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'Demonic' Intervention in Human Evolution

'Demonic' Intervention in Human Evolution

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an essay about the idea perhaps 'nature spirits' interacted with human beings as they evolved
an essay about the idea perhaps 'nature spirits' interacted with human beings as they evolved

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Published by: sam iam / Salvatore Gerard Micheal on Mar 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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There is a theory that something or somethings existed alongside evolving humans. Call themnature spirits, gods, demons,.. whatever you like to label them - there seems to be evidence wewere not alone in our evolution here on Earth. The Dzogchen religion, based on lucid dreaming,is a religion rooted in such a spirit intermingling with humanity. I have personally experiencedlucid dreaming but question the whole origin mythos of Dzogchen. I don't necessarily questionthe interaction of a nature spirit with humans - simply the details of the supposed interaction. I'veread the story too long ago to recall exact details: something about a boy/giant possessed by thespirit and changing character.. The details are unimportant to me - the fact of an interaction iswhat interests me.. I actually have personal experiences relating to possession. I copy-paste aletter below (which incidentally was rejected for posting in a forum about such things).[part 1]i have no comment about abductions except that there are two 'semi popular' ppl associated withthe Biaviian (i always misspell that) 'horde'.. one is Riley Martin (who describes reptiles andvarious other races 'in league' (tho somewhat opposing) with Biaviians. His book was TheComing of Tan. his website is: http://rileymartin.com/ he makes 'tickets' (custom artwork) for the bailout at 'endtimes' 2012. yes, i have one. but.. it's more for the artwork. ;)each artwork comes with a 'title' (your 'ancient name') .. mine happens to be Rah-Eron (somekind of ancient priest or something like that)..it's cute. ;)the other somewhat 'famous' person associated with the Biaviians is simply Michael (fromHawaii) .. you can listen to audio interviews with Riley's old publisher at: http://helloearth.info/i happen to think/feel .. well .. i don't want to get all negative on them .. i believe their hearts arein the right place but .. Riley may be an unwitting conman (not of his own design) fallen prey toa psychic/interviewer who convinced him he had these memories via hypnotic regression. thencomes the book. then comes all the hullabaloo. ^^ .. you decide..anyways, i've stopped writing to Michael and Riley .. they've stopped listening to me .. i tried to be a voice of reason (and support) for them but .. i question the whole "passing thru walls" thing(Michael's story) .. it sounds like a dream or fantasy .. i use Occam's Razor again: what's morelikely?1. two guys are whisked away to an alien mothership near Saturn then their memories aresuppressed .. only later to be revealed or..2. both are delusional and unwitting scam/conmenRiley was interviewed on one of those 'hype' talk shows .. i forget his name .. the bottom line for the interviewer was: where's the evidence?Riley has a cut pinky which he said came after a 'mind duel' with a reptile individual.a cut pinky and a book (mediocre sci-fi). that's it .. so .. you tell me: fact or fantasy? let's not waitfor 2012 to decide..
i have had some kind of repeated visitation of my own :( very disturbing but not often (thank God). usually, it's when i'm just about to wake up from night sleep. i sense a presence. i open myeyes (even tho i'm still asleep - this can actually be done). there is something hovering near me: adark snake-like thing .. perhaps an eel is a better analogy. it's observing me or - God knows what.it could be a spine from some extradimensional creature for all i know. :(it's real and certainly not my imagination. :( very disturbing and very horrifying.every time, i must control myself - not to give into fear (i believe that's the critical issue).sometimes, i try to communicate with it like: "what the f___ do you want!"a few weeks ago, something else was observing me: some grey like creature .. not sure .. justwatching me.he moved in to get a closer look (i assume) .. it felt threatening .. so i kept kicking at his head tokeep him away..what i didn't know was - i was kicking paintings hanging on a wall next to the small bed i wassleeping on. the paintings (my father's portraits) were flying all over the room (on that side). itseemed like he/it was trying to provoke me (perhaps try to get me to injure myself - whoknows..) then of course i woke up and found the paintings all on the floor. (fortunately, none hitme in the head.)there was a malevolence emanating from both creatures (the snake/eel and the grey). i couldsense/feel this.i have no idea why