T. Currently uses Tata Marcopolo Bus.I NTRODUCTION    Pune was the first BRT system in India.O. . Ahmedabad BRTS is a highly ambitious rapid transport system developed by Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) for the city of Ahmedabad. was opened to public on October 14.   GIDB give the system design task to CEPT University. A part of first corridor connecting Pirana to R. Currently uses low floor volvo buses. 2009 by Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi. Delhi was the second BRT system in India.

this project is on full-swing and the system designs are quite similar to Curitiba's Rede Integrada de Transporte and Bogota's TransMilenio which are exceptionally better than Delhi BRTS and Pune BRTS.   . Unlike other Indian BRTS projects. In future. this system will get integrated with Ahmedabad Metro by the addition of two lines running through east to west and north to south. By following this system Chennai BRTS and Bangalore BRTS are also under implementation.

It was inaugurated by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. birthdate of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. 2009. Second half of the first phase of the BRTS was inaugurated on December 25.   . to cater eastern part of the city also.  Phase I was stretched up to Kankaria Lake. the most developed area of the city. It was the first time that BRTS buses crossed river & reached Maningar. former Prime Minister of India.

Rapid transit  Number of stations.115.BASIC I NFO  Transit type .44.5 kilometres (27.Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited  System length.000  Website.7 mi) .75 Bus Stations  Daily ridership.Ahmedabad BRTS  Operator(s).


feeder networks. 1. Detailed System Design and Implementation Support (2006-ongoing) .C ITY T RANSPORTATION P LANNING  CEPT University spearheaded the planning and implementation of BRTS in Ahmedabad by mapping various corridors and. Feasibility Report (2005) 2. Detailed Project Report (2005) 3.

CEO. Economic Affairs. Mr. Mr. Jayant Parimal .J Pujari . Mr.A. K. Gujarat Urban Development Company (GUDC)    .Secretary. Finance Department 3. Secretary.  1.S).Mr. Urban Development and Urban Housing Department. Srinivas . Government of Gujarat. Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) 4.S TEERING C OMMITTEE  The Bus Rapid Transit Project for Ahmedabad city has been guided by the steering committee chaired by Shri.Former Municipal Commissioner. K. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) 2. P. Kailashnathan. (I.Managing Director. Anil Mukim .


is constituted as a Special Purpose Vehicle by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. AJL will soon introduce smart cards for commuters. Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority and Government of Gujarat. Regular BRTS passengers will be able to buy these smart cards. which will function similar to the monthly pass system for state transport and AMTS buses  . the parent company which would govern BRTS operations in the city.A HMEDABAD J ANMARG L IMITED  Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited (AJL).

.B USES  The buses currently operating on the BRTS are Tata Buses.  The AMC is now looking into getting Volvo or Mercedes Benz buses that have air-conditioning and have been used successfully in other BRTS around the world. which don't have air conditioning and are frequently breaking down.


In contrast.000 passengers daily.8-km BRTS from absolute chaos.  .AWARDS  Ahmedabad Janmarg BRTS brings honour to Gujarat (Awarded Best Mass Rapid Transit System in India during 2009)  It won the prestigious 2010 Sustainable Transport Award this year from the Transportation Research Board in Washington. is on its way to being a model for developing countries. which moves 70. Ahmedabad's BRTS. the Delhi government is struggling to keep its 5.


creating confusion for passengers regarding bus routes and resulting in chaos at the stations. .  • No designated bus lanes were provided (physical barriers). • A very limited route of BRT or we can say sample size is too small.  • Other buses also ply on the BRT stretch.F UILURE IN DELHI AND PUNE   • One of the main reasons for the failure of the Delhi BRT was that it did not take the people along with it.

Delhi Police traffic bosses complain that they are not in charge of regulating traffic. Replicating the Ahmedabad success looks unlikely in Delhi. most respondents are displeased with the existing public transportation system and prefer to use private vehicles. the reason-an unreliable bus system.  The commute times for private vehicles is a minimum of 45 minutes. According to the 2008 DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multimodal Transit System) survey on the BRTS. Sheila Dikshit's government describes the BRTS as a huge success. but it still takes 20-30 minutes to traverse the one km between the Chirag Dilli and Pushp Vihar crossings.  .

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