YEAR : 2010 3rd year 1st sem. Under the Guidance of

Rajat Kumar Mishra 2008AAPS058H

SENSE the World WE NATURE Before it senses our mistakes .

Future systems are likely to require both small nodes and a high density of deployment.Although a relatively young technology. . the potential of Wireless Sensor Networks is encouraging intense research focus. says Professor Anders Rydberg. making efficiency and adaptability crucial to further development.

Low Power consumption As sensors become smaller the area available for the antenna is reduced. INTELLIGENT Capable of operating in Harsh conditions Numerous innovative integrated antena designs have been presented as per their uses and specifications. ..To work Successfully Wireless sensors need to be.

Identification of sensing locations and data gathering. .Agricultural Scenario Most promising application area for WSN due to the necessity of proving the agricultural production chain in terms of precision and quality. Precision Farming System has following parts :  Sensing agriculture parameters. Transfer data from crop field to control station for decision making. Actuation and control decision based on sensed data.

Soil Moisture sensor: Watermark Sensor: And so many«.What WE can use. .

including new materials such as nanotubes and nanofibers. Research efforts worldwide span diverse areas. miniaturization of electronics through nanotechnology. reliable. inexpensive sensors which can be easily integrated in various devices and equipments. or integration of several sensors in artificial noses.biological threats and security issues has led to an increasing demand for sensors in multiple application areas. thus calling for a fast development of small. .Growing concern worldwide for air pollution.

Available instruments to sense : 1. 6.) Humidity measurement instruments. . 2. 5. Radiation detectors. 3. Dissolved gases meter (CO2. Oil sensors and analyzer. O2 etc. Groundwater monitoring equipment. Water quality testing instruments. 4.

What CAN be done! ´Sense the changes in Environment and using those data to interpret the conditions and problems prior. Imbalance in one chemical changes others itself. . Change in ICE level of HIMALAYA affects whole INDIA. Weather and Climate is connected globally as well as locally.µ ´Checking the sources and elements regularly to maintain those as per standards.µ TO See this and go deeper.

Ambient Systems . network flexibility and reconfigurability. battery life-time maximization.All of these involves a careful system design. robustness. "Very complete and insightful" Eeelco de Jong. Hope Continues as said for Wireless Sensor Network. since requirements are very strict. recovery strategies. Director Sales and Marketing.

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