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Physical circumstances are irrelevant to Me! (I:57)

With every battle you gain strength and grow stronger in faith, in the wielding of your weapons, in your desperation and
closeness with Me, in ignoring the circumstances. To hell with the circumstances! Circumstances dont count. Soon the
circumstances will be the most disastrous they have ever been in all of history, and you will wish you had learned not to
go by or look at the circumstances. Only look at and go by Me! (I:72)
Whatever the circumstances are, I want you to look past and beyond them, through them, at the hidden blessing, the
greater victory which will come about through seeming defeat; at the lessons and wisdom gained by means of an
apparent loss, at the greater purpose of God, at the greater good which will always come forth out of supposed evil for
those who love Me, at the beauty which will come out of the ashes of the old. (I:84)
To give when you apparently receive nothing in return, that is love that overcometh all things; love that rises above the
circumstances. (I:121)
I am the Great ANYHOW! My specialty is to do things in spite of the unfavorable circumstances and against all odds.

I like those tests the best, during those times when you dont feel like it, because it shows Me youre willing to defy
natural circumstances; to be cheerful in spite of the way you feel.
Dont let circumstances drive you into a defensive position! Stay on the attack! Rise above the circumstances! (I:152)
I want you to learn to also tune in to Me when the conditions arent perfect...
I want to be your focal point and your main Center of attention in any circumstance.
Make Me the central point of your focus and attention under whatever kind of condition, even if its noisy, chaotic or
confusing all around you! (I:189)
According to personal choices and even mistakes, circumstances can change. (I:222)
I want you to forget about the circumstances. I want you to focus and rely solely on Me.
Youre just going to have to make a greater effort to put Me above your circumstances. I dont want your circumstances to
dictate your times with Me, what youre going to ask Me, etc., I would like to dictate your circumstances by your times
with Me: Me giving you the instructions and the Words that will create new circumstances.
Right now, My Words to you are a result of your circumstances. You find yourself in a situation, you seek My counsel
about it, and then My Words might alter your circumstances according to the extent you implement them. But now, the
next step is that you come to Me blank open ready for Me to create a whole new set of circumstances for you. Make
the verse happen that says, This is the day which the Lord hath made! (I:239)
Analyzing circumstances and then drawing your conclusions from that analysis, as to what you think you should do, can
very easily be one of those ways of man. (I:254)
There are times when it seems perfectly legitimate, reasonable and alright to quit; the only reasonable thing left to do. But
those are often the times when the true heroes are born, those who say, Lord, contrary to all the circumstances, contrary
to what my mind tells me and contrary to the way I feel, in spite of the fact that I know that this rugged road in front of me
here will bring a lot of pain and suffering, as it already has, in fact Im still suffering... In spite of all this, Lord, I decide and
choose to keep going for You! (I:255)
Too many times you let things, circumstances or incidents, pass you by indifferently, without getting stirred up to seek
Me about them, to counsel with Me or beseech Me about them. (I:280)
There are situations in life, where circumstances seem to push you to the edge; the absolute extreme and limit of just
about as far as you can go before youre about to quit and yell at the Enemy, I surrender! Thats what you call tests, and
thats the only way I can train you for this war. (I:281)
What you will need most of all is faith to protect you from fear and despair! Faith for miracles to help you rise above the
most atrocious and miserable circumstances of all times! (I:297)
Stop seeing the people behind those incidents and circumstances, stop blaming them, and instead, you really must begin
to see Me in all this; seek Me in all this and ask Me why I allow it to happen this way! (I:298)
If you let circumstances rule you without ever coming to Me to find out My will for you, never presenting your body a
"living sacrifice" and committing your day, your life unto Me afresh everyday, that's when you're failing Me and heading
the wrong way: the dead end street of dead works. (I:314)

You should be treating those little circumstances of yours that way: laugh into their faces as the illusions of time they
really are, instead of treating and respecting them like all-absorbing factors that determine the state youre in and rule
your life, your emotions, your level of faith!
Stop letting irrelevant circumstances rule you, and start acknowledging that which is really relevant and important,
namely Me, and all those other towering giants around you in the Spirit, all here at your beck and call, ready to prove to
you what Were capable of! (I:386)
You should be ruling and determining the circumstances, because Ive given you power over them and not be their slave
and letting them toss you to and fro! The circumstances are yours! (I:391)
Im helping you to develop initiative and the art of taking positive action by the circumstances I put you in. (I:397)
It's important to stay in tune with Me and attuned to My voice, and not give in to any seemingly overwhelming
circumstances, but to keep an attitude of trust. (I:403)
It's important for you to get ahold of that peace of knowing that I'm in control of your circumstances, because you have
committed them into My care. (I:412)
Find in Me true abundance when you're lacking, and the ability to rise above your circumstances!
I don't want you to be swayed by them, nor have them dictate your moods or actions, I want you to learn to have Me
dictate your circumstances by your trust and by your prayers.
Be bulwarks of hope for those around you! Even those who may not believe right now, in time of need will remember that
you had faith that exceeded the range of their hopelessness, the range of the physical circumstances, faith that believes
that all things will be well because I'm in control. (I:436)
All of you must learn not to make physical circumstances your masters, nor to let them push you around. The days of
letting physical circumstances push you around is going to be over soon. (I:437)
Focus not on the circumstances, which are largely brought about by the devil's mingling in My affairs, plus man's lack of
wisdom and lack of love, and his falling for the devil's tricks, but focus on the fact that you have found the One Who is
going to right all the wrongs and turn things around in your life and in everybody else's who will accept Me! (I:474)
Isn't it a wonderful privilege to be cared for by the Creator of the universe? That's why I'm reminding you to be more
praiseful, in spite of apparent unfavorable circumstances, because the true circumstances, as I see them from behind the
veil, are quite different! A grand privilege! (I:476)
Seek not to run anywhere else but into My arms, where you'll be perfectly safe and warm , no matter what happens around
you and what the circumstances are! (I:479)
What greater gift could you acquire than the ability to rise above all earthly and physical circumstances, according to
your need? (I:519)
How much do you look at the wind and the waves, and at circumstances, instead of the Spirit? (I:531)
I am capable of taking care of any amount of contrary circumstances and turn them to your good, and, as I have
promised, "I will make a way where there is no way." (I:552)
You have to decide whether you're really going to accept Me as your Master and Lord, and the One to determine your
If you limit Me to only use you under conditions and specific circumstances, you're also limiting Me to only bless you
with a certain amount of the joy and rewards of what total yieldedness would bring. (I:563)
We can do what you can't. No matter what We might tell you to do, the circumstances could change and cancel the effect
of Our counsel, but if you commend the situation directly into Our omnipotent hands, We'll do something about it against
which Satan and circumstances are powerless. (I:564)
Just rise above all the negative circumstances! (I:568)
Shake the shackles of circumstances and man-made boundaries! (I:569)
Your power is greater, and you just have to grab hold of that power and believe in it and wield it and not be swayed by
physical circumstances, such as numbers, or the flood of mental conditioning that has programmed the masses against
what you stand for. (I:587)
Resigning to your fate means yielding to your circumstances, instead of availing yourself of My Power to change them.


