 Energy

which originate from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal, which are renewable or naturally replenished.

Plant matter and animal waste used especially as a source of fuel


Thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth

Steam rising from the Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Station in Iceland.


such as electricity or mechanical energy. It stands 20 floors high and has giant rotors as big as a football field size 5 .Wind energy Wind power is the conversion of wind energy by wind turbines into a useful form. The biggest modern wind turbine in the world could be found in Hawaii.

Hydroelectricity is electricity generated by hydropower Most widely used form of renewable energy Hydro Power Production of power through use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water 6 .

either directly using photovoltaic (PV) Solar Energy OR indirectly using concentrated solar power (CSP) 7 .Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity.

Wave Power Tidal Power Wave power is the transport of energy by ocean surface waves. and the capture of that energy to do useful work Tidal energy can be generated in two ways. tidal stream generators or by barrage generation 8 .

There are 439 nuclear power reactors in operation in the world. and the cheapest electricity in all of Europe Nuclear power is any nuclear technology designed to extract usable energy from atomic nuclei via controlled nuclear reactions. operating in 31 countries Only method in use today is through nuclear fission 9 .Nuclear Power Nuclear power gives France the cleanest air of any industrialized country.

10 .


Can be eternally produced as it sustainable and will never run out ADVANTAGES IN GENERAL Clean energy resources and environment-friendly Facilities requires less maintenance which can reduce the operating cost 12 .

can last longer than any other energy source 13 .Produce no noise unlike any other energy sources. Available at any point on the earth and its FREE!!!! SOLAR ENERGY Affordable to the user as it no need to pass through the grid parts fixed and not moving.

Water is not polluted during and after the process HYDROPOWER ENERGY Once the dam is constructed electricity can be produced at constant rate tourism sector .the lake that forms behind the dam can be used for water sports and recreational activities 14 .

Job Creation and Economic Benefits GEOTHERMAL Environmental Benefits Reduce Reliance on Fossil Fuels Significant Cost Saving 15 .

16 .

 Damages the ecosystems  Requires a lot of spaces 17 .

 High capital cost 18 .

Water supply 19 . Flood control 2. Intermittences issue 1.

 Hard to find suitable places 20 .

 Place are limited 21 .

 Problem during drilling 22 .

2. If the geothermal is ran out of steam. we need to wait for decades for the to be generate 1. Control the pump water Control the heat extracted 23 .

 Hazardous mineral and gaseous may comes out from during drilling 24 .

 Energy density is low 25 .

 Needs a lot of generator 26 .

 Depends on the waves 27 .

 Need a suitable region that waves are consistently strong 28 .

 Cost of transportation of the energy 29 .

 Design of generator and turbine is noisy 30 .

 Energy density is low 31 .

 Site are limited 32 .

33 . Provide energy averagely 10 hours per day.

 Damages the ecosystems 34 .

 Dangerous in operation 35 .

 Waste must be properly buried 36 .

2. Buried 1. place must be safe from any incident that may broke the seal. 3. Earthquake Flooding Terrorism 37 .

 Limited to amount of uranium & plutonium left 38 .

 Huge investment on the safety issues 39 .

 Needs to face social acceptance 40 .

 Renewable energy can only displace some field of usage  Cannot replace fossil fuel in transportation  If so. Factories retooling Battery industries large scale products Spare parts industries needs to be change to meet the productions car and many more 41 . 2. 3. a lot of investment needed for 1.

42 .

Small Scale Large scale Many alternatives have been successfully demonstrated at the small scale but not in the large scale. 43 .

2. Pilot plant build and evaluated. 44 .All the process need to be optimized. Its impact to environmental. Performance. 1. 3. develop the patents. 4. Financing. Engineering design. Economic.

Eg: Wind did not move the cars.Renewable energy required further infrastructure changes and has the limit. 45 .

Not continuosly available. 46 .Facing the unbalancing between availability and demand.

we need large amount of materials to provide same amount with material that has high energy density. 47 .If the energy density is lower.

All but not least. Using renewable energy would eliminate this problem entirely. RENEWABLE ENERGY Renewable energy have many uses and it can support small as well large applications.The awareness about the uses of renewable energy sources has helped mankind to reduce dependence upon fuels and methods which pollute our environment. indeed. Renewable energy does offer a great alternative to us. It is the answer to a more comfortable life. What is most relevant for the sake of the environment and for species health is the fact the emissions released from coal are severe. renewable energy is our future. 48 . It is the answer for energy crisis. It is the answer to global warming.