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Hi-Tide Issue 7, May 2013

Hi-Tide Issue 7, May 2013

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Published by The Hi-Tide
Hi-Tide Issue 7, May 2013
Hi-Tide Issue 7, May 2013

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Published by: The Hi-Tide on May 02, 2013
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Volume LXXVVVIV Issue 7 - May 2, 2013
Friday Saturday Sunda
High:91˚ Low:59˚High:70˚ Low:59˚High:70˚ Low:59˚
 C U B   I S S U E
   
Week One
May 6
A.M. -Chemistry-EnvironmentalP.M. -Psychology
May 7
A.M. -Comp. Sci.-Spanish Lang.P.M. -Art History
May 8
A.M. -Calculus AB-Calculus BCP.M. -Chinese
May 9
A.M. -English Lit.P.M. -Japanese-Latin
May 10
A.M. -English Lang.P.M. -Statistics
Internal and external auditsof high schools in the San Di-
are supposed to occur onceper year. Every time there is
there should be an internal au-dit as well; since the beginning of the semester, La Jolla High’s
employees four times withoutan audit.
opinionated high school peo-
Shelburne. However, now that
and twisted and turned andthe merry-go-round has beenturned around and spun, andthe music has stopped and
Mrs. Safa was set to be thecaptain of our ship for theremainder of the school year
with both the district and thestaff at LJHS. Bringing with
been in place for over twenty years, Safa faced ridicule. Mr.
the reason for her return toMadison High was due in partto his questioning of her poli-cies. The revisions she broughtwere district policy, but new tothe school.These frequent changes ledteachers, such as Mr. Teach-worth, to become frustrated.The money ($3500+) that theScience Team had earned overthe years and had placed in the
time at LJHS, according toMr. Teachworth. With no in-
new position in the district, shemade it clear that the materialsfor the Science Team neededto be bought by the district as
We Killed the Messenger
By Amanda Menas
 Editor-in-Chief Elect 
    