Don't view circumstances as obstacles, but as stepping stones, and rise above... (II:17)
If you let your circumstances overwhelm you instead of running to My arms, then it's no wonder you feel distant from Me.

Don't keep your eyes on the "impossibilities" of your circumstances, but on Me and the fact that they each come from My
hand, only to draw you closer to Me! (II:54)
You must have crazy faith and not let the circumstances and "voices of reason" intimidate you! (II:63)
You can flow with My anointing and float on the cloud of My Spirit, if you know you're right where you're meant to be, and
that you can make the most of that situation right where you are, wherever you are, no matter what the circumstances.

Let Earth and all carnal circumstances recede and let Me lift you above all the natural impossibilities! (II:150)
If you wait for circumstances to be just right and perfect before you'll obey My commandment to go into all the world and
preach the Gospel, you're never going to do it! (II:158)
You've got to forget those circumstances which framed your condition that formed your view of things; in other words,
just smash the whole picture of your perception of things and let Me make it over completely! (II:161)
Faithfully, humbly and gratefully continue to praise Me, even in the midst of adverse circumstances! (II:192)
My Love for you isn't influenced by circumstances. (II:243)
I'm teaching you many things through the various circumstances of your life, and like any teacher, I am pleased when My
students show interest and take note of the lessons, instead of just letting them pass them by. (II:244)
While yesterday was yesterday, and certain circumstances may have given leeway for certain things, it may all look
different today, just as it may all look yet completely different tomorrow. (II:254)
Don't look at the circumstances! Of course, they're chaos! That's what war pretty much amounts to, and that's what the
devil is trying to create all along! (II:296)
The circumstances are not as relevant as the lesson they bring and the incentive they give you to pray. (II:311)
Sometimes I have to change the circumstances in order to get you out of the lethargic path. (II:317)
Keep on believing when things are not looking so bright, when your thoughts don't feel so heavenly, when you can't see
any trace of the fulfillment of the Promise, except by blind, naked faith in My Word, simply because I have promised it,
regardless of the fact whether it seems so, according to the circumstances, or not. (II:321)
You have the power to change your circumstances, and I need you to make use of that power! I need fighters who will
refuse to let circumstances get the better of them! (II:325)
Forget about the circumstances that the devil would like to use to keep you tied to the ground! (II:351)
Do you still know Whom you have believed, even when the circumstances aren't all that rosy, or you feel useless,
abandoned, downhearted?
I need to get your faith to the point where you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have not left you nor forsaken
you, even when all the circumstances and ten thousand voices seem to be screaming the opposite! (III:323)
Dont prematurely discard the "bad" things, the unpleasant circumstance I allow in your life, and don't wash it all away or
try to get rid of it by force. Chances are you might need that stuff in order to prevent worse trouble from happening to
you. (III:343)
Look at Me more and focus on Me, the One Who can alter your circumstances when you cannot. (IV:336)
Sometimes the pressure situations bring you into a position of willingness to try what you might not have under different
circumstances (2011:31)
Having to do some stuff that might turn out to be tough for you is still better than life in a concentration camp, or some
other, more intolerable circumstances... (2011:37)

If you dont like your circumstances, do something to change them: pray! (2011:52)
While your happiness and health are definitely subject to My care, I can also assure them despite any of the physical
circumstances (2011:54)
Asking Me for help in developing skills at rising above your circumstances, overcoming and enduring them, I just might.
No matter how bleak the circumstances, you have an effective weapon to help make you feel better, and the sooner you
learn to avail yourself of it, the happier youll be, and the quicker all this misery around you will disappear.
Youve been trying to recreate or preserve that magic somehow by controlling your physical circumstances and
whereabouts as if they were primarily responsible for making heaven on earth happening, when Im trying to teach you
that its all a matter of attitude and an inner state of mind thats really going to make a difference.
Set your affections on things above means, you dont go by the visible, immediate and tangible circumstances, but you
allow your life to be guided and directed by Something unseen, an invisible Force to help you overcome the negative
forces trying to drag you down
To put your trust in Me obviously is not a thing you just do once for all times, but you need to do it every day anew when
you see that the physical circumstances are obviously working against you.
Ask Me to turn them around, and I will. (2011:55)
Looking further than what your eyes can make out, and even that which experience (framed by your circumstances and
their sequences, which I have asked you to learn to rise above) teaches you seems like a perpetual test to you, a lesson
Im having to repeat over and over and over again But is that My fault, or could it be that youre simply not getting it?

You're still looking to circumstances and others to bring you happiness and the kind of life to enjoy, but what I meant by
"It's just going to be you and Me," is that it will be up to the two of us to bring happiness into your life that will spill over
to others. You can't rely on them nor your circumstances to do that for you, but the only One capable of that task and
complying with that otherwise unrealistic expectation is I. (2011:74)
So-called securities are more often than not merely illusions, since no one can truly control lifes circumstances (except
Me, if you ask Me to), and thus the only real security you can ever have is faith. (2011:76)
What is faith under normal, favorable circumstances? Its simply the usual, average kind of faith anyone can have. Faith
becomes great under those abnormal circumstances under which the Devil comes rubbing in your face questions like,
Now, if God loves you, why would He allow that to happen? (2011:86)
My goal is to teach you to rise above the unpleasant circumstances in life and to walk through it victoriously in spite of
them. How am I going to teach you that if I am only going to take you to pleasant places? (2011:92)
The adverse circumstances you curse are your salvation, for they bring you back to Me. Without them youd hopelessly
stray away from Me.
So, no. 1 as far as changing your outlook is concerned is to see all those adverse circumstances as something
positive, without which youd go lost. Theyre My compliments to you, the proof that I care about you and wont let you go
astray, no matter how hard you would want to, because you may think you know better whats good for you. (2011:100)
If I allow you to create circumstances for yourself that are too comfortable, you quickly snap out of fighting mode and are
all too easily ready to settle for some sort of peaceful coexistence with evil as long as they let you do as you please.

People blame each other or they blame Me, but they hardly ever blame themselves or take the responsibility for their own
plight upon themselves. They never wonder, How on earth did I wind up here, and what did I do wrong? but usually
curse the circumstances and whoever they figure is responsible for them and keep on going just the same as always
without ever so much as having learned a single valid lesson from the ordeal. (2011:114)
Being grateful for what you have is one thing, but complacently letting yourself float down the stream of your
circumstances is another. (2011:134)
Whatever the hardest possible circumstances be you find yourself in, you mustnt quit believing that they befall you for a
good reason. Maybe one day youre actually going to be thankful for them.
You dont have to suffer needlessly, being buffeted about wildly by lifes circumstances. You can turn them around and
make them work for your good. (2011:135)
How you can take adverse circumstances is part of the walk and life of faith.
The trick is to find ways to be happy in spite of the circumstances.
The ability to find Heaven in your heart anywhere you are, regardless of your surroundings and circumstances, this is
what could be described as true faith. (2012:9)
Life has many paradoxes, and the secrets and answers are often found in unexpected circumstances and situations. My

