ITIL in the Real World: Leveraging ITIL Best Practices for Service Improvement at NYU

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ITIL* in the Real World: Leveraging ITIL Best Practices for Service Improvement at NYU
New York University at a Glance About Information Technology Services (ITS) at NYU About ITIL: Overview Key Components Putting ITIL into Action ITIL & ITS A Few Real-World Examples Lessons Learned, Next Steps Summary
*Information Technology Infrastructure Library


New York University at a Glance
‡ The nation¶s largest private University, at over 50,000 students and more than 14,000 employees Large and complex fiscal and physical operation Consistently ranked as one of country¶s more ³wired´ campuses Impacted by HIPPAA, FERPA, Graham Leach Bliley and other regulatory policies Currently implementing Active Directory One central IT organization, but schools, divisions and departments may have local support teams, systems administrators and tools.

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About Information Technology Services at NYU
In advancement of the NYU community¶s commitment to teaching, learning, research, and public service, the purpose of NYU Information Technology Services is to serve, to lead, to innovate with services that are readily available, responsive, reliable and cost-effective. ² ITS Mission Statement, adopted 1999


evolution and security of NYU's large-scale technology infrastructure providing voice (telephone) and data network services. email. ² Adapted from http://www. Data Warehouse. Enterprise Computing & Support Services SIS. and application development & support for core University admin. desktop support. and services. in support of research. computer labs. Albert. scholarship. eReports. classes. Brio. Remedy. directory. Internet2 resources. IT-related planning. Office of the Associate Provost & Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) Leadership and coordination of University IT strategy. IT Service Desk for faculty. compliance. development and management of web. BSR Advance. publications. HRIS/PASS. training.About Information Technology Services at NYU: Structure . and computing resources supporting a wide range of 5 . systems. and more. database. computer-based University Services Technology services for faculty and students. & staff. and of strategic technology initiatives. BIA. policies. and application security services. and continuity services. ResNet services. and instruction. students. and more. management. accounts.nyu. Communications & Computing Services Operation. and NYUHome portal services. fame.

High Performance Computing Incident &Change Management (Remedy and ModTrak) 6 .Enterprise Computing: at a Glance University Data Warehouse Blogs Business Intelligence & Reporting (Hyperion & Brio) Calendaring and PDAs Student Information Systems fame (PeopleSoft) Wikis Digital Content. ePortfolio E-Vote eServices (NYUHome portal & email) Document & Content Management Enterprise Systems Human Resources Information System Learning Management (Blackboard &. Sakai) BSR Advance (Sungard) HPC .

Responding to Demand: The Hunt for Three Octobers 7 .

business management. and other topics ‡ The ten ITIL processes are described in two volumes: .Service Delivery on strategic management of the IT services 8 . defining ten interlocking processes for service support and service delivery ‡ Also provides guidance on IT security.About ITIL: Overview ‡ Developed in late 1980s in the UK in response to growing dependence on IT ‡ Now a public body of knowledge for Service Management best practices ‡ Helps organizations improve service levels and reduce the cost of IT operations ‡ A framework.Service Support focuses on management of essential operational processes .

not a process. QuickTimeŒ and a raphics decompressor are needed to see this picture. Service Delivery Service Level Management Financial Management for IT Services Capacity Management IT Service Continuity Management Availability Management ² Adapted from ITIL training material.   9 .About ITIL: Key Components Service Support Service Desk* Incident Management Problem Management Configuration Management Change Management Release Management *A function.

Service Delivery Service Level Management Financial Management for IT Services Capacity Management IT Service Continuity Management Availability Management 10 .About ITIL: Key Components (continued) Service Support Service Desk* Incident Management Problem Management Configuration Management Change Management Release Management *A function. not a process.

