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According to Wikipedia
y Experiencing the food of a country, region or area and

is now a vital component of the tourism experience
y Pursuit of unique and memorable eating and drinking

y Not limited to gourmet food. This is perhaps best

illustrated by the notion that unique and memorable, not what is necessarily pretentious and exclusive

Started by Erik Wolf and distributed culinary tourism in paper early 2001. .Brief Background y Is relatively a new industry. y ICTA (International Culinary Tourism) was formed headed by Wof and with some guidance of culinary advisors. a researcher of culinary tourism coined the term as early as 1988. y It was Lucy Long.

It encompasses cooking schools. It's much more than dining guides and restaurant weeks. caterers. breweries. culinary tours and tour leaders. distilleries. food growers and manufacturers. .Description y Culinary Tourism includes culinary experiences of all kinds. culinary attractions and more. culinary media and guidebooks. wineries. cookbook and kitchen gadget stores. Authenticity is also of critical importance to culinary tourists.

Local Culinary Orgs PCTO Philippine Culinary Tourism Organization is a registered non-profit. nongovernment organization of the culinary tourism and hospitality industry in the Philippines. .

. y It also aims to undertake projects that will upgrade and enhance professionalism in the culinary and hospitality industry as well as promote unity and mutual cooperation among those in the industry and other instrumentalities engage in culinary tourism. in order to protect the interest and welfare of the industry. y To partner with other Culinary Tourism organizations in various countries which will eventually pave the way for the other countries to know. appreciate our local culture and partner with our industry players.PCTO s Primary Purpose y Promote the Philippines as a culinary destination and to promote Filipino Cuisine to International and domestic tourists.

.PCTO s Goals y To promote product development and marketing by facilitating collaboration among professionals and key industry players. newspapers and magazine. radio. y To help organization members in the marketing of their products and services in various media fronts including television.

y To provide a platform for dialogue among members and government organizations to thresh out issues and problems concerning the industry and chart plans to its development.PCTO s Goals y To provide an advertising avenue to members with the publication of a Culinary Travel Magazine. y To produce a television program that will showcase culinary tourism and provide another venue for advertising for members. .

Trends Shaping our Interest in Food Tourism y Disposable Income and Spending Patterns y Demographics and Household Change y Individualism y Multi-cultured Consumer y Role of Celebrity Chef and Media .

Trends Shaping our Interest in Food Tourism y Well-being and Food y Food as an Oasis y Internet usage y Desire for New Experience and Cultural Capital y The Science of Food .

Join Tonipet every 1st Sunday of the month as he scours the country in search of foodie heaven in Tara. If you love food. from the biggest to the most expensive .Current Show Get a rundown of the best eats in town. Let's Eat! . as host. Tonipet Gaba. takes you around the Philippines on an appetizing food trip! From the classic to the exotic.there's simply nothing Tonipet will not try. then you'll love this show. the freshest to the most raw.

From appetizers and main entrees. or the much anticipated Christmas reunion. a small dinner party with the family.Real-life best friends Sam Oh and Chef Jackie Ang-Po will show you how to prepare in the quickest and easiest ways a complete menu that's sure to make any party entertaining and memorable. a fiesta salu-salo. . an anniversary celebration. to desserts and party favors. a weekend picnic with friends. Delicioso has it all! Four segments will be featured in each episode of Delicioso and each will show easy step-by-step procedures in coming up with the perfect offering for a party. Be it a birthday party. Delicioso duo Sam and Chef Jackie will share sure-hit recipes for a perfectly enticing menu.

y My Favorite Recipes will start serving not one. My Favorite Recipes host China Cojuangco will be joined by another excellent chef. . Chef Gino Gonzalez. but two interesting and complementing dishes each episode to mark its fourth season! And because the show will be featuring dishes that have complementing tastes. her mentor.

but will also present ways on how to be consistent with the diet even in places and situations where food choices are limited. Healthy Cravings will not only convince everyone to infuse veggies and fruits in their diet by featuring the most flavorful healthy recipes. .y Healthy Cravings teaches viewers easy and practical steps on how to add more vegetables and fruits in their daily diet. Hosted by premiere actress Iza Calzado and former Ka-toque Lutong Barkada Chef Jeremy Favia.

yet various styles have mushroomed in major regions. animals and plants as well as to the regional character of locals of different islands. .Regional Specialties y Considering that there are 16 regions in the Philippines. Although Filipino food consists of simple and tropical cuisine. it is not surprising to taste "regional diversities" in their food. The variations in regional taste buds are traceable based on factors like natural resources .the produce of different lands and seas.

meat are eaten sparingly because most Ilocanos' meat dishes are high in cholesterol. Among the fattening meat dishes are lomo (a pork liver and kidneys soup). .Ilocos y Fortunately for the Ilocanos. Chinese sausage (longganisa) and bagnet (dried pork belly that is deepfried with a salty sauce called bagoong).

and kare-kare (oxtail stewed in peanut sauce). . estofado (pork leg) and asado (pot roast).Bulacan y It is claimed that Bulacan chefs make the best relleno and galantina (stuffed chicken rolls).

a type of soup surrounded with a mixture of prawn. this city is also famous for its scrumptious lumpiang ubod. heart of palm in soft crepes.The Visayas y In the Iloilo City. one can find delicious noodle soups like pancit molo. chicken and pork dumplings. . On top of that.

. another cuisine known as inasal. is well known as the founder of binakol. Besides that.y Bacolod. a barbecued chicken marinated in annatto and citrus also originated from Bacolod. chicken soup based on sweet water of the young coconut (buko).

y Kinilaw . . shellfish and meat in vinegar or other souring agents for the purpose of eating it raw is at its pristine best. The preparation of kinilaw in Dumaguete uses palm-wine vinegar.the marinating of fish. lime. chilies and coconut cream.

pili nuts. spicy-hot coconut-creamy food. coconut forests and of course. the grand Mayon Volcano. The Bicol region is synonymous with coconut cream (gata).Bicol y Bicol region consist of six provinces along the southeastern peninsula of Luzon and is famous for the smallest fish in the world. .

spices are used liberally. The locals like to eat their seafood raw. they would cook it in soups with lemon grass. ginger. or coconut cream and turmeric. Kamoteng kahoy (cassava) is boiled and grated into cakes while root crops are eaten together with rice. it is either mixed with taro in stinging soup or served in curry.Mindanao y Like in many Malay dishes. . At times. garlic. roasted coconut and chilies. grilled or fried. As for meat such as chicken. Among those are turmeric. ginger and green papayas.

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