡Environment - Natural Resource Protection and Environmental Enhancement ‡Society - Sustainable Communities

What do we mean by: Sustainable Communities?

Sustainable communities are places where people want to live and work, now and in the future. They meet the diverse needs of existing and future residents, are sensitive to their environment, and contribute to a high quality of life. They are safe and inclusive, well planned, built and run, and offer equality of opportunity and good services for all. Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

What do we mean by: Art & Design?

Whilst there is a clear distinction between what could be defined µaesthetic culture¶ (art & design), in truly sustainable communities there is also the key principle of our µshared culture¶ (local tradition and identity). Any full definition of art & design should be deemed to include all aspects of this cultural spectrum: A long-forgotten principle of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (key principle 27.1), states: Everyone has the right to freely participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.

What do we mean by: Art & Design?

As described by the Department for Culture Media & Sport (DCMS), cultural & creative industries, cover the full range of todays art and design disciplines. DCMS describe these as: ‡Architecture ‡Public Art ‡Design ‡Crafts ‡Performing arts ‡Film and video ‡Television and radio ‡Music ‡Computer and video games ‡Advertising ‡Publishing ‡Software ‡Designer fashion

What do we mean by: Public Realm?

Public Realm relates to all those parts of the built environment where the public has free access. It encompasses: all streets, squares, and other rights of way, whether predominantly in residential, commercial or community/civic uses; the open spaces and parks; and the µpublic/private¶ spaces where public access is unrestricted. It includes the interfaces with key internal and private spaces to which the public normally has free access. Office for the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) Living Places: Caring for Quality (2004)

What do we mean by: Public Realm?

However, free access to our public realm can also be considered to be not just part of the built environment, but can form part of our natural environments. It can also be none-physical - being experienced individually through the global (and increasingly local) technology of media and/or web-based social networking ± or via active community events & participation.

What do we mean by: Craven?

What do we mean by: Craven - outside the Yorkshire Dales National Park?

Ingleton Bentham Settle Hellifield Gargrave Emsey Skipton Carleton Cononley Cowling Cross Hills Glusburn Bradley

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Sustainable (Development / Communities) Art & Design (& µCulture¶?) Public Realm Craven District (with / without YDNP?)

Others / Feedback?

Sustainable Art & Design in Public Realm Strategy Core Brief ± Evidence Base

An Evidence Base ‡Identify regional, national and international guidelines & policy ‡Identify local policy documents ‡Complete a mapping and audit exercise of existing public art in Craven

Part 3: Core Brief
What is our evidence base?

Evidence Base National Policy

The Government has 30 Public Service Agreements (PSA¶s), each with supporting indicators, to set out priorities to 2011. In terms of sustainable art and design in the public realm, the Stronger Communities and a Better Quality of Life strand (PSA 21) has the most direct bearing: PSA 21 Cohesive, Empowered and Active Communities - Department of Communities & Local Government (DCLG) is guided by six indicators: ‡People who believe those from different backgrounds get on well together in their local area ‡People who have meaningful interactions with people from different backgrounds ‡People who feel that they belong to their neighbourhood ‡People who feel they can influence decisions in their locality ‡A thriving third sector - voluntary action ‡People who participate in culture or sport

Evidence Base National Policy

DCMS has agreed a new set of Departmental Strategic Objectives (DSO¶s). They are designed to complement the Public Service Agreements. The objectives for 20082011 are set out below: ‡Encourage more widespread enjoyment of culture, media and sport ‡Support talent and excellence in culture, media and sport ‡Realise the economic benefits of the Department¶s sectors ‡Successful and inspirational Olympic and Paralympic Games with legacy

Evidence Base National Policy

Evidence Base National Planning Policy Statements

Delivering Sustainable Development PPS1 ± Good design. See: By Design (2000) Planning for Town Centres PPS6 ± High Quality. See Planning for Town Centres (2005) Sustainable Development in Rural Areas PPS7 ± Innovative Housing Local Development Frameworks PPS12 ± Design, Access and Local Conditions Transport PPG13 ± Including street design. Also see Places Streets and Movement: guide to design bulletin 32 (1998) Planning for Open Space PPG17 ± Networks of high quality open space

Evidence Base Regional Policy

Yorkshire Forward¶s Regional Economic Strategy and its Renaissance Programme identifies µgreat places¶ as central to the prosperity of Yorkshire & Humber. Urban renaissance, provides a major contribution to the creation and sustaining of great places.

