Integrating Oracle Advance Pricing with Oracle Purchasing in Release 12 Sundeep Sharma Senior Consultant

Introduction Key Concepts Setups required for integration Different Pricing Scenarios Integration Considerations Conclusions References Question and Answers

Prior to 11.5.10 pricing for purchase order items was maintained using: Item List Price maintained in Item Master Blanket Agreement price breaks Price breaks from item catalogs Custom Pricing hooks to leverage complex pricing scenarios ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .Introduction The purpose of this presentation is to highlight how enterprises can leverage Oracle Advanced pricing to price requisitions and purchase orders.

Key Concepts Price List: List of prices for a individual item or item category. Blanket Purchasing Agreement. Price can be maintained as unit price. Types of Purchasing Documents: Standard Purchase Order. Standard purchase order are then created referencing contract . Contract Purchase Order. Qualifier: are attributes setup in advanced pricing which determine the eligibility. percent price or price break. Contract Purchase Order: are purchasing agreements with supplier for specific term and conditions without indicating goods and services purchased. Modifier: Advanced pricing term which adjusts the price by either applying discount or surcharge.

Setups Setup Profile Options .

Setups Contract Purchase Agreement .

Setups Create Approved Supplier List .

Setups Create Sourcing Rule .

Setups Assign rule to Assignment Set .

Setups Add item to Price List .

Pricing Scenarios Requisition Created With CPA .

Different Pricing Scenarios Item Volume Based Price .

Different Pricing Scenarios Item Volume Based Price .

Different Pricing Scenarios Getting Price from external system .

Different Pricing Scenarios External Data .

Different Pricing Scenarios Purchase Order Price .

Integration Considerations ‡Contract Purchase Agreement is mandatory to integrate Advanced Pricing with Purchasing ‡Purchase Orders and requisitions referencing Contract Purchasing Agreement only work ‡Freight and special modifiers are not supported ‡Order level modifiers not supported only line level modifiers supported ‡Manual modifiers not supported only automatic modifiers are supported .

Conclusions ‡ Oracle Advanced pricing and purchasing integration provides buyers to maintain simple to complex pricing structures ‡Buyer don t have to maintain complex structure manually as this integration allows them to bring these structures in application thus automating the pricing process ‡Buyers can negotiate best terms and conditions and due to this cost of managing purchasing agreement is significantly reduced ‡Provide accurate pricing information to the procurement department and other requesting departments ‡Reduction in account payables matching errors and holds due to wrong or inconsistent price on the Purchase Orders .

5.1 ‡What Are The Steps Required To Setup And Use Advanced Pricing in Purchasing White Paper.References Integration with Oracle Advanced Pricing Release 11. when using Advanced Pricing? Note 567579.394490.Note 455778.10 An Oracle White Paper September 2006 Note.Note 357657 ‡How the Price of Requisition/PO in Oracle Purchasing is populated.1 ‡FAQ: Using Advanced Pricing in Purchase Orders and Requisitions.1 ‡ Oracle Purchasing .

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