Week Two
May 13
A.M. -Biology-Music TheoryP.M. -Physics B-Physics C
May 14
A.M. -Gov.P.M. -Gov. and Politics-French
May 15
A.M. -German-U.S. HistoryP.M. -Euro.
May 16
A.M. -Macroeconomics-World HistoryP.M. -Italian-Microeconomics
May 17
A.M. -Human Geo.-Spanish Lit.
Tragedy strikesin Boston: themarathon, thevictims, the perpetrators,the aftermathSee page 10
For as long as humans havegazed upon the cosmos, Earth
-ever, this could soon change.On Thursday, April 18, 2013,scientists announced the dis-covery of three planets outsideof our solar system that could very well support life.The discovery was made byNASA’s Kepler satellite, which
more than 150,000 stars in the
-lar to Earth.Since these new planets arenot part of our solar system,we do not share a sun. Theirsun is smaller and cooler thanours, called Kepler-62, and is1,200 light-years away. Keepin mind that one light year isequal to six trillion miles.Each of the three planets isnamed Kepler-62, with differ-ent sets of lowercase letters fol-lowing the number 62.Although they are extreme-ly far away, these planets havecomparable climates to placeson Earth. Comparable to Alas-
40% larger than Earth and the
-ence principal investigator atNASA Ames Research Center.Kepler-62e seems to be about60% larger than Earth, slight-ly closer to its host star, andcould be mostly made of deepoceans.It seems as though Ke-pler-69c orbits a star similarto Earth’s sun, is estimatedto be 70% larger than Earth,
climate, and may also be very
the milder climates, there is astrong possibility these planetscould have liquid water, which
form of life.For now, all research and pre-
are just theoretical. Althoughthe climates on the new planetsare similar to Earth’s climates,the types of life we are used to
-nitely not the type of life thatmay be discovered in future.However, one can rest as-
not be any aliens roaming around Earth any time soon.
By Stephanie Buchbinder
Staff Writer 
Whole New Worlds
For the past couple of years,rumors have been rampantabout exactly what will hap-
-nity feared that the building 
the State wants to sell the land
Others said that the building would be sold, then leased
would change except the own-
continued on page 10...
By Ali Davallou
Staff Writer 
 Photo Courtesy of UC Berkeley
er of the property.Most recently, the plan was
a smaller leased space in theVillage. However, things have
-ing, located on Wall Street, re-ceived a Historical designationby the federal government in January of 2013. In theory,such a designation would pre- vent the building from being demolished, regardless of thewho the owner may be.But of course, the plan haschanged again, and as of April
up for sale with local La Jolla
moving forward. The fact thatthe building is now historical-ly designated does not mean
since there are ways to bypassthe designation.
exhibited any behavior indi-
-torical location, as the Servicewas the party with the idea tosell the property.
ASB Update
Fellow Vikings,Congratulations on mak-ing it this far! We only havea few more weeks beforeanother senior class leavesand new freshmen join theranks. In the mean time,there are quite a few excitingdates before graduation.Tomorrow night is theboys’ lacrosse senior game;baseball is May 14, and theothers will be announced asthey approach. 
e ASB Applications aredue on May 7; on May 17,Senior Dues ($95) and Link Crew Applications are due. 
e Drama Departmentwill present
e 25th An-nual Putnam County Spell-ing Bee May 9, 10, and 11.LJHS’s 2nd Annual FilmFestival will be May 17 andthe 1st annual movie nightin the quad will follow onMay 24.Prom will be held May 31prior to the Senior AwardsNight June 5. Grad nightis June 7 followed by theSenior Breakfast (and thedistribution of the Hi-TideSenior Issue) June 8. Finally,Graduation is June 11.Good luck and warmestregards,PP. Daniel S. HamiltonASB President
According to NBC7.com, 33 students were suspendedfrom Scripps Ranch High School for twerking on a video tape that was later put onto youtube.com.
The La Jolla High School
Laura DericksonAmanda Menas
News Editors
Lilly GlenisterTrevor Menders
Opinions Editors
Hannah OrrTaylor Osman
Features Editor
Katie Allen
Student Focus Editor
Mae Goodjohn
Sports Editor
Izzie Melvin
 A & E Editor
Zoe Hildebrand
Business Manager
 Jordan BowmanBen AllenLilly GrossmanTaylor Mohrhardt
Staff Writers
Stephanie BuchbinderMegan CarrollRachel CarrollShane ColvardAli DavallouZoe HildebrandMisha KabbageNasim KasiriZen KellyMadeline Lavelle Jordan LinskyBrock MacelliKenneth MarteyHeidi MorelandGiovanni MoujaesNessie NavarroHaley RichardsWaverly RichardsErin RileyLauren RobbinsLauren RobertsonMaxwell SanchezSarah Schug Emma Scott Janet Shackleton
an open forum, is the
official student newspaper of La Jolla High School. Unless otherwise noted,opinions being voiced in the
belong to the individual author. The
welcomes letters and opin
ions from students and staff members. If you have a letter to the editor, pleasedrop it off in Room 501, or give it to
editor. You may also email submissions to LJHiTide@yahoo.com.Submissions should be typed and can
not be anonymous. The
serves the right to refuse any material. Advertisements are measured per columninch. To advertise with the
to purchase a subscription, please email us or call (858) 454-3081, extension4501. Issues are distributed every four weeks. No part of the
may be
reproduced without written permission.
May 2, 2013
Copy Editors
Jim Essex
By Mia Kelliher
Copy Editor 