Evidence Base Regional Policy

In October 2009, the York and North Yorkshire Cultural Strategy 2009-14 was launched by the Y&NY Cultural Partnership. The Partnership is made up of key partners and stakeholders. The strategy¶s four priorities are: ‡Celebrating the culture of Y&NY - put area firmly on the festival map and put culture at the heart of the renaissance of our urban centres ‡Discovering the outdoors - establish area as a national and international destination for cycling and active adventure ‡Developing our creative and cultural businesses - creativity at the centre of a strong York and North Yorkshire economy ‡Experiencing culture in communities - culture and volunteering central

Evidence Base National Guidelines

What success would look like: More and better collaborative work Regional hubs supporting development Outdoor arts work linking Cultural Olympiad Evidence base of participation and investment Case studies and tool kits Identified routes for emerging artists/producers Knowledge and strengthened partnerships More diverse and disabled audiences and participants Critical debate Cross-sector partnerships - especially arts institutions Greater investment in the sector, especially works of scale Increased international market place Plan for 2011-2014 identifying strategic development and priorities.

Evidence Base National / Regional Guidelines

Drawn from national strategy, Turning Point Yorkshire & Humber is a project investigating and recommending ways to strengthen our region¶s Visual Arts sector within a changing national context. Its mission is to reflect concerns of visual artists, organisations and audiences and manage the research and development phase of a Regional Strategy for the Visual Arts.

Evidence Base Regional Guidelines

Objectives for a new Regional Design Review Service for Yorkshire and the Humber are: ‡High quality Design Review service for schemes of regional significance ‡Review design of schemes at early stage of development to address design quality ‡Provide a Regional Design Review Hub for exemplar, integrated provision of design ‡Provide other forms of design support including review of design aspects of Planning Strategies etc ‡Achieve the status of a CABE affiliated panel ‡Deliver economic impact for the region through creation of Great Places

Evidence Base Regional / Local Guidelines

Public Art Sustainability Assessment (PASA) is a free interactive assessment tool which aims to promote sustainable practice in public art for all artists and commissioners. It has been developed by Chrysalis Arts to assist the process of analysing and evaluating projects.

Evidence Basis
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ PSA 21 Cohesive, Empowered and Active Communities DCMS Departmental Strategic Objectives Planning Policy Statements ± Design Quality, Innovative Housing, Open Space Regional Economic Strategy ± Great Places York & North Yorkshire Cultural Strategy ± Festivals/Culture/Outdoors/Volunteers Outdoor Arts Development Plan ± Cultural Olympiad / Works of Scale / Development Turning Point Yorkshire & Humber ± Visual Arts Development Integreat Regional Design Review Panel ± Early Design Review for Placemaking Public Art Sustainability Assessment ± Project-by-Project Appraisals

Others / Feedback?

Part 4: Core Brief
What is the current local policy?

Local Policy LDF

The Craven District Local Development Framework (LDF) comprises a range of documents, including Development Plan Documents (DPDs) prepared in consultation with local communities and set out the main policies for development in the District. Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) can also form part of the LDF. Their aim is to add more detail. Craven¶s Core Strategy scheduled for publication in autumn 2010 is a mandatory document of the Local Development Framework Document. It will contain a vision of how the District is seen at the end of the plan period, with objectives and policies to achieve this.

Local Policy Core Strategy

Progress on developing the Core Strategy involved a Shaping Places and Spaces Conference originally in 2005; an Issues and Options Draft consulted on in 2006; a Consultation Feedback Workshop in 2007 to inform the second draft; and a Core Strategy Preferred option consulted period also in 2007. The Council are now modifying the Core Strategy into a final draft, which considers: ‡Vision, Strategic Objectives & Settlement Strategy ‡Housing Strategy and Distribution ‡Economic Strategy and Distribution ‡Environment and Design ‡Transport The Core Strategy (along with all other Local Development Documents) is subject to a Sustainability Appraisal to ensure that adopted is sustainable in environmental, social and economic terms.

Local Policy Settlement & Housing Strategy

A65 Ingleton Bentham Settle Hellifield Gargrave Skipton Carleton Cononley A59 Cowling Emsey Bradley Cross Hills Glusburn A65 A59

Provision made for 3,300 net additional dwellings 2006 - 2021, according to targets set.

Local Policy Economic Strategy

Ingleon Bentham Settle Hellifield Gargrave Skipton Carleton Cononley A59 Cowling Emsey Bradley Cross Hills Glusburn A65 A59

37.5 hectares of employment land on a range of sites by 2021. The importance of sustainable tourism for the local economy is recognised.

