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The False Allegations Against the Ulama of Deoband

The False Allegations Against the Ulama of Deoband

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Published by abassalishah
Islamic Doc
Islamic Doc

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: abassalishah on Feb 18, 2014
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The False Allegation - The Truth - Clarification
 The false propaganda against and blatant fabrications about our highly acclaimed and respected Ulama of Deoband by the ignorant must be refuted at all costs. Numerous pamphlets and booklets have been written distorting the truth about and writings of our distinguished Ulama.  Among the most common pamphlets displayed is "Tabliqism  one way ticket to !ell". "Are these slamic #eliefs"$ in one column is the %Deobandi Tabliqi #eliefs% and ne&t to it is the %slamic beliefs%. !owever' answers to the allegations have been given in various publications. Therefore' this publication will attempt to print all the false allegations and the correct views.
The False Allegation
 (ashid Ahmed )angohi' a founder of Deobandi *ovement has the following beliefs$ +. The Almighty Allah can speak a lie. ,-ataawa (ashidiyya part + pg. /0 . Allah has already spoken a lie ,Taqseedul 1adeer pg. 230.
The Truth
 The view of !adhrat *oulana (ashid Ahmad )angohi 4aheb is that Allah is far above and pure from being attributed with falsehood. There is no blemish of falsehood in !is words at all for Allah says' %5ho is more truthful than  Allah in speech.% !e who believes that Allah speaks a lie is an accursed outright 6aafir and opposed to the 1ur7n and 4unnah. ,-ataawa (ashidiyya part + pg. 80
Clarification (I)
 -ataawa (ashidiyya pg. 9:$ %-rom servant (ashid Ahmed )angohi' after 4alaam *asnoon' you have inquired concerning the *asalah %mkaane 6i;b% ,possibility of falsehood0. #ut %mkaane 6i;b% in the sense that Allah Ta7la has the power to act contrary to what !e has ordered' but will not to do with !is -ree 5ill' is the belief of this servant. The 1ur7n 4hareef and the 4ahih Ahaadith bear testimony to this belief' and this is the belief of all the Ulama of the Ummah too. -or e&ample' -ir<wn is promised to be thrown into !ell' but Allah Ta7la has the power to enter him into paradise' although !e will never give him paradise. And this is the *asalah under discussion at the moment. This is the belief of all my friends. The enemies must have related it differently. (eferring to this =ower and the nonoccurrence of it is termed %mkaane >aati% and %*umtana bi )hayr% 5as salaam (ashid Ahmad )angohi. ?ook' how they lay waiting with vicious' malicious attempts to defame this noble personality. f it is not slander then what is it@ To distort the above mentioned *asalah and refer it to !adhrat *oulana (ashid Ahmad )angohi 4aheb is totally evil and wrong. t is a slander and slander is worse than backbiting'
Clarification (II)
-ataawa (ashidiyya pg. 3/$ %That person who believes or utters with the tongue concerning Allah Ta7la that "!e spoke a lie"' is positively a 6aafir' an accursed and opposed to the 1ur7n' !adith and the unanimity of the Ummah. !e is definitely not a *u%min. Ta7lallaahu ammaa yaqoolu dhaalimoona oluwwan kabeeraa. ,Allah is far above from what the transgressors are saying0.% The misrepresenter' besides being involved with misrepresentation' has earned the wrath of Allah. ?et the !adith of the *aster of the )reen Dome once again ring in his ears. %A person does not target another with impiety or a person does not target another with 6ufr' but it returns to the former if the latter is not guilty of it.% ,#ukhari0 Taqdeesul 1adeer is not compiled by the Ulama of Deoband. n fact there is no such 6itaab by this name.
False Allegation
 The =rophet ,4allallaahu layhi 5asallam0 is not the only (ahmatullil  Aalameen. ,-ataawa (ashidiyya part  pg. +30