It is likely that the complimentary material will include both a detailed glossary. 11 . process maps and mappings to governance and other frameworks (e. It will reflect the major changes in the way businesses buy and utilize IT services. Public Sector.g. Six Sigma). The complementary material will make it easier for ITIL to address specific vertical markets and industries (e. Financial Services) and will provide a venue for more rapidly changing guidance around the application and implementation of the best practice described in the core works. ITIL v3 core volumes Service Strategy Service Design Service Transition Service Operation Continual Service Improvement ITIL v3 complementary material While the new ITIL core will draw heavily on current industry practice in IT service management and relevant research.ITIL V3: We¶re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat The ITIL v3 refresh project is expected to begin with the publication of five new core texts with publication planned for May 2007. COBIT) and methodologies (e.g. A key change to ITIL under version 3 has been a focus on the alignment of IT and 'the business' and on the management of IT throughout the complete lifecycle.g.

Getting Started: Asking the Right Questions Where do we want to be? Where are we? How can we get where we want to be? How do we know that we have arrived? Vision and business objectives Assessment Process improvement Metrics ² Adapted from IT Service Management. 12 . an introduction. a publication of the IT Service Management Forum.

staff members take advantage of tuition remission and workshop offerings in project management. ‡ ITS is committed to long term strategic and tactical partnerships with ITS service partners and academic and operational units. such as the strengthening of service delivery. mapping product and service delivery to institutional planning and identified needs. ‡ Over the course of the last three years. These includes areas directly recommended by ITIL best practices. ‡ ITS has been leveraging ITIL¶s Best Practices for internal communication and project planning. and continuity and availability management.Putting ITIL into Action at NYU ‡ The alignment of IT and business. is strongly emphasized in the ITIL framework. In addition. service delivery and communication. ITS has provided ITIL Essentials Training or workshops to more than 70 staff members of our staff. service support. 13 .

ITIL & ITS: A Few Real-World Examples ‡ Client Communication & Feedback ‡ ITS Services Catalog ‡ Ask ITS Service Portal ‡ Remedy-Integrated Knowledge Base ‡ ITS Service Delivery Cycle ‡ Leveraging Available Data & Tools ‡ Tracking Change 14 .

Real-World ITIL & ITS: Client Communication & Feedback ‡ Formal Stakeholder Feedback ‡ Spot Surveys ‡ Cross-Organization Collaboration ‡ ASAP ‡ CIO Council ‡ IT Support Managers ‡ Systems Administrators Working Group ‡ Others ‡ Creation of Services Catalog 15 .

16 .Real-World ITIL & ITS: Service Catalog (Internal) The ServTrak data-entry and search screen: Searching by keyword.

Note the tabs for information on hours of availability. continued. eligibility. ServTrak records are created. 17 . and contact information for second-tier and client-facing support. dependencies (with respect to other services).Real-World ITIL & ITS: Service Catalog. and edited within this interface. updated.

Service Catalog would be accessible via a menu item in the About ITS section A mockup of the web-based client facing interface currently being developed.Real-World ITIL & ITS: Service Catalog (Public) . 18 .

continued.Real-World ITIL & ITS: Service Catalog. 19 . Clickable link titles would launch a satellite window with the service information The mockup. in further detail.

faculty and staff access Ask ITS through the NYUHome Portal. 20 .Real-World ITIL & ITS: The Ask ITS Service Portal NYU students.

continued. and through a link at the top of each tab. 21 .Real-World ITIL & ITS: Ask ITS Service Portal. It is available through a channel on the Home tab.

continued. 22 .Real-World ITIL & ITS: Ask ITS Service Portal. An area within Ask ITS provides information about an upcoming interruption to service availability.

Real-World ITIL & ITS: Knowledge Base The web-based login screen of our Remedy-integrated knowledge base. from within a Remedy ticket. and directly via the web. 23 . The knowledge base can be accessed from the Remedy console.

continued. (The Authoring and Reports tabs are available only to knowledge base administrators. The knowledge base Home screen.) 24 .Real-World ITIL & ITS: Knowledge Base.