 Choosing which collegesto apply to is a very stress-ful process. It can be hard todecide on the one “perfectcollege” that meets all re-quirements. When applying,students should focus on theexperience and the academicknowledge they will gain fromtheir chosen college instead of the name of the college. Sincemany La Jolla High Schoolstudents have taken competi-tive and challenging courses,we tend to apply to higher-ranked schools or focus on acollege just because of theexcellent reputation it mayhave.But students need to knowthat attending a college thatwill help them achieve successin life is better than attend-ing a “sweatshirt college”—acollege choice based on namerecognition.There are plenty of collegesthroughout California, if notthe country or the rest of theworld, that many studentslook up to as a dream school.While some colleges, like UCBerkeley and UCLA, haveexceptionally rigid standardsand well-to-do students, theymay not be right for a myriadof reasons. A “prestigious”college could be too challeng-ing or not right for a particu-lar student’s personality, butsaid student could still chooseit just for the reputation of thename. A California State Uni- versity—although it may nothave the national ranking asso-ciated with some UCs or othertop private schools—may be a
better fit for students and pro
- vide them with better assistanceto graduate and earn a degree. Just because the name is not asappealing to other students orsociety, it does not mean it is notthe right college for you.Instead of struggling and do-ing poorly at a college that stu-dents choose based on the con-notations related to its name,they have an opportunity toattend a lesser known or lowerranked college and put more ef-fort into the classes and re-ally engage in their collegeexperience and possibly.Attending a lesser-knowncollege and graduating ismuch better than attend-ing a college that you might
flunk out of just because of 
its reputation.College is a very impor-tant decision that has a hugeimpact on all other aspectsof a person’s life. Still, asimportant as this life eventmay be, the application pro-cess should be taken with agrain of salt. After all, it isnot what college you attendbut what you gain and con-tribute to the school of yourchoice.
Sweatshirt Colleges
threat is more like, “If you dropone nuke on us, we’ll drop onethousand nukes on you.” And Isure hope that you aren’t hoping  your fellow communist allies willbe backing you up should youturn to nuclear conquest. FidelCastro has just about kicked thebucket, and China makes allof its money from us and ourallies—I don’t think they’ll wantto wreck their economy in or-der to back up their bellyaching neighbors.Look Kim Jong-un, we under-stand. You have a lot to live up
to. You want to affirm your pow
-er, bring North Korea into thenuclear age, and who wouldn’twant you to end up just like yourfather?Well America, for one, if itmeans that we’re going to needto listen to your whiny sabre rat- 
ast January, you, more
specifically your leader
Kim Jong-un, madesome “belligerent” commentswherein you called America your “archenemy.” Now, as an
American, I find these com
-ments to be very hurtful anddisparaging; I have never doneanything to harm your coun-try. As a nation that calls itself communist, it might be hardto understand the concept of individualism, especially whenunder a “supreme leader” likethe Kims.However, in America, theactions of a few do not rep-resent the actions of all. TheKorean War, the Cold War,and the days of our “contain-ment” policies are long gone.See, now as a nation, we don’treally care what ideology youfollow—so long as you don’thave oil, support abortion, orbelieve in gay marriage, andsomething tells me, N.K., that you don’t meet any of thoserequirements.But I’m getting off track; thepoint is, the one exception toour “live and let live” foreignpolicy is when a nation threat-ens us. North Korea, especial-ly you Supreme Ruler, when you start talking about sending nukes our way we’ll notice.So congratulations, younow have all the world pow-ers watching you to see what your next move is. Don’t getme wrong—and this seg-ment is directed to you Kim
 Jong-un—we’re flattered. I
mean, not just any countrywould hold a grudge for 59 years, and not just any coun-try would threaten the UnitedStates with nuclear weapons.It’s like threatening to throw a
stone at a catapult holding fifty
stones—or in America’s case7,700 nuclear stones.See, Kim Jong-un, not only do you lack the stones that wouldget anywhere near America,but I’m pretty sure I couldcount all of your stones on onehand. In America’s case, wehave over 7,000 stones, and weknow how to pump them outquickly.Remember North Korea,every Republican in Congressis looking for a reason to in-crease defense spending as theresult of some distant threat;we did it in Iraq over the verythreat of nuclear missiles, andnow you start pointing existing nuclear missiles our way? I’msurprised Republicans aren’twetting themselves with de-light.Not only that, but if you
pick a fight with us, you willbe picking a fight with the
original nuke droppers. In theCold War the threat was al-ways, “If you drop ten nukeson us, we’ll drop eleven nukeson you.” But nowadays thetling for your entire reign.If you are going to take onsome great evil in order toinspire loyalty in your citi-
zens then fine, but don’t go
pointing your guns wherethey don’t belong, because,frankly North Korea, youdon’t have the stones for it.Come back to play when your leader doesn’t look likea “Gangnam Style” knock off from the better part of  your peninsula.Following the attack onPearl Harbor, urban legendstates Japanese admiral Iso-roku Yamamoto said, “I fearall we have done is to awaken
a sleeping giant and fill him
with a terrible resolve.” If  you dare come near us, thisgiant will once again awak-en.
Pride or Prestige?
So congratulations, younow have all the world pow-ers watching you to see what your next move is.
By Ben Allen
Copy Editor 
Photo Courtesy of cagle.com

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