Local Policy Environment & Design Strategy

Rural landscape is one of the most important assets, and its protection is a key priority for the Core Strategy, which will also seek to enhance the Districts built environment.

Local Policy Transport Strategy

A65 Ingleton Bentham Settle Hellifield Gargrave Skipton Carleton Cononley A59 Cowling Emsey Bradley Cross Hills Glusburn A65 A59

Investment in rail and road; address access to services & employment by sustainable modes all to be located within sustainable locations, close to existing transport

Local Policy Combined Approach

A65 Ingleton Bentham Settle Hellifield Gargrave Skipton Carleton Cononley A59 Cowling Emsey Bradley Cross Hills Glusburn A65 A59

Shaping Places and Spaces objective for the LDF. Agreed with The Community Strategy. Locally specific; local distinctiveness and diversity; and address connectivity and sustainability

Local Policy
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Core Strategy ± including: Vision, Strategic Objectives & Settlement Strategy Housing Strategy and Distribution Economic Strategy and Distribution Environment and Design Transport

Others / Feedback?

Part 5: Core Brief
What mapping is available?

Mapping Public Art

Bus µInterchange¶ ± c2002 Grassington. Wales & Wales architects with Chrysalis Arts and Daedalian Glass.

Mapping Public Art

Drove Arch Hut & Tobys Fold ± Thornton-in-Lonsdale (Andy Goldsworthy)

Mapping Public Art

Millennium Project ± 2000 Thornton-in-Craven. Fiona Bowley.

Mapping Public Art

Gallery on the Green ± Settle (Various Artists)

Mapping Public Art

Artists in Transition ± 2001 Gargrave (Temporary), provided the focus for a Year of the Artist collaborative project to create work inspired by the landscape and cultural life of Gargrave (Chrysalis with with Finnish artists Anu Kiiskinen and Leif Strengell)

Mapping Public Art

Training for Real - 2002 Malham (Temporary). Offered artists opportunity of undertaking a paid commission whilst being supported by Chrysalis through each stage of commissioning process. Project developed in collaboration with Yorkshire Dales National Park. (Various Artists).

Mapping Public Art

Slow Art Trail ± 2009 Bolton Abbey (Temporary). With support from Gaia Research, Chrysalis Arts produced a brief for artists to respond to for installations follow the guidelines of sustainability, low embodied energy. (Various Artists).

Mapping Public Art

Fred Trueman Statue Appeal ± Graham Ibbesson

Mapping Architectural

Bolton Abbey, Skipton Castle & Ribblehead Viaduct: Architectural Hot Spots

Mapping Memorials

Buckden Pike Memorial: For the Polish bomber crew killed in a 1942 plane crash. One survivor was saved by following a fox trail to a farmhouse in the blizzard ± hence the bronze.

Mapping Online Database (Listed Buildings / War Memorials)

Mapping Environmental

Kilnsey Crag & Malham Cove: Environmental Beacons

Mapping Geological

Norber Erratics ± Austwick: Geological Anomalies

Mapping Online Database (Historic / Archaeological)

Mapping Cultural Organisations

The Living Places Partnership, with other key agencies and initiatives, is involved in compiling detailed research and evidence to act as advocacy for supporting increased cultural engagement within developing Local Area Agreements.

Mapping Cultural Organisations

Art & Design Expertise: Strategic speciality, arts & health, community & rural arts, public art, artist & designer-maker networks

Mapping Cultural Organisations

Cultural Diversity: Craven-wide spread of Local, voluntary, festivals, cultural venues, live and participatory arts

Mapping Audience
Average Segments English Average Segment % Craven Average Segment % 46621 4.5 3.8 18.3 10.5 19.8 11.2 2.5 4.3 2.8 6.7 7.8 5.5 2.3 3.9 5.4 19.1 12.2 19.7 13.4 1.7 3.7 3.0 4.6 6.0 5.8 1.7

Base Adults 16+ Urban arts eclectic - (4.5% average) Traditional culture vultures - (3.8% average) Fun, fashion and friends - (18.3% average) Mature explorers - (10.5% average) Dinner and a show - (19.8% average) Family and community focused - (11.2% average) Bedroom DJs - (2.5% average) Mid-life hobbyists - (4.3% average) Retired arts and crafts - (2.8% average) Time-poor dreamers - (6.7% average) A quiet pint with the match - (7.8% average) Older and home-bound - (5.5% average) Limited means, nothing fancy - (2.3% average)

To inform this work, we would refer to ACE arts-based segmentation of English adults comprising 13 distinct groups. The segmentation provides new insight into how and why different kinds of people engage with the arts in England today.