way up is down, and if you dont give up and throw in the towel prematurely, you may find treasures on this quest that
you might not have found anywhere else. (2012:10)
Trust is easy and no challenge under normal circumstances and when things are going according to your criteria of
whats acceptable. It becomes extraordinary only under unusual circumstances that actually require faith. (2012:14)
People can give helpful guidance and counsel, company, fellowship and love under the right circumstances, but
circumstances, as far as this present world is concerned, are growing bleaker by the minute, and such unfavorable
circumstances call for direct leadership by Me and a channel with Me that will enable you to get all you need straight from
Me without being dependent on other frail and flawed human beings. (2012:17)
Your attitude will determine the outcome and whether youll survive. Youve got to decide, Am I going to overcome and
conquer this situation, or will I allow the circumstances to overwhelm and conquer me?
My goal for your life isnt only for you to learn to overcome the negative circumstances, but also to rely less on those
pleasant things that right now youre still so dependent on.
What if youd eventually get to the point where circumstance really wont matter to you anymore? - Come hell or high
water, youll still be able to stand, facing whats coming at you like a brave man who knows hes got nothing to lose, only
everything to gain? Now, thats what Id call a life of faith. (2012:19)
What Im trying to do most of all is consolidate your faith, regardless of circumstances.
Its important that you put your faith in the right things: not circumstances or visible things, but in Me.
When you complain, you obviously choose to place your faith in the circumstances.
When you place your faith in the right factors, it becomes evident in a positive, praiseful attitude and spirit, regardless of
any physical factors or circumstances.
I need to know how long, how consistently I can count on you, and you need to learn just how consistently you can count
on Me, even when circumstances seem to indicate and the devil vehemently keeps insisting that Im not much of
anyone youre able to count on, if you judge by how you would like your life to be and which course you would prefer
circumstances to take.
Im saying one thing, and maybe your circumstances are saying another, as the devil certainly is. Lifes experiences and
lessons are designed to teach you to make up your own mind on the issue and draw your own conclusion.
By allowing circumstances to overwhelm you, youre showing that youre giving the priority to them, over Me and My
Realm, and thats not a good sign, nor a good turn for events to take. (2012:22)
So the current circumstances are even more unpleasant than theyve ever been before, and lets just say that your
present challenges are the hardest and toughest ones youve ever had to face Is that so surprising? I think Ive made it
abundantly clear that thats the way to grow and make progress. (2012:28)
Its all about overcoming and rising above the circumstances of the present, and the darker the circumstances, the more
desperately you seek that ability. (2012:32)
Dont you think that if Im asking you to rise above your circumstances Im also able to make them more bearable for
you? But thats the thing: If you put forth a positive and believing attitude, you will often see that thats precisely the
effect it will have on your circumstances.
In other words, the spirit is so much superior to the flesh and physical circumstances.
All annoying circumstances and factors can vanish if you let Me take over and grant Me the position of priority in your life
that truly rising above requires. (2012:35)
Having experienced extremely negative circumstances can sometimes help to appreciate life back in its normal state,
even if its less than perfect.
Sometimes, when folks have had it too good during some stage in their life, it becomes extremely hard for them to adjust
to less pleasant circumstances. (2012:37)
Rise above the ugly circumstances: ugly behavior, selfish characters, and whatever else is bothering you! (2012:42)
Moody people let lifes circumstances toss them and their emotions around, and theyre totally controlled and
manipulated by them, so that its always a matter of luck as to whether youre dealing with a cheerful, a half-way normal,
or a dreadfully grumpy person.
They dont exert control over their lives themselves, nor do they allow Me to. They grant the power to their
circumstances, and thus, the enemy can use them as he will (2012:44)
The one ultimately responsible for the circumstances in this world unless you specifically ask Me to change them is
the Enemy, not Me. Hes the god of this world, the ruler, which is why Ive been pleading with you not to be so tossed
about by your circumstances. Because in order to change them in My Power, you have to appeal to the rules of the Spirit
World and keys of My Kingdom. (2012:51)
If youre in tune with My eternal, true Mother World, then you can rely on My greater Control over everything, including

your physical circumstances, able to alter or adjust them at any time, and definitely minimize their effect and impact on
you. (2012:52)
Character isnt built under perfect circumstances, but rather under adverse ones. (2012:53)
Instead of gratefully accepting from My hand what I give you, you feverishly try to figure out a way to take matters into
your own hands and alter your circumstances, improve your existence somehow in your own efforts, and the result is the
mess youre living in today which the powers that be boast of as progress.
Its true that your circumstances in this life are never going to be perfect. Im just saying, trust Me for the fact that these
are the best for you, for now, and dont worry: Changes will come. (2012:59)
The acceptance of your circumstances (unless Ive definitely put it in your heart to do something to change them) with
the conclusion that you probably dont deserve any better is the kind of attitude that could potentially make this world a
better place. (2012:62)
I prefer when people have the faith to rise above their circumstances and live more independently and more
dependently on Me instead. (2012:63)
The notion of acting out their lives reminds folks that theres something they ought to do, and that their act is going to
have implications. Instead of seeing themselves as helpless, passive victims of lifes circumstances it instills in them the
ambition to do something with and about their lives, and that the responsibility of their act and its consequences rests on
them. (2012:64)
Blaming your circumstances or the qualities of others never did anything to improve a situation.
It doesnt matter that the circumstances say, It cant be done and hasnt been done before! Youll leave it to Me by
actively committing your concern into My hands, and Ill make something happen for you! (2012:83)
What is faith under normal, favorable circumstances? Its simply the usual, average kind of faith anyone can have. Faith
becomes great under those abnormal circumstances under which the Devil comes rubbing in your face questions like,
Now, if God loves you, why would He allow that to happen? (2011:86)
Its that something inside you superior to circumstance that makes you stand out. Dont you think that it should be a
much greater way to live, putting that principle more into action and applying that faith more?
Live a life of faith! Its becoming expedient for you to do so, with circumstances in this world constantly changing for
worse, and your being able to rely less and less on conventional means of support. (2012:87)
Do you still think that happiness is mainly dependent on physical circumstances?
how do you think I feel about constantly receiving flak from you about your circumstances not being the right ones for
you, in your opinion?
Maybe once youll accept your circumstances or the cup Im handing you, those youre dealing with will also learn to
accept theirs, and perhaps youll find that thats the point where youll be able to truly overcome and alter them from
within (2012:88)
What you have to realize is, that this is not a battle with lifes circumstances or someone else giving you a hard time, but
a battle with the enemy of your soul. (2012:94)
Dont look at the circumstances of who or what you are by the standards of the world, but be who and what you are in Me.

To feel well and relaxed is not necessarily what your circumstances do for you.
So, what is it thats going to teach you to take things more gracefully? - Easier circumstances? - Hardly. (2012:115)
True happiness cannot be determined as much by outward circumstances as by inner convictions, attitude and state of
mind; your beliefs, and refusal to allow them to be shattered or shaken by circumstances.
Lifes circumstances and lessons trim away the fat of the sort of things it doesnt pay to put your faith in. (2012:138)
Sometimes its better to have a look at things from an outside perspective, instead of always just centered around
yourself and your situation and circumstances, in order to truly get some points. (2012:143)
I can overcome any obstacle, and you must remember that no circumstance is too hard for Me to deal with, and none can
ever make it impossible for Me to punch through to you. (2012:152)
The One it counts to put your faith in: the One Who makes it all happen to begin with, regardless of circumstances.