The Truth
 The view of !adhrat *oulana (ashid Ahmad )angohi is that$ %%Bne should know that the attribute of being Bmnipresent is the quality of Allah Ta7la alone' like All6nowing' Creator of the 4kies and arths and so forth. Therefore to attribute this quality of being Bmnipresent to someone else' though it be a %Nabi%' %5ali%' or 4aint' is to ascribe =artners to Allah in !is 1ualities' which is termed as %4hirkfis4ifaat."
The word %(ahmatullil Aalameen% is not a characteristic only of (asulullah ,4allallaahu layhi 5asallam0. n fact other Awliyaa' Ambiyaa and Ulamaae(abbaniyyeena are also a means of mercy unto the world' although (asulullah ,4allallaahu layhi 5asallam0 is the highest of them all. Therefore' if it is used for others with %Taaweel% ,by elucidation0 it is permissible.% ,-ataawa (ashidiyya pg. 3EF320
False Allegation
 To lecture on or discuss the 4hahaadat of !adhrat maam !ussayn ,(adhiallaahu nhu0 is !araam even if the stories are true. ,-ataawa (ashidiyya part 8 pg. ++80
The incident of the martyrdom of !adhrat !ussayn ,(adhiallaahu nhu0 who sacrificed his life for the sake of Truth' is surely very important. #ut the method adopted' like beating the chest' tearing the garment' pulling the hair' slapping the face' shouting slogans of %Gaa !ussayn' Gaa !ussayn% and taking out processions to parade in the streets' is what !adhrat *oulana has stopped and said is !araam.% The reason for stopping this is that (asulullah ,4allallaahu layhi 5asallam0 has forbidden the slapping of faces and the tearing of garments.
Therefore to lecture on or discuss the 4hahaadat of !adhrat !ussayn in the abovementioned fashion' with that type of pomp and show' is forbidden in the light of the !adith. ,-ataawa (ashidiyya pg. +/:F+/H0
False Allegation
 n the month of *uharram' providing free water and feeding people with milk or 4harbat is !araam. ,-ataawa (ashidiyya part 8 pg. ++80
To feed the poor and needy and to distribute water free to quench their thirst as %saale 4awaab% is no sin. Neither did *oulana (ashid Ahmad )angohi nor anyone else say it is !araam. The #arelvis belief is this' that on the plains of 6arbala the martyrs sacrificed their life in thirst. Therefore' the water that is given here as a drink' reaches them. t is common sense' that this water does not reach them' nor are they in need of it. They are in Iannat. f the whole idea is to convey the reward ,saale 4awaab0' the whole year is available for that. No question arises then whether to make %saale 4awaab% or not. The practice mentioned above similitudes the practices of the (awaafidhJ therefore it is !araam.% ,-ataawa (ashidiyya pg. +:2F+:90
False Allegation
  Ashraf Ali Thanvi' a founder member of Deoband says$ %The !oly =rophet ,4allallaahu layhi 5asallam0 has an education like that of children' lunatics and animals of every category.% ,!if;ul maan pg. 20
The Truth
 The view of !adhrat *oulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi is that$ !adhrat *oulana was asked' %Did you in !if;ul maan or any other book write anything directly or indirectly comparing the education of (asulullah ,4allallaahu layhi 5asallam0 to that of children' lunatics and animals@ f not then what is your ruling regarding a person who holds such a belief@% n reply to that *oulana states' %?et alone writing such falsehood and filth' my heart had never even perceived such falsehood and verily if anyone holds such a belief he is out of the fold of slam.% ,-aisale6husoomat pg. +0
!adhrat !akimul Ummah' *oulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi ,author of the famous %#ahishti >ewar%0 did not write the abovementioned statement in !if;ul maan. Nor is it his belief. t is a slander on the said *oulana. n fact !adhrat *oulana has stated clearly in %!if;ul maan% that' %6nowledge with regard to the &cellence of =rophethood has been bestowed totally upon (asul

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