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Public Art Architectural / Environmental / Geological Other Online Databases Cultural Organisations ± ACE RFO¶s and Others Arts Audience Segmentation ± Culture Vultures / Fun, Fashion & Friends / Mature Explorers / Family & Community Focused / Retired Arts & Crafts / Older Home bound (?)


Sustainable Art & Design in Public Realm Strategy Core Brief - Vision & Objectives

2. A Strategy, including a Vision and Objectives ‡Identify gaps and opportunities for providing sustainable art and design ‡Identify examples of best practice ‡Prepare Draft Vision

Part 6: Vision & Objectives
What are the gaps and opportunities?


Architecture Bold yet Sensitive Architecture

David Mellor Cutlery Factory: Peak District National Park, Chatsworth

Architecture Iconic Art & Architecture

East Beach Cafe: Littlehampton by Thomas Heatherwick

Architecture Artists on Design Teams - Housing Innovation

Chimney Pot Park, Salford: turned the traditional terraced street upside down. A bright linear garden is at first floor level, accessed from the main living rooms.

Public Realm Innovative Community Open Space Projects

The High Line: New Manhattan community park created on a disused elevated railway

Permanent Art & Design Contemporary Landmarks - A Celebration of µPlace¶

Singing Ringing Tree: Burnley Panopticon by Tonkin Liu

Permanent Art & Design Rural Vernacular Artisans & Designer-Makers

Carmel Trail, Bidmin, by Mor Design

New Media Community Radio Interpretation

Drystone Radio: Audio trail and podcast created by community radio station for Dales National Park Authority and Friends of the Settle Carlisle Railway.

New Media Virtual / New Media / Podcast Interpretation

While London Burns: A fusion of thriller, opera and guided walk, by Douglas Hodge. Set amongst the skyscrapers of London¶s Square Mile, this opera for one took the listener, equipped with an mp3 player, on a walking audio adventure.

Creative Consultation Playful Arts Activism to Explore Planning Issues

Park(ing) Day: an Open Source festival of impromptu parks originated by US artists Rebar. Parking bays are temporarily converted into mini parks worldwide.

Creative Consultation Creative Consultation - Public Interaction and Vox Pop

Freedom of Expression: National Monument 2004, by architect Laurie Hawkinson, performer John Malpede, and artist Erika Rothenberg Enormous red megaphone occupied square in Lower Manhattan - A modern day soapbox

Creative Consultation Photography & Aural History Collaborations

Ancoats Stories: Artist Dan Dubowitz collaboration with Ancoats Urban Village and Manchester Transport Authority to temporarily install photography lightboxes and aural history recordings onto Manchester Piccadilly Metro platform.

Local Vernacular & Materials Programme of Local Stone Carving & Sculpture

Little Sparta, Ian Hamilton Finlay

Place-Specific Programmes Contemporary Art for Historic Places

Picture House ± Film, Art and Design at Belsay: Contemporary arts programme by English Heritage for Belsay Hall, Northumberland.

Temporary Arts Challenging Temporary Public Art

Fourth Plinth: Temporary installations at Trafalgar Square, including this by artist Marc Quinn, called µAlison Lapper pregnant¶ - a 4x life size marble sculpture. Lapper is highly respected artist dealing in her own disability.

Temporary Arts Lighting/Projection of Architectural & Environmental Assets

Heart of Yorkshire: was the temporarily bathing in coloured light projection on York Minster highlighting the detail above the central door. The installation by lighting artist Patrice Warrener was part of a £1.8m plan to illuminate many York buildings.

Events & Festivals Major Outdoor Arts

The Sultan's Elephant: created by French company Royal De Luxe was the biggest piece of free theatre ever seen in London, set against the city¶s magnificent landmarks in May 2006. Over 4 days, a 42 ton mechanical elephant roamed the streets of central London in search of the giant time-travelling girl.

Events & Festivals Sustainable Cultural Eco-Tourism Events

Old Man of Storr on Skye was installed with illumination and sound in summer 2005. For 42 nights this award winning installation The Storr: Unfolding Landscape by artists NVA brought an audience of 6,500 people, equipped with headlamps, guides and walking sticks to walk to the top and experience the installation at midnight.


