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Sample Software Audit Confidentiality Agreement
Non Disclosure Agreement for Software Configurations and IT Secrets
Arizona Bedbug Demand Letter
Sample California Mutual Release and Settlement Agreement
Arizona Demand Letter Losses Due to Breach of Contract
Sample Answer to Arizona Eminent Domain Complaint
Sample FDCPA Demand Letter Template to Loan Servicer & Foreclosure Trustee
Sample Request for Zoning Interpretation in City of Phoenix
Sample FDCPA "Debt Validation" Letter to Loan Servicer
Template to Apply for Real Estate License With Past Criminal Convictions
Sample DMCA Takedown Letter to Facebook Right of Publicity
Sample Car Dealer Fraud & Elder Abuse Complaint California
Social Media Lawyer Law Firm Brochure
California Consumer Legal Remedies Act Demand Letter
Attorney Steve Sample QWR template
California homeowner bill of rights sample letter I send under California Civil Code 2923.55 and the right to demand proof the lender or loan servicer has legal proof of right to foreclose.
Top 10 ways to stop foreclosures in California
Attorney Steve's overview of California Homeowner's Bill of Rights.