Anyone can be good under the right circumstances. Its the adversity and the struggle, including the temptations evil
presents that bring out the worst, but also the best in you, depending on the choices you make accordingly. (2012:161)

In order to make any kind of progress, it requires some determination, resolution, effort and fight to put into it, not just an
idle gear cruising along, letting your life be swayed about by whatever wind of circumstance happens to blow. (2012:168)
Its not about how good or bad anyone is; its about what I can do in spite of the circumstances the badness, and
independently of any human goodness. (2012:169)
Find out what youre encountering everyday and discover your purpose in this, and then find the means through availing
yourself of My powers to accomplish that purpose. Its not just this mere drifting along with the stream of lifes
circumstances, just waiting to see where its going to take you and occasionally crying out for help when you recognize
that youre in trouble. Id call that struggling through life, but definitely not living life to the full, as Id want you to.

Youre still putting too much emphasis on, and lending too much importance to physical circumstances, such as the
weather, or your finances. While these factors do have their place and role of importance, and I use them as metaphors to
illustrate My relationship with you, you must seek not to give them the first place of importance in your life, which would
be synonymous to having other gods before Me.
If you can make Me the Sunshine of your life for real, thats when life becomes truly worth living, and your life is being
lived to the full, regardless of circumstances. (2012:183)
What matters are not the circumstances, but the material being covered and taught the heart of the matter. (2013:2)
Sometimes youve just got to go through whatever life puts before you, and the question is, how do you choose to do it?
Are you letting the circumstances drag you down, or will you refuse to and choose to rise above instead? (2013:7)
Its especially important to learn to be able to tune out of whats going on around you in order to get ahold of Me, My
voice and Spirit, instead of being overwhelmed and directed by the noisy circumstances.
If you learn to tune in to Me anywhere, no matter what the surroundings, circumstances or conditions are, youll see how
the worries will just disappear, and that peace of knowing that Im in control, will take care of you and provide for you,
takes their place again. (2013:8)
My communications with you and your connection with Me are vital for you, the most vital and essential component and
factor for a successful life, as far as what I would call such, and your learning not just to avail yourself of this precious
gift under ideal circumstances, but anywhere, out of sheer necessity, is indeed more valuable than anything else you
could think of. (2013:9)
Its crucial that you get the lesson, and its not just something you should do every now and then when the occasion
arises and you happen to feel like it. Unfortunately, you still only do it when circumstances are less than ideal.
- Human nature. Your need for Me only becomes obvious as soon as theres a lack, a need, some sort of adverse
circumstance short of the ideal. (2013:10)
Folks dont need someone who is swayed to and fro by the circumstances on the sea of life. What everyone longs for is
someone stronger than that, with strength that will only come from Me. (2013:15)
Can you blame Me for wishing youd stay loyal, regardless of circumstances? (2013:29)
Never underestimate the power of inspiration coming straight from the Spirit of God! Its a Source and fountain of life and
strength you can tap into regardless of circumstances. (2013:30)
How foolish to become upset over circumstances, when you could change them with a whisper, with a thought turned
into prayer? (2013:31)
Regardless of how rotten the world and the circumstances, and maybe even the people are, there are still some things to
be grateful for and some blessings not to be taken for granted. (2013:40)
You shouldnt be so stuck on your plans that you get upset if circumstances should force you to change them. They
should be guidelines, and if circumstances allow and all goes well, you can keep following them. But if you need to make
changes, it shouldnt upset you or throw you off. Show a little flexibility! (2013:44)
Its high time for you to be putting into practice all that youve been taught in theory about rising above and overcoming
the circumstances, even the flood of undesirable human qualities all around you with My help and that of the Spirit World.

Reach out the hand of faith and receive from Me the portion of My Spirit necessary to make it through your days
victoriously, cheerfully, joyfully and gratefully, trusting that My Power in you is greater than any adverse circumstances
you may encounter.
Youll simply know if you let My Spirit reign supreme in you, instead of the circumstances.

Keep on learning, keep on believing, keep drawing closer to Me, and keep on trusting that Im greater than any and all of
your circumstances, and you might get there! (2013:58)
I allow you to pass through circumstances, which may be conducive to seeing the error of your ways and changing your
mind in the long run. (2013:66)
The best thing you can do for the sake of your future is remain linked up with Me and not to allow lifes circumstances to
toss you about, but put Me in charge of them. (2013:74)
The Israelites first came to Canaan, the Land of Promise, and didnt have the faith to conquer it because they found the
circumstances were too adverse.
Likewise, I have promised you any piece of ground your foot would step on, and youre finding the circumstances too
adverse to even desire it, much less claim it So, what else is there left to do than continue your wandering about in the
wilderness until either you or some coming generation will have what it takes?
You say its unlikely that theyll listen? Well, circumstances can change drastically and alter everything, including
peoples readiness to listen. (2013:93)
What matters is that you learn to stay close to Me, no matter what the circumstances are. And theyll always be less than
perfect in this life. (2013:106)
Dont forget the lessons in all the things and circumstances before you!
Keep up the positive interaction and interchange with Me when circumstances arent ideal yet, knowing and remembering
that it lies within My power to override any of these.
Avail yourself of the power to overcome your circumstances instead of allowing yourself to be overcome by them!

It would make a world of difference if, instead of turning against Me when you find yourself in adverse circumstances,
youd turn to Me, trust Me and thank Me for them, simply because by now you ought to know by faith that I know what Im
doing and allowing, and that its for your best.
Be the kind of man to properly deal with and overcome lifes circumstances with a powerfully positive attitude, instead of
just another passive wallowing in the self-pity of defeat! (2013:110)
If you just surrender to the circumstances and let them overwhelm you, theres not much of a chance that youre going to
fulfill the purpose for which I allow you to be in a situation.
Keep your focus on your job and responsibility toward Me, believing and trusting that if I charged you with it, I knew what
I was doing and know that you have it in you to handle this, that you are capable of doing it. By putting you there Im
saying, you can do it, no matter to what extent the circumstances and obstacles may be telling you otherwise.
Its all a matter of focus, whether youre going to look at the wind and waves of your circumstances and the raging
masses around you, or to the One Whos capable of enabling you to rise above it all. (2013:114)
The way to get to victory is through fighting and not just letting circumstances drag you down and defeat you! (2014:18)
Youve got to put emphasis on how to get the victory; learn to stay more in the victory instead of just being used to
letting circumstances convey them (2014:23)
Put your trust more in Me than your physical self or circumstances!
Sometimes I let the circumstances of your needs weaken a little, physically, so that you can put more of your trust for
them to work out in Me. (2014:31)
Its more important to look unto Me and count on Me, depend on Me and My Spirit, than to let the circumstances in your
life play the major role! Trust in Me! Believe and have faith in Me! Dont just blame Me for having allowed your
circumstances to become messed up! (2014:89)
One of the most important purposes and factors has been to trust more in Me, not just rely on the circumstances
Life is difficult and hard sometimes but that should strengthen your faith when I help you to manage and deal with
those circumstances you might not entirely manage on your own.
Sometimes the difficult circumstances help you to put more of your trust in Me, and thus strengthen and fortify your faith.