Capacity Building Further Funding of Popular Culture and Festivals

Skipton International Puppet Festival: A biennial festival over 3 days with performances in 2009 at 10 venues, with 2,300 tickets sold.

Community Enabling A Supported Network with More Quality Community Initiatives

Gallery on the Green: Postcard Art in a phone box, Settle

Capital Projects % For Art

Craven Adventure Centre

Capital Projects Integrated Arts in Rivers, Canal & Flood Defence Programmes

Settle and Giggleswick Area Riverside Improvement Project ± Down by the Riverside report - access, signage, seating ‡Part of the wider scheme devised by Camlin Lonsdale. ‡Linkages with Gisburn Forest, Lancashire ‡Linkages with Settle Hydro ‡Links to the Yorkshire Dales National Park

Sustianable Arts Outreach More Environmental Programmes

Slow Art Trail: Environmental Arts pilot by Chrysalis Arts. Image shows woodland poetry installation by David Morley

Sustainable Arts Outreach Partnering with National Park via new Arts Interpretation

Link to National Park Interpretation Strategy - Arts Interpretations of environmental and geological assets ± such as Craven Fault, Norber Erratics, rivers etc

Artisan Programme ¶Vernacular¶ Programme of Local Stone Carving & Sculpture

Little Sparta, Ian Hamilton Finlay

Iconic Land Art Major Commission

Subterranean Land Art, Rodins Crater, James Turrell

Mapping & Exploration Roving µWayfinding¶ Artist Residencies

Artist residency programmes exploring transport, Mapping and new routes explored ± walking, cycling, public transport, Geo Caching

Gateways A65 / A59 / Dales Portals

A65 Ingleton Bentham Settle Hellifield Gargrave Skipton Carleton Cononley A59 Cowling Emsey Bradley Cross Hills Glusburn A65 A59

Breaking Boundaries ± Ashford Ring Road Public Art Project, Kent

Connections & Bridges Shared Commissioning

Forest of Bowland AONB

Connections & Bridges Transport focused Community & Private Sector Programmes

Profile & Marketing Website / Mapping / Database / Call for Artists

Icons interactive mapping & Call for Artists / Artist Database - Sunderland

Training & Artist Development More Support, Networking, & Crossover

More projects like Slow Art Trail & enhanced partnering with local arts organisations

Professional Support Intelligence & Professional CPD

Built-in evaluation, CPD programmes, lectures, site visits to all projects

Professional Support Art & Design Design Review

Integreat Design Review adaptation (with Living Places)

Draft Vision
Generic ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Architecture - bold-yet-sensitive; iconic; innovative housing; artist on design teams; Public Realm - Innovative Community Open Space; Creative Masterplanning Permanent Art & Design - Contemporary landmarks; artisan crafts New Media - Community Radio; Podcasts Creative Consultation - Playful Arts Activism; Public Interaction & Vox-Pop; Photography/Aural History Place Specific Programmes - Contemporary Art for Historic Places Temporary Arts - Challenging temporary public art; lighting & projection; Events & Festivals - Major Outdoor Arts Programme; Eco Tourism Events


Draft Vision
Specific ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Capacity Building - Further Funding of Culture & Festivals Community Enabling - Supported Community Arts Networks Capital Projects - Craven Adventure Centre , Settle Riverside etc Sustainable Arts Outreach ± More Sustainable Programmes; National Parks Arts Interpretation Artisan - Local Vernacular & Materials Iconic Land Art - Major Commission Mapping & Exploration - Roving 'Wayfinding' Residencies Gateways - A59 / A65 'Dales Portals' Connections & Bridges - Forest of Bowland Shared Commissioning; Northern Rail / Northern Art partnering Profile & Marketing - web resources & mapping Training & Artist Development - More Support, Networking & Crossover Professional ± Intelligence & Professional CPD; Design Review Capacity


Part 7: Design Report
What Next?

Sustainable Art & Design in Public Realm Strategy Design Report - Recommendations for Policy

Recommendations for Policy ‡Research & Consult local policy documents and initiatives ‡Consult on the draft vision in accordance with Statement of Community Involvement ‡Prepare Detailed Recommendations

Sustainable Art & Design in Public Realm Strategy Design Report - Recommendations for LDF

Recommendations for the Local Development Framework ‡Amend the draft document(s) following consultation with the Council and the general public ‡Recommendations for LDF / Core Strategy ‡Prepare Interim Planning Statement ‡Prepare Final Strategy & Guide

Craven: Sustainable Art & Design in the Public Realm

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