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My Hometown Polish Samples

My Hometown Polish Samples

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Published by José Javier Baile

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Published by: José Javier Baile on Mar 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hello,I come from Warsaw, but I live in Jablonna.This village is situated near Warsaw in thecenter of Poland. Here there are more or less5 thousand people. My hometown isn'tfamous, but it is a really nice and quiet place.We don't have any historical buildings.I like our trees, forests and fields. We havegot a beautiful, green park with a whitepalace. Oh, I'm so stupid. Palace! This is ourhistorical building.The best thing in my hometown is ourSupermarket - Kaufland; We have a lot of  jokes about it.This year we had a festival called "The Daysof Jablonna", I was there first time.Everything was so colorful and brilliant.People could eat, dance, watch performancesand fireworks too! People were glad andthey had a great time.I'm glad I live in Jablonna although I wasborn in Warsaw and I like Warsaw more.But Jablonna is important for me too. Maybethis place hasn't got many attractions but stillyou will enjoy visiting my hometown. Youcan find there what you can't find in the bigcity - nice atmosphere, and seclusion.Jablonna is a really nice place.
Dear Spanish niggaz!I’m from Poland. The name of myhometown is Chotomów. It is situated nearWarsaw, which is our capital. I don’t like itvery much because there is not too muchthings to do. My hometown looks like an oldlittle town where we can still see the effectsof communistic influence in Poland.Population is about 5000-6000 but it is stillincreasing. I think someday it could befamous for young people. We have verytalented youth especially in sports.Chotomów still wins a ping-pong, chess,football tournaments. I have lived here for 6years. I moved to Chotomów from Warsaw.We have festivals but I don’t remember themtoo much to write about them. You wouldenjoy it in summer especially in June.Temperature is about 25-35oC. Then youcan go to forest and collect mushrooms. Youshould take your bike and have a trip or justwalk. Chotomów in summer is reallybeautiful.The worst thing about my hometown are ourroads. Our roads are not good quality andthey are still patched up but we don’t see anychanges. Chotomów is flat region withoutany mountains and beaches. There are nottoo much attractions but it is situated nearWarsaw so if we want to have a good timewe have to go to Warsaw. I’m sure that aftergraduate I will live in Chotomów becausemy family home is here so I won’t change it.Chotomów is still growing. There are newshops and housing estates. I think that, after20 years Chotomów will be great metropolis.We have only one restaurant ‘’Samba’’
Hi,I live in a small village in the centre of Poland, near Warsaw. It is called Jabłonna.Living in Jabłonna has a lot of advantagesand disadvantages, so sometimes I likespending time here, but sometimes I reallyhate it.I’ve lived there for 7 years, but mygrandparents have lived here for over fortyyears. My mother spent her childhood in thisvillage.When I was younger, Jabłonna was reallyugly. Today it is much nicer. There are newpavements, bus stops, shops, and new, bigroad is being built. I think that in shortperiod of time, Jabłonna will be beautiful,because it is still developing.I had only one friend in Jabłonna when I wasa child. It was my cousin, Tomek, and weare friends to this day. He still lives here andwe are also in the same class at school.Every year in Jabłonna takes place a festival.It is usually in September. On this festival,dancing and singing groups present theirprogram. In the evening usually sings as aspecial guest a Polish band or vocalist. Aftertheir performance, festival ends withfireworks.Jabłonna isn’t a boring place. There is aforest with very good bicycle paths, there isa fantastic palace with a park, and there arelot of monuments. The best thing about myhometown is that it is near the Capital Cityand it is quiet and calm at the same time. Theworst thing is that it may be boring forsomeone who likes modern places.I’m not sure if I like Jabłonna or not,because it depends on my mood. I wouldrather live in London or Paris when I growup, but I can go to Jabłonna on holidays,because I think there is really onSpring/Summer time.
Ola Kowalska
Hi,I live in small village in center of Poland,near Warsaw. This is a village calledChotomów. It’s a very beautiful and quietplace. There are a lot of sorts of plants andanimals. In Chotomów there are a primaryschool, a bakery, a historic church and manyshops. My house is opposite the bakery,between the my uncle and cousins’ house.Chotomów is a good appropriate place torelax. Wonderful forests, meadows and bluesky to add Chotomów life and charm. I don’tlike to leave my village, because I love thisplace. I have lived here since I was born. Inthe future I want to stay there.
Dear Friend,I would like to tell you something abort myhometown called Jablonna.It is situated on the north of Warsw, thecapital city of Poland. Jablonna is a quiet,small village, 20,000 people live here, andthis is why I do not like it, I prefer big cities.Our small town is famous for its palacewhere prince Poniatowski lived.I have been living in Jablonna since 1991and I think it has changed!, we have newroads, new settlements, monument,supermarkets. You can see my hometown onthe Internet!Every year in July there is a festival. At firstthere are presentations prepared by pupils,then concerts and in the end there arefireworks.You should visit my hometown because it isnot far from Warsaw and it is worth seeingPlease tell me something about yourhometown.

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