Maybe if life becomes a mess due to many mistakes being made, youll wind up praying a bit more for all the
circumstances (2014:117)
Dont go by, or lean on your physical circumstances all that much You know now as others have found out, even
without having much or any faith in Me or the Spirit World that the physical doesnt offer much endless or everlasting to
believe in or cling to, because its temporal, and things in this physical world will be over eventually. (2014:134)
Make the humbling circumstances not seem to you as if they were your personal enemies! (2014:139)

Its good to find out what you believe and how strong your faith is - In spite of the circumstances. Trust and believe in Me
in spite of what the circumstances might be telling you against Me, and how they seem to deny and contradict the
prophecies! (2014:149)
Its important for you to keep on moving by faith to keep believing and trusting in Me, and not allow your circumstances
to affect you in such a way where they drag you down. Thats pretty much the battle of faith: to keep on believing in spite
of negative physical circumstances!
Dont put too much of your trust in circumstances, and be not too dependent on them! Be dependent on Me! (2014:166)
Keep hanging and holding on to Us, and be grateful that the circumstances at the moment nearly force you to do that! Its
more important than you or even some others might think! (2014:167)
When you dont feel like you can make it, call unto Me, and Ill help you make it! Thats why tough circumstances arise:
for you to learn to let Me help you and depend on My help a bit more, as itll be the need for in the future. (2014:168)
Make your life dependent on and possible through Me, believing in Me, and not depending on the physical circumstances!
Trust Me that itll work out and make you happier than being dependent on physical circumstances!
You can make your life dependent on Me, more than the physical circumstances, especially when the circumstances
obviously seem to be going down quite a lot.
Nows the time to depend on Me, not on physical circumstances alone. (2014:177)
There are always new circumstances that might change just about everything. (2014:181)
Strengthen your spirit, since thats eventually what will be left of you!
Right now you may not yet see where it all will lead you, but thats another way and key to put your trust in Me, more than
yourself or physical circumstances. (2014:186)
As long as physical things and circumstances run awesome, you dont need Me that much, but thats precisely why We
allow circumstances to drift out of their awesome rut, and become a bit more severe, so that you and others will
recognize their need of Us more.
My advice to you: let your current circumstances and condition strengthen your faith in Me, not weaken it, because you
might need it more than ever before as times get darker! (2014:205)
Maybe its a rough and tough situation youre in and circumstances youre under, but if you manage to keep trusting in
Me and the Father and believe in a better Hereafter, it should make it all possible, feasible and worthwhile for you. (2015:15)
If its getting more difficult with circumstances around you, dont let it distract you too much from Me, but learn to fight to
stay close to Me anyway! (2015:45)
Thats what rougher life circumstances do: They pull you back closer to Me, and dont let you take everything for granted.
They bring back gratefulness for the blessings and good moments and cause you to thank Me a bit more for them,
instead of getting you to murmur whenever things arent being perfect for you. (2015:48)
Remember to keep your spiritual view upward, and dont let the physical circumstances drag you down!
Faith geared to physical circumstances is not the best source or input for a power of spiritual strength. (2015:55)
Im working at making a bigger blessing out of you and your life right now, even if the circumstances through which it is
being caused may seem fairly dreadful to you. (2015:59)
Youve got to base your faith on what you can receive from Me, not the physical circumstances. (2015:61)
If lifes circumstances offer a lot of negatives, let it remind you that theres something better to come from the Creator!
Dont let the current time and circumstances drag you down, but focus on, and get prepared for the better ones, up
ahead! (2015:65)
I know things and circumstances are quite tough for you at the moment, and even if they seem just about unbearable to
you, consider this, that the times to come will even be quite a lot rougher and harder, and getting through some relatively
hard times right now will at least prepare and enable you to make it then! (2015:69)
You should learn to communicate with Me under any circumstances. Tune in to Me and turn on that receptivity for My
input whenever you feel you need it! (2015:75)
Tough times and rough circumstances are there for those who dont really insist on relying on themselves and dont mind
relying on Me instead, and all the help from Above they can get. (2015:76)

Its a tough and rough time ahead of you and not just you and its good to get prepared for it, and thats something
you ought to do, and not become so discouraged and weakened by the current circumstances, since theyll become
worse, which means, its something needed to get used to. (2015:80)
Embrace the humbling circumstances, and dont see them as much as a punishment, as they are a valuable lesson to
learn, and hopefully means to help you get rid of that enemy force of pride! (2015:81)
When things and circumstances around you look too tough and rough for you to make it, thats the time you ought to rely
on Me, call for My help and count on it! (2015:82)
Faith and belief in Me should consist of not just circumstances in the physical realm, but the effect of My input from the
spiritual! (2015:83)
Keep your focus in My direction, and dont allow the circumstances around you to drag you down!
Keep your focus on Me and the good, upward, spiritual view, and dont let the enemy drag you down with ugly earthly
circumstances he manages to create through folks who are basically serving him!
Youll wind up in the better Place far beyond the temporal world, and far superior A little hard still to fully believe in
while being surrounded by the circumstances of the temporal world, but thats the advantage of tuning in more to Me and
your spirit helpers, and the Spirit from Above! (2015:84)
To gain greater trust and confidence in Me instead of in yourself, is what its all about, and a lesson you wont regret
having learned once you get to the time and circumstances youre being prepared for. (2015:86)
There are tests of faith through not so pleasant circumstances and happenings, but the rougher the circumstance, the
more faith to make it through them you need, and the more you need My input and turn to depend on Me. (2015:87)
Sometimes its all a matter of faith when things arent going as rosy as youd want and prefer them. Can you still manage
to believe in Me and trust Me when they dont? Or is your faith in Me dependent on your circumstances, and whether
everything is working out the way you want it?
Let your faith make you rise above all the ugly circumstances in that world around you, which you know by now, are
largely altered and rigged up by the enemy! (2015:95)
To trust Me anyway, in spite of things that have a negative outlook, is not that easy, I know, but supposed to make your
faith in Me stronger, and not just make the physical circumstances the major part of it.
Learning to trust Me even when the circumstances aren't seeming so hot is what tests of faith are mainly all about.
So, learning to trust Me when things aren't as splendid as usual is a great process of making your faith stronger, making
it depend less on circumstances, but just in Me instead, as a Factor you'll wind up realizing and considering as the major
part of it all, not just the things that had been giving you a good or easy time beforehand.
When there are rough times coming up, it's a bit harder to keep up your faith, but it becomes more real by not making it
dependent on circumstances!
Clinging to Me, pumping for My inputthis is the most important factor in your life, more than the physical
So, as long as you can keep trusting in Me in spite of any unfavorable circumstances, battles and trials, the stronger and
more real your faith is going to be, and some day you'll realize that it will have been the basic factor to get you through
life in spite of anything the enemy will have done to make it harder or even wipe it out!
You may think you're under tough circumstances right now, but believe Me when I say, they're gonna be tougher! And the
more you get used to having to handle tough circumstances, the better it'll be for you to handle the tougher ones.
So, learning to handle imperfect circumstances is what it's all about right now. I know, they're tough for you, compared to
what they've been, but the sooner you learn and manage to handle these, the better for you it'll be!
The sooner you'll learn to deal with the rough times right now, the more you'll be able to handle what'll be coming up!
Don't be freaked out by what's coming at you, but develop the ability to deal with things coming at you, so that you'll be
able to handle the definitely worse state of the times to come!
Learn how to handle and deal with the crisis of today so you'll be ready and able to deal with what's going to come!

