There are currently 7.

4 billion humans living
on the planet right now.

For every one second that passes in
time, about five people are born and
only two people die.
Thanks to modern advances in medicine
and technology, the world has not only
become grayer with age but also
undergone a massive baby boom in birth
rates throughout the past century.
There is barely enough food and
natural resources to sustain our
795 million people do not have enough current carrying capacity. Not
enough mouths are being fed.
food. That’s about 1 out of 9 human
beings living today.
By 2050, it’s estimated that 9.7 million
people will walk the Earth. It’s also
estimated that the human population will
The vast majority of those people live in
simply outgrow the food supply.
developing countries.
The cause….

With steady population growth the balance between mortality and birth rates had always been maintained. but with overpopulation the balance shifted. Overpopulation • • • • • • Its causes….What is Overpopulation? It is the undesirable condition where the number of existing human populations exceeds the carrying capacity of Earth. More accessible and refined medical facilities Lack of sexeducation in high schools Immigration Lack of Family Planning Birth Rate > Death Rate Intensive Farming Practices Its effects… • Environmental Degradation • Food Shortages • Air Quality • Deforestation • Greenhouse Effect • Social and Political Problems • Overcrowding • Conflict and Wars • Health and Population Density • Famine .


city pollution. thus directly contributing to overpopulation. Fact: 783 million people suffer from not having access to clean. Fact: Many non-Western cultures promote the belief to marry at an early age and have a certain amount of children. .1% each year. and only strengthen a problem that they don’t even know exists. sustainable water due to animal waste. and surface runoff caused by large populations.Fact: The global population rate increases by 1. Truth: You can do something about it! Fact: Most of these societies are uneducated in the necessity of family planning.

the environment. and development into school curriculums .The long-term solutions to overpopulation start in the classroom… Solutions: • Guarantee education through all secondary schools for both sexes • Offer age-appropriate sexuality education for all students • Implement family planning classes for students unaware of population growth in developing countries • End all policies that accommodates parents for the amount of children that they have • Integrate lessons on population.

Would you want your children to live in it? .Imagine if the food put on your table was rationed and had to be split amongst five other people… Imagine if the house you lived in was shared by your entire family… Imagine if the air you breathed was so toxic and polluted that you needed a gas mask just to go outside everyday… These are all visions of a potential future where we don’t care about overpopulation and its effects on us.