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What is Remote Installation service. Requirements Of RIS. Installing & Configuring RIS.

S. How Active Directory Install with DNS. How DHCP install. How the RIS service on. Boot the Client PC with NIC support.

Remote Installation Service

Remote Installation Service (RIS) is an optional components that is include in the Microsoft windows Server 2003 family Operating system. We can use RIS to create installation, image of operating system or of the complete computer configuration, including Desktop setting and application, then we can make these installation image available to user at client computers. We can also specify which RIS server will provide installation to given client computers. When we use RIS a cdrom is not required for installation of an operating system on a client computer. The client computers must support remote booting with the Pre-boot executioninvoirment.(PXE)rom

Requirements of RIS
Network Server Client




Network Requirements

Domain Name System (DNS)

DNS is a name resolving service which is use to translate Domain name to IP an IP to name. and to control Internet e-mail delivery.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) - DHCP is internet protocol which is use to

management the host IP configuration. It provide dynamic ip address to client computer on the network.

Active Directory-

Active Directory is the domain controller which manage all the user objects, Client computers use active directory for locating the RIS server.

Server Requirements

2 GB minimum total space Image stored on NTFS partition.


Client 1


Client 3

Client Requirements

Windows 2003 professional Hardware requirement. Network boot capacity. PXE boot Rom.

Remote Installation Service

Start Control Panel

Add/Remove Component
Select RIS & On service Next & Finish

Installing and Configuring RIS

Create the image on the RIS Server

RIP Image

Operating System

RIS Client

Ris Server

Install the Active Directory

Start All program Administrative tool Manage your server Add/remove role Next Custom Configuration Next Select Active Directory Next Next Next No just install and configure Dns on computer Next Name( Next Next Next Inter cd 2003 server exit finish Restart the computer

Install DHCP
Start All Program Administrative tool Manage your server Add remove role Next Custom Configuration Next Next Next Name( Next Next Next No I will configure these optional letter Next Finish

On Client PC

Now Boot client with LAN Support.