Dont let circumstances tear you down, but remember that Were above it all, and can raise and lift you up, too! (2015:103)
Dont let the circumstances drag you down, but keep believing that no matter how bleak things will turn out in this world
temporarily, Ive got it in My hands and so does the Father that everything will turn out alright, even if therell be times
of trouble on Earth so hard, that even in Heaven therell be complete silence for some time, as youve read in the Book of
Revelation. (2015:118)
Faith is a matter of the ability to see the positive even in spite of negative appearances of your circumstances.
Dont just be knocked out by the circumstances, but see Me behind them, and believe that Im still in charge and control
of everything, in spite of them! (2015:121)

Circumstances arent making life completely easy for you right now, but try some obeying the things Im telling you!

Commit the circumstances into My hands and ask Me for those changes they and you need! (2015:125)
Its the unpleasant experiences that teach folks the most in life about things they could have appreciated in the past, and
would now, having learned things from even worse circumstances.
Youre having to learn a lot about quite a few positive traits and factors like appreciation and thankfulness things which,
unfortunately, folks dont learn too easily throughout their positive times and circumstances, but rather learn how to
treasure more when things grow darker and tougher upon them. (2015:127)
Doesnt it make you feel a bit ashamed to allow less than perfect circumstances to drag you down to a low level of
disbelief and self-pity? (2015:140)
While prophecy may change your mental settings, prayer can do a lot more, and influence a lot more other people and
none of the troubles, diseases and pains will happen to you, once you get into that Dimension Im talking to you about
now, and which, as a citizen of it through faith, you ought to get prepared for and not stay too affected by and tied up to
the circumstances you get hit by through the temporary world youre in right now. (2015:143)
You just cant go that much anymore by the view of physical conditions and circumstances, but should tune in to the
spiritual more! (2015:148)
Youve got to base your feelings and sentiments on your faith and confidence in Me! Dont let the worldly circumstances
influence you too much! Not even the ways you may be feeling physically! Let Me be the Master of all things in and
around your life and lean on Me! (2015:149)
Dont let the circumstances down there distract you so much! Make an effort to keep your mind pointed Up Here, and itll
definitely have a greater influence and effect on others and make them more curious about what you have to offer.

Try to make Us the basis of your life, not the physical circumstances! (2015:152)
When things and circumstances start looking impossible, thats when youve got to get into the gear of using your
available help from Above using miracles!
Just the fact that your momentary circumstances appear to you as rather gruesome, doesnt mean that miracles dont
happen anymore
If you can keep the faith in spite of any of the negative physical circumstances you may wind up in now thats what I
call faith! (2015:164)
Apart from the way youve got to learn to let Me deal with things handed to you and depending on Me helping you through
them, could it be that theres another reason Im allowing you to be confronted with tougher circumstances than you can
deal with and handle on your own, and in your own strength? (2015:169)
Youre a winner! Ultimately. So, dont let any of the current circumstances hinting the opposite, drag you down too
much! (2015:171)
Dont allow the current circumstances to drag you down so much! (2015:184)
Keep hanging on to Me, and youll be able to make it in spite of all the tough and difficult circumstances! (2015:186)
Sometimes its just the matter to follow the circumstances and possibilities, and learn from them through the experiences
they bring, and make your future decisions and choices based on that! (2015:199)
Life may not have an ideal set of circumstances for you, and be quite rough at times, but your willingness to deal with and
handle it is worth it all! (2015:202)
Try not to let physical situations and circumstances drag you down too much! Even if theyre not as pretty as youd like
them to be
So, if the conditions and circumstances are rough, just learn to deal with them and handle them! Knowing that eventually
theyll be worse, thats what you should do and get prepared for whats coming.
So, learn how to deal with and handle the far from perfect circumstances!
Handle rough circumstances with My grace and through My strength and power!
It may be the roughest circumstances of your life, but see it as the preparation for even tougher ones coming that you
ought to get prepared for!
As rough and as tough as circumstances may be, let them teach you to cling more to Me and help from above, and let
them draw you closer to Me! (2015:214)

Folks dont pray as much as they ought to until the circumstances start getting harder and tougher. (2015:218)
I know its tough for you, and it gets you upset some of the time, those negative circumstances But let it be a reminder
to you of the better Home awaiting! (2015:238)
Complaining about the state and condition of the circumstances of the world around you wont help, but clinging to My
Promises to help My folks through it all if they trust in Me and put that trust into action is the solution to it all, so use it!

Dont use your circumstances as an excuse to break the rules! Consider that circumstances are likely to get worse, in
fact, the worst ever, and its time you manage to learn to cope with that: things not all flowing exactly according to your
own desire. Expecting that from a world taken over by our enemy isn't very realistic! (2015:245)
Tune in to Me! Make that effort to stay plugged in and not allow imperfect circumstances to pull you out of it!
Dont see it as too negatively, that Im allowing circumstances to tie you closer to Me and make you dependent on Our
help from Above! (2016:3)
Keep following and adjusting to the state of the circumstances and conditions around you, instead of striving to raise up
your own! (2016:4)
The enemy will keep trying to make circumstances around you as tough as possible to discourage you and cause you to
lose hope and be tempted to give up and quit. But instead, let it all make you stronger in your resistance against him, and
let it draw you closer to Me, avail yourself of that plenty of help from Up Here, and remember that you cant lose if you
dont give up, because that strength, Power and Source of it available from Up Here is much greater than his. (2016:6)
Just because circumstances have gotten rosier and easier in many aspects, it doesnt mean that they turned better for a
permanently lasting way. (2016:13)
The victories over attacks and negative feelings and sensations are mainly obtained through prayer!
It means youre leaning on Me, and thus will become much less of a victim of circumstances in the physical region. Let
the Spirit reign!
Sometimes learning to deal with and having to handle your circumstances is just what you need and especially how to
deal with and what to do about them, which is most of all arranged through the power of prayer!
Nothing better can happen to you than when you let Me and Heaven lead and guide you! Its so much better than just
going by physical circumstances! Let Me be the Boss over them and rule over them, so that your leading and guidance
comes from Me Above, and will thus result in something much better than you can reap from just taking conditions and
circumstances as guidance! Commit them into My hands through prayer, and youll be able to trust more that things will
work out alright!
Make Me, and not just circumstances the Boss over your conditions, which you could command into My hand instead, to
change them, when needed! (2016:21)
Dont let the physical circumstances drag down your spirit, but hang on to Me, and learn to overcome the effect of
negative physical circumstances! (2016:22)
Sometimes youve just got to get used to handling circumstances as they come and learn how to deal with them through
My help and Strength from Above!
Focus Up Here, where your hope lies, and not so much on your earthly circumstances!
So, if you feel like you cannot deal with circumstances, remember the verse I can do all things through Christ, which
strengtheneth me (Phil.4:13)! (2016:24)
Lifes circumstances become harder at times, and especially with the world on its gear toward the roughest of all times
so you have to learn to receive My input even when the circumstances to receive it, arent as easy as they have been!
Sometimes worse circumstances eventually help to appreciate the better. (2016:27)
Dont just be dragged down by the circumstances of the there and now! (2016:33)
To get used and adjusted to the tougher phases, asking for help from Above is the proper way. Youll definitely need it in
the not too far future, so, Im allowing the current circumstances youre having to get used to, to prepare you for it, so
youll make it through that coming phase.
Youve got to get used to making it through tougher circumstances, and take them with more of a victorious attitude and
mindset. So, fight to make it through the current conditions, so youll grow stronger to make it through the future ones!
So, dont enjoy your circumstances? Then ask for My help and Power to change them!
Thats the use and purpose of prayer! Including the change of unpleasant circumstances and conditions of others you
care about. Pray for changes when you need them!
Dont be too stuck on the conditions around you when it is within your possibility to change them with the help from