& Documentation Change & Incident Management 25 .g.. Mapped to ITIL Best Practices e. ITIL Support Assessment Metrics & Feedback Service Catalogue Portfolio & Project Manage -ment Introduction Development Marketing. Training.Real-World ITIL & ITS: The ITS Service Cycle.

Real-World ITIL & ITS: Leveraging Data & Tools Managers and Team Leaders in ITS departments receive this automatically generated report daily. 26 .

They also receive an automatically generated monthly summary. 27 . continued.Real-World ITIL & ITS: Leveraging Data & Tools.

Other automatically generated reports are mailed out daily and monthly to our service partners in the Human Resources Division. continued. 28 .Real-World ITIL & ITS: Leveraging Data & Tools.

Portions of the template for the monthly report that is automatically generated and emailed to our service partners in the Human Resources Division.Real-World ITIL & ITS: Leveraging Data & Tools. continued.) 29 . (Data shown is for illustration only.

initiating a search for changes made to the New Budget system¶s online help. 30 . track. Above.Real-World ITIL & ITS: Tracking Change ModTrak is our locally developed system used by ITS staff and our service partners to request. and obtain reports of system changes.

31 . Clicking a Change Number brings further details and the opportunity to update the record. Information can also be exported as Excel or PDF files. Our search results.Real-World ITIL & ITS: Tracking Change. continued.

32 .Real-World ITIL & ITS: Tracking Change. issues. continued. The Details-Edit Request screen. Note the tabs for tracking line items. migration & testing.

‡ Intensify our use of metrics in driving improvements and of the Remedy trouble ticket system to track problems. and evaluate the effects of improvement measures introduced. Lessons Learned ‡ Process enhancement is incremental .ITIL & ITS: Next Steps. 33 . ‡ Integrate support planning earlier in our product and service development cycles. ‡ Work with other help-providing groups at NYU to coordinate services more effectively. identify trends. ‡ Mitigate the impact of service disruptions by using innovative notification approaches. so that the products we release are easier to use and support.take the long look ‡ Use the framework to connect the dots of initiatives and build a portfolio ‡ Change is coming to ITIL ² prepare for ITIL v3. ‡ Ask your client communities what will support their business and leverage ITIL to map your initiatives ‡ Resource limitations will impact your timelines ‡ Make noticeable improvements in procedures people have to follow to get ITS services.

Additional Projects Mapped to Specific ITIL Areas 34 .

Mapping ITIL Processes to ITS Initiatives ITIL Service Support Process ITS Projects & Services ‡ Knowledge base ² creating & populating with IT solutions ‡ Cross-training for more complex issues. Service Level Management & Release Management *A function. 35 . such as accounts and eligibility ‡ Emphasis on single point of contact for communication ‡ Sharing of information across IT areas ‡ Creation and deployment of ServTrak. in-house services tracking tool to support Services Catalogue ‡ University-wide course-management support group ‡ Facilitating Enterprise-wide adoption of incident management tools Service Desk* ‡ Single point of contact with the IT organization ‡ Incident & Problem Management is its primary process ‡ May also include a Change Management role ‡ May also have roles with respect to Configuration Management.

‡ Incidents are recorded. 36 . Analyst II ‡ Increased in-house training and knowledge sharing ‡ ACD/Remedy/UDW reporting ‡ Daily key performance indicator (KPI) reporting Incident Management ‡ An incident is any event which is not part of the standard operation of a service and which causes.Mapping Processes: Service Support (continued) ITIL Service Support Process ITS Projects & Services ‡ Incident Management (BMC Remedy) innovation and enhancement ‡ Creation of new roles for escalation within Service Desk ² e.g. incident progress is monitored. classified and allocated to appropriate specialists. and incidents are resolved and they are closed. IT Support Technicians I and II. or may cause an interruption to.. or a reduction in the quality of that service.

37 .Mapping Processes: Service Support (continued) ITIL Service Support Process ITS Projects & Services ‡ Collaborating with IT service partners to increase problem definition and tracking ‡ Facilitating enterprise-wide availability of incident management tools ‡ Increasing use of knowledge base ‡ Supervisory Team has greater access to metrics Problem Management ‡ Identifying or detecting system/application/ infrastructure problems based on a collection of related incidents. ‡ Enacting and tracking appropriate solutions.