they want to observe me. i'm a writer/technician with mostly unknown works.i do have a LOT to say which goes unposted here. (i understand - "off topic") .. but .. manythings i have to say have relevancy to our times .. ppl should listen (get a chance to read/listen).sam micheal ps - one time i took the risk to allow merging with the snake/eel because i wanted to know itsintentions: i basically allowed it to posses me. as is typical in a lucid dream - everything seemedto vibrate. i seemed to sense vibrations from everything. i could not detect its motives. altho, itdid seem to be on an ego trip (similar to Lucifer). i have no idea the actual identity of the entity.for all i know, it could have been Lucifer. but .. it detached and i returned to my 'normal self'(me). i do not remember it visiting again. of course, i am no longer afraid of the entity. but i'mstill curious about its identity and intentions. pps - when i was in contact with Riley (he's like a brother to me), i had horrible nightmares (iassumed it was reptiles playing some kind of mind game with me). i don't recall thesubstance/content of the nightmares but .. they were not good. it seems in most (if not all) theseencounters, the issue is about fear - they either 'feed' off fear or simply want to see if they canscare you.. not sure which.. Riley contends the reptiles are a malevolent species - manipulatinghumans for their own selfish motives. ..i don't know for sure.. all i can tell you is about my own
 personal experiences - above. ppps - the reasons i continued contact with Riley were several including: as a child - i had nightterrors - i was convinced these were caused by real demons or malevolent spirits. typically, theywould come in the form of a large reptile. go figure. ;) sometimes, they would be body-less'vampire heads' drooling for my blood. they assumed whatever shape generated the most terror inme. (so of course, i developed the theory - they fed off this.) so you can imagine how important ithink this letter should be posted - so that we can help each other in awareness and possibly protecting each other from harm.[part 2]there is only one other time i have a possession story:some years ago, i was married to a Venezuelan woman. she was very proud and had a powerful personality. i still admire her for her inner strength and character. we are no longer together (bothtoo immature at that time for a serious/committed relationship). i must apologize now for thedark side of the golden rule: i gave her back what she gave to me and we broke up. this is theunfortunate/bad side of the golden rule (it should not be applied by immature individuals). back to the story..one night, some 'alien presence' possessed me .. it was totally/completely involuntary .. i had noself-control - i could not control my own body/limbs.. it just happened while i was asleep. boom- possessed. no invitation. no coercion - just instant possession. this creature was Horney. (youcan guess what happened.) he/it basically raped my wife. (not brutally fortunately - she did notobject.) but.. i tried to tell her what happened later (i was watching myself as if i was a puppet of this thing). it was disturbing in those two respects: i had no choice; i could do nothing to stop it.of course, i have no idea if the entity was a projection from an 'alien' with a real physical body ..or .. if it was a purely spiritual entity (with no physical body) .. it seemed to want to 'get off' (dosome aliens/entities crave sex?) i can only guess.. i wanted to relate that story because .. it'srelevant to my previous letter..we certainly live in a bizarre universe, don't we??? ;) sam micheal---------------------------------------------------------There's a Huge difference between a lucid dream and 'possession dream' .. or is there? There isthis overwhelming vibration filling your senses which makes it difficult to think. In a luciddream, there is not necessarily the vibration. Sometimes you can create any dream you wish.Sometimes you are aware as if in astral projection. I'm a little confused about the vibration thingcuz I seem to remember a time when I was in 'astral projection mode' and watching my sleeping body but also vibrating.. So.. Was I possessed at that time? Difficult to say.. Another two thingsabout the possession 'dreams': you could sense there was something there - another entity - other than yourself. And it seemed very difficult to communicate with the other entity. I'm not sure if itwas the mind-numbing vibration or simply because we lacked a common reference/symbolism.Of course these are not scientific evidence for actual possession nor evidence for spiritscomingling with humanity. They are simply anecdotal. And they are only one sample of one person's experiences. Combine that with others and stories of 'spirit interaction' and you havequite a case for the positive. Again, it is not scientific evidence. But it is somewhat compelling

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