Above! (2016:35)
Looking down, and all around at the negative circumstances in your world cannot be too helpful without looking Up at Me
and Our Kingdom, from where youll find the solution to any problem, as much as your faith allows.
Theres the Power to overcome all of that worldly lifes conditions and circumstances, and you just need to avail yourself
of It! (2016:36)
Thats why things and circumstances are a bit too tough for you to make it on your own, without the supernatural help
from Above right now: because youll need that Help more and more as time goes on! (2016:37)
Becoming a greater witness for Me may be tough in the current situation, but youre just going to have to get used to
doing it under tough circumstances!
Dealing with tougher circumstances and conditions is just something to learn and go through. (2016:38)
Dont see yourself as a victim of your circumstances, but do the best you can to improve them! (2016:40)
Its time to learn to put up with and handle the circumstances however far from perfect!
So, can you put up with the circumstances of having to let Us help you make it through lifes harder times, instead of
complaining about it whenever theyre not perfect and a taste of Heaven? (2016:42)
Dont let the circumstances drag you into a state where you get tired of living!
Hard times are supposed to make more of a man out of you, instead of a spoiled kid and child of God!
So, make an effort to see it through and make it, without much murmuring and complaining about the imperfect
circumstances! (2016:48)
The circumstances surrounding you in that world are bound to get worse and thus, something for you to learn to handle
and deal with more victoriously! With a more positive attitude!
Resist the negative conditions and circumstances and see the positive in spite of them!
So, dont allow downhill circumstances to pull down your faith in whats supposedly a better Uphill Dimension!
Dont let the influences of bad and evil circumstances the devil creates, conquer or overcome you! Its your job to
overcome them and show through your faith Whose Power and Strength is greater than the evil ones.
Now, judging by physical circumstances, it may seem obvious that the enemys got the power down there but thats
where the wonder-working power of faith plays its main role: the doubtless attitude that the Good will win, after all, in
spite of the temporary conquest evil seems to be having!
Even if its a bit tough to keep the faith during the tough, temporary circumstances, keep that faith and trust in miracles!
If youre feeling unwell and miserable under circumstances like the current ones, how do you think you should make it
through the hardest times to come?
Dont let the enemy take over like that! Resist him! So, hes ruling the physical circumstances down there along with a
large part of the spiritual ones Good those times down there should end, isnt it?
Resisting hims becoming an even tougher task! How about asking Me help you make it? (2016:49)
We just couldnt allow the times, the situations and circumstances around you, to keep spoiling you and make things so
easy for you that there wasnt a way We could see how youd make it through those hardest times up ahead.
Times not nearly as pleasant as the ones you were able to enjoy before take a bit of trust, that We know quite well what
Were allowing, even if its not ideal for you, considering the level and quality of circumstances youre having to go
Sometimes theres no other way for folks to make it through the hard times to come than allowing some trouble to
prepare them for it, including in order to get them used to applying for Our help from Above , and not thinking or
expecting to be able to make it through coming circumstances in their own strength and capacities. (2016:50)
To lean on physical circumstances is like having faith in them that theyll last forever but you have come to know that
things will be different, just as there have been changes in previous history. (2016:52)
If the physical circumstances are too easy to need to apply for help from Above well, thats not really a life of faith, is it?

If you need some improvement, well do what you can to make it better and dont become depressed by the
Dont allow the physical circumstances to drag you down!
For the hardest times to come, what could be better preparation than to get used to hard and tough times and
circumstances? So, dont resist and resent them, but see them as helpful preparation for whats about to come!
Strive for the victory and having a victorious attitude, not that of a victim of lifes circumstances! (2016:54)
Life not being so easy at this time is supposed to get you ready for the hardest phase down there ever, so dont complain
too much about the less than rosy circumstances! (2016:55)

Dont feel too discouraged about feeling a bit hopeless as far as the circumstances are concerned, but let it gear your
hope towards Me and all the help from Above you can get! (2016:60)
It takes faith to have confidence, but thats what you should fight for. Dont let Satan weaken it through the negative
conditions and circumstances around you! But keep the faith to look past and beyond them!
Fight to overcome the negative circumstances in the Spirit!
The weakness youre having to deal with is also an advantage. And the circumstances too unpleasant to lean on and
rely on yourself and own abilities Keep learning to lean on Me instead! Totally and completely!
If the conditions and circumstances around you are a mess, well, thats the condition the world around yous in, and
becoming worse, so dont be too discouraged! Let that condition turn your focus Up Here, your true Home, and believe
that theres Something much better on its way!
Remember faith, hope, love, these three and the greatest of these is love! And dont let the devil kill those through the
negative circumstances becoming worse, but put faith and hope above them, and let it fill you with love, the greatest
Force, representing the Power and Presence of Our Father!
Keep these three in mind and let them rule you, instead of fears and worries grounded by the conditions and
circumstances the enemy brings up around you to weaken you!
Dont let your faith and vision be focused on the circumstances around you, but on My Promises instead!
Keep your look on Me, Who can help you overcome any hindering conditions and circumstances! (2016:62)
Trust not in the circumstances around you, but the heavenly Strength, Help and Power!
Believe in My Promises! Even if the times and circumstances around you are becoming the toughest and hardest in
Put your faith Up Here, not the circumstances and conditions down there! Keep trusting and believing that We are greater
than whatever trouble the enemy might toss at you!
Keep trusting in Us and all the Power and Strength from Above, and dont focus too much on the physical circumstances
down there if they tend to worry you! (2016:64)
Dont get frustrated by the physical circumstances and conditions, but point your vision Up Here to Me and the host of
heavenly helpers whove been through similar trials during their times on Earth, but whose arrival Here has confirmed to
them that whats to put up with down there will be made worth it.
So, dont give up hope in a better Thereafter, and dont keep your focus set on the earthly circumstances, that are going
Learn to cope with those downhill circumstances and conditions, by keeping your spiritual focus and vision geared
toward your true Home!
Dont spend your time complaining about whats going on around you, but let those conditions strengthen you in order to
make it through the hardest time yet to come!
You may need more strength for that than youve got right now, but thats what Ive been telling you all along is available
for you from Up Here, and youve got to learn to avail yourself of, in spite of or specially because of the conditions
down there getting worse.
Dont focus on the physically visible the circumstances but Up Here, the Place which is your true Home awaiting you,
and from where you can receive and avail yourself of all the Help, Strength and Power youll need to make it through
whats to come!
The enemy uses the physical circumstances around you to doubt that you can make it but hey thats the opposite of
faith, and what Ive been telling you for years is one of the most important factors youll need in order to make it.
If the physical folks and conditions around you are not being all that helpful in order for you to make it, thats just a sign
that youve got to focus elsewhere not at the physical conditions, circumstances or even accompaniments around you,
but that spiritual side from which the very creation of your existence stems, even if its a bit hard to fully trust in a Force
allowing those negative circumstances and conditions, and youre a bit tempted to blame Us for that. (2016:67)
The physical circumstances around you will always have the tendency to drag you down. Thats why youve got to learn
to keep your mindset and vision and gear of thoughts directed Up Here the side of faith to keep lifting you up!
Dont let the physical circumstances direct your mood, but your faith in what you cant see with your eyes, but faith ought
to tell you that its even more real than whats going on around you down there! (2016:68)
If the circumstances are getting tough to hear from Me and getting in tune with Me well, just let it be a signal that
circumstances will be getting even tougher than what you were used to, and something to get prepared for!
Sometimes youve just got to learn to put up with the circumstances! Confiding and trusting in Me that Ill let them help to
make you stronger for even harder and tougher times to come! So, can you keep trusting in Me in spite of them? Can you
keep learning to take whatever conditions surround you as something from My hands in order to gradually make you
stronger and enable you to make it through even much rougher conditions yet to come?
When you dont know how to handle your situations and circumstances, its good to remember that you need Me to help,
support and inspire you for you to know the way and details of how to.
If conditions have grown into a state beyond which youre able to handle them yourself, its time to ask and apply for the
help and support from Above, without which youre not going to make it through the dark, tough and trying times to
come, anyway.