38 . asset tracking via BMC Remedy. Change Request tracking ‡ ITS Security initiatives for criticality and system administration ‡ Security Architecture Working group formed ‡ Non-ITS systems administrators forum created Configuration Management Provide reliable and up-to-date details about the IT infrastructure.Mapping Processes: Service Support (continued) ITIL Service Support Process ITS Projects & Services ‡ Marimba deployment.

Mapping Processes: Service Support (continued) ITIL Service Support Process ITS Projects & Services ‡ Creation and deployment of ModTrak. in-house change management tool ‡ University Data Warehouse ² data sharing across toolsets ‡ Enhancements of incident management and change request systems Change Management Manage the process of change and consequently limit incidents related to changes. 39 .

Mapping Processes: Service Support (continued) ITIL Service Support Process ITS Projects & Services ‡ Use of ModTrak for documentation related to change ‡ Use of ProjTrak. by using formal procedures and checks when implementing new versions. (Release Management is concerned with implementation. in-house project management tool providing timelines and project tracking through completion ‡ Technical Review Team for assessment of projects¶ feasibility and completion Release Management Ensure the quality of the production environment. which is concerned with verification.) 40 . unlike Change Management.

measuring. such as Human Resources Divisions ‡ ServTrak . defining.Mapping ITIL Processes: Service Delivery ITIL Service Delivery Process ITS Projects & Services ‡ Optimizing the use of SLAs.Creation and deployment of in-house service tracking tool ‡ Developing ITS operational-level agreements (OLAs) ‡ Providing incident management Service Level Management Process of negotiating. including reporting and notification ‡ Enterprise-wide technical support working groups ‡ Providing incident management tools and training for nontechnical areas. managing and improving the quality of IT services at an acceptable cost 41 .

by changing over from budget-based organizations with fixed budgets to cost-conscious businesslike organizations. 42 .Mapping Processes: Service Delivery (continued) ITIL Service Delivery Process ITS Projects & Services ‡ Use of ³Trak´ toolset to document and evaluate IT services and products ‡ Use of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ‡ Cross-ITS and business unit collaboration in the development of and compliance with IT controls policy Financial Management for IT Services Promote the efficient and economic use of IT resources.

in-house project-tracking tool ‡ Created cross-ITS working group for enterprise applications and systems administration Capacity Management Provide the required capacity for data processing and storage.Mapping Processes: Service Delivery (continued) ITIL Service Delivery Process ITS Projects & Services ‡ Creation and deployment of ProjTrak. 43 . at the right time and in a cost effective way.

and staff ‡ Collaborating with partners across University regarding emergency and continuity planning ‡ Extended Service Coverage (XSC) program IT Service Continuity Management Contingency planning ² proactive.Mapping Processes: Service Delivery (continued) ITIL Service Delivery Process ITS Projects & Services ‡ Disaster Recovery planning. 44 . formal testing. rather than reactive ² with an emphasis on preventing disasters. management. and assessment ‡ Communicating business continuity as a priority to ITS leadership.

reliability. maintainability. 45 . and serviceability.Mapping Processes: Service Delivery (continued) ITIL Service Delivery Process ITS Projects & Services ‡ Multiple redundancy projects for network and hardware ‡ Extended Service Coverage (XSC) ‡ Communicating Scheduled Maintenance windows to clients via Ask ITS service portal ‡ Creation of cross-ITS working group for enterprise applications and systems administration Availability Management Ensuring the IT infrastructure ² its availability.

ITIL in Action ITIL Best Practices Framework ² may include other frameworks or guidelines Organizational and institutional strategy and alignment BEST PRACTICES ITIL STRATEGIC PLANNING PROJECTS & INITIATVES Projects. Services initiatives and organizational culture 46 .

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