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Published by The Myanmar Times
Your Wedding 2012
Your Wedding 2012

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Published by: The Myanmar Times on Apr 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ewellery shopsin Mandaa aading thm-svs o an inuxo dding ods at th ndo Buddhist lnt, hn d-ding sason bgins.But as th pic o god continus is, andith man pop inghad-up, ods o ho j sts a  andpacd b spaat odssuch a nckacs o ingsmo common, accoding to j tais.Th is on xcption tothis tnd, hov. In Man-daa a sha mad ntio god is hitting th shvsand causing quit a sti.Th sha is mad outo at ast 50 ticas (816gams) o god and ach onis oth kats 40 miion(US$48,000).Svn o ths ong-svd shas that dapacoss th shouds o abous hav aad bnsod.It is not too hav, saidDa Phu Phu o Aungth-amadi j, du to itsmboidd dsign, dspitth ight in god.“Up to no  hav madsvn shas o dint d-signs to compnsat o thoss in handcating ods.No things mad o god abcoming mo tnd suchas godn os, hai ac-cssois using god, and thissha,’ said Da Phu Phu.“Athoughth godnsha dosnot amatch itha taditionaddingongi (skit)o th bid,th godnsha is bttthan oth j o
oingcmon[bakastoing to amonk pioto ddingcmon],”sh said.As ddingings and j- on oth cptiona incas-ing dsigndaccoding to tast aththan tadition, itms such asth godn sha a bcom-ing mo popua. In thpast, j oud b cho-sn accoding to a coup’ssta sign ath than matchth dss, but man sti ookto astoog o thi choico j.Fo a Manma taditionadding, pac, dat, tim,dss and j aamong th most impotantthings.Accoding to Manmataditiona astoog, th daon th month somon isbon assigns a numb omon to nin. Numbs highthan this add thm togthto achiv a sing digitnumb. Numb on bonpop thn a diamond,pa o No 2 pop, zicono No 3 pop, god o No4, patinum o No 5, m-ad o No 6, pa and cat’s o No 7, diamond ithviot tint o No 8 and ubo No 9 pop.whn aanging a d-ding, on at a dcisionhas bn mad about thaddss, can a coup choosthi j as pac iaso b a dtmining acto. Js a not on obaut. It can aso sv oth pupos o po, pac-unss, hath and stngth.Som bu god and diamondas an invstmnt.So at th stat o a ma-iag it is quit appopiatto bu j that canguaant o a pacuami i. Js a incasinggiving commndationsand suggstions that amo matia in natu,such as hat i go ith th dcidd dss. Asoo dding ings, a com-mndation is mad accod-ing to budgt.Fo this ddingsason, Da Bab hooks at Gat Sin J shop on 80
 Stt, Mandaa is dis-paing Coombian m-ad, ub, and sapphiin addition to diamonds.“Dpnding on th vnu,hth at a monast ohot, j is ppadaccoding. Customs p- diamonds and Coombi-an mad. w hav spciadsigns o oung coups.Th pic o dding ingsangs om K500,000 to tnso miion,” said Da Bab.Paticua dsigns amad o individuas andkpt on o that pson asa spcia svic.Gnuin patinum isavaiab o customs hoqust it.Th a dincsin pnc btnyangon and Mandaa,h Mandaa sidntsp a simp dsign ithgood quait big cstashi yangon sidnts aamous o sophisticatddsigns.
your wedding Special Feature
M l, B wh, B o't
K Hm w, ph w KKh S w, ch th, l M H, pk, M th,nm B, n e e H, S th l
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t M S, t Z H,Kh Z, y H,
K tk
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K40 million golden shawlhits shelves in Mandalay
By Phyo Wai Kyaw
whn a coup dcids to ti thknot, th can choos hth toadh to th taditiona customs o Manma.rativs om both sids i asopa a pat in thi maid i, soth i aso hav to b takn intoconsidation.Th maiag ma occu bmutua agmnt o though anaangd maiag b pants omboth sids. Th taditions that acaid out dpnd on ho muchmon th coup o thi pantscan spnd on it.Accoding to Manma taditionth bidgoom gos to th bid’shous ith his pants o th occa-sion o ngagmnt. Th bidgoomis accompanid b his pants oguadians and distinguishd a-tivs.Som Manma ho biv inNats (Spiits) giv oings o ba-nanas and coconuts to ask th Natsto ook at th -bing o thcoup ho i bcom n mm-bs o th ami. To accompishthis th spctiv pants obtainth assistanc om pop hospciais in Nat oship.In in ith taditiona bis,amiis i o
(ood) tomonks and istn to thi smons.Gat impotanc is attachd to thisauspicious occasion. At takingthis stp, it is said that th bond b-tn th bidgoom and th bidis cmntd.To mak th maiag omaand ofcia anoth impotantunction is to go to cout and signth maiag ctifcat in ont o a judg.In Manma maiag astoogpas a pivota pat. Sinc th odndas astoogs hav bn idupon to choos th dding da, thmost auspicious tim, th coou o bida gon, th coou o osth bid i a, and ast but notth ast hat to do to cushion thcost o th dding.Accoding to th bi o ancs-tos, Satuda and Thusda bon,Fida and Monda bon, Sundaand wdnsda bon and wdns-da atnoon and Tusda bonshoud ain om maiagbcaus th a incompatib(hich mans hath, happinss andpospit ma ud thm).But som coups bon on incom-patib das and ho a v muchin ov can tak th isk b consut-ing an astoog.Manma ancstos sa th Api,Ma, Jun and th nd o Buddhistlnt a th most satisactomonths o choosing th ddingda.wddings ma b hd accod-ing to tadition in an xtavagantmann o in a o-k ashion, buthat matts most is that th ovbtn th maid coup i btu and nduing.