Learning to deal with conditions that are not what youd prefer them to be like is all in all something positive, even if it
may not look like that in the beginning. (2016:70)
When the circumstances are of the kind you cant make it through on your own, thats a good reminder to apply for and
rely on the help and Strength from Above! (2016:72)
Stay tuned in to Me as much as you can, and dont be cast down by the circumstances around you! Its one of the most
important lessons to learn concerning the times coming, of the roughest circumstances ever. (2016:74)
Some troubles in this world are just coming inevitably, so dont just expect different and rosier circumstances, but pray
for the victory to make it through them! (2016:76)
Realizing the need for positive spiritual input above your longing for pleasant physical circumstances is something thats
becoming very important, considering what times are before you. (2016:82)
If youre lacking faith, well make it grow! Not looking at the circumstances surrounding you, but Up Here, as your only
hope! (2016:84)
You shouldnt focus much on the circumstances! The fact that theyre turning out bleaker just shows that youve got to
keep your focus in the right direction, not the circumstances, no matter how screwed up the enemy makes them to draw
your attention, but youve got to learn to keep your spiritual vision and focus set steadily on Me!
Get the point of not having your focus pinned on the negative circumstances down there, but keep your vision set Up
Remember faith, hope and love, the three spiritual values much more important than any of the physical circumstances
around you!
When the circumstances and conditions around you are letting you down, thats when faith, hope and love must come for
the rescue! (2016:88)
Dont be too negatively inclined toward those circumstances you have to go through and learn to cope with! (2016:89)
The miraculous support of Power from Above is what you need to learn to rely on, no physical circumstances or
Put your faith in My Spirit, and learn to disregard the physical circumstances and conditions!
The presence of John during My crucifixion, which proved that he wasnt too shaken by physical appearances and
conditions, resulted in the fact the he was the only one of My disciples not dying a martyrs death. So, can you see the
advantage of putting your faith in the Spirit instead of carnal and physical conditions and circumstances? (2016:90)
If youre going through ugly circumstances, just remember: so did I. And as a follower of Mine you shouldnt be all too
shocked having to go through the same sort of circumstances, especially when there are loads of people who are not My
followers or even believers in Me, and yet have to go through them. (2016:91)
Focus not on your surroundings, but point your spiritual vision Up Here where all your hope lies, and dont let
surrounding circumstances drag you down!
Although surrounding circumstances are ugly, have hope and confidence in what lies beyond!
Faith and trust are so important! Without them, you wont make it through the days to come. So, the time to strengthen
them is now! Dont allow them to be affected by physical circumstances!
Remember that the carnal isnt what lasts, but what lasts lies beyond that, and thats what you should consider and focus
on as your true Home, not the far less pleasant circumstances of the world around you!
If faith comes through the hearing of the Word, can you tell how its growing in you and lifting you up from the
discouraging attitude the enemys been trying to plant in your life through the surrounding circumstances, fears and
The discouraging attitude the enemys been trying to plant in your life through the surrounding circumstances, fears and
worries Faith is what helps you overcome all of them: the aspect of physical circumstances and your fears and worries
about them, including those concerning whats to come!
Put your trust in Me and dont focus on the surrounding circumstances of darkness sown by the enemy! (2016:95)
Resisting the enemys methods of discouragement and spiritual weakening are the first steps to learn to make it through
his worldwide persecution, when the circumstances will be the roughest ever to handle. (2016:96)
Resist the evil and look Up Here; keep your focus on Me through faith, not on the hell-bound circumstances down there!
Dont let the comparatively gloomy circumstances - compared to the better ones youve known drag you down, but
keep your vision and hope set Up Here!
The circumstances getting darker are a sign of the coming doom.
Let Me take your circumstances into My hands and make the best for you out of them!
Even if conditions and circumstances are rough, let faith be the key to the Force to make it through!

So, while the circumstances look gloomy and doomy, let Me help you overcome them through the Power of the Holy
Dont be dragged down by the evil influences and circumstances down there, but keep your vision Up Here, the final
winning side!
Keep your faith up in spite of the dark circumstances!
If folks down there are treating you roughly, dont let it bring you down or hurt your pride, but see it as part of the
preparation for the toughest times to come, during which circumstances will be rougher by far, and accordingly
peoples behavior and modes!
Getting onto My channel is one of the most important things to do for any true followers of Mine at this time, and any
circumstance that grants you to do so, is a positive. (2016:97)
Remember to look past the circumstances and more Up Here, where your hope lies!
Dont be too discouraged about circumstances and conditions not being perfect! They never will down there. (2016:98)
In spite of any tough and difficult circumstances and conditions, trust that I am greater than those and can and will help
you overcome them!
Let Me help you overcome the difficulties of any difficult situations and circumstances before you!
So, dont fret about the difficulty of circumstances, but rejoice over the need and according opportunity for Us to
manifest Our helpful Powers to you!
With conditions and circumstances becoming more challenging and difficult to handle on your own, its all necessary
preparation for the times to come when you simply wont make it anymore without the miraculous Help from Above.
So, dont be too upset and shocked by the circumstances that make you more dependent on the Help from Above!