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067 Flatlander's Folly

067 Flatlander's Folly

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Published by mcdozer

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Published by: mcdozer on Oct 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sept.30, 2008 
In his article "A Nation of Flatlanders," Newsweek's Michael Hirshcorrectly addresses a condition, which, I'm afraid, has been ailing his country for a little while longer than since the Bushadministration.While I thoroughly enjoyed the article (- myself having been aware of the "Flatland" concept sinceI was a wee lad of 13 - thanks to aspin-off on Edwin Abbot's "Romance of Many Dimensions" published in the 70s byDavid Berg -) to merely call the current hoodlum in Iraq someone's "folly," in my opinion is as blatantly failing to do the subject justice, as would be calling the Holocaust a"mishap" or "Hitler's blunder," and such a statement could only come from an American (whovalues foreign lives infinitely less than their fellow patriots'), and from someone who, althoughaddressing a problem or spiritual disease, is himself currently a victim of the same, howbeit oneof the exceptional kind who at least
the problem.Last night we saw Peter Berg's "The Kingdom," probably one of the best portrayals ever, of thedeeply rooted hatred between Americans and Muslims, and from the rational, "Flatlander's" pointof view, one would reach the conclusion that religion is probably the most idiotic thing there is(right next to patriotism, but that's not the message the movie makers wanted to bring across).Only someone looking a little deeper, beyond the limits of their own finite dimensions of what is tobe believed and accepted as "real" or not, can see thehands in the dark pulling the threads of  manipulation, playing one party skillfully against another, creating what the Germans call a"Feindbild," an artificial image of your enemy in your mind, and in this case, achieving that the majority of rational people in the world will believe exactly that: Religion is the Enemy.While the two opposing (artificially created) forces of communism and capitalism were ensuringthe necessary tension and strife to cater to the unseen manipulators' agenda for half a century,the new culprit is religion, the last enemy to be overcome in order to achieve world peace withinthe glorious New World Order.Without being aware of a plan that's unfolding in world history and recognizing that the "NewWorld Order" was more than just a neat lineBush Sr.came up with (- probably long before Mr.Hirsh had his job with Newsweek -), what Bush Jr. and his potential successor are committing ismerely a "folly."In my opinion, it is a much larger folly to be as naive to assume such a thing.It isn't just folly or plain stupidity to be pouring billions into a sinking ship called "The Economy,"deemed "unsinkable" for decades, (despite the repetitive outcries of the prophets of doom sincethe 70s), because just like the future abolition of religion, Mr. Hirsh, it is the New World Order's

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