Traditionsare stilladhered to atweddings
Kye Hmon Win
 A  n 
Au ngt ha mad i 
e m p lo yee d is p l ys  go lde n s h w l  i n  M nd l y
 P ho to:  K y eh mo n  W i n
UTUAl ov andconsidation isncssa o aman and a omanto go on iving togth pac-u and actionat atmaiag, but hat s doou nd in od to go on iv-ing togth happi v atas th sa in ai tas?In th fst pac, to civcognition o thi ma-iag om socit at ag itis ncssa to cbat itin a maiag cmon inaccodanc ith th pac abid-to b is in.Th a numous aso putting a oman and aman togth in th bonds o matimon. Somtims a qui-t cmon h ou invitsvn houshods to th astand svn houshods to thst o a bid-to-b’s homto bss th coups maiagis ncssa.Somtims th amaiag cmonis hth bid-to-b’s hands agivn aa in maiag toth gooms-to-b’s ith thbd imaginab pump aongith coouu stivitis and jou asts.Th a aso mass ma-iag cmonis, as  asund-at cmonis o hich ou had pobab snon T.V scns in this sociamdia ag.Noadas vn VCD’s o th maiag cmonisinvoving th coouu ma-iag cmonis o intna-tiona cbitis, mmbs o oa amiis, and chidn o biionaiis and miionaisho had com o ag.And it is intsting to shat sot o impact thosasi avaiab VCD had onth tin Manma. Ho dosit ct upon th tons andviags in Manma?Fist and omost it is vpain to s i ou just scanthough
the Myanmar Times
.whn Buddhist nt hadbn passd aa and hnmaiag cmonis astating,  at th MT itnumous stois and adviccoumns and spcia atusto attact oung popa in and a out. Thsads a contmpatinga happ maiag, and thoud ik to b inomd onmatimonia aais.w a not th onons ho fnd ousvsbus at such momnts,th uuptia dssdsigns, onamntd js, maiagvnus, baut paousand hots a a hav bus,hctic ok das.expanations o bing busduing th opn sason isca nough. Maiag isxpnsiv and happns ononc in a itim. Th abusinss pop ho coudap pofts om th ma-iags o oung pop.On th big citis th agand maiags ith vhug amount o xpndituas  as quit aais in thbudding pa has hon a modat amount o xpnditu is ndd.Th a som smadincs btn thmaiag cmonis in agtons and sma viags.Maiag cmonis in vi-ags mphasiz to tadition-a Manma Cutu.Th a no vnus ont in viags, so th c-mon is hd at th spacin ont o th bids ogoom’s hous, h amak-shit, cmoniaha as buit ith thhp o oung mn inth viag.wa hangings andugs o spading onth gound, hug potsand pans, cookingutnsis, china patsand dinn sts, nap-kins, tab spadstc a adi avai-ab om th viagmonast.Th a tohug siv bosaid on th n-tanc to th hao coction o donation mon,hich is usuaod b visitingmmbs o thaudinc. Thbos a usu-a boodom th viaghadman o a -to-doami o th viag.I th goom’s pantscoud aod it, th gavbakast o dinn o thattnding. Othis, taith caks a od. It iskno that th usd to -cod ach attnd’s oingo mon on a book o hichth d back hn tho-sping o th attndgts maid.It is knon that in somviags, th taditiona com-pn-sation mon to b paidb th goom’s pants ogiving aa o thi daughtis v high, athough thatpactic had bn and o usin most viags.
Let’s get together in marriage
Khine Su Wai
odels  pose in esen s y le dess
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